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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  KTVU  March 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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indiscernible ] can you give us the very latest on the barricade situation. >> sure. at about 1:55, the police department was called to an apartment building on the 500 block of valencia street. the victim reported he had go to the apartment to do pest control service. when he knocked on the door, the suspect opened the door and pointed a firearm at him. he called 911. they attempted to make contact with the occupant of the apartment. that result was negative. they declared a critical incident. right now we have the hostage crisis negotiation team on scene. we've set up a perimeter, evacuated the building, evacuated valencia street between 16th and 17th and we're attempting to establish contact with the suspect inside the apartment. >> are you talking to the person? is it a woman? >> i don't have specifics on the suspect. it is the occupant, so it is a
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known suspect. at this point, we have not established any communication with the suspect. >> reporter: how close are you to that apartment at this point? i know you can't give away your maneuvers and your plans, but are you in a position where they can hear you on the bull horn and are you attempting that? >> we'll use what techniques or measures we can to make contact with the person. that generally starts with somebody at least shouting down the hall. the person is armed, so we don't want to put a police officer directly in front of the door. there are other techniques and tools we may implement. >> reporter: this is someone arriving to spray for vermin in the building in that unit? >> the person was going door to door to do pest control services. the gun was brandished or pointed at the victim. >> reporter: what do you know about this person that we've
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heard some unconfirmed reports you may have had previous contacts with them. >> we're not going into specifics on the suspect right now. what i can tell you is our hostage crisis negotiators are on scene. they're attempting to make contact. we have assistance today from the department of public parking and traffic, mta, they're helping stop traffic. we have an ambulance, a lot of assistance from emergency management dispatchers. and there is a representative from the department of public health crisis services here in the event that mental health services are needed. >> reporter: is there any friends or family that are able to assist? >> that's part of the standard operating procedure for the negotiators and we will be reaching out in an effort to locate. >> reporter: it's been three hours now. this is a disruption as well as a hazard to this neighborhood. how much longer will you let this go? i know you are trying to create time and space so you can
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apprehend the person safely. >> we're not in a hurry. the subject is in the apartment and contained. time is on our side and we will continue to make contact and negotiate. >> reporter: what's the biggest challenge, especially in this neighborhood? >> right now, the neighborhood is pretty well sealed off. as we know, it's a densely pop crueltied area. there are a number of businesses. we have valencia street between 16th and 17th shut down and evacuated. and 16th street is also shut down. tell be an impact to merchants and residents. but the priority is to bring about a successful, peaceful resolution. >> people have come by to ask whether they should come into work. >> it's difficult to predict how long this will take. we're going to take our time and attempt to contact this
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person and negotiate a peaceful surrender. i can't tell you how long. fiwas coming to work for 5:00 or 6:00 shift, i would anticipate if you're in the evacuation area, you're not going to be coming to work. >> reporter: do they know who this person is because she's a resident? >> this is a known suspect. it's the occupant of the apartment. the apartment is on the third floor of the building. and that's really all i can tell you at this point. >> reporter: right over your shoulder is an armored vehicle. why is it necessary? >> standard protocol. when special operations group is summoned to the scene, these are the type of assets we bring in the event they're needed and that is a rescue vehicle in the event something happens and we need to extract a victim, officer, anything like that, they that have protection with the armored vehicle. >> reporter: i'm just curious about one more thing. how many people do you have evacuated and how many
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sheltering sites? are most people hunk erred down right now? >> i don't have a number on evacuations. valencia between 16th and 17th has been evacuated. and then it spread to the neighboring buildings and the buildings across the street. so the entire block has been evacuated. >> reporter: to recap, the 500 block of valencia and the perimeter from the pink building behind us. in you that i can a look, that pink building you can see a few blocks away, on the third moore is where there is a barricaded suspect who brandished a gun at a pest control operator who showed up and was going door to door in the building to spray for insects or whatever and that's when this confrontation occurred and that was of course very alarming for that operator who fled and called police. that was three hours ago and that is what has triggered this very tense situation here in the mission.
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it has caused tremendous disruption for people who live and work in the area. it became evacuations for those in the nearest vicinity. san francisco police are not putting any kind of time pressure on this. the person is contained. they know where they are. they are attempting to make contact with them and have been. so they want to bring this to a peaceful ending. so they -- we can see this go well into more of this friday evening here in the mission. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you so much. getting that new information for us. again, we're going to continue to follow this and bring you developments here and online. tonight we're hearing from the family of one of the two people who were shot on interstate 80 yesterday afternoon in richmond. we're learning that the suspected gunman is only 17 years old. henry lee is in richmond this evening. what is the family of the victim telling you? >> reporter: demarcus doss' family, they're at east bay
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hospital keeping vigil. they say he's a fighter and they're not sure why he and his friend were shot. >> it makes no sense, man, to do something like that to such an innocent person. my brother's never did anything to anybody. >> reporter: demarcus doss' brothers are hoping and praying their 24 year old sibling is on life support after being shot three times including once in the back of his head. he's in grave condition. >> so far they're up and down about the process. i'm not really focused on that. i'm just focused on him trying to pull through. >> reporter: doss was driving a honda minivan. his friend was in the passenger's seat. they were headed east when shots rang out about 3:30 thursday afternoon near the san pablo exit. doss had to be airlifted to the hospital. his friend was hit in the hand and will survive. police found the suspect's dodge in a richmond neighborhood and arrested three
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men. 24 year old parolee elliot johnson was driving the dodge. two 17 year old boys were also arrested. one of the juveniles fired the shots. >> the reason this case was solved so quickly was due to several outstanding withins including an off-duty police officer coming forward and offering us information. >> reporter: authorities say the suspects have ties to a gang. doss' brothers say they don't know how this happened either. >> this hurts me. my only little brother i had. and for this to happen, i have no words. like, words can't explain. >> reporter: now, as the family keeps vigil, we heard from the chp that over the past 15 to 16 months, there have been 80 shootings across bay area freeways. and that's an astronomical
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number. live in richmond, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> 80 shootings? that's what they're saying now? >> reporter: that number took all of us by surprise. we previously heard maybe a couple of dozen shootings. i think that number 80 includes shots fired on freeways all over the bay area, not just highway 4 and interstate 80. taking as a whole, 80 shootings or the past year and a half alone, surely a very astounding number. >> let's hope this young man can pull through. henry lee in richmond, thank you. we're told an oakland police officer is recovering with minor injuries after crashing his patrol vehicle. that accident happened around 5:30 this morning right on broad we between 42nd street and ridge way. another driver was signaling to move into the left line when he didn't see the police officer
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behind him. the police officer crashed on to the center divide and took down a metal light pole. >> see my soldier nobody is coming and see in my mirror, nothing come. so when i moved, so i get the bump -- then press little me more, but then i got scared. then i see the car who hit me, no headlights even on. >> now, again, that driver says the officer did not have his headlights on. however a witness told us the officer did have his blue and red flashing lights on, but no siren. push back continues on president trump's revised travel ban. democratic attorneys general across the country are planning to file those lawsuits. just yesterday, washington state's attorney general asked a federal judge to extend his original injunction against the travel ban. that request came a day after hawaii filed the first state lawsuit against the revised
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ban. muslim leaders in the state are praising hawaii's decision. >> i think there's a saying that says good things come in small packages. in this case, good things come from small states. is it refreshing to see the attorney general taking the lead on a matter that really affects every state. >> the administration's revised travel ban is set to take effect on march 16th. there was a call to prayer at a rally today in san francisco against the president's immigration policies. the reason those demonstrators say this new executive order isn't anything new. >> reporter: it was a show of solidarity. e schewing the -- of a mosque today. they are angry with president trump and protesting monday's executive order signing for a revised travel ban policy.
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>> this feels like an attack on our identities as muslims, as yemenies and americans. >> this is serious. >> reporter: city leaders lent their voices at an earlier rally, attended mainly by members of the yemeny community. >> to deem them as terrorists based on country of origin. >> i new from the land of disaster to the land of hope. and this is the land of hope. of course i'm afraid. >> reporter: american citizen [ indiscernible ] says he has a child he's never met. his wife and not a u.s. citizen yet and stuck in yemen. >> we have family over there and we try to get them over to visit us and we visit them. we here, we working hard. >> reporter: after prayers, the group marched to the federal building on market street. >> part of the fabric of this country. we migrated here in the early 50s as yemeny americans and we
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have been here for generations. stopping immigration from those countries will not make america safe again. >> reporter: nationals from the countries covered by the executive order have not been responsible for any of the deadly terrorist attacks on american soil, they say. they will continue to speak out and show trump they are not second class citizens and the ban deserves to be lifted. the wife of the pulse night club shooter in florida, omar mateen, will remain at santa rita jail for now. noor salman should not be released on bail, reversing a decision from the judge here in the bay area. she has been held since he was arrested in rodeo back in january. she is accused of helping her husband scout potential targets. 49 people were killed in that
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massacre. just over a week ago, the judge in oakland o kayed noor salman's release, but a judge in florida has overturned that ruling. the san mateo county sheriff's office has launched an around the clock search for a missing woman who is considered at risk. she was last seen around 1:30 yesterday afternoon when she left on a hike from a bed and breakfast. that's in san mateo county on skyline boulevard near highway 84 in a rugged and wooded area. she had her brown and white australiaian shepherd dog with her. officials say there's no evidence so far of foul play. a joint investigation between the da's office and the santa clara police is underway into a shooting that killed a 20 year old man. jesse is at santa clara police
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headquarters tonight. >> reporter: right now, investigators are waiting to meet with the city attorney and then converse with the district attorney before releasing new information to the media. they said they hoped to do that we 2:00 in the afternoon. we are still waiting. the meantime, we went back out to the neighborhood to learn more about the victim and the events leading up to the gunfire. neighbors say the trouble preceding yesterday's officer- involved shooting started in a bedroom. >> he locked in a room. yesterday -- i don't know what happened. >> reporter: he was locked inside his room? >> he called the police. all day -- start 8:00 the morning. >> reporter: he identified the victim as jesus and says by 5:00 in the afternoon, the 20 year old's parents had called police about their son's erratic behavior. but it escalated by jesus
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escaping through a window. officials say responding officers tried a taser first, but when that failed, lethal force from a single gunshot, killing the suspect. it is unclear if the suspect was armed or under the influence of drugs. they have not said what prompted officer it is from using a taser to firing shots. >> obviously drugs and alcohol will be known later when toxicology results are done and with regards to any mental health issues, it is far too early for me to speculate on anything like that. >> reporter: captain wahid kazem says the officer that fired the shot is a 14 year veteran. a joint investigation into whether the shooting was legally justified. investigators will talk to officers from last night as well as any and all people considered pertinent to the investigation. >> this is a very tragic incident. it's one that neither the
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officers or a community want. >> reporter: the coroner is performing toxicology tests to determine whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the events on thursday. they're actions who continue to haunt neighbors who say the slain man was well-liked. >> he was a good boy. he's a good boy. he goes college. >> reporter: district attorney's office says there's no time frame for completion of their investigation. typically can take a couple months. they are going to be looking at the images from the officer's body-worn camera. that's standard equipment issued mere at santa clara pd. they will be looking at the images. police say the camera did record, but they're not going to show us the images. they've been handed over to the da. as for the identity and the full name of the victim, that's going to come from the coroner's office. they'll also release the cause of death. >> i'm wondering, did the police say at some point, they
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will release those body cam images to the public? >> reporter: once the investigation is complete by the da, then they will be in a position to release the images from the body-worn cameras. right now, they say the camera was working and did record, but they are not going to give us the images. first to the da so they can do their investigation. you may remember the story. they threatened to take her baby, but instead those robbers took off with hundreds of dollars the woman was going to use to pay for her daughter's birthday. >> we wanted to try to help her recover this loss and do whatever we could to help. >> reporter: coming up, the efforts by san francisco police to help the mom give her daughter a happy birthday. >> two weeks from now, this b.a.r.t. station will open. >> also we continue to follow that breaking news happening right now in san francisco's mission district. live pictures now from the
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scene. this is where negotiations continue at this hour. with an armed person hulled up in a residential hotel. you heard it right here. a sergeant telling us there's no rush. they know where the suspect is and the suspect is contained. stay tuned for updates on air and online at of the. tracking the weather out there the weekend is here. the weather is cooperating. i'll have the details on our weekend forecast. st.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. it's a b.a.r.t. extension that gets passengers closer to the south bay. and the new station will open in just two weeks. passengers have waited for
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nearly 10 years for the opening of the warm springs station in south fremont. >> tom live now in the news room with a look at this new station as well as more plans for silicon valley. >> many more. a rail loop around the entire area has been a dream for 50 years. but 2017 is going to see major progress. >> reporter: construction on the 5.4-mile warm springs b.a.r.t. extension and station began in 2009 and ended last summer. since then, the almost $900 million system has undergone extensive testing and has been certified for passenger use. it's on time and is expected to be under budget. >> this is a big mile stone for two reasons. number one, it's going to serve people in south fremont who haven't had a choice in terms of using the nimitz freeway. and it's also going to bring us right to the edge of santa clara county, which means we
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can get to the next part of b.a.r.t. to silicon valley. >> reporter: milpitis will open before the end of the year. >> you're look at total of about 16 more miles of b.a.r.t. south toward san jose. >> reporter: that leaves 4 more stations for b.a.r.t. to get into the silicon valley. but that's going to take quite a few years. the station boasts a lot of art work for passengers to enjoy. it also has a huge solar array system capable of generating enough electricity to power and service the daytime needs of the warm springs and fremont station. and it has 42 electric vehicle recharging stations for three bucks a day. despite having more than 2,000 parking spaces here, demand for them is already high. >> the monthly reserved permits were sold out in one day.
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>> reporter: at the fremont b.a.r.t. station, warm springs customers are in for a treat. >> it makes the commute faster for them. instead of being stuck on 80 or 680. >> plus when people go out at night time, they'll be able to go downtown. so -- that's exciting. >> i can do a little more research. i can be a little more flexible. >> people right now need to go out that direction and the traffic is really bad. >> reporter: now, initially, about 7,000 people a day are expected to use warm springs station. taking the pressure off the freeway, but that number is going to climb quickly. ktvu fox 2 news. wow, what a day. it's a friday too. make it's even better. what can i say? temperatures in the 70s today. warmer than yesterday in many places. lot of clouds this morning and the sun came out in the afternoon. a bull shot of the golden gate
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bridge. if you've never done this -- i have a couple kayaks and i'll take the kids out on a lower tide. it's just beautiful. beautiful. there's horse shoe bay over here. that kind of day. that kind of weekend, as a matter of fact. tell be a good weekend to go hiking up in the marin head lands. the weather's perfect. even along the coast. there will be a little bit of patchy fog coast side. you see all the clouds. they're done. but it was cloudy all morning until about 1:00. then the clouds cleared, sun came out. you see fog sitting a bit off shore here. that fog will try to push in a bit tonight. tell be playing tag at the coast all weekend. don't let that change your plans. half moon bay, sharp park, pacifica. it's a good looking weekend. if you think about t as you
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look at the current temperatures, really haven't had a weekend like this that is unfettered with the chances of rain. last weekend, a week ago, we had rain. we had snow on bay area peaks. overnight lows are going to be in the 40s and 50s. tomorrow, there's the sky cover. little more sunshine. in the morning it's cloudy but then you see breaks coming through. it's kind of a repeat of what we had today. san francisco, downtown, temperature 4:00, 70 degrees. really a great weekend pattern. i'll have more suggestions for what you can do this weekend. plus we'll look at the long range forecast. an update on a story we first brought you a few days ago. it was the frightening attempt of a car jacking of a single mother. the threes yanked her baby out of the vehicle before taking off with the woman's back pack.
5:27 pm
>> they stole hundreds of dollars from that single mother that she was going to use to pay for her daughter's birthday. that's where officers come in. they made sure they banded together to keep that girl from not having a birthday. >> reporter: a baby's cry. priceless for this single mother, the woman who did not want to be identified. she was given a generous gift from sftb at their mission station. last weekend she was nearly car jacked by two armed men who ripped her 1 year old daughter from her car seat before finally leaving with a back pack and $300 cash. >> this was money she had taken out to throw a birthday party for her daughter. he wanted to try to help her recover had loss and do whatever we could to help. >> reporter: inside this envelope, nearly $1,200 collected by fellow officers. she is so grateful, but still
5:28 pm
shaken by these two men. the suspects described as latino men in their early 20s are still at large. >> the one with the gun said we take your baby and the car. i said i'm not leaving without my baby. the fact that they were so brave in pulling her child out of a car seat, pointing a firearm at her -- this could have ended up a lot worse. >> reporter: she is now hugging her one year old daughter a little bit tighter. >> it's so amazing. it's so humanizing after you've been dehumanized so much to have that experience from your city. i'm a proud san francisco civic an. i was born here. it makes me proud people care. >> reporter: ktvu fox 2 news. >> what a great thing those officers did. >> $1,200 they collected. >> have a great birthday.
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a lost everything when coyote creek flood. now people in san jose feel they're being left behind when it comes to help. >> we have sanctuary cities. now restaurants are being sanctuaries in their own right for their immigrant employees.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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this is an effort in san jose to make sure the homeless victims of the coyote cream flooding aren't being overlooked. what about the homeless? anne ruben is near the creek today. advocates are trying to drive home the point to city officials. >> reporter: city officials say they're listening and help for the homeless is coming, but they say identifying the homeless and getting services to them is a complicated process. >> reporter: what little amanda had to her name was washed away in the coyote creek flood. >> it took my whole house out. >> reporter: in fact, entire homeless encampments were destroyed. their concern now, that any help for them receded with the flood waters. >> i'm certain everybody out here felt left behind. >> the truth is they are left out of the loop. and they have been from the
5:33 pm
beginning. >> reporter: scott wagers has been out daily trying to help the homeless replenish what was lost. he believes the city of san jose isn't doing enough. so far, distributions from the community fund, which is in excess of $6 million, have gone to those with permanent addresses. and city officials say their focus is not on getting people back in tents, but rather back in permanent housing. >> one-time assistance might not be the right tool. >> reporter: city officials say they're taking a triage approach trying to make sure more people do not become homeless as a result of the flood. >> we're just trying to figure out the right tools and the right roach. >> >> you can help the people here. they don't need much. but you're not enabling them by giving them what they need. >> reporter: people like amanda
5:34 pm
are doubtful help is coming. >> we have to keep in mind we're not supposed to be here anyway. we're illegally here. society will look at it like if they aren't there in the first place... . >> reporter: city officials say they're working with 30 and 50 homeless flood victims. they say they have a goal of trying to get those people into permanent housing. live in san jose, anne ruben. a group of civil engineers gave the u.s. a grade of d plus today on a 2017 infrastructure report card. that report comes out every 4 years and looks at things like bridges, roads and public transportation. >> we're just not putting in new systems, but the ones we have, we are not maintaining. we're deferring maintenance until maintenance becomes a critical item and you start having break downs in the system.
5:35 pm
>> this report was compiled by the american society of civil engineers. it said that half of the 200,000 miles of public roads here in california need repair. and $45 billion is needed in the next two decades to maintenance to our drinking water systems. plan to increase the amount of water released through the hi at power plant to maximum tonight. that's 13,000 cubic feet per second. the lake level is settling. 41 feet below the top of that emergency spill way. the department of water resources says it anticipates using the main spill way again later in the week. meantime, crews are working around the clock to remove debris below the dam deposited when the spill way started breaking up last month. a group of restaurants is joining a nationwide movement.
5:36 pm
it is called sanctuary restaurants. and rob roth tells us what rights those workers have and why some restaurants are afraid to join the movement. >> reporter: at don ramon's, the owners are concerned these days about random raids by federal immigration agents who may come without proper legal authority. >> ice is a strong authorityive agency that everyone is scared of. >> reporter: joining a national movement called sanctuary restaurants. >> it's sad we're living in a time where people are feeling under threat after spending so much time contributing to the economic vitality of our city. >> reporter: a lot are worried whether they'll be allowed to stay in the united states. >> they're frustrated. they're more so quiet now. they don't talk about too many
5:37 pm
things anymore. >> reporter: the sanctuary restaurants which have signs saying "a place at the table for everyone" will be holding workshops on what owners can do to help employees. >> can't just come in and try to arrest everybody there. >> reporter: this immigration attorney says immigration agents must have warrants and be looking for specific people, not just perform round ups. and he says workers have rights. >> if you've been here for 10 years in this country and you have family that are u.s. citizens, you can apply for relief. a lot of people don't know that. >> reporter: some restaurant owners said they don't want to become part of the movement. they say they're afraid the federal government could retaliate against them. >> some have called me scared of ice showing up at the homes of their employees. >> that's what everyone has asked me today. are you fearful because now you're a target? yes, we are fearful of that,
5:38 pm
but at the same time, we're starting a movement. >> reporter: the golden gate restaurant association is incoercing the movement and hopes other restaurants join in. serial vandal has struck again, this time defacing a beloved mural in san francisco. the vandal sprayed the name of a website across an a.i.d.s. -- the same website was scrawled across several other murals in the city. the graffiti seems to be promoting an obscure website where people can post anonymously. still to come here, there are two bay area cities that sit miles apart, but their differences are vast. now [ indiscernible ] is helping teens from napa and vallejo bridge the gap while
5:39 pm
also help the state at a tournament. let's discover the source of this 25 year old turtle's pain. coins. lots and lots of coins. we'll explain coming up.
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south korea's constitutional court has upheld the impeachment of president park geun-hye after being caught up in a corruption
5:42 pm
scandal. she loses her presidential immunity and could face criminal charges. at least two people have died following protests that broke out on the streets of seoul following that ruling. south korea's acting president ordering a heightened alert status. >> it is possible that north korea will abuse this situation to kindle divided public opinion or carry out military provocation. >> a presidential election must now be held within 60 days and polls are showing a loss for geun-hye's conservative party. oil prices fell below $50 a barrel today. the price of u.s. crude fell 9% this week. in san francisco, the average price per gallon of regular gas is $3.13. that's up from 2.94 a month ago. the state average is $3 a
5:43 pm
gallon. there's been a massive discovery of oil in alaska. considered the largest on-shore oil find in 40 years. repsol and arm strong energy said they have found 1.2 billion-barrels of light crude on alaska's north slope. production could begin as soon as 2021. alaska's governor is hailing the find as great news for his state's economy. vets from thailand made quite a withdrawal from a sea turtle. the 25 year old had been living in a pool in a park when keepers noticed she had been getting sick. 3-d scans revealed she had been eating coins visitors were throwing into the pool for good luck. she had eaten 950 coins. >> when i found out, i felt angry humans -- whether or not they meant to do it or did it
5:44 pm
without thinking -- had caused harm to the turtle. >> today vets put the turtle back into the water for the first time since the operation. she is healing, but they're monitoring her blood for high levels of nickel. >> i never thought of that before. at the aquarium, they have a tank in front with turtles and alligators or crocodiles. it never occurred to me they might try to eat them. 900 coins. >> 11 pounds. still to come, married men becoming priests? it would be a major shift in the catholic church. >> also they were rivaled for years, but now they're all on the same team. how kids from two different communities battling for the same goal. >> we have nice weather to talk about. i'll get you into your saturday and sunday and tell you what
5:45 pm
your forecast highs are going to be like. you're going to be impressed.
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back now to that breaking news that we continue to follow at this hour in san francisco's mission district. want to give you an update on the ongoing negotiations that are underway. police stepping up their efforts to get this armed suspect to surrender. that person is hulled up on the third floor of the pink building you see here. these pictures coming to us
5:48 pm
from sky fox. sky fox has been flying overhead since the incident began around 2:00 this afternoon. a short time ago, officers asked us to have our helicopter fly higher because they plan to use a loud speaker to try to talk with the barricaded suspect. again, police stepping up their efforts to try to resolve that. as you heard here on ktvu at the top of the hour, police sergeant telling us they are in no hurry. they know where the suspect is, contained inside a room in the pink building. time is on their side. they're going to try to communicate with the person barricaded. a wrestling team is training for one of the toughest enforcements in the country. this team is unique in more ways than one. >> reporter: napa and vallejo,
5:49 pm
geographic adjacent, socioeconomically different. youth bridging that grap. after 15 years as friendly rivals, the napa sheriffs and vallejo springs town wildcats are combining their squads to represent california at the u.s. national dual championships in illinois. >> two different communities that are essentially right next to each other. they're competing against each other most of the time. they're trying to put each other's backs on the map. here's a situation we're trying to provide them an opportunity to get to know each other, travel as a group and go out and have fun and compete on a national level. >> to compete and experience, both of which are so beneficial on so many levels. >> wrestling is not the soul purpose of going out there. that's one of the purposes. it's also to get the kids out of vallejo that have never left this town. for them, that's huge.
5:50 pm
>> the best part is you get to travel with friends -- not even friends. these friends become your family because you get so close to them. >> it's going to be pretty cool. i've never been on an out of state trip before. we're going against all-star wrestlers. >> reporter: aren't you all- star wrestlers? >> i guess in some way. >> reporter: it is ironic that an arrangement based on communicating centers around one of the most individual sports. >> what i think makes wrestling unique is you can't hide behind anyone else. it's you in a silly looking uniform out there in the would of the match. >> it -- it's one of those sports you have to show a lot of grit to become a wrestler.
5:51 pm
>> wrestled or not, life's going to be tough. and it's going to put you on your back and you're going to have to get up and stand up and have the courage to get up again and go forward. that is what we use this as, as i metaphor for that. >> reporter: illinois will be the 44th state in which the teams have competed. this is the first time napa sal will be involved. the tournament is set to take place the final week in march. we got daytime highs in tomorrow. for? sanity rose. tomorrow. 74 in santa rosa. before noon, it was cloudy. we're looking at the golden
5:52 pm
gate bridge. there's alcatraz. see the tip of treasure island there. you can also see a little bit of marine haze out here. there is fog off shore. that's because it's a warm day and the ocean is not that cold. it's 58 degrees right now. you get evaporation out here. salt water evaporates, it leaves salt in the air. you get a salt haze. it looks like fog, but it's salt. after the water evaporates, you get this salt particulate. that's what we're looking at there. the clouds out there will be around tomorrow. the pacific is very messy with clouds, but not messy with rain. fair weather clouds coming in. all high clouds. 70 in napa, 73 in concord. those are the current temperatures. it is warmer than yesterday. 6 degrees warmer in hayward. tomorrow we'll add 4 or 5
5:53 pm
degrees. nice weekend ahead. the temperature trend is for a warming trend. as you head into your saturday, sunday and monday right now looks to be the warmest day. if the sun comes out enough, you're going to get a couple low 80s on monday. so cloud coverage gets better in the afternoon. then here's san jose. 74 for a high in san jose tomorrow. 75 in fairfield. 76 in brent wood. first time in a long time i haven't had rain in a 5-day. first time in a long time we haven't had rain forecast to some degree in the bay area. short weather memories. >> this is ofly, i have to say. a major shift being discussed within the catholic church. what pope francis said about making married men priests.
5:54 pm
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. the catholic church is considering a major change that would allow married men to become priests. lauren green has our report. >> reporter: mixed reaction among catholics friday as a major shift within the church is now being discussed. pope francis telling a german newspaper he is willing to consider making older married pen catholic priests. men of, quote, proven character with grown up families. >> i think it would be
5:57 pm
wonderful. because i think people who need counseling and understanding from a priest -- a priest should know what married people problems are. >> the pontiff says he would be willing to consider it in isolated communities as a way to deal with the church's current clergy shortage. >> maybe he should stick with what's been preached and what's been taught and deal with what it is. i think a lot of religions nowadays cater to what's easy for people to follow versus what they should be following or should be doing. >> but the pope did rule out opening the priesthood to all married men and said he would not support making celibacy optional for priests. between 1980 and 2012, the world's catholic population increased some 57%, but the
5:58 pm
number of priests dropped by 17% during the same period. >> if he had a wife and children, he will have a much wider vision that can help his neighbor. >> so far, a number of progressive and conservative catholic leaders are voicing support for the idea. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. police shut down streets in san francisco's mission district where an armed suspect is barricaded inside a residential hotel room. good evening, everyone. >> i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. we are following that breaking news. a building there on valencia street in the mission has been evacuated as police try to establish contact with the person with a gun. the incident revolves around the pink 5-story building right there. it's called the crown hotel. >> it's located on valencia
5:59 pm
between 16th and 17th streets. the situation started when a pest control worker knocked on the door of one of the apartments and was confronted by the suspect holding a gun. we are near the scene with more on this. deborah. >> reporter: yeah, grange, valencia street is right behind us. the building is two blocks to the right. we have been moved and we can no longer see the building from where we are right now. police did that for our safety. we don't have a view, but neither does the person with a gun have a view from the news crews out here. about 2:00 when police were called to the crown hotel, a tenant on the third floor alone in that unit, as far as we know, had brandished a gun at a pest control operator who had knocked on the door of the apartment to do spraying. that pest control operator fled and called police. that triggered this immediate
6:00 pm
police response. a shelter in place for nearby buildings at first as swat and hostage negotiators got into mace and tried to negotiate with the barricaded subject, which is still going on now. in time, police had the situation secure enough that they felt people who were on lock down could leave. we talked to two women at a restaurant directly across the street and they described a very hectic escape. >> two police officers came in and told us to evacuate. and we had heard that -- you know, we're in the line of fire, but we weren't given any support or cover from the police when we were running. eventually a cop gestured to us turn this way. >> two police officers came into the restaurant with very big guns and said the building is being evacuated and we have to leave. >> reporter: we also talked to residents who live across the


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