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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  July 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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and humidity, it is a full on challenge. eliminating the pay gap the questions employers in san francisco that they will not be able to ask job applicants after new city lot was signed today. back to plan a. >> people are hurting. in action is not an option. >> a frustrated president donald j. trump tells senators to keep working on a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. >> frankly, i do not think we should leave town unless we have a health insurance plan. a wildfire near yosemite has turned into 46,000 acres. it is forcing thousands more to leave their homes. cal fire calls this fire behavior extreme and aggressive. walk into 4 on 2. i'm heather holmes. >> im frank somerville . we will get to the debt while --
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detweiler fire. sheriffs are on the scene of a homicide. it happened on willow avenue in unincorporated hayward just before 3:30 pm >> sky fox is overhead right now. officials say the victim is a man. no word on the age. we are working to find out more information on what happened we will bring you any new developments as they become available. a homicide investigation is underway right now in alameda county. now to the fire in mariposa county. that detweiler fire is behaving in a way they have not seen before. and has burned more than 45,000 acres, since it broke out sunday. at this point, it is still only seven percent contained. the fire has destroyed eight structures and 1500 other structures are threatened. >> we will show you a map of where this fire is in mariposa
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county. yosemite valley, just to the east of the fire. further off in the distance. >> rob malcolm is at the fire command post. reporter: good afternoon heather and frank. we have moved onto highway 40, just outside of merced. i was out of the way to give you an idea of where we are. from our vantage point, we are 14 miles outside of merced. 23 miles outside of your post that. 67 miles outside of yosemite. between the street sign off of highway 40, you see a column of smoke going up. to the right, you see a sign that many residents put up, thinking the firefighters. it says thank you firefighters. they have been working around the clock since sunday. as we pan over, you can see the smoke pouring off of the grassland. on the other side of the mountains, that is where the firefight is taking place. this is a wind driven and terrain driven fire.
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field bike calm, dry vegetation. fire crews are optimistic about blocking this down. when residents can return home, it's hard to say. right now, the fire has burned 47,000 acres. 5000 residents have fled their homes. hellfire was joined by -- cal fire was joined by multiple agencies to fight the fire. they are cutting fire lines and dozer crews were at work. the challenge facing fire crews is the terrain and vegetation providing fuel. crews are battling heat, humidity and wind. the fire chief chalk -- talked about the challenges. >> the perimeter fire continues to spread. there is a lot of heavy fuel and the winds and mountain terrain cause it to be a challenge for firefighters. stretching the fence is the
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priority. as we get more resources in, we are making headway. lines are being put in today. dozer lines and hose lines. about of air support. it is a cooperative effort from ground and air resources. reporter: a plume of smoke could be seen rising above the evacuation center. of activities -- evac utes were nervous. they had left their home moments before flames raced down the home. at a pace of one mile per hour. >> but yesterday, the flames were looking about 1000 feet high. only about a mile from our house. the flames were going so high, it was shooting into the clouds. that was on the top of waterloo bait mountain. my house is one mile at the base. when we saw it cresting over the mountains, we left.
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that is why we are here at cesar chavez. reporter: tyler family is one of many families who left. this is live video, courtesy of casey are a. the firefight is taking place in the hills. it has been relentless since sunday. we were at the merced staging area. you could seek crews coming in from all over the state. they have sleeping quarters and all sorts of facilities set up. these crews will be here for some time. as we come back live, we talk about the wind that cal fire has been so concerned about. you can see the brush blowing. it is worse in the hills. if you can listen to this, to give you an idea of how dry the tender is. it goes up in the wind. imagine if you have flames fueling the fire, what is in store for the crews working here since sunday. will be here for some time over the next couple of days.
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they are optimistic, but said it will be sometime before the families can return home and get reasonable containment levels on the fire. >> rob, some of the figures are astounding. they have 11 helicopters and nine air tankers. the wind is a concern in the brush is dry. what is the biggest concern tonight ? how far are the flames from mariposa ? is that what they are most worried about ? reporter: we did not get specific numbers about how close the flames are to mariposa the biggest concern is structure protection. of course, dealing with the heat and humidity. winds is the biggest factor , it drives the fire up the hillside and down the other side of the mountain. >> rob malcolm in mariposa county. i want you to take a
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look at this. the blanket of smoke from the fire is so big it can be seen from nearly 200 miles away in reno. this was the view, lack of a view at the city airport earlier this morning. >> that is something. let's bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. rob showed us how dry the brush is. how bad are the winds ? >> not bad at all. they are relatively light. they were heavy the other night. right now, they are blowing at 8 miles per hour. 40,000 acres -- golden gate park is exactly 1000 acres it is 40 times that. manhattan is 15,000 acres. just to give you an idea of the scope of this fire. we were commenting on how quickly it doubled and tripled in size. heather and i were talking on the brake when firefighters have said we have not seen anything like this. the combination of fuels, wind, temperatures and humidity and
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terrain. we have not seen something like this. in explaining the rapid growth. one thing i have noted, is you are in the foothill region. with the temperatures and the trend, you're getting 100 degrees tahoe does not get to 100 degrees. down here, it is lower and dryer. it is transitioning into pines. give dry oaks in the dry brush. it is so dry and it goes off. it moves and then you see pine trees. you have different fuels and they react to friendly. it throws firefighters for a loop. it makes it difficult to fight fire. the humidity is 15 percent. winds at eight . in the zone, and 92 degrees. you can see what i was talking about. basically, you are in the transition zone. just coming off 49. 3000 through 4000 feet, you have oaks and dry brush. temperatures to drop off --
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actually warmed up a couple of degrees. we did have a cool down. the fire zone getting a slight rake. not much. i would say this fire is being driven not so much by the weather, but by the terrain and the fuel. the transition zone. also, go back to a couple of days ago, when we had near record heat we had a heat advisory. everything is prime to pop. although it is not amazingly crazy hot in the zone, it was three days ago. that is where we are. this fire, the terrain is a tough sell for cal fire to get in and fight it. the terrain, fuel and whether -- it is california in july. when we come back, we'll talk about whether. we will keep on the fire. it is the big story. stay with trent three and for continued coverage of the detwiler fire. >> you can follow us anytime on twitter, facebook and other
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social media for updates. to bring the fire under control updates. new housing construction projects in oakland is moving forward. despite a series of recent fires. one project is going up darkly across the street from where a devastating fire occurred earlier this month. rob ross is in the newsroom after talking with the developer >> the recent construction fires have not seen the destruction of housing developments. helpers are building, but under heavy security. developers broke ground today on a major housing construction project in what had been a parking lot on 23rd and valdes street. the project is called the alex and webster. >> we are replacing public parking we are building a parking structure and roughly 15,000 square feet of retail space. and then, 234 while a miniaturized mixed income housing units. >> sitting directly across the street is the charred remains of another housing project. this is what happened to the
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waverley on july 7 as it was nearing completion. the fourth fire in a housing construction site in the past year. because here is still unknown. the other three were arson. some have questioned whether the fires are a reaction to the perceived gentrification of oakland. >> we have looked at what happened across the street is terrorism. >> the developer said the compex will go up under heavier security. >> we will take more aggressive on-site precautions, with regard to having on-site security and having more enhanced monitoring systems. and a number of other things we will not publicly discuss. we are working with opd and other groups. >> the 234 units land at the alex webster -- 15 percent are for low and moderate income residents. the rest will be market rate of $2000 a month through $5000 a month. the facility will have a pool
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and a spot and a rooftop lounge. >> it is a diverse and racially, economically and ethically diverse community. this will add tremendous value. >> councilwoman lynette gibson says the fires have not stopped construction. 4000 housing units are in the pipeline. >> one thing no one can argue with is that we want housing and we need housing. the question is how the developers, investors and state and federal officials will help us make sure there is housing for everyone >> the building is expected to be ready for residents in two years, barring any major problems. heather ? >> it is good to see concession projects moving forward. we have more breaking news on the ongoing investigation of the trump campaign. alleged ties to russia. his son donald trump junior, and the president son-in-law, chair kushner are expecting to testify for congress next week. the president's former campaign manager, paul manafort is also set to testify.
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manafort, and trump junior, are expected to testify at an open hearing of the senate judiciary committee on wednesday. chair kushner is scheduled to testify before the senate intelligence committee on monday, and private. congress is also looking into allegations that members of the trump campaign colluded with the russian government, against hillary clinton during last year's presidential election. meanwhile, the congressional budget office said the gop plan to replace and repeal the obama care plan would leave 32 million people uninsured by 2026. also, one day after president donald j. trump urged lawmakers to abandon their effort to repeal obama care and let the system collapse, he reversed course. and urged senators to vote to repeal. lauren blanchard is in the nation's capital tonight with more. reporter: the president invited all 52 republican senators over to the white house today where he served them lunch. and talked with the stern message. >> we have no choice.
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we have to repeal and replace obamacare. reporter: president donald j. trump urging senators to go back to the drawing board and agree to an alternative plan to replace obamacare. >> i think the people of this country need more than a repeal. they need a repeal and replace. and we were very very close. reporter: the challenge coming one day after the president declared the current healthcare lot should be allowed to fail. sparking a firestorm of pushback and more protest. >> it is a failure morally it is a failure politically, and it is a remarkable failure of presidential leadership. reporter: although discouraged earlier that their previous bill had flatlined due to a lack of party support, senate republicans attending today's luncheon, seemed to leave with a renewed commitment to putting together a replacement bill. >> the purpose of the meeting was to continue to push this process along. etiquette was a successful
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meeting. reporter: the president asking senators not to leave for august recess without first putting a new healthcare bill on his desk >> i am sitting in the office. i have pen in hand. you never had that before. reporter: next week, the senates will be making a procedural vote on that legislation. that would repeal obamacare now, but replace it later. frank ? >> lauren blanchard in the nation's capital. narrowing the wage gap between men and women. what employees and one no longer be able to ask once the city lot was signed today. the search continues for the owner of a well-known oyster company, who fell out of his boat yesterday details on that story coming up after the break with new information and that homicide investigation underway in alameda county. including more on the shocking moments that the shooting took place. more life coverage when we come
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you know what i could go for right hmmm some sweet barbeque. ...or spicy! crave van! here, try my new barbeque bacon cheeseburger and chicken sandwich with your choice of sweet or spicy barbeque sauce. you crave it, we serve it. crave van! update on a man who has been shot and killed in alameda county. is an -- we are learning from authorities that the victim was walking with a three month old in a stroller. he was shot and killed around 3 pm. the baby is okay the victim is
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a man. no age given at this point. we have a crew at the scene. we are trying to find out more about what happened to possible motive or any suspect information. we will go live, coming up on afternoon news at 5 pm. searchers in marion county spent the day looking for a 70- year-old man who fell from his boat yesterday afternoon friends say the man who went missing is the owner of a well- known oyster company. alex savage is live with more. reporter: boats and jet skis were in the water as the search continues for todd friend, who fell from his motorboat into the waters of tomales bay yesterday afternoon. he was on his way back from a trip to plant oyster seeds. fellow boaters saw him go overboard i called 911 for help. he was wearing waders when he went into the water and he did not have a life jacket on. searchers eventually found his boat empty and going in
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circles. >> so many things can go wrong. boats are fast and dangerous. reporter: today some of his employees were out on boats to search for friend, who spent the past 30 years harvesting oysters in the waters of tamales bay. sean o'brien says friend is a strong swimmer. >> do not underestimate todd. he is an incredible individual. hope for the best, prepare for the worst. reporter: friend has owned the tamales bay oyster company along highway 1 for the past gate. he lives in oakland and has several adult shoulder and. more than 50 searchers from the marin county sheriff's office, fire department and coast guard are now scouring the water in the shoreline, hoping to bring him home alive. >> he has been living and working on the water for years. this is what comes natural for him. i am told he was a strong swimmer. very comfortable with his elements. we are hoping it is those things that will improve his
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survivability. reporter: event that it has now been a full day since frank went into the water, the marion county sheriff's office says it is now officially a recovery operation. near tamales bay, alex -- alex savidge . san francisco mayor atley filed -- and lee filed a pay equity law bans employees -- employers from asking employees what they made in their last job. a senior staff attorney is with us. why is this law needed ? >> this law is needed because despite the fact that we have had equal pay laws on the books for decades, women continue to earn less than men in every sector and job occupation. women feel the effects of wage asperity across the board. the gap a pay between men and
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women cost california billions of dollars a year. which not only harms women, but also families in the overall economy. this ordinance that prohibits the practice that perpetuates that pay disparity is critical at this point. >> i apply for a new job. i go in and they say, what you currently make ? what have you made in the past ? by eliminating those questions, what you hope it will do ? >> research shows that women earn less than men starting when you're out of college. that applies to mba and occupations. women begin their careers starting at a wage disparity from their male colleagues. when employers base salary offers up our salaries, it perpetuates the gap. and it will impound over the course of a lifetime. >> if you start out underpaid, it will continue with an equity. >> this prohibition from an employer asking about past salaries, basically stopped the
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perpetuation of the wage gap. it requires an employer to offer a wage they believe employees are entitled to based on the job >> it takes up the disadvantage from the get go. does this apply to all companies in san francisco ? >> yes, all companies. public and private. it also applies to employers who have contracts with the city. and their agents. >> what about -- you see this having a ripple effect. across the country and affecting other companies. if i am an employer and i want to do this in san francisco , will i have one job application process ? the hope is i will make this companywide. >> it is a growing momentum. we have already seen prohibitions past and other cities and states. i do believe you will continue to grow. ssa for that reason, -- precisely for that reason, they will want conformity throughout their offices. it will make sense to
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incorporate these practices throughout their offices >> jessica, this takes effect in january ? >> it takes effect july 2018. >> thanks for coming in. we are hours away from finding out whether or not o.j. simpson will be released from state prison in nevada. i will show you the preparations underway right now in carson city.
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o.j. simpson's parole hearing is tomorrow morning. he was sentenced for 9 through 30 years for armed robbery in 2007. >> that was when he burst throughout las vegas hotel room door demanding the return of sports memorabilia. ken wayne is live in carson city, nevada. reporter: heather and frank it is hot, windy and smoky in carson city. all the smoke coming from the fires in the sierra. that is not why everybody is here. it is because of the o.j. simpson case. if you recall back in the 90s, all the media got together in one encampment, known as camp oj. it is not as big as it was in los angeles in carson city, there is a lot of interest though. here are pictures we shot a short time ago of people setting up with press from as far away as the united kingdom. on hand to find out what happens tomorrow. national news media is here
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from the major networks and sports networks. tv stations from los angeles in the bay area and across los angeles. they want to find out what the parole commission will decide. we talked to carson city sheriff is a short time ago. to get his reaction to the attention. >> most of the attention is being focused right now, up to this point on the media coverage. obviously from around the world. people are interested for their own reasons. from a local standpoint, tomorrow's event or thursday afternoon event, has been well programmed. so we can facilitate the most amount of information to everybody who is interested. obviously, we are a little bit constrained by space. the media coming in, is facilitating that information.
4:29 pm
reporter: because it will be widely disseminated, just about anyone can get the information on what is happening inside the parole commission hearing. it starts at 10 am tomorrow. they will take testimony from o.j. simpson over a video link from the state prison in lovelock in nevada. 90 miles east of reno. after that is finished, they will go behind closed doors. they can meet for as long as 30 minutes. they will come out to take a public vote on whether or not o.j. simpson should be granted parole. if it is you not to -- unanimous, they allow parole. he could be out as soon as october 1. if they deny parole, it will be 3 more years before o.j. simpson gets another chance at being set free. frank, heather ? >> will only be o.j. simpson being asked questions ? will they bring in attorneys ? reporter: he has the option of having people testify on his behalf. we do not know if that will happen. last time he was up for parole, my understanding was he testified on his own.
4:30 pm
the victims in the case, also have the option of having testimony provided. right now, it is not clear if anyone will speak. our understanding is o.j. simpson will speak tomorrow. >> ken, i am curious. lovelock prison is not far from where you are. why would they not drive him up to be in the parole hearing in person. as opposed to video. reporter: i think it is logistical. the cost of transporting a prisoner, 90 miles -- it is a distance. you have to go through security of getting an inmate on a bus and transporting them. i think it is easier with the technology to put a camera in front of them at the state prison. you can see and hear them. see what they have to say. and get the emotion from the voice. it is almost as if they are there in person. >> so much interest in this parole hearing. ken wayne, live in nevada.
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>> the o.j. simpson parole hearing is the subject of our question of the day. we have been asking if you think he should be paroled tomorrow ? 65 percent of people who responded to say no. you can weigh in on our facebook and twitter pages. >> ken wayne will attend the parole hearing tomorrow in carson city. we will ring you complete coverage starting tomorrow on mornings on 2 dij. watch the entire coverage tomorrow starting at 10 am. we will bring you the decision live. city college of san francisco seems to be on the upswing. enrollment is at a ten-year high after years of legal battles and controversy. to come, we'll talk with supervisor jane kim about the spike. we will continue coverage of the large wildfire in mariposa county we will talk with cal fire about their strategy. the bay area choice for news on the go. tran three fox 2
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we want to update you on the developing news in mariposa county. the fire has doubled in size overnight. eight structures are in jeopardy. this fire is one of seven across the west. reporter: creek across the d with major wildfires in five different states. one of the worst is the detweiler fire burning east of
4:35 pm
san francisco near yosemite national park here in california. and is burned through 20,000 acres so far. less than 10 percent contained. >> we cannot emphasize enough how active and erratic this fire activity is. especially with this fire. it is stuff we have not seen before. reporter: yosemite remains open for now. the fire has forced many to evacuate. among the met -- hardest hit is mariposa. 2000 people are under mandatory evacuation orders. after the fire burned eight structures and threatened 1500 homes. governor jerry brown declared an emergency, declaring state resources out to help with evacuation. >> it is slowly crawling down the mountain. >> everybody is scared. you never think something like this will happen in your town. reporter: the fires quick spread is being blamed on tallgrass heavy winter rains. it is fueling wildfires throughout the west and canada 40,000 evacuated their. canadian resources stretched so thin they have asked for help from australia. >> the community around the
4:36 pm
world is tightknit. if we can help in a time of need, we would like to do so. reporter: wildfires are driven by weather usually. lower temperatures and some moisture in the southwest and the rockies is good. on the flipside, storms bring lightning and it causes more fires. to date, more fires and more acres burned then in the last six years. in los angeles, wayne legion. >> for more on the massive fire, we are joined by cal fire public information captain, jordan. what is your biggest concern right now ? >> the biggest concern frank, is how fast the fire is burning. the fire is spreading primarily to the south into the east. it is spreading and spotting in a way we have not seen in the last seven years. >> when you say it is spreading in a way you have not seen, what does that mean ? >> at the rate it is spreading.
4:37 pm
we have seen it grow many thousands of acres per day over the last several days. >> captain, i was listening to another firefighter today. he was saying that it is so aggressive and erratic. it is problematic to fight talk to us about what the strategy is. when you are dealing with the fire with such strange and erratic behavior. how do you adjust the strategy ? >> our number one strategy is to protect life and property. that is always our goal. to put the fire out, take a weight risk to life and property. when the fire is burning so fast, we are working with the sheriffs on evacuations. we are protecting structures with engine crews and bulldozers and hand crews. we are attacking the fire where we can. where he gives us opportunities. such as when it reaches the top of a ridge and we are able to put in retardant lines to stop the fire spread before it goes over the back of the next ridge. there are places where that
4:38 pm
fire naturally slows down. top of ridges and at night we are attacking the fire at night. >> i know you have a massive response and there are thousands of people who have been evacuated 1500 structures threatened. how close is the fire to the community of mariposa ? and how concerned are you that it could reach mariposa ? >> last night the fire reached as close as three quarters of a mile of the northwest side of town. the fire crossed the ridge, just as the sun was setting. fire behavior at night was decreased last night. and helped us to attack the fire. as it slowly burned down the mountain. the fire is burning around mariposa at this point. around the west side of town. and toward the south side, as the fire continues to burn in a general southeast direction. >> captain, we have seen a number of bay area fired departments and crews that way. can you tell us if you plan to bring in more resources ? will you bring in resources from outside the state ? >> if the fire burns more
4:39 pm
toward the national park boundary of yosemite national park, there will be out-of- state resources to come with the u. s. forest service. we have fire departments from all up and down the state, as part of the mutual agreement. should conditions continue down this road, for the next several weeks, we are not expecting that. if they do, it would not be out of the question. >> 45,000 acres right now. how much bigger do you think this fire is going to get, before it is contained ? you are at seven percent now. >> correct, the only figure we have is our forecasters predicting we will have the fire 100 percent contained by august 5. >> by august 5. still a couple of weeks away. >> correct. >> we appreciate your time captain, to update us on that detweiler fire. which is continuing to spread and doubled in size overnight.
4:40 pm
1500 structured -- structures threatened. >> as you mentioned, august 5 for expected containment date that means several more weeks of worry and anxiety for the people living in the area. >> the latest information is available on our website, another live update is coming up on our 5 pm news. coming up, she pushed for free tuition at city college. now the one struggling in school is seeing a spike in enrollment. the supervisor is joining us when we come back. temperatures have warmed up a little bit. still not hot. temperatures gradually climbing this week. 2 investigates on ktvu 2. weekdays at i dig it is all about you on ktvu.
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>> ready to bring you the top stories. >> stories that hit home. >> news that matters. >> matters to you. your family and your community. >> weekdays at 5, right after 4 on 2. we are ready. for you. >> ktvu fox 2 news.
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enrollment for fall classes at city college of san francisco is up for the first time in 10 years. after a new tuition rate plan was announced. enrollment spiked 17 percent, compared to fall of last year san francisco supervisor and kim pushed the college tuition free idea. she joins us live. supervisor, you have to be happy with this news. >> it is incredibly exciting. our highest and best estimate, which we thought we would not reach this year, was a 20 percent increase in a moment. it goes to show, that there are
4:44 pm
a lot of people excited and interested about city college. and taking the impediment of tuition away is showcasing the demand for higher education. >> this is indeed, a sharp turnaround. the student population had declined by 80 percent since 2012. as most people know, that is when the college began battling its accreditation. when you talk about a 17 percent increase, do you know how many students that is ? and how many people have benefited from this tuition free plan ? >> i cannot tell you the exact number of san francisco residents that will be benefiting from free community college, but we do know that the average person from san francisco makes $11,000 more when they get a degree from city college then versus a diploma. this program is about increasing the economic means of our everyday residence in a city that has become increasingly expensive. and seeing in increasing income
4:45 pm
gap. >> how big of a role do you think the fact that tuition is free for san francisco residents -- how big of a factor do you think that is, in a spike we are seen in enrollment ? >> i think you have to look at the number. we have been seeing declining enrollment every year since 2012. the first year ever, since we introduced free city college, we have seen a 17 percent jump in the residence of san francisco who want to apply and enroll in city college. etiquette is great. community college is a resource that to be there for everyone. i truly believe it should be free across the college -- country. i am excited that san francisco is a city in the nation to make it free. regardless of age, income or gpa. >> i think we can all see the benefit for students. talk a little bit about what this does for the college. and its standing and viability >> this is certainly several million dollars for a boost in
4:46 pm
funding. for city college. and for every student that enrolls, it is increased subsidies to city college. i do not have the exact numbers. city college will be seen highly increased revenues this year. due to the enrollment increase. >> a final question. there were people critical of the amount of money spent on this. no doubt about the investment. $5.4 million for the next 2 years. what do you say to the critics ? >> we went to the voters and we found new revenue to fund city college we are not dipping into any existing general funds to pay for the students that attend city college. we put a luxury real estate tax on the ballot last year. saying that we have a crazy luxury market and san francisco. want the wealthy to contribute a little bit , to make san francisco more affordable for everyone. this tax revenue measure has
4:47 pm
brought in over $20 million, just in the last six months. i think that we are actually bringing more dollars to the city that we will spend on free city college next year. >> supervisor jane kim. >> thanks for having me. chief meteorologist bill martin. you can see supervisor jane kim asking in the glow a pretty nice day. >> in the glow of the city college. the junior-college system for uc -- it started as a way for everyone to go to school and have a uber -- opportunity to go to uc. if you go to a jc, it is still this way. you can transfer into university of california or ucla. it goes?. they take good care of you. the system was put together is the first of its kind uc system putting junior-college in place. anytime you try to educate the masses, you are saying if you
4:48 pm
want to take a physics class, go take a physics class. that is what education should be. it is something they should be applauded for. we have no fog at the coast right now. there will be a little fog returning tonight. temperatures are warmer today. and it is summer. it is beautiful. we will continue this way tomorrow. with temperatures slightly warmer. it will be warm the whole week. it will be a slow warm. by the time i get to saturday and sunday, we will have mid 90s. 90 in ford field. 91 in concorde. they are warmer than yesterday. remember, monday and tuesday, temperatures in the plummeted. they have come up a few degrees closer to where they should be. winds are blowing significantly at 23 miles per hour. it is a cool, moist breeze. we talk about the fires in mariposa. there are 33 miles per hour gusts.
4:49 pm
this pattern -- we were talking about the firefighters and they try to fight it more at night. there is cool, moist air. by the time it gets up there, it is cooler and slightly moister. it helps the firefighters quite a bit. as you look outside, good air quality because the winds are blowing in a westerly direction. the smoke from the fires is everywhere. can is in reno, waiting for the oj verdict. in his live shot, you will see the smoke from the detweiler fire. it is blowing over the sierra nevada crest and into the great reason. today was cooler. yesterday was cooler, pardon me. the trend for warming will continue. here is tomorrow morning. here is the fog. forecasted highs -- breads are 90s. a little warmer than today. mostly 50s along the coast. a few 80s popping into the interior of the bay. it is still warmer. it is a gradual increase in
4:50 pm
temperatures. 92 in brentwood. 85 in livermore. nothing out of control. similar to today. a degree or two warmer. some places may be cooler with the fog. and substantial sea breeze. here is the 5 day forecast. what you have planned ? >> i think i will head to north bay. may be six flags.[laughter] with my little one. it will be fun. >> it will be kind of toasty up there. do you go on the very rights ? >> i do not like to dangle upside down. >> and your daughter ? >> wendy of fluids. fox 2 news at 5 pm. alyana gomez with a look.
4:51 pm
following breaking news in alameda county. where a man has been shot and killed, while pushing his three- month-old baby in the stroller. you can still see the stroller tipped on its side at the scene. we have a crew in their and we will get a live report. >> such a sad scene. and sat images coming on the mariposa county. following a massive fire burning outside of yosemite. eight structures have been destroyed. we are near the fire lines and will be live. we will see you at 5 pm alyana gomez. see how smart phone maker apple is helping people in emergency situations, using just a finger. coming up next. you know what i could go for right now?
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animal control officers in san francisco on the look out after a coyote jumped out and snatched a small dog. it happened at 4:00 sunday morning. a couple took the new puppy and 13-year-old dog bella for a bathroom break. before they could get backs in the house, the coyote jumped up, grabbed bella off the porch and took off. the couple found the dog's body by an ally by the home. officials say there have been more coyote sightings and attacks in recent years. some worry -- sites like these have become too common. hard rock formations inviting
4:55 pm
bushes now thorny agaves. the efforts underway now to keep homeless away by design tonight on the 10:00 news. ktvu and ktvu plus. the power of 2.
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