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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 28, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it is great to be back in san francisco. hillary clinton is back in the bay area and center stage for the first time since losing the election. clinton delivered closing remarks to a conference of professional businesswomen saying she is out of the woods and will keep fighting. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. this is clearly one of the most
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political speeches since she lost the presidential race almost six months ago. here with the jabs clinton took to the trump administration. >> and she was sometimes criticized during the campaign. but it is an a unplugged hillary clinton. funny, very direct. >> there is no place i would rather be than here in the white house. >> speaking to their organization, hillary clinton saluted bay area companies, that sent employees by the bus loads to their conference. and lead by example in workplace equality. but clinton says it benefits like the family and they are losing ground. >> obviously the jut come of -- outcome of the election isn't one they would stop speaking out about. allowing moms and dads to stay on the job. >> reporter: round out often by applause. >> we need to resist bias and
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bullying, hate and fear. >> reporter: and without mentioning donald trump by name, clintons remarks were political. it was a victory for all americans. >> men are in charge of everything. >> reporter: sexism she says is still over. >> it's not like i didn't know all the nasty things they were saying about me. >> reporter: urging women to become active, using as inspiration to post inauguration women's march and noting the signs she saw in those crowds. >> my 1995 speech, they are women's rights, human rights. one for all. >> and i think she could be even more powerful and effective, not sitting there. >> reporter: many are feisty.
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>> you would never think you would do anything like that. she came out, sending a message that i'm here and i'm not going away and i think she is even stronger for it. >> reporter: others came away admiring their resiliency. >> and she is just demonstrating, role molding for us how to get back into the game. really take away their mental health and substance abuse care. who do they talk to? >> reporter: it ended with not just politics, but personal story about her life. sharing with young women, resist, insist, persist, enlist. >> reporter: and sure the last two months have not been exactly what i envisioned, although i know what i'm fighting for. i'm fighting for a fairer big harded inclusive america. >> later this week she addresses another friendly audience at georgetown university for an award named
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in her honor. but her specific plans going forward, that is still a bit of a mystery. she did joke though no one read her plans or platform during the campaign to talk about those in speeches for about a decade. we were talking in the newsroom as you were saying a lot of people were saying if only she could have been like this during the election then she would have won? >> i did get that feedback from those leaving. she seemed so relax ask and natural as a lot of people say this is the hillary clinton you see or if you know her in private or a friend of hers. without the pressure of the campaign and the consultants, she seemed to just be very relaxed in that jacket that got a lot of attention too. you could tell she seemed to be having fun. some talk of her daughter chelsea maybe running for something some day. did she talk about her at all? >> a lot about women coming up behind her, women empowerment, supporting each other. all right, debora, thank you. well during her speech,
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clinton was critical of the gender bias at forward-thinking companies saying tech firms need to have more women at at table even called out uber by name. uber finally did so. jana katsuyama live at the san francisco headquarters with their diversity report, jana? >> reporter: julie, jesse jackson has been calling on uber to be more transparent about their hiring of their employees. with this diversity report it appears they might be turning a corner. >> reporter: uber has been on a fast track rising eight years from a ride sharing start up to an internationally loan company. seriously competitive and private with c networks t. >> google, am, facebook, yahoo, microsoft. apple, facebook, yahoo, you name it. uber on the other hand has
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refused to release their diversity ethics until now. >> reporter: it shows a profile to many of the more established tech company. they are about 64% men, 36% women. and about 50% white, 31% asian, with blacks, latinos, other minorities in the single digits. >> they have largely shown they have majority white male a staff. >> if there is not a pool of african american, latino, native american students, it is a matter of looking at maybe there are non-traditional universities. >> reporter: this man and other tech workers we talk with see the same recruitment issues in san francisco and silicon valley. >> i'm usually the only woman in my team. >> reporter: uber's report shows their tech leadership is 75% white and 25% asian with with zero black, latino, or native american employees in the top levels. uber said in a statement, "we are still relatively young as a
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company and we know we have a lot more to do. we recognize the relative lack of diversity across all forms of leadership including on our board of directors and will be thoughtful about diversity as the company grows." experts say it is not so much of an issue of the candidates, but the culture and commitment of the company. >> if uber wanted to hire more women into technology jobs, there could be women available who are qualified for these positions. but uber has created a culture in the company, based on an idea of aggressive individualism seeming to be a little less hospitable to women. >> uber's report did not include their drivers because they view them more as contractors instead of employees. they plan to invest $3 million over the next few years to try to bring women and minorities into tech and they plan to visit historically black colleges and colleges with a lot of latinos when they look
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at recruiting. reporting live in san francisco, jana katsuyama ktvu fox 2 news. and at we have posted a link to uber's complete diversity results. you'll find it in the web link section. now to oakland where authorities recovered a fourth body today from a larger apartment building destroyed by a fire. the sheriff's department conducted a thorough search of confidence there are no more victims inside. and the building's main tenant was a faith-based group. people who used to be homeless. rob roth tells us the concern now is those tenants could end up back out on the streets. >> reporter: the fire broke out monday morning. the building is completely destroyed. approximately 100 tenants who live there are near the bottom of the economic ladder. >> and i lost everything, like
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clothes, shoes, tablets, phones. >> he has been homeless and an alcoholic and in a destroyed building just five years ago. conditions were deplorable, but he couldn't move ask and it was better than nothing. >> when i would try to go to the housing, you can't do anything. and no one would need to come out to help us. >> reporter: the city is trying to find outing for the other former tenants, some are children. but the supply of affordable housing in oakland is almost non-existent. the concern says councilwoman renee is this fire could add more people to oakland's growing homeless crisis. >> we have two units and certainly not some that are amassed in this kind of number of units we have here. so it is going to be a bit of a challenge. >> they have no idea what could happen next year. >> no, sir. not at all. >> reporter: are you worried? >> yeah because i don't want to be sleeping under the freeway. >> the city is searching for any vacant hotel rooms and
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apartments, but supply is limited. many people just may end up back out on the streets. in oakland rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. two of the four people who died have now been identified. they are 64-year-old edwarn anderson and 50-year-old cassandra robertson. the coroner's office brought in a forensic anthropologist today to try to help identify the other two victims. our two investigates team has been digging into the records of that apartment building and its history of code complaint. city records show the low income residents had been the source of 20 compliance complaints within the last ten years. the complaints included mold, garbage, no hot water, and holes in the walls and ceilings. we spoke to one tenant who says she doesn't think the sprinklers were working. >> i didn't remember any sprinklers going off. >> that tenant says the pastor brought fire extinguishers for residents because some of the
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units didn't have them. inspection records showed just three days before the fire, an inspector ordered the property owner to service the building's fire alarms and sprinklers immediately, and to provide smoke detectors in each unit. we have posted their inspection reports score documents at -- reports and other documents at a highway tributed to a deadly -- contribute today a deadly bus crash last year. two passengers were killed when the greyhound bus hit a barrier on highway 101. the crash happened early in the morning on january 19 when it was dark and rainy outside. 13 others plus the driver were injured. the national transportation safety board now says the lanes of the freeway were not clearly marked and that the concrete barrier was not outfitted with a reflector as it should have been. definitely this is the day after what happened. >> reporter: long-time raider fans say they are adding insult to injury. at 10:30 the e-mails sent to season ticketholders today
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after announcing a move to vegas. and it warmed up out there today, a little breezy. tomorrow will be warmer still, probably the warmest week you'll see. i'll have the specifics on your forecast. and why didn't the city of san jose act fast enough? that is the question the water district officials are raising tonight after they say they gave plenty of warning about last month's flooding in san jose. we'll have the city's response coming up in a live report.
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new at 10:00 tonight, questions about why the city of san jose failed to warn people oner about eminent flood -- sooner about eminent flooding last month. today they are saying city leaders had ample warning to evacuate residents hours if not days ahead of time. ktvu's azenith smith live now at san jose city hall after talking to the water district and the city. azenith? sadly this blame game continues in a letter to the mayor where they provided accurate information and the city failed to act. they used happy hollow zoo and park as a prime example. >> we are still showing the hype, where four feet of water flooded the zoo during last month's flooding in san jose. the zoo is wasting no time evacuating the smear cat, lemurs, and jaguars after watching the rising coyote creek outside their doors. >> for a lot of the animals
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we'll move them as precautionary, you know, because we didn't want to have to, we didn't want to have to wait until we had to move them. >> reporter: in this letter, the santa clara valley water district says the zoo acted accordingly and questions white city of san jose didn't do the same for their residents. the water district claims they began notifying the city of san jose through several e-mails, phone calls, just five days before the storm and in low lying neighborhoods. the dam activated for the first time in years was a big indicator. >> there were a few hours to know that 6,000, 7,000 cubic feet per second is flowing over the spillway. that it would be making its way downtown. >> reporter: the water district says it points to additional warnings from the national weather service. flooding was eminent the day before. >> a question back to the city is what is your trigger and what is it that you're waiting
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to see before you decide to evacuate? >> and why do you anticipate that? >> the action of the city is 40 miles of creek. where on that creek will there be flooding? we thought flooding was possible based on their information later than when it happened in locations we didn't know when it would happen. >> reporter: the city of san jose says the city admits they should have done a better job notifying residents sooner. but the city contends the district gave them insufficient data that didn't reflect the magnitude of the flooding. >> and so if we made decisions based on bad information, then bad on us as we recognize that. but in going forward together we need better information. >> and tomorrow there will be a special water district board meeting with the city of san jose to address these flooding concerns. in the meantime the city of san jose says they are fixing their warning systems and evacuation protocols. julie? >> yes, azenith when they say they want to fix the warning systems, what do they mean by
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that? >> well they have implemented a new three-tier warning system, essentially a series of alerts. there is a yellow and an orange alert that's issued when there is a potential of flood. those are through news sites and social media. then if flooding is eminent, a red alert is issued 46 hours before the flooding. and that's when door-to-door knocks will happen with police officers and firefighters. >> all right, azenith smith in san jose tonight, thanks, azenith. new information now on the scandal involving accounts set up for as many as two million customers at wells fargo without their permission. the san francisco-based bank today agree today pay $110 million to settle a class action lawsuit. if it is approved by a judge it would reimburse customers going back to january of 2009 for an average of about $55 per customer. the bank says this is another step to try to make things right with customers. a worker at tesla's fremont factory is suing the electric
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car company for racial discrimination. the man claims they failed to take action after being harassed by co-workers. ktvu's paul chambers with the profanity-laced video that the employee's attorney says proves his case, plus tesla's response. >> reporter: the words are racially sensitive and violence. >> i'll shred you up in pieces. >> reporter: larry organ represents his client who told tesla in 2015 he was being discriminated against. that's when this video was recorded inside tesla's factory. lambert's own phone was used to record the alleged hate speech. monday the california civil rights law group filed a lawsuit on his behalf against his employer tesla for racial harassment and discrimination. >> we need to make it clear the use of the n word in the workplace is unacceptable, an issue that needs to be brought forward. they had plenty of time to resolve and address these issues. >> reporter: tesla says based on interviews they have done in
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april of 2016, an employee got into an argument with a co- worker threatening him with violence. the other employee filmed dewit make the threat. tesla says an investigation was done by their hr department interviewing all the employees in question, but turned up conflicting accounts of what happened with other employees saying dewitt had the dirtiest mouth they had ever heard including using the same racially insensitive language he complained about. to prove this point they released a text conversation the company says is between lambert and one of the accused employees. in the message, lambert also used the n word. they later transferred him to another department as it was not until july of 2016 that this racist rant video was brought to their attention. only after receiving a written warning for posting tesla's equipment on social media against the company's policy in a totally unrelated issue. for now lambert isn't sure what will happen and is concerned
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for his safety. >> he doesn't know what would happen. he doesn't know whether these individuals are going to target him. >> reporter: i didn't do nothing. >> reporter: paul chambers ktvu fox 2 news. >> tesla admits the hr representative who handling the initial complaint left the company before finishing the investigation and nothing else was done. since then tesla says they have terminated several employees based on what they have learned and suspended lambert with pay while they finish investigating. we are tracking a few clouds to the north. there's even showers on up there. but well especially up around their portland area. you see a lot of clouds are headed our way not to impact us tomorrow though. well a few clouds will, but in terms of temperatures it will be a little warmer tomorrow. dry with a lot of sunshine, mostly sunny throughout the day tomorrow. don't worry about this false return up there in the valley, but it is dry throughout their area. it'll be a mild to cool overnight temperature. you've got the heavy rain showing up in portland and the seattle area, where that will
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really stay until thursday when it drifts a little further south. the main impact on that will be slightly cooler around here with a sprinkle or two, but it is not really anything to think about right now. and so outside right now it looks like a painting, but that's a live camera shot and it is just mostly clear throughout much of the bay area. overnight lows will look like this. your bay area wednesday is very similar to today as you start off with partly sunny cool conditions. this is for san jose. at lunchtime in san jose there is your sky cover for fremont and redwood city, santa rosa. then afternoon high in the santa clara valley in the upper 70s. probably one of the warmest days of the week for your bay area wednesday. president trump signs another executive order. how this one will impact the president obama's climate change agenda, plus reactions from the sierra club tonight. also the warriors were all fired up far big game against the rockets this morning. mark has highlights from the showdown in houston, plus the
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milestone reached by steve kerr in record times. two dozen east bay high school students are spending their spring break on a life changing journey. hear where they are going and why. live-stream your favorite sport
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new at 10:00 tonight, a spring break lesson about life in an unfamiliar place thousands of miles away. >> tonight two dozen students from oakland's high school are embarking on an experience they never imagined in what will likely never be forgotten. ktvu's amber lee is live at sfo to tell us where they are going and what they will be doing, amber? >> reporter: julie, the students left about an hour ago for south africa. organizers say this had is a lesson about teaching them how to be global citizens. >> if you have never been out of the bay, then you can hear -- you can be an active
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participant. >> reporter: students and mentors gathered in a circle during their sendoff rally. >> i look forward to just finding myself, you know, i tend to be angry with a lot of things, but i have a lot and sometimes it feels like i don't. >> reporter: many of these students come from single- parent homes facing financial struggles. >> my dad has been in prison all my life. when i was a little boy i don't think he's ever getting out. >> reporter: this trip to south africa is a journey about self discovery and seeing others who have survived. these are students in south africa singing to a group of students who made the journey last year. organizers say this is not a leisure trip, but a necessity, a transformative experience. the students will travel to cities, townships, rural areas, meeting piers, visiting government and historic sites. >> travel has the ability to teach you things. and so many lessons all at a once that it would take you
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years and years and years. if you had just that one opportunity. >> reporter: even before embarking on this trip, there were lessons learned about packing, getting the necessary documents required for international travel. >> definitely it has opened up my eyes. >> reporter: cotton went to south africa last year as a senior. she is returning as a mentor. >> i learned a lot about myself and my history and i came back way more wiser. >> reporter: he has grown up fast, helping his single mother raise two younger brothers. the trip is the right of passage. >> i'm trying to get some of that childhood out before the real world hits me. and i'm just trying to be prepared and get all of that childness out, so when it does hit me. >> reporter: the trip is scheduled to last for two weeks. organizers say it is all paid for through a fundraising event. students tell me it is the best part and the memories they'll have for a lifetime, julie,
10:27 pm
frank. >> no doubt about that. what a fantastic experience, amber, thank you. still ahead tonight a big hype for california's tobacco tax is coming this weekend. plus a major demolition project nearing the end of the road. the change in scenario at the eastern end of the bay bridge. up next, raider fans are feeling a a bit bruised getting an e-mail today to secure seats in the new las vegas stadium. in our suvs, you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car.
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all mercedes-benz. ♪ if you grow up here, you really can be anything. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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it's only been one day since the nfl announced the oakland raiders can move to las vegas. they're wasting no time soliciting fans to sign up for a seat. cristina rendon shows us the e- mail sent to season ticketholders today and why some fans say it is like pouring salt on a wound. >> it is personal, you know,
10:30 pm
you are here for your whole life and to see it do it twice is pretty brutal. >> reporter: it is still fresh for oakland raider fans. in southfield they are adding insult to injury with this e- mail. appearing tuesday morning in the inbox of season ticketholders. >> i was stunned. >> reporter: he calls it bad time -- he calls it bad timing. >> the only thing that could have been worse is if they would have sent it to me during the press conference yesterday. >> the e-mail offers season ticketholders a chance to secure seats in the las vegas stadium. sure the $100 deposit is refundable, but for some this is about principle. >> sort of reminds me of my wife who told me she was leaving me today and then getting an a invitation to her wedding the next day with the guy she had been having an affair with is what i equate it to. >> reporter: he has been a season ticketholder since 1995 when they returned to oakland from los angeles, even had season tickets during a five- year period of living in las
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vegas. and he's not sure the team will work in sin city. there's not a sense of community like there is in oakland. >> the other day people are more interested in going to a sports book, being able to get free beer and free food verses paying a psl, paying the high ticket prices. >> as for the las vegas deposit offer, he wishes the raiders would have let the dust settle. >> and if i were to answer that today, i would say no, but it's hard to say how we will feel about it in six months or a year. >> waiting a few months to send it to the current season ticketholders would have been a better move. >> reporter: current season ticketholders have until september 1 to make that $100 deposit, but their account must remain in good standing as long as the raiders play in oakland. reporting from raiders headquarters cristina rendon ktvu fox 2 news. a voter approved tobacco tax goes into effect this saturday here in california. the tax on a pack of cigarettes will jump $2 on april 1 goes
10:32 pm
from $0.87 to $2.87. the tax hike is the results of prop 56, which passed last november. the state department of public health wants to get that word out there are resources to help smokers quit including telethon counseling in six languages. president trump made good on the campaign promise today and signed an executive order rolling back environmental regulations implemented by the obama administration. as joel waldman reports, the actions will restore badly needed jobs. >> reporter: president trump's signing of another executive action today rolling back the obama era's clean power plan. the new order will effectively suspend, resend, or flag for review more than half a dozen environmental measures. the administration says it is their latest effort to restore energy jobs across the country after years of what they call regulatory assault. >> we are returning power to the states where that power belongs. >> reporter: in the meantime looking to hang on to his job is the chairman of the house
10:33 pm
intelligence committee republican devin nunes. many are calling for his recusal after secretly visiting the white house grounds after showing incident of president trump's transition team. >> we will go to the executive branch at least once or twice a week, this is not unusual. >> reporter: but this afternoon there are even more questions after nunes cancel add hearing on russia where sally yates was set to give testimony. >> what you see is behavior that's consistent with a cover- up. >> reporter: yates was fired by the president for refusing to enforce his first travel ban, but the white house is denying the latest allegations reported today by the washington post suggesting the administration was also trying to keep the former ag from testifying. >> the report in the washington post is 100% false. they specifically say if you don't respond we're going to go ahead. we didn't respond and we encouraged them to go ahead. >> reporter: house speaker paul
10:34 pm
ryan sees no reason for nunes to recuse himself from the russian probe while fellow republicans senator john mccain says congressman nunes has explaning to do. in washington joel waldman fox news. the president's executive order rolling back environmental regulations is an effort to revitalize their industry as we spoke to the deputies who were at the sierra club tonight about the move and he said while they sympathize with the loss of jobs in the coal industry, those workers should be going into renewable energy fields. >> we need to be retraining these people so they are working to create new solar farms, new wind farms. guess what there's no black lung disease. i mean it's one of the hazardous, most hazardous occupations in the world of being a coalminer, but there's no future in it. >> jerry brown and new york governor andrew cuomo issued a joint statement today saying they will push ahead with their aggressive climate change policies despite president trump's executive order.
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a later last call here in california. the legislation that survived a key vote today. i'm tracking some severe weather across the nation's midsection. plus some warm temperatures for your daytime highs on wednesday. and also anti-abortion activists charged in california. the case involving 15 felonies. new information about the the death of a man who just retired from bpa. he may have been killed by a bus. this is a huge loss for our family and we are in mourning.
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new at 10:00, federal prosecutors many california have charged two anti-abortion activists with 15 felonies for allegedly filming people without their consent. authorities say sandra mara and david stevenson used hidden
10:38 pm
cameras inside planned parenthood clinics in san francisco, los angeles, and el dorado county. from 2013 to 2015 they allegedly posed as researchers to discuss the sale of fetal tissue, then released their undercover videos online. planned parenthood donates tissues for medical research and only reimbursed for expenses. charges against the two in texas were dismissed back in january. a bill that would allow cities to extend alcohol service until 4:00 in the morning for california has cleared their first senate committee. they would make it possible for you to extend last call, but not require them to do so. scott weaner introduced the measures. critics say it would result in more drunk driving, but it could make night life safer by allowing those gatherings to be permitted rather than going underground in unsafe venues. an accused gunman is behind bars in connection with a shooting in san leandro. police arrested 35-year-old
10:39 pm
antonio ortega of oakland this morning when he showed up for work at a trucking company in san leandro. officers found a stolen and loaded gun in his car and believed it was used in a shooting last friday morning on east 14th street. shots were fired from one car into another vehicle injuring the driver. ortega is being held on attempted murder charges. the man who recently retire affidavit more than 30 years on the job was hit and killed apparently by one of their buses. 60-year-old bennie be chong spent 37 years working in various positions with the valley transportation facilities. shortly before 8:00 on thursday night, he had gotten off a route 66 bus on north first street between hawthorne way and east empire street. a vehicle that officials believe was the same bus hit and killed him. the driver apparently unaware of the impact drove off. witnesses called police and
10:40 pm
first responders who pronounced chong dead at the scene. >> our hearts go out to the family of mr. chong, his friends, and co-workers. we are grieving at this time during this tragic incident. >> police are checking physical evidence recovered from the scene. surveillance recordings, and witness accounts before conclusively saying it was in fact a vta bus that hit and killed him. a boost in consumer confidence lifted the markets today. new data shows confidence at its highest levels since 2000. the dow jumped 150 points, nasdaq gained 34. and the s&p was up 16. traders are optimistic the white house might be pivoting to focus on tax cuts. facebook is adding a new feature in their app called facebook stories. similar to snapchat they let you share videos and photographs and disappears after 24 hours. the new feature appears in the top of the news feed. stories launched today, but known will see it at the same
10:41 pm
time. facebook says the new feature will make it fun, fast, and easy to share photos and videos with friends. a new look for the bay. the milestone reached today in demolishing the old eastern span of the bay bridge and what still remains to be done. chief meteorologist bill martin tracking changes in our forecast. it's beautiful. we'll showout next chance for wet weather before another warm up.
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in los angeles today, crews managed to rescue a woman who climbed up a crane 15 stories high and locked herself inside the operator's cabin. the power to the crane was turned off so she couldn't move it. crisis negotiators and a mental health team helped talk her down. authorities say the woman is homeless and lives on the
10:44 pm
streets in the area. another big milestone today for the dismantling of the old eastern span of the bay bridge. this speeded up video shows how caltrans crews loaded the old crane and hauled it away for scrap. all that's left now is to remove the piers that once supported the bridge by the end of the year. project managers say the entire process has been carried out without harming the bay habitat. >> everything that needed to happen in terms of preservation and valuing all the wildlife in the bay. we absolutely did that. >> reporter: about 1,000 tons of steal from the old bridge is being set aside for bay area artists. already we are told 15 artists have been awarded chunks of metal to be turned into art projects, large and small. we are tracking a little bit of severe weather as it is that time of the year too as you get into the spring months where severe weather pops up with tornado watches and warnings they had today.
10:45 pm
as they will again tomorrow, this will have an impact if you're traveling because you'll impact the hub for chicago and dallas specifically, but mainly dallas at this point. but you see this area here, those are a couple of severe thunderstorm watches right now. but the whole area is going to get going again tomorrow. so if you are traveling anywhere out here, be prepared for flight delays. if dallas goes south, then you get flight delays in dallas and you'll see those rippling into chicago and san francisco as well and possibly new york. once they get lifted around they would cause a problem. there's the clouds moving into the pacific northwest with no rain for us, just a few clouds. this time of the year they would continue to work up north and getting weather tomorrow, pretty much like what we have today and temperatures are warmer than they were last night at this time bay good five degrees, it will be pretty mild out there with the overnight lows staying on the mild side and the winds will be dying down, quite breezy today as you have 13 miles an hour sustained. novato at 17 miles an hour. it's going pretty strong out of
10:46 pm
the northwest with those winds lifted up tomorrow. but you will notice those winds will pick up on thursday and friday and that is really a big change on thursday. here is san francisco's forecast for tomorrow morning. cloud cover. temperatures in the mid-60s with a lot of sunshine. san francisco at the end of the day, 70 degrees with partly sunny conditions and a nice day. that is the basic san francisco bay model. now here we are with the overall model tomorrow morning, wednesday morning, 8:00 a.m. clouds are moving in. partly cloudy late in the day. that's tomorrow afternoon, you can see everything working their way down for thursday. and now this thursday system's main impact as you'll see is certainly going to be clouds. you see wednesday morning? certainly the clouds, maybe a sprinkle or what have you, but the real impact will be temperature will drop. instead of the mid-70s or the upper 70s like tomorrow, we'll see the temperatures in the mid- 60s in maybe the upper 60s, so there is thursday night and
10:47 pm
just thursday is the main thing. the bay area weekend looks nice with the forecast highs tomorrow 78 in fairfield and napa. a beautiful day. tree pollens are just going ballistic right now. be prepared. it works really well, i'm telling you if you take your medicine, take it before going to bed because pollen is worse in the morning. their height is easily in the morning. when you wake up, your system will have the an histamine in there. >> it has made a huge difference because you wake up and you're not gone. but the tree pollen is going off. thursday, you will note a temperature drop though. >> bill, thank you. >> thanks, bill. coming up next, mark is here with sports including what draymond green is saying about the raiders moving to las vegas. you probably have that figured out.
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all right, mark is here now to fill us in on the warrior's plan in houston tonight. >> they took a few games to get used to kevin durant not being around as they've got it figured out right now. hopefully there won't be a big adjustment when he comes back because it looks like he'll be healing nicely and the warriors have suddenly wheeled off eight straight victories, playing san antonio tomorrow. first take care of the business tomorrow.
10:51 pm
he wasn't bothered too much tonight, just five out of 24 shootings, 24 points with a triple double though as james with the backseat and ball movement and clay's jumper is moving to the forefront. 25 by the way for clay. james michael with the defense. that will always get their offense going. threading it to iguodala. 22-point lead at one point. houston as you knew they would, they would definitely get back in it. but look at this play, trevor ariza actually hit him in the face bleeding badly with seven stitches needed as he did not return, but he'll be okay. bloody, but not beaten. a little shaky in the second half early on. look at draymond who will end up with an ankle injury, limps off, went to the locker room. everybody holding their breath and it turns out he had it wrapped coming back as you can see. as you will see now, he is still looking very nimble. on the offensive boards, i
10:52 pm
don't think his ankle is bothering him too much there all over the place in the final moments. the warriors will need to pull it out looking very nimble. up eight with the warriors. look at that one shot. ice water in the veins pumped up. having a good time just looking very much by himself. 103-96. steph again with a jumper that pretty much puts it away, 113- 106, and maybe the warriors coach steve kerr smiling a little broader tonight with 200 wins in his brief warrior career already, the fastest coach of any of the four major sports to get to 200 wins. he only lost 38. in the meantime as you would imagine, everybody has an opinion with it comes to the raiders moving to las vegas. that includes draymond green. >> that's crazy. that's where we would advance for the city of oakland. i don't even know how that's going to work honestly with a
10:53 pm
team, moving to las vegas. i feel bad for the city. if i were the fans, i wouldn't attend their game for the next two years. but that's just me. that's ridiculous. >> well you knew he would have a little something to say. in the meantime the change of subjects just a little bit. the sharks are a very good hockey team, but you -- but you need to admit they have not been playing the greatest. but tonight it all stops. the puck stops here against the rangers. the six-game losing streak. however they did blow that 3-1 lead down in the sixth stepping on in the front. the second goal of the night with just 2:15 left in regulation. 4-4 now the overtime win and an absolute rocket. the one timer breaking a 16- game scoring drought for him. his 28th of the year and the sharks end up winners against the visiting rangers from new
10:54 pm
york. now back to basketball. that would be the stanford women. the top of the line show what they have going down there in the final four for their 13th time under that era. and that is tara vandeveer. we have a reporter named tara. it always messes me up, but a nice sendoff. dallas on friday is where they will be. if they win they will probably take on uconn, a team winning 111 in a row, it will be 112 as they meet them in the championship game. this team has got a special bond. >> i think it is our love for each other. we have a system that can't be matched. our love for each other will keep us going. >> our love for each other? just something about it. we have no drama and it does not matter who does what, but they're a great group of young women. i can't tell you how proud i am of them and happy and this will be a team i will use with other teams in the future to say
10:55 pm
listen, this is what they are capable of and this is how you want to be. >> heading to the finals. >> by the way, stanford's last team to beat uconn's web. so there you go 111 games to go. wrapping it up for their cactus lead. it all centered around matt cain paying him a lot of money to win the fifth spot. still haven't announced it as they wrap up. giants were up 3-0 on the cubs. giving it up to chesney young. 7.82 spring training. in the ninth this guy is making the bid. his 7th home run to give the giants the lead as they end up beating the world champion cubs to the tune of 10-7. in the meantime team u.s.a., this is an important one for them with their
10:56 pm
qualifier in panama city against panama, nil-nil as i like to say. doing the dirty work with the feet. beautiful pass for clint dempsey, beautiful goal. 1-1. u.s.a. earning a crucial point. u.s.a. still 4th in their division. in the meantime i've heard of baking a cake, i've heard of eating a cake, but i have never heard of punting a cake. however marquette king felt that was the way he would celebrate derek carr's birthday today. >> happy birthday, d.c.! >> look at that form. >> i know. perfect form. i like that. >> all right, derek carr is 26 years old. why marquette decided to punt that cake, who knows, but if you know king, you know that's normal. >> that's his personality. >> mark, thank you. see you later everyone. yesterday.
10:57 pm
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11:00 pm
um, phil's mom died. it wasn't unexpected, he was with her, and she went very peacefully in her sleep. she and i had a special connection. we all did. but mostly me. she said i was just like her. was she weirdly competitive, too? the whole family is going down to florida tomorrow to be with phil for the service. it's such a relief. i can feel how much he needs me right now. there they are. hey, guys. oh! oh, you brought my neck pillow. i missed you so much. phil, i'm so sorry. thanks. grace was such a kind and whimsical soul. the different animals she put antlers on for christmas cards-- inspired. not a single one was photoshopped. not even the alligator? cost her the tip of her pinkie, but she had no regrets. oh! (chuckles) i'm so glad you guys are here. i hope it wasn't too hard to get away from work.


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