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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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baseball bat. he came down from that side. he hit two or three cars over there. he smashed my window. and he had a few cars this way. he ended up hitting a few people in the face as well. >> he went to the corner. he hit someone in the head. he sliced his face and cheek open. he went somewhere else. reporter: this man attacked five people. two had to be taken by ambulance to a hospital. one suffered moderate injuries. at this hour the search continues by oakland police for this man. is described as african- american. 30s in age and six foot seven inches tall. 2030 pounds. wearing all black clothing. if you see someone mentions disruption oakland police want to hear from you. henry lee reporting live. little police tracking down.
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activists claim a investigation into a sex scandal was mishandled and placed in a betterãpolice should not have been promoted to higher ranks. >> oakland police held a long and large ceremony celebrate in the promotions of almost 40 officers and employees to names on that list are sparking controversy over their involvement in the investigation into the notorious police sex scandal involving an under age sex worker. while oakland police were celebrating their promotions of dozens of police officers at the scottish rite center, a handful of protesters gathered outside angry. they say two officers being promoted were involved in the investigation into the infamous celeste case. an investigation that your skinning criticism from an outside law firm that investigated the handling of
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the case. >> they are not disciplining the cops, and they are promoting them. it is unacceptable. >> the mayor of oakland steered away from the dutch mercy. she brushed past the tv cameras and protesters. >> we believe in freedom of speech. it is a sacred right in the city of oakland. i appreciate all voices. it is an important part of democracy. >> the two officers, whose promotions are under fire, is john lois who was promoted and roland holmgren who was promoted to captain. the two senior members of the department who oversaw the investigation of officers having sex with celeste, and underage sex worker. an outside investigation found investigators allowed celeste to delete text from other officers. >> there is one standard in oakland for supervisor accountability. and another standard for a little officer guy and their responsibility. that needs to change. >> jim is a civil rights
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attorney who has been monitoring oakland police department for a decade. >> for these two individuals as well as a large number of others i spoke about in court on the 10th, they were not investigated at all. and they should be investigated. >> oakland police say the promotions were made prior to the release of the critical report. will the promotion stand ? >> yes. they will stand at this time. >> a federal judge is calling the city of oakland into court on september. the judge wants to see a list of changes the city is working on and the names of those responsible for overseeing the changes. >> rob roth live in the newsroom. maybe you noticed it has been warming up across the bay area. taking a live look at mount diablo, where it hit 90 degrees today. chief meteorologist says triple digits are on the way. it looks like it will heat up to triple digit saturday and sunday.
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there is an advisory. it is not difficult heat. it will be hot. it is july and doing what it does. take a look at the draft -- graph. i had a professor at cal and he said people have short weather memory's. it is hard to remember back. wednesday and thursday was cool. temperaturesãi was getting at remember back. what we are looking at temperatures near 100 degrees or at 100 and bay valley. that has prompted the national weather service out of monterey to issue a heat advisory for the east bay hills in santa cruz mountains. this is an easy one. you are not including san jose or san francisco. the heat advisory in a city is a whole other ball of wax. you are looking at areas with no air conditioning. oakland or downtown seven cisco. these heat advisories are real.
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incident to think about it will affect far you are amount of people. it will be hot. 89 in fairfield. 91 in concorde. like yesterday or degree or two warmer. the trend is for this. as we go into saturday and sunday, we will get more of this. lots of fun things to do. and we will let you plan it out after the break. jeff sessions says the white house will appeal the latest ruling on cart's travel band rectally to the u. s. supreme court. yesterday a federal judge and -- in hawaii rolled the travel ban should not exclude grandparents of nsa's residence. you will recall the last month the supreme courtãlast month the supreme court allowed the travel ban to go into effect with an exception for a bona
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fide relationship being established. the state permit excluded grandparents from that category. appealing to go to the supreme court, the white house is bypassing the ninth circuit course based in seven cisco, which block thisãbased in san francisco which blocked denying funding to sanctuary cities. white house is facing new questions about donald trump's controversial meeting with a russian attorney who promised her on hillary clinton. joe walden tells us a russian lobbyist with ties to the kremlin was reportedly at that meeting as well. along with top officials from the trump campaign. reporter: earlier in the week donald trump junior said it was the end of the story. house democrats seem intent on thoroughly investigating russian meddling, calling on an independent commission to investigatepossible collusion between anytrump and the kremlin. >> the american people have a right to know. reporter: minority leader
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nancy pelosi adding jared kushner should have his security clearance revoked. that is because he was at the meeting with that russian attorney, along with an ex- soviet counterintelligence officer. according to more news that is despite the latest revelations, breaking today.trumpet ministration officials insist there is no there, there. >> no actions taken. no follow-up whatsoever. reporter: a curious photo surfacing today showing the president shaking hands with a russian pop star in 2013. her producer rob goldstone is the one who facilitated the meeting between don junior and that russian lawyer. now it appears the former soviet counterintelligence officer as well. critics cautioning the drip, drip, drip of new details surrounding the trump family ties to russia is at best, disconcerting. >> it gives the impression that they are not getting out in
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front of the story. they are hiding details. when he what he should have done is put it all out there. and try to move on. reporter: the chairman of the senate judiciary committee saying he will request that don junior testifies before the committee as early as next week. in washington, joel walden, fox news. racist graffiti and vandalized cars all found in the same area, the seven berkeley park police say the cut the man responsible. paul chambers in our newsroom, with more on the young man bars. >> investigators arrested a 21- year-old man last night. he will remain behind bars until monday. then he goes to court slashed tires and graffiti. it still remains in the south berkeley neighborhood. more than two weeks after someone went on the spray painting spree. according to police, nearly 35 page related incidents were reported. >> 70 vehicles had tires
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slashed. f the police. anarchy symbols. f white people. spray-painted on people's cars. >> one of my friends cannot replace his tires. insurance does not cover it. >> investigators say the graffiti and verbiage used, are considered hate crimes. officers would not say what led them to the suspect. thursday night, they took him into custody. >> we made an arrest a 21-year- old. he was arrested by detectives. at his apartment. >> we located the suspects facebook page. on it he claims to be a student at uc berkeley where he studies public health. police say this is not the first run and they have had with the suspect. and now that he is behind bars, one victim says he will rest easier. >> it was out of the blue. they came and vandalized our property i'm happy they are off
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the streets. >> now police say there may be yet another suspect. as for this suspect, he is on $85,000 bail. coming up, seven consecutive life sentences for university shooting. some victim say it is not enough. at 5:30 pm, the penalty they hope youssef zaghba will get. minimum wage is on the rise. in one city, there is a new surcharge. when i got up to the plane, i saw a little hand come out the back. i thought there is somebody alive. eyewitness describes how they try to help get the victim out of the crashed plane in sonoma county.
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we took our box cutters out and started cutting the top of the airplane. it had cracked. we cut the cables and removed it to expose it. was a little girl in the car seat in the front. she was pretty banged up. >> eyewitness describes what he saw when a small plane went down in the north bay. four people on board that plane. the pilot died and three others were injured. the man killed was a member of a prominent san francisco family . and a professor. >> a crest yesterday afternoon minutes after taking off from the sonoma sky park airport. we have more from that witness, moments after it went down. >> if you take a look, the plaintiffs in the field. reporter: 1000 yards away from the sonoma park airstrip. a crest at 1245 p.m.
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the single engine serious plane crashed at about 12:45 pm. on board, william goldman, a woman in goldman's son and daughter. he died in that crash. the woman and children have all been taken to the hospital with serious injuries. an eyewitness tells us he saw the plane flying overhead. and watched it go down. >> we heard the plane take off and sputter over the building. it sputtered and died. then it went out over the flags and lost altitude. he was 75 feet in the air when i heard the bang. the shoot deployed and the plane took a nosedive to the ground. my neighbors and i were running as fast as we could. when i got to the plane, i saw little hand come out the back i thought there is someone alive. reporter: that eyewitness his coworker and friend used tools to cut out the survivors. the boy, 10 years old was able to walk away. the woman on board was identified as the nanny.
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she had a broken arm and possibly other injuries. goldman was the grandson of richard and rota goldman, the philanthropists who established the goldman environmental prize. investigators are expected to be here throughout the day and to figure out what happened. they want to speak with the eyewitness who gave the account of the plane sputtering numerous times before it finally fell from the sky. trying to figure out exactly what brought the plane down. in sonoma county, fox 2 news. in addition to being a professor at the university of san francisco he was a ward member of the israel fund. the organization said his vision, idealism and sharp sense of humor and sustained us all. our thoughts are with his family and especially his children. as we begin to process this loss, we know that his memory
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will be a blessing, as was his life. let's get you over to bill for the weekend forecast. >> i think in the inland valley, it is hot. it will be hot in the inland valley. a heat advisory in the east bay hills in santa cruz mountains. for saturday and sunday. it is not out of control, crazy. it is what you expect in july. above average. we have been above average for july, pretty much all week. temperatures have been spot on. tomorrow and sunday, temperatures will go up and above average. heat advisory in effect. east bay hills in santa cruz mountains. not big population centers. it is not a fire danger issue. it is mostly about people and pets in the elderly. and homeless folks. there are not as many people
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and things that live in the santa cruz mountains. a different kind of heat advisory. heat advisory none the less. find along the quiet -- coast. south swell got kicked up. coming from the weather systems in the southern hemisphere. a pretty good swell. it is only dangerous because there's a lot of time between sets. they come from the south. be aware of that. 88 in livermore. concorde 1 degrees warmer than yesterday. livermore is 2 degrees warmer. the trendãi wanted to show you that. things usually go on a trend. winds light and variable . winds will slow down a little bit tomorrow. it will set us up with a warmer day. better quality. i think this is claremont
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frank, that is claremont, right ? >> yes. >> you do not needãthe bait area quality management does a lot. you can get an idea of air quality and what you see. i don't know how good the air will be on saturday and sunday. fog along the coast. it is limited. forecast highs tomorrowãthere is the red or purple's. those are 100. lots of 90s also. tomorrow, hotter. sunday, turns out to be the hottest day of the week. fog along the coast. those temperatures remain in the 60s. even low 70s. inland valleys will pop. heat coming from the southwest. when it does, it fills in. the bay is in between. it is modified. this is where you want to be. it is nice. san francisco is beautiful. fog in the morning.
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you get into sacramento, and it is beautiful. here is the forecast. son -- sunday is warmer. when i come back, i will lay it out. we will help you plan your weekend. wages are going up. so is the cost to the customer. the bay area city where restaurants are tacking on a four percent surcharge to ec the bill. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag.
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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. if you eat out in the south bay you may be seen in added charge at the end of the
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night. some restaurants have been tacking on four percent to the bill to make up for the recent hike in minimum wage. i guess this is one way to cover increased labor costs ? reporter: the restaurant managers say they are trying to be transparent about the surcharge. they have been spending a lot of time this week answering questions from customers who are surprised to see it. on july 1, two things happened in san jose. the minimum wage went up from 1050 -- to those $.50 an hour and an item labeled surcharge started to show up on receipt. agreeing to tack on four percent to the bill. in some cases, but not all, it is marked on the menu. designer say they do not mind. >> not at all. >> i would love knowing, because the surcharge was because of that. i would be curious what it
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cannot be filled in with the meal cost. reporter: others felt surprised by the added expense. restaurants like the table have decided they will not be adding a surcharge. >> we did that experiment a couple of years ago. the feedback we got was our staff or our guests really wanted to not see that. they were not comfortable paying a surcharge. reporter: restaurants like the lex eatery have also been assessing how to handle the minimum wage hike. chef and partner chad very says they have to pass on the expense somehow. >> a surcharge is a sticky situation. especially dealing with customers at the end of the night. we look at it as it is part of our food cost. we have had to bump up prices across the board. reporter: he wanted customers to see the cost upfront he hopes they understand. >> we want to make people happy. it comes at a price. reporter: city officials say there is nothing to regulate or
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prohibit this type of surcharge. they say they expect to see more, since the minimum wage will go up again in san jose. to $13.50 in january. >> again, perfectly legal. >> exactly. >> i imagine the waitstaff is not fired up about it. it eats into their tip. >> exactly. reporter: we are hearing from customers who have concerns. there is a question about whether or not you are surprised at the end. it is nice to know it is coming people we talked to say it they prefer they know exactly why they are pain and what they are paying for. >> and ruben live in south bay he will spend the rest of his life behind bars. for some of his victims, it is not enough. up next, the sentencing of the man who shot and killed a student at a college. a new bombshell to tell you about from palo alto school. a surge in accusations of
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sexual harassment, dissemination and inappropriate touching. we look at the newest complaint and ask what is being done. download the ktvu app from your app store today.
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the man convicted of killing seven people in a deadly rampage at oaklands oikos university was sentenced today to seven consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. our crime reporter henry lee
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tells us one goh do not speak in court. but relatives of the victims lashed out. reporter: cameron's -- cameras were not allowed in court as a judge ordered youssef zaghba -- one goh to life behind bars. >> i am glad that it is over. it is hard. we are all still grieving. the families are grieving. all friends and family. especially my family. reporter: in may, youssef zaghba pled no contest to shooting and killing seven peopleãone goh pled no contest to shooting and killing seven people . on friday, relatives of some of the victims got their first chance to address him. the boyfriend of victim grace kim said you are nothing but a coward. you should have turned the gun
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on yourself. i hope you rot in prison. prosecutors say he carried out the attack in retaliation for not being refunded his tuition, after dropping out of school. he was looking for an administrator who is not there the day of the shooting. instead, he shot and killed the school receptionist and six students with a 45 caliber handgun. peter to alameda and give up. the case dragged on for five years because of questions over whether one goh was competent to stand trial. earlier this year, he was found to be competent. he has aged is a plea. his hair is straight with great. his attorney says he is remorseful. >> there is no good ending to this case. it just is and ending. he will go to prison for the rest of his life. i hope that this offers some closure for the families and the families of the victims. reporter: he did not react visibly in court. the prosecutor says he hopes the sentence will bring comfort
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to the victims. in oaklands, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the trial for the illegal immigrant accused of shooting and killing kate steinle 07 cisco peer has been postponed. the rescuer has asked for a delay for the case against juan francisco lopez-sanchez. she has another case going to trial. also today, the defense revealed that it has issued a subpoena to the owner of the stolen gun used in the shooting. it belonged to a ranger with the federal bureau of land management. and was stolen four days prior to the shooting. the bureau says the ranger is not subject to the subpoena. >> we are puzzled by the federal government's interference in the case. this is a very important criminal case that affects the liberty interest of juan francisco lopez-sanchez . >> juan francisco lopez-sanchez who had been deported five times has pled not guilty. both parties are expected back in court x friday, to determine whether or not the trial will begin the plan to
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open a marijuana dispensary in the sunset district is moving ahead despite opposition of neighbors. late last night, the future site of the apothecary him one the commission's approval. a past 5-1. the business will be run by a former oakland mayor and her husband who is the doctor. they already own a cannabis club in the castro district. some residents feel the dispensary will attract crime and pose a risk to children. others say medicinal marijuana is a better alternative to more serious, stronger drugs. >> we know there is a lot of kids and senior citizens. i do not think it fits the neighborhood. former mayor quan says the location is perfect for the dispensary since there are dozens of medical facilities in that area. the building itself is the former pharmacy. city officials are supposed to introduce new legislation the september regulating the recreational sale of marijuana.
5:32 pm
the owners have expressed interest in selling recreational cannabis products next year. contra costa animal services looking for the man who abandoned a severely neglected dog at the shelter yesterday. we have video of the dog. we must tell you it is disturbing. a spokesman for the shelter says that the bulldog also has a serious medical condition. it is currently being treated. animal services is looking for a foster family that can care for this dog, while it recovers. and hopefully, and adoptive family will want the dog. surveillance video shows a man dropping the dog off. a spokesman for the shoulder is hoping to find the man in order to learn more about the dogs condition. he says the dog was left without food or water overnight. tonight, palo alto school district is facing a surge of new allegations of sexual misconduct on campus. officials just announced 10 new
5:33 pm
complaints. that brings the total number of new cases down to 29 since 2 investigates started looking into the campus sex assault scandal. jesse gary broke the initial story in may. and has this follow-up. reporter: with the school district close during the middle of summer, the number of reported sexual assault cases grew. district board president terry godfrey in a memo to the community, said there are now 10 new cases listed on the uniform complaint procedure log. among them, accusations of sexual harassment, sexual comment and sexual touching. can dauber is a member of the school board. >> it is critical that the district will respond to incidents of special dissemination etc. and that the district find out about them. it is always good that these things are happening and that the district is about them. reporter: they registered a total of 71 complaints on its ucp log from january 2014 until this past june.
5:34 pm
by comparison, san francisco had 112, fremont 7 and san jose unified school district, 5. renewed scrutiny over the numbers comes as the department of education office of civil rights completed a four-year investigation into the district. and found pa usd failed to take appropriate steps in a prompt manner in cases of alleged sexual assault, dating back to 2013. in may, our series of 2 investigates reports detailed how a high school student athlete was convicted in juvenile court for having oral sex with a minor in school bathrooms last october. the district did not initiate a title ix investigation, as required by federal law.? the goal of these policies is to protect students at school. >> in order to do that, winning clear policies. we need the students and parents and staff to be aware of the policies. when we get complaints. we need a clear practice that is followed for responding to
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those in an effective way. reporter: the district board wants new policies in place before staff training begins august 1. additionally, board members say an oral report for one of the law firms investigating of at least one on-campus sexual assault will not be made until summer break is over. on assignment in palo alto, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. it only took an hour and it was gone. more videos of a giant sinkhole that threatens to take down more homes. two suspects in pennsylvania now charged with the murder of four missing men. how attorneys sate those victims were lured to a farm, where they were killed. ktvu fox 2 the bay area choice for traffic .
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without pg&e's assistance, without their training our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have
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the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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dramatic video shows a very large sink hole. swallowing a house in florida. it opened up this morning. within a home -- within an hour most of the home was gone. people are out of several nearby homes that are not safe. power has been cut to about 100 homes in that area. officials say they cannot clear the area until the water starts receding.>> we have to wait for it to stop before we can go to the next level. we are doing protective action to make sure the committee is safe. >> luckily, no one is inside the home. firefighters did rescue two dogs. in pennsylvania today
5:39 pm
prosecutors charge to 20 girls in connection with the death of four young men. >> investigators say the victims were lured to a farm to make a drug deal. and then killed rick levin fall has -- leventhal has details. reporter: two suspects now charged with the murders of those four young men who went missing last week. 30 miles outside of philadelphia. 20-year-old cosmo dinardo facing four cans of homicide and his so-called cousin sean kratz also 20, facing three counts of homicide. the men also charge with the litany of other crimes in connection with the case. including conspiracy, robbery and abuse of a corpse. >> i feel a lot of sadness, reliefãi feel so proud of my team. 19-year-old dean finocchiaro, and patrick, mark sturgis and thomas mail went missing last week. setting off a massive manhunt. investigators later found human remains on an 80 acre farm that
5:40 pm
belongs to dinardo's parents. cadaver dogs let authorities to three of the bodies in a mass grave. >> many of the men and women that they represent worked tirelessly, nonstop. reporter: the bucks county district attorney says that dinardo told them where to find the fourth body. >> we would still be looking for jimmy patrick, have we not made this agreement. reporter: tomatoes attorney says his confession takes the death penalty off the table. according to court documents, the murders were related to marijuana sales. >> we are not here to make moral judgments on any of their actions. we are here to seek justice for them. reporter: both dinardo and kratz are being held without bail. both men were a danger to the community. in buckingham township pennsylvania rick leventhal, fox news. some new information surrounding that military plane crash in mississippi we have learned that three of the 16 killed are from southern california the plane was carrying members from north carolina, to california
5:41 pm
when it crashed on monday. one of the men killed a 30-year- old captain shawn elliott. he attended uc davis and graduated in 2009 before joining the military. staff sergeant robert cox and 25-year-old staff sergeant chad tennyson of los angeles. they were also killed. the crash is still under the station. the republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare appears tenuous with tworepublican senators already voicing opposition to the latest version of that healthcare bill. with 52 republicansenators and they can only afford one more defection in the bill has the chance of passing. susan collins of maine, rand paul out of kentucky have also said they will vote no. other republicans are expecting big doubts about the latest version of the bill. which was unveiled today. the changes include maintaining some obamacare taxes on the wealthy. and expansion of the use of health savings accounts. >> president trump and i look forward to the senate voting on this bill as early as next week. >> the proposal is lipstick on a pig. it is cosmetic changes to a
5:42 pm
fundamentally flawed, cruel and costly proposal. >> the congressional budget office still has to weigh in on the revisions before the senate can vote. it is expected to issue its analysis sometime next week. nature and music coming together for a special 12 days in seven cisco. coming up nextãmusic in the park. it is heating up. we set you up with saturday and sunday. after the break. ♪
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adobe systems is expected to more than double its workforce in downtown san jose. is a part of a plan to expand the main campus on ark avenue by adding a fourth power. and has 2400 employees and three towers. the new building will house 3000 more employees. it will be connected to the other three. adobe plans to finish purchase of the property by january of next year. fiat chrysler issued to recalls affecting more than 1.3 million cars worldwide. a wiring problem could cause the airbags to inflate unexpectedly. some of the models are affected with antilock brakes. the first problem affects more than 771,000 dodge journeys and fiat fremont suvs from 2011 through 2015. the second problem affects less than hundred thousand chrysler
5:46 pm
300, dodge challengers and durango suvs. from the years 2011 through 2014. honda is recalling 1.2 million cars because of a problem with its battery sensor. the company says the sensor can short out and potentially cause a fire. the recall covers honda accords from 2013 through 2016. honda says, there had been four reports of compartment fires due to a problem. nobody has been injured 12 days of celebrating music and nature has returned to golden gate park. this is the third year of tall pianos they are around the botanical gardens. martin holston takes us to the event.[music playing] >> this is the flower pml. we have 12 pianos spread throughout the gardens. 55 acres for 12 days.[music
5:47 pm
playing] there are two gentlemen and they had this idea. they started placing pianos and the coast they did projects elsewhere. then they came to us. this has become their largest endeavor.[music playing]>> when i saw there was a piano to play, i decided to make a day of it maybe i will come back a couple of times and do it a few more times.[music playing] it is a form of meditation for me. i space out and let the fingers do what they will do. >> i think this is the best idea i have heard in a long time. is atã[music playing]>> i
5:48 pm
played piano a couple of times every time i do it i am struck by it. it is cool. >> it is amazing who comes out and what they play. mostly, it is completely spontaneous. and organic. and that is the true magic of flower pml. >> my dad was a pianist i grew up with a piano at my house. it is so fun. >> if i stumbled across one you are not here much. >> i can do chopsticks. >> there is nothing betterã something about out in the park with a piano. that sound. >> it draws people in. >> i do love it. i am not a musician. there is something special
5:49 pm
about it. people like that guy that can do it. it is special. it is kind of magical. date ãthe temperatures outside will be hot. there is a heat advisory in effect for the east bay hills. some of the north bay hills as well. and santa cruz mountains. not any of the major population centers. it will be hot in land and hot in the santa cruz mountains. not a red flag warning not fire related. this is about people living in these areas who may not have air conditioning. and they will experience a time heat which can cause problems. and can cause problems for pets. as you look at the heat, here is what is happening 95 in dallas. what time is it ? 4 pm ? so it is 8 pm.
5:50 pm
107 in phoenix. always hot. for us, a beautiful weekend. the heat is coming. the heat advisory will go into effect, for the weekend. in my mind, there is no better time for a heat advisory. you do not want it during the week, because you have commutes and cars. tomorrow, you can park yourself at the public pool or at a friends pool. i used two days in i used toã i used to have a hose. i would just go in the grass and spray myself. it was very entertaining. [laughter]you know what is weird ? i will tell someone a home antidote and then i rose it is weird. it was fun for no money. run through the sprinkler.
5:51 pm
san francisco will have a warmer day tomorrow with less fog. it will end up at 68 degrees. microclimates tomorrow. around the bay 70s. low 80s also. quickly into east bay, 90s. upper 90s tomorrow. sunday turned out to be the warmest day. temperatures will be 98. sunday will be the day for triple digit heat. although 104 sonoma and northbay. heat showing up. 101 in livermore saturday. sunday as well. along the coast, patchy fog. it was so relaxing. the sound of the water. >> with the hose ? >> it would be 105. it was neat. >> instant relief. >> do what you need to do.
5:52 pm
[laughter]>> what kid did not take a hose on a hot day ? >> pg and he has donated lumber from drought stricken forest to the artist at burning man. we got a look behind the scenes at the construction of the temple that forms the centerpiece at burning man festival. the wood comes from a dead ponderosa pine that was cut down to protect power lines. burning man's lee gardner says she hopes the temple will raise awareness about the environmental issues facing california's fourth. ãforest. >> we are hoping that the temple will be an opportunity to let people know there is a crisis going on in the forest. and that we could think about what we can do with these dead trees. we can help fund the removal of the trees. >> according to pg and e the drought and bark beetle infestation are having a
5:53 pm
devastating impact on california's forest. the utility says it has removed more than 200 30,000ã20 30,000 dead trees last year. a double whammy of a wildfire in a mountain lion sighting close a trail and wrote on july 6 after a number of people reported seeing a mountain lion. it was caught on camera. on tuesday, a fire that burned more than 100 acres kept the park and trails closed. one home was burned. and attack at one of the holiest sites on earth. two police officers were killed after a shoot out inside an ancient compound.
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two german female tourists were stabbed to death and others were injured at an attack at the egyptian red sea resort. one of the injured has since undergone surgery. we are told three others are currently being treated. the interior ministry said the attacker had sneaked into the hotel by swimming from a nearby beach. the suspect was arrested. police are trying to determine a motive for the attack. two is really police officers are dead after an attack inside a major holy site for jewish and muslim people. we are in israel with more on the attack. reporter: gunfire at one of the holiest site in the world. is really police in a shoot out
5:57 pm
this morning with one of three arab is really gunmen inside the temple compound in jerusalem's old city. all three were killed. two police officers critically injured later died from their wounds. >> the terrorists used firearms inside the temple mount. violating the holiness of this important place. reporter: the attackers head there wept and -- weapons inside the ancient compound known for its stunning dome of the rocks. while violence outside the site is not unusual, a gunfight inside is. israeli security forces closed the temple mount and mosque for friday prayers. a rare move, some fear will spark more violence. please also shut down all nine entrances to the old city, including the damascus gate. there also restricting who they let in. palestinian authority president condemned the attack, but also
5:58 pm
called for the status quo to remain on changed. jewish people at the western wall. for now the third holiest location is on lockdown. is really prime minister benjamin netanyahu assured that the status quo will remain unchanged but added that israel will take the necessary steps to ensure security. outside damascus, john petty fox news. good news about former president jimmy carter who is out of the hospital after collapsing after working at a habitat for humanity site in canada. his spokesman said he was dehydrated and was working in the hot sun. he is 92. was taken to the hospital as a precaution. he told organizers he is feeling fine right now and encouraged everyone to keep hydrated and to keep
5:59 pm
building. ktvu fox news at 6 pm starts now. /tires an offensive graffiti and a cow student is behind bars facing hate crimes and vandalism charges. >> we did not do anything to this person. and he vandalized our property. i'm happy he is off the streets. >> that evening everyone. i am frank mallicoat. >> it has been more than two weeks since that mental struck near the cal campus. now police say they have their suspects. we have details from paul chambers, live in the newsroom. reporter: investigators arrested a 21- year-old man last night. they say he will remain behind bars until monday, when he heads to court. slashed tires and graffiti. they still remain in the berkeley overhead near the campus. more than two weeks after someone went on the spray painting spray. according to police, nearly 35 hate related incidents were
6:00 pm
reported. >> 17 vehicles had tires slashed. f the police. anarchy symbols and other symbols of white people spray- painted on cars. >> one friend cannot replace his tires because your insurance does not cover it. reporter: investigators say the graffiti and verbiage used classifies this case as a hate crime. officers would not say what led them to the suspect. but thursday night, they took him into custody. >> we made an arrest. a 21-year-old male. he was arrested by our detectives. at his apartment in san francisco. truck we located his facebook page. on it he claims to be a student at uc berkeley. where he studies public health. police say this is not the first run and they have had with the suspect. now that he is behind bars, one victim says he will rest easier. >> it was out of


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