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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  June 6, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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now to some of today's top stories. a 58-year-old man from the central valley who says he is dieing of cancer was arrested on the peninsula with loaded handguns and the names and addresses of the bay area doctors who treated him. palo alto police say they also found a letter in which chen said he planned to kill the doctors for revenge and to tell professionals not to treat people like animals. a big shakeup at uber. 20 employees have been fired amid a company investigation of bad behavior. the determinations come after investigations into 215 employee complaints of sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and unprofessional behavior. uber's workplace culture has come under intense criticism after a former employee went public with the claim. two men have now been
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charged in connection with the ghost ship warehouse fire that killed 36 people in oakland last december but questions remain about whether the owner of the building could also end up in criminal court. chor ng has been named but so far has not been charged with any crime. >> you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. one day after the arrest of the ghost ship's master tenant, 2 investigates has learned the man faces a similar fate in stockton. >> the attorney says the city of stockton is threatening possible arrests. our investigative reporter candice nguyen is in the newsroom. >> reporter: the company provided low-income housing in a building that went up in flames. we have learned the company is operating at other locations. officials say the conditions
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are so dangerous, the man could face criminal charges. video from that property show rundown conditions like a boarded up door and trash outside. he says dozens of people lived there including children and at least one infant. 2 investigates learned the stockton fire department has taken action against the property owner and the man for multiple fire hazards. records show last year residents reported issues like no smoke detectors and water that smells and tastes like mold. then last week power was turned off. the city of stockton says the man didn't pay the bill. while the landlord is trying to he vick the man and stockton is reminding them of possible criminal charges, the attorney for the nonprofit says they're being scapegoated. >> this is an extension of ghost ship. this is going to go on all over the bay area. this is indicative of our
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landlord tenant laws. we have to sit down with the city leaders, whether it's oakland or stockton or whomever, and recreate these laws. >> reporter: apparently they're in intense negotiations. one of the options is relocating the families to other locations. candice nguyen, ktvu fox 2 news. >> if you have a tip for our 2 investigates team we want to hear from you. e-mail 2 investigates at, or you can give us a call at 510-878-0222. the public can now access a web page that shows police incidents at or near bart stations. bart's crime data is now up at crime bart police have a direct feed to the crime mapping software. users can search by specific station or types of crimes. several other bay area police departments also provide their crime data to the site. san jose city leaders hope
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an anticipated deal with google will jump start development near the train station. negotiations could begin later this month on that project. the new google development would be centered on the site of the old stephens meat company. plans call for six million square feet of mixed use property to be built there. >> we have worked for several years with our surrounding neighborhoods and with the downtown community to reimagine these 250 acres and the development that will surround what will become the busiest multimodal station in the western united states. >> officials say the project could rival or even dwarf apple's so-called spaceship headquarters in cupertino. officials will decide whether to enter formal negotiations later this month. the livermore valley school
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district has stepped in with millions of dollars to keep schools open. they filed for blood pressure zion november due to declining enrollment and financial problems, and have been struggling the entire school year. the tri-valley learning corporation operates the two charter schools. the livermore valley charter school teaches students from kindergarten through the 8th grade. the livermore valley charter preparatory school is a high school. coming up, emotional testimony today in bill cosby's sexual assault trial as the woman at the center of the case takes the witness stand. plus, a celebrity sighting at the apple developers conference in san jose. details on the appearance by former first lady michelle obama. >> i think it's amazing to actually be in the same room as her.
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we have breaking news right now. a major accident on southbound 880 near highway 92 and the jackson connector. a big rig and several cars were involved. one of the cars was actually cut in half during that accident. as you can see here, traffic is really backed up as a result of this accident, which is closing at least a couple of those lanes. >> it reportedly happened just after 6:00. here as the chopper moves over you can see pictures of the backup here. this is a big rig crash on interstate 80. we've been reporting for the last hour or two another major
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crash on interstate 80 in san leandro that had most of the northbound lanes shut down. it was an suv and a motorcycle colliding there in that crash. a motorcyclist was killed. that happened about, oh, a couple hours ago in the san leandro area. but here again you can see this new crash involving four to five vehicles, one a toyota sedan has reportedly been cut in half here on 880 in hayward. >> the backup just keeps going on and on and on. that is also unfortunately in the commute direction so traffic would already be bad. they're working to clean it up. we're working to get more information. again, the headline right now, an accident involving a big rig and several cars closing lanes there on southbound 880 near highway 92 and the jackson street off-ramp. stay away from that area if at all possible. the sexual assault trial of entertainer bill cosby wrapped up its second day. this afternoon andrea constand took the stand.
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she is the woman accusing cosby of sexual assault. she told the court she viewed cosby as a mentor and someone she trusted then described how he gave her pills and then molested her. cosby maintain the encounter was consensual. former first lady michelle obama was at the apple developers conference today. ceo tim cooke surprised the attend '83s yesterday with the announcement. she had what is being described as a fireside chat. the news media wasn't allowed inside but someone who was inside sent us a few pictures. she sat down with discussions with former epa head lisa jackson would now works at apple. >> i think it's amazing to actually be in the same room with her. i think she's an awesome role
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model for all the women. i think she exudes self worth and confidence, protecting every woman. >> yesterday apple unveiled a few new items like the home pod, the do not disturb while driving feature for iphones, and the newest operating system, ios 11. the clock is ticking down to the 2017 outside lands music festival at san francisco's golden gate park. bands slated to take the stage include a tribe called quest, lord, me tal car, and the who. single day tickets go on sale thursday. the festival runs from august 11th through the 13th. to see a full list of all the acts set to take the stage, head on over to our website, and click on web links. still to come here, a bay
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area high school in mourning tonight. >> the kids just made him smile, and they loved him. they loved him. >> in a moment, how colleagues and students are remembering a teacher who died just one kay after he retired. and we're tracking the forecast for tomorrow. it cooled off today. temperatures trend down again tomorrow with that chance of rape in the forecast. who are these people?
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the bay area school district is in mourning after a popular and respected high
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school biology teacher in pleasanton died unexpectedly. >> his death came just one day after retiring from a teacher career that spanned decades. ktvu's rob roth spoke with the teacher's family and fellow teachers. >> reporter: at amador valley high school in pleasanton near the front entrance a flower memorial continues to grow. it is in honor of eric thiel, a legendary and much loved biology teacher here who died one day after he retired. >> nothing could have prepared me for the phone call that i got. >> reporter: zach thiel says his father came home after seeing the movie wonder woman with one of his children when his dad suddenly died. he was 65 years old. why he died is still in known. >> he always has that positive vibe on him that makes everybody feel better. i'm going to miss that the most. >> reporter: thiel's second family was here at the school where he taught advanced
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placement biology for decades. those at amador valley high say not only did students look up to him but his fellow teachers as well. >> is he had a passion for biology. i mean, just had a passion for it. i mean, he helped me be a better teacher, because i had a passion for music, and his passion just pushed me further. >> reporter: this former physics teacher was a close friend. he retired the same day as thiel. >> he and i talked about getting paddle boards, do a little more baking. in fact, we have t-shirts we made a couple years back. we called ourselves the sons of mularkey. >> reporter: friends and family say thiel looked forward to a retirement he earned but now will never get to enjoy. eric thiel leaves behind a wife and three children and students too many to count. >> he loved getting to the classroom. the kids just made him smile. and they loved him.
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they loved him. >> reporter: in pleasanton, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. >> one day. you work all your life. >> a long career. >> and yet so many plans for you have a retire. you want to do things that you haven't been able to do while you've been working. >> let's talk about our weather now, bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. a nice day out there. >> temperatures a little cooler. the rain is in the forecast as we head towards the thursday, sort of the middle end of this week. clouds increase. that will cool temperatures off. they increase because of this weather system. you can see a little moisture, a little radar return coming off the seattle radar right in there. you see a little green. it gets here on thursday. but tomorrow what happens is the clouds increase, and as those clouds increase, it's filtered sunshine. it typically means temperatures on the trend down. sour going to see less sunshine, more clouds, and a cooler day. so there it is.
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you see the clouds out here. the system will be here starting tomorrow, but really the chance of showers don't show up until thursday. i will show that you on the model. so here is the heat in the valley right now. you see the cool marine breeze represented by the green. a live camera shot. you can kind of see the fog now below sutro tower. such a unique angle because you're facing more -- kind of a little bit east-northeast, because there's diablo. you're not due east yet, but you're pretty close. but that's an interesting look because you're looking down toward south city, looking across towards hayward and those areas. so the forecast for tomorrow, cooler than today because of the cloud cover. fog at the coast. and then temperatures tomorrow, you are going to see them warm into the 70s, 60s and 70s around the bay with a few low 80s. a cooler day tomorrow for sure. and then that chance of showers
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shows up. so mary's wednesday morning, tomorrow morning. there's the clouds for tomorrow afternoon. and then here comes this guy, and boom. 9:00 a.m. a thursday morning. that's real wet right there. that's a quarter of an inch up around guerneville and up around the bo day ga bay area. you see it tail off. when that slides through, that's trace amounts no, big deal for us, but cloudy. so that's your thursday. friday it starts to clear out. look at the mountains. the mountains keep going with a few showers involved. even continued unsettled north of here. so an unusual -- not out of the question to get a few sprinkles this time of year but certainly an unusual pattern for this time of year. you see over next seven days, almost an inch and a half of rain up at crescent city. that is significant. that will help fire danger. it will prolong -- or not prolong with you will delay the fire season a little longer for the folks in the north bay. here's the cooler forecast highs than we talked about. 77 san jose, 81 morgan hill,
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then the five-day forecast looks like that. i hope it rains. i think most of the rain will be north of san rafael. i hope i get a little at my house, because it would be nice. the real story with this is just cooler. as we head towards the weekend as you see temperatures begin to level off back into the upper 70s. >> bill, thank you. >> thanks, bill. well, the warriors were practicing today, back incleveland. they were preparing for game three of the nba finals tomorrow night. mark will have that and all of sports coming up next.
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chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. warriors back in cleveland getting ready for game three. a possible chance at making history going 16-0 in the playoffs. >> i tell you what, tomorrow night is the championship if the warriors can win it. i've been back there. >> you said it's just so loud. >> this is maybe not popular to say here, but it's every bit as loud as oracle. i've been there the last couple of years. if the warriors can win that game, just stem the tide a little bit and make it happen, this thing is over and out. the odds makers have the warriors at three-and-a-half point favorites, which is pretty good considering they're playing out on the road. there is the warrior group practicing today in cleveland. made it safe and sound there.
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and kind of interesting to note in the upcoming interview you are about to here, look at the different body language, the energy level as steph curry, then lebron james assess the current situation, both teams. >> we're all locked in and focused and playing aggressive, knowing that whoever has the ball, make a play, just try to keep it simple. something good is going to happen. you are going to either make a play for yourself or somebody else. at the end of the day we all after role. we all have an opportunity. we all can really play at an extremely high level. >> i can get my guys ready, get myself ready, but you hate to continue to put yourself in these positions, but at the end of the date's still just basketball, man. now it's getting to be more comfortable because it's just a game. i prepare myself. i'm going to go out and do my job and live with the results. >> anybody who thinks that
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lebron thinks it's just a game, watch him tomorrow night and tell me if you think he thinks it's just a game. hey, they are short timers, but if they're going to be here for only a couple more years might as well have some fun with the raiders. there was a pretty good hint of what might be to come. look at marshawn lynch, number 24 looking spry, energetic and fresh legs as he goes through his drills with the raiders. if that guy can play, he missed all of last year. brief retirement for him, but he talked today about coming back to his hometown and how the impending move to vegas actually impacted his decision to join the silver and a black. >> them staying probably wouldn't have been so big for me to want to come and play, but knowing that they was leaving and, you know, a lot of the kids here probably won't have an opportunity to see most of their idols growing up, be
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in their hometown any more, with me being from here, continuing to be here, it gives them an opportunity. they get to see somebody that actually did it. >> all right, and jack del rio tweeted this out from his phone today. as you see him in action, breaking off a little touchdown run. of course, it is just practice. but man, he looks pretty good right now. september. a couple months away obviously. meantime, got to readjust our sites, and that's kind of a tough thing for giants fans to do. they're just out of it. there's no other way to explain it. it's one of those games. that's some big money pitching right there. jeff samardzija, bark in the park night in milwaukee. bring your dog. a lot of charities go to tony
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larussa's outfit. 2nd inning, perez deep, that's in the third deck. 1-0 lead brewers. four-run second. and eric sogard, a little blooper down the left field line. brandon crawford, looked like he was going to make a sensational catch just off his glove. any other year brandon catches that ball. he's a gold glover, two runs score. and then the injury to insult. the pitcher, chase an a deer son of the brewers, clobbers one to left. austin slater can't come up with it. that's an rbi double. as we currently stand the brewers on top in that ball game 5-0 in the 8th. meantime, that's all the time. >> save some for later. >> we're out of time. >> i like that bring your dog to the game. >> that's so cute. >> tony larussa behind that. >> mark, thank you. >> see you later, everyone. >> thanks for joining us. good night. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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