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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  July 25, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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a 19-year-old man from san jose. he was found dead at an elementary school in late march. since then there has been no motive, no suspects, and no answers. family members and investigators are hoping the five doubt -- $5000 reward will produce new leads in the case. there was applause as john mccain return following a diagnosis of brain cancer. mccain cast the key vote to open debate today a republican backed healthcare bill. it is not clear what version of the legislations could result following several days of debate and amendments. you are watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30. we're hearing more about a deadly car crash in merced county that led to headlines across the country. it was broadcast live on social media. a 14-year-old girl was killed and her sister is behind bars. we spoke to the family in stockton today about their loss. >> jacqueline sanchez was an aspiring singer, basketball
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player. >> she was nice. >> reporter: a life cut short in a horrific crash on friday night. her older sister is suspected of driving drunk or drugged was she streamed the crash live on instagram >> i was confused and didn't know what happened. >> reporter: the video has been seen all over the internet. it was how the sanchez family found out there 14-year-old would not be coming home. >> reporter: her 12-year-old sister said she had to shoulder the burden of telling her parents. she came into the room around midnight on saturday with tears and arise.>> [spoken in spanish] >> the sanchez family says they frantically tried to confirm
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her death hours after the crash. it wasn't until the next morning they got a call from the coroner's office. jackie was dead and her sister behind bars. two daughters gone and one day. >> i can explain how i feel. i never thought i would get this kind of thing. >> reporter: the tragedy has shaken the entire family. they are trying to be brave for their other children. evolent says she has talked to her sister>> she told me it should've been her and not my sister. >> reporter: she stands by her sister. it's not her fault. the tire blew out and it's not her fault.>> reporter: the father hopes the sorrow will be an eye-opener for her daughter who was heading down the wrong path. >> i love her. no matter what happens.
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the sonoma county sheriff's department is asking for help as deputy search for a man who robbed a sonoma bank. deputies released a photo of the robber responsible for today's new time highs at a bank on broadway. investigators described the robber as latino between 30 and 35 years old at about five feet 10 inches tall. he was wearing of luck mask and a longsleeved olive green t- shirt, baggy jeans and a dark colored baseball cap. sheriff's deputies say he was not armed at the time of today's hold up extract some people to live in san jose are concerned about a plan to build dozens of tiny homes for the homeless. city officials released a list of 100 potential sites citywide for temporary sleeping cabins. as part of san jose's push to reduce homelessness one of the
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countries least affordable housing markets. people living at these sites are not happy with the plan. officials say the tiny housing communities would be temporary. by state law they must be torn down in five years and they would only house a fraction of san jose's estimated 4000 homeless residents. san jose is dealing with a spike in illegal dumping. there are new tools the city is using to try to clean up that problem.>> yes, is, and. >> reporter: homeowners on the street are fed up. >> dressers, sofas, mattresses. >> reporter: abandoned chairs and my choices mock the no dumping signs. >> i know people feel uncomfortable putting their names on -- on craig's list. >> reporter: one lady says these mattresses have been sitting out here for over a month. >> this area has a park across the street. every week it's something. >> reporter: other say home surveillance videos of got several people illegally jumping -- dumping junk in their
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neighborhood. >> is getting worse and worse. all they have done is, and remove the items. it's useful because they remove the junk, but it's letting more people put stuff down. i know there's laws against it. nobody's enforcing it to >> reporter: we reached out to the city of san jose. two years ago the dumping fines were increased from 2500 put stuff down. i know there's laws against it. nobody's enforcing it to >> reporter: we reached out to the city of san jose. two years ago the dumping fines were increased from $2500 and up to 10,000 times for the third event. it has issued 21 citations in the last two years. san jose is trying to let people know about a new program which allows residents free unlimited large item pickups. the city also install five security cameras and highly dumped areas. later is rolling out a new app called my san jose residents can report illegal dumping along with other problems. >> we need the evidence. that's where we need help from the residence.
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if they see anything, they should contact the city and they can help us in catching these illegal numbers. >> they have a team out every week collecting junk. so far they have amassed 2000 mattresses, 1200 couches, and 900 shopping carts just in the second half of last year. >> it shouldn't be the city's responsibility to get rid of people stuff. but people should be more responsible too. >> reporter: the city of san jose wants to stress they will pick up large items. to schedule it. in the last two years they have increased schedule pickups by 400%. in san jose, ktvu fox2 news . it's just not something that anyone should ever witness. obviously, it changed my life completely.
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>> her fianci was killed in 2010. tonight she's fighting to keep his memory alive. our proposed development is jeopardizing a memorial in his honor. i want to say that i'm thrilled to be your new captain.
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word of another arrest in the death of a beloved grandmother in the south bay. san jose police say a 19-year- old faces charges of homicide, burglary, eldora bruce and robbery for the death of miss flo.
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she was considered a pillar of her community and her church. she was attacked and beaten during a home invasion robbery last september. another 19-year-old has been charged with her killing and two others are facing lesser charges. new at 6:30, a seven year long battle for justice and a new challenge has brought amber nelson back to berkeley from brazil to fight for her fianci's memorial garden. >> he was shot and killed in front of her in 2010. we are at the memorial garden and berkeley were there was a new development project that is planned that would upset that memorial. >> reporter: that's right. with the placement of this sign that you see here, the once quiet corner at emerson and adaline which has been cherished in recent years because of this community memorial garden will soon become a bustling block with a residential property with 40 units.
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>> from tragedy to treasure. the corner of abilene and emerson is no longer viewed as the scene of a crime, but a place of healing admitting positive energy and memories of a kind man lubbock is community. september 12 had always been a day of celebration for him. on that day in 2010, it was to celebrate his 35th birthday with his fiancie. >> we went dancing and then we went to a friends party. >> he wanted to walk home and that's when they were robbed at gunpoint.>> the next thing i knew he was lying on the ground with bullets in him. is just not something that anyone should ever witness. [indiscernible -- poor audio] three months after his murder, she decided to cover his bloodstains with the painting and turn the derelict space
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nearby into a memorial garden. three years later, no arrests and no justice. she said it was time to embark on a journey to brazil in his memory and that was one that changed everything for her. >> through honoring him through the garden and living his dream for him, and somehow cosmically allowed me to pursue my dream and actually find happiness again through finding a beautiful man who accepts my past and is willing to keep it as part of our lives together [indiscernible -- poor audio] seven years later it has come first circle seeing her family here today. knowing that the garden might be gone one day. unfortunately, that they might come sooner than expected with the five-story 40 unit residential property plan for this corner lot. >> all of this will be bulldozed. right at the spot will be the driveway to enter into the garage. so that's a hard thing for me to take. this is the heart of the garden. >> it's a private property does
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been home to a restaurant. the owner said he wants the garden to stay. >> it should be something alive. it is something that i think any business owner or neighborhood resident would be proud to have in their neighborhood. >> there is another places like this and berkeley or any other part in the world i know the >> reporter: to see how much the garden has grown through the seeds of the community she says is a sign that it's worth fighting for.>> we are taking a look at new posters just placed here today by amber nelson and the community who came out to help with her garden. it's a reminder that there's a $20,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of those responsible for his death. as for the future of this beautiful garden, amber says she will do everything she can including reaching out to the developer and city. the restaurant is planning on looking at other locations if
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they got bought out and won't have a space here in the future. ktvu fox2 news. we're going to be back with a check with bill it is forecast. we will be right back.
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let's talk about our weather now. a nice day out there. >> just a little bit cooler or milder.
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for us around the bay, it will get warmer in the 80s. if you go inland into modesto you will see temperatures into the mid and upper 90s as we head towards the weekend. the heat is on. we've had as couple of days of mild weather which is been helpful to the fire, that welder fire. they have good containment. when you look at cal fire, when you look at the weather forecaster not thinking about the weekend. they think about the impact it will have on the fire zones especially a big file like that . when you increase humidity by five to 10%, you create a much better platform for firefighters to make progress. that's going to go away. it comes off the table as we go into thursday, friday and saturday. the better firefighting conditions and they become more
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of a hindrance. as you look out here, you can see the thunderstorms. this guy went off up here in the bernie area and northeast california of by mount shasta. you can see some thunderstorms. altar is, lightning strikes around bernie. around the east side of the sierra nevada. there is clouds along the coast . as the temperatures go, 83, fairfield. these temperatures are running a couple of degrees cooler and a couple of degrees warmer than last night. there is a fog footprint for tomorrow morning. tomorrow, temperatures warm slightly. a few degrees warmer tomorrow. from there, a few degrees warmer on thursday. by the weekend, you are up into the upper 90s. tomorrow morning in san francisco, tomorrow afternoon in san francisco.
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the fog lingers and then late in the day, partly sunny. down by the ballpark, 67. 92, vacaville. those are the hotspots. upper 80s will convert to low 90s tomorrow. that's okay. is that crazy heat, but it certainly warmer by a degree or two than it was today. in the santa clara valley, you've got good air-quality. 79, milpitas. fog will stay entrenched for couple of days and then we will give you the five day forecast. we had our break in the firefighters up in the valley have a ways to go. they've got a good significant handle on that fire. these in the temperatures are going to pop. it will be hard to hold the containment. other than that, summer is
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usual in the bay area. a nice looking week ahead. heat on the weekends in the central valley. >> a difference between the coast and inland. >> they are trying to get a victory over the blue jays. we will have the highlights coming up next. ♪
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will get an update on how the a's are doing. it's getting late in the game. >> every time it starts out like that, it's not going to be good. >> it's the usual. all of a sudden the east of been entertaining for the most part even though they are stuck in last place. they had only to his tonight, five so far and only one run. this road trip through new york and toronto are not going well. sunny gray is the subject of trade rumors. this could be his last -- his last start. he tried to make a great play and instead threw it away. it looks like he might just give up one run. morella set a shot down the left field line with two run- scoring. toronto quickly, by the time chris davis cracked it down --
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tracked it down, had a three- run lead. chris davis had himself an rbi double for the a's. that was her only run so far. they're going into the top of the ninth -- 9th inning mac. if you're following the giants, they will face pittsburgh tonight having lost to themselves four out of the last five. they start playing some ball and if you're following the giants closely, you're probably checking out pablo sandoval. he was down in san jose. in the field he was flawless. they say his weight is down but at the plate he's not faring so well. he was 1-2 for a walk and he's 2-9 hitting .222 and he will be moving on to triple-a sacramento and sign that deal with the san
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francisco giants organization. we may see him in the big leagues and maybe two or three weeks. we will check out and see how that goes. steph curry in china poking fun at his fellow brother klay thompson. remember last month when klay thompson was giving an exhibition for the chinese folks over there and showing them all about nba basketball and how you slam dunk in that embarrassing moment. today steph curry thought he would poke a little fun at his brother. here's how it went. >> what happened to clay? what happened the play? >> the same thing happened to klay thompson. all in good fun. his trip to china continues in a positive manner. it's funny of steph making fun
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of klay thompson. steph did not dunk a basketball last season until march. in the meantime, training camps are almost there. it's going to happen. a little problem with the quarterback and former step for man. he had an off season with shoulder surgery. not healing as quickly as they would like. he was put on what they call the cup list and it's indefinite as to when he will be able to play. the general manager is not too concerned. >> he has not had any setbacks at all. he is making good progress. his weight is up and he starting to get his strength back. it is just a process, like with any injury or any player, it just takes time. >> this is a cool story if you follow porker. the world series of poker, a 25- year-old man that has one a 25- year-old man that has $18.51 million as the champion.
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here's the catch to the story. six of his friends all put in $60 to help pay the expenses. he help them out a little bit. he gave them each $40,000 for helping him. back in june he advertise on twitter if anyone wanted to help him, they could get in on it and get a percentage. all of those buddies of his, $40,000 for the privilege of watching. we've got time to check this out. ticket to new york. todd frazier against his former mates in cincinnati. the bases are loaded. you will not get a grand slam but a triple play. he wanted to impress his former team. >> that would not be the weighted but. there you go. a little disappointed. >> see you later, everyone. thank you for joining us. goodnight.
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