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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 2, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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a 3-month-old baby is fighting for his life after surviving a high-impact crash in concord. we'll have the latest developments. and this controversial video has gone viral after the president himself tweeted the clip of him body slamming a man with a cnn logo over his face. details on the social media fire storm that's erupting. good sunday evening everyone. i'm alyana gomez. a three-month-old baby boy continues to fight for his life tonight after surviving a horrific hit-and-run crash in concord that killed his two older brothers and his mother is hospitalized. the accident happened friday night. the mother and her three children were hit by an out-of- control car as they approached highway 4. ktvu leigh martinez is near the accident scene with more now as she
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continues to follow the developments. leigh? >> reporter: alyana, we are back out here of the barbecue restaurant close to where the accident happened. this morning we saw these flowers and this sign appear on the fence near the accident scene. this is a tribute to the two young boys who were killed in this accident. now their 3-month-old brother continues as you said to fight for his life even though he was restrained in a car seat. his injuries are described as major. on friday night a mother and her three boys ages 10, 5, and 3 months old went to see a drive-in movie. they were on their way home in san pablo. their dodge durango drove onto the entrance ramp to highway 4. at the same time a sedan exiting highway 4, but instead of taking the curb, the driver drove directly into the side of the durango. >> the infiniti launches up over our head and lands back here. probably close to 100 feet from
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the collision impact. the 5-year-old and 10-year-old were ejected. >> reporter: the brothers were killed. the mother and 3-month-oldbay -- baby were taken to the hospital. >> there are three children involved. i was close to two of them. for this to happen this crushes your world. >> reporter: lawrence rothenberg is the father of 5- year-old vincent. he told us the mother fears for the life of her 3-month-old son. chp tells us the baby boy is in critical condition at ucfs children's hospital in oakland. the driver of the infiniti sedan fled the scene on foot. 35-year-old wilson jr. later showed up at highland hospital. wilson was arrested for two counts of vehicular homicide, hit-and-run causing great bodily injury, and driving on a suspended or revoked license.
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chp tells us they will not be releasing the name of the 35- year-old mother. even though she has talked to investigators, she is still listed in critical condition and still in the hospital tonight. the father of her 5-year-old son mr. rothenberg, he did tell us he spoke to her yesterday and that she assured him the children were restrained in the car. he described her as a good mother. chp says the accident is still under investigation there. they are still it investigating whether or not those children were properly secured in the vehicle. >> this is such a horrific tragedy, leigh. we're praying for the 3-month- old and the mother who is still hospitalized. leigh, thank you so much for your report tonight. four people are hospitalized after being shot in east oakland last night. the shooting happened on humboldt avenue near foothill boulevard around 8:00. investigators say the victims were not all in the same place. two were shot outside an apartment complex. a third person was struck by a bullet that went into a home. and the fourth was inside a
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parked car. police aren't saying if the victims knew each other and there's no word on their conditions. one man said he heard what he thought were fireworks when he realized it was gunfire. police have not made any arrests so far. firefighters this weekend battled a blaze inside the port of oakland. it started about 8:45 saturday night and involved a piece of machinery called the hydraulic lift. firefighters said the fire started in the engine compartment. the lift is used to move container ons and off the -- containers on and off the truck. the lift operator was taken to the hospital to be checked out. there's no word on what started the fire. several hundred activists gathered for a rally and march in san francisco today calling for the impeachment of president donald trump. >> that we are here and we are watching. [ cheering and applause ] >> the rally was held at justin herman plaza with the march
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around the embarcadero. organizers will hold president trump accountable for his actions and are committed to the impeachment process. they also feel the congressional republicans are amended to the nation's integrity. >> we expect the republicans to have a moral compass and see this man for who he is, a crook and a collaborator with the russians. but apparently they would rather pass their tax deductions for the rich than to protect our democratic institutions. >> the demonstrators say there is more than enough evidence to begin the impeachment inquiry with lists of allegations including conflicts of interest, illegal financial transactions, and obstruction of justice. meanwhile president trump is coming under fire once again for a tweet that many feel celebrates violence against the free press. the president posted this video of a mock-up wrestling video of him body slamming someone with a cnn logo super imposed on his
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face. some are saying the tweet went way too far to encourage violence saying it might be because of their violence privacy. aimed at the host of msnbc's morning joe. today's tweet would prompt a slew of lawmakers including nancy pelosi who said, "violence and violent imagery to bully the press must be rejected. this fourth of july celebrates the freedom of the press, guardians to our democracy." and east bay congressman eric swallow tweeted this, i'm calling on every house gop member of congress to condemn this. you were elected to be a check on power, check it or you condone it. meanwhile staying on capitol hill the gop plan to pass a health care bill stalled due to the lack of support. now some republican senators are considering repealing obamacare and replacing it later. >> let's do clean repeal like we promised. i think you can get 52 republicans for clean repeal. you can have a simultaneous
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bill or a concurrent bill that they can call replace and that i think perhaps could help. >> other gop senators say the bill needs to reinject free market forces in this environment. the fourth of july holiday is just hours away. law enforcement in major cities across the country are taking extra security precautions. ellison barber has more now from washington. >> reporter: whenever there is a big event in a major city you can expect to see heavy security. fourth of july is, of course, no different. here in new york city police say there are no credible threats this holiday weekend, but that doesn't mean they're backing down. >> you will see well-armed police officers with long guns. you'll see the dogs, do not be alarmed by that. our officers are there to protect you and we believe in strength and numbers and you'll see that visibly on july 4th. >> reporter: there will be a robust counterterrorism presence in new york city come tuesday. that's according to nypd chief
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carlos gomez. >> something new this year, we'll be utilizing over 100 blocked vehicles and almost 20 sand trucks. we're going to have heavy weapons teams at all the venues here in manhattan as well as the outer boroughs. >> reporter: in 2016 over 85 people died after a truck plowed into a crowd of people in nice, france. nypd officials say that attack is why they're using blocker vehicles and sand trucks. >> we have to pay attention to what's going on not just in the city, but what's going on around the nation and the world. >> reporter: in washington, d.c. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to watch fireworks at the national mall. police say they are well prepared. >> we will be prepprayer -- prepared. people who may want to do harm to the district of columbia are also listening. >> reporter: across the country that's the message police have. go do things with your family, have fun. but if you see something out of place, say something.
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in washington i'm ellison barber fox news. police need your help in finding an at-risk hayward man missing from his board and care home. police say 21-year-old matt bonds walked away from his home this afternoon just before 5:00. they say he's at risk because of his limited mental capacity. bonds was last seen wearing a black shirt and black pants and carrying a backpack. well if your travel plans or commute to work will take you across the golden gate bridge, be prepared to pay $0.25 at the tolls starting tomorrow. the fast track toll is going from $6.50 to $6.75. drivers without the fast pass will be charged $7.75. and this is the fourth consecutive year thtolls on the bridge have increased. the revenue is helping to close budget shortfalls. well a part of highway 1 and big sir that was covered in a massive rock slide is partially accessible again. this slide happened back in may in the mud creek area adding 13 acres to the coastline.
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the mercury news reports the public trail has been improved so visitors can access an isolated stretch that had previously been cut off. it's estimated more than one million tons of rock and earth slipped from the hill above covering a quarter mile of roadway there. caltrans says it could take millions of dollars and more than a year to prepare the highway. san francisco is hosting the 33rd annual filmore jazz festival this weekend. take a listen. ♪ [ music ] >> this year's theme is the summer of love revisited to mark the 50th anniversary of the summer of love. the district is ground zero for much of that activity and many of the nations performing this weekend. play songs from that time period and to show you how the jazz can embrace and uplift other types of music. coming up protests are already get withing underway for the g20 summit this week. the intense criticism president
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trump is likely to face when he gets there. and fire officials are suspending burn permits for parts of the bay area. new rules aimed at preventing wildland fires. and in weather july starting off to a cool and mild pattern out there. we are tracking low clouds and fog once again near the coast of san francisco. coming up we'll let you know if we will warm things up for your monday's forecast and tracking the fog for the fourth of july fireworks.
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in syria more than 20 people were killed and several others were injured in a series of car bombs detonated in the capital city of damascus. the attacks came on the first full work day after the end of ramadan. syrian officials say the death toll could have been much worse
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had security forces not intercept two other vehicles loaded with explosives. in iraq civilians continue the mass exit of mosul as the iraqi military squeezes out the last isis positions. hundreds of civilians fled the air strikes as the military pounded the area in an attempt to retake it. thousands of civilians are believe today be trapped there. many women and children emerged in an abid to escape the fighting. the fighting has displaced about 850,000 people over the last eight months. protests are already underway ahead of the g20 summit this week. president trump is set to travel there for the meeting where he is expected to be the odd man out. peter ducey has more now. >> reporter: protest in germany ahead of this week's g20 summit. thousands of activists demonstrating against climate
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and trade policies ahead of the meeting in hamburg. the protest involving hundreds of small boats on the lake as well as a march through the city's center. >> politics need one direction. peace, justice, global trade, and the protection of the climate. >> reporter: german chancellor angela merkel wants topics to include stable rights. the development comes a month after president trump made the controversial decision to pull the u.s. out of the 2015 paris climate change accord. >> we'll reaffirm our strong commitment to the paris agreement. and the hope they can be on board with us. >> reporter: one of the most noticeable meetings are taking place on the sidelines of the summit. ties between washington and moscow will remain strained
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over issues such as accusations against their intolerance. >> and i'm sure in their own way he'll get that across. >> reporter: president trump may be at the golf club, but he has not taken the whole week off. he plans to speak by phone tonight with the prime minister of japan. in bridge water, new jersey, peter ducey fox news. climate change could have an unexpected and unbalances effect on the u.s. population. regions including the pacific northwest and their new england states could gain economicically compared to states along the gulf of mexico and in the south. nationally they would decline less than 1% for every degree fahrenheit the temperatures increase but the poorest third of all u.s. counties could lose as much as 20% of their
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incomes. that could lead to the largest transfer from the rich to the poor in u.s. history. nasa is looking to crash a spaceship, developing a spacecraft called dark. researchers hope the crash will be forceful enough to change the path of the asteroid. that way they could use it in the future headed straight towards earth. they hope to have it ready when they are suppose to pass through that field. the house armed services committee voted last week to create their branch, the sixth branch of the armed forces and they would absorb their current space missions. if formed it would be the first new military service branch since 1947. and the plan will first need full congressional approval. if passed they could be in operation by 2019.
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today marks the 80th anniversary of the disappearance of amelia earhart. she took off in oakland to be the first female pilot to circle the globe. she and her navigator took off from new guinea bound for australia and hawaii. in the last radio message she was running low on fuel and couldn't see the island. a huge search was conducted, but no trace has ever been found of earhart, newman, or their aircraft. the air force is out looking for people boating under the influence. patrols will be boarding boats in the san francisco bay and the delta checking for soap or skippers. boating while intoxicated is just as dangerous as drinking and driving and illegal for an adult to operate that water craft in california with a blood alcohol level of .08 or higher. that's the same limit for drivers on the roads and freeways. cal-fire is expanding a burn ban for parts of the bay area because of the fire danger we would see recently.
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starting tomorrow the outdoor burning of landscaped debris will be banned and unincorporated parts of santa clara, alameda, and contra costa counties. last week they banned outdoor residential fires in napa, san mateo, santa cruz, solano, sonoma, and marin counties. encouraging the growth of grass, which has dried out created the fire hazard. we'll send things over to mark tamayo with more on what we are expecting for the weekend forecast and the rest of the weekend and the fourth of july, mark? >> yes, of course we will be talking about this one. the fog neither coast and near the bay. no big changes out there, but take a look at the highs from this afternoon as you would expect the upper 50s near their immediate coastline. it'll be 59 here and the warmest location in the lower 90s towards antioch. 91 and 70s around the bay itself. really not a big change from yesterday's readings. here we go on the satellite with a solid fog bank up and
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down the coastline up to the north and down to the south as well. pretty good onshore winds to help transport them back to the bay repeating the same forecast. check out some of the current numbers out there with a jacket or sweater. the mid-50s. here is our live camera looking out towards the bay. here we go with that fog bank and partial clearing for portions of san francisco and still stubborn overcast near portions of the coastline. skipping ahead here for tuesday for the fourth of july and here is what you can expect. so all these little dots will represent the fireworks show all around the bay with the patchy low clouds and fog. inland mostly clear skies with the big fireworks show in san francisco for the fourth of july. we do have to include some patchy fog in the forecast. this will be a chance the marine layer could hold back as you could get a good fireworks
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show, but it will be a close call as we will be headed for tuesday evening with that patchy fog towards their golden gate working their way back towards the bay. the area of high pressure has been in charge of their weather pattern. no big changes out there. all the way to the upper 80s. then once again we've been using this graphic for the past five or six days because temperatures will be going up and they will cool off just a little bit as well the story for tuesday and into wednesday. no major heat in our forecast just yet. here is our forecast models showing you the fog tomorrow morning. this is 7:00 on monday morning near the coast. the beaches here in the 60s. back up into the upper 80s to maybe a few spots by 90 degrees. san rafael in the upper 70s. you'll find a bunch of 80s for livermore, walnut creek, brentwood. the forecast high of 80 and the
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upper 70s. san francisco 65 degrees with the low 60s near their immediate shoreline. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. it'll be cooler for your fourth of july with temperatures in the 60s and the 80s. we will call it partly sunny with a few high clouds and a slight chance for a thunderstorm south of the bay area on wednesday. we will be watching that closely for their midweek forecast and then we will bump up the numbers by friday and into the weekend. so the fog it's one of those deals, it will still be a factor out there. >> i'm sure they will make the people nervous in san francisco. >> yes. >> they will see the bright colorful clouds. we will see it. >> hopefully not. thanks, mark. coming up next the all-star teams are announced. which players made the cuts and the giants will go for their straight sixth win as they will take on the pirates. sports is next.
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joe fonzi joining us now in sports. giants fans have got to be pretty happy with the way the season started and then it bend for a little bit. >> they finally figured it out. you can't blame them if they
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are wondering where this is at all season long. the season high for six straight games on the hill today and how about a little defense served up by hunter pence in their first inning? pence goes sliding back and giving up a couple of runs in the 4th, but then they came back with three in the 7th. then in the 8th with the runner on as they would come up with the runner on. giants win six in a row and they are still 22 games out of first place. despite where the team is in the standings, buster posey is having an all-star season, rewarded accordingly from the fifth time in his career. he has a national league all star, voted number one by the fans. posey is batting .339 and 10 home runs.
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the oakland as will continue to be a team of streak. finishing off a three-game sweep of oakland. as they would call this the revenges of the -- revenge of the former player. he was up in the 12th with the 3-3 game. the second homer of the game and they would give the braves a 4-3 win. the as will have a single all- star representative. the 8-year veteran will be making his first all-star appearance. he's batting .280 with 17 home runs for the as this year. we told you last night about the three san jose sharks staying with this team. the other big free agent is not agreeing to a three-year $19 million deal with the toronto maple leaves. they now have 37 and they would play 13 seasons for san jose and their number two picks for
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1997. we'll see you tonight on the interview along the warriors. that would be interesting. >> people have fun things to say. >> looking forward to that joe, thank you so much. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. the new warning as the fourth of july holiday approaches. there is a new tool. at 10:00 the new phone app to allow you to easily and anonymously report illegal fireworks in their community. we'll have that for you tonight at 10:00. we'll see you then. have a great evening everybody.
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i was reading about this jellyfish that never dies. instead, it reverts to its asexual state and then grows up again. we thought my 90-year-old grandfather had reverted to an asexual state, but the lawsuit from his jamaican caregiver proved us all wrong. my point is, immortality is not only a possibility, it is real. only if you're this jellyfish which periodically reverts to a mass of undifferentiated protoplasm. if i could keep my gmail account, i'd be okay with that. hello, fellas. others: hey. remember when we were trying to figure out what that smell coming from professor tupperman's office was? yeah? turns out it was tupperman. dead at his desk for two weeks. oh, my god. that's terrible. in lieu of flowers, the department chair is asking that everyone donate a bottle of febreze. if we're going to change the topic from jellyfish, i'd be okay with brine shrimp or the history of the unicycle.


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