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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 3, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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into group of people near the logan airport in boston, and what the police are saying about the man. a deadly hit-and-run and who witnesses said hit and killed the motorcyclist and what the driver did but for taking off. the bay area getting ready to celebrate independence day and the effort underway to crack down on illegal fireworks. we will tell you where to find the fireworks show in your neighborhood. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon, i am allie rasmus, and happening in boston nine people were injured after being hit by car. the police say the taxi driver hit the group of people at the taxi stand near the logan international airport about one hour ago. the police have tweeted out that some the units and officers are on the scene responding. they say there are several people injured but no details
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on the condition of those people injured. the state police say the driver was 56 years old and stayed at the scene, cooperating and being interviewed by the police. we will follow the story throughout the day and bring updates online in in the later newscast. investigating two deadly crashes in the san pablo area westbound interstate 80 and they happen within hours of each other about one mile apart. the latest happened near 6:30 am at the san pablo road exit after the semi truck made an unsafe lane change hitting and killing the motorcyclist. the semi truck left the scene of the crash after stopping briefly and they are still searching for the driver. >> the semi made the unsafe lane change into the motorcycle and the driver was ejected from the motorcycle and pronounced dead. the semi truck pulled over, stayed for about five minutes and then fled the scene. >> chp is asking any witnesses
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that may have seen what happened to contact them. the first crash happened just after 4 am on help for tail drive. in this -- el portal drive and the driver spun out and facing the wrong direction, and while getting out of her car another car ran into her, and two people in the second vehicle were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the republicans promising to repeal and replace the obamacare , and the twitter war with the media continues with president trump.>> reporter: the presidential fireworks over social media over the fourth of july holiday as president trump is accusing the media of not covering the real issues, twitting out this morning "at some point the fake news will be forced to discuss our great jobs numbers, strong economy,
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success with isis, the border and so much else." >> it is much easier to cover 140 characters here or there and what the president may be saying about the media here or there rather than learning the finer points of medicaid in this country. >> reporter: it was the sunday twitter takedown of cnn that has many questioning whether the president is taking this social media strategy to bar. >> we could solve a lot of problems quickly with this tweets and instead of creating problems with this tweets. >> reporter: the commander in chief spending monday making calls to the world leaders head of the g20 summit in germany next week, and republican senators on the call list as he tries to prevent the healthcare reform from flatlining in the senate. in the meantime, some pushing the idea of repeal now and replace later. >> this is lit up like a christmas tree full of billion- dollar ornaments and we need 52 republicans for the clean
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repeal. >> some suggest scrubbing the august break if they cannot work out something with republicans that are reluctant along with democrats. >> we have to get bipartisan agreements so start working together now. >> reporter: on the president's agenda tomorrow is hanging out here on pennsylvania avenue to host a picnic for the servicemembers and family. ktvu fox 2 news. president trump also twitting out support for charlie garg, the 10 month old boy with a crippling genetic disease and he and his parents are involved with a legal battle with the line the hospital. the parents want him to receive experimental treatment in the u.s. but the hospital denied the transfer saying that he is terminally ill and without hope of for the treatment. the latest action with the prayer -- the president tweeting and some calling for impeachment. >> summer fed up with what he is doing and not happy.>> hundreds gathered at the justin
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herman plaza, carrying signs and listening to speakers calling for the removal of donald trump from the white house, and many protesters say the president is making america look bad to the rest of the world. >> what he is saying is certainly not presidential and it is degrading to the office of the presidency. that is something i struggle with as a conservative. >> frankly it is embarrassing and a very sad time for our country. i just hope we make it through. >> we have to change congress and elect democrats that have a spine to deal with this very dangerous situation. >> most of the people we spoke with at the rally say they know it is unlikely that the republican controlled congress would take action against a republican president. democrats gathered at the state capital yesterday in sacramento, one of similar gatherings at state capitals across the country, vocal about
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their option against president trump but shum -- some showing their support for him. >> i tend to disagree so i'm out here, and i'm glad they're not giving me any problems and god bless america. >> the rally was focused on impeachment but most of those that attended that the goal was to make sure those working at the state capital heard about other issues that were important to the constituents as well. and pacifica the folks say illegal fireworks are a big problem this time of the year, and they talk about the new measures the police are taking against those breaking the law on the fourth of july holiday.>> reporter: this is the cell phone video taken last fourth of july with fireworks going off in the neighborhood, and she lived in pacifica for 25 years and says the area is notorious for fireworks and getting worse. >> it is crazy. they are everywhere and they liked him off days before and for weeks afterward.
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they even go off in the middle of the night. >> these are safe and sane fireworks, you can like these in the driveway and enjoy the show. >> larry spent $100 on fireworks for his 16-year-old son, one of dozens purchasing the safe and sane fireworks at this group that benefit the youth soccer league. >> in the last hour and a half it has been much busier. >> reporter: sparklers, profits and smoke balls are the most popular but still some inquire about firecrackers and bottle rockets that are illegal. >> anything that basically shoots into the air is illegal. >> reporter: violators could be fined up to $1000 and the local and state police have set up up booking station to catch people. the pacifica police are promoting a free app, "nail 'em" app and you can take photos and note the location
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and users can remain anonymous. >> you see stuff happening in the air, and you see this stuff, and the kids having fun, but that will come at an expense one of these days. >> reporter: most people we spoke with were not familiar with the app but said they would download it. >> it is ridiculous so i can see using that mac to say it is over and we are done. be respectful that you're not the only human beings out there, and other people live here trying to live their lives. >> reporter: in pacifica, ktvu fox 2 news. >> there only 10 bay area cities were the safe and sane fireworks can be bought in use, rohnert park, cloverdale, sebastopol and petaluma, and dublin and newark, and in the san mateo county fireworks are legal only and san bruno and pacifica. gilroy is the only city in santa clara county you can have the safe and sane fireworks. air-quality officials want
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to eliminate the amount of pollution from the fireworks saying that the domination of the smoke, dust from the fireworks causing unhealthy air and asking people to avoid setting off their own fireworks in order to limit the pollution. they are encouraging people to watch the professional fireworks shows instead. preparation underway for the san francisco annual fourth of july show, being launched from the barge at pier 50 set off electronically with several technicians on hand. it starts at 9:30 pm tomorrow night. for list of the events happening in the bay area this fourth of july log onto to find a detailed list of activities on the homepage in the local news section. coming up, the former baseball champion struggling into last pace and the giants painful season and how they hope to turn things around. we take a live look outside of the oakland estuary with
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blue skies in the foreground and we will speak with our meteorologist rosemary to tell us what to expect as we celebrate the fourth of july. more progress reported in the fight retake the town in the self-proclaimed isis capital, the work underway by the u.s. backed forces.
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in bavaria, germany investigators are trying to figure out what caused this deadly tour bus crash killing 18 and 30 injured when the bus rear ended the truck and burst into flames. the passengers ranging from 41 to 81 years old. the bus driver was killed but the truck driver was not injured. investigators say that figuring out what caused the crash could take months. the fight against isis continues in iraq and syria as we take the first on look at the u.s. backed kurdish forces and the self-proclaimed isis capital. >> reporter: the u.s. rebels taking the fight, one of the last big cities in syria under the militant control. they have liberated a number of the suburbs and villages in the surrounding area and attacking the isis position in the city itself. >> our sources are very steady
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and we are advancing. the morale of the militant is broken. >> reporter: progress has been slow despite the president's pals that -- vows that isis would be defeated. the administration says that elements are already in place including the expanded role for the u.s. troops and advisors in the region.>> a few weeks ago we were on the outskirts and now we are already getting into the portion where we can do something humanitarian.>> reporter: further east of battle to retake mosul, iraq second largest city is over. iraqi forces are going block to block hoping to limit civilian casualties in a fight they say will be over in a matter of days.>> our problem is that isis is using the civilians as human shields.
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the law is the law and we will deliver justice for everyone and hunt isis wherever they are. >> reporter: the president is expected to focus on the fighting in syria during his meeting with vladimir putin, the president of russia, later this week. ktvu fox 2 news. some members of the vallejo gym may have been exposed to tuberculosis. the man worked out at the 24 hour fitness on sonoma boulevard during the last week of may and health officials are notifying others that used the gym during that time recommending they get tested for tb which is spread through the air in close contact with the infected person. the person is receiving treatment and authority say the gym is safe to use. the outdoor burning of landscape debris will be banned in unincorporated parts of santa clara, alameda and contra costa counties. last week they banned the
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outdoor residential fires in napa, san mateo, santa cruz, llano, and marin counties. the wet winter led to the growth of grass that is dried out and presenting a fire hazard. it is 12:15 pm. let's go to rosemary for check on the weather. >> the weather has been relatively mild over the next few days, partly cloudy skies with temperatures again unseasonably mild. as we take a view of open were temperatures right now holding at 70 degrees. santa rosa at 76, san francisco still at 62. inland is warmer, livermore at 80 and san jose at 77. it could be much worse in the month of july, and livermore, concord just a bit warmer but areas like oakland, 3 degrees warmer at this hour, mountain view is 4 degrees cooler. some of us are slightly up in some slightly down, and that will be the same for the next
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few days with little change in the pattern. clouds at the coast from the north bay to half moon bay and partly cloudy to mostly clear. some still just inside the bay, the golden gate bridge you can see traces of fog over the areas of the bay into the east bay shoreline. that will continue to burn away through the afternoon with mostly sunny skies in the afternoon away from the coast. the onshore breeze at 20 miles an hour and fear filled with strong early on gusting at 30 but backing off a bit. the marine layer is in place with the onshore breeze and temperatures cool to mild depending on where you are. the coastline showing 60s and 70s along the bay and inland mid to upper 80s. taking a few of the numbers, 80 in novato this afternoon, 69 in sausalito, east bayshore low 70s and oakland and san leandro along with hayward at 74. mid 80s for danville, upper 80s
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for brentwood and antioch. saratoga 80s, mostly sunny skies in santa cruz. 79 in redwood city and 65 for the high in san francisco. along the coastline low 60s and as well as half moon bay and pacifica. 66 degrees at game time with the westerly breeze, mostly sunny skies at the start of the game with temperatures: through the evening. fireworks at the coliseum tonight and it looks like the clouds will hold off, moving back across the bay into late evening. a look at your extended forecast showing temperatures cooling off some inland for tomorrow and a great day for grilling out. holding steady on wednesday without much changes on thursday before getting to warmer weather into the bay area weekend. upper 80s and low 90s forecasted for the inland cities, 70s on the bay and 60s
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on the coast. it is only the fog we have to worry about tomorrow night. >> you said we need to go inland to see the fireworks shows and in san francisco glowing fog.>> right, no guarantees until we see our hour by hour forecast. if the fog moves in at 11:00 we will be pretty good. the giants riding the longest winning streak with straight victories. sunday they completed the sweep against the pittsburgh but the giants are last place with the 52nd worst record. we spoke with our general manager bobby evans for a search for the answers. >> the high drive to write and it is gone. >> reporter: the giants begin the second half of the season, the dog days of summer project to be more arduous than usual. >> there are number of things obviously that of not gone
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according to plans. >> reporter: ranking near the bottom of the national league in batting and pitching, a troublesome combo. >> the results are not there, the numbers are not there and the struggles are real. >> reporter: the way to getting better is the conundrum and getting bumgarner back will help but the hours are long. >> we have seen the club's passing is in a number of categories. >> reporter: this leaves the giants playing for the future, and we've seen a glimpse already of youngsters like kristen royal and austin slater getting there shot. with the july 31 trade deadline approaching that trend will continue with veteran assets like johnny cueto, eduardo nunez and they could be moved as part of this process. >> we want to do everything we can to make the organization stronger. >> crawford gets the bare hand and throws it. >> reporter: in the meantime,
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the players have no choice but to continue to fight a good fight and try to maintain the clubhouse chemistry in the midst of unforeseen and unwelcome circumstances. >> these guys get along, i can tell you that. it is a good group and if you would go in there before the game you would think week had won 10 in a row because they are so upbeat. >> we are trying hard, sticking together and not pointing fingers. it is important to keep it loose and have fun. >> we have to keep our eye on this. it is life, whether goes rougher good, you have to try to have fun, smile and just enjoy coming to work every day. >> we know how hard it is to win but we know how sweet it is to win, so it is difficult to go through this right now. this is a motivator for us to get back to where we should be. >> reporter: the giants on pace to lose 100 games, the first time in 1985 and only the second time in the franchise history.
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they are one year removed from being in the playoffs, and big decisions to make over the next month so it will be interesting to see how this plays out. ktvu fox 2 news. the oakland a's, hosting the white sox after being swept by the braves and going into extra innings and bruce mackle ties it but they could not close the door. john acord gives up the homer to the catcher, the second home run of the game. the braves win, 4-3. up and running, amtrak back on track after the scary derailment and how the witnesses described the crash, up next.
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welcome back. samsung plans on recycling and selling the recalled galaxy note 7 phones and the galaxy note fe will go on sale selling for about $600 in south korea. samsung says the new phone to publicly state, unlike the recalled versions that would catch fire. no word on whether that device will be sold in the u.s.. people flying from abu dhabi can now use electronics again in the airplane cabins and the u.s. lifted the ban, saying that the airways tightened it security. that is the only airline that has direct flights from abu dhabi to the u.s. including
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lights in and out of sfo. the u.s. band electronics on flights to the u.s. and from due to concerns on security. the cape canaveral florida space center, strap -- scratched at the last second in the spacex missile launch was called off with less than 10 seconds to go in the countdown and there was reportedly a glitch in the guidance and navigation system. the newly scheduled launch will occur around 4:30 pm local time. clean up continues in washington state after the amtrak derailment, carrying 267 passengers when it derailed yesterday afternoon. the four cars came off the rails near tacoma. passengers were evacuated and taken to the nearby ferry terminal. a few were injured but no one seriously injured. travelers say everything seemed normal until they heard a
12:27 pm
series of norris is before everything began to shake. >> they slammed on the brakes, and all of a sudden we were tilted. it was everything that my husband had on the tray table that went sliding down. everybody on that part of the train was looking at each other wondering what just happened.>> federal investigators are in washington state this morning to figure out what caused the derailment. new information on the deadly hit-and-run crash in concord and what we know about the victim and how the family of the driver is also reaching out. we kicked off the fourth of july festivities by welcoming new americans at the naturalization ceremony on the uss hornet, coming up.
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we take you back to that developing story out of boston were several people were injured after being hit by car. the police in massachusetts say that taxidriver had a group of people near the logan international airport just after 11 am. 10 people were injured but the crash does not appear to be intentional. one police officer said the 56- year-old driver of the taxi stepped on the gas pedal instead of the brake and plowed into the crowd waiting at the taxi stand.
12:31 pm
the driver is cooperating with the investigation, and several law enforcement officers responding. we don't know the condition of everyone injured but they do not appear to be life- threatening. we will continue to follow the story throughout the day and will check back with you possibly later in the newscast. before we celebrate america's 241st birthday, 76 people were sworn in as new u.s. citizens and we are live from the uss hornet with the nationalization -- naturalization ceremony took place. >> reporter: a great way to start the festivities for the fourth of july with new americans in america. we are at the u.s. hornet -- uss hornet museum where we met our fellow americans. some of them have come from 28 different countries and the process to become the american citizen is a lengthy. you must live in the u.s. for at least five years, be able to
12:32 pm
speak, read and understand english, have a knowledge of the u.s. government and history. here are some of the things are new u.s. citizens had to say about becoming america ends. >> i love the u.s.. i'd love the liberty and all kinds of things that i have aspired for in my life. >> for a lot of people this is like winning the lottery. it is a very important step and i am proud to be part of this today. >> i feel good about being in this country and i wanted to participate as a democrat. >> reporter: almost everyone we spoke with said they were very excited to exercise their new right to vote. there ceremony ended with the oath of allegiance.>> i hereby declare that i absolutely -->> reporter: some of these
12:33 pm
residents have lived here for several years and we spoke with one guy that said he is going to celebrate today with a traditional either american hotdog or corndog. >> did anyone you spoke with mentioned the added significance that they were naturalized a day ahead of the independence day? >> reporter: yes. they said it makes it so much more exciting to celebrate tomorrow that they are now americans and have the right to vote. like one guy said, he is very excited to be able to celebrate with traditional american barbecue tomorrow.>> thank you very much, leigh martinez. the u.s. is expected to hit the cap on the number of refugees accepted into the country and president trump set a cap of 50,000 mickey d's for the fiscal year and the white house said the cap is needed to give intelligence agent he's more time to view the vetting
12:34 pm
procedures and the number of refugees entering the u.s. was almost cut in half during the first three months of the trump administration compared to the former president obama final months in office. new information on the crashing copper that killed two young boys in injuring their three-month-old brother and the mom. the brother has been released from the hospital and the family friend identified the mother as i'd arrest of san pablo. the chp said the family was on the way home from the movie friday night when the sedan exiting highway 4 cut across the grass median and hit the side of their car as they drove onto the on ramp. we spoke with the father of one of the boys that died over the weekend. >> i feel like my world is over. i work hard in life for him, not for me. i could care less but it is for him, every thing i work work so now what am i working for?>>
12:35 pm
the man was arrested in connection with the crash, lemuel sirvonn wilson jr. showed up at the hospital hours after the crash and arrested for vehicular homicide, hit and run and driving on a suspended license. his wife said their thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the crash saying their family knows firsthand what it is like to lose a loved one. last june her daughter was shot and killed in downtown oakland, and no one was arrested in that case. one of seven people charged with the killing of the 30 year old open mom, jerry hardin was sentenced this morning to 13 years in prison. last month he pleaded no contest to a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter after taking a plea deal that came after the jury convicted three other men of 2nd degree murder in the death of chanelle pierce, an instant bystander that died shielding her children during a shootout in west oakland in 2015. >> there were maybe 100 rounds fired on the day in question.
12:36 pm
it was only by the grace of god that more people did not die. i think that he realizes this. >> two other men charged in the death of peers, and they are expected to be tried later this year. another suspect took the plea deal that called for a six- year sentence and explains the testimony. timing and the house is passed a bill to repeal and replace the president obama health care overall but senate republicans wrote their own version and republicans say they have not been asked about the ideas. >> they need to work with those democrats that will meet you in the middle. there are so many things we could sit down to agree on but we have never been asked to get into the room. >> members of the trump administration talking about the possibility of repealing the affordable care act now and coming up with a plan to replace it later. more leaders getting ready
12:37 pm
for the g 20 meeting being held in germany later this week and the president is expected to attend. the french president emmanuel macron is hoping the u.s. president will reconsider the decision. >> we will clearly reaffirm our strong commitment to the pairs a great met. the same will asked before and hopes that others will return to reason and can be on board with us. >> president trump is scheduled to meet with russian president vladimir putin while in germany and the ties between washington and moscow have been strained over the issues including russian interference in the 2016 presidential election along with the conflict in syria. crossing the golden gate bridge will now cost you $.25 more and from 650 -- $6.50 and now $6.75 and without the fast track paying $7.75. this is the fourth consecutive
12:38 pm
year that the tolls on the bridge of gone up and the golden gate bridge district that the money will help to close the budget deficit. a pennsylvania man showing patriotism in a special way and hitting the road for the july 4 holiday driving a tractor across the country to raise money for wounded veterans. >> reporter: the dream is like an engine, it just needs a spark. 70-year-old ivan got his heart from his father. >> he said one day out of the blue, if you have a dream don't wait until you were too old and physically cannot do it, just do it. >> reporter: a farmer for nearly 30 years near lancaster, pennsylvania, and he always wanted to drive across the u.s. >> reporter: he flipped a coin to support u.s. veterans and said he decided to combine the dream and drive across the country in this modified tractor to raise money and awareness
12:39 pm
for the wounded heroes. >> are you veteran? navy, thank you for your service and i appreciate that. i'm going across america doing fundraising for the veterans. >> reporter: in 2014 he drove from the jersey shore to the beaches of california, and now he is at it again, driving around the country at 14 miles an hour in this 1948 custom john deere tractor to raise $50,000 for veterans. he says it is not about the money. >> these veterans need it most each day, and they need help. >> reporter: he spends up to 14 hours a day in that tractor cab, a few momentoes to guide him like the purple heart and photos. the bumpy ride between the cornfields and the bean fields, on dusty back roads leading through main street usa to put
12:40 pm
him face-to-face with grateful veterans like mike whose 23- year-old son that died in the iraqi war. >> somebody above decided my route needed to come through oregon today so here i am. >> reporter: the veteran paying for his gas and gratitude. >> these people pay for freedom which is what it is all about. >> reporter: ivan never served in battle but he wants to personally thank those that did.>> thank you. it is worth it and it is always exciting because you never know what is around the next curve or what veteran you will meet. >> reporter: you can go to his website to help out on american draymond green stays humble with a one-on-one interview and how he keeps his competitive edge. we check back in with rosemary with the fourth of july forecast.
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if you walk or drive in san francisco you will see more of the red transit only lanes. bus riders say that the public transit is moving faster in the areas that have these experimental lanes. the drivers that live in the neighborhood say they also slow down the car traffic heading into the number of customers that go to the small businesses in the areas. they are asking the federal highway commission for 50 new sites, and another benefit is
12:44 pm
the experimental lanes have a 60% drop in collisions in the areas that have these lanes. san francisco is rolling out flexible marketing for the meters and they expect to see the changes as early as the fall. the when the spaces are scarce the price will go up by $.25 per hour. when the area gets less crowded the price will go back down. about 25% of the meters had the flexible pricing system and there are more neighborhoods that will come. let's go to rosemary in the weather center. >> a beautiful day in the bay area, low clouds and fog to start and the clouds are parting. we will remain mostly cloudy along the coast but for the rest of us weave beautiful and sunny day. here's a view over san francisco, a gorgeous shot and it almost looks like special effects are involved. it is
12:45 pm
just cloud cover on the bottom of the screen and toward the east we have a little bit of fog across the bay san francisco in between. high pressure in control of this weather pattern as we look at some fairly mild weather for this time of year. low 60s on the coast, 70s along the bay and upper 80s inland. we get more of the same for the rest of the week, very similar to where we were over the past weekend. temperatures coming down slightly on tuesday, and most of us will not even notice. wednesday we remain mild with subtle changes, thursday more of the same before we warm up just a bit over the weekend. not drastic though. outside the door we have upper 50s at half moon bay with mostly cloudy skies. 60 in san francisco with low 70s in the east bay, 72 near 80 inland. already warm in
12:46 pm
livermore and pleasanton. at the alameda county fair, mid to upper 80s expected so take your water and your sunblock. 76 in santa rosa and 77 in san jose. afternoon highs near 90 but during this hour danville at 81, 82 in lafayette. still warm but not hot. a look at the north bay area for today with 79 expected in sonoma, san rafael the marin county fair still going on and 77 expect it. upper 50s in sausalito, upper 70s in castro valley. mid 80s in danville and livermore with 88 acted in antioch. closer to the coast 69 in santa cruz. the financial holding 79 in redwood. low 60s and partly cloudy skies in pacifica and half moon bay.
12:47 pm
the forecast looking good over the next couple of days at lake tahoe, upper 40s to start the morning, but by the afternoon mostly sunny and low 80s expected. extended forecast at home showing little change through thursday before we get a bit of a warm up into the weekend. still upper 80s and low 90s inland, and not bad. >> i remember june had a lot of ups and downs. we had a lot of rain and hail with hot weather, and july looking pretty stable so far. >> we are off to a good start. the warriors working to keep the championship roster together for the next season and andre turning down offers, signing a three-year contract extension with the golden state worth $48 million, and iguodala said he considered other offers but his son began to cry when he talked about leaving the warriors and he went on to say that draymond green and kevin durant texted him which help to
12:48 pm
make his decision to stay.>> david west has agreed to a one- year deal for the minimum of $2.3 million and since this free agency. mac began the warriors to come up with agreements with steph curry, iguodala and sean livingston. >> nick young appeared in a snapchat video with green and spent the last four seasons with the lakers and last season averaging 13 points per game. after two straight years of finishing second in the defensive player of the year voting, draymond green to come the award this year. last year green and that general manager bob myers honored again as executive of the year, and in danville the talk about the awards at the monta vista high school. we set down with draymond green to talk about the win and next season. >> to become the defense player of the year is a direct spinoff
12:49 pm
of winning the championship because the way we won the championship was great. we will one of the best defense teams in the league, so that is a complete team award because without my guys i would not be in this successful position i am in. >> individually are to the podium today that the phrase " chip on your shoulder." you were widely quoted as being able to recite the names of every guys -- every guy that was drafted ahead of you and finishing as runner-up as the defense player. so many things have gone well so what can you have a chip on your shoulder about now? >> i don't think about that because my love and passion for this game will never change. one thing i'm always aware of is never take the success for granted. understand it and chase it more. for me, i want to be a hall of
12:50 pm
famer. that will not end until the day i finish playing basketball. two is great but why not five or six? why not taste the bigger things. winning the championship is great, and the fear of never experiencing that again is scary. you can always chase that. >> last year at this time a lot of the talk centered around kevin durant and the sports illustrated article saying you were so bummed out after game 7 that you reached out to him. >> that is definitely a true story. i turned my thoughts to what can we do to not go through this again. i think the great thing about kevin durant is the one thing we can try to lessen the chances of that happening again. >> and quoting today jerry reed saying that you have the title nba in a frenzy with the warriors. >> it is funny to see what people are saying, and it is
12:51 pm
pretty cool to watch. we took part in making this happen and that is cool. at the end of the day we try to get better every single year. >> this is probably a ridiculous question after your success, the season record with 16-1 postseason and what can the warriors do to get better next year? >> everybody individually can get better and obviously we will lose a few the pieces to free agency but at this time that is part of the sport. these pieces will go together just fine and we will keep the ball moving.>> this kid that just got out of oregon clearly admires and looks up to you, and he says he cannot wait to have a locker next to him and pick his brain to drive him crazy. he is off to a good start with you i imagine. >> he is until he realizes that picking my brain, you start talking about more than you're looking for.
12:52 pm
no, it will be fun and i enjoy having these young guys under my wings. one thing i was taught early on when i come into the league is that you do great things to get back to the next young guys and that is yours possibility to show them the way. i am excited about this and i think he has a chance to be good and to help the team out a lot. i want to see him do that and i'm willing to do what i can to see that he does. he does have a nice firm handshake, but i now have to towing to shake my hand like he is my teammate. he is great and from what i know about him so far he is amazing, and i look forward to playing with him. >> the final question, basking in the championship glow, but when does worktime begin again for draymond green? >> tomorrow. i wanted to get back at it today but i landed in new york too late to get a workout in so i will be back at it tomorrow and i'm extremely excited. >> i will shake your hand like a gentleman, thank you.
12:53 pm
coming up, tesla is ready for the next release in houston customers can purchase and drive their brand-new model 3. per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty, the quicker picker upper
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the battle over the new jersey budget shut down several
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state offices and governor chris christie has ordered many state parks to be closed to the public at that did not stop him from spending time at one of the beaches. he said his family staying at the state residence at the island state beach and he wanted to be with his family. governor chris christie defending his position saying that the governor is allowed to use the residence and is frustrated by the shutdown, and is working on a deal to reopen the government. we are working to learn more about the crash that left a motorcyclist dead in san pablo. after initially stopping the driver of the big rig fled the scene. with the latest on this investigation into what happened and the search for the driver of the big rig today on 4 at 2. tesla delivering the first model 3 cars by the end of the month and the ceo elon musk sent out a tweet saying that the vehicle has passed all regulatory requirements two weeks ahead of schedule and production will be back on track to hit 20,000 per month by december, the first 30 model
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3 customers will receive their cars on july 28 at the hanover party. the tesla goal is to produce a half million model 3 cars per year. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news and we are always here on follow us on twitter, facebook and all the social media platforms as we leave you with a live picture of the golden gate bridge. have a great monday.
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