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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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this all started at about 1:15 this morning. someone called police reported their neighbor's truck was being broken into on sat urn avenue. when the police arrived a suspect started running. a few blocks away. again, these are live pictures you're looking at right now. a few blocks away several shots were fired when the suspect tried to run over the police officer with a car. the suspect did get away. you can see a lot of police officers are there. ch the officers involved in this incident were not hurt. but again this is all under investigation. if you have any information on what happened out there in richmond getting contact with the police. pam, we're also following breaking news in redwood city. >> yeah near harrison avenue and cleveland avenue. redwood city police and the san mateo city police appear to have the home surrounded.
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authorities have not confirmed exactly why they are there. why they're out at the home. several roads in the area are blocked off. you can see an extensive presence there. it looks like a heavy armored s.w.a.t. vehicle. we will bring you updates on that story as soon as new information comes into us. but again, that is happening in redwood city and there's also that in richmond. so a lot to follow this morning. >> so ktvu mornings on 2 is busy. you're with us and so is steve paulson. he's checking on your weather as you get started. >> not bad here but clouds in the north. we're not going to have that severe clear here. the rain line storm track has moved north. but there's a lot of cloud cover that continues to try to break its way through here. you can see the rain line i would think cloverdale, geyser north. but fort bragg there's going to be some pretty heavy rain up on
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the north coast. due to some of that cloud cover and even some low clouds and patchy fog coming up. here's some of your north bay temps. glen ellen's in there. most locations are showing the 40s, low 40s. a lot of cloud cover just to the west and this will continue to work its way through. so sun for a little bit here and then we'll go partly cloudy and then i think mostly cloudy to cloudy. temperatures upper 50s to low 60s but you can see there's just a lot of cloud cover here. a little bit warmer than yesterday. yesterday was freezing. >> well it's a cold morning. a mix of sun and clouds later a lot of sun though. >> farther south yes, farther north more clouds. >> gotcha. >> thank you steve. >> any time. let's go out and take a look at what we have for the morning commute. let's start off with the east bay drive and traffic is going
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to be slow here. yesterday remember it was slow all the way around the corner. at the mcarthur maize you can see the traffic is going to be backed up a little bit here. there are no major problems getting on to the bridge. which are on at 5:30. we look at the bridge here. the san mateo and the dunnbart bridge. and we're looking at san jose. 280 traffic does look pretty good. and 6:03 let's go back to the desk. state and emergency management officials are visiting san jose today to assess the damage of last month's flooding. >> you're in the rock springs area i know that was hit hard by
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the floods. >> good morning. two weeks ago this neighborhood was under at least a few feet of water. you can take a look around now. you can see they've got quite a bit of things cleared up. there's no more mud on the pavement but you can see in front of every building on this street there are huge piles of belongings, personal items destroyed by the flood that need to be picked up. the flooding caused an estimated $50 million. fema is going to be in the city this week. they're supposed to be visiting homes and businesses in the area so they can determine what kind of state and federal emergency funds san jose will get. san jose has already submitted a report to the santa clara county officials. the report estimates 500 homes
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were damaged with 140 of those homes sustaining major damage. as of sunday night there were still about 180 people staying in a local community shelter. the community itself the silicon valley community foundation has raised more than $6 million in private funds but san jose also seeking state and federal emergency funding which is why representatives from these agencies will be getting a look at these damages and the flood aftermath. this is nordale and welch. so you can tell that even two and a half weeks later they're still cleaning up the mess from two weeks ago. >> time is now 6:05. the oakland raiders' move to las vegas received a boost.
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now the raiders made their latist pitch yesterday. the city of oakland also made a presentation with an investment group that featured nfl legend ronnie lott that wants to build a new stadium at the coliseum site. there was nothing new in the oakland proposal. meantime the nfl seemed impressed with the new offer from bank of america to finance a las vegas stadium. an nfl executive says bank of america's involvement is suggesting confidence in the project. bank of america would provide a construction loan that would replace the $650 million that casino mogul shell don atorson had offered before. and a vote could come as soon as the end of the month. now oakland mayor libby
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schaf says she's not dishing up. she says we made a sound economic case for keeping the raiders in oakland through the creation of what could become one of america's most various use arenas. also from some fellow republicans who think the plan either goes too far or not far enough. our reporter has more from capitol hill. >> well this is the republican plan. it was just released yesterday and the question for the gop is whether they have struck the right balance here to keep enough republicans on board. >> remember the size of obamacare. a law so complex spanning so many pages that its shear bulk became a rallying cry for the opposition. just 123 pages and it doesn't
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exactly have a catchy title across the top. but this would largy undo president obama's signature. it will work. >> in election after election the american people have called for an end to obamacare. in the last election they made their voices clear one more time. >> in broad strokes the plan removes many obamacare and tax mandates and offering large refundable tax credits with higher incomes. the popular obama care provisions remain. and it would allow children to remain on their parents plans up to the age of 26. democrats were quick to denounce it. >> it will raise costs on average americans and cut back on their benefits. average americans under the republican plan will pay more and get less. >> but it maintains the idea of
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a health insurance entitlement. president trump may have to help sell it to conservatives as well as moderate republicans. and that is the real trick here getting some of the numbers to work and republicans are relying on at least some of the budget gimmicks that president obama relied upon to get his plan through. a veteran san jose police officer is accused of misdemeanor petty theft. san jose police say back in november '49-year-old julio morales allegedly stole marijuana from a suspect being arrested for domestic violence. now the theft was uncovered after an investigation was launched about a month ago and since then morales has been on paid administrative leave. he was arrested, cited, and then
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released. later today some sonoma county voters will decide if there should be a marijuana business tax. if it's approved measure a would apply to marijuana growers. and testing labs. supporters say the money raised would help pay for public safety related to marijuana. critics say the money would go into the general fund and it could be spent on anything. the tax would only apply to miles an hour related businesses that are outside of incorporated cities. time is 6:10. the man that used to work at actor's clint eastwood's golf club is now going to prison for embezzling almost $200 billion. eastwood said he felt betrayed because years ago he helped morton go to college. morton was hired as the business
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director of affairs. morton says he was sorry for stealing at least $182,000. he was sentenced to 19 months in federal prison. still ahead... president trump's revised travel ban. >> and we'll also tell you about the separate move that will impact silicon valley companies. >> and people have discovered problems with google's virtual assistant. why it's giving users wrong information.
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welcome back to it mornings on 2. a car drove into an ampm store in concord. the car ended up right inside the store. this happened yesterday afternoon on willow pass road. the driver accidentally stepped on the gas, not the brakes. we checked to see if there was any damage out there this morning. part of the store was boarded up but everything else seemed to be back to normal. president trump released his new executive order on revised ban on travel. it still appears to target muslims. the new order bans between from six instead of seven mostly muslim countries. iraq was taken off the list
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because iraq is helping to fight isis. the order also says people that have a green card or a visa will not be affected. >> to our allies and partners around the world, please understand this order is part of our ongoing efforts to eliminate vulnerabilities that radical islamist terrorists can and will exploit. >> the refuge program will be suspended for 120 days under this new executive order. afast track program for the hb1 visas will also be suspended. right now applicants who pay an extra fee can speed up the processing. the new suspension of that program is set to start next month.
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the muslim gold star father whose son was killed in war he cancelled his speech in canada after reportedly being told his freedom to travel abroad was placed under review. we're talking about kazir kaun. post aid statement for mr. kaun on its facebook page. in that statement mr. kaun says he was not given any reason as to why his travel privileges are being reviewed. mr. kaun is from pakistan. he's been a u.s. citizen for more than 30 years. his son died in iraq in 2004. california lawmakers continue their push to make california the nation's first sanctuary state. the senate bill would ban law enforcement officers across the state from helping immigration agents track down targets for
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deportation. it could make law abiding undocumented immigrants in the state more of a target not less. they say immigration agents would be forced to look for criminal immigrants in the streets rather than in the jails. >> the very thing that sp54 is trying to prevent is large scale ice immigration sweeps in the communities they're almost ensuring that's going to happen. >> we're not looking for a fight. a fight has been brought to our doorstep and we're not backing down. >> supporters of the state legislation say that having local law enforcement agencies cooperate makes undocumented immigrants afraid to go to police. time is 6:17. sal is right over there watching the toll plaza and everything else. >> that's right. we are watching everything over here. we can go to it now and traffic
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is going to be busy as you drive here to the toll plaza. although it is pretty much normal what you see here coming up to the pay gates. it's about a 20-minute delay getting into san francisco. once you get onto the bridge it does look good. you can see traffic is not a bad commute here if you are driving south or north. southbound does begin to slow once you reach hayward. there have been no major problems northbound just yet and you will see as we go to the maps the slow traffic is in hayward. san mateo when you get over to peninsula the traffic on 101 looks pretty good. and like wise on 92 from half moon bay. 6:18. let's bring steve in with today's weather. thank you sir. and we do have some mostly clear skies. some of these higher clouds now they will favor more towards the north. so until that clears out we're
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not going to have wall to wall sunshine but farther south a little bit more sunshine. still some cloud cover. possibility of some light rain. about geyserville, cloverdale north but the plan is going to be to take this northward. that's where it's going to mostly stick. 30s for some. 46 santa rosa. 37 fairfield. even half moon bay is at 39 degrees. brentwood at 38. black hawk, danville, lafayette, 12 up in truckee. 41 in las vegas. 40 in monterey and 45 up in eukyai. teens and 20s 19 at state line. another of that jet stream is going to stay northward. high clouds will continue to kind of work their way through.
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that's for us. southern california looks good. arizona looks good if you're headed down to spring training. by the way, today will kind of be the last kind of nice day. tomorrow 85. then 87. then by the weekend and then by 88. it's been on the cool side for them. but they're going to warm up here pretty quick. we'll see more cloud cover coming in. look at all the cloud cover coming in here. that will kind of take the edge off of us warming up too much. after that there won't be much until you get north of eukaiya. you can see some of that rain line. watch how the cloud cover just keeps kind of working its way through. even into thursday and friday mostly sunny and some partly cloudy. we're still four or five days out. but the rain line is definitely moving to the north.
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we will see slightly lower temps. maybe friday might ease up a little bit. 50s on the temps. yesterday was a lot of mid 50s. so we are warming up about four or five degrees. we'll continue that theme all the way into thursday and friday and still okay as we go into the weekend. no sign of any heavy rain or anything. >> sounds good. 6:21 is the time. coming up a game changer for new mothers in san francisco. still ahead the proposal that will be revealed today. plus the impact on employees and businesses. . >> i don't care about what anybody thinks about me. i'm okay with myself. i sleep pretty good at night. >> coming up later this hour casey anthony's first interview after the trial. what she said about her daughter's death and lying to police.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 's 6:24 a proposal to get rid of the electoral college system in the u.s. may be on the ballot next year. now it wouldn't actually change any laws but it would ask voters if california should advocate
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reforms to get rid of the electoral college. there were strong votes for the ideas after donald trump won the electoral college vote. mayor ed lee told the public defender's office to spend that money to hire extra lawyers to represent immigrants. about 150 san francisco residents are detained on immigration holds right now. it's estimated the city has 44,000 immigrants. dr. ben carson is facing backlash this morning for referring to slaves as immigrants. he made the comment during his first speech to hud employees yesterday. >> that's what america is about. a land of dreams and opportunity. there were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave
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ships worked even longer even harder for less. >> carson was referring to the work ethic of immigrants who worked long hours to build a better life for their children. no one honestly believes he equates voluntary immigration with involuntary servitude. this morning katie tang is hosting a nurse-in to show support for mothers who breast feed their babies. it would require all work places in san francisco to have a so-called lackation space that would include a sink, e electrical outlets, and surface areas for women to use. the nurse-in starts at 11:30 this morning right there at city hall. time is now 6:26. coming up at 6:30 a suspected
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burglar was released from jail. now victims want answers. >> and 1 million e-mails up for sale right now. we're going to tell you which accounts are being sold by hackers. >> and coming up we're going to take a look at that south bay commute. usually it starts a little later than the others. right now it still looks pretty good through downtown san jose. >> well north of santa rosa you know the rain is probably not going to be a factor. it's going to be a little bit warmer and we'll show you how much. we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy.
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so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back. in western missouri at least two tornados hit last night damaging homes, bringing heavy rain and knocking out power in several communities. look at these pictures. the national weather service says you can see for yourself. there was a lot of damage in the
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kansas city area. almost 50 homes were destroyeded. several people were hurt. none of the injuries were described as life threatening. as many as 40,000 homes and businesses lost power as those tornados hit in western missouri. welcome back thank you for joining us for mornings on 2. >> i'm pam cook. >> mostly sunny to partly cloudy if you're farther north and more cloud cover . and some sun and mixed clouds. speaking of kansas city this was sent out by weather nation. there's the photo credit and you can also see the line that caused the damage also in oak
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grove, missouri. started out of omaha. looks like it's losing a little punch. back home william tweety is vallejo says good morning. very clear. no wind. picked up about an inch and a quarter. our observer paul watts up in napa said i didn't get that much rain. the storm track is headed to the north and there's going to be some really heavy rain. so mendecino county could be in the line for some rain there. 30s on the temps. 40s for others. it's still cold out there. 45 wood side. 40 hillsboro. san mateo says 38. and look at the cloud cover a
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lot of this is just going to break on through as we say. 50s and low 60s. bumping those highs up a tiny bit. i get on my toes just a tiny bit. >> just a little bit. good morning . we are looking at a south bay commute just as i promised and northbound 101 we're going to start there with traffic that's getting just a little bit busier. this is northbound 101. it's not too bad yet but you're going to see some crowding up into sunniville and mountain view. there have been no major issues by the way on 280 or 101. this is a look at the freeway southbound 80. it's beginning to fill in. not too bad. a little bit of slowing. when you get over to the peninsula. 101 looks good. the whole thing of course this might change but right now you do have a little window of opportunity so to speakment we're also looking at 80 westbound.
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it's beginning to fill in there as well for some slow traffic heading on down to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see that traffic is backed up for about a 15 to 20-minute delay. we do want to update you on that breaking news we've been following in redwood city. we've just talked to police there. they've confirmed that there is a heavy police presence in the neighborhood. as you can see we're taking you out there live. this is harrison avenue and cleveland avenue, redwood city police and the san mateo county sheriff's department are all out there. they appear to have a home surrounded. >> they haven't confirmed why they're there but you can see with your own eyes this is going on. this started about four and a half hours ago. we're going to stay out there. again, these are live pictures of redwood city. we'll tell you more about what's happening in redwood city as we
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get more information. a los angeles man will be granted $5 million for being wrongly accused in an internet child sex abuse case. now the sacramento b reports the man in court paeps as j.n. was arrested. his attorney argued that police intentionally fabricated evidence and violated his client's civil rights. sacramento's attorney says he disagrees and might appeal. and the berkley department. >> yeah, they are defending their officers. there were fights that broke out at civic center park saturday afternoon between people for and against president trump. berkley police say some of those who were fighting didn't want their help and that the police didn't want to provoke any violence or hurt any bystanders.
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police also say eight out of the ten people that were arrested were from the bay area including two teenagers. now the modesto police department released a statement. saying we arrested individuals at time and place of our choosing. police say more arrests may be coming. time is 6:38. last night there was a peaceful protest against president trump's new travel ban. they also projected images onto the side of the building including the slogan "no ban no wall." the department of homeland security confirms it's considering a plan to separate
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families trying to cross the border. the secretary says that would be part of a wider effort to discourage families from trying to make that dangerous trip from central america through mexico to the united states. people who live in san francisco sunset district say they are furious that a burglary suspect is already back on the streets. the security camera shows thieves stealing snow boarding gear, wine, and electronics from jessica bradshaw's home. the man in the black hat shows joseph dipoli. who was released four days later. victims and police say that angers and frustrates them. >> how do we feel totally safe when this is happening all over our neighborhood. >> it's hard to believe that an
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individual who has committed so many crimes and has been arrested who was already on probation is allowed to be released by the judicial system. >> police believe dipoli is responsible for a series of break-ins over president's day weekend in the corridor along 34th and 31st avenues and police believe dipoli will probably be back. another group of conservative minded college students here in the bay area is facing a backlash. this time at santa clara university. several students and staff have opposed adding the group turning point to the recognized group of student organizations. last month the student government decided to block that group from the registration. they say the school is open to free speech and freedom of association. the group's founder at the university says he believes
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students should have a chance to hear a different political view. >> once i learned about the organization that it was basically focused on fiscal policies and things of that nature like limited government i thought it would be a great way to get students involved in a discussion. >> we're making students feel unsafe on campus and i do not fool that those feelings need to be invalidated in any way. >> the students say they are worried about turning point's affiliation with controversial speakers like milo yinopolis. turning point could set up an information table at student center as early as friday. the university of california is considering limiting enrollment for out of state students for the first time. the plan involves putting a 20% cap for students who live outside of california.
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three campuses u.c. berkley, u.c. san diego, and u. c. san francisco already have exceeded that cap. non resident students are taking spots from california students and lawmakers are threatening to pull $18 million in funding without a change. u.c. says out of state students are good for the system because they provide diversity and pay for money in tuition. there was a shooting and a police officer there was almost run over. coming up at 7:00 the overnight 911 call that led up to it and the investigation that's still under way right now. >> and moving people around with a driverless shuttle. where the morning commute will never be the same again. >> well we don't have those yet. we do have traffic that's getting busier in the south bay as we continue to check in. northbound 101 not looking too bad here. >> well we're going to get a
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break from the rain but we have a little fog kind of dancing around and a combination of sun and clouds and a little bit warmer. we'll take a look at those temps coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we are checking in on the markets. they are headed lower this morning. a live look at the dow. the big board there is down
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almost 41 points. the nasdaq also slipping about 18 points right now. the smp 500 down a little bit and we're keeping an eye on snap it is down almost $2 a share. people who use google's virtual assistant might be getting fake news updates. google home is reading back bad information. the reason appears to be because it quotes google's own featured snid bits. google is reportedly trying to fix the problem however the featured snid bits program will likely stay for a bit. facebook says the roll out of its new fake news warning program has begun. if they contain misinformation a disputed news flag will appear next to the story. there will also be a link to an
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explanation. users cannot flag stories themselves but they can ask facebook to check on them. time is 6:44 the oakland raiders are mourning the deaths of two members of the raiders family. both mickey marvin and gorge karras. marvin played for the raiders from 1987. he died at the age of 61. raiders long snapper john condo tweeted this about the death of mickey marvin. the warriors are holding on to a two and a half game lead in the west. following a win to atlanta
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119-111. >> atlanta scrambling defensively and they leave curry open. >> you leave him open. >> you can't do that. >> steph curry scored 24 points in yesterday's victory against the hawks. giving the rookie his 6th start of the season. nine points. seven rebounds. the warriors are now home. they play the celtics tomorrow night. >> you can't leave steph open. the giants play the dodgers this afternoon in arizona. matt cane is fighting for that fifth starter spotlight. today's first pitch for the dodgers set for 12:05. and mark ybanez from our sports department will join us live from camel back stadium. it is now time to check in.
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>> welcome back. you both have be reporting on the fall out from the flooding in san jose. now we're learning santa clara county is still setting up a cellphone alert system while almost all the other bay area counties have an alert in place. how soon the warning system is expected to be in place in santa clara county and why it was not ready to go when thousands of people were forced from their homes due to extreme flooding. a new app offers a high-tech way to get out of those awkward or seemingly eternal conversations so many of us get trapped in at the office. what you need to do now that promises to save you the pain and precious minutes when your co-workers say hey want to see my vacation pictures.
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>> i soak it up. >> maybe just not 500 of them though. >> exactly. i'll explain it all when you join you guys in a couple of minutes in the studio. 6:47 is the time. in san ramon a business park is testing a driverless vehicle to shuttle around their employees. >> we're talking about the bishop ranch. during the test there is a driver on board. it only goes about six miles an hour. but it think it could eventually be used on city streets. the french company that built the shuttle says it can move thousands of employees around that campus and also cut down on traffic. >> these shult ls can carry up to 12 people. so that means six sitting positions and six standing positions. so carry either people with
6:48 am
disabilities or parents with children. >> if this pilot program works and it is a success officials at bishop ranch said they may add to the fleet adding twelve shuttles by the end of the year. a lot of people getting ready to head out the door so what should they know, sal? >> they should know that things are getting a little more crowded about this time. you can see for the first time in a little bit we've seen traffic here for the first time today we've seen traffic building up into downtown. it's beginning to reach back to downtown san jose. which is typical. you can see traffic all the way down through the area. we're also going to see traffic on 101 and i-85. there have been no major problems as we look at westbound
6:49 am
80 hercules to richmond looking good. morine into san rafael still looks good. good for the time of the morning anyway. it is backed up for about a 20-minute delay before you make it onto the span. nice looking weather shot, steve. look at the shot you have behind you. i cannot take claim. that's kevin pender way behind you. kevin woke up from his nap. so thank you, kevin. it is a beauty on the bay. we do have some suven here. some clouds will move in from the north. there is some fog kind of dancing around. it was clear 10 minutes ago. thanks to greg. thank you for the update here. we do have some patchy fog. a few high clouds. generally fair weather. warmer with sun and clouds. i mean, we're not going to go
6:50 am
wall to wall sunshine here. as for now the weekend looks dry. certainly from about today looks to be about the sonoma coast. geyserville, cloverdale northward. trinity maybe some snow as well. some of that's turning over. 30s and 40s on the temps. a little bit warmer to the north for some of that cloud cover. a little bit cooler for others. gilroy checking in at 36. so cal is at 38. 12 in truckee. a little bit more cloud cover. teens and 20s around lake tahoe with state line at 18 and south lake tahoe at 29 degrees. the energy is all up in the pacific northwest. the tail end of that makes it extreme to northern california. so there's why we'll go a combination of sun and clouds.
6:51 am
southern california good. arizona for spring training looks fabulous. today is kind of the last comfortable day. forecast for phoenix is 76. tomorrow 85 and by the weekend 87 and 88. cloud cover to the north and maybe a little bit of rain. certainly on the sonoma coast. for us we're just looking for a sun/cloud mix. a lot of this kind of breaking through even though the ridge is there. the rainfall for us is not going to be anything at all. could be some really heavy tolls up on the north coast but for us we're not looking for anything at least right now. the cloud cover continues to drift across. so we'll get some partly cloudies. right now they're all trending towards a drier weekend. maybe some rain returning next wreek. upper 50s low 60s for some temps. watch out for some of that fog right down on the deck.
6:52 am
but each day we are going to warm up i bit. certainly to the south and a little warmer as we go into wednesday, thursday, friday. >> thanks. sounds good steven. 6:52 is the time. a little more trouble for general motors. the lay offs affecting hundreds of workers. >> lie to the cops every day. i'm just one of those unfortunate idiots who admitted that they lied. >> and casey anthony breaks her silence. what she has to say about her daughter's death and the acquittal.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. casey anthony speaking publicly for the first time since she was accused of killing her daughter. the 30-year-old broke her silence in an interviewer with the associated press and she talked about her acquittal and why she's still not certain about what happened. >> i see why i was treated the way i was even had i been completely truthful with those officers. >> what weren't you truthful about. >> it was things that i didn't know at the time. i'm still not even certain as i sit here today. >> is it your understanding how did she die? >> i don't know. >> something about drowning. >> everyone else has their theory i don't know. >> so your parents had her.
6:56 am
>> my dad did. >> and next thing you know she's missing. >> i don't remember touch after what happened. >> give me the situation of one of the things that went wrong? when did things go wrong? all of a sudden was it where's quayly. >> no. what i remember is being in bed my mom coming in where she left for work and saying good-bye to us and waking up several hours later. later in the morning. not knowing where she was. >> don't you wish you know what happened. >> absolutely. >> casey anthony served about three years in prison while awaiting trial. she was convicted on four count officer lying to police. two of which later were dropped. somebody is trying to sell
6:57 am
access to more than a million hacked g-mail and yahoo accounts. these accounts have encrypted e-mails, usernames and pass words that were leaked in various hacks. the hacker is trying to auction them for bit coin. g-mail says most of the accounts on the auction were hacked through a third party like tumblr. it's recommending that users affected by the breaches in the past you should change your pass word just to be on the safe side. we continue to follow that developing story from redwood city where there is a heavy police presence. we are in contact with police. this has been going on for several hours now. we'll have the latest from the scene and what nearby residents are being told to do. >> also republicans in washington released their proposed replacement health care bill. how it's different from the
6:58 am
affordable care act.
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>> assessing the damage, two
7:00 am
weeks after the worst flooding that the city of san jose has seen this decades, state and federal officials will be coming to neighborhoods like this to look at the mess. a situation that has been unfolding since 1:30 this morning, an armed manholed up inside of a home. we got information from neighbors about what started this standoff. we will have more on that on mornings on 2. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 this tuesday morning. march 7th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. it is cold outside. >> it is. >> steve paulson knows all about it. he has your forecast. he is right over here. >> it is cold. it was cold yesterday. it is cold this morning. there is cloud cover moving into the north. that's for sure. we will get a mix of clouds and sun and fog also around the area. san francisco coming over san pablo gay and crockett where you are, some also in the


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