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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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it is fine. california senator tweeted out, how many times is he going to lose before he stops trying to shut our doors on those fleeing wars and violence. the president is about to hold a raleigh in -- rally in nashville. we are joined about david levine to talk more about this decision about the judge in hawaii. what was the reason behind the judge's decision. >> basically the changes in the order from the first one to the second one is not enough. this suffers from the same problem that it is a ban on muslim and that is not not constitutional. >> this refined ban is just that, is there anything elsewhere they didn't go far enough sko. >> well, they made it better because they took out the problem of everyone who has green cards, the whole chaos that we saw in the airports.
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they took care of thachlt they cut out one country, they cut out iraq which still had problems that the defense department had with the order. but this judge thinks that there is a probable success that tt intent behind this order is to ban muslims and the judge thought that the plaintiffs had a good shot for showing that's unconstitutional. >> what if their rulings are opposite what this judge ruled until hawaii, what happens then. >> right now it doesn't matter, because the judge's order out of hawaii has nationwide effect. even if a judge in baltimore trp top say i'm not going to issue an injunction, it wouldn't matter not unless or until the supreme court were to intervene. >> this is a political blow to the whitehouse. what does the administration do at this point? what options do they have? >> they have some problems here because of the way they act the
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first time around. the problem is because they ran so quickly to the ninth circuit they ran with an unfavorable ruling with the ninth circuit. so, the trial judge in hawaii is going to follow that order. the chances of going to the ninth circuit again are really about zero. >> even though it's a revised travel order, they wouldn't re try it, they t would just hold up to the original one. >> it is going to be the same problems. you have the problem that the united states government would have the burden of persuasion of getting the ninth circuit to issue an emergency order. they failed the first time. they are likely to fail the second time. we have essentially the same problems, which is do you look at the intent behind the words in the order or not. the ninth circuit previously said that was okay, so presumably they are going to say it again. >> if they don't go to the ninth
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circuit, what would they do? >> the next step after the temporary restraining order, the state of hawaii would seek a preliminary injunction within a week or two. >> what about the trump at mrgs, where would they go? >> wait. the answer is wait. let's say the preliminary injunction is issued and hawaii wins on that. the procedural proves you don't remember is much better for the united states government up at the ninth circuit if they wait. part of the problem last time is they just didn't wait. >> do you think it may go to the supreme court? >> it may well. maybe not this week, but we may well see it in the supreme court. >> thank you for coming in and giving us your perspective. >> of course. today the justice department formally indicted four russians in that massive hacking case that compromised 500 million yahoo accounts. two of the suspects were members
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of the fsb which is the organization that came after the kgb. it is similar to our fbi. it includes conspiracy, computer fraud. the u.s. government says the hackers targ he had email accounts of russian and u.s. officials, among others. >> they also targeted russian journalists, numerous employees of other providers whose networks they sought to exploit and employees of financial services and other commercial entities. >> the two other suspects are described as criminal hackers who used their connections to run a money making scam. one has been taken into custody in canada. the other remains at large. the case originated right here in the bay area. it was fbi agents in san francisco who took the lead in the investigation. >> henry lee joins us now with more on the case. >> reporter: frank and julie, this evidence is laid out in a
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53 page indictment. bringing them to trial here in bay area could be challenging. two russian spice and two criminal hackers are responsible for one of the largest data breaches in u.s. history. the victims at sunny yahoo. the defendants are officials with the fsb, the successor to the kgb. they paid hackers to break into computers and collect sensitive information. he was arrested tuesday in canada where he was living. the other three are at large and presumed tok in russia. >> we want to send a message to criminal hackers everywhere. you can try and hide, but we will hunt you down. we will expose you and we will bring you to justice. the fbi has a long reach and a
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longer memory. >> the group targeted yahoo and google accounts of u.s. and russian officials. other victims included a gaming official and senior officer of a u.s. airline. they are indicted on conspiracy. they are used of stealing yahoo's database and even manipulating the database for erectile dysfunction drugs so he can get paid for trafficking. he is also accused of lining his pockets for personal gain. it is an open question as to whether the three remaining defendants will be arrested and face trial in san francisco. there is no extradition treaty between the u.s. and russia. >> these guys will travel some day somewhere and there are a lot of international countries
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that have extradition treat ease with -- treaty with the u.s. and we will take advantage of that. >> this man was arrested before but escaped top russia before he could be extra indicted to the u.s. president trump is holding a rally right now. we want to show you a live picture from nashville. here is this event. thousands of trump supporters are there. some were in line for seven hours to get into the event. this is the rally since taking office. the president is speaking right now. we want to listen in. >> we understood that real leadership means putting america first. before becoming president, andrew jackson served your state in the house of representatives and in the united states senate. and he also served as commander of the tennessee mall ish i
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can't -- militia. so let's begin tonight by thanking all of the incredible men and women of the united states military and all of our wonderful veterans. the veterans. amazing. there is no place i'd rather be than with all of you here tonight with the wonderful hard working citizens of our country. i would much rather spend time with you than any of the
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consultants or special interests certainly our reporters from washington dc. it's patriotic americans like you who make this country run and run well. you pay your taxes. follow our laws. support your communities, raise your children, love your country and send your bravest to fight in our wars. all you want is a government that shows you the same loyalty in return. it's time that washington heard your voice, and believe me p on november 8th, they heard your voice. -- believe me, on november 8th november 8th, they heard your voice. >> we were listening live there to president trump hald g a -- holding a rally in nashville,
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tennessee. so far he hasn't talked about that decision late this afternoon by a judge in hawaii putting a hold on the travel ban that was set to take effect tomorrow. we are going to monitor this rally. if and when the president makes some comments about that travel ban, we will bring them to you. hayward police are searching for a suspect they consider armed and dangerous tthis after a robbery turned deadly. jesse gary thrive now from the hayward police department, the lead agency in this investigation. jesse. >> reporter: julie, right now investigators still trying to confirm the identity of the man who was on the ran. they aren't giving us the name. they are giving us a vague description. they are warning members they he could be armed. he is definitely danger. the chain of events began after
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an alameda task force spotted a bmw carrying the four suspects in the parking lot of the city view apartment complex. that's when the investigators say the driver rammed the police cruiser prompting to officers to open fire. >> there is officer safety and public safety concerns. they were on a rash of robberies and they were doing lots of damage in the south county area as far as victimize g and robbing people -- viment ct imizin and robbing people t16-year-old a lane a was killed by police gun fire. one male suspect was arrested one female suspect questioned and released. one male suspect is still on the loose. two fremont police officers were injured during the class with the four suspects yesterday, but they were treated at the scene and expected to be okay. as soon as detect is release the
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name of the wanted man who was on the run, we will give it to you either over the air or online. live outside hayward police headquarters. >> jesse, there is some confusion about the two vehicles that were seen in the video ment were the police officers who were injured, were they in an unmarked vehicle. >> reporter: no. apparently the police officers were in a cruise er and they were injured -- cruiser. and they were injured at some point when the suspects rammed them with their bmw and that bmw took off and was in another accident about a quarter mile from that initial contact with the police. >> thank you, jesse. east bay acquires a crowned jewel to protect water. there are some rain showers on the radar. i will let you know where they are and how they could impact this coming weekend. the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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ovirus --
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. it appears dublin elementary school is getting the upper hand on a brief outbreak of the norovirus. one child tested virus -- positive for the virus. some of the children had sefrp toms typical of the norovirus. it is a stomach bug that can cause nausea and diarrhea as well as fever and chills. alameda county health officials are also offering help on the best ways to prevent an outbreak. >> we have a lot of hand washing going on. we have moved out of classrooms if there has been a sick kid in the classroom or if a kid has gotten sick in there, we cleared it out immediately. there has been a lot of cleaning
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overnight, through the weekend. >> parents are being asked to keep their kids at home if they have any symptoms of the stomach virus. they should remain at home until they are symptom free 48 hours. the number of kids calling in sick has dropped by more than half since monday. today a unique public and private partnership celebrated an accomplishment that will preserve and protect vital open space for years to come. >> reporter: as some like to say car ranch just about a 5-minute drive is a place where you can hear the grass row. what we experience is land that pretty much the same as it was 100 years ago. >> reporter: now, thanks to a partnership, city of moraga and many individual donors, it will remain that way. >> it's for us now, it's for our children, it's four or
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grandchildren, and it's for people who haven't even been more. >> reporter: it's all part of a vast water shed that feeds east bay customers. this fall it will be open to tt public. >> it's walking. it's hiking. dog walking on leash. wild life viewing. sweeping views from the ridge lines. wild life is just everything you could ask for. >> reporter: the ranch heritage will be maintained by the carter family. much of the money came from environmental credits east bay mud owns because of the pristine condition of the land it owns in the valley. it has so many credits it could sell to land developers it could make up for damage the developers might do. >> we pay for that by taking some surplus water shed land and
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create a bank that will pay for this property. >> it still owns the land but gets money to buy land from selling some of its credits. >> it's rare that we get an opportunity to purchase land to protect our local water supply. >> reporter: with600 acres here, that adds almost another ten square miles to 125 square miles east bay mud already controls to protect this water shed, its wild life and recreation fo. all right. it was a different day today. not quite as nice as the first part of the week. let's go to bill martin. you can feel the change out there. >> about 20 degrees cooler in places in the north bay. it was ten degrees cooler for most of us but 20 degrees cooler up by santa rosa.
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the clouds are bringing in a few sprinkles in now up in bend, even some snow. it's a pretty warm system. we'll even see some snow at higher elevations of lake tahoe. you see showers now up around sacramento. you see a lot of cloud cover out there. it wouldn't be hard top see a sprinkle show up here in the next hour or so. so, that would be it. it's just a gnawing event. if you look outside, you can see the fog coming right in front of the future tower right now. that is cool. and then you see the clouds. is that is coming off the coast. way up here, those are alto stratus maybe. that's a different cloud bank. it tells you that there is a lot going on out there.
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any time you see different levels out there, where you see the clouds going one way versus another he will way at a higher elevation, that's typical instability. tomorrow there will be fog back at the coast, and temperatures will warm up several grease. tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., you're 54 degrees. cloudy or prt lee cloudy, depending on how you look at it tat noon, there it is. i call that mostly sunny. it just depends. you get the idea. it is going to be a nice day tomorrow basically. friday looks pretty good too. we peak out in at 70 degrees. tomorrow starts off cloudy but then watch what happens. not bad. that's td end of the day tomorrow. we'll get a nice looking pattern for thursday and friday. things change a little bit for
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the bay area weekend. we're tracking that a little bit. today sort of inclement but still super nice. the fight over mari dispensaries heats up. >> the des pence reese are a danger to children. there have been no significant issues for the past 25 years. >> not everyone agrees with that. hear both sides of the marijuana debate next. it's okay to cry, right?
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. leaders from several anti marijuana groups says the si of san francisco is letting some slide through without the proper vetting. >> tara reports. >> reporter: market street looks more like a high end spa than a marijuana dispe. >> i thits' not the right place for t okay tif she want it open t she can open it, but not over here. >> reporter: leaders from anti marijuana groups say they okayed this one and a similar one on bay shore boulevard. >> we have seen the impact on
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children who have eaten cookies, brown ease candy that have -- brownies, that have marijuana. >> they say it canno 11,000 feet of where children congregate. >> we are asking for the part of the law that protects children to be respected. >> reporter: this lutheran church has a sunday school for children located in the basement. it is only 250 feet away from the proposed medical mavrn shop. this protection rule will only apply to daycare centers that belong to the school district topponents argue that's not part. dr. huin says prescribing marijuana has allowed him to
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wean patients off opioids. >> when you have to much narcotics, you have to have something to stop it because the pain is horrible. >> there have been no significant issues for the past 25 years. >> reporter: spokespeellen says this has been called a lgtb hate group and is running an unfounded campaign. >> they are using the state your name tactics they used against the gay community but now against medical can bus patients. >> we have should have the ability to express our opinion without silence g them in the process. >> reporter: in san francisco tara moriarty. president trump visited michigan today where he promised to bring informing jobs back -- manufacture g jobs back to the -- manufacturing jobs back to the united states. the president also plans to ask
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the epa to reevaluate the obama administrations raising emission standards on vehicles which was aimed at cutting carbon emissions. and the president spoke out against trade agreements. >> my administration will work tire tls lee to kill the -- lower the job crushing taxes and tone sure a level playing field for all american companie workers. >> today jerry brown called the president's proposal to consider lowering emissions a gift to pollute ers. the golf ner promised to keep those standards where they are. analysts say a rate hike should mean slightly higher rates on credit cards and business loans as well as better rrns for cds and savings accounts. they had been keeping the
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interest rate near zero while the economy recovered from the recession. but they say the economy is looking consistently better. stocks jumped on wall street today where traders were expecting the rate hike and were encouraged by the feds remarks. the dow gained kun 12 points. the s&p added 919. a anti-semitic hate crime investigation going on at a local school. >> i don't think it was against me personal. coming up next, a sign of af jewish home that someone apparently burned. one a such a high profile data breach will make security
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better. a chief -- fire chief sends in her resignation papers during the deadly fire.
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0 pichlt police are vekt g an apparent anti sem identity i can hate -- sem identity i can hate crime -- ant see sem
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identity i can -- antisimitkrishgs crime. >> it happened where the dorms are for the hastings school of law. it's where police are investigating an apparent hate crime here. here inside a hastings law school has had this outside his darm for the past through years. >> a mazusa is a sign af jewish home. >> when i came home monday afternoon, i noticed some melting here and some kind of black -- what seems like somebody held a lighter to it. i called the police and they came over right away. they seemed to agree that someone tried to burn it. >> the burning of this -- bottom of it appears partially burned. in a statement to students and
5:33 pm
fak tile, the dean condemned what happened saying we will not tolerate any hateful action s against any members of our community. >> people want to feel safe, where we work, where people are studying. so, for a report to come in like this, it's deeply troublg. >> it was very shocking that somebody nr san francisco at a law school would try to burn this. i don't think it was directed against me personally, but i think that there is something larger at play right now. >> in the past few months there have been bomb threats at community centers across the country. the anti defamation league says hate crimes have been on the rise since last year's presidential campaign. >> the campaign made sort of concern groups feel more em bold en to act out. those groups -- embolden to act
5:34 pm
out. those groups felt they were being given wider audience and a wider acceptance. the d -- >> the lobby does have security guards and visitors must sign t but the floors have no security cameras. a jewish community center north of atlanta is back open tonight. the threat searched the facility and did not find an explosive. earlier this month, police arrested a man in connection with bombings in jewish community centers across the nation. authorities say a transient was seen holding an object resembling a pipe bomb. it's a busy traffic area and largely commercial. sky fox was overhead just afternoon today as police surrounded the area. the bomb squad later responded.
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it was found out later the object he was holding was harmless. the san francisco police officer shot in the head during the pursuit of a robbery suspect five months ago is being honored today. he received an award from the irish i tall yan society. he has recovered fully from his injury after months of therapy. he was shot in the head. officer downs described that traumatic moment to ktvu. >> it felt fake at first. and then the next thing i knew, i was on the ground trying to get up to keep chasing the suspect. but the right leg wasn't working and the right arm wasn't working, so i just said i'm hurt. and my partners came back to me. >> officers downs and his wife
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cory run a non profit which helps vets transition back into civilian life. he hopes to return to light duty in april. one of our stop stores ee, the justice department today formally diet g four russians in a massive hacking case that compromised 500 million yahoo attacks. the indictment is forcing cyber security experts to how best fight similar attacks in the future. anne rob in is here. >> reporter: silicone valley does have an important roll to play here. it will involve collaboration. the indictment of russian spice in conjunction with the yahoo hacking was something they suspected could happen. >> people in the security business all believe that if somebody wants to get you in
5:37 pm
particular, they're going to get you. >> reporter: he says that's why we're seeing cyber security companies here, if not to get one step ahead of hackers, to at least not fall too far behind. cyber security says she's been pushing for increased collaboration between the companies here since oddly enough the hackers seem to be sharing secrets amongst themselves. >> there are a lot of things trying to find solutions that could help. but the collaboration piece of it is not to the level that the hackers are. >> reporter: most companies are being open about not just breaches but also best practices. she says this kind of collaboration will have to extend far behind silicone valley. >> almost every country is having to go think how to
5:38 pm
protect their cities and nations and business entities, as well as their boundaries. >> reporter: experts say what happened with gentleman hoo shows us the importance of taking security serious, but all the innovation won't help without educating the consumer. >> it doesn't do anything if nobody uses it. >> reporter: experts say it's important for individuals to take responsibility here too. don't assume a company has protected your information. frank. >> thank you. the chief of the oakland fire department, theresa reed has officially filed papers to retire amid the investigation into the deadly ghost fire. she is leaving her post as questions surround her department about failures to inspect the ghost ship warehouse. 36 people died. it was the deadliest fire in the city's history. the east bay times reports that
5:39 pm
chief reed filed for retire tment on the same day her pension vested. a nationwide search for a new fire chief will begin immediately. in sacramento the state and senate finance committee discussed how to prevent fires like last year's ghost ship fire. it is trying to define ways to -- ways to define laws. a father of one of the victims who died testified that young people are continuing to move into abandoned warehouses because they can't find affordable housing anywhere else. he wants lawmakers to adjust existing building codes is young people can live and work safely in these types of mixed use buildings. >> if you don't do this rgs they are going to go continue do -- to do these underground things. they will be forced to do them in more dangerous places. then you will have another ghost
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ship. >> officials say the ghost ship artist collect d did not have a permit to be a work live space. members of his own party say they have seen no evidence yet of spying on tufrp towers -- troufrp towers. -- trump towers.
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. a live look at a rally going
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on in nashville for president donald trump. he is speaking to a crowd of thousands there. in the past 15 minutes, he railed against the federal judge's decision in hawaii to put a hold on the travel ban. he called the ruling unprecedented judicial over age. fbi director jane kol bee has agreed to testify about russia's alleged interference during the election. today members of the house committee addressed president trump's assertion that former president obama had trump wire tapped during the campaign. so far they say there is no evidence that is true. >> president obama wouldn't
5:44 pm
physically go over and physically fire tap some of the now i have to take if you are going to take the tweets, he was wrong. >> president trump didn't think that president obama personally tapped his phones and h actually concerned with other types of surveillance. a vet man from northern california is to help vets who have fallen on hard times. he began raising money and handing out food to homeless vets after an encounter with a veteran living on the streets. >> he was freezing cold and hungry. so, i gave him any jacket and i gave him my food. he started crying. so i decided i was going to commit myself and my time to helping other vets in my area. >> he has set up a gofundme page to he can continue to help
5:45 pm
fellow veterans. martin said he was resigning to take another job in missouri. this comes after the bears lost in the first round of the nip tournament. the bears were the number one seed. hours after resigning, martin agreed to a seven-year deal to be the new head coach at the university of missouri. the. exploding electronics aboard an international flight. coming up, one woman's frightening ordeal that left her with serious burns to her face and neck. struck no more. tracking a sea line that was trapped, as it heads back t sacramento river. i have a little rain to talk about. see you back here after the break.
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. that way ward sea lion that got stuck in a drainage canal is on the move again. marine man mall rescuers nick named him leisure. he spent time in a culvert before he disappeared into a drainage pipe last night. today he appeared to be finding his way back to the delta all on his own. >> i don't know how he did it, i give props to him for traveling.
5:49 pm
hey, winter vacation, spring vacation, whatever is coming up. >> marine buy olgss say he is a young -- biology d -- biologists say he is a young male. this afternoon he was still heading east toward the sacramento river delta. we are talking about a cloud cover that really dramatically dropped temperatures out there today. high 60s, low 70s. 10, 15 degrees cooler than yesterday because of this cloud cover. >> you can see the swoop g kind of calm there. that's the frontal sis tm. it's moving through the north bay right now. if you come in a little closer here, you can see -- i'm trying to get this going for you. excuse me for a second. i am going to walk. now we're cooking. so, there's the -- up close you can see where the showers mainly are and are not. most of it is
5:50 pm
right up np here in sacramento. look at all that cloud over -- up in here in sacramento. look at all that cloud cover above us. that is going to stick around for about 18 hours. tomorrow it starts to clear out. that will give us a mostly sunny day tomorrow. here is where the temperatures are now. 67 in livermore. seems warm, right. look at the difference. it's 19 degrees cooler in santa rosa. just significant cooling. beautiful shot out there. looking like winter again. we've had a good run of dry weather. the creeks are coming down. the reservoirs are pretty darn full and we're getting a break out there. we do see some showers in the long-range model that want to come in towards the end of next week. as we head into your bay area saturday and sunday, we might see a few sprinkles as well. so, i will show that you in the five-day. here is tomorrow morning in san
5:51 pm
jose. here is tomorrow lunch time, partly cloudy, partly su 68 degrees. that's the forecast for basically the entire bay area sky tomorrow. temperatures back up. not in the 80s, but back into the low 70s. so, tomorrow morning, clearing in the afternoon. here comes friday morning. nice day. here comes friday after noovenlt looks good. and then you will see the flow change. you will see the sky drop down. that's saturday morning. still not a deal breaker. do your stuff, play your baseball, whatever. even saturday afternoon not a big deal. i think saturday night, sunday morning we might see a sprinkle. we'll check that as we get closer. 72 in pleasant, and five-day forecasts. warmer on friday. a little cereal on the bay. nothing substantial except next week there is a couple of models have done a few runs in a row.
5:52 pm
they update every four hours. they keep updating with the same solution for next week, which potentially could be real wet. >> what does real wet mean. >> a couple of inches, maybe three inches of rain. it would be like a return to winter warm storm. let's see what it does tonight at 10:00 and we will update you. >> thank you. really interesting from florida. a mcdonald's employee is being called a hero after he jumped right through a drive-thru window to help save a ks mer. >> i never panicked at all. my brain was on hero mode. totally. >> do you feel like a hero? >> he certainly was a hero. 22-year-old pedro was working at a drive-thru at a mcdonald's and he saw a female driver pass by
5:53 pm
the window unconscious. that's when he jumped through the mother to help. her kids were screaming, mother, mother, stop it. what are you doing? >> if i would have need to die to save that woman, i would have done it. >> he tried to stop the car which came to a rest on the curve. it turns out the driver was an off duty police officer. another mcdonald's employee performed cpr until paramedics arrived. that woman in s now hospitalized in critical condition. a pair of battery powered headphones exploded on a flight. we will show you pick toors of the woman who was wearing that. gathering up for march mad ns in sacramento this weekend. how several police agencies plan on keeping the public safe. also new at 6:00, after a series of winter storms, clean ups on the way. how much money is it expected to take to repair damage in the
5:54 pm
north bay.
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5:56 pm
. a woman sleeping on a flight from china to australia. look at this. this is when she woke up. she found her headphones were blowing up around her face. you can see her sheekz and face were full of soot. she pulled the headphones on to the floor which also caused burns to her hand. it's not clear who made the
5:57 pm
headphones, but they were powered by lithium eye on batteries which caused other devices like the samsung note phone to catch fire. tom has been following the changes whip started back in the 1990s. >> tom, what do you make of that. >> reporter: if they are defective the problem is that they can then have a number of problems. number one, they can heat up. they can melt down. they can catch on fire and they can explode. most of the batteries these days are safe. but if you get cheaper batteries and they are not well made, it's entirely possible that something like this can and often does happen. >> are there advantages to these batteries. >> reporter: many. they have a lot of power. they can last a long, long time. you can stick them on the shelf for a decade and they will still have power when you start to use
5:58 pm
them. >> what causes them to fail. >> reporter: usually there is some sort of im pure tee in the paste that's inside. if those im pure tease are there, basically -- im pure tee is there -- im pure -- iment mpurity is there, they can expel gases. that's one of the reasons they are banned from the cargo hold on airlines. that's why they want to you bring them to the cabin where they have fire ex tinge ish ers. >> i never know, should i buy a name brand, what should i look for. >> reporter: i would say that would be somebody who has a lot to lose if something happens. the overwhelming majority of them are safe.
5:59 pm
but the problem is that when you buy some of these devices that are mooefrd seas and they don't necessarily have those name brand batteries or they have the kind of battery that's very very cheap rgs then these kinds of problems can occur, and as i say, often do. >> tom, thank you. , thank you. . another roadblock for president trump's travel ban. a federal judge in hawaii has put the new executive order on hold just hours before it was set to take effect. good evening. >> the judge in hawaii granted a temporary restraining order stopping the 2.0, version, if you will of the travel ban, at least for the moment. the state's attorney has argued that the new travel ban was no better than the first one, it would prevent their travel.
6:00 pm
half a dozen states rgs including california, plan to challenge the travel ban. the u.s. government attorneys insist that restriction sts on travel from six mostly muslim countries are constitutional and do not discriminate and president trump just responded in the past half hour. >> this new order was tailored to the dictates of the ninth circuit's in my opinion, flawed ruling. this is, in the opinion of many, an unprecedented jew digs over reach joop democrats, including california senator camila harris also responded. she tweeted that the trump administration should listen to what the majority of americans want. end the muslim ban and take action that actually keeps us safe. >> reporter: professor, you have


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