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so-called trial of the century and now oj simpson has won his freedom again, this time in a parole hearing. hello again. i'm cristina rendon in for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. oj simpson is set to be released on parole sometime in october. for now he remains in prison in nevada. the former nfl star just turned 70 years old and after he's released, he's hoping he'll be allowed to live in florida where he has family. fox news correspondent will carr is at the prison in lovelock, nevada, with more on today's hearing. >> reporter: for tonight oj simpson is still the most famous convict in lovelock, nevada. that won't last for long especially after what was most likely the most watched parole hearing of all time. simpson is set to be released in october. >> reporter: the former nfl star looking relieved, smiling widely after the decision was announced. simpson granted early release after spending nine years in prison for armed robbery. his legal team successfully keeping the focus on that crime and not the infamous murders of
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simpson's wife, nicole brown simpson and family friend ronald goldman. >> there's an elephant in the room. i think we were very successful making sure the elephant was sleeping. >> reporter: simpson asked to be moved to florida to be closer to family. but the request could still be rejected by officials in florida who say their aware of simpson's potential relocation. they have 45 days to investigate and make a final decision. >> in the case of resident family, the acceptance rate, as long as there's a valid plan of supervision is high. >> reporter: simpson insisted he never meant to hurt anybody and that he never pointed a gun or made any threats. he said now he wants to move on and stay out of trouble. >> i've come here, i've spent nine years making no excuses about anything. i am sorry that things turned out the way they did. >> reporter: as part of his parole, simpson will not be allowed to associate with felons. he cannot use drugs that are not prescribed from his doctor.
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he can't get drunk and he can't own a weapon. if he does get in trouble, he could quickly wind up back behind bars. will carr, ktvu fox 2 news. we went to the neighborhood where simpson grew up. people there seemed happy about today's decision by the parole board. those old enough to remember said memories of the white bronco and the trial of the century came flooding back with news that simpson's parole was granted. >> he was a model prisoner so what can you say? >> are you okay with him going free? >> i couldn't say that with 100% confidence. >> everything that happened is intense disappointment. i'm just glad it's over. maybe he'll go play golf and never get in trouble again. >> you can't do a do-over. it just doesn't work out that way. it's unfortunate. i think it's unfortunate for the families of the victims and for everybody involved. >> new residents of portrero hill may not realize oj simpson
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walked the same streets. since his murder trial was more than 20 years ago, younger people may only know simpson from draumatizations and documentaries. our coverage continues on our youtube channel. we posted simpson's final arguments before the parole board. police are investigating a homicide tonight. officers responded to a report of a stabbing a little after 7:00 this evening near octavia and lily in the western edition. officers found a man on the sidewalk suffering from stab wounds. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they're in the early stages of their investigation and no further information will be released at this time. in the east bay police are looking for a teenager wanted in connection with a homicide in pittsburgh. police say larry daryl neil, jr. of antioch shot a man yesterday at the baskin robbins on century boulevard. the 43-year-old victim from bethel island suffered several gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at sutter
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hospital. his name has not been released. anyone who sees the suspect should call pittsburg police. the death of lincoln part frontman chester bennington has saddened fans tonight. the 41-year-old reportedly hanged himself this morning. ktvu's azenith smith reports on the talented singer's troubled life. >> reporter: condolences are pouring in from all over the music industry over the death of linkin park frontman chester bennington. his band mate tweeting, shocked and heart broken, but it's true. bennington's body was discovered thursday morning at his los angeles home. tmz reports he hanged himself. >> i was devastated. i called my sister crying. i was like, i can't believe it. he was only 41. >> reporter: bennington was with the rock band for two decades. they first became big in the late 1990s, landing six number one albums. >> he was just a very engaging front man. definitely knew how to entertain
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the crowd. >> reporter: jim harrington from the mercury news remembers first seeing linkin park in san francisco in 2001. he interviewed bennington five years ago. >> i definitely did not see this coming. it's not like he'd been in the news with problems and continuing to have things happen, say like an amy winehouse or something like that. god rest her soul. >> reporter: but nick from metro silicon valley isn't too surprised, recalling the singer opened up about past struggles with drugs and alcohol. bennington acknowledged being abused as a child. in interviews he said he'd numb himself through the pain and vent through music. >> we shouldn't be surprised when we learn he actually had some serious demons and some suffering he was dealing with. depression maybe. >> reporter: some call the timing eerie. bennington had been close friends with chris cornell of soundgarden who took his own life in may. today would have been cornell's 53rd birthday.
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>> i think artists are sensitive people. a lot of times they have a darker side that we the public and their fans don't get to see. >> of course i'll stand by them and see what they do. but there's nobody that's going to replace chester's voice. his voice is just amazing. >> linkin park is scheduled to perform here at the s.a.p. center october 18th. i reached out to them regarding the status of the tour. they've not heard from the promoter. bennington leaves behind a wife and six children. in san jose, azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. four inmates who overdosed in san jose's main jail yesterday tested positive for fentanyl. the toxicology results came back today. sheriff's deputies say the inmates got sick shortly after noon while inside their cells at the jail on heading street. they were taken to santa clara valley medical center for treatment. all of them are expected to make a full recovery. authorities will now try to figure how the drugs were
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smuggled in to the jail. a youth soccer league in daly city is scrambling to try to replace equipment that was stolen before their season begins next month. someone broke in to a mobile storage unit at the property of westmore high school and took items belonging to the american youth soccer organization. the thieves also stole paint used to mark the soccer fields. they took soccer balls, a generator, goalpost and other equipment. the loss is estimated to range from $3,000 to $5,000. >> pretty devastating really. some of the materials was actually used for practice. >> community members have donated money to help replace the stolen items. daly city police are investigating but so far haven't made any arrests or recovered any of the stolen equipment. tonight we're getting a closer look at the devastation left behind by the detwiler fire, burning in mariposa county southwest of yosemite valley. crews say the number of acres burned will go up and so will
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the number of homes destroyed. as of now, 50 homes have burned and 11 have been damaged. while the fire fight continues, the director of cal fire says it's by no means over. he says the weather will play a key role in helping or hindering the fire fight. still cal fire says it is making progress. as reporter vickie gonzalez explains, the active fire area has moved east of culterville, prompting evacuation orders for the small community of five corners. >> reporter: an ominous sight carving the afternoon sky. the landscape spanning tens of thousands of acres in mariposa county, skeletal. while the resilient few continue to find ways to survive. in its fourth full day, the detwiler fire revealing its relentless aftermath. thousands remain under an evacuation order, leaving highway 49 in mariposa county largely vacant. >> the grass is so high and so
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thick in this area due to the winter's rains that we have a grass crop that we haven't seen in the last seven to eight years at least. >> reporter: but some are staying behind. >> i believe it's been 30 years since the town actually got evacuated. >> how does that make you feel? >> a little scared. a little better now knowing the town is still here. >> reporter: pg&e restoring charred power lines while miles up along the merced river showing more work laying ahead. as the wildfire continues to consume steep rugged terrain and the structures that lay in its path. >> i would describe this as one of the more dynamic fires and the fact it's growing so rapidly, it's a challenge but the crews are meeting the challenge and we're doing the best we can out here. >> reporter: as cal fire increases its response, those anxiously wait to return home. >> i don't think anybody thought it would grow this fast. it's just hard not knowing.
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>> volunteers from the south bay are in mariposa county helping the fire victims. the silicon valley red cross sent four two-person teams today. they're providing food, shelter, clothing, and emotional support. >> the gratitude of being able to provide some assistance, whether it be psychological, lending ear, handshake, hug. it's very rewarding. >> the red cross says volunteers will remain on duty near the fire for the next three weeks helping all the victims. an about face on the cal campus. how university officials have changed their tune over a speaking invitation to a conservative columnist. >> loyalties strained in the white house. attorney general jeff sessions says he's not going to resign despite a public trashing by the president. >> and we're coming back with the friday forecast. we know it's going to be a lot like today. the long range forecast, the weekend is going to change and warm up.
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one day after announcing his brain cancer diagnosis, john mccain is vowing to return to the senate. in a tweet, he said, quote, i greatly appreciate the outpouring of support. unfortunately for my sparring partners in congress, i'll be back soon, so sand by. mccain and his family are said to be evaluating treatment options including chemotherapy and radiation. jeff sessions deflected
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questions about whether he would resign after the president leveled criticism of one of his supporters. the white house is offering mixed messages about whether sessions still has the confidence of the president. lauren blanchard is in washington tonight with the latest. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions faced with the question of whether or not he would resign after the president said he regretted appointing him. sessions says he has no plans to step down. >> make america great again. that's exactly what we're doing. >> reporter: today president trump appearing at a made in america event. but the question dogging the president was if he still had confidence in his attorney general pick after telling the new york times yesterday he regretted hiring sessions after sessions recused himself from the russia investigation. today the white house saying the president doesn't plan to fire sessions while others asked if the negative public comments were a form of intimidation. >> i believe that the president is undermining them.
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i think he was being very candid about feelings that he had, but as i said, he has confidence in his ability. >> reporter: meanwhile, others asking if the president is considering firing the special counsel appointed to the russia investigation, robert mueller. the white house not definitively saying the president wouldn't fire mueller. meanwhile, testimony expected next week from the president's son-in-law and senior advisor jared kushner. plus donald trump, jr. and former campaign chairman paul manafort. they've been called by the senate judiciary committee. the top democrat says she'll get that testimony one way or another. >> am i concerned? no. i'm not concerned because if they don't, they'll be subpoenaed. >> legal analysts say president trump's latest interview may add more fuel to the russia investigation because his very public irritation over sessions and the department of justice can be used by special counsel
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mueller. lauren blanchard, fox news. uc berkeley officials switched gears today and now say a conservative commentator will be allowed to speak on campus. the berkeley college republicans invited ben shapiro to speak. cal officials denied the initial request, saying they couldn't find a venue to accommodate shapiro and the 500 students expected to attend but today uc berkeley administrators said finding a venue shouldn't be a problem after all as long as the college republican group is willing to work with the administrators. a berkeley middle school teacher and political activist is facing three felony counts for her alleged role in an anti-fascist demonstration that turned violent. yvette felarca was arrested this week. the 47-year-old is charged with rioting and intent to commit bodily harm. the brawl involved neo nazis and counterprotesters. three other people have been arrested. police at stanford university say they've identified a person of interest
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wanted for raping a woman at a residence hall. students and staff were sent an e-mail alert about the attack. the victim says she was raped by a man she knew. campus police are not releasing his name but say he sexually assaulted a woman on the west side of campus around 1:30 wednesday morning. the crime stunned students on campus for summer classes. >> it's shocking. we get alerts from time to time quite often but nothing as serious as this. >> stanford has faced criticism in the past for its handling of sexual assault allegations. the school is investigating this week's incident and officials hope to make an arrest soon. google is cracking down on content on youtube that promotes terrorism. google says it's redirecting online searches for violent extremist content and isis propaganda to anti-terrorism videos. this follows an announcement from the company last month that
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it was using a range of strategies to prevent terrorists to recruit followers. the federal trade commission is looking in to allegations that amazon is misleading customers about its prices. an ftc investigation came in response to a complaint from a consumer watchdog that examined a thousand different products on the site. the report found the list prices would show a customer how much money they're saving were inaccurate more than 60% of the time. amazon has disputed those findings, calling the report inaccurate. we're moving in to your friday. weekend coming up. weather looks good. not going to be like last weekend. last weekend looks hot. air quality was bad. fire danger way up. this weekend is going to be warm but not as hot. mid 90s in the inland bay valleys. if you look hard, vacaville out toward davis, we may go 99. these were the highs today. that's why i show them to you because it's going to be similar
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to what we had today. then tomorrow about the same, maybe a degree or two warmer. some indications are it might be warmer right now. overnight temperatures right now are a little warmer than they were last night. inversions pinched down a couple hundred feet. sometimes that's an indication. obviously the sea breeze is cut down a little bit as well. there's the temperatures. you do see some yellows still existing. 60s and 70s still in the central valley. no fog at the coast right now. without fog, that means it's going to be fairly warm, especially around the coast. you see the models set you up here with a little bit of fog right here. the earlier models have a lot of fog around the bay but they backed it out, which goes pretty much hand in hand with the inversion shrinking a little bit. we'll see. with that in mind, maybe a few degrees warmer tomorrow and then more significant warming saturday and sunday. not crazy hot but 4 and 5 degrees. so tomorrow is like this.
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on saturday, sunday that vacaville number might be 98. fairfield will probably be 94, 95. and same with the antioch, 97 or 98 on saturday and sunday. these are the highs for tomorrow. 80 in santa clara. 79 in san jose. and then along the coast some patchy fog. nice looking day tomorrow. been a nice week overall because after saturday, sunday last week which was crazy hot, we had a nice run of weather and here we go. just kind of a mild pattern. not mild but a very summer-like weather pattern, very predictable, exactly what you'd expect. expect fog at the coast tomorrow, a little bit warmer, and more noticeable warming on the weekend. >> good looking weekend. new at 11:00, cal train is asking riders to weigh in on the look of new seats on its new high performance electric trains. the transit agency wants riders to vote on the seats inside the train and provide feedback on design options. cal train plans to conduct public outreach in polling next
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week and stations in san francisco, san mateo and san jose. cal train says the new trains provide quieter, faster, and smoother service. big plays lacking for the san francisco giants tonight and their fans. this miserable play for a foul ball actually has a happy ending in the giants game. we'll tell you all about it next in sports. >> live look on this thursday night. beautiful bay bridge.
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welcome back. jason joining us in sports. the giants have had a tough season but they were riding a two-game win streak in to tonight. >> a little two-game win streak. >> this season can't end soon enough. madison bumgarner making his first start at at&t park since returning from his injury in the dirt bike accident. when things are going bad, not even the fans can make the plays. this guy got dejected after dropping this foul ball.
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next batter, eduardo nunez. base knock to left scores span. ties the game. nunez by the way third in the league in hitting with runners in scoring position. bumgarner made two mistakes. this is the second one. gave up a home run earlier and then cory spaingenburger makes him pay. two-run homer to right center. first time in bumgarner's career he's given up two home runs in the back-to-back games. look who finds the fans. the guy is wearing the jersey. takes the ball. all stoked. get on their phones, start texting, doing all that stuff. bumgarner drops to 0-4 on the season. giants come up on the short end. pablo sandoval, the panda watch. according to reports, pablo sandoval could sign a minor league deal with the giants as early as tomorrow, assuming he passes his physical. it's a low risk move for the giants since the red sox are paying the remaining $49 million on his contract but not done
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yet, pablo says he's waiting till tomorrow to make a decision and the giants are just one of his options. a few teams are interested. but we'll find out tomorrow if pablo is coming back. how about sergio romo? i don't think he's going to be back with the giants but the dodgers have designated him for assignment which means they basically cut him. he's 34 years old, didn't pan out in l.a. hasn't pitched since june 8th but still he's got some world series experience. three rings. so someone might just pick him up. three americans sit atop the leader board after round 1 of the british open. we're at royal burkedale in england for the 146th open championship. shot of the day goes to charley hoffman. san diego native on the first hole from the rough on to the green and right in to the cup for eagle. hoffman shot a 67. he's two back of the leaders. now jordan spieth, a bogey-free round for spieth.
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he had five birdies including this one. coleader at 5 under. brooks koepka from the sand and in to the cup on 17. it's koepka, spieth, and matt kuchar. three americans up top at 5 under par. warriors rookie jordan bell, he popped in to one of their youth basketball camps today in walnut creek. >> jordan! jordan! [ cheering ] >> i don't know if you can see it but he dunks over three campers there. four. four of them. so that was pretty cool. this guy could be a player. he says he's like a mini draymond green. models his game after draymond green. warriors have had great success in the draft so we'll see how it pans out with jordan bell. but he was at the youth camp at the ultimate fieldhouse in
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walnut creek. seemed pretty obvious but you can't bite your opponent in soccer. that's el salvador romero, goes by romero and he bit jozy altidore, twisted him in the chest area as well. usa did get the last laugh here. 2-0, united states advances to the semifinals and jozy altidore has a sense of humor about it, just laughed about it. >> creepy. >> no word on punishment. >> see you later. goodnight.
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