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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  July 24, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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much influence inland and 18 mile an hour right now and expected to pick up more. the afternoon highs for today in the low 60s in pacifica, mid 60s in san francisco and 70s around the bay. upper 80s to low 90s for the hotter locations. pulling off more on tuesday before we warm back up into the second half of the week, your extended forecast coming up in a moment. sal has you covered on the roadways. >> no major closures right now. if you are hitting the road sometime soon you should be very good on i 80 through vacaville and solano county, continuing to the fairfield area with no major issues. no issues on the carquinez bridge or highway 30 seven heading toward marin county. farther down the east shore, 17 minutes to get to the maccarthur maze. when you get to the bay bridge
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toll plaza we have a small back up in the outside lanes but no slow down on the fast track. it is 4:30 am. we want to take you out to the situation happening right now in san jose. take a look at this live video. there is police activity around the intersection of winchester boulevard and the olson drive in san jose. the police have this area blocked off at, as you can see. we will bring you more information as soon as our reporter gets to the saying. it is 4:31 am. chp is investigating and instagram video that could be linked to a deadly crash. the 18-year-old woman was driving her 14-year-old sister while intoxicated causing the car to crash and it killed her younger sister. the crash may have occurred while the driver was live streaming on social media.
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>> reporter: the video is so disturbing that it has reportedly been pulled from the social media sites but still being shared widely across the internet. >> reporter: the young woman broadcasting herself live on instagram while driving down the road and wrapping mac -- rapping along with the music, showing the adjustments from the camera showing the girl in the back seat and where she is driving. she makes the gesture with her hand. >> reporter: chp investigators are not confirming it was linked to the fatal crash on that henry miller road but they are investigating the possibility. at 6:40 pm friday evening the 18-year-old sanchez was with her 14-year-old sister and another 14-year-old when she began to
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leave the roadway, overcorrected and crashed. neither of the 14-year-old girls were wearing a seatbelt, and jacqueline sanchez died at the scene after both girls were ejected from the vehicle. she was intoxicated and again, authorities have not confirmed it is linked to the fatal crash but linked to the social media account of the person with the same name as the suspect. still, the video remains as a stark reminder of the dangers of driving intoxicated and distracted driving. in novato they are investigating but they have an ongoing campaign against dui and distracted driving. reckless and distracted driving is the leading cause of death for teenagers. >> when you're drinking, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or combination, they do things they would not normally do like getting on the phone when they know better. and other news this morning,
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4:33 am is the time, the taliban claiming responsibility for the deadly suicide bombing targeting deadly workers in afghanistan. the bus filled with explosives carrying the deadly bombs and 24 people were killed and 42 were injured. metal detectors installed outside of the jerusalem police site -- holy site leading to protests and palestinian protesters clashing with israeli forces yesterday. this violence following a week of escalating tensions in israel set up the metal detectors last week after two is really police officers were killed at the site. the government says the metal detectors were put in place to prevent more violence but critics say that israel is trying to expand control. the american college student has been released from the detention center in china after being held for week.
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guthrie mclean was detained after getting it fight with the taxi driver and he says that the taxi driver was being rough with his mother after they got in an argument over the fair and guthrie mclean is the student at the university of montana and his mother is a teacher in china. chinese authorities agreed to drop the charges after negotiating with the u.s. looking for the cause of the fire that destroyed a construction project at what was planned to be the 200 apartment complex and five buildings in the complex were destroyed in massachusetts with firefighters coming from all over to fight the fire. last month there was a similar fire at another boston apartment complex. federal investigators looking for the cause of the seaplane crash in new york that made a hard landing on the east river friday. passenger said that the pilot tried to get the plane to take
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off three different times and on the third attempt the plane was able to get off of the water but quickly dropping back into the river. part of this support structure of the left wing was broken but no one was injured. new rules going into effect to crack down on bad behavior at the san mateo county be. -- a beach located off of highway 1 and south of half moon bay. it is a party destination but the county officials say that too much trash is left behind. the beach will now be closed from dust killed on -- dusk to dawn. it is 4:36 am. muni completed the first testing of the new fleet of a light rail cars which meant shutting down the subway service for the riders with more testing scheduled for the next month. the subway will be closed between the west portal and montgomery stations all day on
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the weekends and after 9:30 pm on the weeknights and the only exception is august 11-13. the music festival is happening that weekend and the so we will be open. up until now muni has been testing the railcars in the yards and on the streets but this weekend was the first time they tested it underground. >> it is progress and that is what we need. people would use this as soon as it is over, and they will forget about it. >> we need them and they are long overdue. >> the cross bridges available between the embarcadero and the circle during the closure and muni will eventually replace 149 cars in the old fleet and doing it in phases through 2028. the press no police raising longtime starbucks customer for stopping the robbery, caught on surveillance video. the man walked into the starbucks last thursday wearing
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a transformer mass, and demanding money with a gun. when the cashier hesitated the man pulled a knife, and jerry hit the man with the chair but the suspect stabbed him several times. the next starbucks employee did not notice the commotion and continue cleaning tables. the robber was caught a short time later and facing armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon charge, and jerry did receive minor injuries but is expected to completely recover. >> that is incredible. it is 4:38 am. after several car break-ins in livermore and brentwood, the damage caused in only a few minutes to dozens of vehicles in the east bay. the record-setting day of the san francisco marathon, the details on the winners and the closure of the golden gate
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bridge. we have no major traffic problems right now when it comes to the major roadways. highway 24 looks okay heading up toward the tunnel. cooler weather to start for your bay area on this monday, and we will show you what to expect coming up.
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internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:41 am. the u.s. navy testing the uss gerald r. ford, the most technology advanced warship ever built with more space to move the planes around. the uss gerald r. ford is longer than three football fields and this week the crews will start test launching jets from the ship for the first time since it was commissioned on saturday. >> it definitely will be
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different and we will get to actually put everything we worked on for two years into practical use. >> the aircraft carrier calls about $13 billion. -- calls about $13 billion and once it is deployed in 2020 it will house thousands of sailors. six general motorcars could be on the chopping block and the company is considering plans to eliminate the chevy volt, impala and sonic. the cadillac ct six in the cadillac sts could also be cut as the sales of cars continue to fall as people turn to the suvs and pickups. dunkirk, getting the battle of the box office. >> [ video playing ]
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"dunkirk" taking in $50 million for the debut weekend and inspired by the world war ii evacuation of dunkirk, where over 300,000 allied soldiers were tracked by the german troops. it follows the civilian boats called in to rescue the man. "girls trip" debuting with $30 million in ticket sales, rated r and the women go on a trip to new orleans. "spider-man: homecoming" continuing its impressive run and crossing the half billion dollar marking global sales for the third weekend in the theaters. the popular brand of baked beans has been recalled, bushes baked being -- bushes baked beans voluntarily recalling the country style, sugar hickory
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and original baked beans. the cans could leak allowing harmful bacteria to grow inside and they have the best buyback date of june 2019. if you have the baked beans do not eat them, and return them to the store or throw them away. a coffee company in texas voluntarily recalling the coffee and the food and drug administration said they tested and confirmed the presence of the substance similar to what is in viagra. the natural herbs coffee has been recalled by kopi and it could have unintended side effects when taken with prescription drugs. let's take a look at the commute. >> unintended side effects with baked beans? >> with the coffee.
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>> between you and me, i will tell you what effect the beings have on you. i don't know if that is unintended. we will talk about that later. good morning everyone. is take a look at the commute on 580 westbound, crowded driving on 580 into the altamont pass, and 205 and 580 have stop-and-go traffic. everyone appears to be back on the roads. livermore traffic looking good through dublin with a little bit of congestion but nothing major. looking at interstate 880 in oakland, looking good in both directions. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, things are like but you can see a lot of people but not stop and go yet. it is 4:45 am. the folks are on the go this morning, a little bit cooler and for the afternoon temperatures coming down 5 to 15 degrees inland. here's a
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live look into san francisco, yesterday the marine layer was at 1000 feet deep, but about 1500 feet deep now and well above the meaning -- buildings this morning. the deeper marine layer and onshore breeze helping us to bring temperatures down for the afternoon. 62 to start your morning in livermore, upper 50s in oakland, 56 in san francisco. santa rosa at 53. a few degrees cooler in most areas and down by six or psalm. fairfield with and onshore breeze at 18 miles an hour but we want to see it stronger than that to a let that cool pacific air move through and into the delta and sacramento valley. hopefully it will increase through the morning and afternoon. here's a view of the cloud cover as we get into the second part of the morning. it will pull back but more widespread than it was over the
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weekend. partly to mostly cloudy on the coast with the rest of us mostly sunny into the afternoon. temperatures at the coast remaining in the 60s, 70s around the bay, 80s to low 90s inland. santa rosa will take a dig with 80 for your afternoon high. notice san francisco only a bit cooler and you may not even notice. livermore down by 7 today in san jose down by 6. 79 in novato, 80 for napa and closer to the water upper 60s in sausalito and 72 and they bay. 71 at berkeley with danville and 89, nine in antioch, some of those folks were in the hundreds and now in the 90s so that is good news. 80 degrees for san jose. 70 san bruno, 65 in san francisco. low to mid 60s at the coast with partly mostly cloudy skies.
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pacifica and half moon bay, your extended forecast temperatures not changing much. by wednesday we will rebound once again. along the coast and around a still fairly comfortable but inland cities will feel the heat once again back into the upper 90s thursday and friday. bring it down a little bit over the weekend but still warm. >> this is our hot time of the year, especially inland. it is 4:48 am. hundreds of people gathering at. 27 for the -- pier 27 for the free concert. the orchestra played the classics and songs from "west side story" and this is the third year that the san francisco symphony held the event. two bay area residents won
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the marathon, finishing 26 miles in two and half hours. the 25-year-old from stanford was the top woman finisher coming in at two hours, 52 minutes. a record 20,000 runners participating in the event, foggy over the golden gate bridge and raising $300,000 for the charities. the police block party from fresno is going viral. >> there are some bad guys out all over. >> there is the water slide. >> this five your girl hopped into the front seat of the fresno police armored car and told the officers she wanted to fight crime so they played along for more than an hour, chasing down pretend bad guys at the party. >> she knows what she wants to
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 4:52 am. new raters getting ready for training camp and mostly rookies, first-year players and the quarterbacks at the camp workouts. marshawn lynch is expected to be there and starting his first year with his hometown team after 10 years with the nfl and one year off. the raiders first preseason game is august well against the arizona cardinals. the giants returning to the diamond after losing to the padres, 5-2 yesterday. wil myers hits his 20th home run of the season. buster posey hitting the single down the right field line, his 41st rbi for the season. the game was tied into the 4th inning but the padres scored four in one inning and that is all they needed with the giants losing three out of four games
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against the padres as they host the pirates at the at&t park tonight. the oakland a's beat the mets, 3-2. the ace took the early lead thanks to marcus. the mets tied in the third but the a's get a solo home run in the fourth with chris davis again, is 28 for the year. and matt chapman gets another home run in the a's take the game and later today they will play in toronto. the oakland a's or out of playoff contention and now ready to rebuild. the personnel strategy kicked into full gear last month with the trade of the third baseman trevor to the tampa bay rays for chapman. sean doolittle and ryan madson traded to the washington nationals and the management efforts are going younger again. >> you try to get past is quickly as you can and obviously we will watch for
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them and pulled them in washington but the guys know in the position where in that potentially things will happen. >> i think we have to take a look at where we are, last- place. the direction we are heading in and will continue to heading in is trying to get younger. >> all eyes on the fan favorite sonny gray, the alonzo, trade rumors continuing to swirl and the trade deadline is next monday for major baseball. a packed house at the stadium for the global soccer match, and meeting and what they call the international champions cup. plans had flown in from around the country to catch the franchises and in the end it was decided on the penalty kicks with seven players either combined or missed the shots. the two clubs will meet up again in only two weeks. it is 4:55 am.
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taking a stand after couple of days on the job and introduced as part of the trump white house last week and already the new white house communications director is looking to fire people. we have an update on the massive wildfire burning near yosemite and what the crews are doing now trying to get the upper hand on the detwiler fire. detwiler fire. traffic moving along relatively well driving on the bay bridge into san francisco. traffic looking good into the city. we are tracking of cooldown for the bay area monday, and we will check on your current conditions to show you what to expect for the afternoon, coming up. nces it's bio:renew a blend of sea kelp, aloe and antioxidants that help bring your hair back to life. new herbal essences.
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the east bay law enforcement are searching for team of burglars that broke into over 50 cars in one early morning. the huge fire just outside of yosemite continues to grow with thousands working the lines including crews from the bay area. we will talk about the challenges they will face today. the presidents -- president son-in-law jared kushner in for
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grilling on capitol hill today. this is ktvu mornings on 2. a developing situation san jose and here are live picture's of the area we are focusing on -- live picture's of the area we are focusing on at winchester boulevard and olson drive, the ktvu reporter is heading to the scene, and we will bring you an update within the next 30 minutes. thank you for joining us on this monday morning, july 24, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, and i think you will notice something different. >> we have a switch and the weather pattern and in the upper 80s and low 90s. the numbers have been built over the weekend with the onshore breeze back. this morning the marine layer
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is 1500 feet, helping us to cooldown already this morning by a few degrees at least. 53 in santa rosa. san francisco 55, and upper 60s for livermore and san jose. down by 7 degrees in san jose and 6 degrees in livermore. that is good news coming our way and the wind is on shower -- onshore and 50 miles an hour reported in fairfield, 18 actually this morning and we expected to pick up some through early afternoon. what to expect for these bay shore, one hour until official sunrise and by 8:00 low 60s, lunch time in the low 70s, mid 70s for the afternoon for hayward, san leandro. 78 for fremont today and 73 for oakland, 65 in san francisco.


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