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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  April 11, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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united airlines flight. the country talking to airline officials. this is mornings on 2. good morning to you. thank you for joining us for mornings on 2. it's april 11th and i'm dave clark. >> and i'm christina rendon. >> thank goodness we got through the giant's home opener. there's some cloudy skies and some light rain. santa rosa up to ukiah. this is kind of the warm sector of the system. farther north better opportunity for rain. farther south probably not but more cloud cover. our system will be with us for the morning and then we'll start to see some clearing behind that. some light rain looks to be in the forecast for just about
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everybody. there's the low. tracking to the northeast. but that will drag across this front later this morning into early this afternoon. so again you can see some of the development taking place off the san mateo. it does look like a cloudy day with some light rain. now let's hope that holds off for most of the morning commute. >> good morning, steve. yeah, it's nice we had a break while it lasted but on its way back. anyway, so checking on the commute checking on 580 in the tracy area. you can see it's a little bit sluggish. as you make your way through. take a look at the south bay. there is one issue to tell you about. it's not a crash per se but the southbound 680 near the 101 interchange there's a report of
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a tree and a power pole on fire. your drive on the east shore freeway to the macarthur maze looks free and clear right now. time now is 4:02 let's go back to the desk. the city of san bernardino is in mourning again against after a teacher and student were shot and killed in a classroom. >> this happened 16 months at that terror attack. hundreds of people packed the san bernardino church last night. mourning the victims of yesterday's murder-suicide at that elementary school. this was an interface service. >> the gunman went to the classroom of his estranged wife in san bernardino about 60 miles east of los angeles. anderson first went to the school office and said he had to
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drop something off to his wife. >> it started with gunshots and that's when we started going under the chair, the desk. >> i wish this never happened. when i came into the school i thought it was going to be a regular day. >> 53-year-old karen delaney smith, the special ed teacher was shot and killed. two young students also shot. one of them an 8-year-old boy died. cedric anderson then reloaded his gun and shot himself. >> they've only been married two of three month. police say anderson had a history of domestic abuse and weapons charges. they didn't do anything wrong in letting anderson in the building. >> meantime the search goes on here at home for a woman from
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salcilido. 22-year-old ashley rhode island lives on a kayak. ktvu's deborah vilalon has more. >> police don't want to assume the worst. after a night out with a friend ashley wells kayaked out to the boat she lives on. >> from her location where she was probably 200, 300 yards. conditions calm that night. but the tide was going out. a strong current to fight. >> she did not have her cellphone with her and from what we understand there was no
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flotation device and she was barefoot and wearing going out clothes. >> police say ashley, who they call lee was wearing blue jeans and a flannel. >> she was going to start another organic farm job and that would have been this past sunday. so all this is just a bit odd. >> enjoying everything that was going on in her life at the time. she has a lot going on. she was a really cool, lovely person. >> in the community who live on their boats have seen the missing flyers. >> there's a lot of partying. a lot of fun. bad idea though. cold water. rough water, alcohol probably not a good idea. >> on the chance wells came ashore somewhere else police are reviewing camera footage downtown but nothing yet. >> just help, help.
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those were the only words. >> at least one bay dweller she believes she heard a woman screaming. she says the coast guard responded and searched awhile but found nothing. >> i'm sorry. it's one thing if it has a happy ending. new information about last month's deadly apartment fire on san pablo avenue in west oakland. a fourtdz fatal victim has been identified by the alameda county coroner's office. he was a 36-year-old man from nigeria who die friday smoke inhalation. -- died from smoke inhalation. an investigation continues after an inmate died at elmwood
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correction facility in el pidas. officials think he may have jumped from the second story of the building. meantime two members of the santa clara county sheriff's office now have body cameras. deputies are being trained up to twelve months on how and when to use the cameras. officials are hoping that by the end of this week 272 deputies will be trained on using the body cameras. united airlines is getting a lot of backlash after the release of cellphone video of a passenger being dragged off a plane was released. the airline needed room for its
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own employees. as ktvu's jana katsuyama reports. this cellphone video shows a passenger being dragged off the plane. you can hear other passengers yelling as an airport security officer floersably pulling the man and proceeds to drag him down the aisle. the passenger has blood on his face. >> it's outrageous to pull a person off a flight. >> passengers say united needed to put four crew members on the flight and first offered $400 vouchers to give away their seats. when nobody took the offer they randomly chose four people. >> not everybody has the flexibility when they're flying to be able to take the next flight. some people have to be on the flight that they've selected. >> once an airline sells you a ticket they are required to either fly you on that flight or
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pay you compensation. >> uc professor helped draft the first compensation rule in 1979. >> they can pay as little as they want if they can get people to take it. but it goes up as high as $1350 they can involuntarily they have to get on a different flight. >> oscar munoz left a statement. later in a letter to employees the ceo munoz called the passenger disruptive and belligerent. >> some people say this has damaged united's reputation. time is now 4:09. more than 300 pounds of marijuana and more than a
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million dollars in cash was seized in alameda county after a cellphone traffic stop. of the sheriff's department posted this photo of the money on their page. they tried to pull over a van because the driver was talking on a cellphone. that's when another car cut off police trying to distract the police officer and the van got away. officials eventually arrested both drivers. they say they found 200 pounds of marijuana in the van and 100 pounds more in storage units connected to the suspects. the suitcase filled with money was also found in one of those storage units. some dog owners are looking for answers. a park in san francisco is reportedly making some dogs sick. in 20 minutes what may be the cause. >> plus the secretary of state has a new challenge. what rex tillerson will be talking about when he meets with
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the russians. >> and your morning commute looks good in the bay area. coming up we're going to take a look at something the drivers might be able to see from the road. a report of a fire off of 680 in the south bay. >> it does look like a cloudy day with some off and on rain. we'll have more of that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a three month state of emergency has been declared in egypt after two deadly suicide bombings at christian churches. funerals were held yesterday for some. more than 100 others are hurt. isis 100 others are hurt. isis has claimed responsible. the vatican says pope francis still plans to visit cairo at the end of the month. there are now reports the russians knew in advance about the syrian government's chemical weapons attack. the u.s. officials tells the associated press there was a russian operated surveillance drone over a hospital as victims rush to get treatment. other foreign affairs leaders about the crisis in syria. the group is sending a message with tillerson to the russian
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government to stop president bashar al-assad. >> reporter: a smokes person for russian president vladimir putin does not plan to meet with rex tillerson. we're getting you out the door allie rasmus in for sal. >> it looks pretty good. let's start with the look in the south bay, the super commute. if you're coming up on northbound 101 from gilroy up through morgan hill in through the south bay you should have a pretty easy drive. you should see a lot of green on the maps. there was an issue around 680-101 interchange that came in about an hour ago about a fire just off the side of the road.
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this is near south king road off ramp but that's disappeared from the traffic bog. but i think that issue is now resolved. take a look at the san mateo bridge. also 880 north and southbound traffic is looking good there. now i'll send it over to steve. we've got some light rain. light clouds. overall generally cloudy conditions. expect some of it later on. most will be north of the golden gate per usual. see some of that going through. it looks like it's lightening up a little bit. there is some rain offshore and the air flow arrows take us right into it. so it looks like some light rain
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might even make it down to good old monterey. you can see this cloud cover going through again. returns. looks more ominous than it is. over time i think some of this will start to juice itself up a little bit. look are i cloudy day and then another system's going to drop in. that won't be until wednesday night into thursday morning. they are going to produce some light rain. a little more on that system thursday night into sunday. it's getting late in the season. let's face it but still we keep an active pattern. looks like some decent amounts. less amounts to the south but keeping us in this pattern. 50s and 60s on your temps. farther south. better opportunity. a little bit more in the way of maybe a few breaks in those clouds. some light rain and then we'll start off all right. friday, saturday looked good.
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easter, and the morning should be in the evening i think rain. >> at least the easter egg hunts. >> i'm trying. a sunken barge near the bridge. the 112' freight barge capsized friday with 4,000 dall lons of fuel. initially the barge was leaking but divers plugged the fuel vent over the weekend. bart had been using it for maintenance on the transbay tube and we're told sonar scans are being done. and bart says it remains safe to operate. tonight the giants play their first night game of the season at at&t park after leading the diamondbacks at home 4-1. the stadium sold out and the giants won.
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a lot of fans skipped work or maybe school to be at this afternoon game. giants president larry bayer asked. >> he wants this to be a national holiday, opening day. >> i thought it already was. >> i have a feeling that you guys have school, right. >> yeah, we have school. >> they have baseball fever. >> larry bear says the giants are changing the mojo. instead of in recent years he said the giantings win the title in an odd year like good old 2017. we're going to bring you the highlights against yesterday's diamondbacks in just 20 minutes. people partied inside five homes that recent rooe went on the market. >> but up next a suspect killed
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welcome back to mornings on 2. time is now 4:22. a murder suspect in ohio jumped off a fourth floor courthouse balcony after a pretrial hearing and killed himdz. robert seaman was being escorted back to jail yesterday when he jumped over a banister into the
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courtroom rotunda. especially since seaman had insisted he was innocent. >> i think it's very telling. he knew the evidence against him. every witness we had talked to in preparation for the case. they didn't know why he was not pleading guilty or not asking for some kind of plea. >> a 10-year-old girl and her grandparents were killed from seaman setting a fire. the girl was due to testify against him in a rape case. the u.s. navy says there will be no criminal charges in the drowning death of a sailor during navy seal training. jared lovelace died during a training incident. after finding an instructor pushed lovelace under water while he struggled to tread water. he was wearing full military
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gear during that exercise. time is now 423. alabama has a new governor this morning. the former governor stuck down in the middle of a growing scandal. lieutenant governor kay ivy was sworn in yesterday. bentley pled guilty to misdemeanor campaign finance charges after being accused of using state resources to hide an affair he was having with a top aid. yesterday bentley made a public apology. >> i have committed myself to working to improve the lives of the people of our state, there have been times that i have let you and our people down and i'm sorry for that. >> bentley had been alabama's governor since 2010. wells fargo is ordering two former senior executives to pay back $75 million.
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the bank's board issued a report accusing former ceo john stone and former head of community banking cara tollstead of not doing enough to stop it. and is recommending the $75 million for negligent and poor management. wells fargo has already paid millions in fines and settled a $110 million class action lawsuit. time is now 4:25. well the east bay times won the purelative prize. the paper says reports combing through records and found out about the history of the ghost ship house. the paper took time to talk about each person who died in
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the ghost ship fire. >> it's a horrible tragedy. we just can't lose sight of that. we're all aware that it was born of this of 36 families who lost their children and loved ones. it's terrible. >> the paper says its staff members were motivated to track down why that deadly fire occurred and hope that is a similar tragedy never happens again. a new law could cut your electricity bill. coming up, what lawmakers are planning after some customers say their pg&e bills doubled even tripled this winter. >> in east palo alto a massage therapist what he may have been arrested for. >> and i'm keeping an eye on the chp log. right here on highway 24 through lafayette. >> a lot of cloud cover over us.
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holy smokes marty, look at the glass. spotless. i hear you, check out those two chumps on the other side. they're cooked! (laughing) easy-off fume free cleans with no fume smell. because ovens should smell like food. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> we welcome you back it's tuesday april 11th. and i'm dave clark. >> and i'm cristina rendon. >> it looks like this rain will sleep through . let's get right to the radar here you can see for yourself instead of looking at me. there we are. not all of this reaching the glound. some of it has. santa -- ground. some of it has.
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santa rosa's been reporting some light rain to the north. off the san mateo and santa cruz coast. the system will be with us most of the day. i'm wrestling with this this evening. everything says no. 40s for a few. 50s for many here. san jose at 56. even to the north there's a few 50s. look at that. 51 windsor. 49-gray den. everyone's pretty close. maybe some light rain but generally we're waiting for this system to work its way towards us. there's the low that's north that will drag across this front later today. coming in by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. 50s for a few 60s for others. >> 4:30 i hope nothing's on your screen. >> nothing here. and this is the time of the hour wh


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