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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the movement to impeach president trump as protesters take to the streets of san francisco and across the country, the push underway to convince lawmakers to begin the impeachment process. the efforts on the road and in the water to help ensure everyone stays sober and safe, this and more as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. it is 5:00, welcome back to this monday morning, july 3, and i am gasia mikaelian in for pam cook.
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>> i'm alex savidge in for dave clark this morning. there is breaking news, a fatal crash sitting down westbound interstate 80 in richmond. the eastbound lanes right now or at a standstill due to the investigation. all lanes heading west are blocked while traffic is diverted off at the l4 tail drive. -- el portel drive. we have a crew headed to the scene and hope to bring you an update coming up. we want to help get you out the door, and it is a mild week. >> we will not see a lot of change but for most that is pretty good until it comes to the fireworks. we could have trouble seeing them this tuesday night in and around the bay and as well as at berkeley. you can see the fog and 58 degrees to set the day in
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oakland, low 50s in san francisco and santa rosa. to the south 56 at livermore and san jose, and the onshore breeze remains with us. yesterday weaker than where it is right now with fairfield reporting 22 mile an hour and gusting up to 28. clouds in place with patchy drizzle along the coastline with the onshore breeze continuing to bring us relatively mild weather for the inland communities. 88 degrees is the afternoon hello expected in antioch, northbay locations, 81 in santa rosa and 80 in san jose. it is a beautiful day to get out to go hiking or afternoon grilling. closer to the coast it is cool 62 and partly to mostly cloudy skies expected. if you are thinking about the beach, bring your extra layers. mid 60s in san francisco, low 70s in oakland. we will take a look at your forecast for the a's game and a
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look at your holiday with a possibility of minor weather changes coming our way in the forecast. across the country thousands spent part of the holiday calling for the impeachment of president trump in demonstrations. >> people are mad, fed up with what he is doing. >> reporter: hundreds gathered at the justin herman plaza in san francisco carrying signs and listening to speakers calling on congress to remove trump from the white house. they say the president is making us look bad to the rest of the world. >> what he is saying is certainly not presidential integrating to the office of the presidency. that to me is something that i struggle with as a conservative. >> frankly this is embarrassing and a very sad time for our country. i just hope we make it through. >> we have to change congress and elect democrats spines to
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deal with this very dangerous situation. >> certainly an uphill fight to say the least to have republican congress take action against a republican president. >> so far republican lawmakers have been silent as democrats and independents criticize president trump for his smack down on cnn over the weekend. he tweeted out this 20 second video tackling a man with a cnn logo on his face. cnn released a statement saying "it is a sad day when the president of the united states encourages violence against reporters." >> democratic lawmakers weighing in and nancy pelosi saying that violence and violent imagery to bully the press must be rejected." this july 4 celebrate freedom of the press, guardians to our democracy." >> i'm calling on every house
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gop member of congress to condemn this. you were elected to be a check on power. check it or you condone it. a deadly crash has closed westbound interstate 80 and we have the first details from the area.>> reporter: right now all of the westbound lanes are closed, traffic is being diverted off of the exit, and you can see the traffic being diverted and the investigation is very lengthy, and the amount of distance they have to cover in the investigation and we are told this goes to the center divide. we can gather from chp that the accident occurred just after 4 am and the westbound lanes of i-
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80 at el portal drive . one person has been confirmed dead which is all the information being released at this time, and they say it started with a black mustang and gray sedan that initially blocked two lanes on interstate 80. we have no indication when the lanes will be back open. again, this is a fatal accident investigation happening right now with all westbound lanes blocked and traffic is being diverted off of el portal drive . >> many people are not going to work or school today with this july 4 holiday so hopefully that can help on the road. we will have more from richmond later. the coast guard will be in full force of the coming days looking for those boating under the influence, and the san francisco bay and the delta looking for sober skippers. the spokeswoman said that
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boating while intoxicated is as dangerous as drinking and driving and illegal to operate a watercraft with .08 or higher blood alcohol level, the same as drivers. expanding the burn ban due to the fire danger, and the burning of landscape and debris will be banned in unincorporated parts and last week the agency spanned the outdoor residential fires in napa, san mateo, santa cruz, llano, sonoma and marin county. the wet winter has encouraged the growth of the grass which dried out creating the hot hazard. some could've been exposed to tuberculosis in the vallejo gm. one man worked out at the 24 hour fitness on sonoma boulevard during the last week in may and health officials are notifying people that used the gym during that time and encouraging them to be tested for tb. >> apparently he came in late
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afternoon or in the evening around 11:00. from what i understand, he knew that he had it before he came in.>> health officials say that tb is spread through the air, through close contact with the infected person. the patient in question is receiving treatment and they say the gym is safe to use. the toll on the golden gate bridge going up $.25 from $6.52 $6.75 and those without fast track will be charged $7.75. this is the fourth consecutive year that the toll has gone up and they say the money is needed to close the budget shortfall. a survey showing the bay area drivers are willing to pay the bridge tolls it's -- if it
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could ease the gridlock. 85% say that the traffic is worse now than last year, 56% would approve the rays of the bridge tolls by three dollars over four years if it would relieve the can just. -- congestion. the supporters say that the money would fund the proposed improvements like expanding carpool lanes, adding more freeway on and off ramps and increasing the bart ferry service. >> if you wait 45 minutes, one dollar to three dollars would be worth it because you spend more money on gas sitting in your car. >> the bridge tolls already high so raising the more seems reduced lust. >> -- ridiculous. they could raise the toll on all bay area bridges with the exception of the golden gate. rolling out flexible pricing for the parking meters in another district as richmond
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expects to see changes as early as this fall. when the spaces are scarce and will go up by $.25 per hour and when less crowded the price will go back down. 25% of the meters are flexible pricing meters and they say more flexible meters are to come. it is 5:10 am. good news for tesla fans and the long-awaited model three and when it hits the roads. the effort to hit healthcare on the minds of many lawmakers in the new push that could get rid of obama care altogether. dear son,
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protests underway in germany ahead of the g20 summit later this week. president trump is set to travel there for the meeting where he is expected to be the odd man out when it comes to the key issue on the agenda, climate change. >> reporter: protests in germany ahead of the g20 summit as thousands of activists demonstrate against the climate and trade policies ahead of the meeting in hamburg. hundreds of small votes -- small boats on the lake with the march in hamburg. >> we need peace, justice, global trade and protection of the climate. >> reporter: the german
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chancellor onto merkel wanted to include labor rights, sustainability and the environment, coming one month after president trump made the controversial decision to pull the u.s. out of the 2015 paris climate accord. >> we reaffirm our commitment to the climate agreement, the same as before and hopes that the others will return to reason and will be on board with us. >> reporter: one of the most notable meetings taking place on the sidelines as president trump is set to meet with vladimir putin while in germany. the ties between washington and moscow remain strained over the issues like the conflict in syria and russian interference in the 2016 election. >> we will not tolerate that and i'm sure in his own way the president will get that across to them. university researchers say that climate change could have
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an unexpected and unbalanced effect on the u.s. population. regions including the pacific northwest and newington state could actually gain economically compared with the states along the gulf of mexico and in the south. nationally the u.s. gross domestic product would decline less than 1% for every degree that the temperatures increase but the cal researchers say that the one third of all counties could lose as much as 20% of their income leading to the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in the u.s. history. republicans continue to try to come together on the health care plan to replace the affordable care act already passing the bill to repeal and replace the health care overall but senate republicans have written their own version and talking about the possibility of repealing the affordable care act now, and replacing it later. >> we look at this as a way to
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say if the replacement part is too difficult for the republicans to come together, let's take care of the first step to repeal. >> the white house said that the president trump preferences to repeal and replace the affordable care act at the same time if possible. taking part in the roundtable for here is at the institute on aging in san francisco. senator harris will discuss the potential impact of the senate republican health care plan on home healthcare workers and the seniors they care for. the plan proposes a $400 million cut that pays for the home healthcare to low income seniors and those with disabilities. the u.s. navy destroyer in the south china sea, called a serious and political military provocation as the ship sailed within 12 miles of the disputed island in the south china sea yesterday that is claimed by china, taiwan and vietnam. this is the video of the ship.
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u.s. defense officials say was a routine rite of passage exercise, and china says the action puts the china sovereignty and security at risk. congress looking to add the six branch of the u.s. armed forces and they voted last week to create space core brands that would absorb the air force current space mission. informed the first new military service branch since 1947, and it would first the full congressional approval. if passed the u.s. space core branch could be in operation by 2019. it is 5:17 am. we want to talk about the weather and obviously today's important as everyone looks ahead to the fourth of july holiday. we know it will be comfortable  but everyone is worried about whether they can see the fireworks for tomorrow. >> i am also worried about it. [ laughter ]. it is partly to mostly cloudy with this pattern
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not changing a lot as we get through the rest of the week. with that being said it will be a tricky forecast, and chances are we will have fog inside the bay with clouds before the fireworks tomorrow night. the pattern for today is about the same is where we came up from the weekend without temperatures changing a lot. into tuesday it will be slightly cooler, and not a lot of changes into wednesday into the weekend. even into the weekend it is only a minor warm up, at least right now. looking outside with the current temperature 56 in livermore, upper 50s in brentwood, 57 in concord. on the east bay sure, 58 in oakland and the north bay waking up with cloud cover, santa rosa at 51. the financial at 58, 52 in san francisco, 58 san jose. a few more numbers for the peninsula, belmont at 55, menlo
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park upper 50s. half moon bay with mostly cloudy skies and patchy drizzle. we show you we are slightly warmer around the bay, and you won't even notice, fairfield by 5 degrees. upper portions of the north bay are a bit cooler and in santa rosa. 79 expected for sonoma, 80 in novato. upper 60s in sausalito, 64 for the coastline. at the east bay sure low 70s expected, 73 in san leandro, mid 80s in danville, upper 80s in antioch. san jose at 85, saratoga and santa cruz at 69. the financial at showing 79 in redwood city, 65 in san francisco, mostly cloudy at the coast. if you're going to see the a's later today, mostly sunny skies
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and 66. nice evening but as we get into the second part of the evening once the sunset they will get cooler. your extended forecast showing temperatures cooler for the holiday without much change on wednesday. thursday we could bottom out but you won't notice because low 60s at the coast, low 70s around the bay, low 80s inland. we will get into a warm up during the weekend in the bay area but not a big jump, and low 90s at the hotter spots. it is 5:20 am. hitting the slopes in july it -- at squaw valley they are breaking out the skis. a san francisco company offering avocado coast with all approved mortgages -- avocado toast with all approved mortgages. ♪
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test planning on delivering the first model 3 car spun in the month, tweeting that the vehicle has passed regulatory requirements for production and that production is on track by december with 20,000 per month. the first 30 model 3 customers will receive their cars at the handover party in their goal is to reduce a half-million models every year. the local mortgage company is trying to encourage millennials to purchase a home,
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and they are using the avocado toast. the wealth management company sofi giving anyone that purchases a home in july the avocado toast delivery one month straight to their door. that comes after the real estate mogul said that millennials could not afford to buy a home because they spend all their money on avocado toast. officials hoping a new feature making bicester stay longer and the area has a lot of retail stores and other activities. the state park area of niagara falls could still be developed as we take a live look over this area right now with that gorgeous water flowing. private developers are asked to come forward to share their plans. samsung will recycle and resell the recalled galaxy note 7 phones in the galaxy note sd will go on -- se will go on
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sale for $600 and they say they're perfectly safe unlike the recalled versions that were overheating and catching fire. that is in south korea and no word on whether it will be sold in the u.s.. those in abu dhabi in used electronics in the cabin once again and the u.s. lifted the ban, saying that they have tightened the security on the airlines, the only one that has a direct flight from abu dhabi to the u.s. and includes some flights directly in and out of the sfo. in march the u.s. band electronics on the cabins from the middle eastern and african airports out of concerns over terrorism. the airline in columbia looking to drop airfare prices that would come at the cost of the comfort. the the the columbia is considering taking out all see
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and having passenger stand like on a subway train. they could lower the prices by packing more people onto the plane. this concept is not new and airlines have been toying with the idea for standup sections on flights for years now. the independence day holiday is upon us and we will tell you the efforts underway to crackdown on illegal fireworks and to keep everyone safe. a fatal crash enrichment has stopped traffic completely on i 80, and we reporting live from the scene to tell you about the conditions and how those people involved are doing. outside of the doors this morning we have the clouds, the onshore breeze without much change expected for this monday as we take a look at what you can expect for the second half of the day, coming up.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday morning, july 3. i am gasia mikaelian .>> traffic is shut down at el portal drive due to a deadly crash, breaking news we have been following since 5:00. we will bring in leigh martinez in a moment. first we get you out the door.>> we will see some nice conditions around most of the bay area. it could be a little bit warm
5:30 am
inland. >> we have options, and that is what we love about the bay area, cool at the coast and warmer inland with temperatures in the upper 80s today. outside our door at this hour, lightening up over the east bay with sunrise at 5:50 am as we wake up mostly clear in the areas around concord. you can see over mount diablo and walnut creek, 56 in livermore, oakland 58 and mostly cloudy skies, 52 in san francisco with clouds and drizzle. santa rosa right now has partly cloudy skies, mostly cloudy and 51. calm wind in concord and in santa rosa as we track the onshore breeze through fairfield, pulling back a little bit and it started earlier this morning with wind gusting at 30, and it will continue to bring in the cool pacificare to keep temperatures mild for july.
5:31 am
cooler weather in the forecast for monday with 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay, 80s inland with the hotter spots touching about 90. for the fourth of july holiday, a similar pattern and a cooler. 88 expected for any out today, low 80s in santa rosa, around the bay 70s. 74 in hayward and in redwood city. cool in pacifica with 62 expected, 65 in san francisco. we will take a look at your extended forecast and the minor warm up coming up. back to the breaking news with that deadly crash in richmond that is closed westbound interstate 80 at el portal drive . we are learning more about those involved in the crash.>> reporter: we have updated information for you. all of the westbound lanes of interstate 80 are shut down with traffic being diverted off of el portal drive right now.
5:32 am
we know this accident happened just after 4 am. the accident began when one car hit the center divide and that car was disabled blocking one lane. a second vehicle crashed into the disabled vehicle, and chp confirmed one person is dead. there is a possibility that the driver of the first disabled vehicle was outside of his vehicle when he was killed, and that is still under investigation. two people in the second car were taken to the hospital but chp said they are expected to survive, and the investigation will take them quite a distance because they need to cover this in the investigation. the coroner is on his way out right now they hope to have interstate 80 back open no later than 6:30 am. >> thank you. the fremont police arrested a suspect at the three hour standoff near the new bar --
5:33 am
new park mall. that kept many from returning to their homes and two people were home when a man knocked on their door. one of the people that lives at the home invited the man in light even though they did not know him. the man grabbed a knife and reportedly said he did not want to go back to jail and one of the people inside the house tried to grab the knife at one point and was cut and the police were called while negotiators tried to get the man to come outside, and eventually he surrendered to the police just after 11:00 last night. the hit-and-run crash in concord that killed two young boys and the mother and baby boy are still in critical condition. friday night the woman and her three boys, ages 10, 5 and 3 months old went to see the
5:34 am
movie. the van cut across the media and hit the side of their car while they were on the on ramp. the suspect later showed up at the hospital, lemuel sirvonn wilson jr., arrested for vehicular homicide, hit-and- run, and driving on us is and her license. we spoke with the father of the five-year-old boy that died. >> i feel bad for the mother because there are three children involved. i was close with two of them and for this to happen, it touches your world. >> we are also hearing from the wilson family in over the weekend his wife said their thoughts and prayers are with the victim of the crash. the wife of wilson said their family knows firsthand what it is like to lose a loved one. last june her daughter was shot and killed in downtown oakland, and no one was arrested in the case. wilson is being held on a $500,000 bail. in pennsylvania the people
5:35 am
are relieved after the arrest in the deadly case of road rage that happened last wednesday. 28-year-old david desper is being charged with first-degree murder in the death of bianca robertson. the surveillance video showing both of them in their cars merging into the same lane at the same time, and that is when david desper opened fire on bianca robertson shooting her in the head. her car veered off the road, hit the tree and she died instantly. david desper raised away but eventually turned himself into the police after days of tips that came in from the public, and he's being held without bail and is scheduled to appear in court next week. investigators heading to washington state to find out what caused the amtrak train to derail. the first four cars fell off the rails near tacoma and amtrak officials say that a few people were hurt but no one seriously. traveler said everything seemed
5:36 am
normal until they heard strange noises. >> very suddenly we heard a terrible noise, a crunching sound and we thought we were going to tip off of the tracks, and as you looked forward you could see it was not aligned. >> no one was hospitalized and the evacuation transfer forwarded -- transported the 267 passengers on board. utility worker killed and three injured in a house explosion after a fire late. -- gas leak. utility workers were responding to reports of a gas older in the neighborhood and the -- gas older -- odor in the neighborhood, and there were
5:37 am
several homes nearby that were damaged as well. a new rule saying parents can challenge what is being taught in schools and they say it will give the parents a greater say in what their kids are being taught, but some say would be harder to teach evolution or climate change if the majority of the parents don't want it taught. we have the fillmore jazz festival this weekend.>> [ music playing ] >> the theme, "the summer of love revisited" to mark the 50th anniversary of the summer of love and the fillmore district was ground zero for most of the activity during that year. musicians are playing songs from that time frame to show how jazz can embrace other types of music. it is 5:37 am. something special about this couple that is getting married, the unusual part of
5:38 am
the story, where they did it. those are not flowers, and coming up you will hear why the groom wanted to make a statement . citizenship for dozens in the bay area, the ceremony happening today on board the uss hornet to naturalize over 75 people. only minor changes in store for monday starting out with cloud cover and an onshore breeze with temperatures on the mild side, a look at what you can expect in your neighborhood is coming up. handballer 1: you know what i could go for? some scrambled eggs and pancakes. lilly: we got a craving! go, go, go!! crashing cravings in the crave van! jack's gonna crash your crave!
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it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. a number of police agencies across the country are increasing security in the upcoming fourth of july holiday. there will be a stronger police presence near the popular fireworks viewing spots in manhattan. while there are no specific threats authority say that security is learn -- is a
5:41 am
concern after the recent terror attacks overseas. in dc they are prepared as they expect hundreds of thousands to watch the fireworks at the national mall. >> we don't talk about this specifically in the public because those that want to do harm are also listening. >> they are looking to the public to alert them of any suspicious behavior. some bay area cities are cracking down on illegal fireworks. allie rasmus is joining us live in pacifica with a look at what is allowed and what is not allowed. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alex. safe and sane fireworks allowed in pacifica but the police and residents say they have seen a problem in the recent years with people setting off illegal fireworks talking about fireworks, firecrackers and
5:42 am
bottle rockets like in this video. >> reporter: this is cell phone video from the pacific arrested from the last year fourth of july and the resident said she was fed up with illegal fireworks going off in her neighborhood. >> it is crazy, they are everywhere. they like them days before and for weeks afterwards. they will go off in the middle of the night.>> reporter: pacifica police are cracking down on the use of the illegal fireworks offering residents in app where they can send in photos and anonymous tips when they see or hear them going off in the area. the finding pacifica for illegal fireworks is about $1000. the fireworks here are legal, but anything that shoots up in the air is generally not allowed and you will not find those at tents like this one. here's a list of the 10 bay
5:43 am
area cities where they can you say fireworks, sonoma county, petaluma, rohnert park, cloverdale, sebastian, alameda county, union city, dublin and newark. in san mateo, san bruno and pacifica. gilroy the only county in here were you can have fireworks. all fireworks are banned from the unincorporated areas of all of the bay area counties. the rules and regulations with 10 cities allowing the safe and sane fireworks like here in pacifica. >> obviously, fourth of july is a big business for fireworks dealers and where does that money go? >> reporter: most of these stands are operated by nonprofits and charity organizations. this one benefits the pacifica tiger sharks, and they are run by volunteers.
5:44 am
in pacifica there is an 8% surcharge added to all of the fireworks, and the money from the surcharge goes back to the police department for fireworks enforcement. >> thank you, allie rasmus live in pacifica. a record number of people are expected to travel over the fourth of july holiday and aaa estimates 44 million people driving, flying, taking the train or boat out of town with an increase of over 1 million travelers compared to last year. most of the travelers, 38 million people driving which is an increase of 3% from last year. those drivers get a break at the pump this fourth of july and aaa see gas prices are lower than they were january 1 for the first time in 17 years. prices average $.50 a gallon generally in the summer compared to the winter months. >> americans will save $4 million a day for every one cent drop.
5:45 am
americans feel flush with cash giving prices averaging $2.21 per gallon putting more money in the pockets of consumers and a lot of that can be spent elsewhere. >> we pay more in california with the average cost for the gallon of gasoline $2.93. 76 people in alameda will become new citizens ahead of the fourth of july holiday. at 10:00 this morning there is a naturalize asian ceremony at the uss hornet museum, part of the u.s. citizenship and immigration independence day celebration. immigration services says 15,000 people across the country will be welcomed as new citizens during the ceremony. it may not feel like summer at lake tahoe was skiers and snowboarders decked out in their red, white and blue for the fourth of july weekend, squaw valley still has no on the ground and the party will continue through tomorrow. here are the photos from the
5:46 am
freedom fest celebration and the ski list will run at 8:30 am today and tomorrow with several bands providing live music for those people hitting the slopes along with a fireworks show underway at 9:20 pm tonight. it is amazing to see people skiing on the fourth of july. >> i've heard of spring skiing with blue jeans but the first time with their bathing suits on the skiing slopes. >> a lot of them say this is the first time they have been in their bathing suits on the ski slopes, and the next thing you know they will be by the lake. it is cool and warm depending on how you like it with your choice of the microclimate pattern in place at the coast. you need your sweater with the possibility of drizzle on the coastline. bay area communities will have a mild morning and if you like it warm you will need to look for someplace summerlike which is inland in the upper 80s. it will be warm but not too hot
5:47 am
inland and cooling-off a little bit into the holiday tuesday. not a lot of change this morning, and not a lot expected over the next few days. the futurecast model shows us mostly sunny in the bay and inland as well. monterey and santa cruz likely to see the sunshine. along the ocean beach, pacifica and half moon bay that will be partly to mostly cloudy the entire day and in the low 60s today. 50 at half moon bay right now and 52 in san francisco. along the bay upper 50s, south bay san jose at 58. the inner east bay is in the upper 50s, 58 in brentwood. low 50s in santa rosa and novato. some of us waking up with cloud cover this morning, and not expecting a lot of change today. 57 in danville, 59 in antioch, but warming up a lot more
5:48 am
before the end of the day in danville. 80 in novato and 81 santa rosa, 90 in clearlake. closer to the water a lot of 60s, upper 60s in sausalito. 73 in san leandro, 70 expected invert late. inland -- in berkeley. inland expecting upper 80s and close to 90. 69 in santa cruz and for the peninsula 79 in would died. -- in woodside. if you are going to tahoe still great weather in store for the next few days with upper 40s in the forecast to start the morning. it will be chilly overnight camping so be prepared for the 40s but in the afternoon mostly sunny skies and low 80s for today and tomorrow. in your extended forecast here at home, temperatures not moving a lot. tuesday slightly cooler and wednesday a near
5:49 am
repeat and thursday almost the same. friday we have a bit of a change with 60s at the coast and 70s at the beach. low 90s inland. it is a good pattern so it is hard to complain about this but the fireworks may be the tricky forecast for the coast, the bay, berkeley, san francisco, and we know the drill. it is 5:49 am. the minions took over the movie theater this weekend. r this weekend. [ video playing ] >> "despicable me 3" brought in $75 million for the weekend and enough to top the box office but less than any other movie in this franchise. the last week top movie,
5:50 am
transformers the last knight sliding down into third-place. [ video playing ] >> "wonder woman" has crossed the $700 million mark which puts it in the top five grossing movies for the year. the superhero movie continues to fill up the movie theaters across the country. in england showing off the latest addition at the zoo with two black rhino calves being born and it only took a few moments for them to get up and start running. a good thing that does not happen with our children. [ laughter ] it is a big help for the species that is thought to have less than 650 remaining black rhinos in the wild which
5:51 am
is critically endangered. >> it would be so much more challenging if the babies would pop up and start running after born. owning a piece of baseball history in we will show you the babe ruth memorabilia that sold at auction.
5:52 am
♪ ♪
5:53 am
♪ the face of the san jose sharks for nine years, patrick
5:54 am
marleau signing the three-year $18 million deal with the toronto maple leafs. he was the number to pick on the 1997 draft and with the team for his entire nfl career and the sharks all-time leader in points and goals. he was lobbied to stay and willing to take a pay cut to keep patrick marleau in san jose but he signed with toronto. on sunday completing the sweet -- sweep of the pittsburgh pirates. it is the giants. a decent play by hunter pence who gets the diving cat to help out the pitcher. the giants were trailing until brandon belt came to the plate. >> and belt gets a high drive
5:55 am
to right field and it is out of here. >> that was number 16 for belt and the giants go on to win, 5- 3. the next game is tomorrow in detroit. the oakland a's hosted the white sox after being swept by the braves, and maxwell ties the game in the 11th inning but they could not close the door, giving up the 12th inning homer to the catcher. the braves take it, 4-3. the all-star lineups announced on sunday and we had the a's represented, and alonso making us first appearance and buster posey of the giants is the national league all-star for the fifth time and posey batting point 339 with 10 home runs. actor charlie sheen cashing in on of able piece of sports
5:56 am
memorabilia and he sold his copy of the document which sold babe ruth to the yankees from the red sox in 1919. that deal worked $2.3 million. the babe ruth ring from the championship went for more than $2 million. charlie sheen said he enjoyed them for decades in time to pass them on to someone else. breaking news in san pablo on interstate 80 several lanes blocked after the deadly crash and we have a live update for you coming up at 6:00. many californians moving north looking for more affordable housing in oregon but some portland residents are not exactly rolling out the red carpet. being joined by low clouds and fog with the possibility of patchy drizzle with a look at the current conditions and what to expect for the afternoon,
5:57 am
coming up.
5:58 am
all westbound lanes of interstate 80 in richmond are
5:59 am
closed and traffic is being diverted as chp investigates of fatal accident. once again this morning it is the president's twitter account and generating controversy. i am doug luzader in washington with more on what he said and the response. this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this july 3, and i am gasia mikaelian. pam cook is enjoying the day off. >> that's right, and so is dave clark. i am alex savidge in for dave clark and we appreciate you being here on this pre-holiday. the roads are very quiet when i came in. >> we appreciate you watching us on this nice day to be outdoors to do whatever you want to do. >> it was a little bit cool in alameda yesterday so i'll go inland.
6:00 am
mild at the beach and cool on the coast and if you like it warm plan your day for inland your reaching 80s inland today and a good-looking forecast. we start out with gray skies over the oakland estuary area and santa rosa at 61, san francisco good morning and 52. upper 50s in oakland, livermore and san jose has a mix of sun and clouds at 56. mostly cloudy at the beach in the coast with patchy drizzle possible this morning. the onshore breeze starting off robust and 30 miles an hour this morning through fairfield, sustained at 15. temperatures similar to where we landed on sunday which is a mild pattern for this time of the year. here's a mountain view and we expect through 9:00 into the mid 60s, by lunchtime a beautiful 74 and mostly sunny skies, upper 70s for the afternoon. san jose


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