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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 10, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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police response. a shelter in place for nearby buildings at first as swat and hostage negotiators got into mace and tried to negotiate with the barricaded subject, which is still going on now. in time, police had the situation secure enough that they felt people who were on lock down could leave. we talked to two women at a restaurant directly across the street and they described a very hectic escape. >> two police officers came in and told us to evacuate. and we had heard that -- you know, we're in the line of fire, but we weren't given any support or cover from the police when we were running. eventually a cop gestured to us turn this way. >> two police officers came into the restaurant with very big guns and said the building is being evacuated and we have to leave. >> reporter: we also talked to residents who live across the
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street and had police -- swat team members with sniper rifles knock on their doors and ask them to leave and said they would be occupying their apartments for the duration. they needed to have sight of this person who is still barricaded. last check with san francisco police department an hour ago, they said they were not having much success if any communicating with this person. but they are taking a very wait and see approach. they are not rushing it. they are trying to create safe and distance and this point. but there are snipers on the roofs around here in case the situation escalates suddenly. the evacuations have widened so more people are out of danger should this situation turn violent. we do expect another update from sfpd in a few minutes. if we get new information, we will be sure to bring it along
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to you immediately. >> from what i remember about your interview, the sergeant said the suspect was on the third floor. do we know where on that third moore that room is located? is this person right along the sidewalk or more along the side of the building? >> reporter: don't know particulars. and police are being very tight- lipped as you would expect. because they are not wanting to give away information about tactics or about any of the maneuvers or positioning because as far as they know, the person in that apartment may very well be monitoring news coverage and social media. so they want to be careful and cautious with the information they put out there. we have heard unconfirmed -- this is from the scanner on the radios, that it is a female and she may be a military veteran. we did ask the sergeant both of those questions and he said he heard that as well, but that
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has been unconfirmed. they know who it is obviously. we asked if this is someone who is known to police, and he was going to look into that. but at this point, there don't appear to be any overt threats and we will be asking certainly if they've made any contact by shouting, bull horn, cell phone if they've made any progress talking to this person. >> deborah on valencia street there between 16th and 17th, completely shut down now because of the situation going on for several hours with an armed person inside a residential hotel. now new information about that freeway shooting along intstate 80 in richmond yesterday. tonight we're hearing from the family of one of the two people shot. >> it makes no sense, man, to do something like that to such an innocent person. my brother's never did anything to anybody. >> reporter: demarcus doss'
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brothers are hoping and praying. their 24 year old sibling is on life support after being shot three times including once in the back of his head. he is in grave condition. >> i'm not really focused on that. i'm just focused on him trying to pull through. >> reporter: doss was driving a honda minivan. his friend was in the passenger's seat. they were headed east when shots rang out around 3:30 thursday afternoon near the san pablo exit. doss had to be airlifted to the hospital. police found the suspect's dodge in a rich manned neighborhood and arrested three men. they say 24 year old parolee elliot johnson was driving the dodge. two 17 year old boys were also arrested. witnesses quickly came to the victim's aid. >> the reason this case was solved so quickly was due to several outstanding witnesses
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including an off-duty police officer coming forward and providing us with information. >> reporter: a motive is not yet known. authorities say the suspects have ties to a gang. doss' brothers say they don't know why this happened either. they say it may be a case of mistaken identity. >> this hurts me. it's the only little brother i have and for this to happen, i have no words. like, words can't explain. >> reporter: the chp says there have been 80 shootings on bay area freeways in the past 15 or 16 months. some of them have led to arrests. and now we want to go back live to san francisco where police are giving an update on the situation happening with an armed suspect barricaded in a residential hotel. >> 16th street is closed between mission and guerrero. the evacuation area is valencia street between 16th and 17th. >> reporter: do you have officers out working traffic to help traffic flowing or just
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using the lights -- >> i took a drive up here after the incident had been locked down. traffic was moving pretty well through the intersections. we do have the assistance of parking management and traffic. to my knowledge, there's not any significant problem. >> reporter: to recap the barricade situation, have you made progress making contact inside? >> we're still attempting to make contact with the individual in the apartment. the only update i can give you is we've moved our armored rescue vehicle into a position on the street in front of the building. it is equipped with an amplified system and they're going to use that to attempt to make verbal communication with the person inside. that allows negotiators to be safe inside the vehicle if the person were to discharge a firearm. >> if this person never responds, what are you going to
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do? >> we're not going to give up our game plan, so to speak. we've had a lot of successful hostage negotiation call outs in the past year. we're just going to take our time and continue to contact the person and attempt to engage in dialogue. >> reporter: are you confident the person is still in the unit and still alive? >> there's no reason to suspect the person is no longer alive. and we believe the information we have that the person is in there is accurate. >> the building is evacuated at this point. does that mean they have the free run of that whole building? >> the subject? >> yeah. >> no. as far as i know, the person is still inside the apartment and we have the area outside of the apartment contained. >> reporter: so this evacuation, people are coming home from work now and unable to go home. they should perhaps prepare themselves for a long wait. >> it's really hard to say how long this is going to take the the emphasis is to bring about
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a peaceful resolution. it could be 5 minutes, we could luck out and the person could surrender. or it could take several more hours. >> reporter: there are no overt threats. there were no words exchanged with the pest control operator? >> not to my knowledge. the door was opened and the firearm was brandished and the victim retreated. i'm not planning do another brief. i'm going to stick around for a while. i will check in with you guys before i go home. and i'm the on-call, so if -- >> you've been listening to san francisco police give an update on the situation in regards to the ongoing negotiations with a person armed with a gun, hulled up inside a residential hotel. not a lot of new information coming out at this hour except that officers have moved one of their swat vehicles that you take a look at right now in these pictures to the front of that building and they are still trying to attempt to speak with the person inside.
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>> what they say is with that swat vehicle, they can get very close. it's the pink building. if we pan out a little, it's the pink hotel there, the residential hotel. from what we understand, the person with the gun is on the third floor. this allows them to get closer to that person and use a loud speaker to get contact with the person. what about for folks coming home? what should they expect? he said they should expect this could go on for a while. in cases like this, police are just going to wait it out. they're not going to rush anything. they have the situation contained. so time is essentially on their side. and this could be going on for some time. now to the south bay where police in santa clara say there is a body cam -- this is body camera video of last night's fatal officer-involved shooting but it will be some time before
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they release the footage. a neighbor has identified the man who died as a 20 year old named jesus. he said jesus locked himself inside a room about 8:00 yesterday morning and was acting strangely. by 5:00, his parents had called police. when officers arrived, jesus jumped out of a window and ran to train tracks. police say they tried to subdue him with a taser, but things escalated. >> this is a tragic incident. it's one that neither the officers or or community want. >> reporter: investigators say they're waiting for toxicology reports and autopsy results. an oakland police officer is recovering from minor injuries after crashing his patrol vehicle earlier today. that crash happened around 5:30. the police suv hit another car,
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then went on to the center divide and struck a metal light pole. we spoke to the driver of the other car and he says he was signaling to move into the left lane and doesn't see the car behind him. new information tonight about noor salman, the widow of the orlando night club shooter. a federal judge in florida ruled today she should remain in jail here in the bay area, reversing a decision to grant bail by a judge in oakland. noor salman has been held in jail since her arrest in january. she is facing terrorism charges. she is accused of helping her husband scout potential targets, including the pulse night club. last week, a judge in oakland okayed her release on bail awaiting trial, but a florida judge -- for now, she will
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remain in jail. a lot of people need to go out that direction and the traffic is really bad. >> a new b.a.r.t. station about to open. at 6:30, the two reasons why this is a big mile stone for bat. >> first, the homeless victims of the coyote creek flooding. why advocates say the city of san jose is not doing enough. >> it's stunning out there right now. plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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new at 6:00, california's department of motor vehicles is proposing new rules for self- driving cars. late last year, uber rolled out a fleet of self driving cars in san francisco, but the initiative was almost immediately shut down by the dmv. cars without human drivers or steering wheels or pedals could be operating legally potentially by the end of the year. volkswagen pleaded guilty today and agreed to pay a $4.3 billion penalty. if approved by a federal judge in detroit, it would be the largest fine ever against an auto maker by the u.s. government.
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volkswagen admitted to conspiracy and obstruction of justice for installing cheater software in its diesel cars to beat emissions tests. they have already recalled or repaired half a million cars. advocates in san jose are concerned that not enough is being done to help the homeless victims of the coyote creek flood. city officials say identifying victims and getting services to them is complicated. >> reporter: what little amanda had to her name was washed away in the flood. in fact, entire homeless encampments were destroyed. their concern now, that any help for them receded with the flood waters. >> i'm pretty certain everybody out here felt left behind. >> they've been trying to get assistance. the truth is they are left out of 9 loop and they have been
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from the beginning. >> reporter: scott has been out daily trying to help the homeless replenish what was lost. so far distributions from the community fund, which is in excess of $6 million, have gone to those with permanent addresses. and city officials say their focus is not on getting people back in tents, but back in permanent how doing. >> one-time assistance might not be the right tool for someone who is chronically homeless. >> reporter: city officials say they're taking a triage approach trying to make sure more people do not become homeless as a result of the flood. >> we're figuring out the right tools and the right approach. >> you can help the people here. they don't need much. we can help restore their encampment at least. >> reporter: still people like amanda are doubtful help is coming. >> we have to keep in mind that
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we're not supposed to be here anyway. we're illegally here. and i think that society is going to look at it like, well, if they weren't there in the first place... . >> reporter: a goal of trying to get them into permanent housing. anne ruben, ktvu fox 2 news. had a nice looking day out there today. these are some of the temperatures we achieved. santa rosa -- 72 in fairfield. highs tomorrow, saturday, will be warmer. and sunday warmer a little bit as well. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. what sticks around here will be the clouds. we had a muggy feel out there especially this morning. it's warm, it's humid, but usually when it's cloudy here, it's cold. when it's cloudy and warm, it's
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different. we did see clearing this afternoon, but more clouds tomorrow. outside, you have beautiful skyline. few light clouds out there. the sunset will be pretty tonight. ocean beach, no fog to look out. you see all the clouds in the pacific. clouds are in the forecast all weekend. lot like this afternoon, today, just partly cloudy, mostly cloudy, partly sunny -- but nice. little bit of fog, you see a trace of it at the end here. and the fog, i think there will be patchy fog the next couple mornings as there has been. as you look at the situation outside, you have temperatures that are generally right now 68 in santa rosa. 61 in concord right now. this is sky cover for san jose and fremont and -- in the morning. if you're going to be outdoor things in the evenings tonight,
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tomorrow night or sunday night, it's barbecue weather. san jose, you get to 74 degrees. warmer on sunday. see you back here. all right. daylight saving time, it returns this weekend. don't forget to move your clocks forward one hour on sunday. there's a chance this could be one of the last times california make that is switch. a bill to get rid of daylight saving time is headed to the state senate. if it gets the approval, california voters could be deciding the fate of daylight saving time as early as next year. in 20 minutes, how police in san francisco stepped up today to help make sure a birthday goes off as planned. >> also the 49ers have been very, very active in the free agent market. they say they're not satisfied yet. we'll hear from the new coach
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and gm. >> first, restaurants in san francisco trying to protect their immigrant employees. we'll explain the rights they have in this nation-wide movement.
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the catholic church could be ready for a transformational change. the pope says he is open to allowing married men to become priests. he is willing to allow older married men to become catholic priests in some communities.
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he added that they would be men of, quote, proven character with grown up families. between 1980 and 2012, the catholic population grew by 57%. a group of restaurants in san francisco are joining a nation-wide movement aimed at protecting their employees from federal raids. rob roth tells us what rights workers have and why some restaurants are afraid to join. >> reporter: at don ramons, a well-known restaurant, the owners are concerned these days about random raids by federal immigration agents who may come without proper legal authority. >> ice is a very strong authorityive law enforcement agency that everyone is scared of. >> reporter: don ramons is one of at least 20 restaurants joining a national movement
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called sanctuary restaurants employ. >> it's sad we're living in a time where people are feeling under threat. >> reporter: immigrants are a big part of san francisco's restaurant labor force, but a lot of worried whether they will be allowed to stay in the u.s. >> they're frustrated. they're more so quiet now. they don't talk about too many things anymore. >> reporter: the sanctuary restaurants which have signs saying a place at the table for everyone, will be holding workshops this month on what owners can do to help their employees if federal agents show up. >> you can't just show up and arrest everybody there. >> reporter: this immigration attorney says immigration agents must have warrants and must be looking for specific people and not just have round ups. >> you have family that are citizens, you can apply for relief. a lot of people don't know that. >> reporter: some restaurant owners say they don't want to
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become part of the movement. they say they're afraid the federal government could retaliate against them. >> some have called me scared of ice raids. >> that's what everyone has asked me today. are you fearful because now you're a target? yes, we are fearful of that, but at the same time, we're starting a movement. >> reporter: the golden gate restaurant association is endorsing the movement and hopes other restaurants join in. rob roth, ktvu, fox 2 news. coming up here at 6:30, b.a.r.t. announces the opening of a new station in the south bay. also house minority leader nancy pelosi is speaking out. the big decision she says she would have made if hillary clinton had won the election. ktvu fox news at 6:30 is next.
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now to today's top stories, valencia street in san francisco's mission district remains on lock down between 16th and 17th. that's where a person with a gun is barricaded inside a residential hotel. police say the situation started about 2:00 this afternoon when a post control worker knocked on the door of one of the apartments and was
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confronted by the suspect waving a gun. swat teams are in the area, but they haven't had success making contact with the suspect. police in richmond have arrested two takens and a 24 year old man in connection with yesterday's freeway shooting. one of the teens fired the shots that critically wounded demarcus doss. the suspects have gang ties. doss' family says the shooting may be a case of mistaken identity. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions asking for resignation letters from more than half of the u.s. attorneys nationwide. sessions wants 46 who were appointed during the obama administration to step down. that includes i lean decker of california's central district. >> this request is similar to ones


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