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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  April 25, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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south american tour and got ill while flying home. he spent two nights in intensive care and back home in england and expected to make a full recovery. ann coulter talks to ktvu about her plans to speak at uc berkeley. plus a special conference for women looking to get into the music industry. ♪oh, yeah ♪ >> oh, yes. good morning. we will mornings on 2 the 9. clouds and sun and mostly in the 60s. i picked an up beat song because most of us warrior fans are upbeat. they man handled the trail blazers last night. in the 1st quarter, they scored 45 points. >> i tuned in late. >> yeah. i got off the air off the 7 and the sports department was saying this he scored 45. i was done.
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i switched to the giants. they kept swinging. >> for us of us who get up early, it was done by halftime. you could get a good night's sleep. coach kerr is probably happy that they can get some rest. >> they have a week. we will see what happens between the jazz and clippers. let them beat each other up and see what happens. >> it was nice seeing kd play again. >> it looked like he was on his game. a lot of news to get to. bart is stepping up patrols after a mob of teenagers swarmed a train car and terrorized passengers. >> the ordeal lasted less than a minute, like 30 seconds. a couple people got hurt in the attack. christien kafton is live at the coliseum bart station with reaction from riders this morning about the lightning quick armed robbery. it was scary for passengers. >> reporter: scary moments. a man said he was here the night it happened. meanwhile we heard from bart pd in just the last half hour. at this point, no word about
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any arrests in this case. if police have any leads, they're keeping those leading pretty close to the vest. meanwhile passengers are still learning the details about the incident as they make where way through the turn styles here at the coliseum bart station. all of this unfolded around 9:30 start night. witnesses tell police that the teens rushed the dublin bound bart train demands purses, wallets and cell phones. the whole robly took about 30 seconds, with the group getting on and off the train before the doors could closed. two passengers were punched in the face and treated for head injuries at the scene. in all, 7 passengers were robbed. passengers this morning are on high alert. >> when i'm on the train, i'm an alert. i'm on alert. my phone is in my pocket. my eyes are watching everything. you never know when you might have to get away or down or something. >> i'm not on my phone.
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i try not to be on any phone. i try to sit where it's not just myself. it's not good to is the by yourself. some people like to sit by themselves. it is good to get on a train when people are already on there. >> reporter: police say there are have been no reports that they used guns or any other weapons. bart are trying to identify the suspects through surveillance video and are working with oakland police and oakland schools and housing authority to find the teens. bart says there were police officers here at the time of the robbery. the officers were out in the parking lot area. they were alerted to the fact that this robbery was underway. by the time they made their way up to the platform, the robbers had already escaped. remember, this only took about 30 seconds in all for the robbers to go through the train and clear the passengers out of their belongings. >> i guess what is scary is if it's that quick and even though there are police officers in the parking lot, then what are people supposed to do? i suppose just be alert because -- there's not much that you
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can do. >> reporter: right. it's one of those situations where police can't be everywhere at once. obviously they want to be out in the parking lot to make sure that cars are not burglarized out there or nobody is robbed out there or anything like that. at the same time, they have to make their way up to the program foam as quickly as possible -- platform as quickly as possible. this unfolded in 30, 40 seconds. it is difficult to get up to the platform in time to grab any of the robbers. >> one rider said that she thought it was a hoaxment like what are these kids doing and then all of a sudden people were clubbed over the head. pretty scary. you're on bart and then that happens. >> christien kafton live in oakland this morning. this morning our question of the day is what is your biggest concern when it comes to taking bart. safely, cleanliness, reliability or maybe nothing because you don't ride bart. >> all right. let's take a look at the results insofar. there it is on your screen. 41% say safety is the number one concern. 20% say it is cleanliness. 21% say reliability. 18% say, you know what, i don't
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ride bart. michael says, both relike the and safer trains is his concern. >> reliability, access to a working ticket machine, add vehicles, reduce fares, accurate timetables. >> caroline checked all of the boxes. we spend so much money daily to be assaulted by a system and fill tee unsafe stations. it needs to change. >> we will check your responses at 9:30. reach us by using #ktvuthe9. 22-year-old benjamin murphy was arrested yesterday at his home. he is accused of posting photos of a 6-year-old from the after school program in an internet chat room where users were sharing images of child pornography. police say he also posted the
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girl's name, address and phone number in the chat room. the boys and girls group was contacted by the department of homeland security. they released a statement about the arrest. boys and girls club of marin and petaluma has fully cooperated with the agencies seeking information. this morning, president trump taking part in a holocaust memorial event on capitol hill. he delivered the key note address in the capitol rotunda just minutes ago. the event was established by congress as the nation's commemoration of the holocaust. president trump says that the world has much to learn how the jewish have thrived despite everything that they have gone to. >> the jewish people have endured, prosecution and those
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who have sought and planned their destruction. yet through the suffering, they have persevered. they have thrived. and they have enlightened the world. we stand in awe of the unbreakable spirit of the jewish people. >> during the ceremony at the capitol, six candles were lit by holocaust survivors. accompanied by members of congress in memory of the victims. we may be one step closer this morning to -- to averting a government shutdown. president trump seems to be backing away funding a board he wall and the white house is not confident that the government will remain open. doug luzader has more from washington. >> reporter: the president would apparently like to get this government shutdown issue off the table to pivot to some other issues, including perhaps tax reform ahead of marking his first 100 days in office this
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week. is the border wall idea dead? maybe not in the long run, but president trump was said to tell a gathering of conservative journalists at the white house yesterday that he is willing to push back his demand for wall funding in order to ink a government funding deal this week. absent that, democrats had warned that a government shutdown was looming because they wouldn't sign off on a wall. >> democrats have been long clear that the border wall is a nonstarter. >> reporter: so what will trump get out of a potential deal? perhaps more resources to beef up border security. not wall funding but something to show his base that he is following through on a campaign pledge. >> the wall is a big metaphor. i think if donald trump can get something in that government funding bill about border security, he can claim victory and the democrats can say they didn't vote to fund the wall. a short-term budget deal may be one more reason for the markets to celebrate. the dow was already up over 200
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points yesterday. add to that the possibility for major tax reform with the administration announcing as early as tomorrow that corporate tax rates could drop from 35% to maybe 15%. >> we were thinking the best case scenario 20, 25%. so, no, they don't stop the rale i you break out the confetti if you get to 15%. >> reporter: the markets would be happy about a lowered income tax rate and juice economic growth. the larger question remains how to pay for it. in washington, doug luzader, fox news. >> president trump is telling nasa to speed up the work on sending astronauts to mars. he wants americans on mars during his first term but willing to wait until his second term in office. the president made that announcement during a call to the international space station. e station. >> you have broken the record for the most total time spent
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in space by an american astronaut, 534 days and counting. >> so which one of you is ready to go to mars. >> we are absolutely ready to go to mars. >> wilson will remain aboard the space station until september when she will have logged 622 days, nearly two years in space. the largest record was 879 days by a russian cosmonaut. starting today google will begin accepting applications from people in phoenix, arizona who would like to test out one of the driverless cars for free. it has a fleet of 100 self- driving cars. it will go up to 600 in the coming months. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, south bay workers sat in traffic for more than 140 hours last year. the lack of options in silicon
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>> all right. welcome back to mornings on 2. look at the big board. those are good numbers. 239 points. the s&p also up 14 points. nasdaq up 41. it will be an interesting week on the markets. yesterday we had the reaction to the french presidential election. the markets liked that. trump made the big announcement on tax reform tomorrow. >> housing is up there as well. >> uh-huh. >> it will be interesting. >> investors are loving it. to big days so far. our coverage continues over the controversial of ann coulter speaking over at cal uc berkeley. officials are preparing for possible protests on thursday
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as the conservative commentator appears at cal on thursday. uc berkeley students who invited her filed a lawsuit against their own university. they claim cal is discriminating against conservative speakers and violating the right to free speech. yesterday frank somerville spoke with ann coulter about the controversy over her appearance. >> i'm still planning to give my speech. now i don't have to abide. i mean if they won't provide a venue, i don't have to provide -- abide by the restrictions. i can give it at a normal time when students are available. i suppose i guess it could be given by a mega phone from sprawl hall. i'm planning to give my speech. >> we saw what happened when milo yiannopoulos came to cal. there was violence. they were throwing paint on people. and they ended up canceling the speech because they were concerned about safety. chances are when you come up on thursday, it's going to turn into a circus. there will be protesters. there could be violence. your thoughts on that.
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>> i'm not even milo. i mean for pete's sake i'm a 12 time new york times best selling author. i would guess that the administration is well on notice that can happen and the berkeley police are well on notice. so i assume they will take appropriate action. >> some people would say ann coulter is all about ann coulter. ann coulter wants to promote ann coulter. ann coulter wants to come here and she is going to come here on thursday and try to insight people. >> i know people like to say that. they always like to say that. it could not be -- i mean, in some sense, i mean, i write books. i'm trying to change people's minds about things. there's a promotional aspect. in particular, the idea that i'm trying to get publicity off of this event could not be further from the truth on the facts. i mean, for one thing you don't want to give me publicity, i have an idea, don't shut down my speech. the actual facts of how this case has progressed. i mean, as berkeley was -- was
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loading up these kids with requirements for my speech, it has to be in the daytime, only students can come, we won't tell you where it is, the student group sponsoring me said no this is outrageous. let's pull out and issue a press release saying they're violating your first amendment rights and i said no. no. i really just want to give the speech. no press release. i said okay. okay. okay. whatever requirements they put on my speech, i said okay. and then the next thing i know, one morning last week i wake up and berkeley has gonna head and canceled it anyway. i think we know why they were loading up my speech with the requirements. they were trying to force us to cancel. but we didn't. so they lepta head and canceled it unilaterally. and i still didn't -- i said no press release. i will call jerry brown. he is an old lefty like bernie sanders. he will see the outrageousness
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of this. let's quietly make phone calls and get them to say i can give a speech. they're the ones, berkeley administrators, leaked the cancellation of my speech to the san francisco chronicle. at that point, yeah, i responded. i was invited to give a speech. i have a contract to give a speech. i'm giving a speech. >> again that was frank somerville with ann coulter. with regard to the comment about bernie sanders, here is what he is saying. what are you afraid of, her ideas? ask the hard questions and con front her intellectually. shutting down events i don't think that works in any way. our web team has posted the full interview with ann coulter on the ktvu youtube page. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, the controversial bill being considered by california lawmakers. an increase in tech workers leaving the bay area. up next, we speak with the co- founder of one of the only
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that's why new downy protect and refresh conditions fibers to lock out odors. so clothing odors don't do the talking for you.
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lock out odors with new downy protect and refresh. >> well, according to indeed, a search engine for job listings, there is an increase in tech workers looking for work outside of the hubs of silicon valley and san francisco. in a survey earlier this month, indeed found that 30% of tech workers are looking for -- looking outside of the areas for jobs. that is a 41% growth since 2012. now, the reasons for the interest outside of the area include a cheaper cost of living and less competition. san jose based digital university is hoping to turn things around by training and keeping tech workers here. >> and they also offer the tech sector's first masters of internet business degree. >> we're joined by co-founder and head of digital trance formation steve catagan. >> i was reading more about you. you were at linkedin and you
9:21 am
went overseas and found out there is another program like this similar to what you're doing here. >> we got approval from the state of california to offer the master's was started in spain nine years ago in an economy where there is 30% unemployment. businesses could not find the skills they needed. we're not talking about programmers or software engineers. we're talking about digital professionals. so many companies are going through digital transformation. i have friends who introduced me to these folks three or four years ago and i was guest lecturing with them over time and we determined that need exists here. it even exists in silicon valley which is ironic when you think about so many technologies being based here and founded here. but the reality is that so many workers, regardless of your industry, regardless of what profession you're in, whether it's retail or banking, your
9:22 am
jobs are changing. we haven't found any schools or institutions that are tackling this in a way. >> are the folks the macy's and jc pennies and barnes and noble lining up at your door. >> absolutely. a lot of folks -- we hear a lot of people asking, should i change my career because the internet is changing business? and the answer is not really. you don't have to. i think you have to be better at what you do and be more digitally savvy. that's what we want to do, help people at macy's or maybe the people that used to be at kodak or people in the car industry who are watching tesla helping them be great at what they do. >> it is nine months, it is a master's, an advanced agree. people have tech comfort, not necessarily savvy. what are they going to get when they finish this course and say i have this degree in my hand. here is what i can do know. the biggest frustration that i find in talking to people is
9:23 am
that the world is changing faster than our ability to keep up with it. there's always these new sexy ads or new technologies that are changing the way that people do work. what we want to offer with our program is not only introduce people to what you need to do to be effective today in the business world, the digital business world, but to be prepared for the inevitable changes coming. a lot of times they ask, steve, what are the most business skills today? i can tell you what i think they are. the truth is don't you want to be prepared for the business challenges and skills needed for tomorrow and the year after. >> steve, can students come back after they have graduated and check back in and say, hey, this is new now. refresher? yes. absolutely. we're building an ecosystem. we want our alumni to come in and talk about the changes in their organizations and be able to help. today it is impossible to know everything. so, frank, what i would say is our alumni network, we want an ecosystem to help you not only in the classroom but beyond to find answers. >> how much does it cost and
9:24 am
when am i going to school? when do i go to a class. >> the first program is launched this september. we're looking to fill a class of 60 people. we still have open spaces. the cost is $27,000. and we're finding a lot of really excited interest. not only from individuals but also increasingly from organizations in the area that have a demographic of employees that we want to help them raise their need. >> how long is the program. >> nine months. >> nine months, $27,000. why not offer it online. >> we want to be able to reach much more broadly after the first class. >> are you seeing companies subsidizing their own employees to go learn. >> yes. >> today because of the disruption and so many companies that are gaining these billion doctor valuations so quickly is companies need to build to thrive quickly and they don't have the time to invest in developing their own people. we want to take the burden off
9:25 am
some of the enterprises. >> people are not working at companies for 20, 30 years. they're working there for four or five years and off to the next job.  how does that affect to what you're teaching. >> millennials by the age of 40 will have 11 different jobs. what we're seeing in the bay area is two and a half years staying at a company. so i think that companies are challenged with how do we invest in our people and individuals are challenged how do i find a good place to learn the skills to put me in the front of the line in my organization. >> fascinating stuff. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for coming in. >> and sharing your stow e. coming up on mornings on 2 community organizers are expecting large crowds in downtown san jose next monday. why this could be the biggest may day parade in years. a store that sells high end watches, what the owner did to
9:26 am
scare thieves away. that's coming up. ♪ and unleash your wild side. ♪ ♪ made with silky vanilla bean ice cream and rich belgian chocolate. ♪ discover magnum.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. we have been asking the question and we have given you several responses possible. what is the most important to you -- important thing to you on bart when it comes to taking bart. safety, cleanliness, reliability or i don't ride bart. here are the results. and of course this is in response to saturday's event where some 30 or so teenagers boarded a train at a station, robbed everyone and then got off the train before the train even left the station. it was very quick. so we have been getting responses. i dare say that the majority of people who think public transit is a good idea never ride it. >> safety because of an
9:29 am
incident that i experienced ten years ago i will never ride bart again. i did get a few that said because of what happened safety became their number one. but cleanliness and reliability are important as well. >> it's all about safety. >> right. >> especially after what happened. >> it depends on when you ask the question. >> uh-huh. >> after we have the huge meltdowns where no one can get into the city. >> then they want reliability. >> yeah. kelly king wrote up until a few days ago it was cleanliness. now it's safety. >> we have this question up all day. today's weather will be a mix of sun and clouds. let's bring in mr. steve paulson to elaborate. >> thank you, sal. that is correct. more cloud cover to the north. a little more sun to the south. two forecasts. one north of the golden gate and one south. and was sent in from our observer in napa. napa valley chick better known as kathy. not a bad sunrise over napa
9:30 am
tuesday morning. by the way on twitter, u.s. sunrises tweeted this out as one of the best sunrises across the country today. congratulations. that was a beauty. thank you, kathy. in sonoma, a brisk 55 and overcast. looking forward to planting weather this weekend. you will have it. temperatures warming up. it was very very cool yesterday. some locations, livermore, 13 degrees cooler than average. it should be 74. we will go 67 today. warmer for napa and san jose. still below average as is san francisco. 62 and 52. they should be 64. at least on the high side. there's a lot of cloud cover and a little bit of rain working its way up to mendocino coast. mendocino county, lake county you're in line for a little bit of precip. one more system tomorrow that may give us some down this far. i think that will be the last one in the series because high pressure will build in. hang in for a couple of days. 50s and 60s on the temps.
9:31 am
we are a little warmer than yesterday. a lot more cloud cover. still plenty coming down from the northwest. a cool morning. mostly cloudy today. 60s for most. maybe briefly a temperature will touch 70 degrees. after wednesday, it clears it out and it will be sunny and windy and warm and nice as we head towards your weekend, frank. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> i'll be working, but i still enjoy the weekend. >> there you go. >> thanks, steve. a stud free a nonprofit research group says the gas tax bill passed earlier this month will not be enough to maintain the state's roads long-term. ktvu's allie rasmus explains. >> reporter: well, senate bill 1 nicknamed the road repair bill would raise about $50 billion over the next ten years to repair highways and roads across the state. it would raise that money in the form of a higher gas tax and higher vehicle registration fees. a nonprofit group out of berkeley says the amount of money that the state really
9:32 am
needs to mix fix and maintain roads is more like $137 billion. the report released yesterday by the group says california's roads are among the worst in the nation. 70% of them in poor or mediocre condition. they estimate the bad roads with potholes cost drivers about $840 a year in repairs, one of the most expensive price tags by state across the country. the group says the current gas tax is not an efish represent way to raise money to fix roads long-term. as more electric vehicles hit the road and gassy fishence eimproves, the gas tax will not generate as much money. they say toll road ors a tax based on the number of miles that people drive instead of the amount of gas they use. drivers we spoke with this morning were unsure about that idea. >> the majority of middle class, lower class people have to drive to work. >> it is an unfair advantage.
9:33 am
>> unfair to them. >> would a gas tax on a number of miles make you drive lessor would it stay the same. >> no. it would stay the same. i don't know how you would monitor that. >> reporter: that is one of the biggest challenge with a mileage tax. how do you monitor the number of miles reported. the bill was passed by the legislature earlier this month. governor brown pushed for the passage. we reached out to his office for comment on the study and jim bale's office, the state senator out of san jose, who sponsored the road bill. we asked for comment on the new study and what it found and we have not heard back from them this morning. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. new study shows three quarters of all bay area workers use a car to get to work and drive by themselves. inspur says people in san jose spend 144 hours stuck in
9:34 am
traffic last year. the group says companies need to consider locations close to public transit when they look to expand out of consideration for employees. 28% of all recent office developments in the bay area is within half a mile of regional transit stops. for more on the headlines we have been working on let's go to dave clark. >> thank you, sal. the albany unified school district holds a meeting tonight about several racist incidents at albany high school. now, last month, 11 students were suspended accused of posting racist messages and photos on social media. some of the students were also accused of exchanging nazi is salutes in the hallways. that caused protests on campus. and just last week, the principal of albany high school resigned to take another job within the school district. well, state lawmakers are debating a bill that would take some convicted sex offenders off of the sex offender registry after a certain period of time. state senator scott weiner of
9:35 am
san francisco wants a three tiered system for the registry. violent predators would stay on the list forever. sex offenders in the second tier would have to register for 20 years. those with nonviolent convictions would be able to petition after 10 years to have their names taken off of the sex offender registry. under the plan, no one would be automatically taken off of the list and a judge could reject any petitions. if approved, it would take effect january 1st. well, police in corte madera searching for five burglars who stole $24,000 worth of laptops and iphones from an apple store. it happened at the village mall just before the store was about to close. the marin ij reports a few customers were still inside but no one was hurt. the burglars were in their late teens or early 20s. that very same store was robbed last november when $40,000 worth of items were stolen.
9:36 am
those are just some of the morning headlines from our news room. sal, claudine, frank, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. a business ownner walnut creek says that quick thinking helped stop three men trying to rob his watch store. he pulled out a gun on the robbers dressed like construction workers. the whole thing was caught on surveillance video. >> reporter: two men wearing hard hats, dusk mattes and yellow construction vests watch into the watch company in walnut creek. a third man stood outside as a lookout. one man handed the owner a clipboard asking to sign off on electrical work behind the store. look what happens next. >> hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. hey. get out. get out. get out. >> reporter: as o'connor looks at the paperwork, the man pepper sprays him and a
9:37 am
customer. another man uses a baseball bat to smash the display case but that's what o'connor pulls out his gun from his holster and scares the intruders out. >> at that time i made the decision, you know, within a split second that i just needed to draw my gun and i did. that's when the gentleman here urn turned and looked at me, i'm assuming because he heard it. and he fled very quickly. >> reporter: walnut creek police say the three men jumped into this newer model dodge challenger parked in the alley. it looks blue here but it is black with silver rims and black paper plates. this picture shows them walking towards the store moments before the incident. o'connor is still shocked by the ordeal. >> everybody is asking me, how did you do that? what was your prior training, special forces, army, navy, military, police. no. i just did it. that's just how i reacted. the one thing that kept going
9:38 am
through my head, don't shoot. don't shoot. as in me don't pull the trigger. >> reporter: it is common to see people wearing construction or safety vests these days that even the crooks are trying to blend in. a man dressed as a construction worker robs this mechanics bank around the kosher from the watts store -- watch store. he was later convicted. >> we look at them as normal construction people, walking through the streets. for them, it is very, very smart. for us, it is dangerous. >> reporter: the three men escaped without any watches. as far as the customer who was pepper sprayed, he bought a rolex watch that he had been looking at. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. san jose leaders expect this may day protest to be the largest in years. many businesses have put up signs that they won't be open to show support for the rise of
9:39 am
immigrants, workers and other groups feeling taret gooded. >> whether you're fighting for immigration rights or lgbt rights or educational rights, they're all the same and we're nighing against the same administration taking away all of our rights. >> the three-mile route starts at mexican heritage please and will end up at the sap center. event organizers say in 2006, they had 100,000 people march. with the current political climate, it could be even larger this year. there will be a may day rally and march in san francisco on monday. organizers announced details yesterday. it will start at justin herman plaza at 11:00 a.m., followed by a march to civic center. qatar airways says that san francisco is their next destination. they were not specific how often it would fly to and from sfo. it lists san francisco on the
9:40 am
website as home to hippies, micro chips and cable cars. qatar says uncertainty about travel to the u.s. is affecting business but only to a small extent. there is an increasing number of university students struggling with homelessness and hunger all over the bay area. >> hope stands for helping our pioneers excel. >> as amber lee reports, the program helps students, including a food pantry right on campus. >> it's so much more than just a closet with food. >> reporter: cal state east bay opened the hope pantry on campus to provide food for students trying to survive the rigors of getting a college education with little or limited resources. >> the name hope resinates with me. that's what it has given me. >> reporter: it started with a handful of students using it.
9:41 am
now six months later, the pantry is serving at least 100 students. >> the excitement of the students knowing that the university cares has helped the need grow. >> reporter: financially strapped students are able to get a supply of food once a week and access hot meals in the dining hall. there's no criteria. students only have to ask for help. >> there were times when i wouldn't eat for like a day or two and i wouldn't even think about it because i was focusing on where i would stay. >> reporter: he would couch surf and sleep in classrooms after hours. he is now sharing an apartment with roommates. he is not alone in struggling with homelessness. >> i might want to get a master's. >> we met brenda last fall. >> these are my dresser drawers in my bag. >> she was living out of her car. with the help of hope, she now has a roof over her head, a room at the home of a retired university employee. >> it means the world.
9:42 am
it let's me know that people care. >> reporter: she is scheduled to graduate in june. she is looking for a career in helping people who are homeless. >> that's where i feel like my heart is leading me. just with my own experience and journey. >> reporter: in addition to the pantry, students are able to access food through the swipe program at the typing hall. they can get hot meals and fresh produce. >> this is exactly what i was searching for. this is the thing that keeps me here at college and keep me from going home and getting a dead end job just to support a family. >> reporter: by the end of may, the university hopes to have a food kiosk at the school library, with a longer term goal of having a one-stop center to help students address food and housing needs. at cal bay east bay in hayward, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, it's not just music taking over napa valley for the annual bottle rock festival. up next, the top chefs rolling
9:43 am
into crowd including the iron chef who taught snoop dogg how to roll sushi. resources for women looking to land a job in the music industry. up next we're live with the producer of a conference who will give you everything that you need. stay with us. when i feel my best, i am my best.
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that's why i'm taking the activia probiotic two week challenge and adding activia yogurt with billions of its exclusive probiotic to my healthy routine. take the activia probiotic two week challenge with me. it works or it's free.
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>> i didn't know this but it is world penguin day. >> come on, sal. >> it brings attention to their plight. there are 12 million penguins in ant artic in -- warms has
9:46 am
occurred on the peninsula. world penguin day is celebrated on april 25th each year, the date of the creatures northward migration. >> i did not know that. it is also nag national telephone day. cell phones have been around for 40 years. they have evolved maybe a little bit. >> yeah. >> yeah. the world's first develop phone was made back in is the 73. it was convenient but big, bulky, heavy. it cost about 4 grand. motorola dino talk offered half an hour on a full charge. it was inspired by the communicator used by captain kirk in star trek. >> how times have changed. >> this is my eighth or ninth. maybe even more than that. >> cell phone. >> yeah. >> stop dropping it. here are some of the big names showing off their cooking
9:47 am
skills at the festival. that is martha stewart and the wife of steph curry. she has made a name for herself as a chef and author. also in attendance will be iron chef. the cooking events are known for matching cooks with celebrities. in the past the iron chef taught snoop dogg how to roll sushi. joey chestnut will be there as well and our sports director mark ibanez. the girl power women working in the music industry conference is being held. >> yeah. it was establish back in 2013. it gives women education and resourcing opportunities to have successful career in music. >> let's talk about this. we're joined by one of the producers of the concert. thank you for coming in. >> we hear the music industry that we see and hear and then the reality. >> the reality is that it is a male dominated industry of
9:48 am
course. and -- but there are women who are in amazing positions that often people -- the unsung heroes of the music industry. we're happy to be able to bring the women to the conference so that the women can have role models and empower them. >> and also perhaps see that you don't have to be an artist to break in. you can be a produce. >> absolutely. >> or something behind the scenes. what opportunities are available behind the scenes. >> the operations professionals for the shoreline amphitheater. people who run the festivals. producers, women producers. and promotors. >> uh-huh. >> and artists of course. entertainment attorneys. so many positions that women can break into it. >> on may 20th in berkeley. >> yes. >> tell us what people can expect. how do they show up? >> so you buy your ticket on
9:49 am
event bright. we are planning on an amazing day of a conference with four different panels. 20-plus speakers of women in the music industry. what you get if nothing else is the most amazing networking. where you can advance your career. it's all about professional development. >> and i wonder how the industry -- because, you know, women or anyone from a different perspective brings in something different to the industry. >> absolutely. >> you call it a male dominated industry. what do you think that the music industry lacks because we don't have a lot of women in the top positions? >> women have such a special skill in catering to other people and helping people. and we have such a big heart and we're multi taskers. so i think any time that you diversify an industry, it helps everyone in the industry do better. that is important. >> yeah. it is 2017. you would think there would be more women. is there still resistance from men of women trying to come in and take some of the jobs. >> i think it is one of the industries where who you know
9:50 am
gets advanced. right. so we have to put more women in the conversation so that they can then advance their career. and that's what we're trying 20 do. >> tell us about some of the top positions. people think of the artists. that's an easy one. you talked about people behind the scenes. >> operations manager. >> right. >> is there one area that you say you will love this. this is similar to the tech industry. what is the one area that you need to get women in there. >> producers and sound engineers. those are majorly male. there is an organization in san francisco promoting sound engineers. >> do you find that people have the skills or are you trying to get women into the programs that will teach them the skills. >> we want to inspire them that you can do this career. it is about empowering the women. >> wouldn't that be a cool job. >> a lot of people don't realize it because you see a lot of girl bands and women
9:51 am
artists. but the people who help them get to stage is a lot of men. >> exactly. there are so many different careers. women can break in in every different department of the music industry. >> carrie, thank you for being here. we put more information on about this conference. look for it in the web links section under the mornings on 2 tab. and you can find it on our mobile app. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, dale earnhardt junior is putting the brakes on his racing career. his plans for the end of the season.
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>> sfo is repaving the second longest runway. work will be done friday night into early monday morning from now to mid-june. it caused 200 flights to be canceled. so take note. yep. the san francisco unified school district is looking to add another school in the bay view district. officials are looking at a small plot of land at candlestick point. that lot is set aside by the sit other for a community building that could be a school. 12,000 new housing units are planned for the area and that will likely mean more students that will need new classrooms.
9:55 am
a vote on the school in mission bay is set for later today. the wife of mark zuckerberg is in talks with school officials to open a charter or alternative public school in san francisco. it would be modeled after a private school that they opened last year in east palo alto. it would focus on the health and education of parents and at risk children from before birth through 8th grade. and new this morning, a major announcement for nascar fans. dale earnhardt, jr. announced a short time ago that he will retire from competitive racing after this year. the 42-year-old has won 26 times on the nascar cup series circuit during his career. he has been named the sports' most popular driving in each of the last 14 years. he has been plagued by concussions the last several years and missed half of the racing season recovering from the latest head injury. >> i already got tweets about that. people are saying i have to
9:56 am
record this. this is historic. people are already talking about it on twitter. the giants snapped their four-game losing streak by beating the rival the los angeles dodgers 2-1. the giants called up their top hitting prospect from the minors contradiction arroyo. he was hitting .447 in triple- a. he made a sparkling bare handed play at 3rd. but the defensive play of the game came in the 9th with the giants nursing a one-run lead. buster posey with a canon for the arm picked off turner at 2nd. that is unusual to see. bumgarner talked publicly for the first time about thursday's dirt bike accident that put hemione the disabled -- him on the disabled list with an injured shoulder and bruised ribs. >> definitely not the most responsible decision i made. and it sucks not being able to be out here with my guys and try to help us win some games.
9:57 am
>> sergio romo came back with a nice standing ovation. he was dressed in dodger blue as you probably already know. the giants showed highlights of romo. when he took the mound in the 8th giants fans chanted beat l.a. and they screamed beat romo. >> and they did. >> they did. >> all right. that is our show for this morning. thank you so much for joining us. >> and let us play in your sand box. >> i watch you every weekend. so thank you. >> bye. see you later.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now, here's wendy! [ applause ] [ applause ] thank you for watching our show. [ applause ] my co-host, the studio audience. yes! how you doin?


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