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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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reveals a number of violations including sexual harassment. and the man accused of killing an australian tourist during an early morning brawl in san francisco heads to court today. details from inside the courtroom. "the four on 2" starts now. while the family of that australian tourist mourns his death, his alleged killer stands before a judge before the first time today. it turned out to be an emotional court date. welcome to "the four on 2". i'm ken wayne. >> i'm alyana gomez. that man suspected of killing an australian tourist entered a "not guilty" plea an hour ago. police say a fistfight between the two men turned violent which led to matthew bates' death. >> reporter: his attorney painted him as a kind and loving father who came up here from southern california for a work job when things went
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terribly wrong. we watched at the family of david murillo exited the courtroom an hour ago. they didn't want to speak to reporters and cameras were not allowed inside but the 34-year- old was crying and wiping tears from his face as the judge read aloud the charges. murillo is accused of involuntary manslaughter. police say around 2:15 in the morning he got into an argument with 33-year-old matthew bate which ended with murillo punching him. he later died at the hospital. murillo's attorney said his client acted in self-defense and that murillo was distraught over the incident. >> he's in shock. he's a gentle, hard working man with two little girls. and now he finds himself -- he's never been in trouble in his life, and he finds himself in a holding tank, and of course you're in shock. >> reporter: now, we asked the
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d.a. why murillo wasn't charged with murder. >> given the totality of what happened here, the basis of the charge is a single punch, and that is why we charged it as an involuntary manslaughter, a felony battery. >> reporter: mush riel lo works for a specialty drapery company out of hiss speer hiss hi hisperia. we haven't spoken to his family. we believe they are actually in los angeles now and will come here soon to retrieve their son's body. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> any word on this case from
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the state? >> reporter: we spoke with the public defender who said he couldn't comment but both sides seemed to agree that perhaps this was motivated in some sort by alcohol that both of the people involved -- all of the people involved in the argument had been at a bar earlier, and perhaps that alcohol aggravated this situation. >> tara, thank you so much. santa clara county prosecutors announced they charged ex 49ers football player tramaine brock with felony battery charges. investigators although the time said they saw marks on the victim's neck. brock is due back in court on july 3rd. he has been free on bail since his arrest. a central valley man is under arrest accused of driving to the bay area with the intent to kill his doctors. police say the case against him
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started last wednesday when they received a call from vy vie visalia police. the man allegedly had two loaded handguns. he was later booked into jail. the police department is partnering with a crime mapping software company. users can head to the site and search by specific stations or types of crimes. several police departments across the bay area also provide crime data to the site. well so far so good with
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the weather, but things are going to be changing. rosemary orozco has it all for us. >> we cooled down a little bit today, and eventually we will see that possibility of rain move into the bay area on this first week of june. giving you a live look outside our doors where we are mostly sunny, at least away from the coastline. there's the oakland estuary, san francisco in the background. and way behind that we've got the cloud cover that just didn't go away. san francisco cleared out okay. some areas still covered in clouds at this hour. here's another look at sfo where we're partly cloudy. san francisco a cool one, 58. a nice mild to warm one inland. santa rosa still at 78. livermore 76. 71 outside your door san jose. take a look at these numbers. a notable drop-off in most areas. livermore down by 11 degrees, down by seven in fairfield, around the bay we saw a pretty good drop i don't have as well, down by nine in hayward.
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the clouds still covering portions of the coast and not going to see much clearing as we get into the evening hours. here's a closer view, that cloud cover still over portions of san francisco through daly city and a along the coastline from ocean beach down through pacifica, montero. temperatures will continue to cool as we get into your bay area wednesday, and the onshore breeze is back as well. early on in the day the breeze was closer to 10 to 15 miles per hour, but, yes indeed that cooling trend already underway and will continue for tomorrow. tomorrow morning temperatures 53 oakland, 51 in san francisco, upper 40s for the north bay and a cool start in morgan hill, 50 degrees. temperatures tomorrow a tad cooler than today. i will have a look at those numbers plus detail that possibility for rain on thursday. now to the latest at the white house and the trump
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administration is holding to its commitment to go after leak verse classified information. the government contractor faces charges under the espionage act. >> reporter: the trump administration filing a criminal case against a government contractor accused of leaking a top-secret nsa document on russian hacking attempts during the 2016 presidential election. 25-year-old reality leigh winner from georgia is accused of sending the report to a news outlet. >> this person has to pay a price and everyone else who has access to this information is going to pay a price. so i think prosecution is in order. >> when you have classified information you cannot put that out there just because you think it would be a good idea. i want people in handcuffs, and i want to see people behind bars. >> reporter: in the leaked document russian military is accused of hacking at least one software company and a
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launching spear phishing e- mails. >> this was an international attempt to impact the elections of the united states of america. >> reporter: also today president trump doubling down on his executive order to block travelers from six muslim majority nations tweeting, that's right, we need a travel ban for certain dangerous countries, not some politically correct term that won't help us protect our people. his tweet contradicting his white house spokeswoman. >> i don't think the president cares what you call it. >> reporter: the president will sit down with republican leaders hoping to kick-start a stalled agenda with a focus on modernizing the nation's in from structure. >> the white house says president trump won't use his executive privilege to stop former fbi director james comey from testifying thursday. one of the topics lawmakers want to question comey about is whether president trump
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pressured him to drop the investigation into white house advisor michael flynn's possible ties to russia. both republicans and democrats say they hope comey is able to shed some light on the allegations of coordination between the trump presidential campaign and russia. >> there is a lot of smoke. we have no smoking gun at this point but there is a lot of smoke. >> what comey says and how he says it i think will be important. i haven't, frankly, understood much of what comey has done since about a year ago, and his decisions have been, i think, highly questionable. >> comey's testimony before the senate intelligence committee is scheduled to begin at 7:00 in the morning our time on thursday. ktvu will have complete coverage of james comey's testimony thursday on both of our channels. join us on ktvu's mornings on 2, but if you would like to see the complete testimony go to
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our second channel, ktvu plus on channel 6 or 36. governor jerry brown told a conference that he is committed to the fight against climate change with or without the support of the trump administration. he is using his visit to china to partner for clean energy technology. we spoke with john grub of the bay area council via skype from beijing. >> for california companies to go to china and sell our products and services that we have, with you also to bring their solutions that they have to our state. they have pie 0 neared some pretty in -- pioneered some pretty incredible solutions. up next, the passing of a ballot measure to speed up the process for death penalty cases is tied up in the supreme court. why there is hesitation to implement the changes. plus, police in london
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authorities in the united kingdom released new details about the london terror attack as their investigations continue. joel waldman is in london with more. >> reporter: we are getting new details today about the victims and perpetrators of this past weekend's deadly terror attack, british police now identifying
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all three terror attackers. the third is an italian national who is not a subject of interest to authorities. two others were previously named as the other two attackers. >> the police will be looking at a exactly who these characters were, what we knew about them earlier on. >> reporter: we are also learning more about the victims, police identifying an australian, a 28-year-old nurse living in london. family and friends are also mourning the loss of a 30-year- old in her home country of canda. >> i think what you take from this thing is terrorism has no bounds. >> reporter: meantime, people all across the u.k. observed a moment of silence in honor of all those killed and injured. london's mayor standing alongside ambulance workers while others stood at the end of london bridge.
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>> it's devastating that someone would come and mow these people down. >> reporter: vice president mike pence also expressing his condolences today. >> as the president said two nights ago, this bloodshed must end. >> reporter: 12 people arrested after the atask since been released as authorities continue to look for any possible accomplices. in london, joel waldman, fox news. >> next month will be the first anniversary of a deadly ambush in dallas, texas that killed five police officers. plans were announced today to mark the occasion with an event called the weekend of honor. organizers say they want to unite the city and make sure both law enforcement officers and civilians feel they have a safe place to go to reflect on the killing. >> there's still a lot of people that have not processed what occurred on july 7th of last year. there's a significant amount of officers that have not done that. there's community that haven't done it, the hospital, people like that. and i don't think we as a group should be alone.
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so that's what this is about. >> the shootings happened after a march to protest police violence. investigators identified the shooter as a micah xavier johnson. johnson was killed hours later by a bomb attached to a remote controlled police vehicle. the colorado supreme court appears closely divided over the constitutionality of a ballot measure passed to try to speed up executions. justices spent most of a hearing today focusing on the measure. opponents say it would cause the courts to prioritize death penalty cases at the expense of other cases. the supreme court will have three months to issue a ruling on all of this. and for more on the topic i'm joined by a professor from uc hastings college of law. everyone seems to get up in arms about the death penalty, for or against, but why does it take so long for these cases to work their way through the
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courts? >> basically what drags is for the most part the appellate and habe i couldn't and -- the appellate and a habeas corpus process. sometimes new evidence comes up, sometimes there's new cases coming up. there's always new creative arguments coming up, some pertaining to the chemicals, some of them pertaining to the individual features of the case. so yes, there are delays. >> can we get a case resoifnld five years? nobody wants an innocent person put to death. five years long enough? the voters of california seem to think. so. >> 51% of the voters in california seem to think. so the folks that vote don't always know the particular technicalities. the issue is if you try to speed things up you are
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compromising the quality of the process. so essential capping these cases for five years might deprive people of discovering new evidence. we have pretty shocking cases, not one, not two. in the dozens, and where new received discovered 18, 20, 25 years later. >> in california? >> a couple in california, but examples in other places. california is certainly not immune to wrongful convictions. so evidence tends to pop up later. we have issues of quality of representation. this suit risk in prop 66 which is that given the fact that we don't have enough attorneys, the question is how are we going to speed the process if we have so few people who are qualified to represent people. prop 66 would enable the state to require people who actually don't know what they are doing and don't have expertise undeath penalty cases to represent people in these cases, and that means more mistakes might bunch up. and that also means that people will have later appellate claims of having received
4:19 pm
inadequate representation. those also have to take a few years to unfold. the basic message is this. i have a little hastily made up prop here. this is going to be recognizable to anybody who has tried to renovate their house. the same principle applies to a policy decision. if you want something to be good, fast, and cheap, you have to choose two out of the three, you can't have all three. and prop 66 focuses on making death penalty cases faster, speeding up the process, and on making them cheaper by asigning them two people that are not qualified to handle it. if you compromise you are necessarily going to compromise the justice quality, and this is what the opponents are arguing. >> what is your sense of how the justices were acting to this during the hearing? >> something interesting happened at the oral arguments. the justices seemed to disbelieve that you can actually follow a death penalty case through within five years. i should also mention they are going to take these cases out
4:20 pm
of the appellate courts. they want to take them into the original courts that tried the case. we know that even the best intentioned people are not very like toll admit their own mistakes so this is going to hamper the possibilities that people have to reverse their convictions on appeal. so the judges were pretty dubious that this could happen in five years, and then they argued, well, it's not exactly five years, and the justices were looking at the proposition and said, no, this is actually a hard deadline. so it's kind of unclear. it seemed like the justices themselves were somewhat incredulous of the ability of the system to squeeze a case like that through in five years. >> thank you for being with us. nearly two dozen uber employees received pink slips and made an internal probe into sexual harassment and bullying. we will have details on what
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prompted the firings. who are these people?
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ride share company uber says hat fired 22 employees as part of its internal probe into sexual harassment at the company. the investigation by an outside law firm looked into 215 claims of inappropriate workplace incidents. the probe began in february after a former employee alleged in a personal blog post that she was sexually harassed and a experienced gender bias during
4:24 pm
her time at the company. meantime san francisco's city attorney wants to know more about uber and lyft an their drivers. they want to know how many hours and miles drivers log and a whether their vehicles are accessible to the disabled. for more now i'm joined by auto reporter tim higgins. tim, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> let's first talk about the firings related to sexual harassment. we mentioned a former employee who said a manager was propositioning her shortly after her arrival, but after reporting to the hr she claims uber did nothing but give him a warning. >> you have to remember this blog when it was published became an explosion throughout
4:25 pm
silicon valley opening up questions about the culture at uber, whether it was treating people correctly. the investigation is two parts. this is the first part. we're expecting the second part, an investigation led by eric holder. what we're hearing today is some of the response to the firing of these folks. we expect to hear other remedies later on, all as uber tries to answer this question about how it is going to address issues around its culture. >> we're also learning from uber today that they are beefing up their hr department. they're implementing a confidential hotline for employees. they're talking about making some additions to their employee handbook. do you think their efforts are enough given the environment that we're hearing about? >> the problem for uber is multiple issues here. it is not only retaining and recruiting new employees, but it is also about its perception
4:26 pm
within its customers ranks. you have to remember that you know hear been combative in a lot of communities around the country and has developed a reputation for maybe breaking trolls get ahead, and it has seen a push-back in some communities. there's been an effort to delete uber off of your app following some issues regarding the ceo's involvement with the trump administration on a panel there. he ended up having to drop out because it was seen as he would be supporting the administration's views on immigration. so they faced a lot of blowback in the community. >> that's a good segue into the subpoena discussion that we should have. apparently the city attorney wants to know more and wants to know if uber and lyft are public nuisances. do you think this was bound to happen? >> we've seen this type of questioning in a lot of communities, the concern about whether ride share services are adding to congestion, whether they're servicing all of the
4:27 pm
communities that they're supposed to be servicing. uber, for example, has gotten in big fights in places like new york city in the past, and it's part of its dna, having to fight with local authorities to do what it feels like it needs to do for business. >> how do you think all of this is going to affect the consumer culture, the people who ride uber and lyft and are watching all of this play out? >> it is definitely -- i mean, we saw, after the recent attacks in the u.k., complaints about surge pricing of uber there. and think about other services that you use in your daily life. uber is one of those things that's very he he visceral. you see it in your phone and you feel it in your life. the way they've allegedly treated women, it's bleeding
4:28 pm
into the consumer experience. >> tim higgins with the wall street journal, thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. it is day two of appear a pal's an awe wall developers conference in san jose and former first lady michelle obama was there. apple's ceo tim cook surprised them yesterday with mrs. obama's appearance. reporters were not allowed inside, but an attendee sent us this. >> i think it's amazing to actually be in the same room as her. i think she's an awesome role model for all the women. i think she just exudes self- confidence. >> yesterday apple unveiled a few new items and upgrades like the digital assistant home pod.
4:29 pm
the do not disturb while driving feature for iphones, and the newest operating system, ios 11. san jose leaders hope an anticipated deal with google will lead to a grand slam of development west of downtown. negotiations could begin later this month on the project centered on the site of the old stevens meat company. it would be a 6-million-square- foot facility. >> we have worked for several years with our surrounding neighborhoods and with the downtown community to reimagine these 250 acres and the development that will surround what will become the busiest multimodal station in the western united states. >> what is so attractive is a huge office development space right on the convergence of caltrain, bart, high-speed
4:30 pm
rail, all within walking distance of the downtown core. it's that development that will also attract housing, retail, entertainment. >> officials say when the project is completed it could rival or even dwarf apple's so- called spaceship headquarters under construction in cupertino. there's no date yet for an official ground breaking. she is accused of encouraging her boyfriend to take his own life. still to come, details on the teen's fate and a controversial trial unfolding in new england. plus, a deeper look at recent terror attacks. we're going to speak with an expert to learn if the frequency of these attacks could actually be hurting the islamic state. that's coming up on "the four on 2".
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[ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] security officials in europe are on alert after another suspected terror attack, this time in paris. it comes as police in london release the identity of a third suspect. caroline shively has more from washington. >> reporter: wielding a hammer and a shouting, "this is for syria," a man attacked a police officer in paris. the officer suffered minor injuries. the man was shot and wounded by another nearby officer. >> inside notre dame cathedral in paris, hundreds of tourists
4:34 pm
suddenly found themselves under lockdown while outside police were yelling for hundreds more to run, clearing the square after another suspected terror attack played out. >> he had a hammer. we also found on him kitchen knives. so that means it was very basic tools. we've gone from a sophisticated terrorism, to a terrorism where any type of tool can be used to attack people. >> reporter: police said the operation was over about an hour after it started, the attack coming on the 75th a anniversary of d-day and a coincides with an a effort to retake the syrian city of raqqa, the de facto capital of isis. meanwhile police in london have now publicly identified a third is in saturday's terror
4:35 pm
attacks. he is a 22-year-old, a moroccan italian on a security watch list. in recent months terror attacks have coincided with elections. to that point voters in britain go to the polls on thursday. in washington, caroline shively, fox news. >> the idea behind terrorism, of course, to incite fear. for more on the psychology behind terror acts we're joined by melanie greenberg via skype. are we getting terror fatigue, or are we getting used to the idea? tell me about the effect on all of our psyches because of these recent attacks. >> sure. the purpose of terrorism to incite terror. they want to do psychological damage. they want to scare a whole lot of people. and generally they're successful, because we seat on
4:36 pm
tv, and then people feel personally vulnerable. but if it's too much, eventually we get used to it. there's a quality of our ner vows system that is subject to has bit you the to -- subject to habituation. for example, if you live near an airport, after awhile, you don't hear it as much. >> a lot of people on facebook put the french flag colors super imposed or had references to the attacks. after this recent attack a lot of people didn't see that as much on social media. of course in great britain the phrase keep calm and carry on is well-known and goes back to
4:37 pm
the days of world war ii. great britain has been through the ira troubles of london. it seems like the people of great britain take that "stay calm and carry on" phrase to heart. >> i think that's true, and some of it could be cultural. i think that's valued in britain, that you have this stiff upper lip, and you stay calm and do your duty no matter how you feel. i think it's part of a cultural value, but perhaps because they've had experience with this, as you say. >> another thing worth noting is that, according to the -- i'm looking up the organization here, the global terrorism index, the number of deaths from terrorism actually decreased by 10% in 2015. that's the first decrease since 2010. so even though we hear all of these stories about terrorist attacks, the number of people getting killed is actually going down, and they compare it, the number of europeans and
4:38 pm
americans in particular who die in terrorist attacks is about the same number as those who die in lightning strikes. so the chances of dying in a terrorist adark pretty remote. >> exactly right. and if you get too scared and you stop going about your normal life, then terrorists have won, in a way. i think a way to stand up to terrorists is to say, well, i feel scared, and maybe something could happen, but it's very, very unlikely. and maybe you want to think about staying scared to go to the market. you may want to think about all the times you have gone to the market that nothing has happened. our brains tend to grab the one negative incident, and they hang on to that. we don't remember all the other times that we were safe. >> you're right. dr. melanie griffin, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. i enjoyed being here. a judge in massachusetts is being asked to decide if someone can be legally responsible for another person's suicide.
4:39 pm
michelle carter was 17 when she texted her 18-year-old boyfriend, seeming to encourage him to take his own life. as molly lyon reports, her trial on manslaughter started today. >> reporter: the manslaughter trial is underway for a massachusetts woman accused of using text messages to encourage her boyfriend to kill himself. prosecutors accused carter of playing a sick game by repeatedly urging the man to end his life. they say carter wanted the attention she would get. >> she made him promise that he would go through with the plan. you need to do it, conrad. okay, i'm going to do it today. >> you promise? >> conrad! i promise, babe. i have to now. >> reporter: he was found dead in his pickup truck, the result of carbon monoxide poisoning. the defense say roy had been depressed and had been considering suicide. >> conrad roy wanted to make it
4:40 pm
look like an accident, you saw the text, because he didn't want anyone to feel guilty about it. that's because the cause of his death was his own doing. that's what he wanted. >> reporter: carter's lawyers say she had her own mental health issues and was taking medications that may have affected her judgment. the first witness was roy's mother. she said she was with her son just hours before he died and saw no signs he was planning to hurt himself. carter waived her right to a jury trial and instead has chosen to place her fate in the hands of the judge. molly lyon, fox news. still to come, day two of the bill cosby sexual assault try. details as the mother of one of the tv personality's accusers testified in a packed courthouse today. a cool-down underway outside our doors with the possibility of some rain arriving on thursday. i will have a look at what you can expect for tomorrow, detail that thursday rain, and a look into your bay area weekend
4:41 pm
coming up.
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
the sexual assault trial of entertainer bill cosby entered its second day. >> andrea costan described how he gave her pills, then
4:44 pm
sexually molested her. the court heard from another woman who also claims she was assaulted by cosby. >> reporter: by lunchtime three witnesses testified. two are particularly note worthy. first is the mother of kelli johnson. she is one of bill cosby's accusers but not the one this case is centered object. that's andrea costafternoon. yesterday she testified cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her in the '90s. prosecutors are hoping johnson's story will convince jurors there has been a pattern in bill cosby's past of predatory behavior. the second person that's particularly note worthy we heard from today is a canadian detective named dave mason. mason responded to the home 12 years ago and took the first official police report of the sexual assault that she says occurred in 2004. the assault allegedly happened
4:45 pm
in 2004 but wasn't reported to police until 2005. she says that she was embarrassed. she was worried because of cosby's stature and importance in the community to go to police, and she says that's why she waited so long to tell them the police say that's also what she told them that night. that's according to dave mason who testified today. so prosecutors say this case is about trust, betrayal, and the inability to consent. the defense says this is a case where a man has been wrongly accused. they urged the jurors in their opening remarks to stand and do the right thing. they said the right thing was deciding cosby was not guilty. in morristown, pennsylvania, i'm ellison barbour, fox news. you're thirsty, you're in the pool this week, right, rosemary? >> at least over the north bay. we are all cooling down. in fact, five to ten degrees is
4:46 pm
where we all came in, cooler than yesterday. a view here, high pressure still holding on just slightly. if you look to the north that's the system that is moving closer to the coast and will eventually bring northern california some rain and come all the way down to the bay area. here's a look at the futurecast model. all a is said and done and the storm is already passed by friday. you areeureka -- eureka, almost an inch. a quarter inch over parts of the bay. san jose, .05 a possibility. it has managed to hold together so it looks like we may actually have wet weather in time for your thursday. meanwhile tomorrow it will just be a slightly cooler day. we'll increase the clouds as we get into the evening hours. we will start out with the low
4:47 pm
clouds, but then as we get into the afternoon you will notice the different type of clouds pulling in, the mid and high level clouds. temperatures outside right now upper 50s in half moon bay as well as san francisco. a lot of 60s around the bay. 68 in mountain view, 72 palo alto, low 70s in the south bay. our inner east bay managed to warm up once again. you take a look at livermore, 76. it has to do with that on shore breeze, a little stronger in some areas than others. in the north bay in the 70s. 53 degrees as we get going tomorrow morning, 51 in san francisco. a cool start in santa rough 15. 54 san jose. low 50s expected in livermore. as we head toward the coast, 49 in pacifica. expect those low clouds along the coastline to remain, even out there at this hour as we get into the overnight hours. they will move back across the bay. start with the north bay, south bay, east bay. likely to see a repeat.
4:48 pm
afternoon highs expected to come dine. 76 for novato tomorrow. upper 70s to low 80s expected for antioch and brentwood. sour going to drop another five, perhaps eight degrees for tomorrow afternoon. go the other direction and a cool day at the coast. 65 expected san francisco. south bay locations, 77 san jose, 73 santa cruz. your extended forecast. temperatures continuing to cool on thursday with that chance for some rain moving in. friday actually going to be the coolest day. could be a little breezy as well. but as we get into your bay area weekend temperatures do begin to rebound. some low 60 at the coast, mid to upper 70s expected inland. >> not too hot, not too cold. >> just right. >> thanks, rosemary. julie joins us now with a look at the stories we're working on for ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 including domestic abuse charges for a bay area
4:49 pm
athlete. >> tonight at 5:00 the shocking accusations that includes punching his girlfriend while she held their 12-month-old baby. >> this is just a strange steer. tip leads to an alleged murder plot in the south bay. >> police say a cancer patient was armed with guns, addresses, and a mask's drove from his central valley home to the bay area. andy had one thing on his mind. authorities say he wanted to kill his doctors. coming up tonight at a 5:00 the letter that man wrote about his plan. >> all right, julie, we will see you at 5:00. thanks. next on "the four on 2", dramatic video as a driver suffers a seizure. another driver hops into action. details coming up. but the way we watch it is not.
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police dash cam video released today shows a man performing a a daring rescue jumping into a moving car. you have to see the video. it happened friday in illinois about 100 miles west of chicago. randy tompkins spotted the car when it ran a red light. he got out of his pickup and dove right through the passenger side window and was able to stop that car. it turned out the driver had suffered a seizure while behind the wheel and was taken to a hospital. breaking news. it is going on right now on interstate 880 in san leandro. this is from the highway patrol which is saying that just south of davis street a motorcycle and a blue suv collided. we just lost our picture there, but there is a sigalert issued for northbound 880 with traffic being taken off the freeway at a davis street. all northbound lanes of 880 through san leandro are blocked. you can see the drivers are going to the shoulder there, and as we pan out, looking
4:53 pm
south from san leandro, toward the interchange with 238, san lorenzo area, look at the traffic backing up all the way heading down, probably going back as far as hayward. so a big problem northbound 880 in san leandro, and we are just now getting into the afternoon commute. so be prepared for huge delays fur going in that direction. >> of course we will have more on-line and, of course, at 5:00 as well. well, turning now to -- it's a big day for george clooney and his family. the 56-year-old actor and his wife welcomed twins this morning at a hospital in london. clooney's publicist made the announcement saying the twins are happy, healthy, and doing just fine. he also joked that george is, quote, sedated and to recover in a few days. he and the 39-year-old married back in 2014. these are their first children together. >> congratulations to both of them. still come to, u.s. backed forces have launched a long
4:54 pm
awaited fight to retake isis' de facto capital. we will have details after the break. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service, head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. police in fresno say a gun battle inside a home left three people dead and one wounded. it happened about 8:00 this morning. police say they had been told that two african-american men entered the house and threatened an elderly southeast
4:57 pm
asian man with a handgun. that's when the man's 30-year- old son started shooting. officials say they are not sure yet what happened and that the shootings may have come from a drug deal gone bad, or a home invasion robbery. with assistance from the u.s., syrian forces are launching an offensive to retake control of the self- styled capital of isis. >> the military claims responsibility for terror attacks outside the middle east. >> reporter: u.s.-backed forces say they have launched an offensive to retake raqqa. it acts as the militant group's de facto capital. the syrian democratic forces first started moving towards raqqa in november fighting for control of the area is expected to be a long and deadly effort. >> morale is high and military readiness to implement the military plan is complete and
4:58 pm
in coordination with the u.s.- led coalition to fight terrorism. >> reporter: the battle getting underway as u.s.-backed forces are trying to regain control of mosul in iraq. it is the largest city still held by militants. >> the enemy has got to be taken out by military means where they are powerful enough to cause these attacks on others. and we can't sit idly by and let them hold it. >> reporter: isis claiming responsibility for several recent terror attacks including this past weekend's deadly rampage in london. u.s. officials are warning to expect an uptick in isis related terror incidents in europe and elsewhere as the u.s. military and its allies close in on racca. >> we're going to have to take that caliphate down. >> reporter: the pentagon says isis has moved most of its leadership out of raqqa. still, retaking the city will
4:59 pm
be a major step forward. in jerusalem, conor powell, fox news. police say a cancer patient had one thing on his mind. he was planning to kill his doctors. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. tonight that cancer patient is behind bars accused of the plot to kill several of his doctors in the bay area. investigators say his motive was that he wasn't happy with his medical care. ktvu's maureen naylor has new details. >> reporter: tonight the central valley man remains here in jail on attempted murder charges. today we obtained court documents which reveal the man had late stage cancer and police say he was intending -- he had specific plans to kill his doctors at their homes for revenge. authorities say this 58-year- old central valley man last
5:00 pm
week drove up to the bay area with a specific plan to kill at least three of his doctors in two different bay area counties. court documents reveal he brought with him loaded guns, a rubber mask, and a list of specific doctors. palo alto police say the man has been suffering from a serious medical condition for a long period of time and has seen several specialists in santa clara county and elsewhere in the bay area. >> it is our belief that he was, for whatever reason, dissatisfied with the treatment he was receiving, felt as though either his condition had deteriorated or he wasn't recovering from his condition as a result of the treatment he got from these doctors, and he was intent on killing them. >> court documents obtained by ktvu reveal the man told authorities he had stage 4 cancer and not long to live. family members reported chen missing to visalia police but after talking with family investigators quickly realized it wasn't a missing persons case. >> they were able to develop the information that he had this grudge


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