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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  April 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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it shows how radical the universities are generally. >> ann coulter forced to cancel her speech at uc bergly tomorrow, but alt right groups plan to rally anyway. >> conservatives on campus say their first amendment rights are being stifled. >> we have to take p up the right to free speech. the university has shown that it is unwilling to do so.
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>> other students are just plain frustrated. >> we're still trying to fight for space where all political views are welcome. >> ann coulter says she won't be speaking at uc berkely tomorrow, but protesters are planning to come out anyway. >> another showdown may be looming in berkely, despite calls for peaceful protests. paul chambers has been talking with protesters on both sides, but we begin with jana katsuyama. >> reporter: julie, and frank, uc berkely really has become ground zero. the university says it's about security, and a nonpartisan student group that was one of the sponsors says that there is plenty of blame to go around. berkely college republicans announced they were canceling
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ann coulter's thirst speech, putting full blame on uc officials. >> the university and pd have made it impossible to safely host ms. consulter on campus. >> reporter: the college republicans questioned why the campus that started the free speech movement couldn't commit. >> make threats against our event and forced us to cancel because out of concern for the safety for everyone involved. >> is the university telling us that it's able to ensure safety and security at football games that have thousands of people at them, including drunk people, and prominent people like this, yet, when it comes to conservative speakers, it's not able to fulfill its sworn peace officer duty? >> reporter: hours later,
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conservative author and pundit ann coulter told sean hannity on fox news that the students gave in too easily. >> they ran away, and gave in, and there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: consulter criticized yeah, the young americans foundation. >> now we have yaf saying, we're going to strike a blow for the next speaker at berkely. no, i want to win now. can republicans ever win now? >> we wanted this event to take place. >> reporter: uc berkely spokesman said they learned about the event's timing on march 29 in the news. a student organizer did not give them advance notice. >> could we move a class here, move a class there, cancel an event? but this is a place of 50,000 people. this is moving into final's period. these venues get booked up months in advance. >> reporter: bridge u.s.a., a
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non-partisan student group says they feel the college republicans have hijacked the event, which they hoped would foster dialogue. >> the way we frame this event, and all the thought and dialogue we put into this organization was sidelined. >> reporter: bridge u.s.a. and the other groups say they're still willing to pay coulte r's $20,000 fee. now to paul chambers at civic center park. paul, a right wing group plans to gather there tomorrow morning. >> reporter: that is correct. the city of berkely and the university are preparing for a day of protests tomorrow as both sides say they plan to come to the park behind me, and fight to defend their rights to free speech. >> you need to just shut them down. don't give them a platform, because free speech doesn't include hate speech in.
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>> reporter: what? that's gavin mcginnis, a right wing commenter who says once he heard ann coulter back out, he thought he would take her place. on his twitter page, he says the ann coulter event is not canceled, we will be speaking. it's happening with or without her. right wing groups from all over the state say theme be here. >> we won't be shut down. because freedom of speech can't be shut down. because if we have backed down, then we've lost. >> we're still coming down to support thew. it's still free speech. it's really not about ann coulter as much as it was about the right wing having a voice. >> reporter: with the group called make orange county great again. hosting a speech at civic center park thursday. the site of two violent protests this year. the first back in march. the most recent, a week and a half ago, where he says he was attacked. >> i'm aware that i'm going to be in danger.
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the people who are going to show up tomorrow are going to be in danger. >> reporter: the city of berkely and the university are both on notice. >> we're still planning forward with the potentiality of a riot. >> reporter: university police say there will be a high presence of officers on campus from sun up, into the night on thursday. >> we look specifically for people who are committing criminal acts and we pursue them and we arrest them. >> reporter: people on the opposing side saying they too plan to show up. >> i think this was a great movement to have kept ann coulter out of fear. we have a sanctuary campus, that's what we are, and we aim to keep it that way. >> reporter: both sides say they hope it doesn't come down to a violent protest and confrontation, but with two prior ones happening, they know it can happen again. they say both sides will be defending themselves by any means necessary. >> paul chambers in berkely
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tonight. paul, thank you. a reminder that ktvu will have continuing coverage tomorrow of all of the protests or rallies that happen in berkely. new at 10:00, tonight, an investigation is underway after a construction accident sent two workers to the hospital. the accident happened at an office building under construction at bay front expressway. azenith smith is there with what she learned. >> reporter: it happened here at building 21. it's under construction. two men fell roughly 40 feet while working on a horizontal cross beam. exactly what caused their fall is unclear. a call of a structure collapse with people trapped at the north end of facebook's new building under construction. when firefighters arrived, they didn't find people trapped, but they found two construction workers had fallen 40 feet from the building's steel frame. the men were rushed to stanford
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hospital with significant injuries, including broken bones. >> there was rebar all over the place. if you want to say lucky to be surviving it, yes. >> reporter: a preliminary investigation reveals the men were working on a beam when something shook or shifted the building, causing it to become unstable and causing the men to fall. it's unclear if a piece of steel fell off the crane and hit the building. >> i'm not sure if it was a beam failing or something was dropped, but there was something that occurred with the metal framing they were working with. what we saw was a little bit distorted. >> reporter: the battalion chief says some of the beam looks twisted. the men were said to be wearing full safety gear at the time, and roughly 100 workers were at the site. the area has been cordoned off as authorities investigate exactly what went wrong. i reached out to the social media giant for comments i did
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not hear back. the fire direct tells me osha will be investigating this case tomorrow. >> julie. >> azenith smith in menlo park tonight. 17-year-old floyd barell was preparing to start boot camp this summer. last december, he joined the brentwood marine corps delayed entry program as a recruit specializing in field artillery support. yesterday, he was just beginning to workout with his fellow recruits at veterans park in brentwood when he suddenly collapsed. >> one of the recrews ran to a nearby water park, where one of our own city employees jumped into action, and actually started performing cpr on floyd. >> this morning class, my teacher told us that he was, he had an asthma attack, i think it was during training. >> he was set to graduate in june and start training in san
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diego in august. grief counselors have been called to the high school to help students deal with the sudden loss. no word yet on what caused his death. the coroner will now be conducting an autopsy. all right, a live look outside tonight as the clouds and rain showers start to clear, following our latest round of wet weather. >> chief meteorologist, bill martin looking at how much rain we have added up here. >> we're pretty much ends up here with the showers that we had today. there's more showers probably coming down the way in a week or so. right now, we're getting a break after a significant wet period here. as we look at the scattered imagery, you can still see scattered showers to the north of us. you can see them right in this region. check the scattered showers, mainly to the north of us now, what that means is, we should see a dry morning commute, unlike this morning's commute, which was definitely kind of moist and wet. a different set up for
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tomorrow. more sunshine coming our way. rachel accumulations .08 of an inch. or .01 of an inch. just trace amounts through the bay area. now a chance to dry or warm up. clearing skies. look at the highs, instead of the mid-and low 60s, tomorrow we looking at 70s yellow, and upper 60s. so back into the 70s tomorrow, with a continuing warming trend as we head towards the bay area weekend, with numbers as high as the mid-80s. so yes, to answer your questions. the showers are done for now. and temperatures are on their way back up. tomorrow, temperatures significantly warmer. 5 to 10 degrees warmer than they were today. a disturing discovery along a bay area trail. coming up, dead dogs stuffed inside trash bags and one woman's mission to try to figure out who put them there. >> a white house proposal on
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tax reform. the changes being billed as major tax cuts for individuals and corporations. >> up first, trump's first 100 days. have assembled. spider-man... black widow... captain america... and eddie? so, what's the plan? breaking out the guardians, pal. come celebrate the all-new guardians of the galaxy-mission: breakout! during the summer of heroes, only at disneyland resort. hero up!
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the trump administration is nearing its 100 day mark with a flurry of activity. fox news reporter, elson barber tells us the white house says
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the proposed changes would effect nearly every american. >> the trump administration unveiling a proposal to cut taxes. when it comes to individuals, the trump plan aims at bringing down rates, eliminating some deductions, and simplifying the personal tax code. >> taking the current 7 tax brackets we have today, and reducing them to only 3 brackets. a 10% bracket, a 25% bracket, and a 35% bracket. >> reporter: the white house wants the top personal tax rate cut down to 35%. the president also wants to double current standard deductions, and keep deductions for mortgage interest payments and charitable giving. >> so that a married couple won't pay any taxes on the first $24,000 of income they earn. >> reporter: meantime, the plan calls for a 15% corporate tax rate. down from the current 35%. a cut rate that the
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administration says would also be available to small businesses. >> we would have a one time tax on overseas profits which will bring back trillions of dollars that are offshore to be invested here in the united states. >> reporter: so far, republicans and wall street appear pleased. republican leaders say the plan's principals will serve as a guide when congress negotiates tax reform, but democrats argue the plan does not pay for it itself. something the white house disputes. >> this will pay for itself with growth and with reduced reduction of, of different deductions and closing loopholes. >> reporter: so far there is not an official cost estimate for the plan. in washington, ellison barber, fox news. president trump has signed an executive order today he signed it aimed at dramatically changing the american classroom. the president was surrounded by a number of teachers during the signing ceremony at the white house. the president says he wants to decrease the role of the
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federal government while giving local school districts more power over decision making. the order directs education secretary betsy devos to study whether the federal government has overstepped its legal authority in running america's schools. joining us now to talk about president trump's first 100 days are political analyst brian soble, and james taylor. let's start with both of you here. >> i think if you are in support of donald trump, he's doing great. 98% of those who voted for him, say they would vote for him again. they think he's the best thing since fdr, maybe abraham lincoln. if you're on the opposite side, you see complete incompetence and failure. >> my own view is that we're seeing a presidency in fits and starts. i think he's had his successes. i think he's had his marked failures. i think it's an administration learning how to administer the
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country. so the first 100 days, probably maybe give him a c or something like that. but he's learning how to be president now, frank, and this is the education of a president. >> the president has shown a willingness to use the military in syria, and in afghanistan, but what about north korea. the president has focused a lot on the threat there, to brief him on the situation there. your thoughts as to how the situation in north korea is unfolding. >> pretty much as i think expected in the sense that a lot of bluster that's been going on from north korea for a lot of years, and i think our military experts and other people think this is a protracted situation that's not going be solved easily, and probably have to utilize the chinese as a main component. >> i think that the chinese are the key player to sort of managing the koreans and reining them in. we saw throughout the obama
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administration, every 4th of july, every key holiday, some testing of these missiles to provoke america. so donald trump is on the scene saying we're not going to allow this, and they're revising this policy, and as much as liberals may shun this, it may be necessary to confront this regime directly, because it is not going away, and it even stated today, that it intends to test nuclear weapons personally. let's talk about the tax proposal. what about individuals especially in highly taxed states like california? >> we'll see how it plays out. what we have seen now in the first 100 days is that these plans are rolled out, they're sent up the flag pole. everybody deals with it, and then there's a lot of negotiation. i think if we've learned anything about this president so far, it's that he throws a lot of stuff out there, and it's more of -- >> kind of sees what comes back. >> exactly.
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it's more of a situation where he feels like you know, if i put it out there, and i'm very aggressive, i'll get what i want. that's sort of a businessperson's view on how you negotiate a deal. >> i think he's acting more like a ceo and not the commander in chief of the armed forces in terms of his governing style. i think he needs to step back, learn from bill clinton. he basically ran at the top of the pyramid against both parties. i think that's what he has to do, running against both parties. his own party and the democrats. the real tension from donald trump is coming from the freedom caucus. that's where the own thorn in the flesh is going to be. >> we don't have much time. i want to touch on that, the freedom caucus. the republicans are making another push to readvise the
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health care bill. >> i think we need to get off of this arbitrary 100 day measure that we have for the last 80 years. >> yes. >> gentlemen, thank you both for joining us, appreciate it. coming up here, pg and e's  plan to cut down hundreds of trees in one east bay town and why some feel they've been blindsided. >> also the giants rookie gets his first big league home run against the dodgers. >> and word of another muni worker accused of stealing fares. the arrests just tonight for embezzlement.
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bart police say they have identified a number of suspects in saturday's takeover style robbery at the coliseum
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station. officials say 50 to 55 teenagers hopped the fair gates and swarmed a b.a.r.t. car stopped object the platform. seven passengers were robbed of their cell phones and other property in just a matter of seconds. >> we have positively identified some of the suspects involved, and that's because we had working cameras onboard the train, and that provided very clear images of the suspects faces. so we've already started to identify, and we'll be working with the district attorney's office moving forward, and also working with the witnesses to make sure they can identify them as well. >> b.a.r.t. says it has increased security around the area where the robberies happened. a second arrest in connection of cable car employees stealing fares. another cable car operator was arrested last week.
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he was also charged with stealing fares. earlier this week, muni said it may no longer accept cash fares because of these thefts. in the south bay, -- the attack lasted for several minutes stretching from the sidewalk to a fast food parking lot. police say the woman will be okay. but that it could have been a whole lot worse. >> it does happen. it was just captured on tape. you guys have a video of it. it does happen, not a lot, but it does happen. >> we're lucky that this is not a homicide. >> police say they don't know yet if this was a planned attack orb if the victim was chosen at random. the video is posted at now to san francisco where prosecutors have dropped most of the charges against a man who was shot by a police officer. the public defender's office says a a judge dismissed eight of the ten charges against sean moore. on january 6, police were
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called by a neighbor who told them moore was banging on a wall, and violating a restraining order. there was a struggle, and moore was shot twice. two officers were also injured. officials say moore suffers from mental illness. the department says the officers reacted aappropriately, according to their training. still to come here, displaced tenants fighting back after a deadly fire in oakland. the lawsuit filed today against the owner of the building. why the tenants say he should be held responsible. >> residents in one east bay city is fighting pg and e, to keep it from cutting down 272 trees. many along this popular rec trail. >> and coming up here on the 11:00 news, a perk that many silicon valley companies can't match. the bay area sheriff hoping to offer 24 hour childcare.
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new at 10:00, a plan by pg and e to cut down more than 200 trees in lafayette is angering some customers there. pg and e says it needs to remove 272 trees near the lafayette trail. the goal is to get better
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access to an underground gas transmission line. >> reporter: frank, the city manager tells me most of the trees to be cut down are at the lafayette moraga trail. some are at the reservoir, and others are on private property. all of this is not sitting well with people who live nearby. >> oaks, pines, and some redwood trees line the popular lafayette moraga trail. >> probably 100, 150 years old. it's been here a long time. >> reporter: homeowner michael dawson says this is among the 172 pg and e wants to cut down. city officials reached a deal as part of the project to improve first responder as access to underground gas
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transmission lines in the event of emergencies. >> their list was 1,000 trees, and we were age to work to lower that to just 272, although that still remains a big number. >> reporter: a big number that is not acceptable to dawson. >> i wish they would have involved the public with that process. because when that deal was announced at the city council meeting, it was signed, and now they call it a done deal. >> reporter: dawson says he started this petition saturday, and has received more than 500 supporters so far. people who frequent the trail questioned the necessity of cutting down trees. >> i doubt that it's 100% necessary, for sure. >> reporter: pg and e says public safety is paramount. >> the analogy i like to use, is it's the same principal behind why you can't park your car in front of a fire hydrant. the same principal as to why you can't have trees, shrubs or other objects over a transmission line. it prevents emergency responders from having the quick access they need to keep
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the public safe. >> saying down the road, i'm going to get a cavity, so i'm going to take out all of my teeth. >> pg and e needs to come up with a solution that's going to work for both sides. >> reporter: city leaders tell me, they've reached out to pg and e to ask them to meet with the community to address concerns, but no date has been set yet. as for the trees on private property, pg and e says it is working on an agreement with those homeowners. >> amber lee, in lafayette tonight. thank you. police in hayward are asking for the public's help to find two missing 11-year-old girls who they say may be runaways. investigators say makayla hays left park elementary school about 1:30 today. she is described as 4'8", weighing about 130 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. she was last seen wearing a multicolored beanie, around dark jeans. police say she is with samiyah
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white. white is 5'4", weighing about 120 pounds. she was last seen wearing multicolored pants and a purple sweatshirt. police say the girls are considered to be at risk because of their age. they also say they've run away together in the past, and if you see them, you're asked to call police immediately. survivers at a deadly apartment fire filed a lawsuit today against the social service agencies that ran a halfway house on the property. candace win has the details on the lawsuit, and what the tenants are demanding. >> reporter: cell phone video shows the run down conditions inside 2551 san pablo avenue before the deadly march fire. >> the broken pipes expecting the water leaks that was coming through the ceiling. there were so many rats where i took over at. >> reporter: harlan smith is one of the 100 tenants displaced when flames took over the building. he joined his fellow neighbors
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as they announced 15 tenants of the property filed a complaint wednesday, against the landlord. and the mastered tenants identified as eurohas community center. court documents also show the tenants are seeking nearly $2 million in damages. >> that is to punish and deture this conduct so that it will never happen again, so that these defendants won't allow a property to become this sub standard. >> we would have died. the fire was already on the hallway. >> reporter: she describes the decrepit state of the building. >> if my auntie wouldn'thave kicked my door open. >> reporter: a decade of code compliance issues which include eight fire code violations, issued three day it's before
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the fire. a spokesperson for the landlord says kim eurohas community. >> we didn't hear no alarms. there was no sprinklers. nothing. it was just pitch black. it was like a barbeque grill. >> reporter: 2 investigates also learned other facilities run by eurohas have a history of problems. in a phone interview, an attorney says -- >> reporter: in a statement for 2 investigates, said it was kim's understanding that eurohas would maintain the building. he added mead llc had operated the building for 20 years. despite this and the weeks since the fire, mr. kim has been unfairly criticized in the media for the actions of the
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current master tenants. as a landlord and master tenants continue to dispute, these tenants say both are responsible and the city of oakland needs to pay attention. >> they need to really come out and do they inspection look and see what's going on at these buildings. because it's not what they say is going on. >> reporter: we asked why the city of oakland was not named a defendant in this case. the tenant's attorney says he believes believes it was more of the landlord that was responsible for maintaining the building. although he hopes the city takes a tougher stance on bad landlords. ktvu, fox 2 news. two dozen new national monuments that might lose their designation. why president trump called them federal land grabs worth reconsidering. >> sprinkles and showers today. maybe a late sprinkle tonight. but then it's done. 80s in the forecast. >> and look at this. a landslide closes part of
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highway 1. you're going to see it happen right in front of drivers.
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run, run, oh, my god! >> in mendocino county a woman got a front row seat to a landslide on highway 101. she was in her car last night, when the slide happened near the town of legit. one lane of the two way highway had just reopened on monday, after another slide earlier this month. president trump signed an executive order today calling into question the future of 24 national monuments. the order calls for a review of all monuments larger than 100,000 acres, established over the past two decades. the president said it's time to end what he calls a land grab. one of the mountains covers 330,000 acres. also on the list in california, are giant sequoia monument in the southern sierra, and the san gabriel mountains in los
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angeles county. carizzo plane, and the santa snow national monument in san bernandino county will also face review. the white house offered an unusual briefing today on efforts to deal with the north korea threat from north korea. all 100 u.s. senators boarded buses for a classified briefing at the white house. a second briefing was held on capitol hill for members of the house. in a statement afterward, trump administration officials made no mention of military options. they say that the intent is to quote, pressure north korea into dismantling its missile programs through economic sanctions and diplomatic measures. >> the only way to put enough pressure on north korea is to get china to do it. the only way to get china to do it is to put pressure on china. >> china is urging restraint on both sides. tensions have been escalating with the growing belief that north korea is preparing for a nuclear test. the u.s. and south korea are conducting joint military
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drills, and south korea has begun installing a controversial missile defense system. wall street took a bit of a breather. the dow fell 21 points, the nasdaq closed above 6,000. and the s & p 500 lost a point. the safety feature would slow or stop the car on its own if it felt that a crash was coming. tesla says it began putting the emergency braking feature into cars this week. just days ago, you will remember, that tesla announced a recall for some model s, and model x cars, because they may have had an improperly installed parking brake part. nearly a dozen dogs found dead and in garbage bags. >> i was horrified. i really was.
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i was horrified. evidently there were several dogs here. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin tracking a warm up in our weather. he'll set his sights on the weekend ahead.
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new at 10:00, a horrifying discovery near a park in vallejo. a dozen dead dogs, all stuffed into garbage bags and it appears they had been family pets. the woman who found them wants to find out now how they got there. >> i didn't know what it was at first. they sent it, they tried to pull my down here. >> reporter: careen peters often walks her dogs on this path along columbus parkway, so she noticed when they try today lunge into the shrubbery. getting closer, she got a whiff, and found dead dogs. most stuffed inside several trash bags. >> there was probably 10 to 12 different animals of all different colors, all different breeds. >> reporter: their bodies deteriorating. peters could make out breeds, a few big dogs like labs and retrievers, but nothing identifying like collars or
10:46 pm
tags. >> these animals lost their lives to something sick and depraved. i don't know what happened. >> reporter: that was mid- february. peters reported it, and kept on stopping by, hoping to find authorities investigating. but between the wet weather and coyotes that came in and tore up, and care idea off the carcasses, by the time police and animal control came out here, there wasn't much left to examine. >> of course, i wanted a full blown homicide investigation, but they don't warrant an investigation. there's nothing they say to test or to look at. in my mind, you know, there is. >> reporter: namely, two poles found near the dogs, possibly used to kill them. one pole has a box cutter blade attached to it. the other appears to be a tree trimming tool. a local rescue group called cares is now involved rushing to see peters' discovery after
10:47 pm
she posted on social media. >> oh, my god, that's disgusting. >> look at what they did. it's a torture tool. >> reporter: like peters, members believe the dogs were pets, probably stolen. >> of course, the most obvious is why, and how could anybody do this? they were helpless, yorkies, little dogs. >> reporter: now alongside what's left, bits of fur, and tail lay rawhide chews and toys in tribute to the stuffed dogs. peters' know longer feels alone. >> i don't think i'll ever be the same. obviously, i won't be the same. it's very painful. i cannot believe that someone would do this. and it's scary. >> reporter: in vallejo, debora villalon, ktvu, fox 2 news. steph curry has come up with a new game plan for his former home in walnut creek.
10:48 pm
the warriors superstar and his wife are dropping the price. it's now on the market for $3.6 million. $100,000 less than the original asking price. the 7500 square foot home south of downtown walnut creek features 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a lavish kitchen and sweeping views. the couple recently moved into a new 10,000 square foot home in alamo. kind of a chilly day out there. the sun came through though, and at times, places like antioch up to 70 degrees. most of us around the bay, mid- 60s. 67 in hayward. 64 in san mateo. just 60 in san francisco. highs tomorrow will be a bit warmer. more sunshine. already seeing more clear skies out there now, and one of the things you can pick out here is the jet stream. you see this little trough here. you're also seeing here, you're seeing this ridging. it's right in there. that's the high pressure
10:49 pm
starting to pump up. with that happening, we're setting up with a warmer pattern as we go into tomorrow, and the subsequent days into the bay area weekend, with highs potentially into the mid- 80s. 83, 84 degrees in some of the inland spots, especially san jose and evergreen, and morgan hill. current temperatures are in the 50s. a nice night out there, a patchy stratus, and clouds and everything left over from today's festivities. and some clouds linger. oakland ends up with high of 67 degrees. places like rockridge -- not a bad day tomorrow, and this pattern continues. thursday, tomorrow, friday, the next day. saturday it's a warming trend. it really is going to be a nice one. look at saturday's numbers bump
10:50 pm
up nicely. maybe 85 with a bit of a northeast wind. that's a bit of an offshore flow. that's why santa rosa be will warmer than san jose, and concord as well. that's the plan anyway. a warm up. here's the high pressure ridge, it stays with us, long enough though, and strong enough to create winds, as that low pressure that brought today's activity moves on. you get a pressure difference, and that's why there will be some breezy conditions tomorrow, and then that warm up, starting tomorrow into friday and saturday. 73 in napa. so the wind, it's not a wind advisory thing. it's just more about blowing the sand gown the great highway. pretty typical spring time stuff. maybe more than that. maybe 25, maybe 30. but breezy. certainly thursday. a little breezy on friday, and there's the bay area weekend forecast. so dry, first five day dry that we've had a a while. we didn't have a five day where we didn't have some rain to look at. but we have one here. just a nice looking weekend. one of the warmest weekends we've seen in a while. >> we haven't seen temperatures like that for a long time.
10:51 pm
>> thanks bill. coming up, on the 11:00 news, ann coulter is canceled. but berkely is still bracing for protests. the groups on the far left and the far right vowing to rally tomorrow. >> up next in sports, the giants world series hero from the past makes an encore appearance tonight at at&t park. mark will show us how he rallied the team coming up in sports.
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with were talking through the break, you're going to like the giants highlights. what are they? no, going to have to wait. >> have to wait. fun have returned to at&t though. got to say fun and energy, couple of new guys brought it with them from sacramento. get the new guy and the old guy too as the giants and dodgers go at it, san francisco had fallen behind, 3-0. an old friend sergio romo will serve it up for the rookie, christian, ticket to ride his first major league homerun, that's his family there celebrating the stands. the kids pumped up and the giants trail only 3-2. in the 8th inning, michael morris, his first at-bat back with the team and there it goes. a solo homerun in the 8th inning, just activated today. talk about energy, think he's a
10:55 pm
little pumped up in the dugout. that was something they sorely needed as they had just been out of it for so long in the 10th, the giants load the bases and morris's good friend hunter pence delivers. the long flight to left, deep enough to score. the game deciding run. first walkoff of the year for the giants, nice to see a happy group coming out of that dugout. and the giants do win it over the dodgers for three. and hard to believe because i tell you what, the giants didn't even have their first hit until the 6th inning, their offense was like watching paint dry. but a chance to relive christian arroyo's moment forever. john miller. >> the count for the rookie, arroyo. [ cheers and applause ] left center field.
10:56 pm
still going! the first homerun! for christian aroeu why! >> oh, he'll never forget it, john miller does it up and yeah, it's great seeing his family, dream come true. good stuff for the giants and sorely needed as they had been a long time coming in the highlight department. not so great for the oakland a's, reverting to the bad habits. poor defense, bullpen blowup and covering with the crew, the angels down 4-2 though. alonzo, quietly coming through with a nice view so far, he hangs one off the solo shot, they're in 4-3. that's his fourth homer already. but the angels break one up in the four run, seven, bullpen blow up. cameron maven had himself a night, three for four, three rbis, two cashed in there. they beat the a's to the tune of 8-5. if ever there was a fwie who was
10:57 pm
-- guy who was born to be an oakland raider, marshawn lynch, he played at oakland tech and now a raider as he teams up with the team officially today. horton jr. there, not sure what the deal was with the baseball bat, but i'm sure everything is cool. and the deal officially made the raiders also get a sixth round pick in exchange they will send to seattle a fifth rounder for 2018, 31 years old, how much he's got left in the tank as a raider running back next year. meanwhile, kind of warrior withdrawals right now, they won't play until at least sunday. probably against utah, the shame of it all, steve kerr should be on top of the world with a great job he's done coaching, the warriors working out today, in preparation for either utah or the clippers, and mike brown has taken over for kerr. looks like maybe for awhile now. and of course he's very
10:58 pm
experienced and certainly has enough of everything for this job. he's got a great rapport too with kerr, fortunately they're in constant communication with each other. >> you know, really, before i do anything, i'm going to consult with him. the only time i won't consult with him is probably during the game, you know? at least, you know, i don't want the nba to know that i got a chip here that i can communicate with them then, in game situation. we'll keep that amongst y'all. [ laughter ] >> let's get back, see who winds up getting fed to the cavaliers, that's the way it's going to go down in the eastern conference. but the boston celtics with the luck of the irish hope they make a change that, the bowls, 2-2 series. and some talent from isaiah thomas, circus shot, he's fouled, it counts, he wound up with 20 points, boston ends up winning it, harford watch him in the baseline, 21 and up 11 with two minutes left.
10:59 pm
boston first home team to win in this series, they lead 3-2, cooking back east, wizards and hawks, schroeder with the amazing hair do. stepped back three. made a 10 left at atlanta within two. but john wall, he always wants the ball in these situations, game at stake and he will hit the jumper at 20 points, 15 assist, wizards in that series up three games to two. and the best play of the day ands was in women's softball. from petaluma high, that is chandler mannis with a great, great catch. and it wound up saving the game as well as petaluma high, my alma mater wins 1-0 over sonoma valley. that is the sporting life for right now, we've got more news with julie and frank. next at 11:00. >> ann coulter won't be coming to uc berkeley, but activists from the far right and far left are fighting for another round
11:00 pm
of demonstrations. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. conservative author ann coulter has pulled out of her speech at uc berkeley, but police are still getting ready for possible trouble on the campus. hello, i'm julie hainer. >> and outsidesomerville, coulter cancelled her spem shall -- outside summerville coulter cancelled her speech after the university said it can't provide security for her visit. >> if we can't get her here without guaranteeing the safety of the attendees, then that is a move that we cannot take. in effect, our free speech has been stifled because the university has not, not decided to assist us in making this. >> dan says the university was caught off guard by this speech. he says they only learned about it a month ago. he says students who organized the event did not give uc berkeley the recommended two


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