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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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nation. and advanced copy of former fbi director james comey's opening statement ahead of his appearance on capitol hill. >> he plans to talk about his conversations with president trump surrounding the russia investigation and he is prepared to say that the president asked him to lift the cloud over the administration. >> reporter: the statement is seven pages long and he said it has details from his private conversations with president trump. in his written testimony to congress former fbi director james comey said his first meeting with president-elect trump was january 6 at trump tower.
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comey said they discussed the fbi investigation of russian interference in the election and he assured mr. trump that we did not have an open counterintelligence case on him. on january 27 comey describes an awkward dinner at the white house where he was surprised to be the only guest . he said the president asked if he wanted to stay on as an er director. he stated the president said i need loyalty and i expect loyalty. i did not move speak or change my facial expression during the awkward silence. we simply looked at each other. comey said on february 14 after a white house briefing president trump ordered everyone out of the room except comey and brought up the fbi investigation into national security adviser michael flynn russia ties . he said i hope you can see way clear to letting this go. to letting flynn go. he is a good guy. i have understood the president to be requesting that we drop any investigation of flynn.
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comey describes two phone conversation on march 30 and april 11 when president trump called him at the fbi asking what comey could do to lift the cloud of the rush investigation . me nine the president fired comey . president trump spent the day in ohio on wednesday but his attorney said the statement vindicates the president proving he was not a target in the fbi russia investigation and did nothing wrong. >> it gives him the out. i do not know the protocols. i don't know the rules. i am an outsider. >> reporter: a politics professor said the testimony of comey could erode the presidents support . >> it weakens him politically. it jeopardizes him legally. >> reporter: the professor said so far it provides no smoking gun. tomorrow the senators will be pressing comey hard to provide more details . california senators are both members of the senate intelligence committee and they will be among those questioning comey .
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this morning president trump use twitter to announce his choice for the next fbi director. christopher wray is a former justice department official in the bush administration . he headed the criminal division. more recently in private practice wray represented chris christie in the bridge gate scandal. turn to us for the complete coverage of the comey testimony . it will begin at 7:00 am. we will have updates and analysis and to watch the testimony and is directed go to . he makes it look so easy.
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kevin durant hit a three- pointer with 45 seconds left. sending the warriors to the win. tonight's victory makes it 15 straight playoff wins for the warriors. that is a new record for the longest playoff winning streak in any of the four major u.s. sports. we have more team coverage tonight. we begin with amber at oracle arena. >> reporter: they were super excited. fans came here to oracle arena for the excitement and the game and then they got a nailbiter. the end result was exactly what they wanted. the fireworks over oracle celebrates game three victory. fans left confident now that the warriors are one game from
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winning the championship. >> kevin durant. i loved it. >> it is a dream comes true. >> reporter: the mood from the watch party was tense. they said this is the first time here. they said regular games are too pricey. >> it is to expensive. it is the feeling and the ambience watching the warriors. >> reporter: people say the fanfare and intensity that comes with the final game enhance the experience. season-ticket holders find it worthwhile to watch at oracle even with the team on the road. >> i was here when the warriors
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were not winning. i was here for the we believe. when we were hoping to go to the playoffs. >> reporter: there were 16,000 fans who attended. >> i wanted to be part of the atmosphere. truck many fans want a sweep but they have the championship will be one at home. >> i think it will go in five. i want them to come back him. >> reporter: the warriors will host another watch party on friday. fans tell me they are confident. from oakland to cleveland. >> reporter: nobody was
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chanting sweep. they knew it was impossible. the atmosphere was similar to what was in oakland until the last 2 1/2 minutes of the game. the warriors knew they would get the cavaliers best and that is what they got. the warriors were trailing by six points. cleveland had the ball with less than 2 1/2 minutes to play. in the warriors went on a run. next time they went to the guy who was the story. kevin durant. he hit a jumper and it is a two- point game. the signature shot, kevin durant nailed a three. all of the sudden the warriors had a one point lead.
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durrant scored seven straight points. the warriors a close it out by scoring the last 11 points of the game. they take the lead in the series. even when the momentum felt like it was swinging cleveland's way they stayed with a game plan. >> the experience we have had together is preparing us for these moments. >> they may have guys that play a lot of minutes. we both had great games. we kept fighting. >> we continue to fight. we knew at that point we had to get the stop. >> i don't want to relax. it is not over. it is a crazy game and anything
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can happen. i don't want to relax or feel like it is over. it is not. i am trying to enjoy this moment. >> reporter: this was the scene in the warriors tunnel after the game. family and team ownership. if they win on friday it will be times 12. that is the goal right now. it is hard to imagine it working out any other way. tonight's game kept the fans on their edge of their seats. and walnut creek there was
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plenty of tension. it made for an exciting finish. san francisco hosted its own watch party. strangers became friends. about 500 people watched a jumbotron outside city hall. it was free and plenty of room to spread out. and other viewing is set for friday night. our coverage continues on our website . check out the story on the new warriors store that opened today in the say. -- city. parents of 14 students are being told to test their children for infection after a student pricked others with a medical lancet. this happened at cabrillo school in fremont. a student found the lancet at the school drop off. later that day is supervisor saw the child playing with it and took it away.
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the student said no one had been pricked by the device. a spokesperson said the school learned the following week that the student had poked 14 of the children. so far there are no reports of any ellis. a woman accused of putting methamphetamine inside the mouth of a two-year-old boy at a park was charged today with felony child abuse. it happened yesterday afternoon. he was with his nanny and another toggle at people's park in berkley. witnesses say a 36-year-old asked the boy if you want to canty and grabbed him. >> she grabbed him by the back of his head enforced it in his mouth. i ran straight up.. she ran off. >> she was taken to children's hospital. officials say the urine tested positive for methamphetamines.
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thomas is being held without bail. it is called operation seasick. the law enforcement training under way that is been six months in the making. dozens of redwood trees to be cut down tomorrow. why is that happening? we are tracking raindrops. we are getting a few reports. by the morning the commute will be impacted by wet weather. ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless.
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pg&e is beginning a project in sunnyvale. crews are expected to cut down 30 redwood trees that the utility said is blocking access to natural gas pipelines. it is taking place in victory village neighborhood. residents have been fighting the project questioning whether the cutting down of the trees is necessary. >> our work here involves replacing 30 trees that are too close to the gas line. we recognize how important trees are to local communities. >> we have been in meetings asking them for proof that they tested the pipelines. there has not been proof that there is issues. cutting down the trees is not telling us anything.
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>> the tree cutting project is part of pg&e statewide initiative to clear gas line obstructions. federal law enforcement agents said they are preparing to offer a reward for information about a suspect in a huge fire that destroyed an apartment complex that was under construction on the oakland emeryville city line. investigators have been looking for evidence. it all but destroyed the $35 million project. came on the heels of another suspicious fire at that same project a year ago. the atf will update the status of the investigation tomorrow with information about the suspect and the reward. from overseas where there are reports of a military plane crash. government officials say it found bodies and debris while searching for a transport plane. 122 people were on board. half were family members.
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the flight was a regularly scheduled transport heading to the capital city. the aircraft was a chinese made turboprop. it had lost contact with ground control 29 minutes after takeoff. the fbi joined various law enforcement agencies for a training exercise called operation seasick. the goal of the drill is to improve crisis response. >> reporter: it started with orange smoke representing a chemical agent being released. it was one of several scenarios that more than a dozen state local and federal agencies took part in. >> we want to make sure the public is aware that we have the ability to together as a team. >> reporter: although it is taking place in alameda the fbi operation seasick is set at the port of oakland.
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if and active shooter barricade himself on a boat. several people are injured. the drill takes an unexpected turn when the firefighters become the victims after contact with the chemical. >> you do what you are trained to do and then they throw you a curveball. you have to adapt and react. >> reporter: the fbi said it is important to take part in drills with other agencies. it shows the strength and weaknesses they need to build on. >> there are elements that show up. we want to start making sure that we bring the whole family together. >> reporter: the drill was six months in the making. being proactive in preparing is better than being reactive. >> you train how you play. that is what we try to instill. if you train make it the real
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thing. when it comes up we will know what to do. >> reporter: tomorrow will focus on investigation and collections. we are tracking the rain that is coming. after a day of cooler daytime highs. there is a chance of showers tomorrow. antioch was at 80 degrees. this is the system we are tracking. you can see we have some green. i am looking at reports but what happens is typically you want to get an area around an airport. i think we are getting reports
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of ground precipitation but very light. it will be wet in the morning. we will look at some of the rainfall forecast numbers. it is not a big deal. it is a big deal when you combine it with a morning commute. here is 5:00 am. it is damp. before noon san jose will see some drizzle. the rain clears out but the afternoon commute will be cloudy and cool. friday morning the fog comes back. watch this on saturday. this will preclude any warm-up. even on saturday into sunday we will stay on the cool side.
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temperatures into the weekend cool off. it is an unusual pattern for this time of year. it will be 60s and 70s for most of us. there will be a few clouds lingering but mostly fog at the coast. a chinese restaurant in san jose that has been in business for 100 years is set to close. wings chinese restaurant has been open since 1925. it has been owned by three different families. the owners posted a notice on the door that said they plan to close at the end of the month due to a significant rate hike. wings is one of the oldest full-
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service restaurant in san jose. the 10th inning drive broke the tie. a warriors victory in game three of the nba finals. here is a look at tonight's fire works.
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historic finish. interesting that i am not a statistics guy. lebron james played 46 of the 48 minutes. the two minutes he was not on the court the warriors outscored cleveland by 12 points. they need lebron. he had helped tonight. the warriors scored the last 11 points of the game and they have a commanding lead of the
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series. the warriors have a good point guard. the most impressive thing about steph curry is he had 13 rebounds. and 26 points. thompson had 30 points tonight. sensational display. here it is the closing moments. that is the game-winner. they came from six down with three minutes left. >> i have never been in this position being up in the finals. and trying to close it out. i know how exciting it will be for us as a team.
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their fans will be into it. they want a win. has he been an acquisition. the final game they hope is on friday night. how about the oakland a's. this goes over the wall. the oakland a's were down early. the canadian fans will wind up going home happy. they are the winners. i decided after looking at the kid all night i feel bad for him.
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the giants led but did not hold up. this goes down the right-field line. that is an rbi double and put the brewers ahead. thank you for joining us. there's a place like no other...
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