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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 13, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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there is a slight offshore breeze but you can see the pressure. sunny today and then tomorrow things start to change a little bit. get a little fog in here and wednesday a system. the fog was trying to form. just disappears. there's not enough to support it yet. today another day of sunshine and lots of 70s to a few upper 70s. 4:30. did you get out and enjoy the sun? >> it was a good weekend, steve. you know what? the weather that wuf today looks today. >> it's our kind of weather. >> yes, it is. >> thank you, steve. i can give you some good traffic. >> it doesn't look bad. if you're driving on 80, it is a nice looking commute. drive into the american canyon area and getting out to valao. there's no major problems. as you look at the rest of the
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east bay. traffic isn't looking good. all the way from oakland to hayward. both directions getting a nice commute. here at the bay bridge it has been light. a couple of lanes where you can see a little bit of waiting to do but nothing major as you drive into san francisco. 4:31. let's go back to the desk. >> thanks. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are speaking out. republican supporters of the american health care act need 5 # votes in the senate to pass the legislation but not all 53 republicans seem to be on board. it delivers on a promise to voters but conservatives say the bill does not go far enough. they call it obamacare light and they are threatening to reject the plan if there aren't any changes. >> look either work with all the folks in the conservative movement, all the republicans who say this plannen is not what we need to do, work with us or you don't end up getting the votes. >> everybody doesn't get what
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they want. >> we made a promise. we would repeal and replace this law and we basically said this is what we would replace with it and now we're keeping our word. >> and the congressional budget analysis should be coming out. the data is meaningless. democratic lead ers described as worst case scenario. lee martinez reports elected officials are promising to resist efforts to repeal the affordable care act. >> this town hall cheered on elected democrats to not work with republicans and instead resist. >> look, what we must be do is stop the repeal. once we do that, then we can move forward and how it's needs fixing.
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let 30 million people lose their health care. >> health care professionals talk about the need to keep the bay area. it stops people from showing up in the emergency room for minor ailments. >> approximately cut in half. >> and despite the increase and the number of people insured, it didn't increase the wait times to see a doctor. >> in my clinic there's not a long wait time for primary care. sometimes there's a short wait time. but for the most part my patients are able to see me in a reasonable time frame. this is a very underserved area. >> democrats also fear the republicans new health care plan combined with growing health care costs could end a decade's long practice. >> so the republican plan gives employers no real incentive whatsoever to provide their employees health care. >> there were chants and cheers for the single-payer
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health care plan. but the supervisor wilma chan says it could cost $17 to $20 million to start it up. >> the single payer -- they set up a fund. they start sending up the fund right now. >> ktvu fox 2 news. coming up a little later on mornings on 2 oakland congresswoman will join us live in studio to discuss the republican plan to replace obamacare. that's coming up at 7:00. >> time is now 4:34. torres will resume after a long weekend away from court. she's charged with killing morgan hill teenager even though her body has never been found. last week the manager of the safeway story where gars ya torres worked testified and told the court about items he bought using his
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-- a battery found in a stun gun that authorities say may have been used in a separate kidnapping case. prosecutors say the thumbprint was found on that battery. again the trial will resume at 8:30 this morning. a 19-year-old woman is in the hospital after a shooting in belmont. it happened yesterday afternoon right near rolston avenue. they found the young woman suffering from gunshot wounds. she was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. they have not made any arrests. >> time is 4:35. oakland police are investigating two deadly shootings that occurred saturday night within a expand of 90 minutes. the first one happened just before 7:30. investigators think the man may have been meeting someone when he was killed. according to the east bay times, that's man was from east palo alto. we don't know his name just yet. an hour and a half later, a man
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was shot and killed while sitting in a car on 60th street near martin luther king jr. way. he was rushed to a nearby hospital. that's where he died. 18-year-old saltan bay. they don't believe they are connected. so far no arrests have been made in either case. san francisco police identify the woman accused in that hour-long standoff. 57-year-old as samantha helstrem facing charges. now investigators say it started at about 2:00. they say she .ed a gun at a pest control worker and then refused to come out of her room at this residential hotel. they surrendered peacefully seven hours later. >> time is now 4:36. police arrested a bank robbery suspect described as well dressed with a suit and tie and this happened during a robbery on friday.
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the robbery happened about 9:30 in the morning at the west american bank on mitchell boulevard. they were conducted an unrelated stay targeting alcohol sales to minors. when they stopped to talk to three people in the parking lot and recognized one of them as that man from the robbery surveillance video. police say the man identified is -- agreed to go to the police department to be questioned and he was arrested there. >> the pilot of an experimental plane is dead after he crashed on a small airport on saturday. before setting up for a landing. people working at the airport said he made a hard landing and bounced several times before hitting a parked truck the the plane and the truck burst into flames. >> at that time, there may have been engine troubles. >> it burns for at least ten minutes. they have to come from out of
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town. >> the plane is registered to a sacramento man but officials are not releasing the name of the pilot until relatives have been notified. time is 4:38. a 56-year-old woman is recovering after being rescued two days after she fell into a ravine while walking her dog. >> set her down. on three, one, two, three. >> century crews rescued her saturday morning in a heavily wooded area. she was with her dog and they were found at a 200-foot deep ravine. about a third of a mile off skyline boulevard. authorities say she was tired and dehydrated. only wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants. >> there were so many things that could have gone wrong. you know, the weather, her health, the terrain and there were so many things that could have gone wrong but they didn't. >> they were given water and
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food. >> her husband reported her missing when he failed to return from a hike at the bed and breakfast where they were staying. she suffers from very mild dementia. did not have any medication with her. 230 people from 50 different agencies looked for her. bart says test trains have been running for the warm spring station in fremont. a grand opening is set for march 24th. service is expected to start the next day. the warm spring station is the first step to extending services to santa clara county. people will be able to talk bart to san jose. the hours for the pedestrian paths have been expanded. they are able to ride their bikes or walk between 6:00 in the morning and 8:00 at night. however, the path is still only open on weekends and
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holidays. the path needs to be closed between monday and friday because of ongoing demolition work on the old bay bridge. once that's done then it can be open all the time a new scam that involved your w-2s. the warning signs of what one irs agent says you should do if you are targeted. also making a point . the eye catching postcard to bring attention to some major damage. well, the weather is not too taxing. it's pretty nice. this might be the warmest day of the week. change is coming. we'll talk about that. this is one gorgeous truck. special edition. oh, did i say there's only one special edition?
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using a new tactic to get the attention of state lawmakers. they are sending postcards to 120 member of the state legislature. there's six cards. they show views of damage caused by this year's
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strong winter storms. they all say greetings from beautiful santa cruz, county. authorities say even though there hasn't been rain in the past few days many major roads are still closed and will be closed indefinitely and the county says did will cost $70 million to repair the damage. >> unusual postcard greeting. >> it makes the point . >> yes, it does. 4:44 is the time. how is traffic so far? >> it looks pretty good so far. right now traffic is moving along pretty well. there is a little bit of slow traffic on 205 and 580 which is to be expected. but it's nothing out of the ordinary. we'll see some slowing here as you approach the pass as you can see there. no major problems traveling in. and on the peninsula, remember we hit some earlier
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pothole problems. all the lanes are open. coming into san francisco and it looks very nice. driving all the way through. no major delay. we can look at the toll plaza. a little bit of a delay in the cash lane chs is not unusual. this is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. it's a nice looking drive. at 4:45 nice looking weather today. >> carrying over from the weekend. we will have one more day. probably two although i think today will be the warmest day of the week on the high side there with a little bit of fog maybe dancing back into the picture by tonight and tomorrow. some over the weekend but it disappeared fast. it was pretty nice for everybody even on the coast. still high pressure. i'm not leaving yet but it's thinking about packing its bags. 40s and 50s on the temps. very much on the mild side for some. san carlos at 50. 44. some of the warm air.
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52 degrees. there's your offshore breeze right there. not very strong but it's there. 23 in truckee. any sprain training activities. 91 today in phoenix. 91. 44. you can see right there that's why i like to show the water vapor. an indication of where the drier air is, and it's over us. front is on its way. the first front to come through. a strong area of high pressure doesn't do much. nice day to get out. whatever you want to do.
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looks good. a few but lots of 70s for most. some fog starts to work its way back. friday looks all right. saturday maybe a weak system. >> okay. >> cold week? >> off and on. >> off and on. >> yep. >> all right. we're not ready to have the rain done completely yet, really. >> technically we are still winter. >> speaking ever winter, i don't know if you saw this house. >> show steve the house. >> take a look at this. freezing temperatures back east. this is a house underneath that. >> it's in update new york. the whole house is encased in ice. this is right on the banks of lake ontario. it was one big block of ice. the freezing temperatures and the water from that nearby lake. >> it's so crazy to see waves right there and
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then -- >> that's the deck. >> the ice house. >> yeah. wow. so very interesting. [ laughter ] there's another pretty incredible thing to show you. two snow borders in colorado got an extra thrill when a moose joined them on the trail. >> oh my god. i don't know where to to go. >> now what do you do? >> you scream, if you're her. >> this happened at breckenridge north of denver. it's still running. it's big. the woman with the camera turned around and she spotted the moose. you hear her screaming. you can see the animal kept its distance and they stayed out of its way as much as possible. the moose finally just ran away. >> i think he was trying to race them down the hill. >> you're in my territory. >> he's pretty fast.
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she has a go pro. so funny to hear her screaming. that guy's fast. they are very fast. all right. 4:49 is the time right now. heading to the big dance. the ncaa tournament. i lost my sight when i was 14 years old. so i really navigate the world by touch.
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the they >> good morning
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this will be a big test but it also destroy the insurgent group as the world knows it. an nfl owner meeting gets closer and keep the team from relocating to las vegas. the group met for a conference in oakland yesterday and highlighted the social significance of the team to okay land. a representative of the oakland
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coliseum says they are going ask state officials to review the relocation process. they also talked about a plan to boycott bank of america after a recent announcement that it would finance the new las vegas stadium. >> the ceo of bank of america to come and meet with us and our community. and we want you to help us understanding why a banking institution of the second largest in the country would be willing to participate in the process that can impact their community like ours. >> league owners will meet in arizona beginning march 26th and they could decide the future of the radarrers. the raiders relocation must be approved by 24 of the 3 # owners. >> time is 4:54. we know who was invited to the big dance. the ncaa men's basketball
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tournament. now it shouldn't have been any drama about st. mary's college being part of march madness but the tension was over once the players heard the words they were hoping for. [ cheering ] >> yeah. i think they are excited. >> st. marys was in the top 25 all season. they were named the 7th seed in the west bracket. they will play virginia commonwealth university of the atlantic-10 conference. they lost in the finals of their conference tournament. they play on thursday. salt lake city, 4:30 our time. he knew his team deserved to be in the tournament but that's what he thought last year too when the gaels but they were overlooked. >> got to be in. the last eight teams called.
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it just makes it more sweet. >> the gaels only lost four games all season. three of them were to gonzaga. later today the ncaa women's tournament selection will take place. >> the only other local team with a shot at being in the ncaa tournament was cal. they lost two games in the tournament but needed a win over oregon to make it. the bears had a 21-12 record for the season. they were hurt by lieuing five of their last six games during the regular season. pac-12 is pretty tough though. a lot of teams in the tournament. there's a nice consolation prize. it was named a number one seed in the nit. they will host cal state. tipoff is 8:15. time is 4:56. the san jose sharks beat dallas 5-1. they capitalized on mistakes. they scored four unanswered
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goals include two in that dominating win. they are 2-1 during this six- game home stand. they have a six-game lead. tomorrow, the sharks will host the buffalo sabers. >> we are coming up on the 5:00 hour. a deadline for evidence. what lawmakers say president trump can do if he can't provide proof for his claim that former president obama wiretapped trump tower. a pregnant woman that was missing is found safe. what is happening tomorrow after the strange report that she had disappeared. good morning. traffic is doing okay. if you are driving on highway 24 westbound. not a bad commute. heading over to the tunnel. if you enjoyed the weekend you'll love today. circulation of the high pressure system easy to see. some of you listening, turn your head. there you go.
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another nice day but what about the rest of the week?
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