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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 26, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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snowboarders. squaw valley and mount rose will stay open through memorial day. ski season is closed at heavenly mountain but you can still enjoy tubing through monday. >> a 300 mile bike ride to honor police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. and more on the bottlerock festival in napa. ♪[music] >> the holiday weekend oh so close. for some, maybe it is already here as we give you a live picture from napa valley. our own alex savidge getting a little preview of some of the butter chardonnay out there and on and on where today wine and rock 'n' roll and all of the food come together for bottlerock this weekend. the music begins in a few hours right there on the stage.
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with that welcoming site, welcome to the 9. it is always good to be in the news room. we have to watch out for the people getting heckled. we don't want to get heckled by our coworkers. >> our boss is about five or ten feet behind that camera. we will be on our best behavior. >> we always are. >> i don't know about that, pam. >> he isn't. >> by the way, in case you're planning on hitting the road, guys, it is not an original guy. i'm going to hit the road today about noon. are you thinking about it. >> yeah. anyone else out on the road. >> they were yesterday and many in the bay area will hit the road for the long holiday weekend. aaa says 39 million people will travel this weekend. about a million more compared to last year. more people on the road may mean more traffic accidents. we talked to one father and son early this morning who were on their way to a fishing trip. they see a lot of unsafe driving and they also say it is frustrating. g.
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>> you see people swerving in and out of lanes and dodging in between and trying to get to work as fast as they can. >> a recent survey found that memorial day weekend is the deadliest time on the roads followed by labor day weekend and the fourth of july weekend. here in the bay area, the chp will be cracking down on drivers breaking laws. on the 9 we will talk with one officer about this maximum enforcement period. and i want to show you some of the routes that i'm expecting to be heavy today. interstate 880 not a big stretch to imagine it will start getting crowded at about noon, especially as you start getting higher up along the map, if you will. vacaville, fairfield, trying to get up to sacramento. a lot of people obviously going to tahoe this holiday weekend. we're also looking at 101 san francisco. if you're trying to get out of the city, northbound 101 usually starts jamming up as anyone who is left starts getting out to the lower deck of the bay bridge. and as we mentioned, this is a
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special weekend for the golden gate bridge. it is the 80th anniversary of the golden gate bridge opening. whenever people come to the bay area, of course they want to come here and vista point always gets crowed. keep that in mind if you're thinking of going anywhere near the golden gate bridge. >> our question of the day is are you traveling this memorial day weekend? and how exactly are you getting there? it could be by car or plane. the results so far, 23% will be traveling by car. 5% say they will be going by plane. 1% say other transportation. and 71%, that is a high number, say no way, we're not hitting the road at all. we will be staying home. a lot of chatter about what you're doing this weekend. doug is driving his daughter and friends to santa cruz tomorrow morning. teenagers. a great dad, doug. >> he will have a lot of company on the road. i've done that before. staycation in hayward since 2009. >> another viewer says we will
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travel to five san francisco restaurants and attractions via nonpacked muni since everyone has left the city for the long weekend. >> no. >> we will check more of your responses coming up at 9:30. you can always reach us on twitter. use #ktvuthe9. the city of oakland trying to clean up homeless camps around the city. bulldozers were used to clear garbage and debris near north gate. a new survey found that homelessness is up 40% in alameda county over the past two years. there are 5600 homeless people in the county. half of those live on the streets in oakland. >> a lot of the narrative is mental health and drug addiction. a lot of people have those things but that's not why they became homeless. they became homeless because they couldn't afford rents in the city. >> it includes building for affordable housing and an
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outdoor navigation center where homeless people can camp and park their cars with access to some of the city services. yesterday here on the 9, candice nguyen brought us her story about deadly incidents involving buses. now the wife has come to us with questions of her own. here is part of that story. >> reporter: it's been two months since benny's death and his wife mary is still waiting for answers. >> i've been kept in the dark. i don't know anything. i need to know why and what happened. >> reporter: on march 23rd, benny's body was found on north first street and hawthorne way, believed to be run over by the vta bus that he was just on, operated by the same agency from which he just retired a few months prior after nearly 40 years on the job. >> they find the blahed on -- the blood on the back immediately. >> reporter: instead of a call from the agency, mary says that night she got on a knock on her
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door. >> i'm from the coroner's office and he told me that they think it is my husband. >> reporter: days, weeks later, she says still nothing from vta. mary's attorney says they learned the bus' multiple cameras were not working. she also learned of this leaked internal memo first reported by the mercury news, alerting the staff about benny's death and offering grief counselors. >> kind of funny. they never offered any condolences or any kind of, you know, grief counseling. never said anything to me. >> reporter: on wednesday, 2 investigates told you about other vta accidents, including an elderly couple run over in cupertino while deboarding a vta bus. vta confirmed since 2013, there have been 66 incidents involving the buss and pedestrians. there have been three deaths.
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we tried to get answers for that story. >> we had questions about driver training and retraining after accidents. >> call operations. >> is there an issue with buses not pulling close enough to the curb and elderly passengers falling? >> no. >> why isn't the public made aware of these accidents when they happen? >> what are we supposed to do when an accident happens? take out an ad in the newspaper. >> are these accidents something that the public should know about. >> yes. why not? why do they keep it down? why do they not want to tell people. >> they don't even tell me. >> mary who now only has memories of her husband to clutch on to says if vta was family to benny, what was benny to vta. >> only one way for a person who worked for 38 years. >> reporter: the driver in benny's case is on administrative leave. we asked the agency about updates on the case, the bus'
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cameras and why they have not reached out to mary yet. vta says they do not comment on pending or potential litigation. candice nguyen, ktvu fox 2 news. police in san jose released new surveillance video in hopes of tracking down two suspects in the stabbing of a football player. the victim chad miller was with friends near post and first street when the fight broke out on sunday. the suspects were armed with a knife and one stabbed miller. he was taken to the hospital and expected to survive. investigators released a few still images of the two men. police say one of the suspects is an asian or latino male in his 20s. 5'6" with a mustache and ponytail. the second suspect is latino in his 20s with hair shaved on the sides and tattoos on both arms. in manchester, england, police say they have a large part of the terror network of the suicide bomber who attacked the ariana grande concert monday night. eight people are now in custody
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ranging in age from 18 to 38. greg reports from manchester on the hunt for all of those involved in the terror attack. >> reporter: british police raiding several more homes and businesses on friday in connection with the deadly suicide bombing. in london, cobra is holding a movie. the threat level will remain at critical. meaning another attack is expected. >> it is right that we are at this heightened state of alert. it is operationally driven and intelligence driven. >> reporter: the cobra meeting follows a decision to resume communications with u.s. officials. it was cut off after leaks to the media. secretary of state rex tillerson in london today says the u.s. takes full responsibility for the leaks and they will stop.
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>> the president has been very strong in his condemnation and has called for an immediate investigation and prosecution of those who are found to have been responsible. >> reporter: in manchester, preparations are underway for the great city games. the city's first major event since the concert bombing. security remains tight but life is returning to normal here as the mourning process continues. >> it is very, very somber here. understandably. extremely moving. >> we should all be together and praying that such a terrible thing never happen again. >> reporter: as the investigation continues, they are looking for links between the bomber and militants in the u.k., europe, north africa and the middle east. fox news from manchester. more tributes are being held across england to honor the 22 killed in the bombing. hundreds took part yesterday in a motorcycle rally for 15-year- old olivia campbell. they rode motor bikes and
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scooters into manchester. olivia's mother and father belong to a motorcycle club and joined the ride. go sing with the angels and keep smiling. mommy loves you so much. president trump is meeting with the leaders at the g7 summit. it is part of the opening ceremonies. a group of 7 is made up of leaders from the u.s., canada, france, germany, italy and japan and the united kingdom. they were also joined by representatives from the european union. topics discussed during the two day summit including the fight against isis, the syrian civil war and the global economy. the annual meeting used to be called the g8 but russia was suspended from the group in 2014 after invaded. russia announced it want to permanently leave the group. the "washington post" is reporting that the fbi is looking into meetings between the russians and president
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trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. the photograph says investigators want to know about what was discussed in the talks in december. kushner met with the russian ambassador to the u.s. and a russian banker. the investigation does not mean that kushner is suspected of a crime. a montana republican has been elected to congress despite a media storm over allegations of him beating up a reporter. greg gianforte won the special election by receiving 50% of the vote. during his victory speech, he apologized for what happened a day earlier. he is accused of body slamming a reporter from the guardian news site who asked him about the house republican health care bill. >> and i'm not proud of what happened. i should not have responded in the way that i did. and for that, i'm sorry. >> i should not have treated that reporter that way. and for that, i'm sorry, mr. ben jacobs. >> i'm sick and tired of you
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guys. the last time you came in here you did the same thing. >> many of the voted were mailed in ballots so sent before the incident on wednesday. he is charged with misdemeanor assault which carries a maximum penalty of a $500 fine and a six-month jail term. he wins the seat left by ryan zinke who is interior secretary. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, an attempted burglary leads to a shooting in gilroy. more on the police activity that took over a neighborhood. a new water park is preparing to open in the east bay. up next, allie rasmus gives us a look inside. >> not a water park fan. >> oh, you're not. >> i like it. >> i would do that big slide. >> the scream. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx
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with floral fusion oil is more than one thing. it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress. >> welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. we are keeping an eye
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on the stock market for you this morning. although it is expected to and turning out to be a pretty quiet day for trading because it is ahead of the three-day weekend. there is the dow jones. the nasdaq and s&p are down as well. that follows a big week where stocks were up quite a bit. it is 31,000 square feet. we're not talking a building here. commercial retail space. we're talking pools and water attractions. the wave aquatic park opens for this memorial day weekend. >> allie rasmus is live at the park showing us what it has to offer. >> she is also talking to us about the city leaders, what they say about the park. they say it was needed despite the fact that people were concerned of course about the water since we have been in a drought. >> reporter: yes. and even with the drought officially over, it wasn't that long ago. in fact february 2015 when this project was approved, we were in the middle of the drought. so some residents in dublin had
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raised concerns about having a water park like this and building something like with all of the concerns about water conservation going on at the time. but the park has been built and ready to open starting tomorrow. i have with me jim who is the director of parks and services for the city of dublin. i know the city of dublin uses a lot of recycled water, purple pipes. this park specifically, what happens if two years from now we're in another bad drought. will the park have to shut down if there is calls for water conservation against. >> the facility runs like a regular pool. we -- this is all recycled water. it is pumped through a system. it is chlorinated and balanced. it stays -- it stays clean through the system. and it is continually reused. once we put water in, with the exception of evaporation and we have pool covers and various things to slow that down. it stays fairly well full. and we don't have to keep adding continuously.
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>> it is recycled sanitized potable water. 480,000 gallons. >> yes. >> you have two pools and a splash park. you have a water slide. let me show you video of an indoor pool that has a roof on it to prevent some of the evaporation. >> yeah. that's so we can get year round use out of that. it is our training pool with six lanes. and really nice add to the facility as well. >> and the school swim teams have a pool to have swim meets and practices in. one thing i want to point out, the biggest eye catching attraction is the 48-foot tall tower with the six water slides. six water slide for a city aquatic park seems over the top. why did you decide to have something like that here. >> it would seem that way but aquatic parks as they have run down and are hard to maintain and fund, they don't make a ton of money. the object is to bring in families to the facility. maybe a potential regional attraction so we can keep the
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financially viability of the complex moving. >> we have video of one of the city employees testing out the slide called the screamer. how does that work? >> well, the screamer is interesting. because i've actually been in it myself. >> you have gone down it. >> i have gone down it. it took me a little while to get into it. i'm slightly claustrophobic. >> do you realize what is happening. >> not until it is too late. >> the director of parks and community services for the city of dublin. the aquatic park opens tomorrow at 11:00. it is called the wave in dublin. it will be opened throughout the memorial day weekend. once school let's out next friday, i believe, right, then it will be open every day throughout the summer. back to you guys. >> allie rasmus live in dublin. thank you, allie. the golden gate bridge is marking its 80th birthday this
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weekend. it opened in 1937. it took four years to build and cost about $27 million. the 4200-foot long suspects span was the longest in the world until 1964. it is now the ninth longest in the world. thousands of san francisco state university students are now officially graduates. duates. [cheering and applause] >> the school held its 2017 commencement ceremony out at at&t ballpark last night. 35,000 people filled the stadium to see the class of almost 9,000 students get degrees. many students expressed optimism, hope and apprehension about the next chapters of their lives. >> fear of not finding the right job, if it is the right path. >> some of the graduates in the class of 2017 tell us they are the first in their families to go to college. others say they worked to pay for their classes. and in many cases it took more than four years for them to
9:21 am
realize the accomplishment being celebrated at that special ceremony. and facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg addressed the harvard class of 2017. >> we have a generational challenge to not only create new jobs but create a renewed sense of purpose. >> he spoke about fighting inequalities, strengthening communities and caring about others. he did receive an honorary degree 12 years after dropping out of harvard so he could focus on facebook. he started facebook in his dorm room in 2004. he now has 2 billion members. >> just a few. >> and a few billion dollars. >> coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, music food and wine. a behind the scenes look at what everyone can expect from bottlerock this year. we will talk about an astronomer about the theory of
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>> about 1200 light years from earth is a star nicknamed tab estar for the lead researcher. >> between 2011 and 2013, researchers using nasa's telescope they noticed an unusual dimming of tab estar. explanations include clouds and comets, fragments of a planet still forming perhaps. >> yeah. but some people, including jason rice think the dimming could be evidence of a large manufactured structure built by alien life. jason visiting associate professor at uc berkeley joining us via skype. give us a sense. tab estar compared to our own star, are they similar. >> no. tabby star is a little bigger and hotter. >> i'm sitting on the beach and it is sunny and then it gets dark. i look up and usually there's a
9:25 am
cloud over the sun. is it possible that indeed what this dimming is clouds of dust or something going by the star? >> that's right. we don't have any really good explanations because we've never seen a star get dimmer quite the way this star has. people have come up with all sorts of ideas for what it could be. the space between stars does have a lot of dust and gas, clouds. and so it could be a very unusual kind of cloud we have never seen between us and tabby stars. that is one of the ideas we're trying to test right now actually. >> how far away is this star? whatever is happening is 120 light years ago, right? i mean how does that work. >> yeah. this star is something like 1500 light years away. so we do see the star like it was in the past. but as far as we're concerned, we're seeing the light, we're seeing it get dimmer right now. we would like to know what it is making it dim. >> what led you to the theory this could be some form of an
9:26 am
alien life built ship? >> right. so people who work on the search for ex intelligence think that structures may be built. luke pointed out if that happens, the telescope would be able to see them when they passed in front of the stars. we should keep a lookout for that. until this star came along, we didn't have any evidence for it. until we figure out what it is, that is one possible but very unlikely explanation. >> i was reading more into this. what i found interesting is -- correct me if i'm wrong. but this particular dimming was predicted a couple years ago? >> yeah. during the kepler mission, it got dim a couple times in unpredictable ways. the two deepest dimmings when it got 20% dimmer than usual were spaced almost two years apart. if you are counting two years and two more years, that's today. some speculated this might happen right now.
9:27 am
>> have you seen some of the drawings of what the alien structure could look like? it looks like the death star. >> people get fanciful with the drawings. those weren't made by astronomers. who knows. >> thank you, professor rice. let us know if you find something out. >> we will let you know. >> if anyone is heading our way. >> yes. >> let us know. >> who knows. space is a large area. coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, stretch of highway 1 near big sur is closed because of a huge landslide. the extensive work by caltrans to get it back open. memorial day weekend one of the busiest times on the road as we know. also one of the deadliest. we will talk to the highway patrol about officers are doing to try to keep us safe out there this weekend. a hundred miles?
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♪[music] >> welcome back, everyone. memorial day weekend knocking on the door. the question of the day, are you planning on traveling this memorial day? and how are you planning to get there? 22% say i'm going to get in the car and head off. 5% say you're going to jump into a plane. 1% say other transportation, maybe a train. 72% say i'm going to stay put. that is what i'm seeing right now. >> me too. >> in regards to responses. i'm staying in the bay area. still having a lot of fun because the bay area is a fun place to be. >> yes, it is. >> i agree. patricia says i am going to san jose state for my daughter's graduation. >> rich will be staining the deck. i have a lot of people saying they will be gardening. martin is taking his kids out to taylor park. >> i love that. if something goes rock, you can just jump in the car and go. >> it is shady and nice out there. >> thank you for your
9:31 am
responses. reach out to us on twitter. >> tell when you say you're doing this weekend. as people head on to the roads this weekend, chp increasing the maximum enforcement period. let's go over to sal who is talking to them about that. sal. >> all right. i have officer sean wilkinfeld here. you are a friend of the program and remind us to be safe on the roads, sean. the myth that, look, i just had a couple. i'm going a short distance, i can make it home. wrong. >> absolutely wrong. the way to start the summer is not with a dui. we will have what we call a maximum enforcement period. we will have more officers out on the road than you're used to. it starts tonight at 6:00 p.m. and ends monday night at midnight. this is a bad time to go out and try to drink and drive. we will be looking for you in force. >> there are a lot of people because of gas prices or the improving economy going out on the road. unfortunately that means that more people get into deadly crashes. if i'm driving this weekend,
9:32 am
what can i do to increase safety other than being a safe driver. >> buckle up. over memorial day, two thirds of people involved in fatal collisions were not wearing a seat belt. the biggest thing is buckle up. and drive safely, stay off of your phone. don't drive impaired. the biggest thing, put on the seat belt. >> can i help myself out also by noticing let's say if another driver is up ahead doing something weird or, you know, keeping an eye and maybe calling in drivers to hope to save someone else. >> absolutely. if you see someone who is impaired, call 911. we will look for the license plate, a vehicle direction, a direction of travel, which way on the freeway and where you are. we will see if we can get an officer in position to make a traffic stop. >> you have been an officer for a while now. what have you seen on weekends like that you wish you hadn't. >> all sorts of things. we posted on facebook a video of a drunk driver who fell asleep on an off-ramp and we
9:33 am
stopped. it was down south. we had to put a spike strip in front of their car. it took a while to wake up the driver because he was so impaired. they shook the car just to wake him up. you can't make up what we see. >> the last thing is, if you are driving, can you expect to see, you know, more patrol officers? you also have, you know, people who are kind of not -- i would say you don't have the typical cars. you have the white cars. you call them the polar bears. >> yes. >> those things are cool but don't look like police cars. you could be looking for a black and white but it could be a white car. >> it is hard to see what a patrol car looks like in your rear view mirrors. we have mys and bmws and the all white polar bear cars. we don't want you looking for us. drive drive safely then you don't have to worry if we're behind you. >> good advice to keep the red and blue lights out of your
9:34 am
rear view mirror. i hate those lights. i'm going to be a good boy. back to you, pam and mike. >> thank you. for more on some of the other stories we're working on, let's send it over to dave clark. dave. >> about 3:00 this morning, police say a homeowner saw two people trying to break into a car and he confronted him. that homeowner was shot several times in the legs about i a third man. one suspect was arrested at the scene while two others were captured at a home on irvin court. both juveniles and the adults were arrested. in the meantime authorities in las vegas are increasing security this memorial day weekend around vegas landmarks because of an isis propaganda video. the video shows new weapons of the group and there are several images of places like the
9:35 am
bellagio hotel and times square in new york. officials don't think an attack is imminent but are warning locals and tourists to be alert. if you see something, say something. and singer chris cornell, the lead singer for soundgarden, will be buried today in a private service in los angeles, followed by a public memorial this afternoon. the 52-year-old singer took his own life more than a week ago in a hotel room after a concert in detroit. we are still waiting on the results of a forensic report on how exactly he died. those are just some of your morning headlines. mike, sal, pam, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. and right now we want to talk about the holiday weekend. so we want to check in with rosemary on the weather. because it will be pretty nice all weekend. >> yeah. yes. today will be the coolest day. happy friday, you two. then we begin to see temperatures warm as we get into your holiday weekend with sunday and monday looking to be
9:36 am
the warmest. let's look outside of our doos. gray skies and temperatures similar to yesterday. 54 in santa rosa. mid-50s san francisco. 60 degrees oakland. low 60s livermore and san jose. a cool 59. partly to mostly cloudy skies around the entire bay. enstretching into areas of lake county. here is a view from up above. overcast skies. it will pull back this afternoon. by noon time, 1:00, we begin to see it peel away. we will be mostly cloudy along the coastline for today. as we get into the afternoon, you can see partly sunny to partly cloudy for the rest of us. today likely to be the keelest day. upper 60s for san francisco. around the bay, mid to upper 60s expected. even the warmest locations only getting to about 70 in livermore. and 71 expected in antioch. going to see the giants play? it will be cool and breezy. bring along the jacket. game time is 7:15.
9:37 am
58 degrees. a westerly breeze at about 20 miles per hour with partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy skies expected. here is a look at the extended forecast. we do begin to see temperatures rebound on saturday. even warmer on sunday. sunday and monday a near repeat. low 60s at the coast. upper 60s around the bay. upper 70s expected inland. a tad cooler tuesday. it is a holiday weekend and some lake tahoe resorts are still open for skiers and snowboarders. squaw valley and mount rose will stay open through memorial day. it is possible that squaw will still be open through the fourth of july. ski season is closed at heavenly mountain but you can enjoy snow tubing through monday. unfortunately another popular destination is closed for the weekend. a quarter of highway 1 remains buried under dirt and rocks. sean larson has more on why it will a while before the road reopens. >> it is just a beautiful -- it is a beautiful cruise up the
9:38 am
coast. >> reporter: for bop hillman this stretch of highway 1 is now almost unrecognizable. >> you know, it looks, you know, dicey sometimes. >> reporter: he brought his two daughters up from long beach to check out the central coast but had to turn around at the road closure. >> i have done it with this beast a couple of times. >> reporter: thursday afternoon, caltrans brought us up to where highway 1 now comes to a screeching halt. >> this is five slides in one. it really began in january. >> reporter: susanna cruz with caltrans says three weeks ago they permanently closed the road to travelers as a precaution. it is a good thing because saturday night, over a million tons of dirt and rock came crashing down, covering over a quarter mile of highway 1, just north of the san luis obispo county line in monterey county. >> mother nature kind of took over and everything came down. >> reporter: caltrans is calling this an active landslide. there are boulders throughout the area. and every few minutes you can
9:39 am
still see pebbles rolling down the mountain. >> it made a new shore with the tip. >> reporter: it is being called one of the biggest landslides in california history. caltrans is exploring options for the multi million dollar repair. >> let's say the roadway is gone. then they would have to reconstruct the roadway. they would have to basically shore up the hillside. and allow -- either put a netting or something for future slide activity. >> reporter: cruz says this year's punishing rain ended up being too much. she compared this landslide to another one in 1983, about 15 miles north of this one on highway 1. there are alternative routes. >> ten miles north of here highway 1, it goes east west. >> when you travel, you go we could have a boulder or two. but it -- that's part of the fun. all right. a music and food festival in napa valley is fast becoming a bay
9:40 am
area tradition. in a little more than two hours from now, the first entertainers will take the stage at bottlerock napa valley. >> yeah. big headliners this year. alex savidge is there with a local group that is going to perform as well. alex. >> reporter: that's right. this is a cool story. forget about maroon 5. for get about the foofighters. do you want to know the band that people will be talking about when they leave bottlerock napa valley this year is secure the sun. this is a local band. all teenagers from napa chosen to perform. they will kick off bottlerock today add noon. all right. let's go down the line like we do any good band. tell me your name. >> liam on guitar. >> johnny on drums. >> anthony on bass. >> i sing vocals. >> liam, how is it that you
9:41 am
wound up here? you will be performing on the big stage at bottlerock. you were hand selected to do this. how did this happen. >> basically the right person heard us. they heard that guy at a talent show. he said we have a band. come see us. they came and saw us. and then they liked us. and now we're here. >> is it nerve racking? are you a little anxious about this. >> look at the stage, man. it is huge. it is awesome. it is exciting to be here. >> tell me a little bit about what is the sound here? what is the sound that you guys are giving off? what is the vibe you're giving off. >> indy alternative rock. the strokes, red hot chilly peppers. it is laid back. >> you are all ready. are you going to chill out in the vip section after you're done. >> yeah. we're going to go around and use our artist passes and try to go back stage and see performers. and all of that stuff. >> have fun. >> take full advantage.
9:42 am
the only things that you can't take advantage of, i was thinking about it as we come back out live, you guys aren't old enough to drink. >> no. >> not legally. >> all right. we're not going to say anything. we're at bottlerock napa valley. we know about some of the headliners, you guys. they're still working furiously here. we will show you the scene behind us. you've got crews getting everything all ready here. 40,000 people a day are going to jam into the napa valley expo here for this 3-day music festival. we talked about some of the headliners. foofighters, maroon 5. tom petty and the heartbreakers some of the big headliners here. you also have renouned chefs from around the world who will be here. martha stewart will be here ayesha curry and all of the delicious wine. i think this is a fantastic story. remember the name, secure
9:43 am
the sun. they are playing 12:00 today. kicking things off. and i get to say that i spoke with them live here on mornings on 2. >> take a selfie and get an autograph. >> i know. let's do it right now. >> alex, before they go. they have the all access back stage pass. who are they excited to maybe meet? >> oh, yeah. that's a good question. pam wants to know who are you most excited to maybe run into back stage? >> oh, man. >> dave gruehl. >> i could see that. foofighters are sunday. >> sunday. >> you guys will be hanging out here all weekend. >> adam lavigne. i have seen him on the voice. he is a legend. and also a fellow jew. i want to meet him. >> right on. good luck to you guys. congratulations. excited for you. bottlerock napa valley kicks off in a few hours. they open the gates at 11:30.
9:44 am
coming up next on mornings on 2 the 9, a controversial show is returning to netflix. how you can be part of season two of "13 reasons why." also a 300 mile journey to honor fallen law enforcement officers. we're going to hear from one local sheriff lieutenant would took part and the widow of a law enforcement officer who was killed in the line of duty. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things.
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>> earlier this month, more than 100 northern california police officers left the bay area for new jersey. they were taking part in a 300 mile police unity bike ride
9:47 am
from jersey to washington, d.c. the tour was organized in 1997 to honor the police officers who have died in the line of duty. what started with 18 riders now consists of more than 2200 members. from nine chapters across the country and all the money raised goes to the national law enforcement officers. >> this morning, we are joaned by lieutenant joshua patser who participated in this year's road and suzanne moody, the wife of brad moody who died in the line of duty in 2008. suzanne and lieutenant, thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having us. >> it wasn't long after your husband's death that you made it back east. six or seven months and you were there. why did you go so soon, do you think. >> to honor the officers from the previous year. the following year in washington, d.c. and my daughters who were two and three at the time and i made it back there. >> you wanted to be there. >> absolutely. you know, i just wanted to see
9:48 am
him and his name be honored. and it was something important for me and my daughters at that age to know that yes their dad was gone and their dad was not coming back but they need to noel always be remembered. >> had you heard of it before. >> you know, i hadn't. i had never heard of it. he in july of 2008 had mentioned wanting to go back to d.c. to see these names on a wall. and i had no idea what it was. little did i know three months later my husband's name would be added. >> all of the money goes to the fund to honor the officers. but the families, what has that fund meant to you and your daughters? >> you know, it means so much going back there. every year i go back and i see his name on the wall and it makes me proud that my husband 'name will -- my husband's name
9:49 am
will never be forgotten. our loved one is gone and they are not coming back, but they won't be forgotten. >> you fell off your bike at the age of 7 and never had been on a bike ever since but you rode 300 miles. >> i rode the van that picked up riders who got hurt or injured or whatever. and i thought, you know what, i could do this. i could ride 300 miles. and, you know, i did it. and the pain that i felt the day that my husband died was not even in comparison to the day that i rode. and riding through the wall where his name was, it just meant so much to me. >> lieutenant, watching the images on television is one thing over the years. but then actually participating in it, what for you was something that you did not expect as a participant? >> when you're riding, you know, there comes times when it is cold or you start to hurt and your muscles ache and you think about all of those names on the wall. there are over 22,000 names on
9:50 am
the wall. and anybody on that wall would rather be where i'm at. it is the least that i can do to support their honor, their name and remember that they died in the line of duty protecting and serving us. so it is the littlest that i can do to give back. it keeps motivate you year after year that the little things in life that you think are a big deal are really small. it is just a way to give back. the first year that i rode, i got the opportunity to talk to some survivors like suzanne moody and the rest of them. they tell you their story and how their loved ones, husbands, wives, daughters, sons, and how they lived. and that's what we want to honor. >> law enforcement is a tight knit family just in general. but i can't imagine crossing the finish line and all coming together. do you get a sense of even more tightness. >> i have chills thinking about it. it is a sight to see. >> it is a little overwhelming.
9:51 am
the judicial square is full of people cheering you on, to remember the fallen. keep their names and their memories alive. >> that's why we ride. we ride to keep these officers' memories alive and raise awareness about the fall glenn do you think you will ride or maybe your ideas. >> i entertained riding in 2019 for his ten-year. now that i put it on national tv. >> we are going to hold you to it. they might want to come back and ride one year. it would be an honor to see them do that for their father. >> what both of you have said would motivate a lot of people to join in. it is a small thing that you can do in comparison so what they did and gave for all of us. it is inspirational. >> thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> we will be right back after the break.
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>> enter now for a chance to win four tickets. go to and click on the contest link. you must be at least 18 years old to enter. the prize has an approximate retail value of $276 and provided by great america. one winner will be selected by random drawing on may 30th of this year. see the official rules on under contests. creators of the controversial netflix series "13 reasons why" are looking for extras for the show's
9:55 am
second season. the show tells the story of a high school girl who takes her own life and leaves behind a series of tapes for classmates who she blames for her suicide. now, the series has received a lot of criticism around the country that it glorifies teen suicide. the show was popular and recently renewed for a second season. the casting call for extras is next weekend at the usa world class tick museum in vallejo from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. june 4th. the matchup that many fans wanted. the warriors and the cavaliers. >> yes. let's go. >> the finals start next week. the cavs beat the celtics 135- 102 to win the eastern conference finals. lebron james had 35 and surpassed michael jordan. that would have been something if he passed to michael jordan to become the nba leading
9:56 am
scorer. this will be the third straight season that the warriors face the cavs for the championship. this time around the warriors have kevin durant in the line- up. >> we can only get better from here. i think we have another level that we can get to. this whole year was a success. >> the cavaliers beat the warriors in seven games last season. the warriors are entering 12-0 in the playoffs. the calfs are 12 -- the cavs are 12-1. i'm with draymond. i want to destroy the cavaliers. >> that would be nice. once you're up three, might as well get that fourth win. >> yeah. >> want to tack a moment to recognize one of the most bizarre plays in baseball
9:57 am
history. 24 years ago jose conseco hit a home run with his head. the ball bounces right off of his head for the homer. he hit 462 career home runs but that one is one that fans won't forget. he got the assist on that one. doink. thanks for watching. welcome to our new home for the next couple of months. have a great rest of your morning. "gs 6?h.ñqjni [ birds chirping ]
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