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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  March 27, 2017 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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it was definitely cause for concern for me. this is the city that we live in. the city that we serb and work in. of course, with the ghost ship warehouse fire even poin ing out. this is the most recent big fire we've experienced. residential building. i'm hoping that there were precautions. fire alarms. spripg hers. different -- sprinklers. things we did not see in the ghostship. that was zoned as a warehouse not for anyone to live in. >> yeah. you're right. this is residential. this is a residential building. so some of the fire codes are a little different and we hope those fire codes have helped people get out safely. a little bit too old to have sprinklers but at least they would have a fire plan and aalarms in a residential building like this.
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several people did get out. firefighters were at one point doing a rescue and then they stopped and did a defensive stance on the building. burning now for an hour and 15 minutes. i do want to mention that we don't know if anyone has been injured but firefighters -- hope no one else is inside that building. >> put on pause for a moment. our coverage of the major fire and, of course, the raiders proposed move continues coming up right now in the 7:00 hour of mornings on 2. 2.
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>> >> west oakland. crews from all over battling a huge fore alarm fire. >> it started more than an hour ago at a residential building. this is something you can clearly see from interstate 980 heading northbound. ktvu live at the scene on the ground there in west oakland. >> he believes all the neighbors did make it out. he says there's at least 100 or so people. how did you realize there's a fire shh >> i was asleep. a lot of noise outside. ide.
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>> there was one lady stuck in the window. at the fire department got the latter got her. >> reporter: there is word going around about how you think this is started. >> someone had a candle burning , and it overwhelmed the room. >> reporter: someone left a candle burning overnight and it may have sparked this fire.
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you are on the second floor ? and i guess i was into 15, i have a three bedroom. >> reporter:, have you been there ? >> about three years. >> reporter: tell me about the building. >> there was a drug program on the first floor. the second floor was community service. clean and sober living. an independent living on the third floor. >> reporter: a lot of people getting what they need here in this building ? >> yes. >> reporter: now they will have to find another place to live. i know you're not even thinking at this point about what you're going to do. >> hopefully there are some resources out there that can help me. everything i own was in there. >> reporter: i appreciate you taking a few moments this morning. thank you very much and i am
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glad you are okay. and the word we're giving, not an official work, talking with some of the people who got out of the building, they say that all of the building -- out of their neighbors take it out of the building. we talked about the oakland fire department, they were performing some rescues. there were also continuing to search the building. at a certain point it became too dangerous for firefighters to stay inside the building. there were floors collapsing and the integrity of the building itself. they pulled back, and ever since then they have been fighting it in and defensive mode. it sounds like the search of the building had to be called off. we will try to get more information here from the oakland fire department to get confirmation on that. >> just before you go, the air
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quality where you are right now, what is it like out there ? >> reporter: that's a very good question. it all depends on the wind. i don't know if you can tell, just in the last five minutes or so, we had a shift in the wind. the column of smoke is going up in the air and drifting. we must've had the winds pick up and blow in our direction. we have a lot of snow coming toward us right now. >> reporter: you live in the building ? what happens ? >> we don't know. >> we came down the fire escape. they were banging on my door to get out now. you can't go out the front door. we have to come down out of the fire escape. >> we all came down the fire escape. there were flames all in the hallway.
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we cannot breathe. we are on the third floor. >> reporter: do you believe everyone else made it out of the building ? >> [ indiscernible- multiple speaker ]. >> i don't think everyone made it out of the building. no. >> there were people in there with wheelchairs. >> reporter: these are some of the other people that got out of the buildings. we will talk with more neighbors. it was a frightening morning for so many of these fielding -- people. they have to make their way down the fire escape to make their way out of this burning building this morning. you can see firefighters continuing to gain full control of this fire.
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and we are hearing the frightening stories as people are trying to escape this burning building. >> we are live in west oakland. alex, we will please -- keep checking back. >> that -- the building is at 2551 san pablo avenue. i can put it on the map. this is in the area of west oakland. it's definitely west oakland. and you can see, they have close san pablo avenue. that is of the purple means. it is not passable right now. transit buses are going around the fire. the freeways are not too bad. they are all doing pretty well near the fire. the toll plaza is the same. it is backed up for 20 minute delay. were also looking at highway 24 and lafayette.
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this traffic has been okay as you drive through lafayette. oakland it is slow. the san mateo bridge is slow. that is heading out to the middle of the spam. he gets better towards the peninsula. in san jose the freeways are beginning to get crowded. we do have the word of major delays on an incident at the fairview station. we will get more information on that. >> if the oakland airport has a northwest wind, i would think -- now has set the wind has shifted. would you concur with that ? >> definitely by looking at our pictures.
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>> the airport says northwest, and the site alex is talking about that it is a northerly breeze. and that can happen. let's look at the graphic. you can see there's a difference. many times, coming off of the oakland berkeley hills you get that north northeast wind. not only that, we have light showers continuing on the san mateo and santa cruz coast. right along highway one, skirting the coast and low clouds are pushing in. some areas are sunny and some give a partly cloudy skies.
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over by the coast, i would expect more clouds the more in land temps. we're starting with 40s and 50s. it will be a blustery, breezy day. there will be a little component of the north northeast you can see the cloud cover over the coast. our system has gone through. 60s and upper 50s. and a few isolated showers. >> president trump is time to move on from the affordable care act. we would tell you the issues he is due to take up next.
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breaking news happening right now unless oakland. the fire that has been underway for 1.5 hours, you can see smoke rising from the scene of
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the fire. it is on san pablo it is on san pablo avenue. it is a residential building. just moments ago we brought you firsthand accounts. one man said he woke up right around 5:30 am. he woke up his roommate and saw orange flames and got out. someone else said someone banged on the door and second out. they said they had to use the fire escape. they had to use their cell phones to light. oakland fire crews are very busy. they have made a number of rescues from the building. the building is not safe to be inside out. there is an awful lot of smoke. you notice no bright, orange
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flames. that could be good news. we are still on top of this breaking news. we'll have more for you throughout the morning. a live report coming up in minutes. >> we want to point out we are live streaming on, and on twitter. nfl team owners i do to vote today on the plant that would allow the raiders to move to las vegas. several owners have said they are in favor of letting the raters move. another said, the sooner it happens, the better for the nfl. 24 of the 32 team owners need to approve that proposal. espn is saying that roger caddell told one of its reporters that the vote will be a positive vote. however, leaders say they will keep fighting to keep the raters in oakland. their proposal for a new football facility is for a site just south of the oakland coliseum.
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mayor libby schaaf says this is an open air stadium with 55,000 seats. it will be financed with a $600 million loan. another half billion dollar loan backed by licensing fees. the mayor said there would be a $200 million of infrastructure improvements in this facility. roger good tell responded to the plan saying, despite all of these efforts, hours and yours, we have not yet identified a viable solution. it is disappointing to me and our clubs to have come to that conclusion. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf came here yesterday . she gave us her response to the commissioner's letter.
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>> in that response he raises two issues. one is that the land deal is not completely certain. how can it be certain when the primary party have not been at the table ? you need another party to finish the negotiation. and he raises the issue of the oakland a's, we can start building for the raters right now and they can play side-by- side for two years. it is not necessary for us to kick out our a's, and we are not going to. >> just this morning libby schaaf asked for time to talk to some of the owners. they also asked for the vote to be done in a secret ballot. now we turn to our question of the day. if the raters leave oakland will you still support the team ? let us know what you think.
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you can leave a comment on the facebook page. >> we hope you stay with us for continuing coverage of the vote. sal is here, all over our big story, the huge fire in oakland. >> that's right going to show you a map of the area of where it is. it is near the corner of san pablo and need. it is a three-story apartment building. and san pablo building. and san pablo avenue., which is marked as 123, it is closed as you drive pass the scene. we had multiple crews on the
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scene and we will get back to it in just a moment. the bay bridge is back up all the way to the maze. it's getting heavy on 24 and lafayette. and also on 680 nearby. san mateo bridge. moderately heavy traffic. you can see slow traffic here on the san mateo bridge. 280 in san jose does not look bad. and northbound 101, that is beginning to slow down on the way into the valley. today's weather. we have a combination of clearing and areas of low clouds. and other areas are getting light rain. the breeze is all over the place. mostly northwest.
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there was a wind shift. downtown is different than the airport. and even though the breeze is not that strong it is in place. more of a west component. some of the rainfall is okay. canfield had about a half inch of rain. mount diablo had .28. right along the coast they have been skirting the santa cruz coast. you can see the cloud cover as well. some areas make it more
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sunshine. but we do for some of the colder air over the water. our system has moved off. most of the advisories have ended in the sierra. the breeze is the bigger factor. kelsey bill is an 30. petaluma down to 41 degrees. calistoga at 42. light snow fell overnight in truckee. in the winter weather advisory has been canceled. partly in mostly cloudy on the coast. the system is bringing in cooler air. have 50s and 60s on some of these temperatures. we will have sunshine and warmer temperatures tuesday and
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wednesday. we rebound friday and saturday. we are staying on top of the breaking news we have been bringing you out throughout much of the morning. the fire that is burning in west oakland. there is still some active, orange flames coming from the buyer. for the most part we see an awful lot of smoke. the building has been evacuated. people telling stories of finding their own way out. alex savidge is on the street talking to people who have been evacuated. will bring that to you in just a moment.
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welcome back. we are going better breaking news. the huge fire burning in west oakland. >> alex savidge is live. joke we just got a very important update. deputy fire chief, when the question was posed to him, is everyone who lives here okay ? he told us not everyone is okay. those are his words. we have reports of people missing who lived inside of this three story residential
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building. that is the update we just got from a deputy chief. he walked away at that point. they are in the midst of this firefighting effort. they're working on getting us a more formal update at some point soon. that is disheartening and sad news to hear that there are people missing who may have been inside of this building. the update from the deputy chief said, not everyone is okay. there is also the potential, we know that there were rescues performed this morning when firefighters first got here. before they had to pull back because of a structural instability. there is the possibility that we have people who were hurt in this fire. an update we just got from a
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commander is that they still have reports of people missing. they have not accounted for everyone who was inside this three story residential building. a number of apartment units here. one resident believes that about 100 people lived inside this building. he also told me that the building houses a number of supportive programs for people recovering from various forms of addiction. so the update we just got a short time ago, they are looking for people who are missing inside this building. >> did you get any indication of how many people they are looking for ? choke we did not get any more details from the deputy chief. he walked over to us and gave us a brief update on what he knew and then he walked away. we do not have a sense of how many people may be missing or hurt as a result of this fire.
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>> you were able to bring us in a live interview, we heard some people say that there are people in wheelchairs and people who would not be able to get out themselves. one man said they had to head down the fire escape. >> reporter: there is always a possibility. there could be people but do not have the ability to jump down the fire escape. that is something we heard over and over. that they did not go down the normal way. that they headed for the fire escape and that it was a desperate effort to get out of this burning building. everyone we talked to said they woke up and all they saw was flames. and that their apartment is filled with smoke. we were speaking with one family a short time ago. their daughter was with them and she did not have shoes on
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her feet. again, the troubling news that we are getting is that there are people still missing. as i look right now -- we are going to make a quick move -- we're going to get an update. so that we are going to stay on this picture. >> we do have a fatality confirmed. we had to go into a defensive mode because of the amount of fire. until we get the current fire down and manageable. we can get back in and confirm that we have a fatality. >> after they performed a rescue
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, as they were moving in their not sure if they saw a body. as they made their way in, there was so much fire that they were not able to gain more access. we cannot confirm. >> reporter: how many people do you have missing ? >> we do not have any accounts of people missing. but we will confirm we have one fatality. >> reporter: can you confirm ? >> we have had one fatality in three injuries. and that's all much we know as far as injuries. >> reporter: how bad with a hurt ? >> they had smoke inhalation,
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no burns. do you know they had burglar -- fire detectors ? some people said they had no idea. i cannot confirm if they had sprinklers of smoke detectors. the amount of smoke and fire that we had, there was no telling -- a sprinkler system would not have been able to put out that amount of fire. >> reporter: you have to believe that one person was killed in the fire. >> after they performed a rescue on the third floor, they were trying to knock down the fire. as they were progressing along the third floor, what they thought they saw was a body. but because of the amount of flames that they were met with, they were not able to move further. it forced us out of the building. [ indiscernible- multiple
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speaker ] >> potentially on the third floor. it is not confirmed. we did not know at the time. we have to get more of the fire out to get into the third floor. >> reporter: do you have the upper hand on the fire now ? >> yes the fire has been contained. we do not have flames running the walls. we have to get in and chased the fire based on the age of the building. >> reporter: approximately how many people lived there ? we met we think 50-60. we have the red cross coming to help with individuals. [ indiscernible- multiple speaker ] >> we do not know if there were any children. >> reporter: do you have any information --
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>> i cannot confirm. we have been in the operational phase. but, as far as who lives in the resident, we don't know. >> we think on the third floor, but we are not sure. there were so many flames upon arrival. and so much involved with the building we do not know yet. >> reporter: one of the concerns you have with the stability ? with some of the walls of the floors of the building ? so that we don't have any issues with the floors collapsing. but, during the later stages of
7:34 am
fire, there are certain points that look like walls may have been compromised. as a go further along, we will get a better sense of what things are looking like. we had seven rescues total. after we made the rescue and entry, we had heavy fire on the second and third floors. it is spread throughout the building. we cannot make progress like we wanted to. >> reporter: what happens moving forward from here ? how much longer are you here and what needs to happen ? the next we will probably be here most of the day. we will get the initial fire under control within the next hour. and then we can get our teams and to assess. >> reporter: so for the record its potential ? >> yes it's potential not
7:35 am
confirmed. >> i believe was still on. we just got the update. that in essence they believe they have a potential fatality. they suspect that one person was killed in the fire. they do not know that for sure. but as they were making their way through the third floor, they believe that they saw a person's body and they were not able to get to the body because of the heavy flames and the smoke in the area. and they had to pull back. they suspect that one person was killed in the early morning fire. 7 people were rescued and a number of people were injured. they mostly have smoke inhalation.
7:36 am
>> that gives us a good idea of what the firefighters were facing. but to be able to keep going further, they had to turn away from their own safety. i also heard him say that they expect to be at the scene most of the day and that they hope to have the fire out within the next hour or so. >> reporter: yes, that's what it sounds like. they have contain the fire and feel comfortable that they had contained it to the single building. but just to remind people where we are. this building is at the corner of san pablo avenue. and mead avenue. they had the fire contained. they have been dumping water from up above. they do believe in the next hour or so they will to clear the fire fully contained and no longer in danger of spreading to other buildings. it's a long process from there. the investigation gets underway. and they have to be able to deem it safe for investigators to get inside the building and figure out if they have a person who remains inside the building who was a victim of
7:37 am
this fire. >> thank you so much alex. they don't believe they have anyone unaccounted for. so that is a bit of good news. let's go to allie who was there as well. you are talking to people what you finding out ? >> reporter: you heard alex mentioned it is an active fire. and firefighters are in a defensive position. we have been talking with people who live here. we talked to a man who identified himself as one of the residents here. he says it is transitional housing. he said there are also families and children who live there. he says he has three kids in his car who are displaced. i also talked to a man who drove here from san leandro.
7:38 am
saying that his mom was trying to find his sister-in-law. and that she has not been accounted for by her family. he came to try to find her. he said he saw her car parked outside of the building but he cannot get a hold of her. i'm not sure we have that to play for you. but he says his mother got a call from his sister-in-law as 68 68m. saying that her dog had dog and she was trapped in the apartment. what is troubling is that you heard the battalion she said that they are looking into a potential fatality. and that they went on the third floor which is where this woman lived and they were performing a rescue and they saw what
7:39 am
looked like a body. but they were not able to get access to that person. a short time ago we talked to a man who was out there looking for his sister-in-law. he said her name is sandra williams and she lives on the third floor. he said he walked all over the premises and cannot find her. there are still a lot of moving parts out here. people figuring out where their loved ones and family members are. but at this point firefighters believe that there is one potential fatality. >> -- i think we do have that sounds. let's play it and hear what he had to say about it. >> i don't think she made it out no one can find her.
7:40 am
>> her car is parked in front of the building. i see all of the other residents but i don't see her or her daughter. >> reporter: that was the gentleman who drove here from san leandro who got a phone call from his mom saying that they cannot find his sister-in- law who lived on the third floor of this building. that shows a lot of the confusion out here. you see a lot of residents out here on the perimeter making sure that their family members and friends are accounted for. >> this is a sad and desperate situation. thank you allie. the battalion chief said they could have a fatality. they said it's on the third floor. that's what we got from the fire officials.
7:41 am
cell is over there, what are you picking up on ? >> we are showing you the area that is closed in west oakland. san pablo avenue. at mead which is near west grand. it's a good area to avoid. a huge firefighter presents as you might imagine. some of the other fire stations are being covered by alameda county. so that you have fire protection in oakland. freeways are not going to be affected as much. 980 and 580, those freeways seem to be okay. were looking at the bay bridge and we have a 25 minute delay. it has been a typical commute. what you get onto the bridge he will see slow traffic as well.
7:42 am
highway 24 is slow as well and so is highway four. on the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 traffic is moderately heavy. it also slows in the east palo alto. this may be a little misleading. it is slow going around the corner. let's bring in speed for today's weather. for some it is sunny and breezy. for others there are low clouds by the coast. we have some showers going down the santa cruz coast. most of the wind is northerly or westerly. i am seeing mostly west and northwest. some of the smoke has thinned out. but it is heading north to south. we had some rain overnight.
7:43 am
and they were some okay amounts. the san mateo coast, and the psyche of the has dissipated. but we would keep a few of these in there. low clouds will continue as well. for others it will be sunny are mostly sunny. 40s or 50s on the temperatures. the low 40s for many. black hawk is at 42 degrees, concorde is at 43. a little brisk this morning. it is variable but it is a
7:44 am
northerly component. high pressure will build them for a couple of days. i do not think we are done with the rain. the extended models are all over the map. i think we will see another system on wednesday. i do not think we are done by a long shot. we're looking for nice weather to kick in on tuesday and wednesday. a little cooler on thursday but okay friday and saturday.
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we are still at the scene the breaking news in oakland. a large building fire that has grown to a four alarm fire. it is still being taught from the air. you can see crews putting water on the from high above. that said 2551 san pablo avenue. we know that dozens of people live inside this building. some of those people rescued themselves. they woke up hearing noise and smoke alarms going off. some of them woke up to a neighbor banging on their doors. they said they use their cell phones for light. you can see the front of the building is black and burnt. they were forced to pull back and get out of the building themselves. at this point, firefighters believe there may be one
7:48 am
fatality as the result of this fire. there is smoke inhalation. fire crews perform 7 rescues. at this point they don't have any reports of anyone missing. but again, it is a dynamic situation. the man accused of killing his wife, two children and a niece in sacramento is due in court today. there was a 21-year-old woman from san francisco. her 14-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son. the father was arrested on thursday in san francisco. the police finished processing the crime scene and baby open the scene to that neighborhood.
7:49 am
>> she had an amazing personality and was full of life. there was not a day that went by that she was not smiling and trying to help someone else. >> at this point investigators have not said how the victims were killed or the reason why. we will go back to sal who was watching traffic. >> yes, san pablo avenue. remains closed. you heard the firefighter said they may be out there all day. you have to make other plans. that is a busy street . it is one of the major street that connects oakland to the rest of the east bay. so you will see detours in the area. the freeways are not affected by the fire. but the street will most likely be closer most of the day. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is not bad as you drive
7:50 am
through. you will see that the traffic is going to be slow. and it is slow on the bridge as well. is like the san mateo bridge, that is not a bad commute. we are looking at 280 in san jose. let's check in on 101 in san jose. that is a little slower. from the capital expressway up to mountain view. most of it is under the speed limit traffic. are you getting any tweets or anyone saying they smell smoke ? >> i got a tweet from someone said as far as highway 24 on broadway. >> we have a little bit of a northwest breeze.
7:51 am
some areas might get some rain towards the south. what's going on ? we have been tracking this all morning. not too much but there are a couple of isolated ones. there could be some clouds coming down out of the northwest. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. on the cool side. 48 in pacifica.
7:52 am
most locations will have a brisk breeze later today. temperatures will be in the 60s. it should be the coolest day of the week. temperatures warm up into wednesday. then back to sunny and nice on friday and saturday. fire will continue it just a moment. and the very latest on the search for the gunmen who started shooting inside of a my club in ohio. the important piece of evidence the police are reviewing right now. you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before.
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introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz.
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police in cincinnati, ohio searching for suspect in a nightclub shooting that left one man dead and 15 others are. and best get a safe there was a drug bust early yesterday morning. two groups started arguing. 20 shots were fired. >> there is no evidence that this was a terrorist attack. but to the victims, what difference does it make ?
7:56 am
>> 25-year-old o'bryan spikes was killed. they say the nightclub has its own security force in place. but still, several guns got inside the club. investigators are checking surveillance videos trying to identify the people in fall. no one was seriously hurt during a fight yesterday afternoon between soccer fans at a bayou stadium. it happened just before 3 pm. they started throwing rocks and bottles of each other and tore down of fence. there were long lines outside waiting to get in. the mercury news quoted one fan as saying, rocks and bottles were thrown and things were breaking. and fans were showing their support for the teams. extra police were called in but no arrests were made. a fire state of is -- a bayou stadium is the home for the san jose quakes. and they think that .
7:57 am
>> think the fire department from having the incident escalate. a 13-year-old girl twirled officials that he sent her inappropriate comments on social media. martin was a volunteer for the senior center and community service. they found another alleged victim. there is no sign that he had any physical contact with the victims. our coverage of the massive fire in oakland continues. we have to supply the picture. seven people were rescued. the nfl owners meeting. in ours we could find out if
7:58 am
the raters are moving to las vegas. live-stream your favorite sport
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a massive fire continues to burn through a three-story apartment building in west oakland. one person may have been trapped inside this fire and may have been killed. will tell you why we believe that coming up. a massive fire in the west part of the city. it is still burning but contain. we can see a number of trucks trumping -- dumping water on
8:01 am
that building. it has been two hours since firefighters have been on the scene. good morning and welcome back. >> let's continue our 8 am hour. fire crews working to determine if anyone is missing in that huge fire. they have rescued 7 people from the building. >> that fire started up around 5:45 am this morning. alex savidge has been talking to firefighters and residents there at the scene. >> reporter: yes good morning. in our latest update from one of the battalion chief, the fire department believes there was one person who did not make it out of this fire.
8:02 am
and they say it is possible that the person was killed in the fire and may still be inside the building. the reason they believe that is because the firefighters were here early this morning, there was going to the building doing a search. and they believe they saw someone's body on the third floor of the building this morning. but they could not get to the person because they were overwhelmed by the size of the fire and the flames and the smoke that had overtaken this building. right now, there are not flames coming from the roof anymore. they are gaining the upper hand on the fire. they are still not calling it fully under control just yet. here is video earlier -- from earlier this morning. essentially, this fire was so large that crews had to back off and fight it defensively. initially they were inside doing an interior attack.
8:03 am
but they had to pull back because of the size of the fire. they also say -- the battalion chief said there were 7 rescues perform. he described those as people who were hanging out of the windows. the second and third story windows of this building, desperate for someone to help them escape the flames. and they said they put the ladders up to the windows and got people to safety in that way. there were 3 people that were treated for injuries and those were people who suffered smoke inhalation. the fire department has reason to believe that one person may have been killed in this fire, and listen to the battalion chief describe why they suspect that. >> after them members perform the rescues on the third floor,
8:04 am
as they were progressing, what they thought they saw was a body. but because of the amount of flames that they were met with, they were not able to move further and it forced us out of the building. >> reporter: they are still trying to figure out if there is one person who was inside the building who did not make it out as a result of the fire. a number of rescues have been performed. this building houses at least 50 people or so and various apartment buildings. many of those people are in transitional housing recovering from various forms of addiction. and that is mainly who lives in this building. people are getting help from the red cross. they have set up a station a couple of blocks away.
8:05 am
to get those people some help. if they were forced out of their homes here early this morning. and we are hearing some incredible stories from people who went down fire escapes overhanging from their windows waiting to be rescued. again the fire department is working at this point to get the fire fully under control. it is no longer in danger of spreading, but they have not declared it under control just yet. and the investigation goes on to figure out how it started. they believe it started on the second or third floor, based on how the fire looked when they got here. but they do not know how it started. there were reports from several neighbors that someone left a candlelit. that was one of those stories being passed around. but that is unconfirmed. the fire department is still
8:06 am
trying to figure it out. >> you talked about the fire department going in on that initial search. can they go back in ? so they can continue their search ? >> reporter: that is a good question. that is ultimately what they will do. they will declare and fully control. that may happen within the next hour or so. but, as far as going back inside the building, that is something they are going to do, but that is a slow process. once you have a fire of this size, you have compromise the structural integrity of a good portion of the building. you have to be careful what you start bringing firefighters back inside the building. even though you want to continue the search for the victims. you have to do that in a cautious way. because you do not know how structurally sound both floors of the building are.
8:07 am
the reason that they pulled back in the first place was because there were concerns about the roof collapsing and floors of the building collapsing as well. they will have to be very careful as they head back into the building. but ultimately that is the plan. get the fire under control and make their way back inside and figure out if there is a victim of the fire. >> the building itself is at 2551 san pablo avenue. san pablo is a major street, market as well. and mead is also a major street as well. . >> oakland police are advising you stay away from the area. here is where the fire is in west oakland. the purple means that san pablo is close. starting at west grand and continuing throughout the fire scene.
8:08 am
the fire department said they will have a presence there all day long. this move along to the bay bridge. the traffic is thinned out. uc berkeley has spring break this week. that may be helping a little bit. this is a look at the san mateo bridge. some people are going to have spring break approaching the easter holiday. 101 is a little slower. i want to look at the south bay in general. 280 is slow after highway 17. southbound -- southbay 680 is slow. there have been numerous reports of horses on the freeway. in the vicinity of north maine. we got a couple of tweets about this. and we've been seeing reports on twitter. be careful if you're going to drive on 680 in the walnut creek area.
8:09 am
let's go to steve with today's forecast. i think that is a first. i've never heard that. the breeze will be a factor. we had a weak system go by. were getting light rain overnight. fisher northwest and oakland. most location have some kind of westerly wind. a few showers continue to run parallel highway one. and the site they fizzle out by the time they get to santa cruz. otherwise it looks good. on the coast you will get the clouds. 40s and 50s in a couple of 30s up in lake county. except for the little bit of
8:10 am
cloud cover were looking good. it will start to get warmer tomorrow. today we are looking at 60s. temperatures will go far from here. but tomorrow we will start to warm up. we may find out in just a few hours whether the oakland raiders are moving to las vegas. so that we are joined live from phoenix where the owners are holding their annual meeting. >> reporter: things are starting here in phoenix. the number one item on the agenda is whether or not they will give the raiders there nothing to move to las vegas.
8:11 am
were in a spot where the owners are walking by us. it was almost a comical scene last night as they were on their way to a reception. the owners range from not wanting to commit to those were very much in the affirmative about the move. you would think that he is all for letting the league make the move to las vegas. there seems to be one major thing that's on the table that's making the owners want to move to las vegas. we discussed this last night. >> i think this deal was cooked when mark davis and the raiders team president promised to give $750 million of public money.
8:12 am
and once the owner sees that the free money is on the table, it's hard to turn down. chuck there you have it as to the main motivation for the owners. they're looking at all of that free money and wanting to get their hands on that. now, they are expected to vote in the affirmative today. they need 24 of 32 yeses. that does not mean it is a done deal. then the heavy lifting goes to mark davis. he has to find the personal financing. and there are movements by the city of oakland to have an alternative plan. the vote is expected to go in the favor of the raiders. we will let you know when the vote happens. we will stay on top of it here in phoenix.
8:13 am
in the passed our, oakland mayor libby schaaf is continuing to talk with the owners. she what to negotiate with the raiders and the city. team owners are scheduled to vote today. several owners have said they are in favor of the move. they say the sooner and happens the better for the league. 24 of the 32 owners need to propose the move. roger goodell says it will be a positive vote. >> the mayor says they will fight to keep the raiders into the clock runs down completely. they said there that's like
8:14 am
they are planning an open air stadium with at least 55,000 seats. the mayor adds there will be $200 million in public infrastructure improvement. they responded to oakland bid to keep the raiders. st. despite all of these efforts, we have not yet identified a viable solution. it is disappointing to me to come to that conclusion. and the mayor stopped by to
8:15 am
respond to the letter. . >> in the letter he raises two issues. one is the land deal is not completely certain. how can it be certain when the raiders have not been at the table ? you need another party to finish your negotiation. secondly, he raises the issue of the oakland a's. we can start building for the raiders right now and they can stay side-by-side for two years. it is not necessary for us to kick out our eighth and were not going to. >> as we heard, joe fonzi will be back with another report. we are asking if the raiders leaves oakland will you still support the team ? let us know what you think. you can vote on the twitter page or we love hearing your comments and you can leave those on the facebook page. we will have live coverage of the decision. and you can get the latest updates on new information on last week's deadly attack in london. why they cannot access the
8:16 am
messages that were sent out by the terrorists.
8:17 am
♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
8:18 am
more information about the terror attack. just before he carried out his attack he sent out a message. but investigators cannot get to
8:19 am
that message because it was encrypted. >> the most difficult part of all of this is that kurt is no longer with us. and we miss him terribly. he was an amazing individual who loved everyone and try to make the world a better place. >> they went to london to celebrate the 25th anniversary. it was the last day of their trip. they wanted to spend it sightseeing. members of the family are in london helping melissa with her recovery. we are coming up on three
8:20 am
hours is a fire broke out in this building and was oakland. firefighters say they believe one person died in this fire. they believe they saw a body of the third floor. three people are injured. most of them with smoke insulation. a number of people said they evacuated themselves. others say we heard a neighbor pounding on the door. they found their way through the darkness to the fire escape and got out that way. some people say they only have the clothes on their back.  you can see the firefight continues from high above. earlier we saw a bright, orange golden crown. but that is not the case anymore. we heard one deputy fire chief say not everyone is okay. we are waiting for them to confirm that there is one fatality. >> as soon as that structure is
8:21 am
deemed to save, they will probably go back in. we want to go with sal. >> i saw that fire while i was driving in. >> it is a big fire. a lot of people sought from all over the east bay. san pablo avenue. is still closed. it is a good area to avoid. transit buses are being rerouted. the bay bridge has cleared out. 101 in san jose in the south bay in general is still slow. we have a little bit of breaking news at the walnut creek interchange. all lanes are blocked because of two horses that are running on the freeway. and you can see, there is no traffic getting through right now. where are all of the cars ? they are trying to corral two horses that got on the freeway. this is a huge problem.
8:22 am
we hope the horses are going to be okay. except for cloud cover, we are mostly sunny. a breezy day and mostly cool. there are still a few isolated showers on the san mateo coast but most of that is winding down. look for temperatures to rebound to the low to mid 60s. and it's warmer by tomorrow. we been reporting that the city has taken a move to control encampments on the city streets.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
city sentient homeless camp is coming to oakland. city leaders built the growing number of tent cities is becoming a crisis. they are turning and amply lot into a sanctuaries that . >> sanctioned homeless campground. it is designed to accommodate 40 tents. president trump will try to move on from his agenda. that means a new plan to streamline government.
8:26 am
chucky has promised to move passed last week's failure on healthcare reform. but they still have to heal some deep fissures in the party. president trump is no doubt hoping that today bring some renewal. for starters he will announce that his son-in-law will lead it effort to bring business stability to government. select we came up short but it will be hard to came passed what happened last week. truck white house chief of staff promised that this is not the end of healthcare reform. select the present has said that when obama care does explode, which it will, we are going to be prepared to lead again. it democrats come on board, we will welcome back. >> reporter: that idea of
8:27 am
working with democrats is something of a threat for the conservative republicans of the house, the freedom caucus that refused to back the president's plan. >> democrats are smiling in dc president trump wrote. but the freedom caucus has saved planned parenthood and obama care. >> reporter: still ahead, a looming deadline next month to stave off possible government funding. and he would like to move forward on tax reform. and he may be looking for democratic support their. . >> they will repeat the same mistake they made on trump care with tax reform. >> reporter: tax reform may be more difficult than health reform. threat we continue to follow breaking news out of oakland. a four alarm fire at a residential building. that attracts being seen here. they are still up and dumping water onto that residential building.
8:28 am
7 people rescued and one possible fatality. we have a truck that's blocking all of the laser northbound 101. central san rafael, one lane is getting by. it is now on its side. this is an injury crash. the fire department is on the scene.
8:29 am
8:30 am
huge four alarm fire now contain but not under control. it was an aggressive initial attack. they rescued at least seven people.
8:31 am
>> the fire started about three hours ago. you could clearly see it from interstate 980. alex savidge has been talking to firefighters and people who lived in the neighborhood. and in the building itself. >> reporter: yes we are talking with people who made it out of the burning building. we are hearing some frightening stories. some people went down the fire escape and did whatever they could to escape the flames as the three-story building went up in flames at about 5:40 am. you still have firefighters putting water on the fire. they had the upper hand on the fire at this point. now, they're trying to figure out a couple of things, how it started, and if there is still one person who is inside the building who died in the fire. we will show you video from when this fire first broke out.
8:32 am
7 people had to be rescued from this building. many of them were pulled from the second and third floor of the building. there were three people who were treated for smoke inhalation. we talk with one man who lives in this building. he described what he saw this morning. select i was asleep. i heard a lot of noise outside. i heard the alarms going off. we hit the fire escape. i went around and knocked on all of the doors to get people out of there on the second floor. >> reporter: the fire
8:33 am
department says there is no obvious sign of how this fire started. there will be a full investigation. 50 people or so to live inside this building. many of the people are taking part in transitional housing programs recovering from drug addiction. that is what we were told in talking with some of the neighbors. the cause is still under investigation. the fire department still trying to figure out if someone was killed inside the fire. when they first went inside the building this morning to do a search, there were firefighters on the third floor who believe they saw a person's body but they could not get to that person because the flames and the smoke were too overwhelming and that is when crews had to pull back. they are trying to figure out it one person was trapped inside. >> let's continue our coverage with allie rasmus. >> reporter: i spoke with a man who identified himself as one of the part owners of this building.
8:34 am
it has been defined as a transitional housing building. he said the owner was the mead street affiliates part of an llc. he admitted what many tenants of the residential building has said. that the conditions were not great. there were a lot of people evacuated from the building. and they are being held by the red cross. the man we spoke with said they have had conflicts and problems with the property manager. he blames some of these shoddy conditions on these conflicts. but ultimately, they fell short but it came to keeping the building up to standard. select the conditions were not great. the place needed repairs. and we were doing the best we could. we cleaned out the back and
8:35 am
were taking out furniture from the hallways. we were trying to make it from transitional to permanent housing. but the people are not paying rent. you cannot just put them out. >> [ indiscernible- multiple speaker ] truck as you can see and hear, while we were interviewing, some of the residence started to criticize the man and getting upset with him about the conditions in the building. at that point, police asked us to leave because tensions were running high. again, back out here in front of the building, the man we talked to identified himself as one of the part owners.
8:36 am
he says it was transitional housing. he said that the conditions inside were not great. let's get you over to sal. >> we have more breaking news here. we have down power lines in the west oakland area. right now, major bart problems. they are not getting into and out of san francisco the service has been stopped because at major problems on the system due to downed power lines. there is no service from oakland to san francisco or from san francisco to oakland. we have other breaking news. northbound 101, san rafael, an overturned truck.
8:37 am
it flipped over on its side. firefighters are there right now. northbound 101. this is creating a big traffic jam on the 101 northbound coming away from the richmond bridge. this backup is huge. southbound traffic is slow as well. it is going to be a big problem. plan according line -- accordingly. we had horses on the road here on highway 680. they will be leading the traffic through. it looks like they may have corralled the horses and put them out of their names. you can see how slow it is.
8:38 am
it is backed up into danville. looking at the south bay, traffic is moderate. look at northbound 101 it is not bad. let me say it again. part is not running right now between oakland and san francisco because of a power issue. were working on this. let's go to steve. there is video of the horses on the freeway. we have a quiet pattern. we had a week front last night and early this morning. we have had a few showers go along the san mateo coast. northwest breeze is in place. i don't think this is going to go anywhere for a while. -- don't go anywhere. let me see if i can get this to sink up.
8:39 am
i think were going to have to send it back to the anchors. when they're ready you can let me know. i will pass the baton. >> we will be right back after the break. ♪
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8:41 am
♪ if you grow up here, you really can be anything. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. the new station in fremont
8:42 am
is open for business. >> tom baker is checking out the new bart system. >> reporter: they have been announcing that power lines are down on the tracks. earlier in the morning there was another issue by faith there. where someone got on the tracks and they had to slow everything down by they got that person address. that float a lot of things down. earlier this morning it was a smooth opening. take a look out here. this is a parking lot. there are a couple hundred parking spots on this side of the massive parking lot that holds 2100 cards.
8:43 am
and there are additional spaces. that is an important thing to recognize. it's going to be easy to get parking after people hitch on to this whole thing. it's three dollars to park as it is in many bart facilities. let's go to the video we shot earlier. what you are going to see is a bunch of people getting on the train earlier today. about an hour ago. here is the point. because of the delay that's three trains worth of people, it has been surprisingly light here. that's because a lot of people don't want to be the first to try you. within two weeks they will be up to the 7000 update they expect. this station is a godsend to a lot of people. they don't have to make the 5 mile trek up to 880 to get to
8:44 am
the fremont station. here is what some of the riders we spoke with earlier today had to say. so that it's more convenient for me, it's about 10 minutes from home. it's really close. >> i live very close to this one it's convenient. >> reporter: now, the situation is, two more stations are going to be opening within the year self up here. that means the station will be 46 of 48 stations. the situation is because of that there will be more cars coming here and more traffic. but it will take some pressure off of the 880. reporting live from the warm springs station, tom baker.
8:45 am
they shut down the tube on the bart. >> yes it happened about 15 minutes ago. power lines came down on the track spirit service is stopped between west oakland and embarcadero. all of the trains come out and the first thing they kit is west oakland. major service delays right now. no service between west oakland and san francisco. this is putting a major strain on the system. they are not going anywhere right now into the power lines are taken down from the
8:46 am
freeway. i also want to mention some horses that were on the freeway. this is good news, the horses have been taken off of the freeway. they have been corralled and take it all safely. this is a video. there they are. they are running around. they have to stop traffic to get them out. animal control helped. now, everything is a lot better. animal lovers will be happen -- happy to hear. i can show you how slow it is on 680 towards danville. let's go to the south bay. southbay traffic is slow. we have slow traffic still trying to get up into sunnyvale. let's bring in steve with today's weather. we have mostly clear skies.
8:47 am
overall lots of sun, breezy today. we had a few isolated showers. skirting right along the san mateo coast. you can see mostly sunny skies. highs today in the 60s. there is going to be a flag raising ceremony at city hall. mayor libby schaaf will be there to raise the oakland a's flag at noon. the team season opener is set for april 3 against the la angels. an investigation to attend the hit and run.
8:48 am
imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you.
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8:50 am
bart service is not running between west oakland and embarcadero. this is because of a power line that is down on the track. there is no service getting across. the only line that does not go through wes logan is the richmond flak --/fremont line. a lot of people have been tweeting saying, part system have come to a halt. trains cannot get through. we'll keep updating you on this story. it is because of a power line that is across the tracks. san jose police are asking for a hit and run driver who killed a pedestrian. this happened on monterey road in south san jose.
8:51 am
they continue to search for leads in this case. friends have identified the person killed as nicholas saunders. they are now asking anyone who may have witnessed the crash to call the police department. if there's anyone out there, please come forth. you did not need to leave him on the side of the road like that. said that the victim was standing in the road when he was struck by a car traveling southbound. police are looking for a driver who killed a man as he was repairing his rv. it happened on 85th avenue. witnesses say a car struck the unidentified man and did not stop. the car was seen going east. they are offering up to $10,000 in reward money for information for the arrest of the driver. and afterschool volleyball coach is facing charges. he was arrested on friday after a 13- year-old girl that he sent her
8:52 am
inappropriate comments on social media. he was a volunteer for the sunnyvale community services and senior center. they found another victim. there is no sign that he had any physical contact with the victims. a man accused of killing his wife and two children and needs will appear in court today. the suspect is the children's father. he was arrested in san francisco on thursday. they finished processing the crime scene yesterday and re- open the street to neighbors. >> she had an amazing personality. she was full of life. there was not a day that went by that she was not smiling and trying to help someone else. the investigators have not said how the victims were killed or why. despite assurances that the
8:53 am
bathroom bill is not hurting north carolina's economy, the ap is reporting different. numerous musical performances have canceled concerts. the law excludes gender identity and sexual orientation from anti-discriminatory protections. united airlines is supporting of controversial decision. the agent barred two teenage girls from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings. people have been criticizing what they consider to be a sex is policy. but, the girls are traveling under a travel pass that has a dress code.
8:54 am
a group of women will have a statute remain in place on wall street. the fearless girl was placed in front of the stock exchange. the bronze girl was supposed to be there for a month. is supposed to be a subtle signal to hire more female executives. it's up to the city of new york to decide if the fearless girl will stay where she is. there was gunfire at a cincinnati nightclub. how they hope to track down those responsible for the shooting.
8:55 am
8:56 am
the time is 8:56. a devastating story here, as eight japanese high school students are feared dead after being caught in an avalanche at a ski resort. the teens were mountain
8:57 am
climbing when the avalanche hit earlier today. emergency crews located them buried under snow. dozens of other skiers, snowboarders, and hikers were injured in the avalanche. police continue to look for suspects in a nightclub shooting. a gun fight broke out early sunday night after an argument between two groups of people. witnesses say at least 20 shots were fired, and people were diving to the ground to avoid the bullets. >> there's no evidence that this was a terrorist attack. however, to the victims, what difference does it make? >> 27-year-old o'brien spikes was killed in the shooting. three are in critical condition. police says the nightclub has its own security in place with pat downs and metal detection
8:58 am
wands. still several weapons got inside. las vegas police say a man was shot and killed on a public bus saturday for no apparent reason. they say a man pulled out a gun, and started shooting as passengers were getting off the bus on the vegas strip. almeeta firefighters are alerting the public to an exercise that takes part. dozens will be taking part in an air training drill. this begins at 9:30 and will last about three hours. the drill will include a number of helicopters flying around the area. bay area college basketball fans still have one team left to cheer for. the stanford women are heading back to the final four.
8:59 am
the cardinal rallied from a 16 point deficit in the 2nd half. stanford had the lead, but notre dame had the ball at its own end of the court. stanford heads back to the final four for the first time in three years. the cardinal will face the winner of the south carolina/florida state game next weekend. north carolina bet kentucky. the number 1 seeded tar heels are headed for their 20th final four, and that's an ncaa record. north carolina drained a jumper with less than a half second to go, that gives the team a victory and a chance to take on oregon next saturday. south carolina continued its season with solid free throw
9:00 am
shooting and a swarming defense. the first time since '73 south carolina has won any game in the ncaa. it's a big day for the oakland raiders as the nfl owners move to meet on a vote to las vegas welcome to the 9, everyone. a massive four-alarm fire burning for three plus hours. live pictures here from west oakland. you can see the flames have now been put out. still smoulderring though as firefighters continue to put water on that building. i want to show you you also what it looks like a little bit earlier this morning, when that fire was taken off, if we can. firefighters were on the initial fire attack, hose lines going inside. they were able to rescue seven people from


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