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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 10, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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breaking news tonight. in san francisco a police standoff in the mission district has finally come to an end. a person armed with a gun who was held up inside a room of a residential hotel was taken into custody in just the past hour after stepping into a hallway. that standoff lasted for seven hours, but it has ended peacefully. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes in tonight for julie. >> i'm frank somerville. police say they were deliberate
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and took their time to avoid any bloodshed. the person with the gun was inside a residential hotel on valencia street between 16th and 17th. streets in that area are still closed right now as police conduct a sweep. we have more on this developing news from debora villalon. deb, the people evacuated hopefully should be allowed to return home soon? >> reporter: hopefully very soon. there are actually muni buses behind us here at 18th and valencia. evacuees have been able to wait in those buses as they wait for the perimeter to be dropped and for them to be able to go home. there was even talk earlier that the red cross might be putting some of them in shelter if it is extended through the night. thankfully this is the outcome sfpd have been taking a patient approach with. sergeant michael, how did the associations finally bring this person out? >> things ended up just the way we wanted it to. the subject came out of the
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apartment a little after 9:00 and was taken into custody by members of the tactical unit and negotiators surrounding the hallway. >> you told me at 8:00 you had made face-to-face contact in that corridor, but the person kept disappearing back into the apartment. and so these finally became sustained conversations. what was the nature of them? >> i have not had the chance to talk to negotiators or debriefed about the situation, but the individual came out of the apartment in a few times, coming out, surrendering. we were able to put that person into custody being transported to the hospital for evaluation and being checked out by the doctors and the investigators who will look at what transpired and what criminal charges are appropriate. >> we don't know anything about the motive or state of mind. >> no, it is much too soon. doctors need to be checked out by the doctors is and to have an opportunity to conduct to the interview. if they want to give a statement, then we will look at
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those possible charges for brandishing the firearm for the victim trying to deal with the pest control services and just delaying the officer to, of course, the incident. we really do want to say thank you to the community and those folks who live here and for understanding their cooperation. it's a very long standoff and inconvenienced a lot of people. we understand that. we understand especially with the officers here on the perimeter trying to keep them safe. >> would you say this would mark a change in terms of putting the premium on their human life given that time and distance that is in your approach? >> this is the type of approach we have been doing for a long time with the hostage crisis negotiation team. it's not new, the methods and the tack cal teams are working -- tactical teams are working closely with the team. but yesterday t is a part of the overall strategy if you will in this particular case the person was barricaded in the room with no one else in there. you can hold the perimeter with
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their negotiations and it would work out just the way you want it to. >> at the building behind us, it's a block away, setting up pretty high for the residential hotel. this person was on one of the lower floors. after seven hours that person has been removed taken to the hospital bringing a standoff to a peaceful land. 2:00 in the heart of the mission and suddenly police swarmed valencia street ordering people to stay put with buildings locked down. officers were not certain if they had an active shooter. >> i heard on the police officer's radio we're all in the line of fire. so that was very scary. >> reporter: two women took pictures in the restaurant they were in. the person with the gun was across the street. on the second floor of the crown hotel in a unit with the window facing out. as they got into place and snipers took positions, police made the call to evacuate the
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block, since no one knew what their intentions were. >> we went outside and we were walking. then we got scared like somebody is going to shoot at me in this minute and we need to run. >> we need to run straight down the street and eventually they would turn this way. >> a person is armed. we don't want the police officer directly in front of the door. >> the door was open and the firearm was brandished, the victim retreated with no explanation for hours and no communication either as crisis intervention officers tried to make contact with the armed person. >> the priority is to bring this to a peaceful resolution. the suspect is contained and time is really on our side. >> as the standoff would stretch into the evening, people were brought home or to jobs in the area and they couldn't get there. nearby restaurants kept up business as best they coul with valencia street still
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empty. many evacuees have been out since the beginning. >> the guy had a huge rifle. he had the whole gear on. >> reporter: police took over this man's room, facing the suspect's directly across the street. >> they told me we need to use the room now for a while and don't worry we're not going to break anything. it is on us, you know, just go to our safe place and walk left. and now we did and i couldn't get back in. >> you would need to move them into the position in front of the building. >> reporter: at 6:00 p.m. the arrival of amplified equipment at door seemed to do the trick. a half hour later negotiators had contact and for the first time communication. >> the person did come out into the hallway of the apartment building and engaged the officers in the hallway. and that person keeps going back into the apartment. >> reporter: so that face-to-
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face contact became a sustained conversation. finally a surrender. that was about an hour ago. san francisco police have just finished clearing the apartment. they were searching for weapons or other hazards before they gave the all clear. but just in the time we've been live with you, valencia street is now reopened and traffic is starting to move normally. again evacuees are being allowed back into their homes. back to you. >> yeah, it is just great it was peaceful. debora villalon live in valencia street. thank you. a man and two teenagers are in custody tonight in connection with thursday's freeway shooting there on interstate 80. investigators say the suspects have gang ties. the contra costa sheriff's office released this photo of that adult suspect tonight. he is identified as 24-year-old elliot johnson. deputies say he's on parole. the highway patrol says one of the teens actually fired the shots that critically wounded
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24-year-old demarcus doss as he drove on eastbound 80 near the san pablo avenue exit in richmond. doss is on life support. family members told us since they plan to gather tonight to say their good-byes. doss' family says the shooting may have been a case of mistaken identity. >> for this to happen, i have no words. words can't explain. >> family members say they have been told doss has no chance of recovery. they say they are considering withdrawing life support some time tonight. new at 10:00, two people are in critical condition after drinking tee that they bought from an herbalist in san francisco's china town. health officials say the tea leaves contained wolfsbane, which is used for toxicness. anyone who bought tea leaves from sun wing wo trading company on grant avenue to throw it away immediately.
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the two people who drank the tea a man in her 30s and 50s got injured after drinking the tea within one hour now in the hospital in critical condition. a brewery in san francisco abruptly shut its doors this afternoon saying they couldn't find investors for it to help stay in business. they had their brew house in the dogpatch neighborhood and employed about 50 workers. in a release today, the company says their primary corridors will determine the future of the brewery and the brand. the founder and co forest gray says the business couldn't move forward without more capital and he thanked both customers and staff. well a broadway favorite has made their way right here to the bay area. the national traveling tour of hamilton would kick off tonight in san francisco. happening now ktvu's paul chambers is live in the city and paul you caught up with some people who got a big discount on front-row seats. >> reporter: some very lucky people. i'm extremely jealous about it. i would say the show is still going on right now as we speak. of course we all knew the
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tickets were sold out. basically since they went on sale. but we did see a couple of tickets on the line at their website. they were running for $1,200 a piece. but we did catch up with some lucky people who got tickets for next to nothing. >> the area around orphan here in san francisco was a buzz at the headquarters. kicking off their national tour in the bay. with all the show expected to be sold out, fans are less than a block away from the theater. the owner says the staff is gearing up for a large crowd. >> we get extra people coming in to smooth things along ken sure everybody will get a chance to eat before going on to watch the show. >> new furniture, extending the kitchen, refinding the chef preparing their menu. >> everything is named after a song or something related to hamilton. and we have 16 ounces of bone- in ribeye. >> some seeing hamilton is a
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chance of a lifetime, especially when they are getting tickets to the game of family affair. >> i like hamilton like a lot. like obsessed with it. it is really cool it's on my birthday too. >> i love it because they sing with me again. is and they never sing with me and now they sing all the time. but just seeing how happy they are, it is just great. >> reporter: around the corner the restaurant on mcalister is offering happy hour specials. they discount food if you're going to see the play. >> they need to show you thetickets to take 10% off the food. >> reporter: speaking of discount, some lucky people were able to get tickets to the show for a low price of $10. >> did you guys get it? >> a. >> right behind. >> reporter: after entering a special drawing they heard about by watching ktvu mornings on 2. >> just go to the web link of's website and you can find a link. and i said why not. >> i won two tickets for $10 a piece. >> and in the front row? >> that's right better than all
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the other seats in the house. >> orchestra a right in the front. >> for $10. >> $10. it's like better than winning the lotto. [ laughter ] and all right guys, here is the good news for you. the producers set aside for each show 44 tickets. they'll be sold at $10 a piece price on the lotto. now hamilton will run through august 5. heather? >> all right, so if you want those tickets, the best way to get them check out the website. thank you so much, paul, appreciate it. to find out how to sign up for the $10 lottery, log on and look under our web link section. coming up new information about a deadly shooting in the south bay. at 10:30 what we're learning from neighbors about the young man who was killed. it was a tragic incident. it is one that needed the officers or a community. >> here is a nice day today as we had 70s out there. your weekend tier. we'll get into the low 80s
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possible. we'll see you back here with all the details. but first a new rule to speed up plans to get driverless cars on california's roads as soon as this year.
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the california dmv is working to reshape the rules when it comes to cars. >> yes, they are working on new regulations to allow those vehicles on public roads and highways as soon as this year. jana katsuyama is in our newsroom. the big concern though is
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safety. >> yes, the big debate is just how to test this technology and still protect people on public roads. the dmv says the federal government has no laws about rules of the roads so it is up to the state. these new rules would ease some restrictions and allow companies to put a driverless car service in motion by the end of the year. >> reporter: these days in the bay area tech mecca taking a car for a test drive could involve a ride in a driverless car. over 27 manufacturers statewide is are received dmv permits to test these vehicles on public roads with a human operator monitoring in the driver's seat. in and out dmv is proposing new regulations, trying to strike a balance between maintaining public safety without putting the brakes on innovation. >> really what this comes down to is safety. we need to both ensure these manufacturers, the vehicles they are putting on the road are safe not only for the people to use, but those around us. >> reporter: the dmv proposal would ease regulations to what manufacturers would leave the
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driver seat empty to use a remote operator instead. >> that would be monitoring their vehicle at all times and also have two-way communication with the passengers or possibly law enforcement or first responders if needed. >> reporter: the new rules would require companies to submit a law enforcement interaction plan so officers know how to take control of the self-driving vehicles in an emergency. companies also would is have to alert local jurisdictions in areas where their driverless cars would be tested. there is a ban for charging customers in testing vehicles. manager uber tested last year with. >> would you get in one? >> yes. >> reporter: cheers from this 7- year-old girl, but her father fears for the public's safety. >> i'm concerned about the safety of, you know, the child's and i mean the cars are running by themselves. who knows is something could go wrong. >> reporter: last year an uber vehicle was caught on camera running a red light. uber said it was human error and battled with the dmv
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launching self-driving suvs without a permit. the company finally con -- con seethed getting their -- conceited getting their permit on wednesday. this uber driver had apply today be a monitor for one of those self-driving cars. >> it is not really good for everyone. but we have to realize we are going to the future. >> reporter: tonight we received a statement from the manufacturer. honda appraised the new rule saying fossil coordinated state guidelines enabled testing to reduce the time it would take to bring those automated vehicles to market and provide customers with increased confidence in their performance. the public now has 45 days to comment and then a public hearing is set for april 25 in sacramento. >> all right, jana katsuyama in our newsroom, thank you. well bart in the meantime announced today they plan to open their new warm springs station in fremont in just two weeks. the station station extends bart service and other five miles south as the transit
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ayenisei would continue work on the expansion of the south bay. construction on the warm springs station would begin back in that 2009 era. it was initially expected to open in 2014. well now after a number of snags and construction delays, that station is set to open for service on march 25. this is a big milestone for two reasons. number one they will serve people in south fremont who have not had a choice in terms of using the freeway, which could be nightmarish at times. it is also going to bring you right to the edge of santa clara county, which means we can get to the next part of silicon valley. >> reporter: the new warm springs station will have more than 2,000 parking spaces. bart plans to extend service and other 10 miles south. san jose's district bit end of the year. highs today warmed up nicely with a few degrees overeyed these are the numbers. official daytime high.
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temperatures tomorrow saturday warmer by a couple of degrees seeing a lot of mid-70s tomorrow. some of the models are suggesting an opportunity for some low 80s. so we will keep an eye on that for you. as you look out there you can see all the cloud cover. this is not going to bring some rain. but it will continue to stream in. as this streams in it will give us filtered sunshine like today. and so partly cloudy, mostly sunny, that's the way it will go pretty much all weekend. right now it's clear along the coast and mostly clear outside. it is going to be a beautiful evening. mild out there now. the colder spots are in napa and santa rosa as you would expect in the upper 40s and the lower 50s. oakland tomorrow morning is partly cloudy is and tomorrow afternoon in cleveland it is mostly sunny. >> yeah. it will be great. and then as we would get into the afternoon for oakland in much of the bay area it is mostly sunny with the highs in the 70s. oakland downtown 71 degrees for
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a daytime high. that's your saturday. sunday will be warmer and monday will be warmer than that. we'll see you back here. daylight saving time returns this weekend. don't forget to move your clocks ahead one hour on sunday. this comes as a bill wants to get rid of daylight saving time. if it passes and it gets the governor's approval, voters could be deciding the faith of daylight saving time as soon as next year. hundreds of muslims are coming together in san francisco's city hall. >> the prayers of protest in the wake of president trump's travel ban. warrior fans might be going boo panic mode after they lose back-to-back games for a second time in recent weeks. later in sports, scott reiss will show us what happened for the end of the game tonight against minnesota. >> and later word of a new arrest and a home invasion robbery, which led to the death of the woman known as miss flo in the south bay.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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a march in raleigh took place this evening calling for president trump to meet with tribal leaders before allowing construction on that final segment of the dakota access pipeline. demonstrators carried water is life size near civic there and called for the recognition. and the rally was held in solidarity with a similar march taking place in washington, d.c. u.s. attorneyier yes sessions is asking for resignation letters from nearly half of the u.s. attorneys nationwide. he wants all 46 u.s. attorneys who were appointed during the obama administration to step down. the request is similar to ones made in the past, but the prior administrations are trying to stagger those regulations. today hundreds of muslims kneeled to pray outside san francisco city hall. ktvu tara moriarty tells us it
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was done in protest with their revised travel ban. z >> reporter: it was a show of solidarity, ensuring the trapping of a mosque for a day. hundreds of muslims prayed publicly on the grass outside san francisco's city hall. they are angry with president trump and protesting monday's executive order signing for a revised travel policy, which bans people from six predominantly muslim countries including yemen. >> this feels like an attack on our identities as a muslim and as americans. >> this is serious. >> reporter: the city leaders want their voices at an earlier rally to be attended by the members of the community. >> we believe this is anti- american whose others is a country to deem them based on our country of origin. >> boom, to the land of it all. and this is the land of hope. >> reporter: the american citterns say they have a child they have never met and his wife is not a u.s. citizen yet.
10:25 pm
unable to bring the couple's two american children here. >> we have family members over there. we try to get them over to visit us and we visit them. we here, we are working hard. >> reporter: after prayers the group marched to the federal building on market street. >> we have migrated her in the early 50s and we is are been here for generations. this will not make america safe again. >> nationals covered by the executive order have not been responsible for any deadly terrorist attack on american soil. but the white house argues they have been implicated in a number of other acts of terrorism. others we spoke to say they will continue to speak out and show trump they are not second class citizens and the ban deserves to be lifted. in san francisco tara moriarty ktvu fox 2 news. new details in a deadly police shooting in the south
10:26 pm
bay. up next what we're learning from neighbors and investigators about the in a moment before an officer opened fire. plus, going above and beyond for a single mother robbed at gunpoint inside e -- inside her apartment. the police officers coming together to help.
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new details, excuse me. new details last night about the deadly shooting in santa clara. ktvu jesse gary tell us late today police say the man killed last night had advanced on the officer with a knife. >> reporter: neighbors say the trouble proceeding yesterday's officer-involved shooting started with a suspect locked in a bedroom.
10:29 pm
>> he called the police to help him. >> reporter: they identify the victim as jesus and said by 5:00 in the afternoon the 20- year-old's parents had called police about their son's erratic behavior. officials say responding officers tried to taser first, but when that failed, lethal force from a single gunshot killing the suspect. it is unclear if the suspect was armed or if he was under the influence of drugs. so far police have not said what prompted officers to go from using a taser to firing a lethal shot. >> obviously the drugs and alcohol is something that will be known later when toxicology reports are done to the coroner's investigation and with regards to any mental health issues. it is too early for him to speculate on that. >> reporter: the 13-year law
10:30 pm
enforcement veteran, the county district attorney is conducting a joint investigation into whether or not the shooting was legally justified. standard procedure for all officer-involved shootings. investigator wills talk to officers -- investigators will talk to officers last night and any and all people pertinent to the investigation. >> it is one the officer or community would want. >> reporter: the coroner is performing toxicology tests to determine if drug or alcohol played a role in their event on thursday. your actions to continue to haunt neighbors who say the fleeing man was well naked. >> you know he's a good boy. he goes to college. >> reporter: the district attorney says there is no time frame for completion of the investigation. typically it takes a couple of months for them to wrap it up. they'll be looking at images from the officer's body-worn camera. that is standard issue equipment here in santa clara pd. we are told those cameras were roll, capturing images. but they are being turned over
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to the d.a. as for the full name of the victim, the coroner will release that as well as the cause of death. in santa clara jesse gary ktvu fox 2 news. >> they have announced a second arrest in connection to the death of beloved 88-year-old grandmother known as miss flo. the 19-year-old jennifer hernandez-americas nez was arrested for allegedly trying to help conceal that crime set to appear in court on monday. ms flo was badly beaten during a deadly home robbery attempt. 19-year-old zachary cohen is charged welder abuse in -- charged with elder abuse in that death. a man was sentenced to more than 21 years in state prison today for sexually assaulting a woman and setting several fires and homes and businesses in alameda. the 24-year-old andrew gutierrez was convicted last october of raping an unconscious woman in her car. he also pleaded guilty to six counts of arson causing over $3
10:32 pm
million in damage, displacing four families. all of the crimes took place in fall of 2014. we have an update on the frightening story of an attempted carjacking of a single mother at gunpoint in san francisco. the two stole money that the woman was going to use for her baby daughter's first birthday. ktvu frank mallicoat with how officers came together to help the mother. >> reporter: a baby's cry priceless for this single mother. the woman who did not want to be identified was given a generous gift at their mission station. last weekend she was nearly carjacked in her san francisco parking garage by two armed men who ripped her 1-year-old daughter from her car seat before finally leaving with a backpack and $300 cash. >> this is money she had taken out. so again it is really affecting us. we want to try to help to recover this loss and just do whatever we could do to help. >> reporter: inside this
10:33 pm
envelope nearly $1,200 collected by fellow officers. she is so grateful, but still shaken by the two men caught on surveillance that apparently got a free pass into the garage due to a faulty security tape. the suspect is described as a latino man in his early 20s still at large. >> the one with the gun says you take the baby in the car. i said i'm not leaving without my baby. these two suspects are considered armed and dangerous. the fact they were so brazen in grabbing her child out of the car seat, pointing a firearm at her could have ended up a lot worse. >> reporter: the mother a u.s. army veteran has been overwhelmed by the city's generosity. and that was hugging her 1-year- old daughter just a little tighter. to have that experience from your city. i'm a very proud san franciscan. i was born here. it makes me really proud people
10:34 pm
care. >> reporter: frank mallicoat ktvu fox 2 news. new developments tonight for the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter. why she won't be released from a bay area jail afterall. you're tracking a weekend forecast. it is warm today and warmer tomorrow and warmer still headed for monday or tuesday. plus pope francis will hint at a historic change for the catholic church. what he said about allowing married men into the priesthood.
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salman has lost her bid to leave jail while awaiting her trial. a federal judge reversed a decision by a federal judge in oakland to grant her bail. noor salman has been held in santa rita jail in dublin since being arrested back in january. she is facing terrorism charges. she is accused of helping her husband scout potential targets including the pulse nightclub where 49 people were killed. last week the judge in oakland okayed her release on half a million dollar bail while aweight trial. but allowed the court in orlando to weigh in and so for now she'll remain in jail. a jobs report for february got a thumbs up from the white house. employers added 235,000 workers
10:38 pm
to their payroll last month. the unemployment rate fell by .1 points. 4.7%. president donald trump who also called the unemployment rate a hoax during the campaign was quick to take credit for the report covering his first full month in office. that solid jobs report would help boost stocks on wall street. dow gained 44 points. nasdaq was up by 22. s&p out of seven. their job numbers also add to the likely -- will likely boost up. the pope says he is open to married men serving as priests. the consideration comes as a response to a global priest shortage. and it is drawing up mixed reactions among catholics. >> i think a lot of religions nowadays will cater to what is easy for people to follow verses what they should be following or they should be
10:39 pm
doing, you know. >> supporters say a married priest would be better to understand the problems of married couples. the pope says they will be met with proven characters with grownup families. the number of priest worldwide fell by 17% between 1980 and 2012. a set of northern california twins once joined at the chest is one step closer to going home. two and a half-year-old sisters ava and erica sandoval left children's hospital with matching shades speak bows. they waved to cameras as they were hauled yesterday. the girls were separated last december. a surgery lasted for 18 hours. they are now at uc davis children's hospital where they will receive a few more weeks of rehab before finally returning home. >> they look so happy. >> they do. it is nice to see that. still to come here. bay area restaurants are standing behind immigrant workers. >> yes, we are fearful of that. but at the same time we are
10:40 pm
starting a movement. how some of those businesses are working to protect their employees and why other businesses are as i mentioned. plus, our chief meteorologist bill martin will be back with your complete bay area forecast. the weekend has arrived. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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a movement aimed at protecting immigrant employees from federal raids is gaining popularity among restaurants. >> the movement is called sanctuary restaurants. >> reporter: as don ramon a well-known restaurant south of market street, the owners are concerned these days about
10:43 pm
random raids by federal immigration agents who may come without proper legal authority. >> life is a very strong authorityive law enforcement agency that everyone -- authortive law enforcement agency that everyone is scared of. it is much like san francisco as the sanctuary city. >> it is sad we're living in a time when people are feeling underthreatenned after spending so much time working hard to contribute to the economic vitality of our city. >> reporter: immigrants are a big part of san francisco's restaurant labor force, but a lot are worried if they would stay in the united states. >> they are frustrated. they're more so quiet now. they don't talk about too many things now. >> reporter: the restaurants, which have signs saying a place at the table is for everyone, they will be holding legal workshops this month on what owners could do to help their employees if federal agents do show up. >> changes are coming right there targeting everyone there. >> reporter: this immigration
10:44 pm
attorney says immigration agents, they must have warrants and must be looking for specific people not just for round ups. he says workers have rights. >> i can't believe i have been here for ten years in this country. you have family members u.s. citizens. you cannot file for a release, a lot of people know that and immigration won't tell them that. >> some restaurant owners don't want to become a part of the movement. they're afraid the federal government would retaliate against them. >> some have called me with a scare, an ice raid or ice showing up at the homes of their employees, then wanting to know how they could help this employee. >> that's what everyone has asked me today. are you fearful because now you're a target? >> yes, we are -- but at the same time we're starting a movement. >> reporter: they hope other restaurants join in. in san francisco rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. we are tracking the weather out there. a lot of snow up in the
10:45 pm
mountains, you know that with plenty of snow. it is just in time for the women's world cup at squall valley. i mean that's a big deal. they had the world cup at squall, it has happened before, but neither year. -- but not every year. there is plenty of snow. 20-foot basis on a lot of the ski resorts. that's a lot. a lot of cloud cover out there right now. the cloud cover will filter into the bay area pretty much all weekend. and so that means like today partly sunny, mostly sunny, kind of sunny, really sunny, not very sunny, but warm. temperatures over the next couple of days will be in the 70s, the mid-70s. when do the models suggest the 80s perhaps on tomorrow afternoon in the inland valleys. then for us in the bay area properly maybe on monday. so the 80s would be the first time we have seen those since november. so if we do see those. winds are calm out there right now. sky cover in san francisco tomorrow, something like that. you can see all the cloud cover out there. the clouds in the morning, not much coastal fog, but you will see this. we will call it fair skies,
10:46 pm
partly sunny. it is semantics. then fair skies in the afternoon. look at san francisco the daytime high is 70 degrees. this is your saturday. roll that into sunday as you've got almost the same deal, so in the meantime it is an outstanding weekend with the warming trend on saturday, sunday, monday being the warmest day on the weekend with no rain to talk about exception north of here with the high pressure that will be owned in it. there is a little something new on wednesday next week, but even that looks like it is not going to happen in terms of rain. so i think we are in a nice dry pattern. the folks are suffering a little bit from allergies. real sensitive folks with the tree pollen flying right now. look out your window especially livermore valley. 75 in los gatos tomorrow. the warmest day should be on monday, but i suspect fairfield could be 78 tomorrow. sunday fairfield could go 80.
10:47 pm
then i think again maybe morgan hill could go 80 on monday. so a nice warm up. a beautiful weather as we would go through the bay area. >> one of the best forecast we've had in a while. >> i was just looking at traffic going on around in the bay bridge area. >> what is that? >> it is always nice and always traffic. >> yes. >> it is fascinating. the weekend looks great. >> i'm going the other way though. >> i'm thinking of you. thanks. what is going on with the warriors? there was a tough game for them tonight. scott is up next with sports as they are in minnesota.
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mark is off, scott is in tonight. i know they still have the best record in the nba, but what's happening with the warriors? >> it is a tough one -- one tonight. >> the warriors are in their worse stretch of basketball for years. what will they do tomorrow? rest steph curry, draymond green and andre iguodala against the spurs. it could get ugly. tonight at full strength minus durant, of course in minnesota. a lot of warrior fans, they ended up kind of disappointed, spoiler alert. mohammed with the one-handed throw down. eagles led by as many as 17. fourth quarter, warriors on the comeback trail. ian clark with the steal, andre is going up and flying in for the hoop. four-point game. minutes later clay off the screen. knocking down the three as he
10:51 pm
would have 30 and warriors were on the 13-0 run. all good, here drop they had 26, doves up by one. minnesota gets a couple of free throws. down one final seconds, curry 103-102 your final. the warriors lose back-to-back games for the second time this season. they lost three in a row since november of 2013. life on the bubble is pretty stressful this week. cal basketball is one of those teams teetering on the brink of an ncaa tournament bid. tonight's result is possibly a deciding factor showing oregon on the top 12. taking it all in with a scary scene here. opening minutes for byrd onto his head. he would need to leave the game and be taken to the hospital for tcu scans. no word yet on those results. as for the game, second half. ivan rabb going to work.
10:52 pm
he is following, cal down by five hanging in there. the other end sharing is caring. kc benson, the hoop and throwing it down. the ducks are up by seven as cal, they are hanging. brent mullens would have a huge game. >> and a three. >> he had five triples, a season high 23 points. it's a four-point game. but the dagger here courtesy of dylan and a foul, dennis was 16, ducks win 73-65. cal sitting on 21 wins. we'll have to sweat it out for selection sunday. how about san francisco state in the division ii ncaa tournament for the first time since 1994. warren jackson with the spin move and the bucket. he had a team high of 12 points. but this one is pretty much all lancers. a nice feed to michael smith who had a game high 21. and they win 71-50, so the gator's dream season will come to an end.
10:53 pm
brick by brick the 49ers will be rebuilding a process that is underway after a 2-14 season. well that's a lot of bricks. seven of the niners new free agent signings in santa clara today as you can see they addressed appropriately. the biggest names wide receiver pierre garcon, linebacker michael smith. it's a filling group filling multiple needs and appropriately. john -- john lynch is pleased with the initial haul. >> i can tell you the entire york family, everybody with the 49ers organization is really proud of what we were able to establish. >> we've got guys of high character. high character on and a the field, what it takes to win championships. all of these guys fit in that mold. >> a qb brian hoyer was in that group on stage. today another former bears quarterback matt barclay passed his physical and signed with the ninners. especially after a report today quoting cousins as saying, "i'm going to be a 49er in 2017 or
10:54 pm
2018." and so coach, what say you? >> are you guys done with quarterbacks or are you looking for more? >> we are never doing in trying to improve our team every single day. we will continue to look. i don't know whether that will be through a free agency or draft, but every avenue -- free agency or draft, but every avenue is different. we are still looking for more. it is a never-ending process. we interrupt the traditional spring training to bring you another installment of the world baseball classic team u.s.a. making its tournament debut against columbia. a great ball game. marlin stadium on the top of the four renaldo ramirez to the whole. brandon caffrey with the high demand. this one is tied 2-2 in the 10th inning. adam jones, he is playing the role of the hero. tingles home. the u.s. wins 3-2. we will play the dominican republic tomorrow
10:55 pm
night. the regular spring training. indians and the giants in the second inning, brandon belts is going up top. off of trevor bower second home run of the spring. and they have a 1-0 lead. later in the inning, how about jimmy rollen's first home run as a giant? a two-run shot. madison burl gardner with no -- bumgarner with no runs allowed. the 7th inning, 3-1 oakland. chad pinder with a three-run home run. jarelle cotton was awesome. and frank and julie, so much to bring it back for the new viewers. this sunday at the sharks game fans will receive toothless burns grills. there it is the real deal. and there is what you would get as you would go to the sharks game for this weekend. straight from the mouth of the beast they say. now this is on the heels of the
10:56 pm
chia burns promotion last year where they would do that promotion earlier this year. give them a lot of credit. not only are they a great hockey team, but an organization with some creativity. >> yes. >> and so what is the deal here with the warriors? why would they be rushing all the players against the san antonio spurs? this was planned tonight obviously. the players were told before tonight. and steve kerr has got a plan in terms of resting guys down the stretch. in and out spurs won't have leonard because he's hurt. but one guy verses five guys. >> yeah, that is important coming up. >> yes, kevin durant is mvp and his stock is going through the roof by the way. because we are seeing with or without him. >> yeah. scott, thank you. and thank you for joining us. have a great night. have a fantastic weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. >> good night everybody. have a great weekend.
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