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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  March 28, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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the streets. a factory worker from tesla has filed a civil rights lawsuit claiming he was discriminated against. de wit lam better says the other workers used his phone for the racially charged language in 2015. tesla says lambert threatened coworker with violence. he is on paid leave while there is an investigation. president trump makes good. he signed an executive order that requires the epa to rewrite president obama's clean power plan. the war on coal is over and that his actions will restore badly needed jobs. >> you are watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. former million candidate hillary clinton was in san francisco to deliver the keynote address at the professional business women of california conference. tara moriarty tells us that clinton stressed the importance of getting more women to the table no matter what the
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industry. >> a standing ovation for former secretary of state hillary clinton. more and more women have been sharing stories of their experiences in silicon valley. stories of consistently being asked to take notes at meetings or get the coffee or being undermined and interrupted and criticized in a way that never seems to happen to their male colleagues. >> clinton, the keynote speaker of the 28th annual professional business women of california conference. >> something about this moment, this time now that puts us on the right side of history. >> actor teres will ronzi that stars in empire talked to the thousands mostly women and hidden figures is about three nasa engineers that launched the first astronaut in orbit. >> i failed math by the way. we didn't have any heroes to
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look up to. 46 years and i finally found out about these incredible women that helped get men into space. who knew? >> various c e os including bank of the west de batcho offered their advice. mayor shaft talked about hiring the city's first female shift and took a jab at president trump. >> clearly what you lack in qualifications can be made up for with a lot of confidence. >> actors and activists rose saryo dabson talked about attending the first protest with her mother. >> we were making these posters to save trees. >> 20 year-old civil rights activist bonda whose sister was forced into marriage at age 11
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left her homeland of malaay to outlaw child marriage. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. the house of representatives voted this afternoon to overturn internet privacy rules enacted during the obama administration. the vote send the bill to president trump that is expected to sign it. the measure could make it easier for broad ban companies to collect data on the internet browser. they say it was unfair for consumers. nancy pelosi says it splits profits before customer privacy. lawmakers blocked legislation calling for stricter immigration enforcement. the republican bill would have required global law enforcement for a 48 hour hold on any undocumented immigrants arrested with prior convictions. local law enforcement would be required to report the arrest to federal immigration officials. the proposal conflicts with sanctuary policies that forbids local law enforcement for cooperating with federal
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immigration agents unless they have a warrant. >> disappointed we couldn't get the vote in public safety but we will continue to talk about it. >> democrats say the measure would violate the constitutional rights of detainees. the bill was defeated in committee on a 5-2 vote along party lines. >> the actor director an the u.s. immigration customs or i.c.e. will take part in a forum in sacramento. the sheriff of sacramento county says the forum is met to calm people's fears. as reporter mike lorie tells us some critics say it is doing the opposite. immigration rights activists saying ricardo gusman seen in the baseball cap is being deported after being picked up bias enforcement agents. >> he does not have a prior record. he doesn't have a dui. he has a clean record and ended
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up in this deportation machine. >> immigration laws have not changed since there is a new president and enforcement is a top priority that includes removable aliens convicted of any criminal offense or pose a risk to public safety or national security. that's why i.c.e. is hiring ten thousand additional agents and officers. the acting director of i.c.e. will explain and defend his policies today at a forum hosted by sacramento sheriff scott jones that told us today his deputies don't participate with i.c.e. agents on enforcement actions but at the sacramento jail cooperation is the key. >> we allowed full access to the jail to conduct interviews or take whatever enforcement or custody if the charges are clears. we allow cooperate as to any other law enforcement. >> sacramento's mayor has more on the forum. >> the i.c.e. chief, donald trump's i.c.e. chief to reassure people, it does not hold up. >> sacramento mike lorie for
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ktvu fox 2 news. coming up. new developments in the trial of the man accused of murdering sierra lamar as there is questions about the 15-year- old's cell phone. details on a new bill introduced to make it easier for teachers to achieve pay. >> the tenure is a good thing for teachers and ultimately for the students.
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>> more now on developing news from downtown los angeles where a woman climbed a construction
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crane and locked herself in the cabin the center of the screen you can see it. the situation has changed since we first reported on it at 5:00. the fox news station in in la says emergency personnel reached her and working on plans to get her down safely. we will keep an eye on the story and have an update on ktvu plus at 7. an expert witness for the man accused of killing sierra lamar took the stand and raised questions about the 15-year- old's cell phone could have activated hours after she was reported to disappear. a deputy district attorney general says moisture could have caused the phone to activate. it rained the night after the morning sierra disappear rod her way to a school bus stop on march 16th. 2012. torres has pleaded not guilty to murdering her and attempting to kidnap three others 3 years earlier. >> a new bill at the state capital would make it easier
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for teachers to achieve tenure. if approved the legislature would give teachers 3 to five years to earn permanent status or tenure instead of the current 18 months. the author says teachers that failed to earn tenure after 18 months have to start the process all over again and pushes too many out of the industry. permanent tenure is a high stakes decision for teachers for the schools and ultimately for the students. for those teachers that don't achieve people status in 18 months there is no second chance. >> the teacher's union has yet to take a position on the proposal. a bill that would extend alcohol service to four in the morning cleared its first senate committee. that controversial measure allows but does not require bars to extend last call. state senator scott weaner introduced the measure. critics say it would result in more drunk driving and disorderly behavior but supporters say it could make
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night lifesaver to allow late night gatherings to happen rather than underground. the trusses of the old bridge are gone. the piers that held them up will soon be. that story coming up. our bay area warming trend will continue for wednesday. followed by cooler weather on thursday. i'll have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow and take you into your week coming up.
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a live look from the emeryville camera. you may notice there is something missing. for the first time in 80 years the old eastern span is no longer in view. >> the final truss of the old bridge was lowered on to a barge and taken away. only now the foundation piers remain. it has been three-and-a-half years since the new span opened. drivers crossing the bridge have amazing view. >> it really is incredible. ktvu's tom vacar tells us out with the old and in with the new. >> as the last trusses with disconnected from its base lowered on to a massive double barge and tugged where it can be scrapped all but one key phase of the replacement and demolition was done. >> chief engineer was on this project for 3 decades still marvels at how well the bridge was designed in the nonhigh tech days of paper, pencils and slide rules. >> you start to feel you you
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know them and see the tools they had. >> it took three years to de construct the one hundred million pounds of steel beams and planks and bars and bolts and rivots that was the old eastern span of the bay bridge with virtually no damage to the bay habitat. >> everything that needed to happen in terms of preservation and valuing all of the while life in the bay, we absolutely did that. >> all that is left on the bay bridge project is to remove the 13 pier that once held the bridge up and the under water support. once that is done, the bay floor will return to the same condition it was in the 1930s when the original construction began. >> by the end of 2017 we will be out of the bay. >> the bike path opened on weekends and holidays only will now soon have a bigger role. >> we are incredibly excited that this summer it appears as if we will open the bike path even on the weekdays. >> one thousand tons of steel
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and 2 million pounds set aside for the bay bridge steel art project. >> 15 projects have been awarded steel from the old bay bridge and we are in the process of getting it distributed so they can begin building. >> the goal is to carry the bridge's legacy in the future through art projects large and small around the state. >> usages are creative. broad range from landscape firms and park projects and artists working on much smaller undertakings. >> the public sites for the arts and pay for the creation over the next months and years. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. bay area travelers have a new way of getting to london. a british airway boeing trip 27 landed for the first time this afternoon. the new nonstop will operate four days a week and british airways is the only european
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airline to fly out of all three airports. >> a great day to fly. let's go to rosemary and get a check of the forecast. >> the temperatures warmer today. even warmer for tomorrow before we see a change on thursday. they will be temporary for the bay area. we are looking good once again. there is a look at the highs that we saw around the region. 75 santa rosa and 77 in fairfield and the warmer locations inland. south bay 72 san jose and around the bay, 72 san mateo and the east bay shoreline low 70s. look at the numbers right now. we are beginning to cool off and 70s out there santa rosa and concord and brentwood around the bay. 68 in oakland and 63 in san francisco and at the coast, 59 degrees at half-moon bay. temperatures will range from the mid 60s at the coast tomorrow and mid-70s inland with some of the warmer spots getting to about 80s for the afternoon on wednesday.
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the winds continue at this time. fairfield reporting 15. sustained angusing to 25. nevada 12 and santa rosa reporting 20 miles per hour. so that breeze sticking with us through the evening as we get into your wednesday. we will continue to calm down and we are looking at quiet weather for wednesday. high pressure will continue to strengthen our way before changes come in on thursday. here is a look at your future cast mostly clear with cool skies and the overnight hours things change for wednesday. a little bit of cloud cover. you can see on the north edge of sonoma county. wednesday is expected to be the warmest day. a little bit of rain and by thursday morning wednesday and thursday the clouds move overhead and looking at the possibility of a few scattered showers. not a lot and rolling into thursday notice it is out of here. we will be cloudy and cooler. breezy and the possibility of a few sprinkles on thursday morning. tomorrow morning we start out
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with mostly clear skies and 49 degrees san rafael and 49 expected in the south bay of san jose. the inner east bay 47 to start your morning in liver moore. afternoon highs for tomorrow. some of the location inland with upper 70s in the forecast for napa and santa rosa and fairfield. closer to the water 73 for berkeley and san francisco and you will go to 70 and the south bay locations looking nice and mile to warm and mountain view 73 and 77 san jose and nice 74 expected for santa cruz and there is a look at the extended forecast. temperatures coming down on thursday and we rebound for friday and just in time for your bay area weekend. saturday looks gorgeous. >> it sure does. >> warm, 78. >> good stuff. rosemary thank you. well the stanford women going to the final four. mark will show you the sendoff. matt cane and the giants capping offer the season for a win. mark will have the highlights
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coming up next.
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new developments in the raiders move to las vegas.
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>> no new developments to make raiders fans feel better. sal in the room developments. wondering why jerry jones the owner of the dallas cowboys had a invested interest. it seems in making sure that the deal got done. many talked about him backing it in a big way behind the scenes. news coming out that jones is a partner in a company call legacy. not new news but what they do is help stadiums get built and develop the naming rights and luxury boxes and catering and believed that jones is part of the state of the deal with regard to helping mark davis get the bank of america financing so jerry jones will also receive close to 50 million-dollars in relocation money as well. also talk about salt in the wound. how about this. raiders season ticket holders received an email definitely a kick in the teeth requesting that they put down a deposit to get new seats at the new stadium.
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meanwhile coach jack del rio asked about the move and takes it company live. >> the raiders nation travels well and you know i happen to be from personal experience, i happen to be at southern cal you know the last time they left. it was the same thing. mixed emotions and sad for my family and friends and back in the bay that have the team lead and i was fired up down in southern cal that my team was there. >> that is what you caught putting a positive spin on something that oakland raiders fans don't feel. a positive spin. the warriors in progress in houston and i will tell you what they had a hold your breath moment. kevin dur ran getting better and looking at what happened in a couple of seconds. james harden and the rockets. one of the hottest teams and the warriors get off to a quick start. defense as great ball moment with clay thompson burying a
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three at 20 at half. here it is. james harden. snuffed by james mcado and curry on a fast break from iggy, the warriors got off to a 22 point lead and the next thing james mcado starting it and beautiful shot livingston to iggy and warriors led by 8 at half-time in the third quarter is the scary moment. right on your screen. watch draymond green go down. that's him hopping and limping and hurt his ankle. he went in the locker room and everybody holding their breath happen however it is wrapped and back in the game and warriors leading. women's bake the stanford cardinals back in the final four again. 13 times under tara vanna veer and a nice sendoff as they get ready to handicapped head for dallas for a game friday
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against south carolina if they can win that one they will get fed to u-conn and remember sanford women are the last team to beat u-conn 111 wins. that is crazy. this team, you never know. crazy things happen and they have quite a bond. >> i think it is our love. there are things that can be matched and the love keeps it going. we love each other. there is no drama. it doesn't matter. they are a great group of young women. i can't tell you how proud i am of them. how excited and happy and this team will be a team that i will use with other teams in the future to say this is what is capable and this is how you want to be. >> the cardinals are heading to the final four. >> there you go. friday against south carolina. meantime it is about time the
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cactus league conclude taking on the cubs. matt kain trying to win a spot. the 5th guy. giants up 3-0 and chesney young deep, a line on cane and the final spring tuneup five and a third gave up five his and four runs. 9th inning giants down and young out fielder chris mareo with a 3 run shot and the giants go on to beat the chicago cubs. and this is called using your head. tae kwondo. black belt from bosnia. 111 concrete blocks he breaks in 35 seconds. the slab is right there. he is 16 years old. and man, they are worried about concussions in football? >> you think he would get dizzy. see you later, mark. >> thanks for joining us. good night.
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