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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 13, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we'll end up 60s for a few. with a lot of 70s. a few locations. might push the upper 70s. maybe tomorrow. 40s on the temps. i'll have to check that. 40s on some. 50s for others. even to the south.
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45 morgan hill. looking for another beautiful day. santa cruz. not much of a breeze but there's a slight offshore component coming across san pablo bay. >> yes. that's okay. there's another one. >> we have pearl jam. >> all right. now we're talking music. we have to talk traffic. we're off to a decent start on 580 westbound. if you're driving from 205 to 580, you will see some
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slow traffic. it's -- beginning to fill in. so here we are. just after 5:00 and you can see traffic that's filling in. westbound 580 does look good and 580 is good from dublin over to caster valley. they had to close it for pothole repair but it is open. traffic is light. this is a look at interstate 880. there's no major problem and also looking at the bay bridge, it's getting more crowded still. you can get through. especially if you're using fast track. let's go back to the desk. >> all right. thank you. emergency workers at the oaklandest okay -- a drowning call. also there with more on the victim and the investigation. what's going on? >> reporter: yeah. we were driving by. we saw the scene. we pulled over just to see the emergency workers pull the man out of the water.
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right up the stairs. we have some video of what we saw earlier that morning. it went out about a man in the water about 3:50 this morning. they responded to the scene. trying to rescue that man. the man pulled from the water. he appeared unresponsive. crews say he was spotted going into the water by a worker at a nearby hotel. >> it was reported to us that the person appeared to be intoxicated. that's per the security guard and that she saw him go into the water and she immediately notified her supervisor and initiated 9-1-1 and they got us out here. >> at this point again we don't know the condition of that man. he was unresponsive as emergency crews worked on him. we don't have words on why he was in the area. a potential criminal
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investigation until proven others. be checking in with the hotel. try to talk with that security worker. a lot more questions to be answered. >> well, glad you're on scene there. christian, thank you for that update. 5:05 is the time. a missing pregnant woman has been found safe. 32-year-old lauren soriano was reported missing yesterday. she was considered at-risk because she is 9 months pregnant and dranks plan to induce labor tomorrow. a family friend is thrilled to hear she's safe. >> they've only told me that they are safe at home. and they don't know anything else as a good friend, i told them i'd help without asking any questions. >> police say she was found about 11:30 in a city
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near san francisco. they are not releasing any other details. time is now 5:06. the victim on last week's shooting has now died. 24-year-old was driving near the exit when he was shot three times. a female panel was also shot but she's expected to recover. one man and two 17 year olds have been arrested. they have gang ties with relatives of him. he may have been the victim of mistaken identity. charges may be filed today against the suspects. we were waiting to see if the congressional budget office will release a report on the price tag of the republican health care plan. >> that report is expected to include estimates on how many people would likely be covered. reporter in washington this morning with the very latest. gop leaders are hoping to pass their health care bill in the house sometime next week despite their legislation continuing to have
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the critics on both sides of aisle. >> i think there's lots of opposition to the house and the senate. >> the conservative side. the republican health care law doesn't go far enough to repeal and replace obamacare. a number of top senators have also promised the bill as it stands would be dead upon arrival to their chamber. this has house speaker paul ryan continues to try to calm those fears. >> some people would like it to be done differently. we would repeal and replace this law and we basically said this is what we would replace it with. we are keeping our word. >> a $54 billion increase in defense spending including massive cuts to the epa, housing and urban development and education. the white house national economic advisor defending the president's plan set to be released this
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thursday. >> unfortunately we have no alternative but to reinvest in our military and make ourselves the military power once again. >> president trump will have his first cabinet meeting with all of his confirmed members. although two will be absent due their confirmation still being held up in congress. fox news. the house intelligence committee has told the -- showing the obama administration wiretapped trump tower. republican arizona senator john mccain said president trump should prove the claim or retract the statement. >> i have no reason to believe that the charge is true but i also believe that the president of the united states could clear this up in a minute. all he has to do is pick up the phone and call the director of the cia and direct of the national spedges and say, okay, what happened? >> a spokesperson for former president obama has denied the wiretapping claim. the bay area man charged with
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climbing a white house fence is due in court today. order to be held without bond with his arrest. he's charged with -- carrying a dangerous weapon. he claims that he had an appointment with the president and was carrying a letter that mentioned russian hackers. president trump was in the white house at the time of the security breech. he could face ten years in prison. time is 5:09. the irs warning you about a scam called w-2 fishing. people working in payroll departments get an e-mail claiming to be a top exet executive asked for private payroll information. >> and what the problem is with that is you find out later that was -- now the irs
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says within 48 hours that scammer then files false tax returns in the names of those targeted employees. the irs is warning both payroll departments and employees to be aware of this scam. >> it's 10 minutes after 5:00 and there was a viability arrest. coming up at 5:30 what we know about this incident that was caught on camera between a police officer and a suspect. >> also up next the northeast bracing for the biggest snowstorm of the system. how much snow places like washington, d.c., boston and many more may get today. good morning. we can see traffic here is not too bad yet in most areas. approaching the mc-- no major problems in the weather forecast. if you enjoyed the weekend weather you will enjoy today. there's some changes into that.
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the extended outlook. more coming up.
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welcome back. it's been pretty warm here in the bay area but in the meantime the northeast is bracing for a major winter storm. >> a family back there is crying. may get a ton of snow today.
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reporter kelly wright has mar. >> this is going to be great. we're going to play in the snow. we don't have a lot snow. >> the biggest winter storm of the season is expected to slam the northeast. nearly two feet of snow is expected to fall which could shut down major cities from washington, d.c. to boston. >> this will be a heavy, wet snow. it will stick to power line and stick to trees. we could see more trees down, more power outages. >> the snow could be heavy enough to cancel flights. one traveler in the nation's capitol is nervous about her flight. >> i'm actually going to be traveling to chicago. i'll make it. >> coastal areas in new england could see flooding due to the storm. >> we have a lot of snow coming in. potential for visibility to drop. get the white out effect and then hazardous navigation just for being out. >> heavy snow hit some areas of
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the south over the weekend which is causing problems for drivers in tennessee. >> it's pretty to see the snow come down but i'd rather it be warm again. i want to see spring. >> many were surprised. >> i was very close to bringing the summer clothes out. i'm glad we didn't. >> it's expected it begin to fall monday night an continue throughout the day tuesday. in washington, kelly wright, fox news. >> all right. >> so the incredible pictures back there. all right. 5:15 is the time. sal is covering -- pretty nice. i'm looking at what i can see. i don't see any. >> good. >> in case something happens. >> good. let go up and take a look at the gilroy commute. >> and it doesn't look bad so far if you're traveling up.
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continues to look good. all the way into san jose. san jose here. traffic continues to move along very nicely as you drive through. this is 280 and you can see traffic is moving along very nicely as you drive into the area. there's been no major issues on 280 as you drive through. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. i lost my video. this is westbound bay bridge. traffic is not bad as you drive into san francisco. so we're off to a nice start although usually at 5:30 is what we see stop and go traffic. let's bring it to steve. >> on your expertise, you do you notice a different traffic pattern? >> i don't. i haven't yet anyway. what we do know -- we notice it more in the winter when it gets darker earlier at night. >> thank you, sir. >> all right. good morning, everybody. we do have another clear
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morning out. there some eye on the fog. although the atmosphere is pretty dry. another move on the west coast here. changes may be start to inch in tomorrow. a little bit of fog will probably show up but you can see the high pressure system parked right over central california. circulation around that. everything's going up and over or around. >> we're good to go. so if you're in the valleys. i would buy that. 48 glenn allen and also -- all
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the active weather will be in the northeast. well, it's in the great lakes today. tonight, tomorrow. there's already lots of 20s. chicago went all through january and february without any snow. guess what's happening now? memphis where it looks -- there. just south of that. more severe weather. late tonight into tuesday, there you go. that will be prime time tomorrow morning for them and then by wednesday morning things start to improve but that will definitely cause some travel delays. let's head back home. we do have high pressure. 40s on the temps. 50s here. some lower 40s. a little cool for some. a lot of mid-40s. 41. 44 along creek. we can beat that but 49. sloightest her breeze. that's going to help the coast
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again and also hold that manying if at check here. 23 up in truckee. water temperatures at 52. mid-50s. those vice president changed that much. you can see the circulation here as nothing is coming in for right now. maybe a little bit of patchy fog but i think overall we're good to go. sunny and warm weather on tap. probably a little cooler but still pretty nice. wednesday looks like the transition day. some rain to the north bay. the dry forecast. unless you're about san rosa but watch what happens. a lot of high clouds starting to go through by friday into saturday. another weak system kind of brushes late saturday an sunday. that won't do much but it's a sign of things for next week.
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60s for a few. upper 70s for some. mid-70s. another nice day. clouded up wednesday. cooler. clearing out thursday into friday and more clouds roll in on the weekend. >> all right. steve, thanks. you're welcome. time is 5:20. foster children have some new wheels. new bikes to 20 deserving children over the weekend thanks to a generous donation from a wonderful lady who donated $10,000 to help young girls in foster care. another family matched that donation and bought bikes for young boys in foster care. >> why not take my money now. , not wait until i die. >> about $64,000 kids are involved in foster -- 64,000 kids are involved in
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foster care. more people to consider adoption or becoming a foster parent. >> time is 5:21. the power is out for thousands of people in michigan. what's happening to get the lights and the heat back on after a wild winter storm. but up next, a bus driver in haiti involved in a deadly hit and run. plows into a crowd. we'll tell you how many people were killed and what happened when that drive tried to get away.
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the bus plowed right through the first group of musicians then drove through a second group and then a third. again, 38 people were killed. that bus driver jumped out of the bus and ran away. authorities are still searching for him. protesters in guatemala want the president to resign after last week's deadly fire at an overcrowded youth shelter. 40 girls died in that fire on wednesday. investigators say it started when matresses were set on fire. reportedly many of the victims were locked inside and could not escape. protesters blame president morales for not doing enough to prevent the fire. pope francis prayed for the
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victims during a prayer service at the vatican. time is 5:25. firefighters in los angeles still on the scene where a huge warehouse fire started last night. it started 6:30 in the fashion district. a big clouds of black smoke can be seen coming from several separate businesses in that warehouse. 190 firefighters were there. some crews are still out there fighting hot spots in the building. so far new york city injuries reported. the cause of the fire is still around investigation. well a group of high school students at washington state are hoping to go home today after an avalanche tracked them on a field trip. the 53 students were staying at an environmental learning center and due to leave on friday. that's before the avalanche hit blocking the state route back to their town. they were waiting until this
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morning to try to clear that road because there's a risk of another avalanche. the students have to stay put. >> it's not so much that we're desperate to leave because we're not having a good time or it wasn't a good experience. i think because people were not planning on this and so it is just such a surprise that people are kind of -- just so shocked that we're -- that this has occurred. >> 17 staff people were also stranded at that learning center. three people are stuck in a nearby resort. everybody is in pretty good health. they have everything they need including food and shelter. a 32-year-old woman was arrested on felony vandalism charges after crashing her car into the sacramento county jail. take a look at some of the damage. these are photos. now police say 32-year-old latasha dora drove her suv through the lobby of the jail. here's her. investigators aren't saying if
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she was under the influence a motive. no one was hurt. this comes just two weeks after another person crashed his car through the jail's garage. >> time is 5:27. using technology to fight crime. up next, wherch a gunshot is fired and the first to make it statewide. good morning. we can see traffic is going to be okay if you are driving in many areas. san francisco, not a bad commute here as you drive to the 80 split. weekend weather was fabulous. if you like sunshine, you'll like today as well. everything's good to go here. once we get to sunrise. e. no more. we don't want anymore! keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. let's check in with steve. >> while you were gone we send each other texts on baseball cards. it's like pictures. he'll send me phillies. >> cards that you guys have? >> we used -- as a kid. can't find them anymore. >> you -- >> kind of fun. all right. i remember that card. i got good bubble gum then too.
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beautiful day here. shaping up. i know it's still pretty early but i can see high pressure and it says you know what? i'm quite content to hang around for another day. there's a system on the way. but not going to impact us today. 40s on the temps. 50s for some already. there's some pretty mild conditions for a few. a little cooler here. 41. 52 degrees. that -- there's a system coming in. again the system comes through a dominant ridge of high pressure. but both -- that will be on wednesday. cooler weather today but a lot of 70s. a few upper 70s. it's 5:31. i guess, they have. >> we are going to see a little bit of a back up there. we are going to look at some of the other commutes.
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some people driving in from fairfield. not a bad commute driving in. we see a little bit of slow traffic on 80 westbound approaching the 780 interchange and on 37 heading west. this is a look at interstate 880. but at the bay bridge or getting to the bay bridge it's a little bit more crowded here and you can see at the toll plaza it's backed up. and traffic is backed up for about a 10-minute delay. 5:32. let's go back to the desk. thank you. we want to tell you about this developing story that we are following about a police officer and questions about excess i excessive force. two videos show part of the incident. one video shows place chasing a man who was acted erratically at a database gas station but the video does not show what happened before that
5:33 am
pursuit. more on what happened afterwards but we have to warn you the videos you'll see include violence and profanity. >> in the first video you see an officer chasing the suspect across the street. during the chase the man sits down on a traffic median. the officer tackles him from behind and pushes him to the ground. people offscreen start yelling. the officer struggles with the man and calls for back up. he tells suspect to give him his hands and punches him twice. the officer yells at him to give him his hand. the map on the ground starts shouting. >> i am god. >> another officer arrives at the scene. the first officer then hits the suspect three more times. people in the street react using profanities against the officer. he responds with a profanity.
5:34 am
in the second video officers continue to attempt to arrest the man. the first officer directs the crowd to back up. he pulls out his gun. he reholsters it and hit the suspect three more times. police have not commented on this incident at this point but we did speak to a former bay area police chief. he was relek -- why the officer did not try to slow things down and talk to the suspect. he also expressed concern about the officer pulling out his gun but says it's not clear how threatened the officer felt. as for the strike, while they look bad, he says they appear to be justified given that the suspect was resisting arrest. time is now 5:34. democratic leaders met about what they call worse
5:35 am
care scenario if the health care bill passes. elect officials are going to fight the repeel. >> this town hall cheered on elected democrats to not work with republican and instead resist. >> what we must be is stop the repeal the affordable care act. once we do that we can move forward on whether it needs fixing. there's no way we're going to let 30 million people lose their health care. >> health care professionals talked about the need to keep it in. showing up to the emergency room for minor ailments >> . approximately cut in half. >> and despite the increase in the number of people uninsured it did increase the wait time. >> in my clk there's not a long wait time. sometime there's a short wait
5:36 am
time but for the most part my patients are able to see me in a reasonable time frame and this is a very underserved system. they -- combined with growing health care costs could end the decade long practice of private employee health care plans. >> so the republican plan gives employers no real incentive whatsoever to provide their employees health care. >> there were chanted and cheers to the talk of a california single payer health care plan. but the supervisor says it could cost $17 to $20 million to start it up >> . the single payer will have a mechanism where they set up a fund. they start sending up the fund right now. ktvu fox 4 news. here on mornings on 2. barbara lee will be right here
5:37 am
with us in the studio talking about the republican plan to repeal and replas the affordable care act. that's coming up at 7:00. time is 5:37. the murder trial of torres will resume this morning. he's charged with killing morgan hill teenager. even though her body has not been found. last week the manager of the safeway store where garcia torres work testified and said items bought by torres using his club card. that included a battery found in a stun gun that authorities say may have been used in a separate kidnapping case. prosecutors say garcia torless easien thumbprint was found on that battery. the system will resume at 8:30 this morning. they identified the woman accuse nad that hour-long standoff.
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police arrested a bank robbery suspect described as well-dressed during a robbery on tuesday. the robbery occurred about 9:30 in the morning at the west america bank on metro boulevard. an unrelated sting targeted alcohol sales to minors what they stopped to talk to three people in a parking lot. they recognized one of them as a man from the robbery surveillance video. he agreed to go to the police department. he was arrested there. the pilot of an experimental plane was killed after he crashed in a small airport on saturday. witnesses say the pilot had been flying near the
5:39 am
airport for a half hour before setting up for a landing. people working at the airport said he made a hard landing and bowbsed several time before hitting a parked truck. the plane and the truck burst into flames. at that time they indicated there may have been engine troubles prior to landing. >> it burned for 10 minutes. they have to come from out of town. >> now the plane is registered to a sacramento man but officials are not releasing the name of the pilot until relatives have been notified. >> time is 5:39. a 56-year-old woman is recovering after being rescued two days after she fell into a ravine while walking her dog. >> set her down. on three, one, two, three. >> they rescued her saturday morning in a heavily wooded area. she and her dog were found in a
5:40 am
200-foot ravine. authorities say she was tired and dehydrated and was only wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants. >> so many things that could have gone wrong,ed weather. , her health. there were so many things that could have gone wrong. >> they were given water and food. her husband reported her missing thursday evening when she didn't come back from a hike with her dog. she is insulin dependent and very mild dementia. did not have medication with her. more than 200 people from several different agencies searched for her. bart says test trains have been running as expected. the grand opening ceremony is set for march 24th. services is expected to start the next day. the warm spring station is the next step to extended services. when this that maps people will
5:41 am
be able to take bart to san jose. the hours for the bike and pedestrian path on bay bridge have been expanded. they are able to ride their bike or walk on eastern span between 6:00 in the morning and 8:00 at night. however the path is still only open on weekends and holidays. the path needs to be closed between monday and friday because of the ongoing demolition work on the old bay bridge. time is now 5:41. still ahead this morning, your boss could demand testing. coming up at 6:00 a bill being pushed through congress and who would be required to hand over their results. also making a point . the eye-catching postcards to bring attention to the major damage there. we see traffic is getting a will busier now. a slight increase.
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still without power this morning after a strong wind -- the outage effecting more than 8 # 0,000 customers and this morning, 45,000 are still without power. now people in one neighborhood have been sharing generators for the past few days. >> you look through almost every neighborhood and every neighbor is running at least their house plus one or two other houses. >> everybody's been walking around and knocking on the neighbors doors and asking if they need help. >> that's nice it hear. all power is expected to be restored later today. >> well some campers woke up to find their suv sinking and floatding away. here it is. their suv was parked near mission bay.
5:45 am
with when the came in yesterday morning the suv was swept away. it was eventually towed out and no one was hurt. >> two men are recovering after being rescued when their kayak overturned in the bay. the coast guard said a man clinging to the side of his kayak called for help. when they arrived they found another man in the water who had been holding on to his kayak. rescue boats brought them to shore. a third person with the men was able to swim to shore on his own. gloonchts time is 5:45. trying something new to get -- sending these postcards. all 120 members of the state legislature. six postcards showing damage done by the strong winter storms. all of them say greetings from beautiful santa cruz county. you can see the damage. the parties -- even though there hasn't been rain the past couple definite is m.
5:46 am
major roads will stay closed because of damage and the county say it is will cost about 70 million to repair all of the damage. >> all over the bay area. after all the rains we've had. 5:46 is the time. still our break in the weather. that's helping traffic lately. it sure has helped traffic. one of the things that we've noticed is that the traffic, you know, is just back to normal levels. that meens we're going it find some slow traffic on 580 and 205. if you drivelet sea from trea si into the livermore area you aren't going it see it. there's been no major problems driving into livermore. it looks good. we do have some slow traffic here on 680 southbound as you drive out of the pleasantton and head down to sanol. i want talk -- highway 12 is closed for a stretch because of investigation of an accident. so i'd like you to know that.
5:47 am
so give yourself a little extra time. again, ahead 12 is closed. you see the pup l here. that's going be shutdown until they can continue that investigation of the very serious crash. let's move along. you can see traffic is moving along very nicely. as you drive past the coliseum. you can see traffic is backed up now for at least a 15-minute delay before you make it to the bridge. >> let's bring steve in. >> a very good morning. we have clear skies out there. today looks to be the warmest day of the week. temperatures, if you enjoyed the weekend weather, will be pretty close. one to two degrees cooler. upper 70s. maybe 80 for a few. easy to see in the circulation around the high pressure system which is parked over california. sending everything well to the north. a lot of high clouds. they are not here yet. they might start to filter in.
5:48 am
clear skies. it will be sunny and warm this morning. and warmer for everybody. 40s for a few but 50s. it won't take long to start warming up. 60s and 70s later. the big news will be in the east. that will tonight and tomorrow. 23 in newark. washington, d.c. possibility of maybe about 25 to 30 inches of snow. >> possible, possible. now there's some big differences here on the snow projected totals but anyway you look at it, that system has -- from chicago to stlaws but it's tapping into tremendous moisture coming up from off of south carolina, north carolina and so the merging of these two is going to be a heck of a system for tonight and tomorrow. 23 you have travel plans, today is a good day to go. tomorrow, i don't think you'll be able to go. winter storm warnings are out. there could be blizzard conditions from new york to boston. if case you have to travel back there. back here we are looking good. lots of sunshine.
5:49 am
40s, 50s on the temperatures. very warm. a little cool for a few. 41, 42 -- also scott valley. slight offshore breeze. not that strong but there's a little component of it. 40s through the interior. but 60 in las vegas. 62 phoenix. they are looking for low 90s now. so spring training activities. take the hat, the sunscreen and shorts. it gets pretty toasty. high pressure will give us another beautiful day. temperatures will start to bump up. fog is trying to get there but i don't think it will make it today. but tonight and tomorrow issue maybe. sunny and warm for everybody today. it looks good. that slight offshore breeze. really kicks in wednesday. possibility of some rain to the north. the first comes through a stretch of high pressure. but it will be a cooler, cloudy forecast. the rest of the week a lot of cloud cover breaking through. another weak system maybe late
5:50 am
saturday. i don't think it will do much but next week is looking -- starting to look wet now. get out and enjoy this stretch of dry weather. 60s for a couple. 70s for many. upper 7 0s for others. over to santa cruz. tomorrow will still be okay but start to see the fog come back. a much cooler pattern. >> our buddy is out of town for a bit. >> he's here now but he's about ready to go. >> he's got to go. >> wear flip-flops(.)>> of course. today. >> i pretty much wear flip- flops year round, even when it's raining. >> i understand that. >> all right. time is 5:50. we now know who was invited to the big dance. the men's basketball tournament. this shouldn't have been any drama about st. mary's college being part of march madness but the tension was over once the players heard the magic words. [ cheering ]
5:51 am
>> i think they are excited. st. marys was in the top 25 all season. it was named the 7th seed in the west bracket. they will play 10th seeded vcu of the atlantic-10 conference. they lost to rhode island in the finals of their conference tournament. they will play thursday in salt lake city. 4:20 our time. st. marys coach randy bennett knew his team deserved to be in that the tournament but that's what he thought last year too when the gaels had 27 wins but still overlooked. >> think no way; right? we got to be in. we were down to the last 8 called. just makes it even more sweet. >> that's sweet. the gaels had just four losses all season. gonzaga was named the top seed.
5:52 am
the women's tournament selection happens later today. >> and uc davis in for the first time ever. the only other local team was cal. the golden bears won two games but pretty much needed to win over oregon. oregon is pretty tough. the bears had a 21-12 record. they were hurt by losing five of their last six games. there's a nice consolation prize for cal. number one seed in the nit. they will host cal state bakersfield tomorrow. tipoff is 8:15. talk hockey. the sharks beat dallas. they scored four unanswered goals including two by joe -- in that very dominating win. they are 2-1 during this six- game homestand. they have a six- point lead on
5:53 am
anaheim. tomorrow they will host the buffalo sabers. we are coming up on the 6:00 hour. a group of retired women are staying busy. >> when they said they were going to make the sweaters for the chickens, i thought it was the most foolish thing i ever heard in my life. >> sweaters for chickens? up next why they now say they are glad they took on this odd project.
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welcome back. right on the banks of lake ontario. after a wind storm. blew water from the nearby lake. >> that's just incredible. measure than just people in the northeast. check this out. some wit of massachusetts -- these wonderful ladies are helping chickens stay warm. they are hand knitting sweaters. the women who all lived in the retirement community found the chickens at a nearby state came from tropical climates sot ladies
5:57 am
say -- they thought it was silly but now they think they are cute. and they are now sharing photos of the rooster and hens wearing their special sweaters. >> why would think think knitting sweaters for chickens is silly. >> hats next time. >> right. it's coming up now on our 6:00 hour. and oakland police officers had to jump into the water early this morning. we were there to see this. coming up in just minutes tell you the reason police officers had to come to a rescue. >> also there's a new effort here in california to reduce gun violence. the technology that may soon be available to all policemen in our state. grchlts good morning. see traffic getting busier now if you are driving around the bay area. this is a look at the bay area bridge. it looked goo. >> and or forecast is looking pretty good to do. if you enjoyed the weekend weather, today will be
5:58 am
similar but the changes on the extended. more on that.
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the victim did a back flip into the water before they called 9-1-1. and solving gun crimes. the bill that would hand over the technology to all communities. mornings on 2 continues. good morning thank for joining us. >> good morning. steve is back. he's right over there. steve, can you just have a nice weather. >> i can give pam and about everybody. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. happy to do it. thank you. >> love it. >> we do have lots of sunshine ready to go after a weekend of sunshine and warm temps. today will similar. it might be the warmest day of the week. a lot going on in the pacific. everything going on is in the great lakes and northeast for tomorrow. thawnlt system kind of moves out, we are still dealing


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