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they've been threatening to move for several years now, but a vote tomorrow could send the oakland raiders packing for las vegas. what the mayor says about the upcoming relocation vote as the nfl owners and their annual meeting gets underway. almost 100 police officers would respond to san jose after reports of soccer fans, throwing rocks and bottles at each other. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. right now owners are in phoenix for the first day of their annual meeting. one of the more important issues for the raider fans is the upcoming vote on the team's relocation to las vegas. in a letter sent to oakland mayor libby schaaf, roger goodell responded to the team to keep them from leaving. despite all these efforts ours and yours, we have not yet
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identified a viable solution. it is disappointing to me and our clubs to have come to that conclusion. well just about an hour ago libby schaaf stopped by our studios here and responded to the commissioner's letter. >> in that letter he raises twoissues, which we take issue with. one is the land deal is not completely certain. well how can it be certain when the raiders, the primary party have not been at the table. you need another party to finish your negotiations. and then second he raises the issue of the oakland a's. we can start building for the raiders right now and they can play side by side for probably two years. it is not necessary for us to kick out our a's. we're not going to. >> we will have more from oakland mayor libby schaaf -- oakland's mayor libby schaaf. 24 of the 32 owners need to approve that proposal and we're told a vote could come as soon as tomorrow. our joe fonzi is in phoenix
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right now keeping an eye on that meeting. we'll have the latest from him tonight on the 10:00 news. san jose police say officer high school to break up a fight today between fans of two different soccer teams. it happened shortly before 3:00 this afternoon. they are a stadium on the avenue a. some fans started throwing rocks and bottles at each other and tore down a fence. dozens of police vehicles were at the stadium. there were long lines outside waiting to get in for the match. police say no one was injured and they didn't make any arrests. the soccer match was between two mexican-linked teams. club america and mercano. happening right now that wet weather is slowly moving back into the bay area. here is a live look from our camera looking towards treasure island. there might be some treasure on treasure island because there's a rainbow right there. but they tell you the sky is wet out there. >> yeah, a beautiful shot though. let's check in with mark tamayo who has been tracking all the rain. as i was driving in from the north bay i hit some sprinkles. >> a few showers moving in
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right now. excellent producing with the time and the rainbow right now over the bay. but yeah the system, it is a fairly weak one, but they will move through the bay area over the next two to three hours. producing some rain showers out there. rainfall totals, the bulk of this action has been focused up to the north bay. guerneville and sonoma county point to .13. clover dale .11. the same measurement there at .11 as the amounts are tapering off for santa rosa and lake port. we're adding to the portions of the bay area. lots of clouds up and down with some green to talk about. it took some time for the rain showers to develop. but here is the coverage. portions of the north bay moving out pretty quickly. so we have the coverage right now for sonoma and napa. looks like the heavier cell in napa and american canyon approaching cordilla moving the maps to the south with some rain showers. this was over san francisco
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about 10 to 15 minutes ago. but then right now over oakland and san leandro, this is all mostly on the light side as this energy moves to the south. there's the coverage right now closer to berkeley. looks like a little bit of the heavier cell closer right around 24. and check out the golden gate bridge camera over the past hour with the rain showers here. but the showers have lifted out with a few windshield wipers going off right now for the 6:00 hour. this system will move south between now and 8:00. so with that the shower chances are out there. then by later on tonight we're headed into a drying trend. this will set up the stage for a big weather change coming up over the next few days. we'll talk more about that change in the next few minutes. >> all right, thank you, mark. highway patrol is investigating a shooting on highway 280. it happened just before 3:00 in the southbound direction near the 18th street off ramp. the highway patrol says the man was found suffering from several gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital. his injuries are considered non-
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life threatening. so far it's unclear if he was in a car or how exactly it ended up on the freeway. >> we are now learning the names of those four people killed in sacramento last week on thursday. including one woman from san francisco who was visiting her aunt and cousin. >> a memorial has been growing outside the home on 35th avenue now that the road has been reopened. since it was closed three days ago for the investigation. reporter tom miller has more on the people stopping by to pay their respects. >> reporter: the yard neatly manicured. a basketball hoop out front. investigators say this is the home turned crime scene where 45-year-old vazquez, the 21- year-old niece ashley coleman and her two kids 14-year-old mia and 11-year-old alvin were murdered. >> she would have absolutely thought this was beautiful. she would have loved this sentiment. >> reporter: marquez works with them to come here to pay their respects. >> she had an amazing personality. she was just full of life. i mean there wasn't a day that went by she wasn't smiling and
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trying to help somebody out. >> reporter: the suspect is angelic's husband and father vasquez-oliva who remains in the sacramento county jail. avenue more than three days -- after more than three days of being closed, police finally opened 35th avenue giving people a chance to stop by and say good-bye. classmates of the kids brought momentos that reminded them of the two youngest victims. >> i brought this soccer ball because it was her favorite sport. i brought the angel because well she reminded me of an angel. >> he seemed pretty nice and kind to others. he helped other kids out when they needed help. >> reporter: an attempt to return to normalcy as the neighborhood grieves. >> that was tom miller reporting. tomorrow that suspect 56-year- old salvador vasquez-oliva has been charged with four counts
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of murder. it happened around 12:30 this morning at monterey road and stauffer boulevard. they arrived to find a man with serious injuries after being hit by a car. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. so far there is no description of the car and police have not released the name of the victim. sunnyvale police just announced the arrest of a volleyball coach for molesting two girls. moses martin was taken into custody on friday after a 14- year-old girl told school officials martin sent her inappropriate comments via social media. during that investigation officers discovered an additional victim. he was a volunteer coach at the sunnyvale community services and senior center facing a felony charge of sending harmful matter to a minor as well as two misdemeanor charges of annoying and molesting a minor. a secret service says a woman was arrested for trying to jump the white house fence last week was arrested again today for trying to scale a
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fence next to the president's residence. 38-year-old mar and -- marcy anderson-wall was taken into custody after an alarm sounded. she tried a similar stunt on tuesday night, but got tangled up by her shoe laces in the fence. she was charged with unlawful entry and attemptive court for violating an order not to go near the white house. president trump is apparently pretty upset about having to abandon efforts to repeal and replace obamacare. taking to twitter today saying, "democrats are smiling in dc that the freedom caucus with the help of club for growth and heritage have saved planned parenthood and oakcare." the freedom caucus is a group of house republicans who want today do away with many of the popular pieces of the affordable care act. party leaders tried to put the blame on the bill rather within fractions of the party. >> it wasn't just conservatives in the house. in fact i think more non-
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conservatives than conservatives oppose it. when you lose the chairman of the house appropriation committee, one of the most powerful positions, the problem is not really with the specific faction of the house, but with the bill. >> following defeat for the health care bill president trump said republicans will now tun to tax reform -- turn to tax reform. just who is in line to get those tax breaks and perk wills likely determine -- perks will likely determine who supports the changes. >> reporter: and they think they can get support from conservatives and democrats. it won't be easy. here is what both sides are saying. >> moving forward the president's vision on lowering taxes for every american is what's going to unite, not just the republican party, but i think some of those democrats are going to come on board if we could provide one of the biggest middle class tax cuts in the history of the country. >> if it is aimed at the middle class and poor people and doesn't give breaks to the rich they're doing great. god bless them, they're doing
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great. they don't need another tax break, we could work with them. >> reporter: having to pull the reform bill was a major blow because the bill eliminated a trillion dollars in obamacare taxes over a decade. if you got rid of those they would lower the revenue baseline for tax reform hoping to make up for the trillion with a border tax on import. it could cause prices in the u.s. to spike. but backers say it would pay for corporate tax cuts and keep businesses in the u.s. >> we want to make sure there's a level playing field between foreign products and made-in- america products here as well as abroad. >> kevin brady says the house wage and means committee plans to take up taxes this spring. they would make the tax code so simple nine out of ten americans could file their taxes on a postcard. in washington carolyn shively fox news. president trump is expected to sign an executive order this week that dismantles a central part on trying to curve global
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warming. scott pruitt says he will eliminate the clean power plan, which aims to eliminate emissions and reduce the role coal plays in the generation. president trump has been promising to bring back coal mining jobs and reduce the cost of electricity. jerry brown came out swinging today about trump's wall. >> to sit around and say hey, go ahead and lock us in and do whatever you want to deport two billion people, no we're going to fight and we're going to fight very hard. we're not going to bring stupid losses to the courthouse every day. we will be careful and strategic and we will do the right human and i would say christian thing for my point of view and you don't treat the human beings like that. >> governor brown will speak out on meet the press saying the wall is ominous, reminding them of the berlin wall. he is hoping president trump will reconnect with his spiritual side and become more
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compassionate. coming up he got his grades up with the extra chores all to see the favorite player, which of course is steph curry. after spending more than $500. they ended up being the victim of fraudulent tickets. coming up after the break how they are making their dreams come true.
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the tickets didn't work. she was like i'm sorry, ma'am, it's a busy game, you need to call stub hub there is nothing we could do. >> it is a major concern. wondering if secondary sellers are selling legitimate tickets. that woman spent hundreds of dollars trying to take her 6- year-old son to see his favorite player steph curry when the warriors played in atlanta recently. >> after learning about the family's story of those bad
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tickets, the warriors have stepped in to help all part of the team's stop fraud theme tonight. >> rob malcolm joins us live with all the details. hopefully everything worked out? >> reporter: yes, that's right heather and ken they made this young kid's dream come true. it was an act of kindness. behind this is a very important message for their fans. 6-year-old isaiah simpson watched his team shoot around. the warriors invited the family from georgia to oracle arena, a special gift for stop fraud night after tickets they bought turned out to be fake. >> we see about 40 to 50 tickets a game that come back because they didn't scan. >> reporter: the bad bounce for the family began last month when as a reward she bought tickets for her son on stub hub for the hawks and warriors game
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on march 6. the cost $545 and even received an e-mail confirmation with an order number ask and number date. but the box office said the tickets didn't work. >> i was livid. i felt i disappointed to my son because i promised something and it didn't happen. >> the warriors denied 1,000 fans access to oracle arena because of counterfeit tickets with a free flight for our hotel and press box seating with the help of the warriors, a loving mother kept her promise to her son and she was overwhelmed. this is his dream to see steph curry in a game and they wouldn't let us in and i worked so hard for those first tickets. god is so good, you know. >> reporter: this lucky bounce coming from a bad break. back here live the warriors also told me march 8 they turned away 58 fans because of
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counterfeit tickets. they're spreading the message with these t-shirts. if you buy tickets from a site that's not reputable, you are taking your chances here at the box office. we are live from oracle arena rob malcolm ktvu fox 2 news. >> i'm taking it most fans who get denied aren't going to get the warrior treatments the 6- year-old and his mom got today. in other words they're not going to say oh sorry about that come on in and meet steph. >> no, that's right. they're asked to go to the back of the line while they sort things out. in most cases if you have ever been in one of these line ups here at will call or the box office you get to face a certain level of embarrassment. guys? >> yeah, and you know it is so unfortunate to be out that money when you think you're getting a legitimate ticket, but a good reminder for all of us. thank you, we appreciate it. let's check in with mark tamayo who is taking a look at the wet weather that's moving in. >> a weak system right now producing some clouds and scattered rain showers on out there. for tonight we're going to hold on to some showers for the next
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few hours. tomorrow they'll trade the rain clouds with gusty winds. the winds do crank up especially neither coastline. the extended forecast, it is a nice one coming up. in fact it will be a warmer week coming up with more 70s on board and eventually a few neighborhoods could be flirting with 80 degrees. it'll take some time to get there. as you can see the plan for monday, tuesday, wednesday temperatures for tomorrow in the 60s. tuesday approaching the 70s. wednesday we're thinking on track to reach the mid-70s and a little bit of a drop off for their numbers by thursday. live look outside though. first we're talking about some rain drops through the camera lens. this is our emeriesville camera looking out towards san francisco bay. we are still mostly cloudy. this will be a quick mover. let's move to the south over the next few hours. on the radar and satellite right now, there's the coverage over the past few hours. we're talking about a winter weather advisory once again in the sierra. they could pick up. it's a huge snow base as we will add another three to six inches in place through early tomorrow morning. it won't be a major deal, but
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still adding the major snowfall to the forecast. the radar pattern out there, up and down in the north bay extending out towards the east bay. coming closer as you can see right now towards napa county, it looks like the steadier rain is moving closer to fairfield and vacaville and pushing the maps here. clearing out just a bit. but most of the action has been moving out towards the east bay for oakland and san leandro. then we will inspect the south bay image here. not too much, but looks like we are talking about some showers coming on board. current numbers out there mainly in the upper 50s to the lower 60s. san francisco at 55 and san jose 52 degrees. overnight lows, most areas are back down monday morning into the 40s. there's a slight chance for a shower up until 4:00 to 5:00 tomorrow morning. but for the most part we're expecting this partly cloudy skies. 50 degrees. same deal by 12:00. but as i mentioned those winds do pick up especially for a place like san francisco and especially at the coastline with the gusty winds and
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temperatures that are close to 60 degrees. so here is that front quickly moving across the bay area for tonight, producing the showers. we hinted towards their warming trend as you can see what happens. we will warm things back up nicely on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. for tonight, still talking about some showers out there. then tomorrow morning, partly cloudy skies. and the winds do ramp up though. winds are kicking up out of the northwest around 25 to 30 miles an hour. especially near the coast increasing during the afternoon. and the 50s and the 60s for tomorrow and partly cloudy skies. if you're tired of the rain, you'll like this forecast. it is is looking pretty good for tuesday and wednesday with more 70s out there. a little dip in the numbers by thursday. i don't want to guarantee the forecast just yet, but by the upcoming weekend it could be very nice with more 70s out there. at least right now the models are suggesting it could be a spring-like weather over the next few days. >> that would be nice. >> thank you, mark. >> thanks, mark. coming up in sports, jason appelbaum sits down with oakland mayor libby schaaf.
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>> you feel in your heart you have done everything in your power to keep the team here? >> we'll have the answers to some of those hard hitting questions when we come back next.
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today at the alameda county fairground, car fanatics showed up for the car festival. more than 3,000 hot rods, custom muscle cars, trucks, and light models were all on display. and also 9,000 runners are down for the united airlines rock 'n' roll half marathon. it was the fifth year of the race, which started at golden gate park across the park and finished near civic center plaza. he finished in one hour, 14 minutes, and 36 seconds. for the women it was rachel wood of great britain who finished in one hour, 25 minutes, and 34 seconds. all right, jason appelbaum here to talk about the raiders possibly moving to vegas, which is, you know, not good news for so many fans out there. the mayor is trying to do whatever she can. >> yes, that's going on in phoenix right now. by this time tomorrow we could
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be talking about the las vegas raiders. all 32 teams are in phoenix. here is some pictures we got a few minutes ago of owners showing up. you see the raiders head coach. but the vote could come as early tomorrow on relocation. as you may have already heard, 24 of 32 owners need to vote yes for relocation. that means nine vote no and the raiders will not be allowed to go to las vegas. but it will be full speed ahead if they do get the vote despite the fact owner mark davis has publicly said on more than one occasion that his heart is in oakland. we asked mayor libby schaaf if she took mr. davis' word, his heart was indeed right here in the bay area. >> it is hard for me to talk about the heart of mark davis since he has been completely unresponsive to me for more than a year. so i will let that decision be yours. the raider fans, the nfl. i know i was asked to deliver a fully financed deal ready to
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go. i've done that. i hope they give it full consideration. >> no mayor wants to be in office if they leave town for somewhere else. do you feel you have done everything in your power to keep the team here? >> i have done everything that is responsible in my power. i feel like i have balanced the interest of the team, the league, the fans, and also the taxpayers of oakland. and i am proud of what we have presented. >> all right, as we mentioned early our joe fonzi is monitoring the meeting. we'll have the latest tonight at 10:00 and 11:00 on sports wrap. stanford women are back in the final four, but it was not easy. a big comeback for them and it is one of their best coaching jobs to get it done. closing seconds of the half. he knocks down the three. irish up 14 at the break as they would extend to a 16-point
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lead, but she gets that bucket for the cardinals. inside they come all the way back in front of the notre dame fans there. two seconds to go inbound. but mccall is there for the game winning block as stanford a thriller wins 76-75 and advance to the final four. they snap notre dame's 17-game winning streak. by the way she led the way with 27 playing the winner of south carolina and florida state. a good first day effort. all right in the men's tournament the final four is now set as well. the headliner today, top seed north carolina verses second seeded kentucky. we will take you right down to the wire to pick it up with 14 seconds left as you can see on the head coach, the tar heels up by three with a free throw. jackson misses it. takes it down the court. gets it to malik monk. there's the three pointer to tie up the game with just 10 seconds left. no time out. tar heels get the ball back, advance the ball.
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and look at this. luke may with the jumpier to win it for -- with the jumper to win it for north carolina with .3 on the clock. fans can't believe it as they advance to their 20th final four. most all time as they will face oregon in the other game, south carolina beating florida. so south carolina will take on gonzaga. >> that game, that kentucky/north carolina game was something to watch. great basketball. >> all right, took my mind off the raiders. >> we all need a distraction from that, right? good night everybody. >> there we are dark clouds over raider land.
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