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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  June 8, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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plan to accomplish that goal with programs to incentivize students to reach out early for those at high risk of dropping out. today all eyes are on capitol hill as former fbi director james comey testifies in front of congress. the voice of the golden state warriors joins is alive as the teams and fans celebrate another victory from game 3. playing the main stage at this year's san francisco pride. live from capitol hill where we are entering the third hour of james comey's testimony in front of the senate intelligence committee. welcome to the nine everybody. a lot in regards to him being asked about the president's tweets, i think his lords were
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lordy. >> at least a dozen photographers in that small picture alone on the floor taking pictures. you and i were struggling to remember the last time a testimony garnered this much attention. >> right. >> [ indiscernible-multiple speakers ] >> people are watching this like a sporting event. one significant thing that has happened is that james comey said he thought the administration lied and misrepresented not only him but the fbi. >> we continue our coverage now of that testimony. >> the hearing has been going on for 2 hours now. the president -- >> kelly has been monitoring the situation and is here with the latest.>> good morning. at one point during questioning
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that has gone on for at least 2 hours now, james comey answered questions from the sentate inelligence committee the day after that sentate inelligence committee released some prepared statements that james comey put out. in the statements he detailed some of the private conversations he had with the president before he was hired on may 9. we want to go back to that life picture showing you how packed this hearing has been. there are dozens of people camped out on the floor taking pictures. there was a report that people had to wait in line before the hearing started to get in. i want to focus on questioning when he was asked why he decided to take such detailed notes of all of his private conversations with the president. he says he had 9 conversations with the president. when asked
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why he took notes he said it was a quote a gut feeling, under the circumstances i was alone, it also pertained to the information and person i was interacting with. he said at the time it will be important to protect this organization meaning the fbi. james comey said when he saw the president tweet that the president wrote on may 12 3 days after his firing saying he had better hope there are no taped conversations of our interactions. that is when he asked a friend of his to give him his detailed notes about the meetings to leak it to the press to create a sense of urgency for a special counsel to investigate. the topic of the tapes came up in questioning from california
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senator dianne feinstein. she also asked about a supposedly loyalty pledge that at one point during a private dinner president donald trump told james comey he needed loyalty. here is how he followed up . >> why didn't you stop and say, mr. president this is wrong. i cannot discuss this with you? >> i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in. the only thing i could think to say because i was playing it over in my mind, was what should my response be, i carefully chose the words. i have seen the tweet about the tapes, lordy i hope there are tapes. >> there is that one-liner lordy i hope there are tapes that you were referencing mike. some other highlights include when asked do you have any doubt russia tried to interfere with the u.s. election james comey said yes.
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excuse me, he said no, he also said he is confident no records were tampered with. he was also asked if russia was thought to have influenced the election and he said they will be back. these are in addition to some of the things he stated in his opening remarks with strong words towards president donald trump about being defamed and being told lies about the fbi. the questioning continues at this time. he is in front of about a dozen senators or so. we will have another update for you coming up in about 30 minutes. joining us now is a law professor and thank you for joining us. you have been glued to the tv watching the testimony, in your opinion the testimony you have heard, is it a threat to the white house? >> my sense is that whether it
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is a threat or not depends on the opinion of the people watching. my impression of what is going on is that some serious allegations have been made about undue pressure on the fbi. >> russian egg is beginning to crack, they say they did it with purpose and sophistication and with overwhelming technical effort. how does the trump administration refute this text >> i don't know, that is hard to say especially given the fact that it is his word against his word. >> so it is about question ability. >> what do you think mr. trump's lawyer caught in the tweet, let's just say you are mr. trump's lawyer. what would you advise at this point? >> that would be a very difficult position to be in. i assume what he is going to do is exactly what they have been doing so far which is a flat out denial. >> that's it? >> that is what we are seeing. >> i would think knowing president donald trump he may
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want to tweet but he hasn't tweeted. >> there are a few republican positions on this that are possible. one is the idea that when the president told james comey i hope you will let flynn go, he was expressing hope not putting pressure on him. that basically requires listeners to ignore the conflict. you would have to ignore all of that and say, you know he is just expressing his wishes. >> can you say the same about the whole loyalty in the prewritten testimony that came up? how do you interpret that? >> i am already seeing some [ indiscernible-multiple speakers ] >> as president donald trump you want loyal people in your cabinet. as far as the director of the fbi that could be different. >> for the united states or the
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oval office? >> that is where the interpretation issue comes up. >> what a reasonable person say if president donald trump told you that? >> it is body language, >> it is also the best history that we have with the fbi. >> you must be encouraged that these hearings are being so closely watched here at home. in some way this can only be good for the country. >> i am delighted people are waking up and care about what is happening. i would love to be a fly on the wall in a closed session that will follow up with what we are seeing now. there are a few hints as to what will happen this afternoon because james comey has said several times these are things i cannot address in open session. i think he will address them here or in special counsel that is coming. >> professor thank you so much
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we appreciate your time. stay with us on the 9 we will have coverage on the final hours of james comey's testimony. if you want to see complete testimony uninterrupted we are airing it live right now on ktvu plus. >> how closely are you watching what is happening with this testimony? we will take a peek at the poll results in a moment. we will talk market later. it is pretty slit -- split on this ladies and gentlemen. when it comes to our tweets we like your responses. a question here what will come of this? how about we talk less and do more. >> another viewer says let's hope for a positive outcome after all of this. >> richie says i said not at all but things are getting spiteful. >> we will keep checking your responses throughout the day.
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thanks by the way for using our hashtag. >> coming up next breaking news out of the city of sunnyvale , one man killed and another man injured in an early morning shooting. we have been following this story and will have a live report on where the investigation stands now. school leaders say an elementary student stabbed more than a dozen children with a needle found on the ground. the testing the students will now have to undergo. ♪ ♪
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happening again now testimony for former fbi director james comey continues . california senator harris asking james comey questions right now. if you want to see this testimony uninterrupted we are airing it live on ktvu plus and also streaming at at we are also monitoring what is
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happening so we will have more coming up for you at 9:30 am. police are investigating an early-morning homicide happening in sunnyvale . >> christian has more information about what police are saying about the shooting. >>reporter: investigators are looking into this shooting that left one man dead and another man seriously injured with critical injuries. this is the area they are looking at here on east duane avenue. the men may have been inside the club here before the shooting. here is what we know. that shooting happened around 2:15 am this morning. when investigators arrived they found one man dead in the parking lot and another man nearby with wounds. he was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries but he is expected to survive. the men were involved in a argument when they were targeted. >> right now we are investigating what exactly occurred, it could have been some type of altercation, we
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don't know who they were arguing with. we do know they were shot at by the people they were arguing with. we are trying to determine who the suspects are. >> right now investigators are looking for those shooters, they are speaking with witnesses and they are approaching nearby businesses to see if there were any surveillance cameras that may have captured that shooting. investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward with what they know. they are hoping perhaps somebody may have a crucial piece of information about the shooting and will come forward. back to you. or than a dozen students in fremont are waiting for blood test results after another student poked them with a needle. the schools released a statement saying may 26 the student found a used diabetic lancet which is a needle used to test blood sugar levels. the district says the student found it outside of an
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elementary school, brought it into the school and hope to several students with it. an adult saw the lancet and took it away. the school later learned more than a dozen students had been poked with the needle. the school district notified public health and the student responsible has been disciplined. one man arrested in connection to the deadly warehouse of fire is scheduled to be in court. derek almeda is being arraigned and we will have an update coming up on the noon news. henry lee is in the courthouse almeda and harris both days counts of involuntary manslaughter. harris was a hello tenant and doorman during the december rate. they expect him to arrive this afternoon after being transported from southern california where he was arrested on monday.
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>> almeda's defense team will hold a news conference to discuss this case tomorrow morning. his wife is expected to speak. we will carry that news conference here live for you on ktvu fox2. we will also have it on our website coming up, he is the voice of the golden state warriors, next we are joined by matt are with and we go live to cleveland with joe fonzie. who are these people?
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here we are and the dow is up by 68 points and that story percentagewise jump is the same for the nasdaq and s&p. talking about a championship you can see the light at the end of the tunnel after the teams thrilling come from behind victory last night. the warriors held a commanding lead, that was great.
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watch this. this is steph curry's layup. beautiful. the warriors are just one win away from another title after stunning the cavaliers. they were down but scored the final 11 points of that game. kevin durand who was a favorite scored a 31 point including that three pointer with 35 seconds left. they are now up 3 games and have all but wrapped it up. they have not wrapped it up yet.>> i'm going to knock on wood. >> last night here is the thing, when katie got three, i rewound my dvr several times and watched of the reaction of the audience and it was, are you kidding me right over lebron. >> i love it. i also love this. i had to be here a lot earlier so i don't get the morning
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paper but my son got the paper this morning and he was more excited and text me a photo of the front page of the paper. there it is. durand the big shot. >> you have trained him well mike. >> our own joe fonzie is outside quicken loans arena in cleveland ohio, joe how was being inside that arena last night.? >>reporter: all but one means you haven't one yet. everyone is talking about history and that is wonderful but the thing they really want to remember, last year is still haunting them the fact that you still have to win that fourth one. you talk about the way things changed in a short time. first we will give you a picture of where we are here.
9:21 am
we are in a pavilion that separates progressive field where the indians play and the quicken loans where the cavaliers play. what this looks like now, it looks like the day after new year's when you have to clean up your house. not such a good time when you have to clean up the mess the next day. this is what folks are experiencing here right now. the cavaliers had a 6 point lead in that ballgame and the ball with less than 2.5 minutes to play. that is when the golden state warriors went crazy on both sides of the ball and hitting the clutch shots. it was steph curry first , he drove into the lane and all of a sudden when he made the hoop now it is no longer a 6 point game. the folks in the stand getting a bit nervous but still feel like they have the game one. durrant hits a short jumper and now it is a 2 point game.
9:22 am
the next time down the floor he comes down and just so calmly hits that 3 pointer. some of the guys talked about having the guts to take that shot that put them ahead by one point, toronto scored several points during that game. the afterwards the guys talk about how you stay cool when cleveland is giving you all it has caught the arena is jacked up and to stay calm and stay with the game plan. >> the experience that we have had together, we have been in some pretty hostile environments. >> they might have guys playing a lot of minutes and doing a lot of work out there. both had great games but we just kept fighting and sticking with the game plan. >> we just continued to fight.
9:23 am
we knew at that point we had to get a stop. nobody dropped shoulders like the game was over. >> i don't want to relax because it was not over. this was a crazy game, anything can happen. i don't want to relax and feel like it is over because it's not. i am trying to just enjoy this moment. >> we have been to this arena the last in years because they have been in this position before. this is the tunnel the warriors come out of and you can see how jacked up they were. there is ownership, family members, probably steph curry's mom right there. they were all happy as can be. draymond green a lot of emotion as he came off the court tonight. we were also there to years ago. as excited as they were last night, they know they have one more they have to win. we will show you a live shot
9:24 am
now, this time last year if you look up there, they have an x for every one of the playoff wins they have. you can see they pretty much went right through the first 12. down in the lower right-hand they are stuck on the 4 you need to win it all. last year after game 4, they were stuck on number 13, ryan cecile, our camera man and i looked up and said, there is no way they get to 14 , 15 , and 16. but they did. they found a way to do it last year and so what the warriors are doing is not taking anything for granted. we have been on these before and have seen how the game threes in portland, utah caught these were tough games. they gave them all they wanted and now the warriors know they have one more tomorrow that they have to accomplish to get to their ultimate goal. >> happy flight home for you joe, we appreciated.
9:25 am
joining us this morning the voice of the golden state warriors announcer matthew hurwitz. thank you for coming in and we appreciated. >> i'm still tired too. >> was like watching the scene? you are right there on the court in action compared to years past?>> i didn't think to -- to go years a row it could get any better. the season as a whole was incredible, we get kevin durand and see what is happening on the floor. it was an incredible season and the postseason here we are.>> your energy goes up too. when they go on a run and the opposition called a timeout, i can sense it in your voice. >> it unfolds right. it comes out right at the get go. >> went andre makes a basket,
9:26 am
your andre aguilar that you write? both of you keep the energy up in that arena, that is your job. silly question, is it easier when they are winning? >> it is but i have to be honest because of the high energy and excitement happening on and off the court with the fans, my energy is really taken to a new level. the other night i had a headache by the second quarter. i was at a level i have never done before feeding off of that energy. that is something we have not experienced the last couple of years. >> how do you protect your instruments? my goodness, do you talk a lot less, is it milk and honey,
9:27 am
what is the trick for preserving your voice. >> is a combination of all of those. ginger, honey, tea, don't talk too much. sometimes i tell my wife i need to have some alone quiet time to rest my voice because when it comes to game time it is a whole other animal. >> come on. >> i bite my lip. >> you are right there and throughout these years have the players ever set i liked the way you called that? >> we get good positive feedback from them, i have not gotten negative feedback from players. last year before the olympics steph curry was courtside and he texted my boss the director of team experience and said i am glad i am not mad at having to do all those chinese names. >> this year we have a guy from
9:28 am
washington call you are an eagle. how did you get into this gig? did you want to be a sports reporter and then transition?>> i am probably like all of you. i wanted to go into journalism and broadcasting. i went on radio and running track at university. i told coach i wanted to get into broadcasting and he said come out and announce our meet. it unfolded after that to volleyball, soccer, baseball and a wide variety at the college level. that was a great way to get extra money but never thought it would be a career. >> you are stuck, you cannot leave because now that they are winning, you can change anything. >> know. let's mark the tape on that. >> we have to run what you take to break right now.>> we got more coming up. [ indiscernible- multiple speakers ] >> look at you caught very nice.
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we care about using cage-free eggs. and we care about amazing taste. because at best foods, we're on the side of food.
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happening now testimony by former fbi director james comey is entering its final 30 minutes. if you would like to see the entirety of the hearing we are carrying it for you now on ktvu plus that is channel sicko or 36 and we are also bringing it to you live on . as far as the obstruction of justice question he said i don't know we will sort that out. how close are you monitoring the testimony? as you can see now the poll shows 83%, 30% they not at all, a lot of chatter about this online on social media.
9:32 am
>> i have a ton of responses and this is probably the most evenly split poll on mornings on 2. here's a tweet that that there is nothing to check out because we now know our president did not ask him to stop the investigation. i have others saying i am dipping in but not married to it. >> i have one tweet saying this is a dog and pony show that will cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars and prove nothing. others are also commenting on who has the time to watch this at a bar? don't these people work? >> they may work overnight and be able to do that. >> thank you for your responses you can always reach us on twitter. we have been monitoring this hearing throughout the morning and our reporter joins us now with the latest.>> a lot of interesting moments from earlier this morning and we want to get to some of those
9:33 am
highlights. james comey as we know testifying and answering questions from senators from the sentate inelligence committee the past several hours now. one thing that came out in the beginning was when asked, come he said he had no doubt russia did try to interfere with the election. he said there is no evidence rusher had tampered with any voting. he also said the president never directly ordered him to stop the russia investigation. you will recall in his prepared statement there were things that he wrote about saying the president privately told him to "let it go with regards to michael flynn. the president also according to come he referenced several times in private meetings a quote unquote cloud hanging over his administration because of the russia investigation. he also said it was a gut feeling he had and regarding to
9:34 am
the nature of the person i was with that he felt compelled to take notes and document each private conversation with the president. he had 9 of them before he was fired. he was concerned president donald trump would lie about their meetings. there was a tweet saying that comey better hope there are no recordings of our conversations before they are leaked. that is when he passed along his notes with president donald trump to a friend to let the press know he had taken these notes. he did this to create momentum to appoint a special counsel to take over the investigation. and opening remarks he had strong words for president donald trump, saying the manner in which he was fire was disparaging to the f vi.>> although the law required no reason at all to fire an fbi director, the ministration chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying the organization was in disarray.
9:35 am
they said it was poorly led and that the workforce had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies plain and simple. i am so sorry that the fbi workforce had to hear them and i am sorry the american people were told them.>> he also testified this morning that he thought he was being fired in part because of the russia investigation. when asked why this investigation was important he had this to say. >> we are talking about a foreign government that using technical intrusion and other methods tried to shape the way we think we vote and act. that is a big deal. people need to recognize it, it is not about republicans or democrats, they are coming after america which i hope we all love equally. >> when asked whether he thought russia would try to influence a u.s. election again he said quote they will be back and when asked if he thinks
9:36 am
trump colluded with russia he said i don't think i should answer that although he did go on to say earlier he repeated the fact that the president himself under comey's tenure was not personally under investigation. >> when you are watching this did you notice a partisan tip to who was asking questions? versus republicans and democrats and the town? >> very much along the party lines. some democratic senators trying to ask more specifically about the let it go comment in regards to michael flynn. the loyalty pledge where republican senators seem to be hearing on the fact that president donald trump is not under investigation. that was brought up several times only by republicans.>> thank you so much. we are monitoring this hearing and we know a handful of bay area bars opened earlier today to show his appearance on capitol hill.
9:37 am
our reporter g no is at one of those locations, has it cleared up behind you? >> -- >>reporter: i think people have sort of carried on with their day, a lot were here earlier and now you can see behind us it is beginning to clear out just a bit. certainly this was a packed house this morning, a lot more people than they would normally have at this establishment all here watching the former fbi director james comey speak out about president donald trump and pressure he felt to drop the russia investigation. across the country millions were also tuning in this morning as he testified in front of the sentate inelligence committee. there are a number of unofficial watch parties happening this morning around san francisco and across the country. there are even some bars that we have heard in other cities doing drink specials in connection with the james comey
9:38 am
testimony. so many people are focused on this one congressional hearing .>> i am actually not surprised at all at this point. we have a lot of work to do no matter which side you are on.>> you have to imagine there could be a drop off in productivity at workplaces this morning, a lot of people potentially skipping work to watch this hearing or maybe tuning in and streaming it while they are working today. in talking with one of the owners here at gino and carlos they are used to having big crowds show up for sporting events. this is something that was sort of unusual that they had so many people out here this morning this early. people started showing up around 6:30 am this morning. they were all here to watch what else, a hearing on capitol
9:39 am
hill at a bar. kind of makes sense i suppose. back to you guys. thank you alex. today's weather is a very on june like i will say is we go to steve, it does not seem like a june day. >> not foremost, there were some decent amounts north of you guys. a very cool pattern even though the rain is winding down. it is not going to be much in the way of clearing. talk about gray skies here in sausalito. that is the most i saw northwest. santa rosa 20 2/100, remember that. there was about a 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch.
9:40 am
these are the average june rain falls to date. they had their monthly total plus more in one day. i don't think san jose will get more than a trace. this system with its heaviest was north of the golden gate. a little after maybe on the peninsula side but this is pretty weak. it is moving away from its energy source which is the low. however, a very strong system will drop in here over the weekend which will keep us extremely cool. there is a good soft breeze in place with low clouds. amateurs are in the 60s , they will not warm-up much today. look for a cool pattern and if you are heading up to the mountains this weekend, there could be snow. be advised. sunday morning.
9:41 am
>> sunday morning it is. thank you. in 2007 pure roots formed out of santa cruz, this year they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary with a performance on the main stage at the san francisco pride in 2 weeks. >> joining us today, welcome to both of you. >> good morning to you. >> you are sitting next to a it of a legend here. >> it has been a privilege and ever since earl and i met we joined forces with pure roots that he is a vocal for us and he is behind it and taught us so much. it has been an honor for all of the bandmembers. a big shout out to the other bandmembers from here. >> i love the horns. when you think reggae i never
9:42 am
thought horns but when i listened to it it is great.>> we love horns. >> girl you are in the reggae hall of fame right?>> right. >> is for music i have done over the years. a lot of famous artists even bob marley, so they gave me this. it is nice i think it is fun. >> it is impossible to listen to reggae music and be in a bad mood. is that why you are drawn to this? >> reggae brings people together, it makes people love one another and do not hate so much. do not hate people, people must come together because love is the answer.>> jeff you mentioned learning from earl, what is something earl taught you? >> girl taught me a lot about the message of the music. with reggae music it is about the message and we use this music as a vehicle to spread a message to people and bring
9:43 am
people together. it is about not spreading hate or jealousy and things that are creating energy to fight people can be used for positivity. we use this as a universal method to tell people to come together and stop wasting energy. >> reggae music is a socially aware genre. >> relevant. >> right. at times maybe people need this kind of message. >> exactly. >> people need this kind of message no matter what their nationality, we have to come together. this music brings people together. me i love all people. all nationalities. >> who taught you the most about reggae? >> when i was growing up i used to love dennis brown.
9:44 am
i learned by myself playing my guitar and learning stuff in my neighborhood. i teach a lot of people so it brings people together. this will we play in the city will bring a lot of people together. when i say yeah, you say yeah. >> don't get me going now. >> everybody having fun. >> congratulations on all of your success and have a great show in san francisco. >> thank you. >> for more information check out the web links section of that is pure roots, go find them and listen to them. >> great job thank you. [ birds chirping ]
9:45 am
9:46 am
[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment.
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[ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] testimony for former fbi director james comey just wrapped up minutes ago. we will bring it to you live in its entirety on ktvu plus. we are still monitoring it and we will bring you that throughout the day on our later news. a family-run ice cream company new to san francisco known for its salt and taste provoking flavor recently announced 5 new flavors including rescue feuds from around the bay area. happy to be joined by jackie lopez manager of salt and straw in san francisco. thanks for joining us jackie. >> thank you for having me. >> when i say rescued cot
9:48 am
defined rescue feuds. >> it is food that may be to ugly to sell or over ripened. it still tastes the same and the fact that many of these foods get wasted. this is opportunity for these flavors to talk about these issues and show people it can be used in creative ways and it doesn't have to go to waste. >> i have a recommendation about a company importing produce that takes the slightly bruised apples, a little too ripe blueberries and brings it to customers homes for less than i would pay at the store. a perfect definition of something that would otherwise go into the trash. you partner with these kind of produce companies.>> we partner with food runners and that will be this one. >> said you mentioned food, this is the popcorn one.
9:49 am
imperfect produces can be citrus and way caramello. a lot of people don't used to thing to use the zest of a lemon or lime, this is edible food that would otherwise go into the garbage. as i tried to tell me about food runners. they do a noble job. >> they do. they work with bakeries, hotels, small restaurants on food that would normally be thrown out and they deliver it to people in need. that is great and letting the waste and. our seasonal flavors will be donated to that. >> is there a message you want to tell people at home. --? >> if it is a little bruised odds are it will taste the same and delicious. you should not overreact.
9:50 am
>> sometimes they are better when you are cooking or baking. is this the one with the popcorn in it? >> the popcorn came from the roxy theater which hence the name rocky road, the green film festival was there said the popcorn they had left over we were able to use for the base of this. >> a little bit of salty taste to it. you are encouraging people to go way beyond the chocolate comfort zone. >> right, try different things. to me it was a first. >> good, i appreciate the message of don't waste food and being a responsible purchaser. sometimes we go through milk vast, i take the milk that is not the freshest and set it aside. jackie lopez from salt & straw tell us where we can find these flavors . >> marshall street and we will
9:51 am
be up in hayes valley mid- summer. wait for us we will be everywhere. >> thank you jackie. we will be right back. but the way we watch it is not.
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how much would you pay for a hotel room that has no bathroom and does not even have walls? there is also a [ indiscernible ] >> better. >> this is a hotel in the swiss
9:54 am
alps, you get a double bed in a field cop breakfast served and there is also an outhouse that you can walk to and about 3 minutes. the two -- 2 brothers that run the hotel have many reservation requests from around the world. >> it is outside. >> that is not a hotel. downtown oakland could get its first major hotel probably different than that in 15 years. they plan to build a new hotel at broadway in the city's uptown district. it would be the first bay area hotel as a subsidiary of williams sonoma. this project would include 70 apartments and a number of retail stores. construction expected to begin next year. the oakland a's have a travel day today and head to
9:55 am
tampa. they are coming off of a tough loss to the blue jays yesterday. they got on board first but the jays took the lead in the second inning. oakland come back as fourth of the year. of course and you knew this would happen cut josh donaldson, remember him? he got the best of his exit team mates. toronto wins 7-5. evening up a game series with the brewers the giants were behind early but after this base was stolen in the third inning cop tied it up. that was followed by a long home run, his eighth in the season. the brewers won by a final 6-3. thanks to the help of some surprise the fans the vaughn
9:56 am
house was stuck at an airport at minneapolis because of bad weather and the airport was also out of rental cars. to avoid missing the first day of activities he tweeted asking if any packers fans who he could hitch a ride with. 2 guys responded and picked him up. >> nice. >> i got in the car and said, hey man how are you doing?>> they said i can't believe it's you. i said i appreciate that. you don't understand how painful i am. >> is wisconsin in the type of people we are. we treat packer players like family and we should all treat each other like family. >> chad johnson said after the 4 hour drive he showed his new friends around lambeau field, them shoes and gloves and even gave them $80 for gas. >> nice. the highest paid athletes
9:57 am
in the world and soccer superstar cristiano rinaldo tops the list within just the past 12 months. lebron james ii on that list and kevin durand fifth on the list. steph curry is eighth on the list. speaking of those 2 guys congrats to the warriors, one more game to go for the title. tip your cap to the head coach. that's it everybody, we will be back with a new broadcast. >> yes we will. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] ♪ >> wendy: made it! thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience! [ applause ] how you'


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