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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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of an inch and red why city .69 and san francisco over a half- inch of rainfall and san jose .11. outside right now here is the live camera towards oakland and lots of overcast and enough moisture that you can still encounter scattered showers but this is what we went through. 12 hours of radar showing you that front moving across the bay area and looking to the sierra we had the snowfall. come to go to south bay, gilroy and morgan hill and san jose scattered rain to talk about and portions of the east bay and fremont and then we will move the maps around up in portions of the north bay. still some action out towards napa and towards lake county as well. we will have lingering rainfall but a nice break for saturday. we will talk about that more.
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>> today's rain for a slow commute. here is a look at the dry. the red is the slow spots and the bay bridge not so bad but 80 is bad and 880 is bad and we got 580 in livermore and 680 is is in fremont. in berkeley the slow traffic and the commute on the right. aquatic park in berkeley on the right-hand population of the screen and it is slow going as it usually is. highway 101 in san francisco and it is jammed up getting onto the bridge and once on the bridge the traffic is moving okay. the commute for drivers. in 15 minutes we will have more on the conditions and a lot of action as kids are heading out there for the weekend. you can download the weather app and we are posting updates
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on facebook and twitter and instagram. now to a day of high drama on capitol hill where republican leaders in the house pulled their health care bill minutes before a scheduled vote. republicans were split and it had to go down. president trump blamed democrats united in their opposition. >> when they get together for a health care bill for this country, we are open to it. >> this was not a good bill. a tack bill disguised as a health care bill. the cristina ren don't is here to tell us more and why it failed. >> the devil is in the details and republicans could not reach a consensus on where to cut and how much to cut as a result
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obama care survived and remains the law of the land with the trump administration now planning to turn his attention to other issues. >> we came really close today but up short. >> house speaker paul ryan moments before the american healthcare act was up for a vote stunning the political world but pulling the bill all together. >> we had no democrats support and they weren't going to give us a single vote. a definitely thing to do. >> negotiations between gop leaders and both conservative and moderate republicans continued to the 11th hour. mike pence canceling a preplanned trip and racing over to the capitol to persuade his side to push it through. house speaker paul ryan heading towards 1600 pennsylvania avenue, the final meeting with president trump. >> the worse is yet to come
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with obama care. >> i have been saying for the last year that the best thing we can do politically speaking is let obama care explode. it is exploding right now. >> democrats publicly pulling for the bill and in the end getting their wish. >> today is a great day for our country. what happened is a victory for the american people. >> today's defeat in congress means a bigger campaign promise will go unfull filled. the president suggested that maybe the republicans will work more with democrats but there is no plans to ressurect the republican bill. >> let's bring in our political analyst paul ryan. trying to tackle health care first in the infancy of his presidency. >> yes. i think he was counting on the president. he was counting on paul ryan, the speak of the house to wrestle into the arena all the
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republicans and that was not at the end of the day possible. >> nancy pelosi called it a rookie mistake. not the first time it has happened to a president and won't be the last. what is the most important thing that president trump learned. >> the learning is that the congress has a say and the general branch has a say and to the extent he learns and understands that he needs to lobby people in advance and not at the 11th hour. he will learn. this is not bad in the sense that it may be for the president going forward. >> he didn't get this through for lack of trying. he left everything on the field. do you think it was flawed when house speaker paul ryan talked about it. >> doing something at the last moment, that is typical.
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but it was the ramp up that was not good. we heard that out of washington d.c. and he was calling for bringing it to the house floor. what about the president's agenda, will it face similar obstacles. >> he will go after, i would think now the tax reform where republicans have an interest in that and some of these other things that he thinks he can get the vote for. he will circle back to health care but for a while it will sit there. >> is this going to change the perception of donald trump. he came in talking i'm the winner and i'm the guy that can close the deal and negotiate. that is what i do and now we have seen right here with a major failure when it comes to health care. >> i think what we have learned in, you can come out of an industry like business into something like politics and not be good because in business,
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you get to call your own shots. ran the company. in politics you have people to convince. did he learn lessons? he will benefit. if he is bitter and thinks his republicans compatriots let him down he won't learn. >> what about house speaker paul ryan. he had a lot of skin in the game. how did president trump express support after the failure. does it affect paul ryan's standings. >> yes. his job was to put together the number of votes required to deliver this victory and the president worked hard as you say but it was the ramp up. he didn't have the number of votes that he needed and he is still allowed it to get this close and to be perceived as a defeat. >> the republicans have the white house and the senate and the house. the first two years is when they need to get things done
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before the midterm elections come and generally they lose a lot of seats in both the house and the senate. how bad is this for them. >> it can be a real problem. >> the president says it will implode. how do they look at the next time. >> with the help of democrats. that would be the ideal way. >> for replacing. >> yes possibly. there are systemic problems. high deductibles and high premiums. the cost of the medicine.
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acknowledges that. >> as opposed to starting over. >> this is law the president says. harris said what he said this is law, still is. coming up. details on what could be a final push to keep the raiders from moving to las vegas. and in the weather tracking rain through the bay area and changes you might like for the week end and another system we are tracking off. we will talk about that coming up. >> a tragedy in sacramento. new details about the killings of four people including two children. >> why the kids? why the babies. >> i can't understand it.
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new details on the investigation in to a quadruple homicide. learning about the suspect. the suspect is back in san francisco behind bars. family members say he is the estranged husband of one of the women killed and that two children that were killed were his son and daughter.
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>> a heinous quadruple murder has torn a part a family. >> the former colleague angel vasquez and two children and another adult were killed in their south land park home. salvador vasquez is their father and husband. >> this is a big call for love that if you had to do this, you were in so much pain to have to take your family out. >> the 5 6-year-old is behind bars at the sacramento county jail facing four counts of murder for a crime horrific enough to disgust the community and the family and officers. >> lauren hammon says the children, an 11-year-old boy and 13-year-old girl that she describes as quiet and reserved. >> we watched them learn how to ride a bike and skateboard. roller skate up and down the street.
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so losing them is hurtful. >> the children attended john cabrio elementary school and hammon was never known to be capable of such a heinous crime. >> he should have done something else. i won't say that what that is but the answer is never to kill your family. >> the california department of employment development says that vasquez worked for eed and so did beverly. they were in the process of splitting up and let him move back in the home and beverly is in denial about this woman and her kids are gone. >> why the kids and the babies? i don't understand it. and i can't get my heads
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around. >> it vasquez will be arraigned on monday afternoon. new at six a man is behind bars suspected of multiple counts of child molestation. gary burbank was taken into custody yesterday. investigators say a search of his residence uncovered evidence that he had sexual contact with three minors between the ages of 14 and 16. burbank was booked at the martinez jail on multi counts of aggravated sexual assault. a owner of a vintage store is speaking out after selling fur made from endangered animals. >> they only came here. there were six or other stores and they called me and said what should we get off of the floor. >> sicily has owned the decades of fashion since 1968. after receiving anonymous tip
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the fish and wildlife seized 150 jackets and closing made from cheetahs and jaguars and other endangered animals. it is okay to own vintage furs and skins of endangered animals it is not legal to sell them. sicily will return next month. if convicted she faces up to four years in prison and a fine of $45,000. a san francisco homeowner is seeking landmark status for her beloved redwood tree got support. the forestry council says the 50-year-old tree meets the criteria to be a landmark. mary j planted the redwood in the russian hill neighborhood in honor of her husband and two children that died in a plane crash in 1962. she says she wants the tree to be preserved after she is gone. >> i knew they had to see the beauty and the inspiration. a magnificent tree in the heart of the city.
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>> some neighbors oppose the designation saying they are concerned about the safety if large branches should fall from the one hundred foot free. the board of supervisors will make a final decision within the next couple of months. >> back now to the snow in the sierra. higher elevations. a couple of feet of new snow on the highways. train controls in effect over most mountain passes. the storm is expected to last right on through the weekend. >> reporter max restic has more on the snow in the sierra. >> friday another slow and snow day in the sierra. >> i was doing 25 miles per hour. we are trying to get to the bay. >> brunch time 7-inches of snow fell and about a foot is expected to come down. on interstate 80. drivers paid the price. >> want to avoid the accident. >> all westbound traffic was
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stopped at donner lake interchange after a big rig overturned. a road camera showed the back of the car is forced to wait it out. la net evans drove back from reno and the road closed at donner lake after she passed through. >> i was telling my mother if we get caught and they shut it down we will be here for a while and we made it with probably minutes. >> as the day progressed and more spin outs cal tran had enough. baxter was as far as eastbound commuters were allowed to go until the conditions and driving improved. >> the second somebody crashes we have to hold traffic. there is no traffic breaks where we can pull them out. we stop traffic. i won't risk anybody's life. with the added snowfall that is 7-inches in sugar bowl, they have over 7-inches of snow for the season. it has been amazing.
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this was the perspective from the mountains where they had train controls on interstate 80. reporting a mixed precipitation of light rain towards blue cannon. the snow levels have been coming up. as you can see in the radar thing are fading out and lingering rain to talk about in portions of the south bay as you can see from gilroy to morgan hill. closer to san jose, san jose reporting light rain for the 6:00 observation and up in the north bay coverage up towards portions of napa county and lake county. even up towards morin. enough the flooding that was from earlier today you can see here. outside now the live camera looks like drops scattered on the camera and looks out towards san francisco bay. mostly cloudy skies. we will hold onto scattered rain showers for tonight and
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tomorrow morning. we are expectingpartly to mostly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 40s and 50s and that will be in san francisco at 7:00 a.m. 52 degrees by 12:00. partly cloudy in the upper 50s and by 3:00 partly cloudy skies and to get the idea of a break as we head into your saturday and then changes by sunday, we will talk about that coming up in a few minutes. coming up. bart is heading south to a new destination. >> ladies and gentlemen, we are on our way to san jose. up next. the new station that is set to open tomorrow and the excitement it is bringing to silicon valley. >> the state high school basketball champions under way and one team has already one. they did it with 8 players. their story later in sports. guns and drugs and cash all seized from a home in the bay area. what we are learning about the suspect.
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new at six a man has been arrested jerome trainer. there was a probation search. officers say that they found four handguns and $40,000 in cash and cocaine. trapper was arrested on drug and weapons charges. the long wasted bart station in south fremont will open for business tomorrow. and today bart invited the public top tom vacar tells us
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about the new station and two more coming down the line. >> perhaps the trio creating a rail loop around the bay draws closer today and later this year. 18 years in the planning and 8 years in construction, bart's warm springs station was dedicated today and will open to the public tomorrow morning. the station has almost 2100 spaces but the monthly reserve spots were sold out. given the difficulty of the complex system. warm springs is the gateway to silicon valley a towering achievement financially. >> this is our 46th station that we are opening on the bart line and this station came in one hundred millioned under budget. >> initially bart expects the 7000 riders will use the station and that will increase
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very quickly into crowding because the nimitz free way is jammed for every commute. >> the only way out is to get the new cars and to be careful about getting rid of the old cars until you got plenty. >> for fremont it could generate badly needed new housing. >> this is an opportunity for future development and this is bringing the future to fremont. >> it will be the pivot point heading down to santa clara county. >> there will be two more stations south. ten miles deeper into silicon valley and connecting to v ta. milpitas and a huge parking garage is well along. main construction on the bareas station is done and bart believes it will be done this year as well. >> at that august 1999 meeting. we started with the song do you
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know the way to san jose? >> ladies and gentlemen, we are on our way to san jose. >> in the coming years when bart has 775 of its new cars in service. it will have more stations. way more capacity and way more ability to serve the bay area's needs. >> tom vacar. fox 2 news. we have a hail mary effort to keep the raiders in oakland. >> we have a stadium plan and we are ready to build it. coming up next. details what could be the city's last chance to keep the team from moving to las vegas. the controversial pipeline moving forward. the green light that has environmental groups outraged. >> two high end cars stole from an a bay area high school. the investigation under way. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next.
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now to today's top stories, an astonishing loss for president trump and republicans. withdrawing the health care bill before the vote after it became clear that there was not enough votes. the president blamed it on democrats that strong low
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opposed the bill. >> they have obama care for allege while longer before it ceases to exist which it will. this is their bill. >> the democrats say the failure of the bill is a victory for the american people. >> today's rainy weather cause the problems where green valley road is flooded. it is closed until further notice. the dry weather we have had since february allowed them to release enough water from the reservoir to make room for more water. a decision may be near for the future of the oakland raiders. they will be holding a meeting and it is possible that they could move to los angeles monday. >> the city of oakland with the development move led by ronnie lott offered


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