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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you. >> a grateful oj simpson today after the nevada parole board votes unanimously to grant his release from prison after serving nine years for armed robbery. the simpson hearing was broadcast live today and may have been the most watched parole hearing in history. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm cristina rendon in tonight for julie haener. oj simpson is not free yet. he remains behind bars tonight but could walk out as soon as october 1st, just 10 weeks away. ktvu's ken wayne is where the parole board yet. >> it's the first time the public has seen oj simpson in years, via video feed from the lovelock prison, simpson appeared relaxed, even jovial.
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adding to the upbeat mood, a slip of the tongue by the board woman. >> you recently turned 90 years old. 90. i'm sorry about that. you look great. >> reporter: simpson is actually 70. but the discussion quickly turned to the serious nature of the hearing. should oj simpson be set free? he was convicted of robbery, burglary and kidnapping charges in what he said was trying to retrieve stolen personal property. he and other accomplices burst in to a hotel room where simpson's belongings were held. he told the parole board he had no idea the two men with him had displayed guns during the incident but admitted that's no excuse. >> it's just not worth it. nine years away from your family, it's just not worth it. i'm sorry. there's nothing i can do about this media circus that's going on right now but i could have
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done something about the whole thing in the beginning, if i would have made a better judgment back then, none of this would have happened and i take full responsibility. >> are you humbled by this incarceration? >> i wish it would have never happened. i was going to start. i didn't know how we were going to do this by apologizing to the people of nevada because i wish this would have never happened. >> reporter: oj's oldest daughter also pleaded for his freedom. >> he's remorseful. he truly is remorseful. we just want him to come home so we can move forward for us. >> reporter: and one of the victims of the robbery, a long-time friend of oj, blamed two men who were with simpson. >> came up gangster style, acting like a big man. he held the gun on me. not oj. another man came in, hit me, not oj. >> reporter: for some, the nine years in prison would never make up for the brutal murders of
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simpson's ex-wife nicole and ron goldman in los angeles. but this was not supposed to be about los angeles. simpson was acquitted of murder but convicted of a much lesser crime in las vegas. the drama of his potential release unfolded before an international audience. after deliberating for less than a half hour, the board members returned to their carson city hearing room. three of the members voted to release simpson, but it would take all four votes to make it happen. the chair gave a final warning to oj to not violate the terms of parole and then -- >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you. >> this is a copy of the order granting oj simpson parole. he could be released as soon as october 1st. in this order is a long list of conditions that oj simpson must follow. if he doesn't comply with all of these conditions, he could be sent back to prison. in carson city, nevada, ken wayne, ktvu fox 2 news.
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>> how you feel about oj simpson may depend how old you are. he grew up in san francisco, a top star in the nfl in the 70s. later a career as an actor and pitchman. then a murder defendant if you were around in the 90s. our team coverage picks up with debora villalon. she's been sampling reaction to oj simpson's new found freedom in his old stomping grounds. >> this is his old high school and we went to patrero hill where oj simpson grew up. his parole, not all that controversial in itself but people are talking about the elephant in the room. >> reporter: october 3rd, 1995. the recreation center, reaction to the verdict in the oj simpson murder trial. >> [ cheering ] >> jubilation in simpson's childhood neighborhood. and today -- >> people are talking about it. everyone is clapping, actually. >> reporter: people raised here
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whose parents may have grown up with simpson are happy again. >> for him to be off right now for what he's off on, good. he shouldn't be in jail for those things. >> reporter: raised in the projects, simpson's athletic ability emerged at galileo high then a star on the field at city college of san francisco before usc and his record setting nfl career. >> he's oj. he's not black or white. he's oj. >> reporter: memories of the murders and so-called prile of the essential -- trial of the century come flooding back. >> now that he's free, he can find the real killer like he always said he would. >> reporter: at the bottom of the hill, this saloon is full of sports memorabilia but not one picture of oj back in the day. he was painted out of this mural across the street after someone added horns and a bloody knife to his image. >> why are we discussing the murder still even though this is a parole hearing for a robbery. the tie is still there and always will be. >> you know all about the
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bronco. you know all about the glove. >> definitely. cato calen. [ laughter ] >> reporter: new residents may not realize simpson walked these streets too. a more gentrified neighborhood now. since they were kids in the 90s, what they know comes from draumatizations and documentaries. >> i think people still have opinions. no one is going to stop talking about it. the story has captivated america for the last 20 years. >> reporter: at the rec center now, simpson's image on the mural out front has faded but not the memories. >> is he still considered a hero here? >> i don't know if he can be anything else really honestly up here. >> why? >> he is of us. >> through the 70s and the 80s, oj simpson made occasional visits back to the hill and children i talked to today who heard of him through their parents and grandparents said they hope he moves back there. but all indications are that simpson will be relocating to florida to be closer to family.
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>> did you find anybody you talked to today who was angry he's going to be a free man? >> i did and they did not want to say that on camera. there's a surprising number of people who will talk to you about this off camera but because they feel it's still emotional, racially charged and that it's maybe not a popular opinion to express publically, they don't want to go on camera with it but everybody does have an opinion and another prevailing opinion was let's just let it go. let's just try to move on from it because it was so many years ago, and agree or disagree, that verdict can't be changed. >> debora villalon in san francisco. thank you. our coverage continues on our website, and on our youtube channel. we've posted simpson's final arguments today before the parole board. now to developing news overseas. a powerful earthquake shook the greek island of kos a couple
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hours ago. it was 6.7. there's extensive damage to report. dozens of injuries and there have been at least two deaths. photos show the aftermath in the island's old town area which is full of bars and nightclubs, buildings crumbled. there are more than 120 injuries. among the buildings of sustained damage, a fortress at the enterous to the main fort and a mosque. greek officials say the two people who were killed were inside a bar when the roof collapsed from the shaking. officials at uc berkeley now say they'll allow a conservative commentator to speak on campus. the university initially denied a request by the berkeley college republicans to have ben shapiro speak on campus but now cal administrators say finding a venue to accommodate the former breitbart editor will not be a problem as long as the college republican group works with school officials. >> it's absolutely evident that we support their right to bring speakers of their choice. absolutely evident we want to work with them in a
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collaborative fashion. >> a member of the berkeley college republicans told us they're looking forward to working with the university, but they are concerned about restrictions that may be coming. now to the latest dust up in washington, president trump said in an interview he regrets supporting jeff sessions as attorney general and that he didn't want sessions to recuse himself from the russia investigation. today sessions said he plans to stay. fox news correspondent lauren blanchard is live in the capitol with the latest. attorney general jeff sessions face would the question of whether or not he would resign after the president said he regretted appointing him. today sessions says he has no plans to step down. >> make america great again. that's exactly what we're doing. >> reporter: today president trump appearing at a made in america event. but the question dogging the president was if he still had confidence in his attorney general pick after telling the new york times yesterday he regretted hiring sessions. after sessions recused himself
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from the russia investigation. today the white house saying the president doesn't plan to fire sessions while others asked if the negative public comments were a form of intimidation. >> i don't believe the president is undermining them. i think he was being very candid about feelings that he had but as i said, he has confidence in his ability. >> reporter: meanwhile, others asking if the president is considering firing the special counsel appointed to the russia investigation, robert mueller. the white house not definitively saying the president wouldn't fire mueller. >> i'm not going to talk about hypotheticals. >> reporter: meanwhile, testimony expected next week from the president's son-in-law and senior advisor, jared kushner. plus donald trump, jr. and former campaign chairman paul manafort. cushman and manafort have been called by the senate judiciary committee. >> am i concerned? no. i'm not concerned because if they don't, they'll be
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subpoenaed. >> legal analysts say president trump's latest interview may add more fuel to the russia investigation because its very public irritation over sessions and the department of justice can be used by special counsel mueller. >> did the president talk about any other people in his interview? >> yeah, he did. he called out the attorney, the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, kind of saying off handedly that a lot of democrats came from baltimore saying rosenstein came from baltimore. he also extensively talked about former fbi director james comey saying comey was saying he had things that could be used against the president. also calling out robert mueller numerous times in that article, saying he believes robert mueller has a number of conflicts of interest which he doesn't think -- or he believes is the reason mueller should not be leading the russia investigation. >> lauren live in washington
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tonight. thanks for that report. a berkeley middle school teacher and political activist has been arrested for her role in an anti-fascist demonstration that turned violent in sacramento last year. the sacramento d.a. filed charges against 47-year-old yvonne felarca who also goes by the name yvette. she's facing three felony counts stemming from a brawl with neo-nazis at the state capitol during rival protests. among the charges, rioting and assault with intent to commit bodily harm. three other people have also been arrested. coming up, homes reduced to rubble. we're escorted behind the fire lines near yosemite to see the devastation caused by a 70,000 acre wildfire. >> the weekend is just about here. we'll line you up with the forecast and we'll push it forward in to the bay area weekend. >> and linkin park's lead singer dies from an apparent suicide. his battle with depression and substance abuse.
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tonight cal fire increased the numbers of homes destroyed by the massive detwiler fire burning out of control in mariposa county. nearly 4,000 firefighters are battling the flames but so far they only have the fire 10% contained. the latest number show the fire has grown to 70,000 acres since it broke out sunday. cal fire says 50 homes have been destroyed and another 11 have been damaged. evacuation orders are in effect for the towns of mariposa and
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culterville. so far no word on a cause of the fire. cal fire says one thing these numbers don't show is the hundreds of homes that have been saved by firefighters. and tonight we're getting a close up look at some of the devastation. >> today fire crews escorted maureen naylor in to one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: in the middle of this mess of metal and ash, you'll find a chair, a teapot. a few recognizable items that show these were once homes. >> this is a huge event so today we have almost half of our count under evacuation order. this is really something significant. so far we've been able to get everyone out from in front of it. we're hoping. unfortunately, i don't want to make light of it, but we're losing property and not lives. >> reporter: in old town mariposa, an eerily quiet site seeing an entire community under an evacuation order. >> it's been way too quiet because there's nobody on the
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streets. there's no traffic. there's no cars. there's no people. >> reporter: at the mariposa inn, the inn keeper says it's empty. she still has luggage from guests who checked in but then were forced to leave. >> the sheriff and chp wouldn't let them back in to the hotel to retrieve their stuff after their reservation and so their stuff is still here. it's been here for three days now. >> reporter: while the fire fight continues, the director of cal fire told us the danger is by no means over. >> we're at a critical point. we think in the next two days we can make good progress but again, it's 95 degrees out here today. we're getting some wind. the weather is going to drive what happens. >> this is one of those career fires that we'll remember throughout our lives. >> reporter: these two fire captains say they arrived tuesday after a fireball of sorts rolled through the community of agua fria. >> if this is what we're seeing in july, unfortunately it looks like it's going to be very busy. >> reporter: firefighters say the number of acres burned will
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go up along with the number of homes. in this community alone you can see some of the damage but more is still being tallied. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. to the south bay where volunteers are stepping up to help spot potential wildfires around the state. a pg&e funded program uses local pilots to fly and look for smoke and report it to fire officials. pg&e says there are typically half a dozen fire spotters flying over the state each day. since june the program has spotted 20 fires. >> what they do is they're spotting fire and smoke and providing those geographic coordinates to fire agencies so they can stop the fire before it spreads. >> it is the fourth year of the program and it runs until october. officials say last fire season pilots managed to spot nearly 150 fires. the weather is not extreme fire weather but it's summer and
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it's definitely not making things lots tougher but it's definitely hot in the valley and will stay that way through the bay area weekend. with high temperatures by saturday and sunday in the valley region, upper 90s again. i'm thinking about the mariposa fire specifically. last couple days around here have been about the same. tomorrow will be about the same. temperatures tomorrow a lot like today. current temperatures running a little warmer than last night. three degrees warmer in concord. perhaps less of a sea breeze. that would add a degree or two tomorrow afternoon. real subtle changes in the inland valleys and around the bay by a degree or two. today we were up a couple, down a couple. tomorrow we'll be up a couple, down a couple. saturday and sunday temperatures come up enough that you'll notice it more, maybe 5 to 8 degrees. there's fog forming. you can see it coming across the screen there. microclimates tomorrow inside the bay you're in the 70s. you get over the hill and you're in the low 80s. you get in to the big valley and
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out in to the manteca area and livermore area, mid 90s. a little bit warmer inland tomorrow. a lot like today though. then things start to go up on saturday and sunday. i'll have the 5-day forecast next time i see you. the entertainment world is saddened tonight after the sudden death of linkin park's lead singer. 41-year-old chester bennington was found dead this morning in southern california. he reportedly hanged himself. ktvu's azenith smith is in san jose tonight with more on the demons that bennington battled. >> linkin park is scheduled to perform here at the s.a.p. center on october 18th, part of their one more lights album tour. now bay area fans are in shock and in mourning. >> reporter: condolences are pouring in from all over the music industry over the death of linkin park frontman chester bennington. his band mate tweeting, shocked and heart broken, but it's true. bennington's body was discovered thursday morning at his los
10:20 pm
angeles home. tmz reports he hanged himself. >> i was devastated. i called my sister crying. i can't believe it. he was only 41. >> reporter: bennington was with the rock band for two decades. they first became big in the 1990s, landing six number one albums. >> he was just a very engaging front man. definitely knew how to entertain the crowd. >> reporter: jim harrington from the mercury news remembers first seeing linkin park in san francisco in 2001. he then interviewed bennington five years ago. >> i definitely did not see this coming. it's not like he'd been in the news with problems and continuing to have things happen, say like an amy winehouse or something like that. god rest her soul. >> reporter: but nick from metro silicon valley isn't too surprised, recalling the singer opened up with past struggles with drugs and alcohol. bennington also acknowledged being abused as a child. in interviews he said he'd numb
10:21 pm
himself through the pain and through music. >> we weren't surprised when we learned he had serious demons and suffering he was dealing with. depression maybe. >> reporter: some call the timing eerie. bennington had been friends with former rocker chris cornell of soundgarden who took his own life in may. today would have been cornell's 53rd birthday. >> i think artists are sensitive people. a lot of times they have a darker side that we the public and their fans don't get to see. >> of course i'll stand by them and see what they do but there's nobody that's going to replace chester's voice. his voice is just amazing. >> and i reached out to the s.a.p. center regarding the status of the tour. they've told me they've not heard back from the owner. bennington leaves behind a wife and six children. azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. a heartbreaking loss just two weeks before the start of
10:22 pm
soccer season. at 10:30, the damage done to a storage unit filled with equipment for youth soccer leagues. >> later in sports, the giants' madison bumgarner makes his first home start since his dirt bike injury. >> and up next, senator john mccain's vow to return to work after his brain cancer diagnosis. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪ (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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john mccain is vowing to return to work in the u.s. senate one day after revealing his brain cancer diagnosis. the arizona senator took to twitter today, saying, quote, i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress, i'll be back soon, so stand by. the senator has faced many challenges before, including being shot down over vietnam and being held as a prisoner of war. >> i stood in vietnam in front
10:25 pm
of the cell where john had been held captive for over five years as a prisoner of war. you think about that kind of courage and bravery and that's why he's going to fight this to the end. >> mccain is recuperating at his home in arizona while he and his family look in to treatment options which include chemotherapy and radiation. oakland's police chief is trying to reassure undocumented immigrants that her office isn't looking to deport them. a group called the latino task force, hoping to calm fears about police cooperating with federal immigration authorities. last week the oakland city council terminated an agreement with immigration and customs enforcement that allowed police to participate with i.c.e. task forces. the chief says the message hasn't gotten out yet to those who need to hear it. >> we have a message that we want to make sure our community knows that we do not enforce immigration law. we aren't at all apart of
10:26 pm
deportation. we want our latino community to not be fearful of us. >> minority communities, communities of color have not always had a good relationship with oakland police department. but we're hopeful that the new chief brings new energy and a new vision. >> the chief says that fear often prevents immigrants from reporting crimes and interacting with police. oakland has been a sanctuary city since 1986. banning police from turning over undocumented immigrants to federal authorities unless they've committed a crime. a federal judge in san francisco is refusing to reverse a decision to help president trump's executive order on sanctuary cities. the president's attorneys asked the u.s. district court judge to reconsider his ruling in april that blocks the executive order the judge said that the order punishing jurisdictions that violate federal immigration laws overstepped the president's constitutional authority. new information about a father who was shot and killed this week while he was out
10:27 pm
pushing his newborn baby in a stroller. what we've learned about his past. >> later, a mountain lion sighting on the cal campus. the advice for students and neighbors following that scare. >> thieves steal from a bay area youth soccer league, leaving this mess behind. players and coaches tell me they're dealing with a loss with less than two weeks to the start of the season.
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new at 10:00, a youth soccer league trying to replace equipment stolen or damaged by vandals right before the new season is set to begin next month. amber lee talked to league officials. they're determined to keep this setback from disrupting the kids' season. >> yes, they are. the american youth soccer organization plays here. now coaches and players are asking why would anyone do this? >> our ice packs, portable ones. actually that's a uniform. >> reporter: the items were in a mobile storage unit that was broken in to and vandalized. some were stolen. others strewn all over a field. the unit had been located on the property of west more high school. a passerby noticed the vandalism and break-in monday. >> here's a lock. here's a lock. they kicked it right off the track.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: tanya is assistant regional commissioner with the league. she took pictures of the damage. paint used to mark the soccer field were used for graffiti. boxes of paint, soccer balls, a generator, goalpost setup and other equipment stored in the unit are gone. >> pretty devastating really because if they stole the material, some of the material was actually used for practice. >> reporter: the league serves children from 3 to 19 from low and middle income families. one coach says its program is unique and often life-changing. the focus is not on winning but on player development. the theft hurts. >> you see smaller size balls, so you know it's for little kids also, and then you still trash it? >> reporter: the league has moved what wasn't stolen in to a locker in a storage facility. vendors and community members have donated money and equipment to help ease the sting of the
10:32 pm
loss. >> it's heartbreaking. but we'll go on. these kids are not going to suffer. we're going to go on. we're going to make do. >> the loss is estimated to range from $3,000 to $5,000. daly city police tell me there's no surveillance video and they have no suspects and they're asking the public for help. >> with the season about to start, will they be able to play? >> they believe so, because they've gotten donations from the vendors. they have a contract with and community donations. they're hoping that will get them through. >> let's hope so. amber lee live for us tonight. thank you. now to los altos where a mower is being blamed for sparking a brush fire in the burn preserve. the so-called mountain fire was reported at 3:25 this afternoon near altamont and black mountain roads. sky fox was overhead a short time later. the flames burned five acres before the fire was contained around 4:30. officials urged people to use mowers in the morning when temperatures are lower and
10:33 pm
there's more moisture. in hayward, firefighters made quick work of another brush fire. this one was also reported around 3:00 this afternoon and you can see smoke rising from the hillside there. crews quickly got the upper hand on the flames. thankfully no injuries were reported. alameda county sheriff's deputies have identified the father who was shot and killed near hayward while walking his 3-month-old baby in a stroller. our crime reporter henry lee says sheriff's deputies have beefed up patrols in that area. >> reporter: a growing memorial of candles and messages marked the spot where 29-year-old daniel deltoro was gunned down. the hayward man was shot dead as he took his 3-month-old son for a walk in a stroller. at about 3:00 in the afternoon wednesday. deltoro died at the scene. investigators say there's more than one assailant and that they fled in a car. >> when we arrived to our surprise and dismay, we found the three month old baby in the stroller. >> reporter: the baby boy was not hurt and is now with
10:34 pm
relatives. detectives believe deltoro was targeted but have not uncovered a motive. a day after the killing, deputies maintained a visible presence in the cherryland neighborhood in unincorporated hayward. they need the public's help, especially with an innocent baby boy caught up in the violence and now without a father. >> this child will not know exactly what happened that day but the child will grow up knowing they were present when their family was killed. >> reporter: family members requested privacy to grieve. relatives placed this sign at the memorial. it reads in part, rest in peace, uncle d. i love you with all of my heart, even though you made dumb decisions. a friend of the victim told ktvu that deltoro had just finished serving time. i've learned deltoro had a long rap sheet that included two convictions for rape. many neighbors agreed no matter what his background, he did not deserve to be shot dead in front of his son. >> i'm heart broken. i didn't realize at first he'd had a child. afterwards when i found out, i was like, oh, my goodness.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: investigators are hoping to channel community outrage over his father's death in to a big break in the case. anyone with information is asked to come forward. reporting from the sheriff's office substation, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. another change to airport security procedures. why a laptop ban instituted on some flights has now been lifted. >> we are tracking the warmup that's coming for the bay area weekend. i'll see you with the details. >> up next, the search for an arson suspect. the video police want you to take a good look at tonight. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century.
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new at 10:00, police in fremont are asking for the public's help to identify a car used in an arson. officers were called to a home around 7 a.m. sunday. the resident told them a man set fire to an american flag that was hanging in front of the home. this surveillance camera caught the suspect's car driving by. police say it's a light colored possibly silver honda civic with dark tinted rear windows. anyone with information should call fremont police. seven people are without a place to live tonight after a fire ripped through an east oakland apartment building. firefighters responded near parker just before 11:00 this morning. crews arrived to find flames shooting out of the second floor
10:39 pm
units of the four-unit building. six adults and one child were displaced. two neighbors got in to a fight as crews were working to put out that fire. one of them went to the hospital with a cut to his face. today federal authorities announced they're lifting a ban on laptop computers which are been imposed on some flights from the middle east. back in march the u.s. placed a ban on all electronics bigger than a smart phone on inbound flights operated by nine different middle eastern airlines. it came after a threat involving explosive that could be hidden in the devices. they decided to lift the ban because the airlines impose stricter security measures before passengers board those flights. on wall street stocks were mixed with home depot holding down the dow jones and industrial average. the dow slipped by 28 points after establishing a new closing high yesterday. nasdaq managed a small gain for the 10th day in a row and did set a new record close. the s&p 500 was down just a
10:40 pm
fraction. sears stock rose nearly 11% today after the company announced it will start selling its kenmore brand appliances on some of the appliances can be synced with amazon's voice assistant, alexa. sears has been struggling for some time and closed more stores this month. that announcement caused the 4% drop in home depot. and more than 300 workers were laid off at kierier core in indiana today. it plans on outsourcing to mexico. president trump said he helped save jobs at that u.s. plant, but 340 workers were let go today and another 300 are being laid off in december. 800 more will keep their jobs thanks to the agreement with the president. a southern california man has come forward and claimed an almost half billion powerball jackpot. jeff lindsey from menifee near los angeles is the winner.
10:41 pm
it's worth $447 million. lindsey said the jackpot will help support his family and the causes important to him for generations to come. he hit the jackpot last month but just decided to come forward. this, by the way, is the 10th largest lottery prize in u.s. history. >> that's a lot of money. a police k-9 bites a baby. what officers are revealing about that incident. >> plus, a warning for students and staff after a mountain lion is spotted on the cal campus. >> and our chief meteorologist bill martin back with the forecast.
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police in san jose say one of their k-9s bit a toddler while officers were searching for a wanted felon. the dog bit the 18-month-old child last friday when san jose police were searching for hector pena. police say the dog turned toward the child and accidentally bit it. the child was taken to the hospital. police arrested pena at the scene. we're learning more tonight about two reported mountain lion sightings here in the bay area within the last 24 hours.
10:45 pm
one of those sightings happened on the peninsula and as ktvu's paul chambers reports, the other was on the uc berkeley campus. >> reporter: children are at play at the summer camp on uc berkeley's campus. the area surrounded by hills and woods and creatures like this. university police are warning people in the area, they say around noon on wednesday a mountain lion was scene. this video isn't of that particular animal but ones like it that have been seen in and around the bay area. >> i'm worried about people. it could be dangerous. >> reporter: as of now, police have not reported any incidents involving that mountain lion which was seen around this track in the berkeley hills. across the street are several homes where residents say wild animal sightings are just a part of everyday living. >> in certain weather conditions and stuff, a lot comes from higher up and we deal with it. >> i was hiking one time here up in the hills and i saw a dead
10:46 pm
bobcat. >> reporter: police say there have been several sightings of dead animals and mountain lions in the area above cal's campus in the past couple years. residents say deer are frequently seen in the area which is a major food source for mountain lions. with that in mind, police suggest if you use the trails, do not do it alone, especially between dusk and dawn when mountain lions are normally out hunting. don't run if you come in contact with the animal. instead make noise and wave your arms. >> we like living here. we like having the hiking trails and gorgeous views and we accept that we live in nature. >> once again, a warning. if you come in contact with a mountain lion, you're asked to keep your distance and notify police. in berkeley, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. the mountain lion sighting happened at 12:45 this afternoon in san mateo. a resident says they spotted the mountain lion on view ridge drive. the resident's backyard backs up to laurel wood park.
10:47 pm
san mateo police says there have been previous mountain lion sightings at that park. we got the weather to talk about. tomorrow is friday. the weekend close behind. temperatures tomorrow a lot like what we had today. 91 in antioch. that was the high. 90 in fairfield. highs tomorrow will be slightly warmer. i looked at some of the sounding information, profiler information, the inversion is pinching down a little bit. we're seeing a little bit less of a sea breeze which does indicate things will start to warm a few degrees. it's going to be splitting hairs. the real warmup i think you'll notice will be on saturday and sunday. so there's the west coast picture. for us it's just more high pressure. not so powerful that we're seeing what we saw last weekend. remember last weekend? it was really hot. high fire danger, red flag warnings, all that. this high pressure much weaker than that one. the air will not be sinking as aggressively. instead of 106, we're talking
10:48 pm
96. still hot. that's on the weekend. the winds are blowing out there. we've got a nice sea breeze blowing. sfo was almost up to 30 miles per hour. now sustained at 21. no fog really yet. i was looking around for fog on the coast. there's patches of it but not a lot. the model brings it back but if you were with us earlier, the new model run, this thing updates every couple hours and is saying way less fog than we originally predicted. originally had fog coming in here. less fog will warm things up a little bit more. maybe some 90s showing up around napa valley, santa rosa, and certainly more westward progression of the reds, the 90s. that's tomorrow. saturday, sunday will be noticeably warmer. 83 in napa. you'll see that in the 5-day forecast too. these are the highs for tomorrow. look about right to me. 94 in brentwood. a little warmer than it was today. it will be a little warmer than it was today but not aggressively warmer. on the weekend it won't be aggressively warmer but 5, 6 degrees, you'll notice it.
10:49 pm
saturday, sunday comes up, might be 97s showing up. traditional hotspots like antioch and fairfield. temperatures want to cool down on monday which is crucial because you get a bunch of hot days, you want a chance to cool off so the fuel moistures have a chance to recover a little bit. in the fire zones in the foothills, it's just summer and there's not a lot of wind. there's not a lot of anything. no red flag warnings but it's summer. it's dry and the fuels are just igniting left and right up there. big fire. >> the fire is just exploding. >> and the air quality from the fire is becoming an issue too. there's air quality alerts. from a marathon to river life, there are plenty of great ways to get outdoors this weekend. here's ktvu meteorologist rosemary orozco with the weekend watch. >> the weekend is here and here's what's happening around the bay area. the san francisco marathon is
10:50 pm
sunday. the weekend also has an ultra marathon, 5k, and two half marathons. or head to golden gate park for the orca show. pack a picnic and head to the waterfront for the san francisco symphony's third annual free concert at pier 27 or in the east bay you can cruise over to pedalfest. it will include food, live music, daredevil stunts, a kids bike parade, vintage bikes. or check out the bay area black expo at the oakland coliseum where you'll find a health fair, tech fair, job fair, music showcase, kids corner and a food pavilion. in the south bay it's silicon valley beer week. that means tap takeovers, food pairings, seminars, demoes, brew master dinners, and a new release on nights on many
10:51 pm
venues. rivertown revival in petaluma highlights the petaluma river and artists who call sonoma county home. the event includes an art boat race and parade and all day festival with local music, art, food, and drink at steamer landing park. as and quakes are on the road. giants are at home. i'm rosemary orozco and that's your weekend watch. oj simpson granted parole after nine years in prison. coming up on the 11:00 news, we'll return to nevada where simpson offered an apology today. >> up next in sports, this fan's miserable play for a foul ball gets a happy ending in the giants game. the resulting visit and highlights next in sports.
10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
mark is off tonight. jason is here. madison bumgarner is on the mound. how did he do? >> first start back in san francisco since the injury. the giants have just two win streaks this year longer than two games. >> that's it, really? >> all year. yeah. also madison bumgarner as we said still looking for his first win of the season, even the fans aren't making plays these days. this guy, look at his reaction. just disgusted at himself. more on that in a second. top 2nd, hunter renfroe, one of
10:55 pm
the few guys who has had success off bumgarner. two-run blast to left. two doubles, two home runs and 10 at-bats life time off bumgarner. giants rally in the 6th. denard span blooped to shallow right center. renfroe air mails the throw home. gorkys hernandez scores easily, 2-1. next batter, nunez will base knock to left. scores span to tie the game. nunez third in the league in hitting with runners in scoring position so the giants tie it up but then it was bumgarner made another mistake. he only made two of them. the two-run homer to right center. first time in bumgarner's career he's given up two home runs in back-to-back starts. giants lose 5-2. but we end on a happy note. look who's there. duane quipeer-- quiper.
10:56 pm
bumgarner drops to 0-4 on the season. when you're on pace to lose 100 games like the giants are, why not try something to create a little buzz? how about signing pablo sandoval. boston released sandoval yesterday. according to reports sandoval could sign a minor league deal with the giants as early as tomorrow. of course he has to pass a physical first which may not be a sure thing but it's a low risk move for the giants since the red sox are paying the remaining $49 million on his contract. it's not a done deal yet. pablo says in fact i'm waiting for friday to make a decision and the giants are one of my options. i have a few teams interested but i can't make a decision till friday. that's tomorrow. we'll see what happens. if pablo is coming back, just for fun, how about sergio romo? the dodgers, they designated romo for assignment today. that basically means they cut him. romo is 34 years old.
10:57 pm
he didn't really pan out in l.a. had a 6.12 e.r.a. dodgers the best record in the majors. he's got three rings so the world series experience could make a decent pickup for a contender. the british open has a distinct u.s. flavor after round 1. the 146th open championship at royal burke dale in england where this bird is on hand to scare off the pigeons and the goals. james hahn, cal alum, was an alternate. didn't even find out till yesterday he was going to play then had a great round of 68. shot of the day goes to charley hoffman on the first hole from the rough on to the green. couple of bounces. and right in the cup. minus 3. he's 2 back. now to the leaders. jordan spieth, a bogey-free round to go along with five
10:58 pm
birdies including this one. spieth coleads it 5 under. brooks koepka. ball goes right in the cup for eagle. it's koepka, spieth, and matt kuchar sitting at 5 under par. three americans. warriors rookie jordan bell, the surprise guest at one of their youth basketball camps today. >> [ cheering ] >> look at that welcome for him. he dunked over three campers too. shows he's got some hops then talked to him about hoops and his journey to the nba and did a little more dunking. he took an alley-oop from this kid off the backboard. throws it in. he was the 38th overall pick acquired by the bulls. says he models his game after draymond green and loves his situation here in golden state. >> being able to learn from all these guys, being able to pick their brains every single day in
10:59 pm
practice and get as much knowledge as i can. a little nba news for you. the cavs are trying to compete with the warriors, looking for the final piece. reportedly they're close to signing a former mvp, derrick rose. he's still got some basketball left in his game. they'd sign him to a one-year deal. rose is supposedly considering the lakers as well. he won the mvp in 2011 and since then he's dealt with an assortment of injuries but he did average 18 points over 64 games with the knicks last year. that's it for me. i'll be back in about 20 minutes with more sports. it's time for the 11:00 news. coming up next at 11:00 -- >> mr. simpson, i do vote to grant parole when eligible. >> thank you. >> oj simpson is going free after spending nine years in prison for armed robbery. he was acquitted in the
11:00 pm
so-called trial of the century and now oj simpson has won his freedom again, this time in a parole hearing. hello again. i'm cristina rendon in for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. oj simpson is set to be released on parole sometime in october. for now he remains in prison in nevada. the former nfl star just turned 70 years old and after he's released, he's hoping he'll be allowed to live in florida where he has family. fox news correspondent will carr is at the prison in lovelock, nevada, with more on today's hearing. >> reporter: for tonight oj simpson is still the most famous convict in lovelock, nevada. that won't last for long especially after what was most likely the most watched parole hearing of all time. simpson is set to be released in october. >> reporter: the former nfl star looking relieved, smiling widely after the decision was announced. simpson granted early release after spending nine years in prison for armed robbery. his legal team successfully keeping the focus on that crime and not


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