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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  April 20, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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now san leandro say the victim is a 10-month old baby boy. >> now this tennessee teacher is under arrest in northern california. how he was captured and an update on the girl coming up. >> and the annual 4/20 celebration under way. the big changes being implemented this year. >> ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. good afternoon everyone i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. inside an mcdonald's at washington plaza in san leandro. investigators say no one was struck by the gunfire. san leandro police are set to hold a news conference at 1:00. as soon as we'll have it we'll put it on now to a developing story.
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a 15-year-old tennessee girl who disappeared with her teacher last month has been found safe here in northern california. officials say police arrested the teacher 50 -year-old tad couplings was found this morning. found in the area which is identified using the car's vin number. elizabeth thomas disappeared from her home near nashville about a month ago. court papers recently filed in thomas's disappearance say she was afraid of couplings and thought she would face repercussions at school if she resisted him. also an investigation gay is under way after a burglar broke into a home in oakland hills and shot a man inside in the chest. >> this happened on chimney rock road up in the hills above interstate 580 in east oakland.
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as ktvu's christien kafton reports. >> the neighborhood is quiet after spending a good portion of the evening with a heavy police presence in the area. it all happened around here around 5:30 afternoon on chimney rock near keller avenue. a woman told ktvu yesterday that the shooting victim is her nephew and they had been inside their home with headphones on when he had been shot by an intruder. police say he was taken to the hospital and was in stable condition. other witnesses say they had their homes broken into around the time of that shooting. the burglars were so brazen they broke into one home, stole a beverage and through the container out into another yard of a home they were trying to burglarize. >> they tried to get into mine. they didn't. they tried to get in the one next to me. they tried to get in the two on the end here. they did get in the one on the
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end and on the far end. so a total of three. >> my dogs are no longer locked up. i have two dogs and they are not friendly. >> at this point officers tell us that no arrests have been made. in oakland christien kafton. happening now the annual 4/20 celebration is well under way but there are some big changes this year. >> ktvu's allie rasmus is there live on the story. >> yeah, some of the changes party goers noticed as soon as they arrived here and that's because they have to go through security gates for the first time ever. this event is fenced in. there's only two points of entry and a lot of people we talked to so far say overall it seems a little less empty at this time in years past. taking a look at hippy hill. according to the fire department there are about 850 people here
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at 11:00. still that's about an hour ago. it's still early. keep in mind last year by the end of the day there were 15,000 people who showed up to this 4/20 part. it's still techly is but this year the difference is there's a group of sponsors, merchants from hank street who have poured more than $100,000 into this event. that money is paying for 200 portable toilets. reikeling and composting services. now with the new features comes some new rules. this year people have to go through security gates and again just two points of entry to get in. people can't bring in barbecues, tents, glass containers or any music speakers. >> i have mixed feelings about it this is kind of cool but i missed it how it used to be. >> it's kind of like taking woodstock and controlling it. if you didn't experience the real hippy hill it's a
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bittersweet moment. because right now there's not even -- there's probably like 1/12th of the people that would be here right now. >> it's safe and cleaner, right. and i think that's a better step moving forward. but i'd rather have it existing than not existing. >> now this is still an illegal unsanctioned event. the difference this year is now the event organizers have permits to have event staff, fences, and food trucks in place. >> and the idea is that this is event is happening. it is happening whether the city condones it or not. and so we have a responsibility to be nimble and creative and try something different because if we sat here and something terrible happened we would have cull' ability in that. >> this is not saving the city
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money. reck and parks person has made that clear. they will still spend about $50,000. at least they have an emergency plan and there's ambulance in place in case something goes wrong. we mentioned there are no music speakers. for the first time you see and hear in the background some of the stages they have set up here. the son spores have some musical acts they have brought in for this event. things have gone pretty accordingly and the biggest incident that's happened so far was someone car was towed for being parked in the wrong place. so we'll see how the events unfold throughout the day. back to you mike and gasia. state lawmakers considering the combil that would protect recreational marijuana uses for a possible federal crack down on marijuana. it is still banned under federal law. assemblyman roan sore introduced a bill which he said would
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prevent state and local from using. governor jerry brown made an emotional appeal at a climate change convention this morning. people from all over the world is gathered in san francisco to try to come up with a plan to prevent climate change. few people actually understand the severity of temperature increases. the governor criticized president trump's stand on climate change. >> it's very paradoxi cal that we have a president that says two things. number one, climate change is a hoax. his second, is that it was created by china. and the truth is that china is on a path to do a hell of a lot more than trump administration in dealing with climate change. >> many cities, states, and even other countries are coming up with their own plans to fight
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climate change. now to mountain view where police are asking for help to find a 13-year-old girl. police say this girl mayra rentinia. here's her picture again. police say she's about 5'1", 105 pounds brown hair and brown eyes. an oakland man who's boat capsized off of marin beach has been found dead. coast guard officials say they found the body of the 64-year-old man in the same area where the 10' skip overturned yesterday. car keys and dang's wallet were recovered on the boat. no word on what caused that boat to capsize. jury selection is about to begin in orlando florida. last week rereported nora salmon pleaded not guilty to charges she did nothing to stop her
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husband. 49 people were killed in that attack. salmon is also facing charges of obstruction for reportedly misleading fbi questioning. as many as 1000 potential jurors will have to answer an extensive questionnaire about the case. now to the growing tensions between the united states and north korea with the leader of north korea now saying he is ready to launch a pre-emptive strike if he feels threatened. >> this all comes as the u.s. conduct military exercises with south korea. >> north korean dictator kim ung the threat made by secretary of state rex tillerson. >> reengage with us on a different footing than the past has been held. >> the threat of a super mighty
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pre-emptive strike comes days after the communist regime released a propaganda video and slamming into u.s. cities on the west coast. that was followed by images of the united states burning. speaking overseas in london house speaker paul ryan echoing the white house's position on the dprk staying kim jun ung is even more unstable than his father. >> that is not an acceptable outcome. >> meanwhile this morning the u.s. and south korea began conducting the second largest joint military flying exercise called operation max thunder. this is north korea's only ally. china is warning both sides not to ratchet up. >> all the parties have expressed one thing and that is they want to avoid any conflict. they want to avoid war. >> as all this continues to play
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out in the media, vice president mike pence continuing his 10-day tour through asia reassuring the allies the u.s. is meant to commend peace. in washington joe waldman ktvu fox 2 news. still ahead, community members and police officers working to improve relations. >> it's a lot of work i'm not going to lie because we've got some serious problems in our community. but together doing things like this is going to work out for us. >> the biggest and most diverse groups so far. >> overnight rain across much of the bay area right now. you can see a lot of blue sky. our meteorologist steve paulson will be here to tell you if more rain could be on the way. >> also skiing in august. coming up how one resort is mulling over the idea to keep the slopes open maybe until the fall.
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today marks 18 years since the collumbine cool shooting. 21 others were also wounded before the two teen shooters killed themselves. authorities also found more than 100 explosives at the scene. the attack remains the worst high school shooting in u.s. history. tomorrow the man accused of killing four people in fresno is expected to make his first court
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appearance. cory ali muhammad. 34-year-old zackery randals and mark gas et and david jackson were also killed. police say he targeted the victims because they were white. they say he has a criminal history and a history of mental illness. >> he staying in a reconvene friday through sunday where he practiced what was described to him as voodoo rituals. he said he is muslim but prays to seven different gods and described one of his gods as aguna. >> muhammad is expected to be arraigned on four charges of murder. prosecutors may seek the death penalty. bay area's weather today a lot sunnier than we've seen in days past and we are ready for it, steve. >> i think we are and we'll have better weather tomorrow but don't get too used to it. at least after last night's
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rain we have a beautiful day here. mostly sunny skies. some fog this morning after that system went by overnight. stuart holcom would like you to know that downtown los gatos is beautiful. los gatos to san jose, san jose to downtown 18.4. that's a huge difference. oakland 28.45. 147% of normal. san francisco 32.20. santa rosa 60.05. we did it last night. we needed about 12/100 and we picked up 17 officially although there were some heavier amounts in and around town. now it's already your wettest water year ever beating the old mark of 1982. but now you're above 60" of rain for some and there are ra a few locations -- a few locations that have had 90 plus at least
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we're in the top 20. we're in 19th place right now for san francisco. 32.20" of rain. next hurdle will be 1983 and '84. i think we'll get that for sure. the rainfall last night last 24 hours castro valley. concord that's pretty good rain out there. occidental. 19/100. other locations bow locations bodaiga bay. our system there it goes. it's moved off and once it's reached about santa clara santa cruz mountains there's nothing left. there's your wind direction coming right out of the west northwest. that has scoured everything out of here which is why we're looking at a sunny, mostly sunny
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day. and the sierras had a tiny bit of snow as well. santa rosa 64. san jose 65. half moon bay says 69. 43 up in truckee. 65 out in sacramento and the sierras looks nice. even partly cloudy to mostly sunny. it will clear out tonight. tomorrow looks really nice. temperatures are warming up the system has moved out next system will drag across some clouds and a little cooler temperatures on the weekend. but unless you're up in northern california it will remain dry here. 60s and 70s here. a beautiful spring day and we have even warmer temps come engine for tomorrow. the weekend will still be cooler you guys. we'll take that for now. >> sunshine here in the bay area. >> absolutely. >> but what about skiing through the whole summer into the fall? >> well. depends on the snow melt. believe it. that's what squaw valley is already promising.
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now the ceo of squaw says he's looking into the possibility of keeping the slopes up and running through the summer maybe even into the fall. he's calling it the '16, 17, 18 season. says they're taking a hard look at the options but nothing's been decided. right now squaw has 21' of snow in the base of the upper mountain. these winter storms may melt too fast and cause major flooding this spring. as of april 1st more than the capacity of our state's nine largest reservoirs which are already full. the best case scenario would be a slow snow melt and while the water officials say as fast as the snow melts unlikely it could still happen. >> one late season warm storm that dumps a lot of rain in the mountains that melts a huge amount of snow at once and that overwhelms the remaining flood capacity in our reservoirs which are already pretty full. >> engineers are also concerned
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about levies in the state saying they're not in the best condition. yosemite is also on that list. coming up, you may have noticed the price of produce increasing. we'll hear from an expert about why is there a surge in the cost.
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we're now learning that a
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representative of united airlines will testify at an up coming congressional hearing. following the incident where a passenger was dragged off the united flight in chicago to make more room for crew members. a united spokes person says the airline looks forward to sharing with the committee the company's new customer focused actions. no date has been set yet for the house transportation hearing. right now united's stock is up nearly 1%. in fact a lot of green up on the board right now. as we give you a live look here at the dow jones. nasdaq is up 53 and the sxp 500 is up 5 points. the owners of genova are closing their ravioli factory located on broadway across the street from oakland tech. they decided to close after
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issues of graffiti and vandalism. the business says they've put in a number of complaints to help them out. here in the bay area you may have noticed the cost of produce actually starting to go up. experts say it's because of california's wet winter storms which made it hard for farmers to plant early. >> take a look at the sign that you i saw at the check out. the cashier said it's because of too much rain. for more on which fruits and vegetables are costing us a little more right now. >> well as you know we've had a lot of rain this year but the last time this man was here it's our produce expert bob combarcon and everything was droubt and bad. >> -- drought and bad. >> this year has changed. >> dramatically. as a result of that lettuce products have had a very difficult time getting germinated because they couldn't get into the plant. >> this is all the way down
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south. >> yeah, this time of the year up until two weeks ago everything's coming out of the imperial valley or the yuma area. as a result there was a lot of tip burn and transluns sea and it's been manifested in high prices for all leaf lettuce. >> and so what's going on right now. >> well over the easter period it was very short supply so a lot of stores never had the product. but right now it's about $3.99 to $4.59 a a head and the same thing on the romaine and the green leaf. they're basically you can't find them less than 3.99 a head right now. but they're going to be coming down it was too wet for the longest siem in salinas. >> they planted later than normal. even though it hasn't been heavy it keeps the sun out of the way.
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>> but we have some alternatives. >> we have kale. so if you're looking for a salad at a reasonable price use kale instead of your iceberg or romaine. >> or. >> even swiss chard. that's about $1.59 coming out of the salinas area. >> however, our pick of the day. >> it's a hydroponic butter lettuce. >> i would go with the butter lettuce high droedponic. >> and also coming out of watsonville. >> strawberries started picking out of watsonville this week. and you can see even for early in the season these are plump. oxnard finished ability a week and a half ago. so watsonville is where most of the product is being harvested
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right now. may should be a bumper crop for strawberries. >> so if you're saying a lot of this is too expensive remember you have the living butter lettuce and also the strawberries we saw at sprouts a good deal on that and i would think with all this rain the melons will be coming in. >> last year most of the melons were irrigated by drip. this year it's not necessary so you're going to have a lot more sugar content in all your melons and we'll talk about that more. >> lettuce and strawberries your pick of the week. still ahead conservative commentator says she's still planning to give her speech at u.c. berkley postponing the event out of safety concerns. republicans who are hosting the event are now responding. >> and we're continuing the conversation about law enforcement's relationship with the community. the latest bar boar shop talk
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which proves to be the biggest and most divorce.
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breaking news here unfolding right here in paris we understand reports of one police officer killed and another hurt in paris. what you're seeing here videos and pictures from social media showing a chaotic scene on a very busy and well-known street.
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one of the tourist centers of paris. it's about a 2-mile long street. shops, restaurants, museums etc. all in a virtual state of lock down because of reports we're seeing one police officer has been killed another has been hurt in paris along the street. >> for the first time here confirmation from paris police now warning people to avoid that particular area. french media again reporting to two police officers have been shot. gwen it was just november of 2015 when the city of paris came under a few terror attacks. we had the suicide bombers there at the stadium also followed by some mass shootings at restaurants and a thooet are as well. -- theater as well. we don't know if there's any terror related to this particular incident but the report as we saw two police officers shot there. >> and we're also getting reports that police officers are checking out suspicious packages in the area. so who knows what that could
12:32 pm
lead to. it could be a backpack someone forgot to take with them. again it is live video here. you see an officer heavily armed waving people out of the way. the streets here clearly it's evening time in paris. certainly this is a time and a place where you would expect to see many people that is not the case right now. >> right now i believe it is around 9:32 in paris time. so not quite dinner hour. some people do eat late. so the streets there a lot of tourists out and about walking around now under evacuation told to get out of the way, out of that area to let police officers do their job and search the area to see if there is a gunman running around and as you mentioned suspicious packages in the area as well. >> and you did mention the paris attack in 2015. a truck drove into a large crowd. really when you think about france in general it's sort of on this continued state of
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heightened alert. certainly having been home to a couple of attacks and neighboring to other attacks in europe. so again that is one reason for what republicans to be a very large response. again, the headline at this hour one police officer killed, one hurt in paris. this is the scene unfolding live right now. it's a very well-known area in paris. this is where the tourists go. this is where shops, restaurants, museums are usually bustling. they do tend to have a later hour. we're going to stay on top of the scene. monitor it in our newsroom and bring you updates as soon as we get it. now back home where a clash between political ideologies is pitting safety concerns against first amendment rights as a conservative commentator ann cou
12:34 pm
coulter is vowing to speak at u.c. berkley. >> u.c. berkley college republicans say they will bring in conservative and new york times best selling awetor ann coulter. >> that is detrimental to us. >> organizers of coulter's event got the e-mails. before a student organization commits to hosting an event on a specific date we need to first work together to determine if a suitable venue is available at that time. >> if we had had adequate time to work with the college republicans to plan for this event, to locate a venue, to let the police do the sort of security assessment they needed to do, i'm pretty confident this event would have been happening on april 27th. >> the campus has an obligation to make sure people are safe.
12:35 pm
she will be in berkley as planned. >> we'll find out if they arrest me when i show up to give my speech. this is a taxpayer funded institution. not to mention lots of kids getting federal money to be there. you know, attorney general jeff sessions should be looking at this. >> berkley has been a battle ground this year with polarized politics leading to violent clashes. the university has concerns after they had to cancel milo yinopolis's speech. >> we formed right after the milo event. and we created a bridge. we believe it's important for students of all different political perspectives. >> the non partisan group says they understand the safety concerns but feel the police can do more and the university had too many demands. >> we initially had the event to take place during the night and 2:00 to 3:30 is when most students can't attend the event in the first place.
12:36 pm
i think things can be done better by the administration. >> i really wish that we would work together better. >> jan -- jana katsuyama. >> and the chancellor of u.c. berkley holding a news conference to address this controversy. we will have complete coverage on this news conference coming up today on the four on two. taking place in north berkley near la kont avenue. police say people in the area might hear gunfire between virginia street and ridge road. it starts in just minutes this afternoon. caught on video, a confrontation between a man and a sonoma county sheriff's deputy who was later charged with assault. >> stand up. >> i'm not standing up. i'm in my house i'm sleeping.
12:37 pm
>> i've got you on video. >> go ahead taz me. >> ternando del viez. this video given to ktvu by his attorney tells ktvu this incident was quote, cut and dry case of excessive force. the attorney's client was also hit with the police baton. del vie sdvmentd. saying firing deputies scott thorn. he's now awaiting trial on felony. thorn's lawyer said the deputy acted in compliance with his training and he presented a danger. we've been looking at candid conversation about police relations with the community being held at the local barbershop. >> it seems more people are getting involved with the most
12:38 pm
recent discussion drawing the largest and more diverse group yet. >> if we want change we have to be the change. >> that was the come seen for the discussion of san leandro. >> we need to be proactive in our own communities and it starts with us. >> when you're able to have an open krgs there's room for dialog and where there's room for dialog there's room for growth. >> it was our most diverse group yet. black, latino, and white. men and women, young and old. >> how do we in our community black and brown together rise up. >> the reality of it all we have to learn how to respect ourselves in order to respect others. >> there's not like there's a single solution to it and because everybody has different convictions it's important that everybody plays their role. >> for the most part the topics face on how people in the community can be more responsive to their neighbors. >> it's the young people that
12:39 pm
are killing themselves. it's young men 12, 13, and 14 coming to school with guns because they don't feel any sense of self-worth. >> you're asking them to be accountable. you're asking them to listen and do this and do that. what have you done, though? >> we need guideance and we need somebody to hold our hands because we're still babies. >> it's important that you educate us single black moms. single latino moms. not just, you know, because we're raising these kids by ourselves. >> the resources are there but somebody's got to do something. >> we want to reach those kids that are most at risk. >> with all due respect i'm going to say i believe we need to take the police out of our school systems because as a black man, not having black space where we have a space to ourselves that where we can learn, grow, thrive, cultivate
12:40 pm
our own culture and cultivate our own education. >> this young man not only thanked the officers but says he thanks them for helping the community. he's not alone. >> you can tell us that you're mentoring these young folks. you can tell us that you're getting to know their parents and the community. but we know better. you're looking for better ways to police us so you can do your job better. >> that man says things from his past make it hard for him to trust. look at an officer. >> i want to know why they're trigging looking at room of law enforcement. >> yeah, because every interaction with law enforcement has been a negative one for me. i went into the foster care system. they took me away from my parents. they threw me in foster care. my brother's doing 12 years. >> so we want to say police are the enemy. no. it's time to have the dialog. that's why we got together. >> things that happened inside their house and outside their house. >> changes in the community that officers say they're learning to deal with and like others they too need help.
12:41 pm
>> all of us have to be able to work together. so we're looking for people in the community. get out there. come hop in my patrol car with me. >> they know the officers are not the only ones responsible for the divide. they want to put other leaders on notice. >> instead of spending money building those jails put it towards education. >> we have to really get to the nitty-gritty and go to the city council and hold them accountable. >> stop looking to the police to be the resources. stop looking to the schools to be the resources. >> if we committed ourselves we dedicated ourselves. if we rethought out ideology we would be a presence. >> one man pleaded with his generation to take part in future barbershop town generations with officers. >> they're willing to talk to us and they're willing to look at us and hear us out. >> all and all it was another productive conversation one that will continue since all here know together we can make a
12:42 pm
difference. >> as elders, as police officers wrapping our arms around our young. >> it's going to take a lot of work. i'm not going to lie because we've got some serious problems in our community but together doing things like this is going to work out for us. >> if you want change fight this from the inside. become the cop that goes and check in with your neighbor. become the cop that goes to your old school. >> paul chambers ktvu fox 2 news. >> and to see for rmore of the recent barbershop discussions go to our website or check out our three previous gather ergs. we'll be back after the break.
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all right. back now to our breaking news overseas in paris france paris police warning people to avoid the area around the grand se le sae. there is another report that one of those officers has been killed. >> we're also getting reports. again on the heals of the initial report that one police officer was shot and killed. another was injuredment certainly this is a chaotic scene on one of the busiest streets in paris.
12:46 pm
it's certainly enjoyed by many peresians. they've been taken over by emergency vehicles. europe no stranger to any sort of an attack. no word yet on perhaps what was the motivation. >> whether or not it was terror related or not. still under investigation as this continues to be breaking news in paris france. but obviously november 2015 on the minds of many who lived there in france and of course across the world in regards to the 130 people who were killed and the multiple attacks on that day. november 13th on that day. so we will continue to follow the breaking news here. again, french reporter says two officers have been shot one has been killed. coming up on the 10:00 hour there in paris, france. back in the bay area where
12:47 pm
weather is dry and will be that way for a couple of days, steve. >> that is true. in the meantime we'll have lots of sunshine and some warmer temperatures. and rain overnight. but that's gone. there's mostly clear skies here. temperatures are very close. joyce alvarado says it's a beautiful day. it is a beautiful day and not only in santa cruz but everywhere else. we're at 66 degrees. look at the warmer temps up in the santa cruz mountains. and santa clara 67. so we are warming up to some low 70s thanks to last night's rain. once it reached also out to parts of the east bay then it kind of fizzled out. now we're getting everything coming down out of the northwest. the sierra had a little bit of snow. 60s on the terps here locally.
12:48 pm
san jose 65. novato 64. fairfield 65. berkley says we're 68 as well. west at 13. west at 10. so there is a west northwest breesz. what about out at the delta. so there's not much of a delta breeze there but there is a little bit around the bay and some of the higher elevations. lots of sunshine mostly sunny. it's sunny but there are a few clouds out there. next system looks ominous. it will drag across extreme northern california but not until the weekend which will give us a little bit cooler pattern. might touch some upper 70s to near 80 degrees but i'll go for it. why not. tomorrow will be sunny and warm. still looks good on saturday. little cooler on sunday and back to clouds and cooler temps on monday. but the next couple of days look great. >> steve thank you. golden state warriors are now up 2-0 after beating the trail blazers 110-80 last night.
12:49 pm
>> the rest of the team really stepped up here without kevin durant. >> yeah, they played great defense. there was a couple of unlikely game changers. there was a 20-year-old rookie and it was a guy who nobody wanted in the off season. so mcgee and mccaw, the mcshow. this was the mccaw and mcgee game. here's the deal. 43-42 you see mccaw with the biggest three pointer of the year. and that really sparked the warriors and you can see him go on a nice run with mcgee doing his run as well. mccaw finishes with five rebounds. listen to this. they asked for the blazers sparked by this run 40-16 by the end of the 3rd quarter. >> smoked them. they smoked them they played great. after the game i asked mccaw about helping to spark that surge by the warriors and he had
12:50 pm
a really nice response. >> oh, man the energy was amazing. i've never experienced that power of energy. so for my first time it was exciting just knocking down a few shots. making the right plays. playing good defense. it was awesome. >> right into the three point line. he'll get to the lob. >> hard work especially on the basketball i remember i think it was 6th grade and i had a bad game. she had me up at 6:00 a.m. running around in the snow and boots like working out and i'm like it's 6th grade what are we doing right now but i mean it worked obviously. >> i have a 5th grader. there's no snow around here but i think maybe i've got to work him a little harder. >> it's steve kerr. he's like just be ready. you never know. >> when you look at him up close mccaw he's real thin.
12:51 pm
he's 21 years old he's got that baby face. >> where was kevin. >> so nobody saw him on the bench. he came out in the hallway and he made an appearance and shook some hands and here's the deal though. with them playing so well i don't know if he even comes back for game three in portland on saturday night. >> i hope for the next round. >> or even for the next game. listen to this steph, klay, and draymond and he doesn't play and they still win 20 ahead. >> they do have a game tonight. the quest to hoist that stanley cup continues for the sharks against the edmundton oilers. series is a good one. we're tied at two a piece. back to that last time. they go 120 minutes with no goals and then they score a touchdown. >> then they put up seven at the tank. sharks coach was preaching
12:52 pm
patience to the team because it was just one game. it's just a w in the call. >> and edmundton i love the jersey, or the shirt that is all the fans where up in edmundton. it's going to be a great game. they always call this one the pivotal. >> we'll be right back after the break.
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taking a peak here just minutes before the session closes on the new york stock exchange. the dow having a very strong day. up almost 200 points at this moment. now we're still following that breaking news we've been bringing you from paris france. >> paris police has confirmed one officer killed another wounded. the person who opened fire the gunman has been killed. >> and it's very early on but at this point french officials are saying the incident could be terror related and certainly that is a possibility if you remember what happened in paris the big attack in 2015 at a number of sites there. also not in the city of paris but in the french city of nice there was a truck attack on basille day. a rescue workers and members of the media just swarming the area. >> should mention this shooting comes three days before the
12:56 pm
french general elections so paris already on a state of heightened alert prior to this shooting taking place just about an hour ago there in the city of paris. >> that's right. in fact just on tuesday police said they had arrested two men and thorted what they thought was a terror attack. the situation on the ground here clearly is an intense one. champs elysees in paris. certainly an area that is typically very busy with people shopping and eating and enjoying the sights. >> and as the investigation unfolds i'm curious to see if it was law enforcement who was targeted in this particular instance or maybe they came across someone that appeared to be suspicious. there is a report that possibly a bystander was hit by gunfire there in paris. so again, investigators will
12:57 pm
have to determine exactly the motive for this particular crime there in france. >> that's right. but again what we do know now is that one police officer has been shot and killed. another has been injured in an attack. the person believed to be the attacker has been taken down by police and is not longer a threat himself. have a full update today on the four on two.
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