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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 27, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the mayor. what she has to say about the las vegas deal and working with mark davis. >> mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. if you are just joining us here monday morning march 27th. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your monday weather. right over here. >> not too bad today. we cleared it out. but overall, along parts of coast. getting some cloud cover from the northwest. pretty good today. our system came by. not a lot of rain. for a few locations a quarter an three inquiries of an inch. the weather was absolutely fabulous saturday. i'll say. thank you. that's a pretty picture there. we do have intweet system and saturday night. hopefully you got out of it. there's still a little bit. that says you know i'm not done
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yet. still coming out of the northwest. right there. you see some clouds. zipping on by. the coastal hills. santa cruz. we'll mention that. kind of clipping the month rare coast. everything is kind of moving out of the picture. 40s on the techs. low 50s and a few upper 30s. one of them here. kelseyville at 39. win sores 426789 putting knapp pa at 45. most locations have a component event so very breezy day. west-northwest for some. 6:00. something you want to get to right away? >> not really. want to cover the east bay commute. we're going to start. but the traffic is moving along pretty well coming around the to the toll plaza. we don't see a big crowd. out there -- i was told that
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some spring break this week. you see berkeley and the bay area here. this is look at westbound. it's crowded as you drive on to the bridge. once you get on to the span it looks good but a big delay. this is a 125 to 20-minute delay. this is a look at interstate 880 and oakland and you can see both direction and if you're driving farther south between hey ward and yuan city the traffic is moving well. opening today. it may take some pressure off interstate 880. i'll watch that very closely. 6:02. let go back to the desk. >> all right. thank you. today's the day. oakland raiders fans have been focused on months. >> they may decide today if they will let the raiders move. you're there right now with more on how the owners may vote. good morning. >> yeah. good morning to both of you.
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certainly a big day for raiders fans here in the bay area and a move to the desert certainly seems like it's a strong possibility. according to one report over the weekend, the mayor of oakland got a letter from the nfl commissioner in which he expressed uncertainty about the city's plans to build a brand new stadium here at the current coliseum site. that's not a good sign as they get set to vote on whether they can make a move to vegas. >> do you think the raiders get enough votes? >> i hope so. >> i heard a lot of positive things about it. >> that was the scene in arizona yesterday. the hotel for the annual meeting and all of them how they might be voting later today -- they are expected to vote on the raiders
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possible move to las vegas where 750 million in public money has already been approved. help build a brand new stadium near the strip. 24 out of -- to vote yes. in order -- even in the vegas move they say they aren't giving up hope. >> to get things in place. we're going to keep fighting. we're going to support the raiders as long as they are in oakland. >> ronnie lotd and the investment group have put forth $600 million put forth a plan to build a football-stadium plan. but again the league has rejected that proposal but the mayor and other city officials, they are urging
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the raiders and the nfl to come back to the table and continue negotiating a deal that would keep them here. this is the place where they belong but, of course, the signs not necessarily looking good here as we head toward the vote later on today. again, folks here in the east bay hoping that they can get at least nine of those nfl owners to vote no on the raiders' relocation bill. >> all right. busy day. thank you. time is now 6:05. okayland mayor as you know is talking about the raiders possible move to las vegas. mayor came here to ktvu last night criticized the las vegas deal that caused for $750 million in public money. >> i feel like i'm coming to this night on the moral ground. i do not think it's appropriate for poor cities like
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oakland that have many other pressing needs to put that money into a sports facility that has demonstrationed it generates the kind of revenue that can support its own construction and so i believe that we have put together a responsible deal that meets the needs of the fans anteteam and the league because we've brought in a private partner. that sees the revenue potential for the toalty of the site but we protected the public dollar. we made investments where it's appropriate such on public infrastructure and that deal should be as good as the las vegas deal because it gets it done. who cares who's money it is. i know i don't have it to take away from the good people of oakland. >> the coverage of the raiders continues. you're going to hear what the mayor said about working with owner mark davis and coming up at 7:00, ktvu joins us live from the team meeting.
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>> they are asking for the opinion's help as they search for the hit and run driver who killed a pedestrian. it happened early sunday morning. in south san jose. police are still searching for leads in the case. friends have identified the person killed as nickolas saunders. a homeless man in his late 20s or early 30s. he was standing in the road when he was struck by a car traveling southbound on monterey row road. withly have more coming up at 6:30. >> time is now 6:07. there's a perspective buyer for the yellow cab company in san francisco. the cab company filed for brups back in january. the san francisco examiner reports it's smaller rival citiwide has offered $400,000 for yellow cab. that was a bankruptcy -- it would also take on the $26 million in debt. they are willing to listen to
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other offers. any sales expected to be finalized at the end of next month. >> 6:08 is the time. keeping an eye on that new bart station. warm sphrings in south fremont. now open for business. first time for the actual big morning commute on a monday morning. >> live at the station now and is talking with passengers this morning. how's is going so far? there is one every 15 minutes as you can see today there were no confessiontivities. just a smooth, early opening. in fact, this particular situation here is such that people are coming from very, very close distances. they used to have go about 6 miles north up toed fremont station. now they are at south fremont
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and this is a situation where it's much, much better for them. here's what some of the theaters we already talked to had to say. >> i live halfway between this station and the other station and the parking there is terrible. i'm not able to get a spot. i've got a little more -- >> i'm worried because it's there. around 2:00 or past 3:00 i'm not hoping it's not too much past. >> okay. ivel one of the things that's very important is these are the old train cars. we mighting have had them friday. and what's really important is that folks that will be riding this have 757 new rail cars. they will be raibl so provide a
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she quebs si of service. as this things ramps up it's about every 15 minutes but they expect in very short order that this station will carry 7,000 people every day and given the fact it has a big parking lot and a lot of early commuters that no longer have to drive 6 miles north. that's going to fill up quickly. the monthly passes were sold out the first day they had them. that's a situation here and we'll see how picks up. ktvu fox 2 news. a topic before you go. looking for parking. there's like 2,000 parking places. certainly those people. kind of surprised because it's not a long extension. it doesn't extend very far but thousands of people are expected to rye -- they look -- >> no. a lot of them initially are old who are just sick and driving towm freem in the rush. that's a 5-mile haul on 680.
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now, one of the thicks that will definitely happen with all of this is that as the two stations to the south pick up, it would be before the end of this year 2017. then you're going to have a lot more people using this and when it gets further south you're going to have more new people using it and no question unless they build more house housing more folks will be using it. 7,000 a day is pretty healthy and happen very, very quickly. >> it's great. thank you, tom, for that update. >> time is now 6:11. sending a controversy decision. coming up in 15 minutes why two teenagers would allow the board of life this past weekend. >> president trump is heading back after his health care plan went nowhere. what's on the agenda today and with with both work the next bill? >> breaking news in oakland a large building that's burning in west oakland.
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near some major streets. it's plainly visible from 980. thick black smoke has rising. the fiefts are now saying they are taking a defensive stance on this fire that's shooting up flames. we'll tell you more as we come back with more of mornings on 2.
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welcome back.
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take you there live to the video. this is -- you can see a very large fire that's on the third floor. searches going on. this is mead avenue. a little bit. i know you're looking at the map of where this is. are you getting any indication they have just -- firefighters from all over the city of oakland and some mutual aid responded here in west oakland at the corner of immediate and market to at least a three story building. just looking at the area and there are several warehouses. it's kind of a mix use area. some residents but there are a lot of warehouses in this area and also have just learned that firefighters are pulling back from the structure. all the firefighters are now
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out of building because it's burning too hot. fire is going. you can see the flames going up. they have just called for more sustains. now on alert. they are going to have to cover the stations that are vacant. not every single but most companies are arriving at this fire in west oakland and very close to the f freeway. it's not slowing the free traffic yet. going to be crowded with fire equipment coming in. this is west oakland. it's quite a distance. 3 or 4 miles away up the
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freeway. there are warehouses. who knowings what they are being used for. you can see the aerial ladder is 1 coming up and probably going to start putting water on the fire but as we speak we don't know what the warehouse or what building -- in fact we're trying to figure out which building it is many we have a good idea but hopefully well filled that. packed with old warehouses to lofts in that area. so we know that a lot of people are in there and houses in there too. >> yeah. there are apartment buildings. there are single family homes and then right next door be a pretty big warehouse you can see. definitely is mixed use when west oakland was built. just up and a building and it's not all. it's mix-used nab l noabd.
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right now, people aren't slowing down but it's not very crowded right now on the freeway. this could definitely be a traffic problem on the freeway. they start to slow down and take a look. >> right now, i mean, i'm surprised that 980 is not slowing down more. 980 and 580. you can see it. i also will say that some of the fire crews may be using the freeway to get there. they are coming from station nas are now farther away but this incident by the way started at about 5:45. we're about 30 minutes plus into this incident. >> okay. so just to let everybody know we are sending two ewe crews to the area to get a look from the ground of this fire to get more information to get, you know, video to send out to all of you to show you what's in that area and our helicopter overhead as soon as possible to get a better indication of how big this fire is and what's nearby.
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>> just to reiterate. this is at the corner of mead and market at west oakland. sal is all over it. we'll bring you more deals on this three-story building on fire right now. as soon as we get it in. again, you can see it right from 980. >> put that indicator on the map there. you can see on my map where it is in oakland. it's definitely in west oakland. it's between 580, the 80 and 880. can t can be clearly seen right now. if you are driving, don't be surprised if you do see it. don't be surprised if you see fire equipment to this fire that's still burning. again they have just struck a fourth alert. that means more congresswomen is coming in and that oakland is being served by some other comeupts while oakland firefighters fight this fire.
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>> okay. thank you for this. again if people are just joining this, this is our breaking news. we are live on the scene of a fire in west oakland. you can see it from the freeway right there. 980. he's listening to the scanners. and getting more information for us. we are going to have -- sending two crews on the streets to he can get better information. we'll be right back after this.
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a big -- this a three-story building burning near 980. a four-aalarm fire. >> but this is out of control right now. >> yeah. oakland fire has said that they were initially searching the building to see if anyone was inside the building. we do know not this is a mix used or a empty warehouse. there's water from the top. they said the roof and the floors were compromised. they had to back off from any kind of search at this point but again, you can is
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seat the -- right near 980. people are not slowing down to take a look but that can cause a problem bsm aware if you or smp you know is heading. they do tend to slow down and that could cause a traffic incident on the freeway. >> yeah. >> i've learned that the fire department has now -- now doing this is a defensive fire only. so you heard that they were earlier in the building but all of the companies out and they have a couple of water from the leaders and there -- attacking it that way. you can see one on the left. one behind and that's -- the only thing they are doing. pulled all the firefighters. in fact there was debris coming down many even had a little zone around the building. firefighters are not allowed to go in until this fire becomes more under control.
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there are apartment buildings. it's all kind of mixed here. it's a four-alarm fire. >> i'm getting a tweet actually. i just retweeted out. she sent me a photo. you can actually see in the foreground is a victorian style home or apartment building. the smoke is very close. i would imagine embers could certainly catch a lot of -- it looks like a lot of residential buildings not far from this. >> right. oakland firefighters also tweeted a photo a little earlier where they show store
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fronts and buildings and so the picture that you showed, pam, and the other showed definitely make the . that this has different types of buildings and one of them is on fire. they are trying to protect the other buildings as we speak. >> okay. they begin to let people know. this is west oakland. and we do have crews on the way to the scene. we're going to have sky fox overhead. typically our chorp can -- >> yeah. >> working on that now. we also have crews on the way, pam pam, this scene but right now, as you can see this picture that we have shows pretty well the flames that are coming up. but interestingly enough. we're shooting from from -- on a straight line. 980 traffic is not effective. in fact, just driving by. i guess that's the only thing
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that is good news. firefighters are manying from all oaf the county. >> our producer just told us. he should be there very soon. he was not far away. he was covered the votes on the radarrer's possible move to las vegas. he was right down the get some more information for you. firefighters are not in the building. i've heard them speaking to each other on their radios and they are definitely taking a defensive stance and fiefts are outside and also try trg to go. it won't pread to other
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buildings. >> and we -- this is a photo that sarah sent to me. thank you so much dpen. one of our viewers. saying this is a few streets over and you can see the flames and the smoke from her advantage point there. and again as i mentioned just a moment egg. right there. it -- this is a mixed-used area. businesses. right nearby so much thank you again. we love our viewers. they give us a lot of great information. if you are near there certainly don't put yourself in harm's way. thank you for that added information. >> what are you hearing about any possible streets that are blocked off or -- i don't know if they are moving any people out? >> market street is blocked off. market street from west grand avenue up to about # 7th. fire quick you will. the fire crews come in and this
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they have to hook -- pump water are hooked town the fire hydrants in the area and taken a wide area especially with a four-alarm fire. a wide variety of equipment. a good area to avoid. the mammal street here is san pablo avenue and west grand. >> that's a very busy area. on the opposite side of the freeway. this is not going to affect bart this morning. >> no. it's not close enough to a -- bart is on the -- this is twes of -- >> cough in area that's if you know oakland. that's where this is. >> okay. >> we obviously don't know the cause of the fire at this point . i would just happen to be in that area last week. there's a lot of homeless encampments if that area.
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i don't know if there's any connection to it at all. >> definitely -- we know it's a building on fire. we're not sure why it started. we're not it and everybody probably thinking you -- we don't know that yet k. all right. continue to be all over it and bring us more information as soon as you get t. we'll keep talking with you and also -- >> here's some video.
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right. so zap that cruz coast. still a line come down out of the nest many seems to favor the coast. everything is staying well to north. 40s on the temps. the breeze will be a factor. mid-40s here. louisiana fayette. 42 degrees. northwest at the oakland airport. heyward a little outlier there. northwest back and due west
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many so mostly sunny. some parly clow did. in had pee tech. let try it l a little bit of traffic en-- testimony. traffic is going to be okay. if you are traveling thu l relatively well to about a 15 to 20 minute delay opt brain bridge. this is interstate 880 in oaklanded the traffic is moving along very well. southbound traffic is beginning to slowdown as we quickly look at bait area.
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>> this is a fourth alarm fire. as all the oakland companies are fighting this fire. they will come in to cover fire stations in oakland because they are now empty. business continues as usual but the whole county is helping fight this fire. >> okay. so we are just -- just to let people know we are getting con fir population that is birning and oakland fiefts, crews had their withdraw from the building after the roof and the floors were compromised. this is coming from oakland firefighters many so they did search. we do not know the results. we don't know if anybody was evacuated or helped out of the building but we did get confirmation this is a residential building. so certainly on so many people.
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but more like an apartment building not sure if it's a mixed use warehouse building like that one. this is three or -- tbl -- live pictures. it's breaking news. mead and market street in west oakland. four-alarm fire. still burning out of control and ktvu is working his way while we're looking at these live pictures. al sex is on the ground trying to get a closer look from the ground. tell us much more about what we know at this point . seems to be intensifying right in front of our eyes. and again to point out that's 980 right behind the fire there. very close.
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we were looking at the skyline. you can see the extent of the fire and just how big it is from the amount of the smoke. >> flashing lights. >> on the freeway. probably more response. alex -- right down the road covering the raiders vote today. he was at the coliseum. he's close to the scene now and oui going to check in with him momentarily. and able to get us some information it there on scene many but again this remany you can see the smoke the give us a better advantage point of how big the fire is.
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>> i'm just picking up that the streets in the area of west grand, san pablo, market are all experiencing pretty big deals. use west grand to get to the bridge. cut across. so that's not an option. stay on the freeway. in the area of 27th. this is somewhat close to the high school. in case you know the area of west oakland and we have several now ladder pipes putting water on the fire. we heard from people who have called us here that this was definitely a residential building. those are all the reports that we are getting. trying to find out where -- we're in touch with oakland fire department and trying to get that information. i've also tweeted them as well to see if they were able to rescue anyone. if anyone is out of the building. hope and pray that no one is still inside that building. right now it does look like
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more smoke than flames at this point but a residential building. we saw the front of the building there and the other picture. from oakland firefighters this morning. >> flairing up again. we still have equipment coming in. definitely from -- when we first started the flames have gone down a little bit after they have been hitting it really hard. >> yeah. one of the reasons i was in that area last week is because i found out they are --
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some major plans to redevelop that era. there are google employees who want to live in that area and they take shuttle buses from right there. it's an easy commute and less expensive place to live. a lot of development is happening in that area as we speak. firefighters have not been able to get too close. get that under control. >> and you can see even from our picture right here how densely everything is sitting next to each other. the possibility of something
6:41 am
splitting is always there. >> put it on the map here just so everyone knows what we are talking about here. just put the i con right in the area where the map -- where the fire is. just about right there. >> okay. if you're in touch with sky fox. we are trying to get our helicopter overhead as well to give us better advantage point of the fire. i'm not not sure if you're in contact with them. >> not right now. we'll let you know. the desk is work og than. right now i don't have contact with them. >> we do have a clear picture though as you said. this is our camera which is on the building and it's poin ing down toward interstate
6:42 am
980. we have one of our cameras. that's the shot where you can see the smoke, pam and dave. pull back a little bit. you can see in relation to where this is. you can definitely tell. >> there you go. >> there is downtown oakland and this shot is coming from our emoryville camera. and the smoke is blowing at this point . so people were saying other -- our other fire departments responding. what they are doing are coming in to cover open
6:43 am
stations, open stations are now vacant. you go down and almost any part of oakland they are not there. they need coverage for the rest of oakland. that's where they come in. >> okay. >> that's good to know. sometimes we say three alarm. that is what that means. more engines, more crews responding to the fire to give people a sense of how big the fire is.
6:44 am
[ laughter ] on the scene. get some more information and some video from the ground level and also to hopefully. talking about the area of mead and market and another factor as you look at these live pictures. what may be burning and going into the area. people who may be living nearby in this densely populated area. this is what they are breathing right now. we don't know exactly what is burning and what is now wafting into the affair around the downtown oakland area. clearly visible.
6:45 am
earlier oakland fire tweeted they are doing rescue oarmingses when we -- about 5:50 or 6:00. so we're about an hour in. oakland firefighters this was a defensive fire attack only. they pulled all the fire companies inside the building outs. and they are just fighting with ladder pipes and defensive ways. it's a little lighter now. a little bit better. but firefighters are no longer in that building. we hope nobody else is either. >> yeah. >> it is still very intense. >> definitely. and the black smoke is rising. now that it's light it definitely will be able to be seen. all over the east bay. in fact i think we have a picture -- if we have the roof camera we can show that too. it is putting up a big amount
6:46 am
of smoke. not effecting the freeway. 580. those are the freeways. it's bordered by. if we put the map up i'll show you where it is. it's right here. these freeways here that i'm showing you here are not effected by the fire. we can get my maps up. i can show you the area. just kind of traffic is moving along well. which is actually pretty good. fire departments are coming in from other parts of oakland. >> have you heard anything more about searches? they pulled back but are any other buildings? ktvu alex savage just arrived there. >> i just spoke briefly with
6:47 am
the firefighters. the searches are nong longer -- no longer going on. they had to pull back. just because of the size of the building and because they are concerned about the integrity of the roof on this building and also some of the floors. they could not have firefighters moving through this building searching for anyone who may remain inside. so we do know this is a three- story residential building. we know a number of people were living inside this building and again, it's unclear if everybody made it out as this fire broke out
6:48 am
very early this morning. four-alarm fire. that means that you have not only resources from the nearest fire station responding to this area but you have resources coming from multiple fire stations across this city. in terms of the impact here, as you leave your house this morning, zap pablo avenue a major thorough fare shutdown in both directions because of all the fire trucks and the police cars that are parked here in this area. just bear that in mind as you head out the door. shutdown entirely here. in west oakland. obviously an area to avoid. we do know that the oakland fire department -- some rescues. obviously some people were pulled from this building safely. and we also know that searches -- commanders here at the scene determined this it was not safe for firefighters to continue to be inside. and again they have pulled back
6:49 am
from this. they are fighting it defensively. thatst why you have seen and you continue to see several ladder strucks surrounding this building dumping water on the fire from up above. ki count, one, two, three, four from my advantage . four ladder trucks up in the air. >> alex, if i can break in. your photographer is zooming in. number one, just to reiterate. we have been very concerned the fact that it was a residential building. you said some people were rescued. i know you only have a brief moment with the firefighter there. did they tell you that a number of people did make it out on o ir that own? -- on their own? and are other buildings evacuated? it's very closed to some other residential buildings. >> yeah.
6:50 am
i'm going imagine that they were evacuated. i think anyone who's in any of thes jaifnlt buildings has been asked to leave. >> you're not seeing anybody out and about. i would think the businesss nearby and buildings nearby is there's a lot of people starting to -- starting to gather. >> what we are seeing and we'll kind of look around for you and give you -- as we turn around here you can see you do have a lot of people -- you have some people who we understand maybe came from this building. when we have a free second. we are going to try to speak to some of these people and get a sense of what happened this morning and
6:51 am
what it may have taken for them to get out as this fire broke out. so again all we have confirmed from the fire department is that this is a residential building. we don't know exactly what type of building. we don't know how many units are here. we know that people were living inside this building. three story structure. right at the intersection of zap pablo avenue and mead avenue here in west oakland. try to get more information on how many people were in this building and the continued effort to make sure that everyone is okay on the part of the oakland fire department. >> also, you showed us that great shot which certainly can be very -- is it -- we didn't see any cars go by. >> at this hour it's not busy yet in terms of
6:52 am
traffic. as we move through. for quite some time. this is going it -- be a traffic issue as well. as well as the concerns about everyone's safety. this is definitely a traffic issue for anyone who is traveling through this part of -- >> i think we can bring sal in as well. probably listening in as well. san pablo avenue is closed where you are. maybe give specifics of exactly from where to where. >> right. >> alex is -- >> market and mead. >> alex is standing on san pablo avenue.
6:53 am
that's shutdown. part of market street. mead avenue is shutdown. might even be effect west grand at this point . there's a lot of fire equipment on the scene. firefighters still arriving as a matter of fact when they put out the fourth alarm. this is the area here. a big -- like a big apartment house. you can see the streets are completely blocked off. this is a good area to stay away from. i have found out that the fire department has four ladder pipes as alex said but 500 gallons a minute as you -- from four ladder pipes and trying to get more water on the fire. still trying to get another water source on the fire. they are working hard to put this thing out. and it's a tough fire fight. >> and it looks like the wind is changing. it's blowing the smoke in another direction. and the other thing is along the warehouses there are a lot of autorepair places. >> it's right across from autozone. they have the store. a lot of other warehouses.
6:54 am
as we mentioned in case you're just joining this. this area is mixed residential and commercial. >> they want to control the exposure of this fire. they want to keep it from spreading to other wooden buildings. it's an ember on top of these wooden roofs and they might have a bigger -- even bigger mess on their hands. they are definitely trying to cover the exposure of this building to keep it from spreading to another building. >> thanks. with the wind changing could that drve -- is it effected 980? is it employing in the direction that it could affect drivers? >> it is blowing over the freeway but as we see the freeway the traffic is not
6:55 am
really effected. people are just driving by. they are pretty much looking like a normal commute even you definitely can see it. a lot of people will see it and keep driving. because they have to go to work. >> all right. >> very intense situation. and sal, your pinpointing that address we are looking at. it's on the corner. which is right there in the middle of west oakland. >> we want to point out alex savage is on the ground. collecting more information and talking to fire on the ground. also people who live in the area. many of which have been watching. they have been coming out their houses. standing on the street. there are streets that are
6:56 am
blocked off and sal, if you can be -- again reiterate what is blocked off now. >> that's right. it's san pablo avenue, dave, near mead avenue and san pablo avenue is next to west grand many it's a good area to avoid. near 26th street. athens avenue. 22nd street. people who know this area know that definitely going to be a lot of streets blocked. the firefighter. this is a four-alarm fire. 2 to 4 alarms rather quickly. it started at 5:45 this morning and here it is an hour later. flames and smoke coming from the building. one of the biggest fires i remember in oakland for a time and again since a lot of resources in -- waking up with the fire stations saying we have to cover the oakland station. in is a county-wise -- this is
6:57 am
a county-wide effort. >> everyone is here and they are being covered by other fire departments elsewhere. >> fire departments like alamita. berkeley fire. all those fire departments are -- they are awake this morning. trust me and they are going on things that the other firefighters do. medical runs, those are being covered by other fire departments right now. >> now do we know -- i know alex is on the ground getting information but the firefighters, are they still in a defensive mode? now that the sup has come up, will they change that. >> from what i'm hearing, they are. i heard them talking amongst themselves. they had four ladder towers pumping 500 gallons a minute. they are trying to get more water and water pressure
6:58 am
is always an issue. they are trying to get more water >> power being shudown in this area? >> i did hear that they were having trouble at first until the power was shut off because you don't want to water on power lines. you're watching mornings on 2. this is live in oakland and west oakland. the intersection of san pablo and mead. three-story building on fire. a residential building. it has been burning out of control for quite some time. pam cooke has stepped away. joining sal and i as we continue to follow this major fire in west oakland. >> and dave this fire is something i drove past.
6:59 am
when you -- you drove past the fire. what did it look like? you come in here pretty early. this fire started at 5:45. you must have been driven past it. did it look small to you? >> to me any fire looks big. this fire certainly did look big. i'm somewhat familiar with the area. just a block or two away.
7:00 am
it was definitely cause for concern for me. this is the city that we live in. the city that we serb and work in. of course, with the ghost ship warehouse fire even poin ing out. this is the most recent big fire we've experienced. residential building. i'm hoping that there were precautions. fire alarms. spripg hers. different -- sprinklers. things we did not see in the ghostship. that was zoned as a warehouse not for anyone to live in. >> yeah. you're right. this is residential. this is a residential building. so some of the fire codes are a little different and we hope those fire codes have helped people get out safely. a little bit too old to have sprinklers but at least they would have a fire plan and aalarms in a residential building like


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