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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 27, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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shooting and a swarming defense. the first time since '73 south carolina has won any game in the ncaa. it's a big day for the oakland raiders as the nfl owners move to meet on a vote to las vegas welcome to the 9, everyone. a massive four-alarm fire burning for three plus hours. live pictures here from west oakland. you can see the flames have now been put out. still smoulderring though as firefighters continue to put water on that building. i want to show you you also what it looks like a little bit earlier this morning, when that fire was taken off, if we can. firefighters were on the initial fire attack, hose lines going inside. they were able to rescue seven people from that fire.
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there is the potential, as one battalion chief said, that one person may have died in that fire and there could be more. as soon as that structure is deemed safe, those firefighters will begin to search that building. >> this really put a strain on the entire alameda fire system, because all of those companies came in to fight that fire. this is a county wide issue. oakland firefighters are at the scene, they'll stay there for a lot of the day. >> the immediate help that's needed in that neighborhood. of course, the firefighters are to go their job. people escaping, alex, has been telling, with just the clothes on their back. >> reporter: we're hearing just incredible stories from people who ran down the staircases with flames overcoming the hallways and a lot of people
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who were literally, just hanging out of the windows. second, and third story windows of this building. just trying to get firefighters to rescue them. they put those ladder trucks up to some of those 2nd and 3rd story windows. we're still awaiting word from the fire department. official confirmation, but it is their belief that one person may have been killed in this fire. that's because some of the firefighters part of the earlier attack, who went inside of this building, initially, they were up on the third floor of the building, and thought they saw a body, but they could not get to that person because of the smoke and flames. this fire started at 5:30 this morning, and at this point, it is still not under control. flames early this morning were shooting from the roof of this three story apartment building at the corner of san pablo
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avenue and mead avenue. at a certain point, things got too dangerous. crews had to pull back from that building. all of the crews were pulled back, and fought from a defensive mode. they sprayed water on the fire from above. we talked early this morning, with one of the battalion chiefs this morning. they talk about why they think there may have been one person who did not make it out of this fire alive. >> there was also followed with fire attack to try to knock down more fire on the third floor. as they were progressing along the third floor, what they thought they saw was potentially a body, but because of the amount of flames that they were met with, they weren't able to move any further, and it forced us out of the building. we had to go defensive at that time. >> reporter: again, a total of
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seven people wound up being rescued. there were three people who were treated for injuries. what we understand is most of those people were treated for smoke inhalation. they had taken in just so much smoke as they tried to escape this early morning fire. the cause here is unclear. obviously, a fire of this size, we know there will be a lengthy investigation by fire investigators trying to pig out how it may have started. there were initial reports by some people who got out of the building, that maybe one of their neighbors left a candle lit. but that is unconfirmed by the oakland fire department. crews have not declared this fire under control. i just spoke with one of the firefighters at the scene. they're still not calling it under control. there is still some active fire in the middle of this building. the investigation will continue, and firefighters will try to figure out if there still is one person who did not make it out of this building, one person who may have been
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killed in this early morning apartment fire. thank you, i want to bring in sal right now. a major service disruption on bart. >> that's right, there's a downed power line. those power lines came down on the track. b.a.r.t. service is not running between west oakland and the embarcadero station. b.a.r.t. is saying, as of three minutes ago, they're advising you to take other means of transportation. some people have been getting off the trains. they will come to a station and let you off. that does not mean b.a.r.t. service has started again, they're letting people who were stuck on the system, off of the trains. whenever b.a.r.t. says we think you should take another way to work, you should do that. >> we had a producer who had a
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friend on a train in san francisco said it moved a bit. >> to let people off. >> just re-tweeted a couple i'm seeing of the b.a.r.t. platforms just packed. people hoping to get to work or school, over whatever, you couldn't fit another person on there. a little bit of the b.a.r.t. system. that goes down, the entire system is affected. >> this could be effecting the afternoon commute. >> that's right, uber is going to spike prices because of the demand. >> the bay bridge toll plaza. >> the control room could bring it up. it was light about 10 minutes ago. now of people hearing this, it might actually be very, very busy at the toll plaza. so we'll see maybe if the control room can route that
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picture for us. we'll have to check in maybe a little later. >> we're also working on getting someone from b.a.r.t. to actually phone us. a busy day in west oakland. not only the fire, but also the b.a.r.t. problems. a big cay for oakland when it comes to football. it is decision day for 32 nfl owners. the nfl owners are meeting in phoenix, and we're expecting a vote some time today on the relocation plan to vegas. sources close to the nfl say it appears there are indeed enough team owners who support the raiders move. as he arrived in phoenix, commissioner roger goodell told sal paolantonio. i think we will have a vote, and i think we'll have a positive vote. i think we are in pretty good shape. >> ktvu's sports anchor, joe
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fonzi joins us live. i heard you say something earlier, even if they do vote for this, you're saying this does not necessarily mean they're gone for good right? >> reporter: no, there's a lot of work that still needs to be done. we're kind of outside the meeting room area. if you take a look over here, where you see there is still a little media hanging around here, and through the alleyway, there's where the owners had to walk past us to go to their meeting. right now you can see everybody waiting to see what the final result of that meeting will be. as some people walked by me, i did pretty much get the feeling by talking to a couple of them, they expect this vote to be an approval for the raiders to move. but as i said before that, it doesn't mean it's a done deal for a am number of reasons. we'll get to it those in just a moment. the one thing that is unique about this arrangement, it is a
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deal where they're expecting a good portion of the attendance to be from out of town. they expect people to say, while we're in las vegas, let's take in a football game. we talked to a number of people with differing opinions about it. >> this is a very radical, different way of having an nfl team turn a profit. counting on a third of your people coming in from out of down for your games. and having not only that, people from places where there are other nfl teams come to your town for the games. i don't know if that's going to work. >> it is going to be vegas style. not just eight regular season home games. vegas looks at it as eight potential parties, plus preseason games. i think from the vegas standpoint, they can put people
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in the seats, but from a tourism standpoint, they're chomping at the bit to try and put backages together to get people to come into town to kind of wrap everything up into one big weekend. >> so you hear the differing opinions there. but now, if that approval vote comes, which is what everyone expects here today, it's a contingent approval. then the heavy lifting starts from mark davis. on the hook for roughly $800 million of personal money to make this happen, plus, the financing on the bank of america 650 million. whatever the debt service is on that. so there's still some heavy lifting to be from him, if that vote happens. when you hear the commissioner say, we're looking for a positive vote, that tips the hand how the nfl is feeling. i'm sure the people in oakland don't feel very positive about that. then we also talked to a raiders fan group, and i understand that the city is
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looking at technicalities in the lease that could bring about some legal action. so it's not over yet, and obviously, we're still waiting for the outcome of the vote. we're still waiting around here until the owners emerge from that meeting. they are expecting to vote today. the expectation is that they will vote, and that it will be a contingent yes. that's all we have right now, guys. >> joe, you've been covering the nfl for decades. 30 years ago, talking about an nfl team, or even a hockey team in las vegas, people just roll their eyes. what do you think has changed that all of a sudden las vegas gets the green light. it's okay to have these major sports organizations there. >> reporter: yeah, one very obvious thing, mike. there's $750 million of public money on the table. the owners have tipped their hands as to where their
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loyalties lie. they're looking at that money, saying we can't to get our hand on that money. there's a sentiment that says we can't let $750 million of public money, quote die on the vine. that's all you need to know about their motivation about las vegas, and the gambling interest, and all of those things. it's a smaller metropolitan area, a smaller tv market, but there you go. that's what's happening. new in morning, libby schaaf making two new appeals to the nfl. >> schaaf says if the league must vote today, owners must use secret ballots. >> she would rather have a team owner set a timeline for a small group to lead talks with the city and the raiders owners. she wants to have face-to-face discussions. >> that plan calls for a new football facility on a site south of the coliseum. it includes an open air stadium with at least 55,000 seats. it would be financed from the
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fortress investment group. that's the group led by ronnie lott. the mayor adds there would be $200 million in public infrastructure improvements as well. if the raiders leave oakland, will you still support the team? your choices, yes, fan for night. no, absolutely not. might check out a game in vegas. or go niners. 20% say yes, fan for life. 32% say no. more than a third of you, 36%, say go niners. i have been reading your comments through the weekend. mr.g writes, i think i'm done with football, it's hard to care for a team that doesn't care about its loyal fans. >> i'm not sure how mostly blue collar fans can afford a seat
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and a flight to las vegas. >> we'll share them here for you at 9:30, we love to hear your comments. coming up here next on mornings on 2 the 9:00, president trump is moving forward after last week's efforts to replace the affordable healthcare act failed. we will have the latest from washington. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside,
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crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. ♪ sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares.
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9:16. checking stocks to see the dow is down by 1/3 of 1%. the s & p down a quarter of a percent. nasdaq flat. the white house is moving on, after garnering enough support for a healthcare plan to replace the affordable care act. >> he will need them to pass his next goal, which is tax reform. >> reporter: after a bruising
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healthcare defeat last week, the president and republicans are regrouping while trying to figure out how to fix the deep divides in their country. >> i believe it's time for the party to start governing. i also think democrats can come to the table as well. >> reporter: shifting more of the blame on democrats. >> this is all fixable, if we sit down like reasonable people and try to solve the problem. >> reporter: still the president, pointing fingers at the freedom caucus. already one member has resigned from the caucus. >> this bill didn't do what we told the american people we were going to do. >> reporter: meanwhile, the white house wants to move on. already moving forward to the next legislative hurdle. tax reform. it's likely, president trump
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will have be willing to seek more bipartisan support. >> we'll continue to make improvements. >> reporter: first republicans have to figure out how to keep the government open past next month, as another federal government shut down looms if they can't agree on spending bills to keep the doors open. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. new information from british authorities about the man behind last week's terror attack in london. just before khalid masood carried out the attack, he sent a whatsapp message. but the police can't get the information, because they say the message is encrypted. the family of the utah man in the attack spoke out about the tragedy this morning. >> the most difficult part of all of this, is that kurt is no longer with us.
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and we miss him terribly. he was an amazing individual who loved everyone and tried to make the world a better place. >> kurt, and melissa cochran had come to great britain to celebrate their 25th anniversary of the day of the attack. it was the last day of the trip, and the family says they wanted to spend it sight seeing in london. 12 members are in europe to help melissa cochran with her recovery. the family says she is recovering. the 9 closing time could be pushed back a couple of hours. a bill that would allow bars in california to serve alcohol until 4:00 a.m. and why some think that would make cities safer. >> b.a.r.t. expected light traffic for the opening of the warm spring station here in fremont, but not this light, and it's not because of anything that happened here at the station, coming up.
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bay area weather, it's going to be kind of a nice day. you say breezy steve. >> everything is cleared out of here. we had that system last night,  it left almost a tenth inch of rain on mount st. helena. some clouds to the north, but a northwest breeze, or a westerly component looks to be in place. here's some of that rainfall. mount st. helena had the most i could find. ben loma a third, about the same for inverness. they had a couple of showers, but that was earlier about 6:00, 7:00. it looks like most of that's about down. except for a few clouds, everything is down around the northwest, including that breeze, which i think will be fresh, as we say.
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40s and 50s on the temps. fairfield, a westerly breeze, and mostly sunny skies. temperatures will be in the 60s. this will probably be one of the warmest days of the week. thursday, it could be windy and cooler here, then we'll rebound friday and saturday. end of march, into april. usually, we crank up that wind machine. >> as we go to b.a.r.t., i just want to say a tweet we just got. west oakland station has reopened. expect major residual delays systemwide, and the new warm springs b.a.r.t. station in fremont is now open for business. >> the people in fremont have been waiting for this station to open. >> check out the first week date commute and talking to passengers. >> reporter: i'll tell you, it's amazing what happened here this morning. the first from about 5:30 when we got here, to about 7:00. it was like clock work. every 15 minutes those trains
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arrived and departed, and it was not a problem. the traffic was so light, that it was very, very easy. now, what happened then in the intervening time since then, somebody got on the tracks at bay field, which delays things a half hour. then the power in oakland has delayed things so much, we haven't seen a train in a half hour. let's look at some videotape that we shot earlier. you see a bunch of people getting on the train, because these were people who would have gotten on three trains getting on one, because of the noise that we've already saw. obviously, it's going to go smoother when there aren't these big delays that have nothing to do with this station. a lot of people have yet to try this, and i will bet you within a couple of weeks, we won't have the number of parking spaces that we see here right now. but here's, nonetheless, from all of that, here's what some folks that we met earlier today had to say about the station.
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>> i'm driving up here from morgan hill, and that represents a 15 minute minimum cut, and the only reason i have to get up at ridiculous hours is because i can't park in fremont, so i'm working my way back. >> i'm a little worried. if we get back around 2:00, or past 3, i'm just hoping it's not too much traffic to get back to the highway. >> reporter: okay, and now, besides the fact there are 2100 parking spaces here, i estimate there are between 501,000 still yet to be filled. people not sure what the parking situation was going to be. for the next couple of weeks, it's going to be pretty good, so you should try that if you can. and of course, within a year, the two stations south of here will be berryessa and milpitas. that will open up, and basically complete the corridor down to bta, where people can
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come from san jose, up to the b.a.r.t. system. ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you tom. when they add those two stations, you're going to see a reduction in the amount of people going south. now this is going to take people going north. as you heard that gentleman, he's going to access oakland and san francisco, so people going that way will be affected. wait until they open the other stations, then they'll connect the vta, that's going to be the game changer. a senate committee in sacramento today is holding a controversial measure discussing closing time at bars and clubs in california. state senator scott wiener has introduced a measure that would allow bars to serve until 4:00 a.m. critics say it's not a good idea to have people leave bars at 4:00 a.m., and meeting up
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with morning traffic. coming up next on mornings on 2 at 9:00, a big day for the raiders, as they wait to see if a move to las vegas gets approved. how the team got to this point. >> and one person confirmed dead in an apartment fire in west oakland early this morning. plus, what we're learning about an ongoing legal complex between the building's owners and the main tenants. he's asleep.
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i've got the gelato. is that ice cream? no, it's, uh breyers gelato indulgences. it looks like ice cream. it's not. can i have some? you really wouldn't like it. it's got caramel and crunchy stuff. i like caramel and crunchy stuff. it's not for kids. i'm a grown-up. breyers gelato indulgences. creamy gelato, rich caramel, topped with crunchy curls. it's way beyond ice cream. all right, we want to update this morning's breaking news. we now have confirmation one person was killed in this morning's massive fire in west oakland. seven people were rescued by firefighters. >> allie rasmus is live with that, and the ongoing conflict you've learned about. >> reporter: first, someone
9:30 am
died in this fire. that person was on the second floor of had building. taking a look at the scene now, you can see several firefighters, fire trucks, ladder trucks out here, positioning their hoses on the building. it's been a while, about an hour since we've seen any smoke, so the fire definitely contained at this point, but firefighters expect to remain out here to keep an eye on things for the remainder of the day at least. the fire started around 6:00, it went to four alarms when it was at its worse. firefighters rescued seven people from the building, three people were treated, mostly for smoke inhalation, and again, one person is confirmed to have died in this fire. the first and second floor of this building were transitional housing operated by an organization called eurojas community center. we spoke with an attorney representing. he said the owners of this
9:31 am
building have been trying to evict the organization and the people affiliated with it. >> the conditions, i mean, it was uninhabitable, all right. you know, there were like i told someone else before, there's virtually like a river on the first floor with wires exposed to it. there's toilets overflowing. a lot of people with mental health issues, so they're hoarding in some of their apartments, that type of thing. so we called the inspector during the rainy season. maybe like three weeks ago, when it was really bad, having the inspector go over there from the city of oakland. said the conditions were okay. so so that left us kind of baffled. >> reporter: earlier this morning, we also talked to a man who said he is part of the
9:32 am
llc that owns this building, mead street associates. he he says that's part of the reason why they were trying to evict that organization and the leaders of that group. >> the conditions were not great, you know, the place needed repairs, you know, and we were doing the best, cleaning up the back. we're taking out furniture and stuff from the hallways, but you know, it was in disarray. >> reporter: now that 86 people lived in this building, and shortly after the fire, many evacuated to a parking lot about a block away from where the fire was. the red cross we saw this morning was trying to help some of the people out. but again, one person is confirmed to have died in this fire, as you heard the community center attorney in our interview tell us a short time ago, that the city inspectors from the city of oakland had been to this building earlier this month, and that there was essentially,
9:33 am
an ongoing legal conflict between the main tentent, the eurojas community center. >> we're looking at the b.a.r.t. system, and just about 10 minutes ago, b.a.r.t. tweet the they're restoring service between the east bay and san francisco. they're expecting major residual delays systemwide. we have pictures of people who were basically stuck on the platforms at lake merritt. rockridge. they closed that station and made everyone leave. there were a lot of people who were stuck on those platforms. this is a picture here of just people who obviously had nowhere to go. b.a.r.t. trains did open up the doors and let everyone out, so they weren't stuck on trains, they were stuck on the platforms. i'm wondering if this made people drive into san francisco. when i came up here the toll plaza was empty.
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it didn't look like that. what had been an empty toll plaza is now full again. people have no options, they'll get into the car. just about 30 minutes from now, the nfl owners begin their team meeting in phoenix. as many of us know this is not the first time the raiders have packed up and left the city of oakland. a look at the history of the raiders, and how we got to this point today. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: it's hard to believe now, considering recent events, but the raiders were once one of the most fabled franchises in all of profession football from the time they were created in 1960 through the '80s, there was no talk about leaving this area. but al davis, the man who bought into the ownership group for a mere $18,000 in 1976,
9:35 am
fancied himself a major player in the fastest growing sport in the country. he had big ideas of luxury boxes, and huge television revenues, dancing in his head like sugar plums in the mind of a child on christmas eve. despite the protests and millions spent on court costs battling the nfl, al davis yanked his team from the grasp of arguably, the most loyal fan base in the country. developing an iconic silver and black brand in the east bay, and without his fellow owners' approval, davis set up shop in the l.a. coliseum in 1982. waiting for someone to build him a brand new stadium with other peoples' money. it never happened. >> all in favor say aye. >> aye. >> reporter: after 13 years and one super bowl, al davis tail
9:36 am
tucked between his legs, scurried back to oakland. the ever loyal fans eagerly welcomed the raiders back to the east bay. after a costly coliseum upgrade, a folly, appropriately named mount davis was constructed. whispers of yet another move began to be heard again. and they continue, even after al davis died in 2011, his son mark had apparently inherited the idea that his raiders needed a new stadium to thrive. fans started hearing about san antonio in 2014. in 2015, the winds of change continued, as davis announced plans for a $1.75 billion stadium in carson. just outside of l.a. but in 2016, the powers that be in the nfl shunned the junior davis, instead, approving a move of the rams and the chargers to los angeles.
9:37 am
mark davis and company had yet another idea. just win, baby, became sin city, baby, and a pledge of $500 million to move to las vegas was announced. soon, billionaire casino mogul, shannon adams was onboard. a tax was passed to help finance the $1.9 billion stadium in the desert. in early january, the raiders have a huge pauling out with addleson over the deal. the billionaire, angerly pulls out, taking goldman sachs money with him. despite this, the raiders steadfastly claim the deal is still alive. they cite backing from bank of america. the moving parts seemed to be fitting together for the soon to be las vegas raiders.
9:38 am
i'm mark ibanez, fox 2 news. all right, joining us now live to dive into this, sports business consultant, andy dolage. do you think the nfl commissioner wants this move as much as mark davis? >> absolutely, i actually think the nfl has helped orchestrate this, if you look at how quickly, $650 million appeared from bank of america. how they reduced the relocation fee from what looked to be half a billion dollars, to $325 million. and ultimately, i think where this is going to go is the nfl is looking at legalized gaming sometime in the future. what better laboratory than sin city? >> so that's why the nfl basically steamrolled this through? because the nfl is not known for liking the oakland raiders. i think mark davis doesn't is have enough money for the taste of many of the owners. so this is really the nfl's idea that they're pushing through, or not idea, but
9:39 am
they're really helping with this. >> clearly mark was the leader of raiders of the lost park, as mark ibanez talked about for many years. now they're finding a place that's going to put more money on the table, and has $750 million from a municipality. that's the largest amount in sports history for a single use stadium. so i think when the nfl took a step back, their job was to increase asset protection for all the teams in the league, and whatever internal bickers there had been historically. this is an opportunity to open up a world class market, without quality democrat graphics. but we'll see if raider nation is going to adopt the neon way of vegas. >> people saying, i'm going to vegas for a bachelorette party, and i might take in a game when
9:40 am
i'm there. the rams leaving st. louis, and going to l.a. their franchise value doubled. in the end, if it's not that diehard, silver and black, a dollar spends the same no matter who it's coming from, is that the message? >> that is absolutely correct and selling out 8 games or 10 games with preseason in any city for nfl football, they sellout games in london, england. i think they're going to have no problem selling out games in las vegas. this is a giant black hole in the soul of oakland sports, there's no doubt about that, and people will be shedding silver and black tears if this vote comes down the way everybody thinks it is. you cannot replace that. was there a deal to be made here? yes, but you never had a meeting of the nfl, mark davis, his staff, the a's, the city, and the county. you haven't had conversations for at least a year with all of those people in one room and
9:41 am
that really doomed the oakland situation, and the bay area is so crowded now, deep in the recesses of al davis, and mark davis's heart, they will be number 1 in an entire state, and one of the most talked about cities in the world. >> what about loyalty to fans? i guess that doesn't really have any chance when you have all this free money, right? so fan loyalty is second to free money. $750million. >> one of the nfl advertising slogans is football is family. yet in little over a year, if the raider deal is approved, three franchises, historic franchises will be moved in the nfl. so football is family? the fluid that runs through the veins of the nfl is green, and this is a big time green, and that's why they're relocating. >> in five years, paint a picture in the city of oakland. with the warriors gone, and if the raiders indeed go to las
9:42 am
vegas, you have the a's. what do you think it's going to look like? >> well that is a instructional video that everybody would like to see. what's going to happen over the 2, or 3, or 4 years. the plan is the raiders play in the coliseum, while the new stadium is built in las vegas. i wouldn't want to market that. they're very lucky the team is playing football and has a bright future. the a's, have taken a very positive approach. that area in and around the coliseum, i've always felt was more than large enough to house two teams in new stadiums, and create the kind of miracle that you see in and around mission bay now with the warriors going there and what the giants have done with at&t. but that takes years, and there have been a lot of missteps. there's a lot of fingers that
9:43 am
could have been pointed. even two hands. >> does jay york vote yes? >> yes, i think jed will vote yes. it's one less competitor in the bay area. when those doors close, this comes down to business, and not necessarily personalities, although you do have a big personalty in jerry jones. it's not going to be an easy sell to talk about these psl's in vegas, no matter how much money is in the casinos. and those casino people don't like people leaving the tables to do anything but lose their money in the casinos. they sold the psl's for the 49ers. they think they're going to sell it for the chargers, and i wouldn't be surprised if a third party group is actually going to sell the raiders
9:44 am
product in las vegas. >> i want to check out our poll of the day now. will you support the team? here you have it. 22% say yes, fan for life. 32% say no, absolutely not. 11% say i might go check out a game, and 35% say go niners. >> jenny has been tweeting me saying raider fan for live. watched the move to l.a. don't see how vegas will be any different. leo tweets, i'm not going to become a -- >> i had one young lady saying even if they go to mars, i'll be a raiders fan. some people on the other hand. we had a 50/50 on my responses. >> you know what i'm preparing for, if the vote goes through, as it is expected to, remember in san diego, we saw people
9:45 am
burning jerseys. we saw people gathering very emotional outside of the team of the chargers. they revealed that l.a. chargers logo and it kind of looked fun. >> it will be kind of awkward in the next couple of years in oakland. at least the chargers are playing. >> for more on some of the other headlines we've been working on, let's go to dave clark in the newsroom. police in san jose want your help. they're searching for the hit and run driver who killed a pedestrian early yesterday morning. it happened at monterey road and stauffer boulevard in south san jose. police crime scene tape still at the crash scene as they search for leads in the case. friends of the victim say the victim was nicholas saunders. again, the investigation continues. later today, the man accused of killing his wife, two children, and his niece in sacramento is due in court.
9:46 am
the victims include a 21-year- old woman from san francisco. a 45-year-old mother, her 14- year-old daughter and her 11- year-old son. the suspect is the father of the children. 56-year-old salvador olivia, who was arrested thursday in san francisco. the investigation into this tragic case continues. investigators have not said how the victims were killed, or why. those are just a few of your morning headlines of our newsroom. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. coming up next on mornings on 2. the field is getting smaller. coming up, the march madness from the weekend and we check our own brackets. >> this is what it looked like at its height in the 6:00 hour of mornings on 2. next, we go to the scene for an update, and ktvu's alex savage.
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we now know that one person died in that big fire in west oakland. line now with the latest. alex. >> reporter: that's what the fire department believed from the outset here is they had one person who did not make it out alive. just within the last hour, the battalion chief did confirm, they had located that person's body. that person was found on the second floor, inside one of the units of the three story building here on the corner of mead avenue. they have no other information on the victim, whether it's a man or a woman, but they can confirm they did see this
9:50 am
person's body here on the second floor of this building. one person confirmed dead here in this early morning fire that broke out in west oakland. this started just about 5:40 this morning, when firefighters got here, there were flames shooting through the roof. they were searching for victims, also pulling people from some of the upper floors who were desperate to be rescued. three people suffered injuries here. mainly they were treated for smoke inhalation, and again, that one person was confirmed dead. we talked with the fire chief about why it was they could not get to that victim. >> initially, coming in we had the rescue issue. we had to deal with making sure we got as many occupants out of the building as we could that were trapped, and we were successful with taking care of our rescue situation, and then we transitioned into our fire attack mode, make sure all the units were in place, as we were
9:51 am
moving into the stricture, they encountered heavy, heavy fire, which did not allow them to progress through the building as they saw necessary. >> reporter: and from what we've been told, the units in this building were used for transitional housing programs. people who live here are recovering from various forms of addiction. so there are a number of recovery programs inside this building, and again, this is transitional housing. a total of 86 people. that's the latest count from the fire department. a total of 86 people live inside this building, and again, excuse me, beg your pardon. 86 people live inside this building and again, they got all of those people out, expect for one person confirmed dead. that person is obviously not been identified, it's so early on in the investigation, and they can't say whether that person is a man or a woman, but there will be, as you can
9:52 am
imagine, a lengthy investigation. they probably won't be able to recover that person's body at least for another couple of hours, and then, of course, fire investigators will be trying to figure out exactly where this fire started. they believe it was on either the second or the third floor, and they're also going to try to figure out what sparked this early morning fire here in west oakland. >> we'll stay on it through the day. it was just before 3:00 when fans started throwing rocks and bottles at each other, and tore down a fence. there were long lines outside. people waiting to get in for a match between two mexican teams. extra police were called in, but no arrests were made. avaya stadium, home field for the san jose soccer team. they said we thank the san jose
9:53 am
police department for keeping the situation from escalating.
9:54 am
9:55 am
we still have a local basketball team working toward a national title. the cardinal rallied from a 16 point deficit during the 2nd half, with less than 3 seconds left, stanford had the lead, but notre dame had the ball at its own end of the court.
9:56 am
erica mccall blocks the shot, and stanford heads back to the final four. a final four set for the men's tournament. north carolina beat kentucky, 75-73. in the final second of that game, the number 1 seeded tar heels are headed there for their 20th final four. >> carolina's luke may drained a jumper with less than a half second left on the clock to give his team the victory. and south carolina continues its fairy tale season with a 77-70 win over fourth seeded florida. the gamecocks earned their first birth in the national semifinals with a solid free throw shooting performance, and swarming defense. this is the first time since 1973 south carolina has won any game in the ncaa tournament. the gamecocks will take on top seeded gonzaga to try and make it to the title game. two west coast teams in the final four for the first time. >> there were a lot of gonzaga
9:57 am
doubters out there. >> i was one of them. i didn't pick them. >> am i winning? >> i got one of four. >> you're leading. mike, can i get you a cup of coffee or something? >> maybe down the road. our coverage continues on that west oakland fire right now on and we're also following the oakland raiders and the nfl vote. as soon as we find out there is a vote, we'll of course bring it to you here on ktvu. our coverage continues online at thanks for watching.
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> we won't judge, but we're jud judging. ♪ now here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wendy: now -- [ cheers and applause ] my studio audience.


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