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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 9, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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developing news tonight. a deadly police shooting in the south bay. it started with a call about a young man acting erratically, and ended with an officer opening fire. >> this is a tragic scene that affects everyone involved >> tonight that young man's family is in mourning, and the officer who shot him has been placed on leave. good evening, everyone. >> police in santa clara say
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that officer had no choice but to shoot. it started when a family member reported the man acting erratically. we get this developing news now from maureen. what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, as you just heard, police are calling this a tragic scene. tonight they are investigating a deadly shoot wrong they say the suspect was shot and killed by one of their officers, and it's been about five hours now since this all happened, and at this time, a portion of scott boulevard is still close $down. it happened about 5:00 p.m., and they say they receive adam 911 call from someone on deborah drive, saying their son was acting reratically. tonight several police vehicles remain outside the residence. police say one officer deployed his taser, and then ultimately
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pulled his gun, opened fire, and shot and killed the young man. he died near the train tracks underneath the scott boulevard overpass. here is what a santa clara police captain told us a short time ago. >> during their contact with the officer, the incident transitioned into a situation where an officer had to use deadly force. one officer fired his weapon. the suspect is deceased at this time, and truly this is a tragic scene that affects everyone involved, from the family to obviously the officer as well. >> reporter: for several hours now, the southbound lanes of the scott boulevard overpass have been shut down while police gather evidence. police say it's too early to know if the suspect is was armed, or if any weapon was recovered. the officer was not injured, and no one is outstanding at
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this point. the officer we're told was a uniformed patrol officer who has been with this department for 8 years, but has prior experience with another department. he is now on leave. back here live, i want to show you this scott boulevard overpass, where a patrol car remains at this hour. police i just talked to a short time ago said the body is still here, the coroner is expected to come out within the hour, and they expect this area of scott boulevard to be closed for at least another four hours. now, the district attorney's personnel have also respond told conduct their own investigation into this officer- involved shooting, and santa clara police department expects to have more information to release tomorrow 37 back to you. maureen, thank you. new information tonight on a freeway shooting that shut down all lanes of eastbound i- 80 in richmond tonight, during the evening commute. just after 8:30 this evening, those lanes finally reopened, five hours after a gunman opened fire on a car.
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two people were wounded in that shooting. three people have now been detained. it happened about 3:30 this afternoon in the eastbound lanes of 80 in richmond. deborah was on the scene for us, and is live in richmond with a live report. witnesses made a huge difference in this case? >> reporter: yeah, witnesses are why three people are already in custody. this stretch of interis state 80 is running fine right now, after being closed for are five hours, but, yes, another shooting on 80, like so many others. >> this was not a random shooting. we do believe this was targeted. >> reporter: a honda minute yip van, it's windows shattered. the man and woman inside were the targets of a freeway shooting that lit up emergency phone lines in the middle of the afternoon. >> we had multiple people pull over who were witnesses. some called 911. we have contacted almost all of them now to get their statements. >> reporter: adam chp
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scrambled and shut down the east blinds, a helicopter landed on the highway for the man most seriously wounded. the woman went by ambulance to the hospital. investigators weren't sure if it was a running gun battle, or one way, but are confident the shooters and victims are known to each other. the red volvo on the scene belonged to someone driving by who stopped to help then wounded. >> any shooting is dangerous. we don't want people to get involved. we want people to be a good witness, and we had some great witnesses who gave us critical information. >> reporter: within an hour, thanks to descriptions witnesses provided, a suspect vehicle, a silver dodge, was sized in a richard naked just a few -- seized in a richmond neighborhood, and suspect's taken into custody. more than two den i-80 shootings in two years. some fatal, and frequent lip found to be gang-related.
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it's too soon to see on this one. >> every incident we handle veiled individually, whether we link them up later, it's up to the investigators. >> reporter: the freeway offers a fast getaway, and generally no cameras to capture the gun fire, but this time, east shore drivers were alert. >> if you want to commit a crime on the highway, someone is always going to be watching. >> reporter: and this time they have three people now to question. >> gunfire is dangerous. that's why we're trying to arrest and catch the people responsible for this. >> reporter: it was a complex scene. it took until about 8:30 to clear, but as soon as chp wrapped up their investigation and towed away the victims van, the freeway finally reopened. last word we have is that those two people wounded are in serious condition, and the stranger who stopped to help them spent quite a bit of time talking to chp investigators, but avoided any other attention. in fact, franklin, he drove away. he sort of tried to comp his
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face, so sounds like he had pretty much had it for the day. >> well, good job by him helping out, though. deb, thank you. for anyone headed eastbound on 80, the evening commute was a real test of patience. traffic was pretty much at a standstill all afternoon, and remained that way well into the night during the five hours that the lanes were closed. many people tried to get off the freeway, only to find themselves in gridlock on city streets. one man said it took him an hour to drive only two miles. >> i didn't really get that far. i got from about central avenue to right here. >> reporter: how long did that take? >> an hour. >> reporter: and normally, that's, what, a couplele of -- five minutes? >> five minutes. >> and here is look at the gridlock. many people tried to use san pablo as an alter that. in san francisco, the chp
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is investigating this incident caught on camera. the driver of a car attacked by more than a dozen people riding dirt bikes and atvs. tonight 10:45, more on what the video shows, plus new information on the driver who was attacked. >> u.c. davis berkeley police are asking for help in identifies some who committed property damage the night that milo was expected to speak on campus. they want them to contact them with photos or videos of people causing damage during that protest. protesters hoping to silence his controversial statements italy fires, smashed windows, and launched paintballs into the crowd. the speech was canceled, but the protest caused more than $100,000 in damages. if you want a closer look at those 29 new photos, they are posted on our website,
10:09 pm president trump met behind closed doors today with holdout republicans in congress who have not signed on tony gop plan to replace obamacare, but despite that oil position from hardline conservatives, the replacement healthcare plan has cleared two house committees. john roberts brings us up to date now from washington. >> reporter: the president wasn't tipping his handled on his healthcare sales pitch today, meeting with ceos of small banks, but the white house is putting a hard sell on the ahca. >> no matter where you are, especially on the conservative side, company cannot possible limb believe that the current health care system is an effective program. it is a monstrosity. it is a government gone wrong. >> reporter: republicans may be united in their opposition to obamacare, but there is a tremendous amount of blowback on what the white house and house speaker want to replace it with. texas senator ted cruz, who had dinner with the president last night, proclaimed the bill will never pass the senate in its
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current form. arkansas senator tom cotton widely scene as the president's wing man in the upper chamber tweeted that the plan will be dead on arrival. house healthcare bill can't pass senate without major changes, he wrote. to my friends in house, pause, starts over, get it right. don't get it fast. president trump also held out an olive branch to conservative groups fiercely opposed to the replacements bill, hosting them at the white house last night. while the initial reaction seemed positive -- >> the bill as it stands now has serious problems, but i'm encouraged that the president indicated they're working to make it better. >> reporter: others dug in. the president of freedom works, adam brandon, took aim at republicans in a fund-raising e- mail, writing: >> the white house has yet another looming issue to deal with. five states have now lined up to try to block the president's
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new immigration ban executive order in court. they are seeking a restraining order to prevent it from going into effect on its date of implementation march 16th. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger reportedly considering running for u.s. senate. a report cites anonymous gop insiders who say is that he is considering a challenge to diane feinstein, who is up for reelection next year. most recently, he took over at host of celebrity apprentice, stepping in for president trump. you'll recall on twitter that the president blamed the former acker and politician for the shows poor ratings. last week he said he would not be returning to host another season of the show. regardless of however i got here, i'm here, and i'm here to try to make things better. >> coming up, a message to the community from san francisco's new police chief. at 10:30, the emotional meeting
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that many hope will spark change. >> it's warm out there today. we have a weekend to talk about, and some pretty springlike temperatures. think crime like them. see you back here after the break. >> budget first,al don smith in trouble again. what he had to is it a about an incident involving an undercover police car. >> trying to make me seem like some badas criminal. that's not who i am. i'm a good person.
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vick ems of last month's devastates floods packed city hall tonight to voice their concerns and seep how officials plan to correct the mistakes made in responding to that disaster are. city staff admitted they waited to long to evacuate residents and should have issued an advisory on february 19th. that was two days before floods destroyed 500 homes, causing $73 million in property damage. the city manager said the city was relying on what he called fun da mentally flawed day too from the santa clara water district. tonight the residents described the terror they faced. >> i took my dogs and carried them out through waist water, still up to my thighs, and i'm still scratching and itching, and we have no idea what was in that water. >> a spokesperson for the water district issued a statement
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saying: the city said it's implementing a newthree tiered warning system. the san jose city council has also scheduled a joint meeting with the water district on april 28 tooth discuss further what went wrong. suspended oakland raiders linebacker aldon smith is in hot water again after being detained by police in san francisco for public drunkenness. police sources tell us smith, a passenger in an suv that collided with an undercover police car this morning. but as ktvu's tara reports, smith told us he's getting a bad rap. >> reporter: five hours after his detainment for public intoxication, aldon smith walked out of san francisco police headquarters. the 27-year-old appeared to
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still be under the influence, using a car to balance himself. >> i'm doing great. >> reporter: can you tell us what happened? >> nothing happened. >> reporter: were you involved in a crash? >> no. >> reporter: officers say around 8:30 this morning, smith and another man were passengerring in this black suv being driven by smith's girlfriend. it hit an unmarked patrol car right in front of police headquarters. two officers were taken to the hospital with nonlife- threatening injuries. >> there were three people detained. the driver, a female, approximately 25 years of age. she is has been investigated for her sobriety. >> reporter: officers say smith was stumbling and too intoxicated to stand on his own, so he was taken into custody. officers later found a rum bottle and other alcohol inside the suv which was today away. we asked smith why he was at police headquarters. >> i had to go handle something and talk to somebody. i was talking to a friend who is locked up in there, and that's what i went to go do.
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if i did something, i would be in jail right now. >> reporter: at 10:30 last night, aldon smith came here to the sky lark bar in the mission strict. the bartender said he ordered a couple of drinks, sat with his girl friend and chatted with other patrons before leaving about two hours later. >> they're just a fun, happy couple. she was excited to be having this' loan time without publicity, but here we are. >> reporter: the former 49er line backer who sane signled with the raiders in 2015 is currently suspended by the nfl for failing its stance abuse policy. >> like i did do not anything. so we need to -- if you guys want to talk about me, like let's make these stories a little bit better, and let's put me in a better spotlight, to stop making medical seem like i'm some badass criminal, because that's who i am. i'm a good person. >> no criminal charges will be filed against smith for the intoxication. >> all right, now leave me
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alone. new testimony today in the sierra lamar case. a manager at the safeway stores where the defendant worked took the stand. in court, jeffrey steele testified about items allegedly purchased by garcia torres using his club card. they included a stun gun that authorities say may have been used in a separate kidnapping. the trial is set to resume on monday. the san mateo county sheriff's department has released a sketch of a man suspected of sexually assaulting a woman at a bus stop in pavelski. the victim said she was -- palo alto. the victim said she was waiting for a bus a week ago wednesday, that the man started a conversation, and then assaulted her. she pushed him away, but she said he grabbed her and kept her from leaving in the victim said she continued to fight, and the suspect ran off. he is described as latino, and
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weighing about 200 pounds. >> the b.a.r.t. board of directors is putting the breaks on a new fair hike, at least for now. instead of that, they look back at scaling back certain discounts. b.a.r.t. says its facing a budget deficit, even though voters just approved a big bond member. >> reporter: what about that $3.5 billion voters handed b.a.r.t. just last november? >> our infrastructure, it's for replacing the aging components of our system, and does nothing to help with the current operating short fall that we see. they're fleet completely separate pots of money. >> reporter: the court considered four ways to raise fairs, but decided not to enact them as yet, because any raise is met with resistance by the board members. >> i think they all stink. there were people out there who think we are manufacturing this deficit just to get another fair increase.
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>> reporter: they warrant b.a.r.t.'s managers and staff to tighten their builts. >> we can't keep spending like drunken sailors. there's a day of reckoning that is going to face this district. >> before we can increase fairs in any way, shape, or form, we absolutely have to latch down those who are fair evading, or not paying their parking fees. >> reporter: the board insided to study two possibilities. one, reduce the fair discount for seniors, youth, and the disabled from its current 62.5% to 50. two, reduce the 6.25% discount for people who mutt at least $48 on their clipper card when they purchase fares. at the moment, all b.a.r.t. is really do is studying how they will raise these additional fares. so we asked riders what they thought. >> i don't mind the raising of fares everything is working properly. it seems like it's always an
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issue at b.a.r.t. opinion >> they're going to price me out pretty soon, i'll have to go back to driving. it's just costing too much. >> later, b.a.r.t. will ask what you think. beautiful sun by day out there today. well, mostly sunny. at timesser, the clouds came in. like right now, mostly cloudy conditions out there. ended up with hazy sunshine today, and highs into the mid- 70s in some spots. lots of up err 60s to mid-to- low 70s. tomorrow i think we'll see more than sunshine. it's going to be a beautiful day compared to what we've been seeing most of this winter. temperatures are mild. 61 in concord right now. that's the cloud cover keeping the warmth in from the day. so overnight lows tonight are not that ridiculously low. this time of year, you can easily be above freezing, and we'll be above freezing by 5 to 10 degrees in most spots. lock at the santa rosa forecast, 47. 45 in vallejo tomorrow morning.
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these are almost late spring overnight lows, basically. so not that cold tomorrow morning. we get going tomorrow afternoon. you see the clouds, kind of filtered sunshine, but probably a little more sunshine than we saw today. yellows will represent the 70s, so you get the picture. boom. 70s all the way up towards sacramento, and up by the fresno area. lots of 70s. temperatures goring to continue to warm. this is tomorrow. as we head into the weekend, we could see temperatures even warm. so when i come back, that's tomorrow. we'll push into the weekend and i'll see you in a couple of breaks. >> asian americans in the spotlight in san francisco. >> so many people have different religions, cultures, come from different places. >> up next, we'll take you to opening nighttime of this year's film festival. >> the sharks honor veteran joe thornton tonight after the milestone he reached earlier in the week. that some more coming up in the sports. plus the search for
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rolling out the red carpet in san francisco. a film festival put on by the center for asian american media. >> we spoke to some of the people who say this year's event is especially significant. haven't bright lights, the castro theaters colorful marquise, a red carpet, and a long line of people that stretch down the rock and around the corner set the scene for the opening film and gayla thursday night of camfest. >> part of the story that we want to tell is just how diverse the asian community is. right? many, many different languages, many, many different cultures. >> reporter: the center for asian american media has held the event for 35 years now.
10:26 pm
this europe kicked off by a film, the tiger hunter. a comedy about a muslim indian american immigrant. the directer and cast of the film walked the red carpet. >> so many people have different reap lidgeions, cultures, come from different places. i think it's really good timing, because it is so newsworthy, with, like, what is happening. >> my dad immigrated from india to chicago in the 1970s. my mom immigrated to chicago from poland. >> reporter: the director said the goal of her film was to portray the real dilemmas immigrants can face. >> all of these things came from stories of immigrants. >> reporter: bust with news of last months attack on an indian man in kansas, it is much more recommend van to the current climate. >> people said when we think of immigrants, we don't think of this sort to have character, so
10:27 pm
they are using to it shape their perception, across the political aisle. >> reporter: using humor to humanize. that is something many of the films aim to do, from features to long and short form documentaries. the caam director said he hopes it will help people come to a greater understanding of humanity through the art. >> these types of stories have renewed relevant, and it's deeply important that we remember these histories, so as not to repeat them again. >> reporter: caam-fest runs through march 19th, and they say this year, they are featuring more than 120 films. an emotional meeting between san francisco's new police chief and community members. >> i'm hoping that you can bring a change in a police force that doesn't carolina about black people. >> up next, the chief message and the hope tonight's meeting
10:28 pm
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everyday price and no extra monthly fees, unlike cable. speeds up to 45 megs, for $30 a month. police are searching for several suspects in connection with the shooting that injured aft least one man late this afternoon. itself happened just before 4:00 near high street and bancroft in east oakland. authority sayres they followed the suspect's carp until it crashed on 108th avenue, and that's when officers say the suspects got out, and ran into the neighborhood. several streets were shut down while police searched the suspects. police have confirmed at least one gunshot victim showed up at thailand hospital for treatment. >> san francisco's new police chief met with inability members in bay view tonight as he tries to repair relationships caused bi' series
10:31 pm
of officer-involved shootingth sol shootings. tonight'ser is more than honored mar row woods, who was shot and killed by an officer about a year ago. amber was at that meeting. >> reporter: the meeting was held here at the joseph lee rec center, the moods, a emotional and hopeful that this new chief could be an agent for change. >> we can, we must win in the name of justice! >> reporter: s they gathering was a chance for san francisco police chief of six weeks, willial scott, to meet with people of the neighborhood. >> i'm here to try to make things better. >> reporter: gwen woods, the mother of mario, spoke to chief scott about what she would like to see in the police department. >> we just need men above reproach, that can't be bought or sold, have some integrity, stand on it, and not look at a group of people or community as
10:32 pm
animals. >> i'm hoping you can bring change in a police force that doesn't care about black people. >> reporter: organizers are demanding that the officers involved in the killing of woods be charged, and that there be an independent investigation of racial profiling by officers. we spoke with chief scott about those demands before the meeting started. >> we have to let the system and the due process play out, and if the evidence is there, i'm sure, you know, the appropriate decisions will be made. >> reporter: chief scott said he plans to hold town hall meetings to answer questions from the public within 10 days of officer involved shootings, just as his predecessor did. scott said he has experienced firsthand the impact police shootings have on families when he was with the los angeles police department. >> one of the hardest things that i ever had to do in my 27 years was walk a mother and a father into a crime scene, in an officer-involved shooting, where their son lost his life at the hands of the department
10:33 pm
that i worked for. >> these meetings a lot of times, are very cerebral. no tangible outcome, and it's a long process to get something changed in something like a police agency, it's a very complicated process. so i think the difficult part is being patient. >> reporter: she said she does have hope there will be change. people at tonight's meeting say they want justice, accountability, and transparency. julie? frank? >> and sometime this best way to do that is to just keep talk about things. a police officer in richmond was seep yourselfly injured today when a driver are hist his motor psyching about 7 -- motorcycle about 7:30 this morning. the driver made a left hand turn and collided with officer lance bell who was on patrol on his motor psyche. officer bell suffered serious internal injuries, but is in stable condition tonight, and will be undergoing surgery in the next couple of days. richmond police want to remind
10:34 pm
drivers to pay attention for motorcycles. >> this is an added risk to our officers, and we just ask that the public really keep an eye for motorcyclists. >> police say the driver has been fully cooperative during the investigation, and that alcohol does not appear to be a factor in the accident. >> technology used by you believe serb at the center of an investigation by the san francisco district attorney's office. it's called gray ball, the software program is said to allow the company to display fake information about driver availability and cancel rides. a new york their times report claims uber used gray ball technology to avoid local regulators who were investigating the service. uber says it will stop using the program, but warns it could take time to block it completely. >> the weekend is almost here. if you're looking for something to do, there's plenty on tap from restaurant week a bacon and beer festival in oakland, to an army st. patrick's day parade in the city. >> the weekend is near, and
10:35 pm
here is what is happening around the bay area. we start in san francisco with the annual st. patrick's parade and festival on saturday. the parade beginning at 11:30 at second and market streets, and ends at civic center, where you'll find the festival until 5:00. also, the film festival featuring dozens of ocean themed independent films from around the world. enjoy four days of documentaries, shorts, nare a atives at the cal theater. it is designed to raleigh awareness about the culture and ecological significance of the sea. . in the east pay, head out to the bacon and beer festival. this going on at jack london square. in the south bay, it's the place to be for pet lover inspection bay area pet ex-pole will offer vaccinations, and adoptions.
10:36 pm
it is at the santa clara fairly grounds, and is a free event, both saturday and sunday. in the north bay, check oust the sonoma county bluegrass and folk festival. the annual event is at the festival community center. thai there will also be food and beverage service. and it's your last chance to participate in the sonoma county restaurant week. in sports, warriors are on the road, and the sharks play at home. that is your weekend watch. coming up, protests turn deadly in south korea after the country's first female president is impeached. late word on the unrest. tracking that weather forecast. the weekend is just around the corner. i'll lay out your saturday and sunday. plus details on another bomb threat called into a bay area jewish community center. (vo) what if this didn't
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police in logan say a bomb threat made to a jewish community center this afternoon was a hoax. it was evacuated after receiving the threat just before noon today. administrators canceled all of their day programs, and told parts to come pick up their children. police search they would building and didn't find anything. investigators say the threat was made by e-mail, and now they're trying to track down the person who sent it. dozens of jewish community centers across the nation have received bomb threats in recent weeks. police in germany say seven people were wounded when a man attacked them with an ax at a train station. authorities say the man got off a train at the central train station and then started attacking people. at least three of those victims were said to be seriously injured. a 36-year-old suspect was arrested after jumping off an overpass near the station. police now say he appears to
10:40 pm
have psychological problems. the motive for the attack isn't clear, but police are not calling it terrorism. in south korea, protests have turned violent after the country's first female president was removed from office. at least two protesters have died in clashes with the police. former president was accused of conspiring with a close friend to extort millions of dollars from businesses. south korea's constitutional court up held the vote in parliament today to impeach her. an election must be held within two months to choose a successor. a warning tonight from the chp after a driver is attacked by a group of people on dirt bikes. >> you're on a busy freeway, you never know who is coming in behind you. >> up next, the investigation now underway, plus what we're learning about that driver who was attacked. >> also, bill martin is here with your friday forecast, and what is in store
10:41 pm
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10:43 pm
a freeway attack in san francisco caught on video, and now police are trying to track down more than a dozen men for beating on a driver. it left people on highway 101 stunned. >> the victim is an uner driver from modesto, and as henry lee tells us, a video provide bade witness has become a key piece of evidence. >> reporter: take a look at this video. it shows a group of people on dirt bikes and atvs heading south on highway 101 at about 6:15 wednesday night. you see this man on the left doing wheelies on an atv. moments later, this white toyota bumps one of the dirt bikers. take a look. you see a car pull in front of the toyota, block it from moving forward. it's not clear in that second car is associated with the bikers, but shortly after that,
10:44 pm
you see the dirt bikers surrounding the white car. this man in the red shirt apparently tries to punch the passenger side is window. you see the group circling the toyota, and then the driver gets out, and is then punched and kicked by at least one of the riders. the bikers fled the scene. the chp recommends giving a wide berth to drivers or riders doing stunts. >> definitely don't fry to confront the mote err cycle or get out. this is something that can happen, not only that, but you're on a busy freeway, you never nope who is coming in behind you. so best thing to do, again, call it in, report it. we have units in the area. >> reporter: the driver suffered a broken leg and other injury,, but has been released from the hospital. the chp said the dirt bikes and atvs didn't have license plates, but they do have descriptions of some of the riders. this is the latest episode of
10:45 pm
side shows on the freeways. police say catching these perpetrators can be challenging. >> we come out. as soon as we can, but a lot of the times, you know, we'll get there, and those parties have already fled the scene at that time. >> hen rely, ktvu fox sports southwest 2 news. it's a girl for facebook's mark zucker berg and his wife, priscilla chan. the news came from zuckerberg himself today in a personal post on his facebook page. he said he and his wife face some challenges in their first pregnancy, and weren't sure if they would be able to have another child. their oldest son, max, is 15 months old, and zuckerberg said he is elated to be having a girl. >> it's a ski report night, bit we're talking almost 20 feet, almost 20 foot of base up there, and theater are at the upper lodges, but that's just a lot of snow.
10:46 pm
if you don't see ski or snowboard, just know when you have that much water, that's the best part, to know that we'll have that water stored up in that waterer bank in the mountains. the clouds coming in. that's a significant swath. if it was focused on us, we would be getting rain. they are getting rain up here, but we are on the southern end of it. we're just sitting in this situation where we have plenty of clouds out there now, and with those clouds, it's kind of mild. the temperatures warm today, but the clouds don't let the heat escape president right now, winds are relatively light. you would think in early march like this, you would think, boy, overnight lows, light winds, it's going to be chilly, but overnight lows tonight will be down into the mid-40s, low 40s, the coolest. 20 mile an hour gusts at sfo,
10:47 pm
so a little wind at the airport at that san bruno gap, which indy dates to me you have a good southwest wind as it funnels through the gap. there is the tribune building in oakland. cloudy out there, but a neat- looking friday for you tomorrow. these are the clouds you'll look for in the morning. there will be a lot of clouds, and some fog along the coast. what happened today is going to happen tomorrow, i think, in terms of everything, the fog, the whole bit. think we'll see a little more sunshine tomorrow, especially in the afternoon. put look at what san jose does late in the day. they go 74 for an afternoon high. livermore will be 735, 76 in fairfield. brentwood 73. 74 in guillermo. so a heck of a -- 74 in gilroy. so a heck of a nice weekend. we'll see temperatures bump up on sunday to the upper 70s, perhaps, with a chance of a the
10:48 pm
low 80s. so a really nice run of weather. coastal fog is back in the mix, which is an indication of how stable the environment is. no rain in the forecast for the first weekend in a while where we can look at it and say, hey, no rain anywhere. >> this seems like it's been going on forever, but it rained last weekend. weathermen's memories are very short. was raining four or five days ago, and now we're looking at when is it going to rain again? but we're dry for a while. >> nice stretch. coming up, them 489ers make a big splash in free agency, signing two quarter backs. >> and the sharks takeing on the best team in hockey, talking about the washington capitals. sports is next. really if
10:49 pm
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10:51 pm
mark is off chasing his -- this never happens in the whole break there, we were only talking hockey. >> wedy for you, and that's why we're going to leading wilts hockey. big test tonight for the sharks, hosting the top team in the nhl record-wise, the washington capitals. joe thornton before the game with his son. a pretty cute shot. his family was on the ice. he was honored for picking up his 1,000th assist wednesday it in in winnipeg.
10:52 pm
nice moment before the game. the newcomer, the danish winger, sets up thornton, who scores his 6th goal of the year. we're tied up at one. second period, game tied at two. sharks on the power play. burns sheriff's department pulled back, and there is couture. and then third period, burns and couture. the reflexing these guys have is unbelievable. two power play goals for couture. the sharks win. the sharks are neck and neck with chicago and minnesota for the best record in the wes. when the day started, the 49ers had zero quarterbacks on the roster. now they have two after a very busy opening day of free agency. yesterday, we told you about brian hoyer. today they are reportedly signing his former teammate in chicago, matt barkley, whose only win of his career came in this game against the 49ers in
10:53 pm
the snow last december. parkly is a fourth year guy out of usc. made a total of 6 starts last year. threw 8 touchdowns and 14 picks, but chicago was really bad. remember that. he was originally drafted by the eagles in the fourth round of 2013. so he'll be playing for his third team in four years. here who is the niners have is signed so far in addition to barkley. pierre garcon, big contract. marquise goodwin. kyle yusef, a fullback, and malcolm smith, a linebacker. the quarterback kyle shanahan really wanted is reportedly staying put in washington for at least one more year. word was kirk cousins wanted to be tradeed to the 49ers, and lee you united with his former offensive coordinator shanahan in san francisco, but late tonight reports are cousins does plan to sign the $24 million one year franchise
10:54 pm
tender that will keep him in washington for at least one more year. so don't feel sorry for him. 24 million for that man. the cal bears kept their ncaa tournament hopes alive for at least one more day. could this be martin's final season with cal? rumored for several other jobs. charlie moore, sweet move up and under. bears up 5. 7 minutes left. shot clock winding down. look at moore, lean in, toss it off the glass and in. moore had 21 points. and thenth his teammate, byrd, the seen inquire out of vallejo. cal subpoena by 9. you think near going to run away with it, but utah makes a game of it. under a minute to go, a three- point shot, and suddenly it's a one possession game. inside 20 seconds, cal is up by 1. byrd weaves his way through traffic, pulls up for the jumper, gets the foul call. 26 points, 7 of 12 shooting for
10:55 pm
byrd. cal wins, and are now 21-11. they will face top-seeded oregon tomorrow in the semifinals. nba action. spurs at thunder. russell westbrook joined and very elite company tonight, put first, big highlights by the big throwdown, as the thunder are trying to snap the spurs 9- game winning streak. warriors fans would like that. back to westbrook. perfect pass on the alley-oop. 13 assists. 31st triple-double this year. that ties him with wilt chamberlain for second most in a season. only oscar robertson had more. warriors now two up on san antonio. the big story, oakland app's pitcher son yip gray is hurt again. strained lat muscle, happened after his last start. he'll have to shut it down for at least three weeks. he will not be ready for
10:56 pm
opening day, and manager bob melvin on dealing with the reality of losing his ace for a while. >> when your number one guy goes down, that's -- you know, that's a hard one to swallow, especially this early in the spring, yet in everything goes well, hopefully we have him back, whether it's later on in april, you know, for most of the season. >> yeah, that's a bit of a blow for them, but he might be back later in april. we just don't know yet. >> the 49ers, how about that, they have two chicago bear quarterbacks >> and the other bears quarterback is leaving, too, jay cutler, but not to the 49ers. don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. coming up next, modern family. thanks for joining us. >> see you later, everyone. have a good night. >> good night. >> good night. .
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okay, what is this? we're making sure i'm tall enough to ride all the rides at disneyland. without having to spike up my hair. buddy... (tape measure retracts) we are good to go. sweet! i have been waiting for this day ever since the doctor pointed to the ultrasound of your mom's womb and said, "either that's a fifth limb, or you got a boy." okay, no. gross. oh. all right... (can hissing) i want everybody to eat a lot at home because "the happiest place on earth" is also home to the most expensive churro on earth. come on. this is gonna be awesome. who doesn't love a day at disneyland? can't you and mom go without me? you're the kid. i think we need you to get in. it couldn't come on a worst day. the technology sector is tanking. we're doing a stock market project in school, and today's the last day. we all get a thousand fake dollars to invest, and as the market closed yesterday, i'm in the lead. i may not be the tallest or the most athletic, but someday i will be the richest, which is good because the ladies love that, and i've grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle. do you really wants girls who only want you for your money?


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