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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 4, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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area. preparations are in big -- a full swing for tonight's fireworks shows. >> how will we be able to see the fireworks? we will be here with the fireworks forecast. police officer opened fire on the suspect accused of killing a gas station clerk during a late-night robbery in antioch. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. good afternoon, everyone. happy fourth of july everybody. today marks these countries -- the country started 43rd birthday. there's increased security ahead of fireworks stores -- shows. cards already started to weather for tonight's big storm. we will meet with our forecast after speaking with christian,
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who is watching the preparations for the festivities. >> reporter: it was a little overcast this morning. it's looking better right now. we're in berkeley. it is the site of one of two fireworks shows. the barges already in position at the end of the berkeley p. organizers say that father not tonight, it will be a spectacular show. >> we have a little bit of fog now, but it will clear up. i hopefully we will not have too much fog, but if we do, so what. they will a beautiful the fog anyway. >> reporter: the day ends with fireworks. measures are welcoming crowd throughout the day. there will be music, food, and family fun at the berkeley marina. there picnic areas around to enjoy all that the day has to offer.
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>> there is a lot of free stuff for the kids. we have dragon but rights. bands on our main stage. the smaller stage with jugglers and one man can -- band, and rumba drumming, and all sorts of stuff like that. >> reporter: all of this is getting underway right about now and noon. will be at the berkeley marina throughout the day. access will be cut off at about 6:00 this afternoon. will be restricted or the half- hour fireworks show. it is expected to and at 10:05 tonight. you see a giant slide. chip and i have been talking all morning long not trying to get on the slide. unfortunate, they said that we are too big to go on a right now. but that does not mean that you cannot come down here to the berkeley marina and enjoy a day of fun. there will be fireworks tonight at there will be fireworks
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tonight at 9:35 pm. >> i like the effort. happy fourth to you. >> going to see rob malcolm live about what you need to know if you want to go to that fireworks show. >> reporter: happy fourth of july to everyone back in the studio. we have been appear 39 since 5:00 this morning. a little bit of fog. the fog did burn off. is expected to return. the crowds behind us. lots of tours, but plenty of locals as well, the show will go on. 20 people here cannot wait for the show to start. the san francisco waterfront bustling with activity this fourth of july. plenty of people are getting ready for the show. >> since we're not real familiar with the area, we figured we'd come down to this area to see if we could see.
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>> it is my favorite holiday of the year. my birthday is christmas day, so my favorite holiday is a fourth of july. >> reporter: para technik crews have been busy wiring explosives and packing shells onto to barges that will be floating in aquatic park and at 39. all of it will be synchronized to patriotic music. >> it's a good ruckus, 20 minutes of the fireworks, explosions, and happiness. >> we do not know much about what was going on. we heard that there were fireworks down here. without we would come see them from the p a. >> i don't know if we have ever been to a big city to see fireworks before. we are from west virginia, so i'm excited to see that show, too.
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>> reporter: from where you are, you should have a great view of the late show, and some people today were already wearing colors probably. >> really wanted to celebrate the fourth of july by dressing up as wonder woman. she loves red white and blue. she is going to meet as many people as possible to spread as much joy and celebrate america. >> reporter: it is always a good idea to have man's best friend to help you celebrate. the wind gust could be an issue tonight, as well as the fog, but the organizers say that they are prepared for everything and san francisco police are also prepared for the crowds. they want everyone to celebrate to safely. they will be out here in full force just checking security and making sure that everything is safe tonight. the big show starts at 9:30 pm. we are live at pier 39, ktvu fox 2 news.
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thanks so much. we will have to see what we will be expecting. meteorologist rosemary orozco is here. it is gorgeous out there. very pleasant the afternoon. it could be very hot, like it is inland, here it is in the 70s for today. you can see a little bit of ground clever -- crowd -- cloud cover. as we get to the afternoon, the clouds will remain up on the coast. it they are pulling up just a little bit over portions of the north you can see there from san francisco off to half moon bay. afternoon high for today is low 60s to mid 60s in san francisco. low to mid 80s for the inland cities. that is a good day for most. it is low bit cloudy and cool along the coast, but everyone
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else is looking good. at the coast, it is going to remain with the clouds. around the bay, it will be partly cloudy. upper 50s to low 60s expected. for inland cities, a mostly clear nice. -- night. bite 9:00 or 10:00, we expect low clouds to be back and said the bay, which means of san francisco and. more than likely to be impacted i the fireworks, but as we have been reporting all morning night -- long, they know how to strategize and will bring you a great show, regardless. we're keeping track of the celebrations across the area. in redwood city, the parade and festival kicked off at 10 am. the took over downtown there. tonight, there will be life music at 7:00 and the fireworks we launched off about 9:30 pm. the annual fourth of july parade is wrapping up in danville right now. it is one of the largest celebrations in the area. were there throughout the
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morning. as the family got ready for the big tradition. >> that is what families do. the come out early, it is a full day. we cherish the community we cherish our country. that is very important to us. it is a family time. >> it is expected the 40,000 people across the area are at the parade in danville. for complete list, head over to our website . police it happened at the scene of a robbery and shooting where gas station clerk was killed and it took place just before 8:30 pm yesterday. it was at the valero gas station at hillcrest. police have not released many details, but an employee said that is -- the cashier was shot dead. no word yet on whether the suspect was hurt or even arrested. the antioch police department and the district attorney's office are investigating the
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incident. it happened shortly after 5:00 last night on 10th street. neighbors heard several loud rings coming from inside a home. officers went inside and found a woman who had been shot at least once. she later died. her name has not yet been released until lindsay's have been notified, and police have not identified the suspect at. we first brought to the story live during yesterday's mornings on to mac. -- 2. the driver of the semi initially stopped, but then drove off. san pablo police had cameras station long interstate 80, but none of them captured an image of the semi as most of them are actually aimed at traffic going in the opposite direction. the state plans to install more cameras with license plate
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readers and shot spotter sectors. it is in the wake of dozens of shootings along that area over recent years. north korea test fires another ballistic missile and expert say that this one could be a game changer. after the break, what we know about how far it traveled and how president trump is now responding to the launch. one step closer to becoming reality. details for you, coming up after the break. weekend sports wrap, brought to you by your northern california nissan dealers.
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widespread condemnation following north carolina -- north korea's launching of a missile. they said it could actually hit alaska, possibly hawaii. we have a story.>> reporter: the announcement came late monday night. north korea launched another ballistic missile, this one appears to be more advanced than previous test. flying longer and reaching higher altitude. they say could be a direct threat to the united states. >> japan, one of its main targets could be in the target area, but more significantly, also a number of states in north america, including hawaii. >> reporter: the pentagon said that it was an intermediate range, traveling up to 3500 miles.
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some areas are at high alert. some western powers are doing -- are pointing fingers at the united states. >> donald trump says it could happen. now it has. not everyone wants to know what he is going to do about it.>> reporter: president trump condemned it in a tweet, saying perhaps china will put a heavy move on north korea and and this nonsense once and for all. they say that they have already put on pressure and are expecting other powers to step up. >> we hope that the other involved parties will also make their due efforts. >> reporter: president trump is expected to discuss the issue further at the g20 summit in germany. at the pentagon, lucas thomason, ktvu fox 2 news. overall results of routine
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inspections at nuclear weapons basis are now off-limits. things like operations have previously been publicly available. the changes appear to go beyond the standard practice of withholding detailed information on the inspections. the pentagon said that the reason for the change is to keep adversaries from learning too much about our capabilities. protest already underway in hamburg head of the today summit on friday and saturday. president trump has a meeting scheduled with russian president vladimir putin. it will be the first face-to- face meeting. right now, the white house will not say much about the agenda, including whether not he will discuss russia's involvement in the presidential election. >> they have all but admitted that they are involved. >> reporter: they say that he will likely be asked to
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reconsider his decision to pull america out of the climate change agreement. getting ready to switch things over here. rosemary is banking -- many of us are banking on you today. where we going to be with the fireworks? >> we're in the same pattern that we have been in several days. low clouds in the morning and fog in the evening. we're looking at fog inside the baby for the evening hours. that means that if you're going to be in san francisco along the berkeley marina or anywhere bayside, expect the fog. it is hard to i think it will be, but more than likely, there will be some right around 9:00 or 9:30 pm. oakland is checking in the 67. we have partly cloudy to mostly clear skies across the region. upper 70s in livermore, mid 70s in san jose. as expected, temperatures are a little bit cooler.
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we're down by five degrees in areas like santa rosa. and down by three in concord. we're going to remain in this pattern for the next several days. the onshore breeze continues. 17 miles per hour. oakland has the northwest breeze at about 13 miles per hour. if you go to see the a's play this afternoon, it will be beautiful out there. a nice breeze in the afternoon. here's a look at the cloud cover that is not expected about a whole lot. will see some clearing here. have some we will see some clearing going into the afternoon. as you get closer to san francisco, we're still covered. you can still see a sliver there inside the bay which stretches all the way into berkeley and emeryville. it is still partly sunny and partly cloudy skies. depending we're going to spend afternoon, 60s of the coast, into the bay, 80s inland.
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is a surge just moments ago, we are smudges belittle cooler than yesterday. afternoon highs for today are 80 degrees in nevada. if you plan to go to the marin county fair, with a beautiful day for you. the parade is going on in alameda. 83 in danville. with the parade there earlier today. a gorgeous day for the vista veggies. saratoga, was got as, santa cruz, beautiful with partly cloudy skies. temperatures will remain on the cooler side, but they will not rebound by much. lowlight teens are expected inland. plans to increase the size of an east bay reservoir are now one step closer to reality. they released new environmental studies on the proposal to
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enlarge the reservoir yesterday. it is located a few miles left -- east of all diablo. it would raise the height of the dam by 55 feet. would almost double the capacity. it will cost $800 million. 12 water agencies are expected to chip in. a fire broke up -- out. one of the residence reported hearing a smoke alarm at and seeing the smoke. offer people including the pets were able to escape before the flames raced through the garage and spread into the attic.>> the damage inside the house is mostly water and smoke at this time. the crews did a good job of covering up items. >> they have already rolled out fireworks as a possible cause of the fire. the budget cuts now if -- impacting san francisco
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superior court. when the furloughs will begin and which quarter will impact. ktvu fox 2 the bay area's choice for traffic. ♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
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a new report from the california department of justice shows a spike in hate crimes. more than half of those involved bias raced on -- based on race, or ethnic origin.
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african-americans were the most targeted based on race and was people most -- and jewish people who were profiled most on religion. >> if you look at the survey of people, you'll see that 10 to 20 times as many hate crimes reported as what you see getting reported to the full -- police. the problem is larger than the policing data will reveal. we checked to see how many were reported in the nine bay area counties. napa county had the least with only one reported hate crime. will post a link to the full report on her website at budget cuts are forcing the superior coats -- courts to limit the hours of operation.
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they will also reduce hours on fridays starting in september. these cuts are expected to last until next june. caseloads could be affected due to a lack of staff. the courts are facing a $5.3 million budget deficit. a new budget in santa clara county is training? officers -- correctional officers. >> reporter: every cadets in this room knows the importance of those two characteristics as they begin their first day in the santa clara county adult custody academy. >> our word -- world change forever when micro tyree was killed. >> it is why these cadets will be the first to be trained on the new use of force policy and
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the first to be issued body worn cameras. >> this academy trading is going to reflect many of the jail reforms recently implemented. >> reporter: if an inmate needs to be moved from a sale and refuses come out, they must follow a group of de-escalation techniques. they will be use force as a last resort. >> it was pretty interesting how we will be implementing brand-new policies now, i'm excited to part of that brand- new class. >> i know that the approach that people need to take toward them. understand the needs. i understand that they are also human and that we have to treat them with unity and respect, regardless of what they may have done. >> reporter: they spent a half an hour day in jail wearing jail clothing. the role reversal experience is intended to help them gain greater understanding and empathy toward inmates. >> this academy class is going to be immersed in the new
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philosophy which will embody a caretaker and guardian spirit. >> reporter: the 68 cadets could fill half of the vacancies facing the jail. it is a diverse group of men and women expected to treat each inmate with betty and respect. >> it is critical that we do this. preparations for fireworks shows are well underway. if you're considering the fireworks display at the alameda county fair, we will tell you why you need to leave early. if you plan on shooting off legal all your works, law enforcement across the state says that they have a tool to find you. they expect to use it tonight to pinpoint the location of illegal fireworks.
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back now to our fourth of july coverage. if you plan to go to the alameda county fair, you back to leave early. they're planning to close the dates at 6:00 tonight. after 6:00, no new tickets will be sold and no reentry will be's
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-- allowed. for official say that back in 2014 when they brought back the fireworks show, there nearly 60 -- allowed. for official say that back in 2014 when they brought back the fireworks show, there nearly 60,000 visitors. it is a final day of the five-day fair. events include the great american petting zoo. there will be a big firework show at 9:30 pm. they're putting on pyrotechnics using the same company that did the olympics. in the south bay, great america is hosting its own fireworks show. this is video from last night display. the area rotary club will also have fireworks show. they say that they have some of the best weather to watch fireworks, even on days like today. >> it is a largest in the bay area next to san francisco. you can't really see san francisco sometimes because this foggy.
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>> there are other fireworks shows tonight's. seven police departments will be using technology tonight to locate people firing celebratory gunshots. they will be monitoring it in two key neighborhoods where they get the most 911 calls regarding gunshots. every year, the police department arc a part of with 911 calls regarding damaged property due to celebratory gunfire. >> people injured. property damage. vehicles get hit. we really discourage it. using a gun for celebratory gunfire is a negligent discharge of the weapon. it is possible with up to three days in prison. the concern is not just about the fire as it, -- hazard, for our veterans, it
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can be triggering. >> reporter: fourth of july fall fireworks are considered by many to be a symbol of freedom, but for many, it brings it back to the battlefield. >> i tried to get away from the noise. >> reporter: he believes in the complex built exclusively for military veterans. he said that when he and many of his neighbors here the explosion of fireworks, it triggers their post matter stress disorder. >> i turned the tv up and shut the windows. >> there are cases of ptsd here , some worse in others. a fire shot to nearby could be triggering further people. >> there's a large explosion up -- outside. it reminds you of deployment time.
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>> reporter: he says that some that avoid big fireworks shows, but even side their homes, they cannot avoid hearing explosions in the neighborhood. >> if you are putting off an explosion next to a guy who was blown up for your, you can expect this reaction. >> you think the people recognize what veterans are going through? >> i don't really think so. >> they say that they do not expect fireworks shows to stop nor they expected. but they say that if you are setting them off near home, get to know your neighbors. one of them could be your neighbor living your -- the war from living room. animal advocates want to remind pet owners about the impact fireworks we have a man. said that the other excited to loud sounds and bright lights can scare some pets. workers say that for them, this is the worst holiday.
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they've hundreds of thousands of dogs and cats frightened enough to run away from home tonight. if you're planning on selling the fourth of july with alcohol, law enforcement is a maximum enforcement this holiday weekend. help you get around without tricky and driving, aaa is offering it service. drive will take you and your vehicle up to 10 miles to get to home. they will not drop you off anywhere the search strings. you do not need to be a aaa member to use a service. more fallout in sacramento over decision to put out legislation the participant really four hours. the left that anyone being arrested. last month, he tabled the single-payer bill calling it woefully incomplete. since on, he has received harsh criticism and even death
12:35 pm
threats. >> we're here today to support the people of california want healthcare for all. violence is not in our makeup. we do not support violence. we do support healthcare for all. >> they want to make sure that the single-payer healthcare plan is put together with thought and care. the senate analysis puts the cost of $400 billion, which is almost triple the entire state budget. senator, harris is speaking out against the proposed public and healthcare bill. she visited the successful aging care organization. it is consider the national role model for providing expert and humane care for the elderly and disabled. harris listened to stories from people there who told her that they want to live with dignity and want to be able to afford and pay for the healthcare and medical -- medication. under the proposed better care reconciliation act, they face a $400 million cut. >> one of the worst public
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policy proposals that we could really ever imagine. >> the program is almost 100% funded by medi-cal. if the cuts that are being talked about go through, most of those programs services will be in jeopardy. >> the senate plan would shed $30.3 billion of medi-cal cost to california over the next decade. we're learning more about a hit-and-run crash that happened in napa last thursday. the 57-year-old victim died of his injuries. the woman responsible is in jail on $1 million bill. was late how they're able to track her down. >> we are saddened about mr lynches succumbing to his injuries.
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>> reporter: napa police showed a sliver of the surveillance shot. the actual videos are now evidence against 47-year-old laura half. she is booked in the jail under felony hit-and-run. >> we believe that she called 911. she called 911, driving away. she hit 57-year-old andrew lynch as ej walked in the dark. she was aware enough to step from her fcb -- suv to look at him as he was unconscious. >> she exited her vehicle, but she left before the police could arrive. in short order, her license plate led to the family home 5 miles from the accident scene. >> she panicked, freaked out, whatever. >> reporter: police were startled to see police at the
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doors. >> i do not usually have please come to my house asking if i know about somebody. >> reporter: they went to facebook with teachers of the escalade, because it's and half -- because it and half were missing. through the weekend, napa police sought and got hundreds of shares on his book. many people outraged by how the what -- victim was left dying. andrew lynch came into the 7- eleven often, the bike in the neighborhood, and was friendly to all, clerks say. >> it was shocking. everybody is dying. >> reporter: she was apprehended on sunday evening where police on the tip were watching for her. she also driven as far self -- far south, but not in her escalade. >> she was in a rental vehicle at the time. she was taking measures to invade law enforcement after
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the collision. we're now hearing for the -- from the san pablo mother who is involved in the crash who killed two of her young sons. they were driving home from a movie theater when police say a driver with a suspended license crashed into the family car, killing her 5-year-old and 10- year-old sons. she was also hurt and her three- month-old baby is still at children's hospital in oakland. yesterday, she spoke to the median had a message for the other driver. >> the way i feel right now, i wish i had perished along with my children that i could be with them. but i have to be strong and they have to be here for my babies. there in critical -- he is in critical condition. i have to be here to give him support. >> the man accused of hitting his -- her car has been
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identified. he has fled the scene, but was arrested on saturday and the hospital. they learned that he was just released from jail a day before the crash. last wednesday, judge reduced his bail from $100,000 last wednesday, judge reduced his bail from $100,000-$10,000 on charges of pleasanton for terrorist threats. he buildout thursday, the crash happened the next day. want to find out whoever vandalized the number of gates. the spray-painted gates and vehicles were found on hillside avenue also vandalized with red paint. police in san francisco investigating a robbery at a popular tourist attraction. three sightseers from another part of the bay area in the city on saturday night taking pictures of the twin peaks overlook. at 10:30 pm, a man approached him, flashed again, and robbed them. the number of people that a permanent place to live has
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dropped 14%. it is not all good news, according to the marin ij, the number of people who been homeless for a euro more or for at least four times has grown. most of the chronically homeless have a psychiatric condition. the government can -- requires counties to conduct a census every few years. before you plan your personal fireworks display, we will be to the numbers on how dangerous they are. will to come peak at the fog. willis tear really go? download the news and weather apps from your app store today.
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the independence day celebration in cupertino today included reckless. >> pancakes were served at the memorial park. breakfast is being followed by a full day of independence day events. a children's braiding concert, and there were also be fireworks starting at 9:30 pm. it just a few hours, a celebration on board the uss hornet. they will run from 2:00 this afternoon until 10 pm. there will be live entertainment , the captains bridge. all people can watch the various firework displays around the bay from the flight
12:45 pm
deck. tickets are free for active military personnel. with legal fireworks, there still threat of danger. we will break down the numbers. >> reporter: the most reliable national statistics from the national fire protection association and the u.s. consumer product safety commission present a grizzly picture of fireworks in the fourth of july. in 2014, fireworks were responsible for 15,600 fires, 14,000 of them outside fires. last year, that number increased to 18,000 fires. 1400 of them were structure fires and 200 were vehicle fires. in fact, almost half of the fires reported on the fourth of july were caused by fireworks.
12:46 pm
in 2014, 35% of the patients seen in emergency rooms between june 20 and july 20 were between the age of -- were under the age of 15. some 10,000 people are hospitalized each year after fourth of july fireworks injuries. the total annual cost of more than $100 million. by far, sparklers caused the most injuries. 28%. consider this, and 12000f, the sparkler is six times hotter in boiling water. more than twice as hot as wood burns. and 300 degrees higher than molten glass. the mere possession of illegal fireworks, including firework there's -- firecrackers, or anything that explodes, flies, or moves along the ground, can lead to $50,000 fine, even some jail time. but if anybody gets hurt with one of the's things, and the problems get much worse.
12:47 pm
and a lot of people are not's -- not fans of the fog, but i think that rosemary says that it brings down the fire danger a little bit. >> you are right. we do have very pleasant mother. -- weather. it is hard to plan about this weather. in order to have the fabulous afternoon temperature, again, it is really quite thick along portions of the coast. it is just inside the golden gate bridge. chances are, it will be with us with the fire -- fireworks tonight. we've been onshore breeze that continues at this hour, anywhere between 10 and 15 miles per hour. he could increase a we get into the afternoon as well. want to point out just one element that could impact us as early as tonight in early tomorrow.
12:48 pm
it's like it wants to pull in the subtropical moisture from the desert southwest. press, it means that there will be a mix of mid and high-level clouds for wednesday. for the sierra, it could mean the possibility of thunderstorms. you have plans to hand -- head in that direction, keep your eye on the forecast. we are being provided with the cloud cover. the temperatures are running a little bit cool for this time of year, at least for some of us. here's a view of the fog. we have a little bit of fog clearing. looks like pacifica is getting a little bit of blue sky the moment. if you take a look at the sunset, all the way into daly city, we're still covered a gray. we will remain partly to mostly cloudy the rest of the day. we have a little bit of son in galena. temperatures at this hour or mild up there. upper 60s in napa.
12:49 pm
around the area, brentwood would be 75. some of our warmer locations are only the mid-80s today. gorgeous day outdoors for all the festivities going on. upper 70s to low 80s over the north bay for today. along the east bay, low 70s. mid to upper 80s for areas like brentwood today. we've 80 degrees in the south near santa fe. for the peninsula, a lot of 70s here. we talked with this of the top of the hour, but if you're just joining us, as we get to the evening hour, we expect the clouds to be back inside the bay. will be impacted tonight for the fireworks. 55 for the evening hours. mostly clear evening for the inland cities was 60s expected free there. here's a few of your extended forecast. we're going to remain within
12:50 pm
this pattern for the next few days. that as we get to the bay area weekend, we warming up slightly. low 90s are inland. >> so maybe would paid have this weather. >> it is beautiful. firefighters continue to tell fires burning in western states. the largest is the brian head fire in utah. it has burned more than 66,000 acres. it is only 70 -- 70% contained. some of vacuum these are being allowed to return home. in california, wild fires are burning in fresno and los angeles. >> mike is when outside to go and play and became and said, mom, we smell smoke. the system when out there and said that there were ashes everywhere. >> there also fighting battles -- fires in colorado new
12:51 pm
mexico, where the governor has declared a national emergency. durant is staying with the warriors after taking a pay cut. he is agrees to a two-year, $53 million deal that is about $9 million less than the max deal he could have signed to stay with the warriors. to put his new contract and perspective, 12 players will make more than he will next season. he declined the second your option of his previous deal and made it clear that he wanted to build a dynasty. >> good decision-making there. it is a july 4 tradition. athans famous hot eating contest at coney island. how he didn't this year's competition.
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sacramento county officials are hoping to prevent accidents and drowning by banning alcohol at the american river for the second week in a row. last week, it was put in place is of a rafting accident.. officials say the both open and closed alcoholic beverages are prohibited. lake tahoe will feel little bit more clouded -- crowded
12:55 pm
today. a quarter million people are visiting the lake during the holiday weekend. the beach is only about 1/10 of its regular size because the wet winter has increased the lake level. they reported that wait times for parking spots was up to one hour there. some folks are actually taking advantage of the unusual winter that we had. there's skiing going on today. squall valley still has several lifts and trails running today. we're enjoying the skiing this morning and heading out on the boat. >> not sure when the next time is why will be able to do that in one day. >> it has been fun. good times. 80 degrees and snow in our bathing suits. >> soaking up the sun. pretty good snow. that is something you do not see everyday. skiing in bikinis. [ laughter ] squaw valley is the only place that has open
12:56 pm
lifts today. there only running until two this afternoon. it out there quickly. they say that this is only the fourth time in its history that they have been open in july and skiing. >> you have the opportunity to go from squaw, and into the lake, just like that. it would not be independence day without the nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. got it start 101 years ago. this year, santa fe's joey chestnut was going for his 10th win in 11 years. he devoured the competition. his nearest competitor finished with 68. he gobbled down the 72 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes, which breaks his own record of 70. that breaks down to a hot dog every eight seconds.
12:57 pm
he looks a little tired, but happy. he is taking his 10th mustard yellow title else and prize money. congratulations, inc. you for representing the bay area, joey. have a very safe and enjoyable fourth of july and have a great day, everybody.
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