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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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all of this comes more than 20 years after the so-called trial of the century in which o.j. simpson was acquitted for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend. we get live coverage now from ktvu's ken wayne in carson city, nevada. that's where today's parole hearing took place. ken. >> reporter: frank, i think it is safe to say that this is the best day o.j. simpson has had in the last nine years. he found out today that as soon as october 1st, he will be a free man. it that's first time the public has seen o.j. simpson in years. via video feed from the lovelock prison 90 miles east of reno simpson appeared relaxed, even jovial. adding to the upbeat mood a slip of the tongue by the chairwoman. >> we have that you are currently -- well, very recently turned 90 years old. 90 -- i'm sorry about that. you look great for 90. >> simpson is actually 70.
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but the discussion quickly turned to the serious nature of the hearing. should o.j. simpson be set free? he was convicted of robbery, burglary, kidnapping, and weapons charges in a bungled attempt to try to retrieve what he said was stolen personal property. he and several accomplices burst into a las vegas hotel room where simpson's belongings were held. he told the parole board he had no idea that two men who were with him had displayed guns but admitted that's no excuse. >> i thought i was glad to get my stuff back, but it wasn't worth it. nine years away from your family is just not worth it. and i'm sorry. >> there's nothing i can do about this media circus that's going on now but kai do something about the whole thing in the beginning, if i would have made a better judgment back then none of this would have happened. i take full responsibility. >> are you humbled by this incarceration? >> as i said, i wish it would
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have never happened. i was going to start -- i didn't know how we were going to do this -- by apologizing to the people of nevada. i wish this would have never happened. >> o.j.'s oldest daughter also pleaded for his freedom. >> he is remorseful. he truly is remorseful. we just want him to come home so that we can move forward for us. >> reporter: and one of the victims of the robbery, a longtime friend of o.j., blamed two men who were with simpson. >> came up gangster style, acting like a big man. he held the gun on me, not o.j. another man came in, hit me. not o.j. >> reporter: for some, the nine years in prison would never make up for the brutal murders of simpson's ex-wife nicole and ron goldman in los angeles. but this was not supposed to be about los angeles. simpson was acquitted of murder but convicted of a much lesser crime in las vegas. the drama of his potential release unfolded before an
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international audience after deliberating for less than a half-hour, the board members returned to their carson city hearing room. three of the members voted to release simpson but it would take all four votes to make it happen. the chair gave a final warning to o.j. to not violate the terms of parole and then -- >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you. >> reporter: you could see and hear the emotion in o.j. simpson's voice. there were more than 30 media organizations at lovelock prison where o.j. simpson is, two hours away from here. here in carson city another 30 or more organizations where the parole board met. you can see behind me many of them have already left, have faded away now that this is over. and a lot of people who have been following the o.j. simpson saga for years are likely also thinking that they hope o.j. simpson will also finally fade away. frank, cristina. >> ken, what will o.j.
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simpson's life be like on parole? what will he have to do? >> reporter: he has to follow a long list of regulations and comply with things like not associating with known felons, not having weapons, not using drugs or alcohol, only having prescribed drugs by a doctor and getting permission from authorities before taking those drugs. getting permission to live where he is going to live. we're expecting he is going to move back to florida. there are a lot of things he has to follow. if he breaks any of those rules he could very well end up back in prison. >> ken wayne in carson city, nevada, thank you. many legal experts say it is no surprise that simpson obtained parole. our legal analyst told us the punishment handed down was widely considered to be too harsh. >> in a normal situation, in a courthouse what happened would get maybe a year in the county jail. but because it was o.j., and
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because people felt that he got away with murder, which he apparently did, they thought they would mead out the most draconian sentencing they could. >> cardoza went on to say that he thought the sentence in the robbery case was unethical because it appeared to be payback for the murders of nicole brown and ron goldman which is not how the legal system is supposed to work. o.j. simple sown may have noticed looked thinner today than the last time we saw him. the picture on the left is from may of 2013 during a court hearing in las vegas. the picture on the right is from today. you can see there he appears thinner, healthier and has a bit more gray hair. you can go to for more on o.j. simpson including archived video from his childhood in san francisco when he played for galileo high school. you can also watch the hearing on our youtube page. now to washington where tensions are growing between the trump administration and the justice department over the russia investigation. the president now says he
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regrets appointing jeff sessions as attorney general. joining us live from capitol hill tonight is fox correspondent lauren blanchard. lauren. >> reporter: hey, cristina. the white house says the president still has confidence in his attorney general and has no plans to fire him even if yesterday the president says he regrets having appointed jeff sessions to the job. >> we love this job. we love this department. and i plan to continue to do so as long as that is appropriate. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions brushing off criticism by the president, instead focusing on the press conference at hand, an announcement that the justice department successfully dismantled a vast dark web market selling illegal drugs, weapons, and stolen data. >> this is the largest dark market web place takedown in world history. >> reporter: yet questions focusing instead on the president's irritation with sessions. in an interview with the "new york times" president trump revealing he never would have
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appointed sessions as attorney general had he known sessions would recuse himself from the russia investigation. sessions stepped aside in march after reports he had not disclosed conversations with russia's ambassador during his confirmation process. >> i believe that jeff sessions' contact with russians was incidental in the usual duties of beg of senate and being incidental he should have stayed in the fray and been more supportive of the president. >> reporter: the president also warning that special counsel robert mueller would be considered crossing a red line. >> the president can't start drawing red lines. mule hear the right to investigate this -- mueller has the right to investigate this. he was given that authority by the justice department. >> reporter: on monday jared kushner will be testifying before the senate intelligence committee in a closed door meeting, and on wednesday donald trump jr. and paul manafort have been called to testify before the senate
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judiciary committee. live in washington, lauren gton, lauren lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. officials say the latest healthcare proposal would increase the number of americans without health insurance. the findings said the republican plan would drive up premiums for many older americans and sharply boost deductibles for many single people. arizona senator john mccain says plans on returning to congress. the announcement comes one day after his office revealed that he has brain cancer. senator mccain took to twitter today saying, quote, i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. unfortunately for my sparring is partners in congress i will be back soon so stand by. the announcement comes as his fellow senators try to reach a consensus on healthcare, and some say that will be difficult to do without senator mccain.
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>> as close as these vote margins are, it's hard for me to imagine us moving on without john mccain present. >> senator mccain and a his family are evaluating treatment options such as chemotherapy. doctors discovered the brain tumor last week while removing blood clot just above the senator's eye. >> joining us now is political analyst brian sobel. brian, it is no surprise that we have seen this outpouring of support for senator mccain. talk to us about your reaction, because you do know him. >> i don't know him w. i have met him. and i have testified before one of his committees. a gentleman. a very nice guy in person. clearly a maverick, somebody who didn't play along republican lines necessarily, was willing to break with republicans when he needs to. and i want to talk in the presence tense. he is in the fight of his life but we hope that he can come back. he is a moderating influence in the united states senate. he brings people together.
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he doesn't drive them apart. >> let's talk about donald trump and what he said about his attorney general jeff sessions saying essentially i would not have appointed him if i knew he was going to recuse himself in the russia investigation. does it surprise that you senator sessions -- excuse me, attorney general sessions hasn't said he is going to resign? >> you know, when you reach the pinnacle of a career, and maybe for jeff says, ag is the pinnacle, you don't walk away from it very easily. that's why you see some of these people put up with what appears to be a whole lot of stuff, and they stay on the job, and you kind of at home say, you ought to go. >> couldn't that make him look weak? >> oh, sure. to his staff, not going into the white house and saying, we can't have this kind of relationship, makes you wonder about jeff sessions and makes you wonder about the president. >> moving ahead as we head into next week we expect paul manafort to testify as well as jared kushner. what do you expect? >> a thorough look from their
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perspective as to that meeting with the russian lawyer and the other people in that meeting. but the real serious part of this is, you know, if they don't tell the honest, complete truth, more stuff going to keep coming out, and that's where you get into trouble. >> that's what it seems to be like, just drip, drip, drip. >> as we always remember, it is not always the crime or the act, it's the cover-up. and we've seen a little too much of this so far in this administration, and it's disconcerting. >> brian, as always, thank you. >> my pleasure. coming up, a bay area teacher and activist behind bars. what police are saying about her role in a brawl in sacramento. tens of thousands of acres burned. dozens of homes destroyed a. hundreds more threatened. we're going to take you to mariposa county where firefighters are still working to contain a wildfire. >> this is definitely one of those career fires that we will
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remember. and i'm tracking temperatures for the weekend. we'll see you back here. ♪
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the detwiler fire burning in mariposa county is posing a challenge for crews. they say the flames are spreading quickly in a forest area where there are a lot of dead trees. the fire has grown to more than 70,000 acres since sunday. cal fire says the flames have destroyed 45 structures and 1500 more are threatened.
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evacuation orders are in effect for the towns of mariposa and colterville. the fire is under investigation. tonight we're getting a close- up look. >> we have live team coverage. our chief meteorologist bill martin with more on the conditions. first to ktvu's maureen naylor. you were escorted into some of the hard-hit areas today. >> reporter: yeah, it's hard to see it. when you hear 45 structures, i want to show you what that means. this is a home. this is actually a garage nearby. as you go down you see some items and you realize what was lost here. you have an atv, you have a riding mower, an oven, and it just goes down the hill. you have other outbuildings in this area. basically firefighters say they are still tallying the damage. in the middle of this gray mess of metal and ash you will find a chair, a teapot. just a few recognizable items that show these were once homes. cal fire says the detwiler fire
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has destroyed 45 structures including homes, and that number could go up, which has been devastating for this community. >> this is a huge event. so today we have almost half of our county under evacuation order. this is something significant. so far we have been able to get everyone out from in front of it so we are hoping -- i don't want to make light of it, but that we're just losing property and not lives. >> reporter: in old town mariposa an eerily quiet sight, seeing an entire community under an evacuation order. >> it has been way too quiet because there's nobody on the streets. there's no traffic, no cars, no people. >> reporter: this innkeeper says the place is empty, although she still has luggage from guests who checked in. >> the sheriff and chp wouldn't let them back to the hotel to retrieve their stuff after their reservation, and so their stuff is still here. it has been here for three days now. >> reporter: while the
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firefight continues the director of cal fire told us the danger is by no means over. >> we are at a critical point. we think in the next few days we can make progress but it's 95 degrees out here today. the weather is going to drive what happens. >> this is definitely one of those career fires that we will remember. >> reporter: these fire captains say they arrived tuesday right after a fireball of sorts rolled through the community of agua fria. >> if this is what we are seeing in mid-july, unfortunately it looks like it is going to be very busy. >> reporter: here is another live look at the damage. firefighters say at this point the cost to fight this fire has been $10.5 million. they expect that number to go up. they are going to give an update at 7:00. they also expect the amount of acres burned to go up. we will have more in later shows. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. let's bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. heartbreaking seeing some of
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the pictures of those homes that were destroyed. what are they looking at in terms of temperatures tonight? >> by now it is in the upper 80s, very similar to yesterday. the weather conditions are not really the -- it's summer. the climatic conditions, it's summer and it's dry. that's causing issues. but you've got a lot of fuels with the pine bark. a lot of dead trees. this area hasn't had a big burn. this specific area hasn't had a big burn. so you've got a lot of underbrush. this is terrain and fuel driven. the weather not the end of the world with this fire. we have had temperatures around here we've had more of an onshore flow, and that onshore flow, coupled with some of these weaker lows that have been going through this, has been ushering in relatively milder air into the central valley. so instead of 106 in the fire
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zone, you are at 91 or 92. humidities are a little bit down. temperatures today pretty much spot on for the mountainous regions as well. one of the big stories with the fire is the air quality, because you have air quality alerts basically from sacramento all the way down towards bakersfield, up into the lake tahoe area and the reno area. massive amounts of smoke are piling into these areas. tonight what will happen, i'm pointing out the winds because the winds will keep it out of the bay area. what will happen is tonight when things cool down the air kind of starts to sub side, and that smoke will settle into modesto. so air quality an a issue. you will notice it. if you've got travel plans, will you notice it, especially down around stock top, modesto. when i come back, we're talking about kind of a summer pattern
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that is exactly what would you expect. but there are some subtle changes with the warm-up towards the weekend. >> new information now on two reported mountain lion sightings here in the bay area within the last 24 hours. one of those reported sightings was on the uc berkeley campus. paul claim bears is in berkeley. that sighting happened right in the middle of the day. >> reporter: that's right, frank. you know the university and this area pretty well. this is off of dwight way. police say the mountain lion was seen in this area east of the track yesterday afternoon. children are at play at the summer camp on uc berkeley's campus, the area surrounded by hills and woods. officials are warning people. they say a mountain lion was seen around noon wednesday. this video isn't of that
6:21 pm
particular lion but prior sightings. it was seen around this track in the berkeley hills. across the street are several homes where residents say wild animal sightings are just a part of everyday living. >> in certain weather conditions and stuff, a lot of stuff comes down from higher up, and we deal with it. >> i was hiking one time up at the hill, and i saw a dead bob could. >> reporter: police say there have been several sightings of dead animals in the past couple of years. residents say deer are frequently seen in the area, which is a major food source. with that in mind police suggest if you use the trails do not do it alone, especially when dusk and dawn when mountain lions are normally out hunting. also, don't run. make noise and wave your arms. >> we like living here. we like having, you know, the hiking trails and gorgeous
6:22 pm
views, and we accept that we live in nature. >> reporter: now, there was another mountain lion sighting earlier today. this one happened in the south bay in san mateo near viewridge drive. that happened about 12:40. if you come in contact with any of these type of animals you are asked to notify police and keep your distance. >> paul, thank awe. new details about a father shot and killed while walking his baby in a stroller. >> that child will grow up knowing that they were present when their father was killed. >> up next, what we are learning from authorities and friends. also, three americans sit on top the leaderboard tonight at the open championship in england. ktvu's jason appelbaum will chip in with that. plus, a rock singer remembered, dead at 41.
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! alameda county sheriff's deputies have identified a father shot and killed in hayward while walking his three- month-old baby. henry lee spoke with a friend of the victim who said the victim had just finished serving time in jail. >> reporter: a growing memorial of candles and messages mark the spot where 29-year-old daniel del toro was gunned down's took his three-month-old son for a walk at 3:00 in the
6:26 pm
afternoon wednesday. del toro died at the scene. investigators say there's more than one assailant and that they fled in a car. witnesses were stunned to learn about tint. >> we found a three-month-old baby in a stroller. >> reporter: the baby boy was not hurt. detectives believe del toro was targeted. a day after the killing deputies maintain a visible presence in the cherryland neighborhood. investigators say they need the public's help especially with an innocent baby boy caught up in the violence and now without a father. >> this child will not know exactly what happened that day but the child will grow up knowing they were present when their father was killed. a crime like this does shock the conscious of the public. and so when they see a crime like this, they are definitely more apt to help us. >> reporter: family members,
6:27 pm
meanwhile, requested privacy to grieve. relatives placed this sign at the memorial. it reads unpart, "rest in part, uncle dee. i love you with all of my heart even though you made dumb decisions." i have learned that del toro add long rap sheet that included two convictions for rape. many agree that no matter his background he did not deserve to be shot dead in front of his son. >> it's just really sad. normally you don't expect things like this to happen especially with baby. i really like how the community kind of gathered together and our neighbors around here, we texted each other to make sure everybody was okay. >> i mean, i'm heartbroken. i didn't realize at first that he had a child so afterwards when i found out, i was like, oh my goodness. >> reporter: investigators are hoping to channel community outrage into a big break in the case. anyone with information is asked to come forward. reporting from the sheriff's office substation in san leandro, henry lee, ktvu fox 2
6:28 pm
news. >> and ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next with a bay area teacher and political activist behind bars. >> yvette is the most known anti-trump fighter in the movement. >> what police are saying about her role in this fight during a demonstration at the state capitol. plus, details on a report of a rape inside a res dearns hall on the stanford campus. plus, she is only five feet tall but she sure knows how to defend herself. meet a bay area woman what used her martial arts training against a home intruder. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next.
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a parole board in nevada has decided o.j. simpson can go free after nine years in prison. simpson was convicted of armed robbery and kidnapping after him and accomplices stormed into the hotel room in las vegas and stole memorabilia he said it was his. it may have been payback of the murders of his ex-wife and her friend. simpson was acquitted but later found liable of civil court. president trump said he regrets appointing jeff sessions to
6:32 pm
attorney general. he would not have chosen sessions for the job if he knew that sessions would recuse himself from the rusher investigation. sessions of brushed off the criticism today and discussed the justice department dismantling of any legal dark web market. a warning for people into bay area communities . police saw a big cat yesterday near the clock track off of the berkeley hills. the video of the actual mountain lion but there was another mountain lion today at 1240 a.m. you're watching fox to news at 6:30. a middle school teacher from berkeley who was also a left- wing political activists has been arrested in southern california on serious charges for her role in a demonstration the term -- that turned violent last year. the district attorney filed
6:33 pm
charges against our.>> the district attorney filed three felony counts against yvette felarca . a member of ktvu fox 2 news and was arrested after boarding a plane at lax on tuesday. the charges stand where she was counter protesting. she's charged with rioting and inciting to write and assault with intent to commit bodily harm. one of four people arrested in the incident. >> of that is the most known anti-trump fighter in the movement and now she is being brought up on baseless charges as an attempt to intimidate the antifascist or anti-trump movement to intimidate people from coming out.>> she teachers at martin luther king middle school in berkeley and has
6:34 pm
protested against the far right and top administration. she was a guest on ktvu before after riots broke out on the campus that prevented the conservative from speaking.>> we are making sure a white supremacists is not welcome and attack our community. >> the attorney told us by phone that she is innocent of the charges. she was stepping and hit in the head. she was accused of doing something while police could have stopped it and it is wrong.>> she was booked into the los angeles county job which he has posted a $25,000 bond and should be released by tonight.>> by any means necessary it will support her throughout the legal process. they will defend her by any means necessary. in berkeley, ktvu, fox 2 news. police have identified a person of interest wanted for raping a woman at a residence.
6:35 pm
students and staff or send an email about the attack the victim was raped by a man she knew. police are not releasing the name and he is 53 years old and sexually assaulted the woman inside a residence hall on the west side of campus at 1:30 am on wednesday. the crime stunned students on campus for summer classes.>> it is shocking. we get alerts from time to time quite often but nothing as serious as this.>> stanford has faced witticism for its handling of sexual assault allegations. to department of public safety said it is investigating the incident and hope to make an arrest soon. still to come, a spike in car burglaries at bart stations and the warning from lisa.>> vehicles are stationary for a long time. hyper loop to get people from new york to dc in
6:36 pm
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is car burglars and threats at bart stations. seven cars were burglarized into cars were stolen from part stations. debris currents -- the break ends happened and descartes was stolen from the south hayward station and another was stolen
6:39 pm
from the other station.>> anytime of valuables on dashboards or loose change and car chargers that are taken from a vehicle. don't make yourself an easy target.>> police say considering there is 50,000 parking spaces the robberies and burglaries represent a small percentage of people who drive. authorities are lifting a ban on laptop computers imposed on flights from the middle east in march. they placed a ban on all electronics bigger than a cell phone on inbound flights operated by 9 all -- middle eastern airlines. it came in response to a threat involving explosive second be hidden inside the devices. the department of homeland security decided to lift the band because the airlines agreed to impose stricter security measures before passengers boarded the flight's. the okay to work
6:40 pm
on the idea of a hyper loop on the east coast. he has verbal government approval to build a tunnel for high-speed transportation. new york to washington that could break ground by the end of the year. he said the hyper loop will connect baltimore, new york, philadelphia and washington dc and will be able to take people from new york to washington dc in under 30 minutes. >> chester bennington the front man of linkin park was found dead in a apparent suicide at his home. the 41-year-old is being remembered as an artist of extraordinary talent and charisma. the former band member is shocked and heartbroken. he had a history of drug and alcohol addiction and hung himself. he was married and survived by six children. still to come, only five feet tall but she knows how to
6:41 pm
defend herself.>> i punched her a few times and i grabbed her and took her down.>> we will introduce you to a woman used a martial arts training. the weekend forecast on friday and i will have the details.
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
a big surprise for a would-
6:44 pm
be home intruder after she was greeted by this young woman. she may only be five feet tall but she knows how to defend herself.>> we introduce her to the girl who used her training to hold down the attacker into police arrived.>> at five feet tall ruby chung may not look intimidating but if she gets you at the right angle if she can get leverage, you may learn quickly not to underestimate her.>> she took bit down easy.>> we can only imagine what through the mind of an alleged trespasser at her home earlier this year. ruby was inside but she heard a noise.>> i was sitting on the stairs and i heard the steps and i came out to see who it was.>> you came out the door. >> i came out and she was here.>> the woman with the child walked up and went --
6:45 pm
when question she did not make sense.>> she changed her story and things didn't make sense and she got hostile asking me what i am doing at her pace and i thought i should call the police.>> when i turned around and she tried to punch my face and she hit my upper lip.>> ruby did not go down. she went on the offensive.>> i grabbed her and punched her a few times and i grabbed her and took her down.>> but the intruder didn't know is that she spent her entire life training in martial arts.>> i started in 2005. i had a purple belt and i have of metals from the us open.>> taken the woman down was not -- instinctual. she took us through what happened.>> i grabbed her and i booked a crossed and this is
6:46 pm
where she started backing away so i got her. and uppercut and then she grabbed the front of the porch to open it and that is when i grabbed her and took her and then i put her and she started biting me. i held her down into a choke. she appeared to be passed out so i let her go and grabbed my phone.>> ruby picked up the phone and called police.>> what is your emergency?>> a great coat on and officers arrived.>> she punched my face.>> i will send the paramedic.
6:47 pm
do see an officer? >> yes.>> they arrested the woman identified as nicole schmidt.>> she was under the influence of a controlled substance. we have had incidents with her but she does not live in the area. she had no reason to be in that neighborhood.>> the child with her was not hurt. these are the bite marks she left on her arm but the injuries could have been worse if she had not been able to defend herself.>> i think my training and my coaches instruction that i was able to defend myself.>> have you ever had to use it in a real-life scenario? >> no. >> i think it worked. >> you can catch more of the report this weekend on bay area people areas and it airs on sunday morning at 9:30 am. a look at the highs from today and affect they were where they
6:48 pm
were yesterday and a little bit cooler in some places. temperatures this weekend are going to begin to work their way up but it does not get hot. last weekend was sweltering and this weekend will be warm to barely hot inland and 92 or 93 intimating 95. today fairfield was 90. i say just because it is july and you expected to be 9495. what do you see here? west coast clear and a high- pressure dominating. it is not ridiculously strong so we are not seeing ridiculously high temperatures but we are seeing a strengthening of the high and they will tweak up on saturday and sunday. it is cooler in fairfield and -2 degrees. what is a trend and it is flat and cooling the next couple of days on friday saturday and sunday and warmer each day and sunday they will repeat. it is breezy along the coast and
6:49 pm
now it has stunted the fog formation. it will be back tomorrow morning. if breaks up quickly. if you have beach plans and you want to go out and watch the wells along the coast it is not a bad time to do that. a beautiful evening out there. i love the shot. that almost looks like a painting of this and put it in your living room and it would be perfect. that is the perfect san francisco, bay area shop -- shot with the bridge and shadows and natural landscape. you can see some oaks that is cool.>> you go through the climate tomorrow and find mid- 70s to upper 70s around the bay. and as you go over the hills you get low 90s and that is out it will be tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow maybe a
6:50 pm
degree or two warmer but not a lot. we see a couple low 90s brought by the weekend, we will see more of the mid-90s in places like fairfield and down poured morgan health. there is 94 in brentwood. i love that shot. you know i love that shot.>> you can print us the perfect california landscape and there is nothing like it in the world.>> fire danger but the weather isn't really motoring that thing along. it is field driven. sports is next. things are heating up for the wta.mer. time to play. when the us open series hits stanford for the bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer. where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. july 31st through august 6th.
6:51 pm
it's time to shine brighter than you ever thought possible. the us open series. we're serving up the best of summer. don't miss the wta action while it's in stanford.
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welcome back. sports and one of the favorite, golf.>> golf would be better if it was hockey.>> this is one of the four majors and not to mention the three americans sit atop the leader board of round one of the british open. the 146 open. that is not the liverpool. a bird that is a hawk keeping
6:54 pm
the pigeons away. i think the giants can take a tip. keep them away from the park. he was an alternate and found out yesterday he would play and to under three strokes off the leash. the shot of the day. charlie hoffman has the first hole. you know it is going on from the rough to the end of the cup . is 67 and two strokes back. the leader is george and the biggest name in golf these days. the pretty put on at 14 and he is five under in the bunker. the ball goes in and matt kuchar is the leader at -5. pablo sandoval is in route to the bay area. if you happen to see him we would love confirmation but according to report he will take a physical and once he clears the waiver he will sign a minor-league deal with the
6:55 pm
giants aaa team in sacramento. a low risk moved to the giants since the red sox are paying the bulk of his salary and still owe him a ton of money. $49 million all of which is guaranteed to basically walk away for his part his he is not saying the deal is done. tomorrow the giants are an option. i have a few teams interested but i can't make a decision until friday. pablo is coming back and help out sergio romo? he is available. they designated him for assignment and that means he cut him. he is 34 and never panned out in la. he had free world series under his belt and he could make it doesn't pick up for some contender. i think the warriors found a good one and jordan bell.
6:56 pm
he dumped over four kids after he talked to the campers and don't and one of the kids and the 30th pick acquired from the balls for 33.5 million in cash and -- >> i will learn from these guys and pick their brains every day in practice. >> a little nba news. the cavs looking for the final piece to compete with the warriors. they reportedly close to signing derrick rose to a one-year deal . he is said to be considering the lakers. rose won the mvp in 2011 and since then he dealt with an assortment of injuries. he averaged 18 points in 64 games last year. he could make them better.
6:57 pm
usa soccer player jersey was bitten and worse in yesterday's goal cup quarterfinal. el salvador romero that him and grabbed and twisted him in the chest area and we wait and his punishment. his girlfriend is mad and she is the only one that can do that. usa won the match 2-0. to feats of strength. james harrison who pushes 1800 pounds along the ground. 1800 pounds. the second is a guy much younger and 22-year-old rookie luke snyder and of the falcon. 5500 pounds. >> on that note, see you later.
6:58 pm
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