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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  March 27, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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developments. >> you can tell emotions are high and i said this earlier on the 4:00 newscast. this is just another warning for fans when you get emotionally tied to a team. take in to account for the owners, this is not about tradition and loyalty. it is about money. you got guys, gentlemen that own the teams in their 60s, 70s and 80s. these are shots of them in phoenix, arizona. as they attend the meeting and getting ready for the vote and in case you did not know this, these owners with the relocation people talking about wow, how can you move three teams in the course of the year? the rams from st. louis and san diego and the chargers going to la. now the raiders, let me tell you each one of the owners smiling today. because they are going to be $50 million richer off of the relocation fees that are needed to be paid by this. when mark davis says mixed emotions, deep down he is very
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happy there are unconfirmed reports that this is something he is working on for a long, long time. bottom line he didn't want to stay in oakland. he didn't and he will be a wellier man because of it. >> let's go toughens arizona. the nfl owners voted 31-1. joe fonzi was there. it feels like the nfl, there is no loyalty. it is all about money. >> no question about it. and add to what mark said the vast majority of luxury boxes go in the individual owner of that particular team's pocket. so if you are in a stadium that is older and doesn't have luxury boxes you are at a loss. >> to build boxes it is to put more money in owner's pockets. >> the city of made its final push and the people of oakland and the fans thought they couldn't see it happen but in the end owner davis got what he
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wanted. the blessing by his fellow owners to move to las vegas. >> there wasn't much drama in the outcome of the vote. when he arrived yesterday some of the owners weren't hiding their intention and today nfl commissioner roger goodell made it official. >> as you know we just finished a very important discussion regarding the relocation proposal by the raiders. which the owners approved overwhelmingly. we are particularly disappointed for the fans of the oakland raiders and oakland. this is something which will be seen disappointment and we understand that. we tried to find a solution and we couldn't get it done. >> it was lip service through the fans that have historically been among the most passionate in the region. >> i have mixed feelings obviously. i love oakland and the fans in oakland and i know that there
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will be disappointment and anger and i hope in the future that the fans understand it was the players and not the coaches that made this decision but it was me that made it and if they have anybody to talk to bit, it should be me and i will in the coming days try to explain to them what went into making this difficult decision. >> as much regret as may have been expressed. it came down to the owners of 750 million-dollars of public money in nevada make its way into the pockets. >> i would like to thank governor sandoval and the legislation of nevada that overwhelmingly supported this process and it will bring the raiders to las vegas. >> we are happy that the raiders are going have a home for the long term and appreciate the efforts of las vegas and nevada for making it happen. >> doesn't seem to be much recourse for oakland and its
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leaders and at least one group is not giving up. >> we will take the next step. taking legal action. we will contact the media and let the nfl know we will go after you and the raiders will go down. the city of oakland will burn the jerseys. the nfl has done things not responsibly and if they do this to the fans that means they will go everywhere and we will protect ourselves and do the right thing. >> how that materializes remains to be seen but one thing set up is the two years in raiders history, they want to move to las vegas but don't have a stadium. they are planning on playing for the next two years in the oakland coliseum and calling themselves the oakland raiders when the stadium is being built and that could extend to a 3rd year. so if you are a long suffering raider fan someone that has been with the team in the early
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days at the oakland coliseum you have to be scratching your head and wondering what you are supposed to be feeling these days emotionally. >> and joe, you were there. there is a sense of emotion on the line for raiders fans. what was it like for the owners? was it sad or did it seem like a quick decision? did they feel something about voting 31-1 to move the team? >> they didn't seem too sad if it was the 31-1 vote and as you heard mark express they were congratulating each other. the four people that came to the podium today were congratulating each other and even though they gave lip service to the fans, i would not say that was their primary concern by any means. >> joe i think you hit it right. what mark davis said seemed rehearsed and not that sincere.
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i am wondering if there is any glimmer of hope that raiders could stay in oakland, have you heard if this fell through and something did not transpire do oakland fans have zero chance of retaining the team? >> i wouldn't say zero. it is at the 11th hour. one-third of that financing is supposed to be provided by mark davis himself and the owners cut him a deal on the relocation fee. instead of the 600 million that the chargers are paying and the rams are paying, they cut him down to 300 million. that means he is at 800 million- dollars that he has to come up with himself somehow. not to mention the debt service that bank of america is providing. >> there will be debt service and mark will be on the hook for an additional 800 million- dollars. if you doubted that he had the ability to come up with those finances this is the time that
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he will have to prove to do that. the other things those negotiations with the city of las vegas the last we heard the raiders wanted a one dollar a year lease. i don't think the city of las vegas will go for them or keep the raider rights money. the fan group may have potentially legal recourse so we will see if any of that materializes. if you are a raider fan and trying to hang your hat on something. there are those that do follow the details as they progress. all right. joe fonzi in phoenix, arizona for us. thank you. raiders quarterback derrick carr tweeted out this. as i sit here and see a vote. it takes the raiders to las vegas i am overwhelmed. i don't know how i should feel. i feel the pain of fans in
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oakland wrote. >> we will stick together especially when it is tough. >> so, mark, i grew up here and you grew up here. i went to raiders fans and my grandpa took me when i was younger. some of the best memories i have. do you think that -- when you look at mark davis and he has that 1. 9 million dollar palace, can you blame him for taking it? >> when you look at the picture you can't say no but yes you can say if you want to say you are loyal and care about the people in oakland you brought it up earlier, can you imagine the green bay packers moving to san antonio, no. i believe and i always believe if mark davis had it in his head that he was true to the fans in oakland and perpetuate it to what it is now.
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a major brand in the world of professional sports he could have found a way. if he would have said to the other owners i am not moving the team. i am not going anywhere oakland deserves it and we will make it here or we won. remember when they say that the raiders aren't making money they mean they are not making money to the standards of these other teams. they are making a ton of money. just relative terms. they are not making dallas cowboy money or new york giant money. they are profiting and doing very well. >> you look at the team and you look at the brand and image. so much tradition with the raiders and the raiders nation. what will a move to las vegas mean for that brand? >> i only wish we could be here 30 years from now because i truly feel. i was wrong. i didn't think the raiders would move to las vegas but they are. but i still think that i'm right about what it will eventually do to the image of the raiders. part of the business plan is
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they are hoping to lure fans from all over the country to come in and watch. it may and new and shiny thing in las vegas. the new toy so to speak but in las vegas it is about tourism and not about tradition and i think 20 or 30 years from now the raiders fans will be melted down and fans that say i will go there every week that is going to get old and won't happen. like i said the owners older in age most of them they are thinking about short-term gain they don't care about long term tradition. they will get the 50 million- dollars in fees. they don't care what happens 40 years from now. >> i talked to a diehard fan and she started to cry. she was so disappointed. are you saying are you going to
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give up your season tickets. she said i am going to talk to the community and see what they are going to do and i asked her if she was going to go to las vegas and she said no. >> so what happens. >> they can get a refund. mark davis says he would refund the money. not happily but he will do that. in poor enough graces. i firmly believe that if anybody is out there thinking that four or five hundred fans will show up for the games next year in oakland. they are wrong. it will be a good football team and a super bowl contender and i believe that fans will show up despite the threats they will want to see a good football team. i have heard fans saying this is a good football team.
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i want to see a super bowl ring. fans have a short memory and there will be fans to go to vegas for the short-term. long term not good for the league and not good for the raiders i don't see it as sustainable city to last. >> we have a lot to talk about and see if they will carry it out. that will come up later. >> just think about the packers and steelers. they are the pittsburgh steelers and green bay packers. >> like father and son. al davis had it in head head to move and mark davis did and seemingly for getting where everything started in oakland. greed. >> members of raider nation are not taking the news too well. fans dumped once valued paraphernalia in the garbage outside the team's headquarters in alameda as a sign of
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disgust. others say they will stick by the team as they drop oakland from the name in favor of las vegas. jesse gary is in san leandro. is it good. >> over the past hour, fans have been coming and going. disbelief and display as they grab hold of reality. i heard reopen and inflicted again on fans and city leaders. >> i am sad. oakland mayor shaft. keeping a stiff upper lift confirming the franchise. the raiders rolling up their tents and playing elsewhere. the move, the board of supervisors president larry read. >> personally i would rather have the raiders playing in santa clara than someplace else than my city.
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this city has worked hard. the fans hearts have been broken. >> they dumped their gear in the garbage outside team headquarters and others vented. >> born and raised here and my dad has season tickets and i am heart broken. >> mayor shaft says city leaders made an 11th hour appeal with what he call viable 800 million-dollar plan for 32 team owners and commissioner roger goodell. all to no avail and the team's departure hurt sports fans and families that counted on seasonal income from 8 regular season games. >> it is taking away from people's households. you have people that rely on that income. >> it affects me personally. >> elected leaders made a showing of raising the a's flag
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symboling the baseball season and the sole remaining franchise. >> the a's are the only team. the true team here. the athletics. and larry read has said he has talked to the city attorney about investigating whether this move will violate the lease. he would like to kick them out before the 2017 season starts. we talked to fans elsewhere and some blame the city since they have had 20 years to work on it and others want to see the raiders win another championship before moving to vegas so they can have the oakland raiders super bowl championship and they can leave town. >> and we will talk to the commissioner the coliseum authority later to get his take on that lease agreement. thanks and our coverage of the raiders decision to move to las
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vegas doesn't end here. head to you will find the full video from the press conference and video of mayor libby shaft's statement and you will find an interactive profile of the team. our story is right on the home page. >> two people were killed when flames ripped through the building in west oakland. paul chambers got an update. along with the two people that died there are others missing. >> that is correct. i just talked to the chief a few minutes ago and here is what he had to say. >> we pulled out a second victim and we had two others so we are going through that search process. >> this happened about 5:30 this morning. the four-alarm fire had flames from the building and we the oakland fire department gave us video. they were able to rescue 15
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people from the building. two people died and two adults taken to the hospital. along with two children. so four in total were transported. those four are expected to survive. now officials say it houses 80 to one hundred people. and attorney from john burr's office says they are in transitional housing for oakland and people getting out of prison and some with mental health issues. now the people out here, they have brought cadaver dogs to search for those missing. they said they are unconfirmed and figuring out the people there. the mayor sent out a press release saying she had sympathy for the family and friends of those that lost loved ones. we have two confirmed dead and two unaccounted for and working with the red cross to figure out exactly the people that lived in the house and actually supposed to be there. that's who they are looking for. they did tell me they found one of the bodies in the hallway on the second floor and the other body that they found is kind of
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hard to determine because they said the two floors prior collapsed and they are not sure if that person was on the 2nd or 3rd floor. i will tell you that the crews will be out here throughout the the night and through the morning to investigate and figure out what caused the fire. >> they are not saying what they think caused the fire, do they know where it may have started? >> no. they are not saying information about that. as the state investigators are out here, they got things under control because an hour ago it was still smoking. they are able to figure on it more things. investigation are not able to get hands on it. and until later on and throughout the the morning. just quickly. the street behind you that is closed is which street. >> this is off san pablo avenue. closed down throughout the night and all the way through from here that is like 20 or 26th and west. not sure what the other is but i will find out and let you know. it will be closed out. >> a key road to be closed.
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paul chambers in oakland. thank you. ch p officers turned into horse wranglers in walnut creek. a horse and mule escaped in alamo at 7 this morning. look at that. galloped through the highway. the chp shut down that part of the highway to round up those horses. police and contra costa animal services helped and coralled the horses. they apparently broke through a fence and are back with their own. fortunately no people or animals were hurt. i was watching it listening to sal and i couldn't believe it when a horse and mule and actually saw them running on the highway. >> it looks like they didn't get that spooked. >> they ran on the highway in the height of the morning commute. let's talk about our weather. bring in our chief
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meteorologist bill martin. >> i group in the valley. a lot of horses and the cattle. every once in awhile late at night a car would collide with a cow and it would be bad. >> i could see those horses jumping out. >> it was nice they stayed together. >> it is an old school rural thing and happened in the days. you don't see that often. we had rain in the weekend and nice parts of the weekend too that worked out good and some of the rain totals, the last 24 hours significant and a half inch of rain. .3 in sarratoga. that was late this afternoon. at five or 7:00 it started to rain and then let up. so what we have now are severe thunderstorm warnings out here in the mississippi valley.
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flight delays in atlanta and this storm will dive in here and pull moisture and possibly tornadoes. if you are going to dallas or houston, major hub be prepared for flight delays tomorrow afternoon. for us here is the jet stream to the north and it is just going to be a nice day. the jetstreams is to the north. this little tweet will be on thursday and create some cloud cover and cool down. it is spring. i know you are noticing the allergies. lots of tree pollen and it is all kinds. i saw it on the rain puddles yesterday. the yellow and the pollens falling out. the high pressure ridge stays with us for sure and highs will be in the mid-70s. so here is a shot. this is a san jose. you got a beautiful day.
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lows in the 40s. upper 30s, low 40s and as you look at san francisco, there is the cloud cover tomorrow morning. and partly cloudy in the afternoon. 69 degrees in the city. almost 70s and mid-70s out of your house julie and 72 at your house and livermore in the 70s. >> the city. >> it will feel like spring. >> ready for the sun. thank you. still to come here a crackdown on sanctuary cities. that's the plan from u.s. attorney general why one california leader say this is blackmail. >> u c berkeley sued. why the school is not doing enough for disability. i did not think that i would have had such barriers between me and my p hd.
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huge mark down events.
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the white house rebounding after the health care failed. the president signed into law focused on overturning obama era regulations. the white house expects to tackle tax reform and job creation measures. the president's spokesman suggested that mr. trump may reach out to democrats to get his agenda across. >> we are looking at ways that we can improve not only how we handle the health care but other things. how we do everything.
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>> meantime the president's son- in-law and adviser gerald kutcher has volunteered to answer questions about newly disclosed meetings with russian invests. she have been investigating ties between trump campaign and russia's officials and whether russia medalled in the election. >> jeff sessions says the justice department will lose federal law to prevent sanctuary cities from receiving grants for local law enforcement. san francisco is among several cities including new york and los angeles. officials in those cities do not hand over undocumented immigrants. he says that policy puts communities at risk. >> when cities and states do not enforce immigration laws the nation is less safe and failure to deport aliens
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convicted of criminal offenses put whole community at risk. especially immigrant community. california state senate leader kevin de leon called it nothing short of blackmail. it spreads fear and promoted race scapegoating. democrats have a delay in the confirmation hearing for supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. the democrats on the senate judiciary committee are postponing the vote until april 3rd. giving the republicans a few days to have the full senate vote on gorsuch before congress takes its easter recess. they need 8 democrats to's form them to avoid unexpected filibuster. >> our coverage of decision today by the nfl owners to move the raiders to las vegas continues. we will talk to one the people
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trying to keep the raiders in oakland and because next. another deadly fire in oakland. ktvu has been looking into that building's path. the legal battle and eviction fights and complaints about the conditions inside.
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more on that huge fire in oakland that kill two people.
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over the past ten years 20 complaints including bedbugs and electrical problems. the building owner and master tenant were preparing for a legal battles over eviction. lee martinez is at oakland city hall with more. >> just on few minutes ago i went to city hall and i spoke to the spokesperson that says the planning department has turned over all of its inspection documents that we at ktvu requested earlier this morning. they are going through redaction and the documents will come to us later this evening. what we do know is that for the past three years. a group running a rehabilitation program for the first few floors of that building. come the past december. the building owner, wanted that group out. >> before monday morning the
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building was in highly contested battle. the owner and his company mead housing associates had given eviction notice to a community church organization that runs a rehab and transitional housing program inside. >> reverend lorry was the manager of the second floor. we evicted him but he is still in the building. >> the ghost house fire is where it started. it received an eviction notice. ktvu obtained a commercial lease agreement between mead housing associates and r oh as community services signed by jasper lowry in 2014. but an attorney for r ohas says it has a residential lease and argued the owners have to give just cause to separately evict several dozen residents. attorney james cook says there were several complaints about conditions at the building. >> there is virtually like a river on the first floor with wires exposed to it and toilets
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overflowing and a lot of people with mental health issues. >> the owners acknowledged there were problems. >> the conditions were not great. the place needed repairs. we are cleaning up the back and taking out furniture. it was in disarray. >> the last city inspection was on march 2nd because of deferred maintenance by the landlord. >> of those 20 complaints. three were upheld and the others were either abated or closed or still open and under investigation. in oakland, lee lee, fox 2 news. the coverage on the deadly fire will continue here at six. and you can get the latest on
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twitter. the raiders moving to los angeles does not make financial sense. >> stadiums don't generate enough revenue to pay themselves off. if you go into debt a billion and a half dollars it doesn't generate enough revenue to keep the team healthy and secondly pay off that billion-and-a-half dollars in 30 years. there are several hurdles to clear. vegas will be the 5th smallest nfl market in the country. green bay and jacksonville rank at the bottom. >> joining us is gene galvin. first off, just your react to what happened. >> devastating. i am 45.
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when i was in third grade the raiders moved the first time and it was heart breaking. i didn't like football and got season tickets when they moved back and my father passed last year and in a weird way i am glad he didn't see this. >> there is a push now to get the raiders out now. >> we heard the president's comments and i would defer to what he had to say. i agree. it is gut-wrenching day. in terms of the three year lease. we will discuss the option. the two, one year options, we haven't as a board vetted that out if we will do that. i share president read's frustrations and his how do i say this diplomatically. his hurt that he feels and all of us feel. that is a gut react to get out
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of town. >> it feels like the nfl follows the money and the rams and chargers just moved and so many have moved over the years. how do you feel about that? >> it is horrible. if you look at cal, he said i don't have to worry because cal will be there and the soccer teams in liverpool they would never move. >> can you imagine manchester united moving. >> and look at the soccer clubs. they would never move and to have an american system that are holding the city hostage. mayor shaft is trying to fight the good fight and get it going. there was no way that bay area oakland could compete with the free money out of las vegas.
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>> there's a lot of time by ronnie lott to build the finance stadium. is that plan now dead? >> i can't speak to the specification. you look what dave la dow says. he was able to get funding for the soccer stadium and now they are talking about a stadium for the a's in california. we need to do that. what the governor is able to do pass on the tax to the people out of town. oakland doesn't have the hotel base that vegas does. they were able to get a tax through to pass on to us tourists without sticking it to the local market. politically nevada got it done. we have other issues in professional sports. not the money for that.
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>> we have a second. the raiders or oakland is losing the raiders and chargers. what effect. >> a big effect. 2000 jobs that spin off of that. we get fans from reading and fresno and longer term, again, i'm a third grade kid in the oakland public school district and i don't have a football kid. for 13 years i was devastated. when they came back i started to buy tickets again. you will see oakland kids upset. how do you quantify it, you can. horrible day in oakland. >> people disappointed. chris, thank you for being here. >> thank you. the 27-year-old man accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl in san francisco last week. they were in court today and he faced the judge. plus the latest from sacramento where a man accused of killing four people including his wife and two kids
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was in court today.
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>> the man accuse the of killing his wife and two young children and niece in sacramento appeared in courted. a 21-year-old woman from san francisco and 45-year-old daughter and 14 and 11-year-old kids. the suspect is the father. 5-year-old salvador vasquez. arrested in san francisco on
5:42 pm
thursday. france of the youngest victims paid tribute to him today. >> mia never deserved to pass away like this. >> my oldest daughter says alvin was nice to her all the time. a great kid. >> vasquez did not enter a plea. his case was continued until april 18th. the map accused of kidnapping a 13-year-old girl made his first courted appearance today. 27-year-old lee eagle is charged with 6 felonies including the intent to rape a minor and lewd act. his attorney intend to enter a notice plea. ktvu tara moriarty was in courted where eagle's parents showed up to support their son. >> prosecutors in this kidnapping asked the judge to set no bill foragal. they say he still poses a danger to the community and because of the fact that he terrorize the the neighborhood of west porta he should remain
5:43 pm
in jail. the judge agreed for now. league eagle briefly acknowledged his parents that supported him in courted. the 27-year-old faces 6 felonies, the most serious kidnapping and assault to commit rape on a minor. >> we believe there is more information that will come to light. it is important for the public to know that lee is a lifetime san francisco resident with zero criminal record of any kind. >> eagle's attorney says her client will enter a not guilty plea next week. he is accused of dragging a 13- year-old girl into his car on forest side last wednesday at five p.m. witnesses say that they heard the victim screaming and ran to pull her out of eagle's car. >> the charges are serious and the concern is real. there was a 13 year-old victim in this case. we are going to do everything we can to protect the community and protect the children of our city. >> eagle's parents deducted in the courtroom without talking to reporters.
5:44 pm
eagle's mother, gail told the media she was stunned by her son's arrest and probably not mentally healthy. >> he said he was drinking a little bit and smoking marijuana. and he out of it. >> he could face 7 years to life in prison. >> obviously he is very scared. and understands the allegations are serious. but he has presented himself like a normal young man in his 20s to me. >> sources close to the investigation tell ktvu that eagle convinced the kidnapping to police. >> i was asked that public reserve judgment and recognize that everybody is presumed innocent. >> his next court day is april 5th. tara moriarty, fox 2 news. we go back to the top story. now we will go to las vegas. yep. that's where they are having a welcome party for the oakland raiders about to begin in 15
5:45 pm
minutes but already you can see it is a big crowd onhappen welcoming the raiders. >> turning it off. why workers at like are lake oroville are slowing down the release of water.
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5:47 pm
>> bay area fans are furious
5:48 pm
that raiders are leaving. las vegas fans celebrating. >> a welcome party in downtown las vegas. we are there with a look at what is happening. miguel has more. reporter: the raiders nation came out in full swing to welcome the oakland raiders to their new home in las vegas and what better place to welcome them in front of the fabulous welcome to las vegas sign. and i have been speaking to raiders fans all day, some local and some from out of town and telling me that mo matter where the team is, they will keep cheering them on and keep representing the color and they will keep going to the game. i spoke to one man that had season tickets and he actually had been going to oakland to watch the game for ten years. what does this move mean for you. >> it is a dream come true. never in a million years would i imagine my favorite team, the oakland raiders moving here and becoming the las vegas raiders. >> you have been doing quite a bit of traveling to oakland to
5:49 pm
watch them play. >> i'm a ten year season ticket member. ten years baby and now they are coming to las vegas. let's go raiders. >> for locals it means that games will be a little bit closer but for raider fans nationwide it means they will travel to las vegas to watch games and hang out to celebrate and a lot of energy. this was not scheduled to start until sick but it is a pretty big party and moving downtown tonight. i will be celebrating with the new raider fans in las vegas. we'll go back to you guys. miguel martinez reporting from las vegas. >> i can see the fans behind you excited but when you look at las vegas as a whole, how big of a deal is this? is everyone talking about it or some people it doesn't mean
5:50 pm
that much to them. reporter: huge, i was talking to union representatives, it means nor jobs and more money for the city. and as you can see a lot of people here so i am developing getting geared up and ready for the team to come here in a few years and they are ready to have our very own team. it means a lot to people that live in las vegas. >> it looks like they are ready to go and party. it will continue in the evening and it looks like you have new friends. thanks very much. state water officials vowed to build the new spill way at the oroville dam by this coming winter. the water is being slowed down from 40 cubic feet per second down to zero. the water will be shut off in the next ten minutes to help inspectors get a better look at the damage and she how and where to rebuild. let's go to bill in the weather center for a look at what is to come. we will get more nice sunny weather and warmer. >> especially tomorrow and wednesday. i think we will see
5:51 pm
temperatures tomorrow in the mid-70s. today in the upper 60s and low 70s. mid-70s tomorrow. and then on wednesday about the same and cooling on thursday. as the system out here in the pacific area starts to drop and it might bring us a sprinkle but it won't be a major player. it would remain impacted on thursday an increase clouds and a little bit more win and drop those temperatures out of the mid-70s and probably in the mid- 60s. maybe upper 60s. as you look outside right now the temperatures are 66 in concord and 65 in napa. and 63 in san jose. tomorrow at this time it is warmer by 9 degrees in santa rosa. by tomorrow the temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. warmer. there is that outside shot live. the overnight low forecast. temperatures on the cool side. 41 is cool and santa rosa and fairfield 42. no valley fog. no coastal fog.
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a beautiful day tomorrow. hay fever sufferers. tree pollens are going off right now. so be prepared. sky cover in san jose. cloudy and mid-70s for san jose. and go to morgan hill and maybe 76 or 77. warm arer day and 72 morgan hill and 74 in san jose and 75 in napa 75 in santa rosa. the five-day forecast shows the cool down. this is the main weather system. this cool down on thursday. so a little bit cooler and a slight chance but don't change the plans based on that and the five-day forecast. cooler on sunday and splitting hairs. plenty of rain and some cases almost 200%. two rain seasons and one year. >> after five years of no rain.
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>> a good looking forecast. bart expected light traffic on the opening day of the station. not this light and not for the reasons that actually made it that way. >> claims against cal. why a deaf student says the student is not doing enough to accommodate her disability. >> i am totally prevented from having access to the knowledge that i'm surrounded by here at
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
u c berkeley.
5:56 pm
>> today the first weekday commute for the bart station but others caught a ride over the weekend. >> it extends bart five miles further in the south bay and tom vacar has more. >> from 5:30 a.m. to 7 it was very light as expected and flawless to boot. every 15 minutes for 6 straight ten car trains. passengers, many that used to travel five miles north on the grueling nimitz were grateful. >> this is a a 15 a 15 minute cut. >> the other was 20 minutes away. >> after 7 a person got on the
5:57 pm
track at bay fair that set things back in the east bay and officials apprehended and escorted that person off of the tracks. shortly in west oakland power lines fell on the tracks leaving this station without service for more than two hours. nonetheless even in those in the glitches people are happy with the new service. >> i do believe so. i think we need a good public transit system. >> all of that notwithstanding commuters looking forward to the openers of the mal pit us station going ten more miles south. >> i think it will be good for work and school and capture a lot of the people that try to get to school from south san jose. >> mal pitas is waiting for a
5:58 pm
new station in mal pitas with eagerness. >> i have seen it. it is a mile away from my house. i am super excited about that. i have seen it built up and i am excited. >> because of the two huge delays of the 2100 parking spaces only a half of them were filled. but given the normal day and a couple of weeks from now. they will be filled. tom vacar, fox 2 news. i'm sad today. for the raider nation. >> the oakland raiders get permission to move to las vegas. sadness and anger from bay area fans. >> born and raised here and my dad had season tickets and i am heart broken. >> the move was made instance
5:59 pm
where owners voted 31-1 to allow relocations. good evening. >> a tweet by the nfl says it all. raiders helmet in front of the welcome to las vegas sign. here is how the announcement played out today. >> my father used to say that great in the of the raiders is its future and the opportunity to build a world-class stadium and entertainment capital of the world is one opportunity that will give us the ability to achieve that greatness. >> as you know there is a stadium situation and this is an issue for well over a decade. >> i think that anybody that has visited oakland and played a game understands the stadium situation was difficult at best. >> we think this will lead to a stable franchise. that's the goal and the league is to have 32 clubs that are
6:00 pm
strong. >> as an oaklander i am disappointed and recognize that when they play in oakland we lose money and this is a important thing for fans to know. >> you will never ever see me wearing anything that says the raiders. as the president of the city council i asked the attorney to look and see whether or not there are any legal options for us to pursue. strong comments from oakland officials. mark ibanez is here now. what is hard to look at the helmet in front of the vegas sign. >> another harsh reminder that the emotion that plays into a situation like this and all of the blood sweat and tears. the reminder is it is about the money and no question as the owners met today and emphatically made the statement that sent tam had nothing to about do with it and when you look at the bottom line and that i


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