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thank you for joining us this morning. we want to get right to the weather. >> welcome back, christina. >> giants home opener today we will be good. saturday was a lot of cloud coverage but a weak system. there is plenty out there for later in the week. morning clouds give way to mostly sunny skies and a chill in the air. some 30s unless the cloud coverage holds the temperatures up. 41 glen allen, cloud coverage and some light rain to the north bay but overall the system falls apart. be chilly morning. morning clouds and afternoon
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sun. 50s and 60s some upper 60s inland. the 4:00 a.m. , you look fabulous. >> it is monday morning and still waking up. let's get you started with a look at the traffic and the east bay with the super commuters in tracy things look good moderate slowing from 205 to 580 but it should be an easy drive as you make your way towards livermore valley. bay bridge toll plaza looks good. according to chp west of the tower on the bay bridge there is a white van abandoned vehicle on the shoulder. be aware of that. be sure freeway to macarthur maze 18 minutes, about as easy as a guest on monday morning. things look good. starting with breaking news
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from fremont the police are at the scene of an officer involved shooting. stay away from the area your paseo padre parkway and parking avenue. a lot of police activity right now. the crew is at the scene and we have very few details but we will bring you a live update as soon as we get it in. police asking for help to solve the first homicide of the year. demand was found shot to death inside a car a newark boulevard . it's not clear what led to the shooting but police think the victim may have been targeted. they have not released information on a suspect but if you have any information call the police. more information on a drive-by shooting on highway for that injured a woman over the weekend about three about 330 about 3:30 pm the lone tree way offramp. chp
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that the woman that were shot was one of two panhandlers in the area which was taken to the hospital and treated and right now it's not clear what led up to the shooting and no arrests have been made. stanford university students are warned to be extra careful after two sectional battery cases were reported on campus. they both happened friday night in the same area 20 minutes apart. both women described the same suspect. >> stanford police making their presence known following to groping incidents is on campus friday night expect it's always horrible to hear about and i live right down there so it happened close by. >>reporter: she was in one of the dorms bikes and walks this road every day was alerted about the assault through text and email. >> it's a little scary thinking that they could be a student in
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one of my classes use never know. >>reporter: police have that unlimited information. the first assault friday night on escondido roseburg man approached a woman from behind and groped her while she was walking the suspect is described as a bald white man approximately 5 white man approximately 5'6" tall and 20 minutes later a second assault a few feet away. a female jockey the the suspect had a similar description but was wearing different clothes. police have not said if it is the same man. >> it's interesting the descriptions are similar. whenever i hear about that happening i am frustrated and tired. >>reporter: she founded the stanford association of students for sectional assault prevention purchases mother have been improvements at stanford was addressing such all souls she wishes for increased education and more
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was done to hold perpetrators accountable. >> i have gotten many emails regarding groping incidences perceptual batteries on campus and i think it is a problem that's bill has yet to be addressed.>> university police are talking to victims to get an age range of the suspect. please advise students to play it safe, walk and run in light of past and never alone at night. >> it's a good wake-up call and just for people to be more knowledgeable and aware of these kinds of events is the first step. us pressure with russia is increasing to an russian support for syria's president but >> there is little question as to who is responsible for these attacks. i think the russians need to think more carefully about the commitment they made under the chemical weapons agreements to be the karent tour that these weapons would be --
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guarantor that they would be destroyed weapons. >> rex tillotson will be in russia and is expected to tell russian officials that russia shares responsibility for last week's deadly nerve gas attack in syria were more than 80 people were killed. present trump responded by ordering an error -- airstrike attack. some say he needs congressional approval before it takes more military action. >> we are a nation where you are not supposed to initiate military action without a plant that is presented and approved by congress. >> russia criticized the us military action think the syrian government did not use chemical weapons. >> president trump spoke from air force one to the commander officers at the -- the president thanked them and
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their crews for the professionalism and quick response to order the launch. at home there was a protest march across the golden gate bridge against the strike. demonstrators walked to the middle of the bridge and urge drivers to honk for peace. they are questioning the us involvement in syria and demanded to know more about the trump administration's long- term strategy prevails in what the us to offer sanctuary for immigrants and refugees. syrian american woman told us she believes the president made the right decision in calling for airstrikes in syria . she is a graduate student from foster city and said it was painful to see images of young innocent people killed in a chemical attack by the syrian government and most physicians grateful for the president's call to action he also says it's bittersweet. >> i was happy about it because we need action at the same time i was afraid because it's never
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an easy thing to tell somebody please bought my country. it's not what you would want ever. >> she called the missile strike a necessary step to combat the syrian government and president. today in egypt funerals being held for the victims of yesterday's bombings of two christian churches. at least 44 people were killed when an 100 were hurt during palm sunday services into cities that isis has claimed responsibility. each president is calling for fremont state of emergency the district pope francis condemned the attacks during his palm sunday service at the vatican. >> to the whole love egyptian mission express might be condolences. i pray for the dead and for the injured expect the attacks occurred weeks before the pope is due to visit egypt. it is says the state of emergency will take effect tomorrow afternoon.
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>> delta airlines hopes its operations are back to normal to take after bad weather canceled several flights over the past weekend. severe weather at the airline has impacted operation since last wednesday. more than 3000 flights have been canceled these cancellations, on one of the busiest travel weeks of the year in spring breakers are trying to get to their destinations. >> we miss the 24 year anniversary first ever carnival cruise. >> the airline said it is waiving fees for some passengers and stopped one family doesn't a family said but the prospect of the looking for more families to give up flights they gave them up making $11,000 in gift cards in two days. >> airtime is 4:09 am," and the
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search for a killer, new surveillance video (hope will bring justice to the widow of one man. struct another hike at the gas pump out drivers around the country are paying more to fill up their cars. struct the conditions on bay area highways with pretty good this morning including right here 101 in san francisco before the 80 split we will tell you about a minor issue on the bay bridge coming up. you have the april rain you are a little nervous about a forecast that i think all things considered looks good. summary the north date but looks pretty good. partly cloudy underqualified and 60 degrees. leint supp proved m and flexibility, and 20% better comfort from one tiny, mighty pill... get move free ultra, and enjoy living well.
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man it's wicked clean in here. (sniff) no fume smell neither.
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holy smokes marty, look at the glass. spotless. i hear you, check out those two chumps on the other side. they're cooked! (laughing) easy-off fume free cleans with no fume smell. because ovens should smell like food. welcome back it is 4:13 am an update to the breaking news in fremont i just told you about police have now confirmed the suspect in the overnight standoff was shot and killed by police the police say he was shot behind a walgreens the paseo padre parkway for in avenue. there is still a lot of police activity in the area as you see on the screen. the crew is out there getting more information will bring you a live update from fremont as soon as we get it in. but the us airstrikes in syria has caused gasoline prices in the us to go up. >> gas prices are up nine cents nationwide and may go even higher. we martinez was out talking
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with drivers about the impact. >> for the past two weeks prices at the pump started going out. >> it doesn't cross your mind until you see at the end of the day pay $30 per >> says there is a number he's afraid of the >> once it gets to the 50 range every five or four days i will fill it out. >> increased oil prices and last week missile attack on syria cause gas prices to go up nine cents. erica byars commutes to school and says she's noticed she is no longer paying $2.50 a gallon . >> if we go to 350 or four dollars i don't know what i will do because i have a cargo and i'm in school and then you have to pay gas. i might as up at the car away. >> she takes night classes at cal state doesn't feel safe taking the bar alone at night to she cuts back on using her cards for anything other than school transportation. >> no spring break for me.
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i'm just in school. comes to the perspective you need a car. >>reporter: the california need to consider paying more in november. the state legislature approved a state gas tax that will raise the tax to 47.3 cents per gallon the >> i'm all for it happy to pay for the energy i use that encourages me to ride my bike more and use carbon emissions that are low and be a better citizen protect the state gas tax will be used to improve the roads. >> it's unsafe on two wheels versus 4 to the objects on the road so i have noticed that my on ramps have been bumpier with bigger holes and i've seen more road where that's making the car aware. but for some drivers who have no choice but a long commute ahead of them they said they will have to sacrifice something else besides striving
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to afford the new fuel cost expect it has been 23 years of the state of california raise the gas tax the drivers will also save a new vehicle fee perspective berkeley we martinez. struct let's get the right at the door to where you're headed for a look at how things are going we go to alley in traffic. >> traffic conditions look good this morning. typically at the start don't have any big problems unless there is a major crash and is nothing like that to tell you about. let's start with the super commute self-pay 101 n. going to morgan hill to gilroy to san jose roadways around their look pretty good this morning. heading for the north 580 and 680 interchange no problems to report in the area. we will take a look at the san mateo prints it was down last weekend back up again you can see there are cars on the road that everyone is moving along just fine. no big issues to tell you about. it's 4:16 am. we had to
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>> what a day on saturday. rain and hail and snow boots and it was nice but on the call side. but often the heater kicks on in april but it did at my place but little chilly out there is some 30s and 40s but in his home opener for the giants i think everything will be all right even there is some rain and the north bay. the system will clear up just in time. don't go anywhere i know what's happening. we are okay hold on. let's try this. connected pattern for april and what we are looking at will be -- my computer stuck >> protected i thought it would work. >> let's try it one more time but often the back to christina and dave. celebrating the completion
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of the $10 million renovation. struct the center celebrated its 50th anniversary of the weekend. the changes to the center will help make it more financially stable and increase the ability for more people. those of the community center is a place to celebrate triumph and come together in times of sadness. >> is important today if not more so than any time in its past because there are so many assaults on our lg bt q community safety api wellness center will open at any tenants later today will provide preventive and primary care services to the lg bt q community. second time is 4:18 am, a very unusual rescue for firefighters. the happy ending for these
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ducklings. it was all caught on camera. check the manhunt continues for a wisconsin man accused of breaking into a gun store and then send it a manifesto to trump. honey nut cheerios gets their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey and real oats. okay that's still honey. huh, there we go.
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we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy. figures. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good.
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struct police in wisconsin searching for an armed man on the run accused of breaking into a store and stealing weapons. >> email the package to trump with a 161 page anti-religious
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manifesto but kelly wright has more from new york. >> i think it's that it's come to this point that we have to have that presence. 3 the manhunt prompts police stations across other wisconsin to increase patrols around churches but they continue to search for 32-year-old joseph jakubowski of james hill after he allegedly broke into a gun store stealing several assault weapons on tuesday night. >> they are keeping their eyes wide for any sign of this individual and he calls a comment and tips affect sightings have been getting an immediate response perspective of it is no specific threat to charges police say he melton anti-religious manifesto to president trump. tipster's office said they saw him near a church but that we always want to hinge on the side of safety because if we didn't and if something did happen it would be a bad look towards our
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department as well as the churches. >> churchgoer sunday said the police presence made them feel safer but are still worried about the suspect at large. >> i'm grateful that they can be here but it's worth some. >> police searched his home on friday for any evidence. local businesses have donated food two officers working overtime as they continue to search but >> it makes you feel good because you know they are out there protecting us. makes you feel like we can get back to them while they make a sacred >> authorities have followed hundreds of leads but are asking the public for help in finding him. >> five to our hurt when it goes airborne -- witnesses said a downcast you see in the video
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was anchored down with stakes straps but a strong gust of wind lifted it off the ground and sent the children flying. unoccupied slide also flew into the air bringing down to power lines. >> these fortunately for general we had the grant we could have had fatalities. no telling what would have happened. >> 4 in the wooded kids were taken to hospitals and two suffered serious injuries from falling out. >> thousands of people flooded into downtown dallas to support immigration community. event details of the whole community leaders want an end to trump's deportation efforts and his executive orders say they discriminate against moslems. there was also a counter protest but no word on any violence or arrests reported. >> trademarks the beginning of passover the major jewish holiday. in israel left in the
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preparations for the holiday includes food restriction the people living in ultra-orthodox neighborhoods all remnants of foods that have we. passover ends april 18.>> searching for a suspected jewelry thief, the one piece the police believe this man stole from napa is worth thousands of dollars. >> will have a live report from fremont after an overnight standoff with swat teams link to an officer involved shooting. struct overall traffic looking good in bay area rugs will take a look at the golden gate bridge. things are looking find that will tell you about a collision report that just came in north of doyle drive coming up.
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well good morning. thank you for joining us here. ♪ the boys are back in town. live pictures. at&t park. today the home opener for the san francisco giants. my seat is right there on the left. christina, you can sit wherever you want. >> oh, thanks. >> live pictures. about to take you to at&t park. we'll talk more about the home opener. steve says weather will be good. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's monday, april 10th. >> steve is saying it's going to look good. you got your stuff working in weather center. >> yes. even thin lizy would approve. there you go. we are on our backup computer, but it should work fine. i think the weather will work
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fine. 60. little on the cool side. a system that's going to work its way out of the picture. partly sunny, partly cloudy. don't have to worry about any rain. speaking of, light rain up in lake county, northern sonoma, napa. not a lot here. doesn't every system seem to produce some rain. yes. this system will drag across in the morning. fall apart. there's a lot going on out here. this will keep areas north of santa rosa in cloud cover and rain maybe most of the week. 40s in the temps here. there are a few 30s. east bay temps, upper 30s. black hawk, danville, walnut creek, lafayette. as well as for others and livermore at 39 cool degrees. easterly breeze though. that won't help that system coming in. we'll have another one on the way for tomorrow. we'll talk about this in about 10 minutes or so. lookers to be heading north. 50s and 60s on the temps. all right. good morning. >> good morning to you, steve.
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that was quite a rainstorm we had over the weekend. saturday i got caught in hail. >> me too. >> by the time i wanted to take a picture of it it was gone. just like that. your commute should be pretty fast this morning going through like that. let's start with the commute if you're coming from westbound 80 from fairfield, through vallejo, you should have no problems over there. further south, contra costa county, highway 4. right now it looks pretty good. want to tell you about an issue on the golden gate bridge. this picture looks just fine. but southbound 101 there's a report that just came in about 10 minutes ago about a collision there. so not a lot of information coming in about it. but southbound 101 just north of doyle drive, be aware of it if you're heading towards san francisco this morning. and bay bridge toll plaza looks good. little bit of a slow down in a couple of those fast track lanes. an earlier report about an abandoned vehicle on the span just west of the tower. that


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