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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 10, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PST

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she yelled for her mom when she got pinned on the side of the house. she says madison bursted into laughter and walked away okay. today at 9:00, mixed reaction to the homeless encampment. >> hopefully coming up soon afrjts a look at the 49ers and raiders shaping up their teams with the free agency season underway. a california couple turns a hobby into a busy and their home into aty ki jungle. friday morning, here we go, we give you a live look at the golden gate bridge. the weekend is now officially knocking on the door. the cal bears on this friday live to play another game. >> yes, they do. as they prepare to do just that, word that governor arnold schwarzenegger may be getting back into politics. your thoughts about him being a
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u.s. senator in the state of california. >> well, he has the name recognition. >> yes, a lot of supporters. it's very interesting. kind of surprising. >> his latest little twitter wars with donald trump may help him a bit if he wants to position himself as an alternative to the conservatives. >> he's definitely leaving the celebrity aparen dis. >> a busy newscast, let's begin now with more than two-dozen shootings on east bay highways. >> two people injured in the latest attack that happened yesterday evening in richmond. >> the shooting and that investigation afterwards caused a huge back up eastbound lanes of 80 closed for hours right at the start of the evening commute. there's the video from that. christian captain now at the chp office in vallejo where investigators are discussing the case. >> we have confirmed the
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investigation into this latest shooting is being held here at the vallejo headquarters for chp. the investigators are meeting this morning and likely going to be holding a news conference later on today. that shooting happened yesterday around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. a man and a woman were travelling in a minivan eastbound near the san pablo exit. shots rang out as the cars were moving along. no word at this appointment point if the shots were fired from one vehicle or both vehicles. what we do know is the occupants of the minivan were struck and the targets in this incident. the man was injured badly enough he need to be air liftd to a medical center. there were multiple witnesses to the shooting and they played a critical role in helping to find the suspect and stay on scene to help those injured. sky fox was overhead as police towed away a silver dodge out of richmond, the same location where officers took three suspects into custody.
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all of this happening within an hour of the shooting. again, witnesses helping lead them to this suspect. at this point, no word on who the suspects are or the victims. the lawsuitest we're hearing is the chp will likely hold the news conference at noon today. crews are here to follow up on this and provide the latest information online on our social media and on air. hoping to get more details from investigators more this morning including some clarity on whether these suspects were arrested or detained including information about who the victims are and why they may have been targeted. a lot of outstanding questions here and hoping to get answers to those later on this morning. >> christian captain, live in the east bay this morning, thank you. an oakland police officer is recovering after crashing his patrol vehicle early this morning. we have just learned that he suffered a head injury but expected to survive. the crash happened at about 5:30 this morning on broadway and 42nd street.
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that street was still closed as they cloned up. another driver didn't see the officer coming and veered in his correction forcing the officer into the center divide into a light pole and a tree. >> so then i give the signal and see over my shoulders nobody coming and see in my mirror nothing is coming so then i moved. so then i get the bump and then i got scared. and i saw there was a car who hit me with no headlines on. . >> a witness told us the officer did have his service lights on. the patrol car had been towed away. all lanes are closed to traffic between ridgeway and 41st street. some new information about a man shot and killed last night. we just finished an interview with santa clara police about the incident. the man was known to police.
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they had responded to a disturbance call earlier in the day and later about 5:00 in the evening, the man's parents called 911 to say he was acting erratically. it's unclear at this time what happened next but when officers aryed, they say they were forced to use a tazer on the 20- year old man and when that didn't control him, an officer shot and killed him. . >> they continued through the night and it's continuing today with interviews and collection of evidence and at some point, the investigation has to be presented to the district attorney's office. >> there is police body camera video of the incident but it's not being released at this point because of the ongoing investigation. the officer who opened fire is on paid leave. we do know he has 13 years law enforcement experience including the past eight years with santa clara police. the oakland raiders were detained yesterday by san francisco police for public intoxication.
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smith was a passenger in an suv driven by his girlfriend. two officers were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. smith was detained for public intoxication and released five hours later. no criminals were suspended. his bid to be reinstated is currently under review. president trump has launched an all out offensive on capitol hill to convince fellow republicans to support the replacement insurance plan. it includes powerpoint presentations and bowling at the white house. doug luzader has more from washington. from the president's perspective pizza and bowling nights probably won't hurt so why not? get togethers at the white house like we saw last night really changed the numbers here on capitol hill. >> it ma be an odd venue for outreach but seldom has the single lane white house bowling
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alley played a more central policy role. the administration invited select members of congress for pizza and bowling last night hoping to win them over. the vice president made it clear they are open to negotiation. >> i have to tell you, this is part of a very healthy debate and healthy dialogue. >> number three. this is where i think there's a lot of confusion all over the map. >> the house speaker used what looked luke a power point presentation to make his pitch. a three stage process to repeal and replace obamacare that would offer tax credits. >> this is the closest we will get to repealing and replacing obamacare. no so fast say his fellow republicans who see this as another entitlement. >> that's not how the process is supposed to work. if you got an idea that you can get to the floor, then let's have the debate.
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>> democrats of course don't want any part of this. >> no one likes the bill. hospitals and doctors and governors and conservatives liberals and nonpartisan groups and most of all, the people who will no longer have affordable healthcare. >> republicans are working on a pretty aggressive time line. the vice president said yesterday they want to have this wrapped up this spring. in washington, doug luzader action fox news. there are signs that president trump will make adjustments to his travel ban if los angeles is picked to host the olympic games in 2024. that's according to the head of the committee trying to win the summer games for los angeles. the ceo says president trump will make sure there's free access for people to compete. he also says the president invited the head of the inter international olympic committee to the white house. his turnt term ends in 2021 so this would only be his decision
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if we were re-elected. bidding for the 2024 olympics in its final stage and in a decision between los angeles is expected in december. arnold schwarzenegger may challenge the senator who is up for re-election next year. recently he took over as host of celebrity apprentice. the president blamed arnold schwarzenegger for the low ratings. on his page he says his focus is pushing for redistricting reform nationwide. a new study raising concerns about our nation's infrastructures. a group of civil engineers gave the u.s. a grade of d plus in 2017 in the report card. >> we have just now putting in new systems.
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we are not maintaining. we are deferring maintenance until it becomes a critical item and you saw it having break downs in the system. >> the report is compiled every four years and researchers say problem areas in california include our roads. 50% of the 200,000 miles of public roads are in poor condition. researchers say $45 million in drink water is needed over the next two decades. a lot of catholics might find this surprising. in an effort to address a shortage of clergy, pope francis is considering married man as priests. the lack of catholic priests is an enormous problem for the church and he would be open to change the rules. the omgs would allow men who are married to be ordained as priest but single men would not be allowed to marry. the 49ers and the raiders
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free agency up next, we're talking about new management and players drafted.
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great day on this friday. a live look at the dow, up almost 19 points. the 28,000 and nasdaq up as well. this morning we're talking about nfl free agency and players are changing teams. sometimes teams end up regretting getting the players during free agency. >> you better believe it. joining us now, nfl sports writer, we have been talking about which team you think is going to make the biggest change this season.
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>> in the bay area, it would have to be the 49ers. the raiders are already good. i can't see anything changing with them. they're going to be competitive moving forward as long as they have derek. they will be good. >> yesterday i know the 49ers went hard on the offensive side of the ball. >> yeah, well, we didn't have a quarterback. the colin kaepernick divorce was inevitable and now it's official. i told sal earlier this morning. he's at least a serviceable player. i think he's probably going to be more consistent than colin kaepernick the last several years but he's not great. they aren't going to win many games. i think they will be more competitive and watchable. at least they will have someone who is experienced. what do you think the 49ers will do with that number two pick? >> i think they end up going defense.
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it's a very good defensive draft. in a perfect world you take a quarterback at number two and build for the future. >> yeah, the problem is, i don't know if he's worth that. you talked about the stock market. that's essentially what the draft is, a market value. i think you will be able to see him. those guys were second round picks. you can find good value in there. don't you need a hot pick like that? sometimes when you worry about what the fans think you end up sitting with them. luckily, they got that in kyle shanahan, that six year deal. there's urgency he talked about. you have to do it the right way. when you overreact, he deserves a lot of credit. he was slow and it paid off. it took a couple years. it was ugly and the 49er fans, it can't get much uglier. >> it took a while.
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fans are patient enough. the owner. >> they're going after him. >> no one is going to blame him for the next couple of years. >> i think especially john lynch. smart guy former player, he has respect when he walks in. like har baebaugh, he will be good. it's not that difficult. he is a football player when it comes to tid ra everies, a lot of crickets in the camp yesterday. not a lot of action. are they set for another run at the super bowl with the team they have? >> they need to add some pieces but as long as you have that quarterback and let's face it, he's a star. you're going to be in the mix. so you got to take that.
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we'll have a good shot. >> the event wall decline. >> but when you eat avocado ice cream and no cashes, 40's is the new 30. >> kirk cousins want to be a 49er. >> he signed his franchise tender. >> for as much heat as he gets dan snyder sits at the top of nfl owners. >> we have been talking about the 49ers and raiders, facing a lot of obstacles. the nineers are under new leadership and the raiders may not be playing in oakland down the road here. which team we're asking will take the bigger step forward during the next season? . 0 woer also asking you on social media your responses. >> looks like 52% say -- 53% say the raiders 20 something%
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and 8% say both have a good shot. 13% have neither and more work to do there. >> one tweet saying the quakes. >> well done out there. also responding on twitter, one user says the raiders will advance further in the playoffs but san francisco may jump from a two win team to a 6 or 7 win. las vegas is a big step, i see the sarcasm there. 0. >> the results of the poll coming up at 9:30. go to for more and you can also reach us at the hash tag ktvu nine. coming up next, a new movie about armenian genocide,
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combining a dark period with a love story. safety rails and garbage cans and toilets added to this large homeless encampment. what business owners are saying about the recent upgrade.
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0. a couple weeks ago they visited a large homeless encampment becoming a source of tension for people working nearby. >> on wednesday there were upgrades made to west oakland camp included making the living area more sanitary. frank went back and found those working nearby are not happy with the changes. one of oakland's biggest memoless encampments just got a makeover. reflective signs pounded in their new rails to protect their nearly 200 homeless. >> he started to realize the
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city was trying to help us. >> dozens of brand new garbage cans at each lot got a fire extinguisher and the biggest edition are toilets. they have installed two portable toilets and more to come. they come complete with a wash station. >> i'm for the city. the city is amazing and generous. >> the homeless are happy and busy owners not so much. >> we're not a priority. we feel like we're out here in west oakland and this is where it's at. >> his west envelope company sits across the street and he is fed up. garbage and sewer bills run over a thousand dollars while the homeless get a free pass and the new amenities is an invitation to stay put. >> these people are just now collecting here and doesn't seem to be an end to it. >> san francisco sent their crews into this encampment and moved the homeless out.
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. >> it appears to me san francisco is doing something about it and trying to take care of the businesses over there where here it's falling on deaf ears but we're out of site and out of mind. >> safety and housing are the core issues here. joe tells housing is the solution but until supply meets demand, addressing the safety and health issues are the issue for people without permanent housing. >> sorry, we're poor. hopefully we'll be coming up soon. this isn't forever. frank joins us live here in the studio. it does appear the city is making it easier for those homeless to live on the streets. >> the city fires back they don't have the housing. >> they do have to make it sanitary. right now they don't have the housing and there are 500 shelter beds in the city.
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2500 plus that are homeless in the city so they can't house them each night. if these people are staying there, you can't have them going to the bathroom in the streets. they are putting out garbage cans and bathrooms. >> ironically it was a business group that actually came up with the idea and approached oakland to just make it more sanitary and safe. some of the other business owners say they went overboard and why not take this money and put it into a fund for affordable housing to help these people get off the street. >> you have heard from business owners. i know we have done stories in the bay area where restaurants are seeing decline in business. people don't want to go downtown where there are people camped out and it's unsanitary. you have heard from these business owners i was in san francisco with a couple stories over there and they actually got action but they came in and cleaned up the encampment on san bruno street but all those
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people did was move to another street down the black. that's an issue. i did get an email from a woman that owned buildings there and since these encampments have come in on wood street, she's been refused to refinance her building from a bank. they have cancelled her property insurance and she is being threatened by east bay because they can't get to the meters. one of the gentlemen i talked to, he gets his product on a rail car across the street on wood street and there's so many dogs and pit bulls out there, the company that brings the rail cars in said you have to get rid of the dogs before you can get products so there's a big give and take. >> do you see because one gentlemen in your piece, do you see a big difference in the way the cities are dealing with the problem? >> one of the gentlemen said maybe san francisco has more money to deal with the problem but i think oakland -- they have a compassionate care program where they're trying to deal with this to help these
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people. san francisco has actually moved out some encampments but they're having issues with the homeless. these people have mental health issues and drug issues and just because you give them transitional housing and an opportunity to get off the street, they have to cooperate and a lot of them don't. they want to stay in the treats. one of the big things, 60% of those homeless in the city of oakland are from oakland. so they don't really -- it's not like they can go back to stockton or some other town to be with their parents or family. >> i wonder if you go back in a month with having the addition of porto potties. >> and it's almost like hey, here's your calling card. if you're homeless and need amenities, come here. but you feel for the city too. it's a fine line you walk. a month ago i did the long piece about the homeless in oakland, trair trying
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everything they can to deal with the problem. as machine m as they can because there are a couple of bond measures pushing millions of dollars into this affordable housing situation. but the homeless are probably further down on the totem pole. >> such a heartbreaking situation all around no real answer but it's a big problem. >> thanks for the update. coming up next, a ten year old girl is collecting barbies for a good cause. how land for the dolls and how the vision has now changed thanks to more donations than she expected. >> it's a twist on the fairy tale you grew up with. two actors of the show "into the woods" playing here in the bay area. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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welcome back everybody to mornings on two. free agency starting yesterday in the nfl.
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we tied our twitter poll to that on this day. the question was which team will make a bigger step forward the upcoming season. the 49ers or raiders both or neither. 26% said the 49ers and 53% said the raiders and 7% said both and 14% said neither. i lu say -- i mentioned it earlier -- a tweet from american distressed said don't forget the quakes. >> one of our viewers calling it raiders go to the super bowl. >> they could. if the quarterback derek carr is back. . >> 49ers could double their win total or go 500 says one twitter user. that would be a bigger step forward. >> right. a lot of action ahead for those two nfl teams as well as for the earthquakes.
9:31 am
we look forward to that. >> very hopeful. >> steve is out today, rosemary ri in. >> she's in but she's out. >> you're in the square. >> yes, a beautiful place to be this morning. in spite of the cloud cover, still very mild out here. let me step away and show you as we look towards the west. a little bummed we just missed the tall ships that pulled out a moment ago. the beautiful historical ships that remind you of pirates of the caribbean, on their way towards the bay. gorgeous out here and calm and quiet. temperatures in the 50s. that's where we are this hour. it has to do with the cloud cover out here this morning. a little bit of patchy fog and that's going to continue as we get into your weekend as well. we are continuing with temperatures in the 50s throughout morning the hours and as we get into the afternoon, we'll see a nice change up.
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yesterday we had a bit of light sky. the same thing today with numbers back in the 60s and 70s out there. meanwhile over portions of the north bay, that's where we're likely to see warmer weather as we get into the second part of the afternoon. so again, looking at your temperatures at this time, 55 degrees in san francisco. 61 in concord. for the second part of the day, 66 expected in san francisco and upper 60s for the east bay and 64 degrees expected for antioch. one of the warmer spots 76 for santa rosa. the bay area weekend is nice. a mix of sun and clouds there. patchy fog along the coastline and starting the morning in valley locations, temperature wise not changing a lot. low to mid 70s for the back end of the weekend. again, it's that time of year when it's time to change the clocks. daylight saving time saturday night into sunday. so don't forget about that.
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outside of that, it's good out here with a nice start to the morning and a good looking afternoon expected with several days of dry weather coming our way. nearly 100-foot tall redwood tree is a point of controversy. neighbors say it could leave them without options if there's trouble with the tree in the future. >> look at this marvelous work of art. >> there are many things that are precious to mary j but at the age of 96 few of them appear to be as close to her heart as this redwood tree. she planted it in 1962 as an elegant tribute in the face of a tragic plane crash i lost my husband and children and i did it in memory of them. it's over 50 years old and it's the great incredible wonder. >> it has to do with something
9:34 am
her late husband did. >> did he propose to you there. >> yes, but i don't talk about that. >> the tree has grown 96 feet tall and part of the few from lombard street, less than a block away. >> to have this giant in the heart of the city -- you don't think that's fantastic. >> not for everyone. the tree has caused controversy spilling into city hall. the supporters have asked to grant the tree making it impossible to remove or alter it and that idea doesn't sit well with the neighbors. >> you can see the bay going here. >> the family across the street blocks their view of the tower in north beach. their main concern is safety. >> there are risks and sards to to -- -- hazards. something that we were worry and are concerned about. >> a host of supporters want to
9:35 am
assure the tree is preserved. opponents worry landmark ta tus would limit options for the tree in the future. >> if the next person who buys the house has the tree landmarked, it will be difficult to trim it and remove it. >> they are expected to decide whether or not giving it status status. jay is former shift designer and builder and feisty. she says she wants people to enjoy and admire her tree. >> this tree is a live alive. the movie the promise is described as an epic love story. it's released next month. live this morning with more from the producer raised in san
9:36 am
mateo. a uc berkley grad. a special screening of that fill was yesterday. >> yes, there was in san jose. the producer of the film actually did a q and a with movie goers. he was quite emotional invested in this film called "the promise ". >> we're going to make a stand. >> the promise charts the top of sales. it's a medical student play ed played by the man. the fair and impartial m was the brain child of an ar menin n philanthropist. sadly he died before the film
9:37 am
was completed and he says it was really a challenge from the start to get this movie made. >> because of the denial of the armenian genocide for years, both political and i would say social reasons why the film has been defied and why the story was denied for so many years, i think that was already a barrier to getting it off the ground and also the fact that it's a historical drama and if you look at movies that come out in this day and age story dramas are not coming out in the fore films. >> it was the government extermination of 1.5 million armenians in 115. proceeds will be donated to nonprofits -- -- 1915. a social impact campaign will
9:38 am
also be launched about the atrocities and again, the promise will heat theaters april 21st. live in san francisco, back to you. well, it's the day theater fans have been eagerly waiting for. hamilton starts tonight at san francisco's theater, that show a modern take on the founding fathers of our country, alexander hamilton, it's already received several awards and tickets have been sold out for months. there is a lottery starting today, 44 tickets will be offered two days before each performance and they are $10 a piece. the show will be in san francisco through august 5th. another show playing at shn golden gate theater is into the woods based on the the hit movie. joining us this morning, stephanie who plays the witch and also fred rose who is the mysterious man.
9:39 am
>> good morning. >> good morning. i love "into the woods". it's a fabulous story. must be fun to act in. >> it is. just a compilation of the grimes brothers fairy tales. a lot of recognizable characters like cinderella and little red riding hood. >> the darker versions. the first act and the seblgd act are two completely different shows almost. we have seen it on the screen recently. it's been staged countless times around the world. when people go to this in san francisco, what is different compared to other times. >> well, for one thing, it's a very ensemble oriented so we tell the story together from the get go. when you walk into the theater and come on the stage, it's different because we're standing their addressing the audience how many are there? >> 11. >> yes, we sort of stripped it
9:40 am
down a bit and there are a lot of props. all the aspects of the show are like you would take them from your grandmother's attic and tell the story that way. i think they're trying to hone in on the characters and the story telling aspect of kwlt into the woods" so i need to bring my imagination? >> exactly. we have a lot of small props but one stays the same and everything else that happens, we're doing and make the music and we make the sound and create the scenes. >> do you like that. >> i love it. it's a great way to work. my character, i would be spending a lot of time playing cards in the dressing room. but as it turns out, we are all on stage almost all the time supporting each other and playing music i would imagine each night is different. >> yes. >> absolutely. it all depends on the audience
9:41 am
and how they're prar tis pating and their reactions and how much they're giving so it changes our performance for sure. >> did either of you see this play before you started working? you knew it before you workeden it? >> yes, of course there's the well-known recording which i know i grew up with. . >> that was the one i was bread and buttered on. this say completely new concept, one that i've never seen before. >> i was reading one of the reviews for the show and it said umo comes close to stealing the show. >> are you making that up? >> i wrote it down, right there. my question is do you read reviews from city to city or is it one of those things where you don't want to. >> i don't read the reviews. >> do you think a good review -- it can affect your performance. >> yeah, it does. >> good or bad. >> i feel like that with movie reviews.
9:42 am
i think well, i want to make my own judgment. >> exactly. >> movie actors don't have to worry because once the review comes out they're done but live on stage every night, anything that gets in your head, it's ruined. >> sorry, i didn't mean to say that. have you gone to san francisco before? >> no, first time. . >> thanks for taking the time and coming on. more information for tickets into the woods, right there on our home page. look for it in the section under the mornings on two tab and you can find it on our mobile app. coming up next, you know him from "in living color" and a spot this weekend, he's right here in the bay area. up next live in the studio with actor and comedian, tommy dickson.
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our next guest is current stand up comedian, he's going back to his roots with an appearance in claire ton. tommy, you love getting back on the stage. being on stage like you started ntd business, here you are with a microphone. all you. >> yes, glad to be here. i love working and coming up in this area in the world. it's the most diverse place in the country. you're looking at what we're doing politically in this country, this is the place to come to. >> good, we are all here together. >> yeah,. >> like billy jack, it's like -- i'm dating myself.
9:46 am
billy jack yeah. >> what's going on there? this is your dleks. >> this is one the lapel directions we have. tongue and cheek is my tie and pocket square company. >> you can pull that off. >> try this one. >> you need a new one. we have flowers. >> you're a busy man. what's your favorite job that you have done? >> well, it's hard to choose. like my kids, you can't take one over the other. i would say stand up comedy because no one can tell me what to do. i started in dc. a friend of mine said try it. i was working at ra ma da. >> why do you say try it? >> i always thought if i become a comedian no one will take me serious and i've seen people
9:47 am
that don't. that's okay though. >> you had a good acting role. >> aye done well. in living color and i've worked with halle berry and jay da pin ket smith. >> when you do your stand up, do you bring personal stories of your life to the stage? >> yes, sort of. it's auto biographical. i can bring famous people into it. for instance, this guy right here, i don't know if you know who this is. >> yeah, one of the best. >> they say some people on the go -- we're looking for brand new news, one they can use like no other -- so they choose ktvu . >> i like that. very nice. . >> who is your go-to when you try something new?
9:48 am
do you call someone up to run by it? >> that's my audience. all experimentation happens on stage. i don't write. i go up and perform and then write down what i did. >> i like that. >> so you play off the audience yeah, it's the other way around. >> you don't have bits, you go up there and feel it out? >> yes, on the networks. >> watching your stuff on living color, how do you keep from cracking up yourself. >> you guys just couldn't see it. the goal is to make the next person laugh. that's what we did. we were real serious. >> are you surprised by your success? not at all. we sat on the shelf for six months and then finally it got picked up. >> how did you go from the east coast to hollywood there?
9:49 am
>> it was a matter of getting another job. i started at the ra ma da inn as a chef. i was so happy to have a job and he was like you're the stupidest person i've met, you should be doing comedy. so i went to the pa poll low in new york and he took me to la for a week. i went for a week and did good and moved there three years later, "in living color". 32 years later here. >> real quick, we have to go, but do you think another show like "in living color" could do well again? >> i do. there's kids out there that do exactly what we do. it's a matter of time but a whole different time. reality tv and if you know how to sell old houses or like a lamp -- you know, if you're a cupcake king or something like that, you can get a show now. different times.
9:50 am
>> yeah, you're taking a backseat to guys that hunt ducks. >> my six year old son loves cake wars. >> yeah, cupcake king, whatever. >> there's a show for everything. >> congratulations on this. we have put up a link for tickets at under the mornings on two tab. find it on the ktvu mobile app. we're back after the break. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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to win a censorship prize pack, for the running festival april 2nd, it includes two entries into the race of your choice and two tent passes that include food and drink. go to our facebook page and clek on the contest link. tries accepted until 11:00 p.m. tonight. you must be 18 years old to enter the prize. it's provided by the oakland running festival. one runner is selected by random drawing on march 13th you can see the official rules under contest. do you have a favorite item or collectible? do you love it enough to make
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it the main theme of your house? one california couple did that. we checked out. aren't outside this elk grove home is another normal house on the black but take a step inside, you'll see it's not your typical home -- -- block anywhere you look in daniel and wendy's house it's all tiki all the time. >> it's not a small collection, probably one of the largest in the world. >> their love for tiki culture goes back decades. >> i remember the different decorations in shopping centers and apartment buildings and restaurants. >> it was 20 years ago when the couple started collecting. >> i said to her if you see the tiki mugs bring them home to me. >> my husband would say to me, i love this mug but nobody made a bull to go with it.
9:55 am
can you make me a bull? >> and putting together their jungle home. walls and shelves and the ceilings and floors follow the theme. >> it's pretty massive. >> the house just a museum. it goes by another name too. >> i call it the tiki factory. every piece of equipment is right here. >> they have built a ship and we learned how to make molds. >> the artist has a long list of orders from mugs for the sacramento to wish lists. >> i'm making pieces currently for australia and i've sent things to england, canada. >> it's a passion the unique duo dead kalts their lives to. wendy and daniel don't plan to clear out #245ir goods any time soon -- -- their. >> this is like every single day.
9:56 am
day. a ten year old virginia girl is collecting barbie dolls for a good cause. she set a goal last december to collect 1,000 barry dolls hand them out to homeless girls living in shelters. she collected 5,000 barbie dolls, way past her goal. >> i wanted to make them feel that they had someone to talk to and play with and to make what they're going through easier. >> she says she's going to set up a boutique where homeless girls can come once a month to pick out dolls and clothes. >> that's so sweet. beer week wraps up this weekend. we have to get to the beer. this year's festival, one brewer is combining his love for suites.
9:57 am
-- -- sweets. it all happened by accident. they realize someone forgot the flavoring. . >> that's the second time someone is trying to combine beer with sweets. >> would you try it? >> i'll try it. kind of like garlic wine i'll try it. >> have a good weekend everybody. see you back here at noon. thanks for watching.
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪ >> announcer: now, here's wendy! ♪ ♪ >> wendy: thank you for watching. [ applause ]


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