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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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die hard raiders fans protest a possible move to las vegas as new reports surface that roger goeddel has concerns about the new stadium. after more than two decades of planning and construction the new bart station opens for business. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts next. >> good evening. we begin with new developments in the oakland raiders possible move to las vegas. the east bay times reports nfl commissioner roger goeddel has written a letter to lib by shaft about -- bibby shaft with -- libby shaft with concerns. he says the proposal isn't specific enough. raiders fans gavted outside and -- gathered outside and inside
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in a bid to prevent the team from moving. mall mall has the -- malcolm has the details. >> the football season begins september 7, 2017. for fans of the oakland raiders today was game day. >> yeah, the fourth quarter. we got to pound it in the end zone and get them to stay. >> the loyal fans first gathered across the coliseum -- across from the coliseum asking for a united front. >> we know the strength is here. and this is one of the most people power driven communities around the united states. the nfl knows they can make the most money here economically. >> they need 24 yes votes to move the team to vegas. julie morton remembers when they left before and has heard enough of relocation talk.
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>> it's like a bad marriage. the spouse cheats, you let them back, they go again i'm done. >> inside the east side stadium club the mayor stated the case that the latest financing plan addresses concerns the league may have. >> the city has agreed to put up $200 million to build the public infrastructure and do the site preparation. and importantly, that money will be paid back only through revenues derived at the venue. >> the jeb fund wouldn't be at -- general fund wont be at risk. private groups would also provide a loan. >> there's a lot of questions in vegas about how the numbers work. there are no questions here. these numbers work. >> what's not guaranteed is if the raiders and mark davis will sit at the table. but the major say tgs pot is -- says the pot is sweet. >> in the package we delivered
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this week, we will give the raiders the right to select future developments in the way that does not conflict with their interests. >> fans ended the day by marching the perimeter of the coliseum to let the nfl know there is legacy and loyalty in oakland. they hope the league is listening. the long-awaited vote will be heard monday. that's when we find out if fans of the silver and black may be seeing red. fox 2 news. san francisco police have detained a woman wo allegedly fired -- who allegedly fired a gun while barricaded in an apartment. it happened at the 200 block of turk street. no one was hurt and they talked the woman into surrendering around 11:00 a.m. officers believe she may need mental health care. they have not said if she'll be arrested. a police vehicle reportedly hit and injured a motorcyclist this morning. it happened before 8:00 a.m.
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at 19th street and broadway. the motorcyclist was transported to a hospital and is reportedly in stable condition. but it's not clear how badly he was injured. the officer was not hurt and there's no word on whether the officer had his lights or siren on or who's at fought. it's been -- at fault. it's been almost two decades in the making. the newest bart station is open. it's in south fremont and will make commuting easier for the south bay. trains began running in and out of the brand new warm springs bart station in south fremont. riders greeted by the rotunda made with panels of glass. the state of the art facility is being called the gateway to silicon valley. it took 18 years of getting to this point. many years of planning and eight years of construction. >> how excited are you? >> it's long overdue.
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>> station connects alameda and santa clara busses. the station boasts 45 charging stations for electric vehicles and more than 1,000 parking space. more construction is expected as bart plans to build a suspension bridge across the railroad tracks to connect homes and businesses on the east side with the station. bart says the project came $100 million under budget. fremont officials say adding public transportation options to the area will generate badly needed new housing. >> it's a new neighborhood and opportunity for us to provide a future vision for transit- oriented development. this is helping us bring the future of fremont. >> by the end of the year two more stations are expected to be added. well eight families in pleasant hill don't have a permanent home after a fire damaged their apartment complex. it happened before 9:30 last
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night. firefighters say two units were destroyed and two others were damaged by smoke and water. four units were not damaged but people in the apartments could not go back because the gas and electricity had been shut off. firefighters say it's too early o know what -- too early to know what caused the fire. >> our fire investigator will determine the cause. at this point it's under investigation. >> everyone made it out safely of that building and no one was hurt. pleasantville police investigating a deadly pedestrian accident near interstate 680. it happened near the mine boulevard off-ramp this morning. the chp says a 20-year-old man died after being hit by three passing cars while he was standing in the northbound lanes of the freeway. two of the drivers stopped after hitting the man and are now cooperating with authorities. but the chp says the first car to strike him left the scene. it's still not clear why the victim was standing in the freeway. and further south in
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pleasanton the chp is investigating another fatal crash on interstate 680. it happened in the northbound direction near the stone ridge drive exit. a man in his 40s was driving a sedan when he smashed into the center divide and flipped over. >> for unknown reasons, it appears the man may have lost control. we don't know if speed or intoxication were a factor. we're still investigating. >> the driver was the only person in the car. officers say it does not appear any other vehicle was involved in this crash. city crews in richmond began repair work on a storm damaged roadway today. there was a sinkhole near el portal drive. they noticed a dip in the street pavement and a swk twalk -- and the sidewalk following weeks of heavy rains. in 2010 a massive sink home at this same -- sinkhole at this
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same location led to a local state of emergency. several fights at a pro- trump rally in huntington beach. exactly what happened isn't clear. this video shows what appears to be three our four people dressed as members of the black block pushing, shoving, and occasionally fight with rally -- fighting with rally goers. one person was tackled and beaten. four people were arrested. three men on suspicion of illegal use of a taser and one woman on suspicion of assault and battery. washington is still reeling from yesterday's stinging defeat for the republicans and president trump after house republican leaders pulled legislation to repeal the affordable care act from a vote on the house floor. as kevin cork reports the failure leaves a major trump campaign promise unfulfilled. >> yesterday wasn't a victory for the american people. it was a victory for the status quo in washington, d.c. and a victory for the disaster of
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obamacare. but i promise you that victory won't last very long. >> elected officials in washington are continuing to feel the fallout after failure of the gop's american health care act. the bill was pulled from the house floor before it went to a vote on friday. democrats in congress are celebrating what they see as the end of the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare. but president trump isn't accepting defeat just yet, taking to the offensive on twitter saying he'll lead the charge in replacing obamacare once it quote explodes. mr. trump's opponent in the 2016 election chimed in on the defeat of the bill. hillary clinton tweeting that it was quote a victory for all americans. many are calling the failure a major loss for president trump. repealing and replacing obamacare after all was one of the top campaign promises. >> they control the house of representatives. the republican control the senate. he's a new republican
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president. there's no excuse why he shouldn't have been able to pass his own initiative other than this bill was a di sas fer. >> the -- disaster. >> the president is convinced it will be democrats that are blamed. >> they own it. 100% own it. and this is not a republican health care. this is not anything but a democrat health care and they have obamacare for a little while longer until ceases to exist which it will. >> the trump administration meantime is ready to move on from health care to tackle the next big ticket item on their legislative agenda, tax and regulatory reform. at the white house kevin cork fox news. alameda county food bank managers say march is a hard time to find do nations and -- donations and volunteers. some of our colleagues turned out to help.
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claudine wong was among them. they were joined by others including alex savage and paul chambers sorting apples, oranges, and pears. >> most of the food we're distributing is farm-fresh produce straight from the farm in big giant bins. what our volunteers are doing is making sure that the fruits and vegetables are okay to be distributed. and we're bagging them up and putting them in bins that go out to our community. that way a family can just go and take a bag almost as if they're the a grocery store except the food is free. >> food bank managers say that ab slightly rely on -- absolutely rely on the help of volunteers to get ready for delivery. coming up the investigation now underway after a u.s. airstrike in iraq reportedly kills as many as 100 civilians. and part of the las vegas strip is shut down after gun
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fire breaks out near a popular hotel and casino. and our weather after the rainfall yesterday, nice to see the sunshine today. looking towards san jose and the hills. tracking another system developing offshore that will impact your sunday forecast. we break down your shower chances as we head into the second half of the weekend.
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in britain today demonstrators took to the streets of london protesting brexit, the vote to leave the european union. they want to coincide with the sum it many rome. in roam -- um mitt in rome. -- summit in rome. british police have
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released seven people arrested in connection with wednesday's terror attack in london. but two others are still being questioned. police say the men were being questioned in central england near the home of khalid masood. on wednesday police say masood killed four people after he drove an suv into a crowd and fatally stabbed a police officer. he was later shot dead by police. the royal embassy of saudi arabia says he worked there for several years. he did not have a criminal record there. authorities in france arrested two people accused of helping a soldier who attacked -- help a man who attacked two soldiers at an an airport. -- at an airport. french police say the gunman was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when he staged the attack. it happened at paris' second busiest airportment witnesses say he -- airport. witnesses say he said he was there to die for alla hshg.
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an -- allah. an airstrike in mosul that reportedly killed more than 100 citizen was reportedly launched by the u.s. government troops were fighting forces in the area at time. and u.s. officials did not confirm the reports of civilian casualties but say they have opened an investigation. police shut down part of the famed las vegas strip today after a deadly shooting at 10:45 this morning near the cosmopolitan hotel and casino. two people were add itted to the hospital and -- admitted to the hospital. one died. and other is expected to recover. the gunman barricaded himself in a bus. he sur rend everied peace -- surrendered peacefully at 3:30 this afternoon. earlier the bellagio casino and hotel in las vegas went on
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lockdown after an armed burglary inside the casino. just before 1:00 this morning three men wearing masks smashed the store's windows to break in. at first police and hotel guests thought it was an active shooter situation because one of the burglars fired a shot inside the store. the store was not open at time. one person was taken into custody and no one was hurt. harrison ford's near miss on an orange county runway is being investigated by the faa. for the first time we're hearing the conversation between the actor and air traffic control. >> i must have landed on the taxiway. >> yeah, just a couple quick things. >> i was distracted by the airliner which was in -- moving when i turned to the runway. and also the landing.
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>> if you didn't hear it ford referred to himself as quote the schmuck who landed on the taxiway. the 74-year-old said he got confused by the jet on the runway as well as turbulence from a nearby plane. thankfully nobody was hurt. people around the world will draw attention to climate change tonight by turning off their lights. at 8:30 p.m. local time lights will be switched off for one hour. it's the earth hour organized by the world wildlife fund in aus stral ya. in addition to -- australia. in addition to private citizens many landmarks will go dark. including the golden gate bridge, the space needle, and the identical tower. -- the eiffel tower. crashes on the highways. caltrance is re-- cal trans is
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-- caltrans is reminding drivers to check where you might need chains. we go to tom-tom in thewet -- we go to mark tamayo in the weather center. >> wind in place so not completely sunny and warm but sunny breaks. thicks changer -- things changed rapidly. some changes to the north and west. this energy will be diving into northern california and the bay area first thing sunday morning. first though in the form of clouds out there sunday morning should start out dry. here's a close look at the satellite with partly cloudy skies and mostly clear observations. current numbers out there. some 50s to the lower 60s. santa rosa 60 degrees. livermore 61. sfo 57. and san francisco in the mid- 50s. a taking a little move on the camera. see some of the clouds floating over the bay.
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fairly nice saturday evening across the bay area. dry for tonight and into tomorrow morning as well. with mostly cloudy skies. most areas starting out your sunday morning in the 40s to around 50 degrees. not a big change from this morning. still on the cool side. here's the deal in san francisco. increasing clouds 7:00. 52 degrees. by lunchtime mostly cloudy, 59. in the afternoon hours we bring in the chance of some showers. especially after 4:00 or 5:00 we bump up to chances. thankfully this will not be a big storm. it's not even really a storm but a system moving into california. as we pit this into motion -- put this into motion sunday at noon things won't change until the evening. potentially a tenth of an inofch of -- an inch in the south bay.
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taking about some afternoon and -- talking about some afternoon and evening showers. as the system moves out as we head to next week for tuesday and wednesday especially. if you're missing warmer temperatures you'll like this forecast. a few more 70s beginning tuesday. here's the forecast model showing you this, the clouds tomorrow morning. as we put this into motion by the afternoon hours here by 3:00 the best chance of rain showers will be up in the north bay and then between 5:00 and 8:00 the rain showers spread to the south in the bay area. lasting until 10:00 or early monday morning. this is 4:00 a.m. monday. throughout the day monday we should have clear skies. as far as temperatures for tomorrow mostly cloudy skies. those readings will be in the upper 50s to the 60s. here's a look ahead. your five-day forecast. some clouds, there's that rain cloud we're talking about. tomorrow maybe a lingering sprinkle into monday morning. christina, i know you requested
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the sunny, warm weather pattern. i delivered for tuesday and wednesday. 70s there. chance of a shower on thursday. very very tiny chance. >> thanks so much, mark. coming up. high school basketball state championship on the line in smenz. and the first -- in sacramento. and the first ticket was punched for the final four. joe fonzi has the highlights in sports.
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you're watching the bay area's news leader ktvu fox 2. ♪ i see your true colors shining through ♪ >> more than a thousand people came to a memorial service for debbie reynolds and carrie fisher. they died within a day of each other last year. todd fisher said his mother didn't like memorials or funerals so he made it like a party and gave friends and colleagues a chance to say good- bye. we're joined now by joe fonzi in sports. i'm sure everyone's bracket is busted. >> mine was on the first week. >> big game in san jose. >> there are the cinderella teams that get to a certain point and then there's a wall. one of its final four teams. a team that's never been there
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before. gonzaga against xavier this afternoon. finals of the western regional. gonzaga doing everything possible to prove they're the best in the west. killian tilly makes the final pass. the bulldogs hot. nigel nigel williams-goss. more of the same in the second half. jordan matthews with a three. gonzaga up by 16 at this point. and more pretty passing here as its matthews on the lob to jonathan williams. williams kicked in 19 of his own. all that was left was a little comic relief. josh perkins makes the steal. gets to the hoop while the girl with the broom is still in the middle 06 a little -- middle of a little clean up. gonzaga with a win ending the cinderella story. first final four against the winner of south carolina, florida. state high school
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basketball championships continuing today in sacramento. northern california champs against their counterparts from the south. catholic against es pa ran sa in the -- esparanza in the court. one lead the entire game. they close within through from kyrie walker. the aztecs had an answer whenever they needed one. two and a half minutes left. the mariners see their title hopes disappear. division four boys' championship decided with vallejo st. patrick saint vincent against gila high. henderson with the jam. double-double. 12 points, ten rebounds. they outscored 27-30 in the second quarter.
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st. patrick st. vin sent celebrates a state title with a 59-46 win. got to feel happy for those high school kids who get a chance for a state championship. >> that's awesome. thank so much joe. coming up tonight at 10:00 on the news. a man found dead near an elementary school in the south bay. it's being ruled a homicide. the investigation underway and what witnesses say they saw. that tonight at 10:00. thanks for making ktvu your source for news. you can always find us on have a good night. ing, isn't it?
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