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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 26, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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international drug scheme. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us, wednesday morning, july 26th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clarkt with your weather. in for steve, the incredible -- >> i'm trying to fill his shoes. he has such great lines. >> there's tough shoes to fill, but you do a good job. >> thank you so much. i'm learning on job. a warming trend for today. low clouds near the coast. we're talking about lower 90s while inland and a warming trend will carry us into thursday and temperatures stabilize into your friday and into the weekend. satellite, we have some clouds and some showers and thunderstorms, not here in the bay area, but that was the case yesterday toward the sierra. we are just tracking low clouds and fog banked up near the coast and right around the bay. an onshore wind as well. we'll check on the current numbers out there. stepping outside the door,
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50s and some 60s. san jose, 63. san francisco in the upper 50s. here's the overall weather story for today. starting out the day with clouds and into the afternoon hours, the clouds will clear back to near the shoreline for your wednesday afternoon. you can see all the bright colors here. not here, but here out toward fairfield, concord and livermore. coast, never warming up too much for today. mainly in the lower 60s. most areas on average about 3 to 5 degrees warm early than yesterday's readings. we'll take a look at your 5-day forecast in a few minutes, but sal standing by and he has an update on the roadways and crowded on the roads. is that right, sal? >> more crowded, mark. thank you very much as we look at interstate 80, you'll see more people on it. it's going to be slow in some areas. 18 minute drive between the carkenus bridge. westbound 24 is
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getting busier on the way toward oakland. and this is a look at the commute now at the bay bridge. that is backed up for about a ten-minute delay before you make it onto the span and interstate 880 is certainly crowded, but we don't have a lot of slow traffic in oakland near the coliseum. however, just down the road, southbound 880, we have some slowing between hayward and union city. a couple of things have popped up. it shouldn't take too long to get through, but i would -- at 6:02. let's go back to the desk. >> sal, thank you. there has been another arrest in last year's killing of an 88-year-old woman from east san jose. she was florence known as miss flo. we're joined live at the santa clara courthouse and a second man is expected to be charged in this case. allie. >>reporter: brown of san jose he north main jail since his arrest
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yesterday. he's held without bail. he's accused of being involved in the robbery and beating death of 88-year-old flow douglas. a long term resident the san jose who was known as miss flo and loved by the community. she was a victim of a home invasion. intruders broke into her home and held her down and beat and assaulted her. she died as a result of her injuries a month afterward. 19-year-old zackery was arrested for the crime. a 19 and 20-year-old woman was arrested for hiding evidence allegedly. this arrest yesterday of brown, the 4th person arrested in connection with this attack nearly a year after the crime took neighbors by surprise. >> i'm glad that the sheriff's didn't let up on it. i'm glad that they have somebody else. hopefully this is it. and there still isn't anybody else out there. >> often times in your own home you feel like you are safe. that's a safe haven where you can be your safe.
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for someone to violate that haven is the up most disrespect. it's of the upmost calais and something we detest as an agency and we test for any individual who is tree in our community who would act like that. >> deputies will not say whether they're looking for more suspects in connection with the crime. they wouldn't specify what role brown played in the attack. but he was likely inside of miss flo's home with cuen. brown is scheduled to be arraigned at the santa clara courthouse later this afternoon. >> allie rasmus, thank you. time is 6:04. federal agents used a social media post of a suspected gang member to track him down and arrest him for several robberies. investigators say 20-year-old zach tutu
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map of oakland help them build their case against him. the borough of tobacco and firearm and explosives says they found photos of map posting with weapons on facebook page. and they found -- a police chief who teaches at usf says social media is helpful at solving crimes. >> people who engage in criminal conduct feel they're never going to be caught and you know, eventually people's luck run out and particularly if they're sharing information. >> in this case, federal agents raided map's home after using his posting on facebook to get a search warrant. they seized a gun and ammunition which they say led to a grand jury indictment. map is facing up to ten years in federal prison for illegal possession of a gun.
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a life coach in san jose is accused of raping a mentally disabled woman. 20-year-old valero was arrested. he met the woman who she was a student at calero high school. it's in the east union high school district. the parents of the alleged victim notified authorities last year and valero was fired last. >> someone who is disabled, that takes a special predator. it was a horrible crime and those are the victims we need to protect the most. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating whether there may be more possible victims. valero is held on $100,000 bail in the county jail. time is 6:06. attorney general sessions has laid out new guidelines and that could mean sanctuary cities around the bay area could
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lose federal law enforcement funding. christian captain joining us live telling us more how much the city stands to lose possibly. christian. >>reporter: yeah, attorney genet yesterday saying that cities that don't cooperate and share information with federal authorities will lose out on federal law enforcement funds. the attorney general related a statement outlining the new guidelines for the edward burn justice assistant grant. san francisco is one city that benefit from that grant. san francisco received 522, $943 from that grant last year. that could change going forward. the attorney general saying in a statement that the department of justice will provide the burn grant to cities and states that comply with the immigration -- if they tell the -- sessions has spoken out this past week about why he feels it's so important to
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crack down on sanctuary cities. >> we want to affirm local and state and law enforcement officers in the dangerous and the important work they do everyday. >> you recall sessions has been under pressure. the president sending out tweets questioning session's ability to serve as attorney general saying he should have never recuse -- the president hasn't said if he'll fire sessions. sessions hand indicated he has any plans of stepping down on his own. back to you. >> christian crap ton in san fr. the public -- they're accusing -- the report claims she voted to extend
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a city contract with a developer that later allegedly gave her free services. investigators say the architectural company helped her delay a housing development project that was planned to go up across from her home in west oakland. investigators accused the councilwoman of conflict of interest and failing to report free services that have led to $800. she says neighbors first raised concerns about the development and then she sought technical advice from a respected local architectural firm. the ethics commission will meet next month to consider her case. there's ties -- it started with an australian man wanting to buy a plane from a company at the santa rosa airport. according to the press democrat newspaper, the man said he wanted to fly the plane home which is a goal in a single engine -- the u.s.
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drug agents seized crystal meth worth $200 million. four people in australia -- they're continuing their investigations for other possible suspects. our time is 6:10. new parents in san francisco may possibly be at the forefront of medical research. coming up, we'll tell you about new options and how those options could save a baby's life. also, russian pranksters got the best of rick perry. coming up next, how they tricked the energy secretary.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 at 6:13. palm manafort will be -- paul manafort will not be testified. he was issued a subpoena. but it was -- he continued negotiating about setting up an interview with the panel. the panel wants to talk to manafort about the meeting in trump tower with a russian lawyer. yesterday the house of representatives passed a measure to step up sanctions against russia. the legislation is aimed at punishing russia for crania from ukraine in 2014 as well as interfering in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. now, the senate is expected to pass it, but the white house says president trump has not decided whether he'll sign the bill. the trump administration has objected
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to the part of the bill that would allow the president to get congressional approval before easing sanctions on russia. the bill puts sanctions on iran and north korea. time is 6:14. energy secretary rick perry was prank and two russian comedians did it in a phone interview. secretary perry thought he was talking to the ukrainian prime minister. it was really those pranksters speaking through a translator. in a 20-minute phone call, they asked secretary perry about everything from coal experts to the paris climate accord. they talked about using pig maneuver as a new power source. those comedians are well-known in russia for pranking celebrities and politicians. a group that wants california to become independent from the united states will start collecting signatures now for a ballot initiative. state attorney gen -- the state attorney general issued an official ballot measure and title yesterday. here it is. the campaign can start gatherin5
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585,000 signatures it will need to qualify for the 2018 ballot. now, this latest cal exit proposal is scaled back from an earlier version. this would not necessarily result in california you seeding from the united states, but it could allow california to be a quote, fully functioning eye ton muss nation within the united states. it's 6:15. let's check in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on now, sal. >> you guys. >> i'm watching you too. >> we're doing all right. how is traffic? >> there's no slow traffic there. highway 24 though, pam, to answer the question rather seriously, it's getting more crowded, dave and pam. not stop and go, but we have slow traffic i want to show you or tell you about on 24. and it is going to be just around the corner eye view. slowing here. a little slowing up around the urenda area.
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signs of slow traffic is appearing on 680 through pleasant hill. not very, very slow. i think you can get a decent commute driving through the tunnel. you can see traffic is slowing down as you get to the pay gates. there's no major problems on the bridge getting into san francisco. 880 near oakland looks okay, but 880 between hayward and union city has been a problem. 92 all the way down to about union city. we've had a couple of crashes and things are a little bit on the slow side, but if you notice, if you look at this picture closely, the san mateo and dunbar bridge aren't bad. they're looking good to an uncrowded peninsula. 6:16. let's bring steve -- i'm steve.s do it once. >> i get it. you do it probably thousands of times a month. >> i didn't call rosemary steve, so i was proud of myself. >> [indiscernible]. >> go ahead, mark.
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>> forecast for today, a warming trend away from the coastline. lower 90s this afternoon, but still the stubborn fog has expanded and it has bulked up. temperatures from the low 60s to low 90s. yesterday, all the showers and thunderstorms, not hear in the bay area, but out toward the sierra, out toward nevada and an unconfirmed tornado out of the arena area. you can pick out low clouds near our coast and pushback into the bay. october and -- we get the offshore winds which wipe out that fog bank and warms up the coast as well. not happening for today. showing you some 50s and 60s right now. santa rosa, 56. san francisco, 58. and san jose checking in at 63 degrees. in san francisco, our forecast model showing you all the sky cast showing you all the fog out there this morning and into
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the afternoon hours, patchy fog, 12:00. we'll call it partly sunny by 3:00. readings in the upper 60s by mid afternoon. the low pressure has cooled us off and provided heat -- we're warming up those numbers today and more pronounced warming as we head toward thursday and temperatures probably stabilizing by friday and into the weekend as well. but the headline tomorrow at least, upper 90s could be flirting or approaching 100 degrees. here's our forecast model showing you this and showing you the clouds near the coast. 60s for the beaches. warmest locations inland to reach upper 80s and lower 90s. we'll show you the forecast highs later today. santa rosa, 86. around the rim of the bay, we're going to have clouds out here and then skies becoming partly sunny and temperatures pleasant out toward oakland and hayward. head inland, we're not talking about major heat, but a bump in
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the numbers. lower 90s. san jose, mid 80s. gilroy, 90.e coast mainly in the lower 60s. here's a look ahead. your five-day forecast, temperatures tomorrow inland will be hot around 97 to 99 degrees and then we'll cool things off a little bit, but more of a stabilizing weather pattern that will take us into the weekend. as we wrap up july, it's hard to believe it's almost august, we're talking about football season -- it carries into the holiday -- >> no, no. let's enjoy summer. >> i'll edit that. time is 6:19. tonight the gold cup soccer finals at levi stadium -- the u.s. national team plays jamaica. at 6:30, we'll tell you what to expect if you're going to the match. health concerns for ben and jerry's and the dangerous chemical one
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group says they found in the chemical. >> what!
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:22. a san francisco hospital is acco bill camacho cord donations. >> it's to treat many diseases like leukemia and they say it can offer hope
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for those who can't find bone marrow matches. according to the san francisco chronicle, the medical center on gary boulevard is the only hospital to collect cord blood. there's nine other cord blood donation centers in -- time is 6:23. there's a study on fixing the flood problems on highway 37 that says it will cost at least $1 billion. the napa valley transportation board says a finance company estimates the cost to elevate a 21-mile section of highway 37 would be between $1 billion and more than $3 billion. that study says the best way to pay for the road is to have a toll of $6 to $8. the finance company says using traditional funds like taxes to pay for repairs could push the project back more than 70 years. if a toll is approved soon, construction could be
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finished within the next five years. governor brown is joined by former governor schwarzenegger to sign a bill to secure -- governor brown chose to sign the extension to the cap and trade law on treasure island. the same location where schwarzenegger when he was governor signed the original bill back in 2006. both men praised state lawmakers for working together to approve the legislation. >> it's about the world. and california is leading that world in dealing with a principle exponential threat that humanity faces. >> we have a functional government here in california, but democrats and republicans work together. [applause] >> and i think this is a very important message for washington where both of the parties cannot work together. >> under the cap and trade law, companies that cannot meet pollution standards like refineries can buy credits from those that do
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meet or exceed the admissions cap. the law calls for higher limits on admissions. time is 6:25. ben and jerry is known for being eco friendly is under controversy. according to the organic consumer's association, ben and jerry's ice cream tested positive for an urban side. they say traces of urbacide were found in seven of the ten ice cream -- consumer groups have been raising awareness because some studies linked it to several diseases. roomba, that automatic vacuum by i-robot is gathering information on your house that could be for sale. i-robot ceo says the cleaners make a map of your house in order to improve efficiency. but he hopes to one day sell that
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to goggle, apple and amazon. he argues that doing so would help enhance the devices already connected -- you can disconnect your roomba so it cannot send that information, but it will prevent you from controlling the device with your smartphone. the time is 6:26. a common problem for web browseers may disappear. coming up, a little later, adobe -- big crowds expected at levi stadium for the gold cup final for team usa and team jamaica. we'll tell you about the traffic issues you may encounter in this area later today. >> good morning, we have some fog on the golden gate bridge. it's not really affecting drivers, but it's there. southbound traffic looks good heading to san francisco. and in weather we have been watching that fog move around near the coast near portions of the bay.
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a bit of a warming trend. you can see the sunlight poking through the clouds. talking about a warming trend. coming up, we'll tell you when neighborhoods could approach 100 degrees.
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well, good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. it's wednesday, july 26th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning.
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i'm pam cook. it's coming up on 6:30. it sounds like it's going to be a fairly nice day depending on where you are, but hot inland. >> inland, a little bump in the numbers as we had the cooling relief for monday and tuesday. we have been celebrating those two days because it has been a hot summer. temperatures trending up today. you'll probably notice the change for tomorrow. right now, lots of low clouds near the coast and the bay. that will keep the temperatures in check coast side. they're in the 60s. the warmest locations, upper 80s to lower 90s this afternoon. look what the satellite yesterday is showing. some clouds and showers out toward our east and the sierra and reno and nevada. we still have the fog near the coast near portions of the bay. a good onshore breeze for your wednesday morning. overcast toward san francisco and richmond and oakland and hayward. we'll check in on the current numbers out there. 50s and 60s for mountain view and san jose.
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san francisco, 58. fairfield in the upper 50s. 58 degrees as well. so for this morning, you know tn , the storm term. areas of fog out there and into the afternoon hours, we'll gradually clear back the overcast to near the shoreline and temperatures today on average about 3 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday's readings. so we're showing the bright colors. the green, 60s. and 70s in the yellows and the 0 80s in the oranges and the 90s in the reds. concord, livermore and antioch s . we'll check out your five-day forecast in a few minutes, but first we'll check out sal who has an update on the roads. good morning, mark. we have a problem on the bay bridge westbound on the east ban just before treasure island. you can see it here in our picture. we zoomed in a little bit. there's a two-car crash on the bridge. it doesn't seem like a serious injury crash. nevertheless, the traffic is slowing down and
6:32 am
anything on this bridge is going to mean the median lights at the toll plaza is going to slowdown and have an affect on the bay bridge. this can add to the time. in the last it few minutes it has gone from a 15 minute delay to 25 minutes. if you have an extra 15 or 20 minutes, i would think about using bart or the ferries. today might be the day or use the carpool situation. those lanes are okay. once you get onto the bridge, there's slow traffic even if you are in a car pool. let's take a look at 880. in hayward, southbound 880 as you head out to a street, there's been a crash. traffic is backing up nearly from marina boulevard. so heading south here is going to be slow. there was an earlier crash here heading out of south hayward. the newest freeways not off to a good start this morning. 6:32. let's go back to the desk. >> t , thank you
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sal. new this morning, president trump says transgender people will not be allowed to serve in the u.s. military. in a series of three tweets this morning, the president says after consulting with his generals and military experts, the u.s. will not accept or allow transgender individuals to serve in any capacity in the u.s. military. he goes onto say our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and can't be burdened with the medical cost and disruption that transgender in the military will entail. we're going to follow the president's announcement this morning and get reaction from people here in the bay area. our time is now 6:33. we're expecting new information about overnight on that huge fire near yosemite national park. the last report from cal fire said it is 65% contained, burned 125 square miles. destroyed 63 homes and cal fire hopes to
6:34 am
have it contained by august 25th. mariposa sheriff's department arrested three people facing charges -- two men and a woman from the modesto area were taken into custody on sunday after a traffic stop. deputies say they found power tools and other fire fighting equipment in their car. the suspects also face charges of possessing a pipe used for smoking drugs. well, in sonoma county, there's fears of an arsonist after three fires last weekend broke out close to homes. two the fires in santa rosa started along a trail along many homes and businesses. one woman says she thought she heard fireworks before the first fire. no fireworks were found, but fire officials are watching the area after an arson case in the area a few years ago. >> we had two strange fires and it stopped for now. right now we're back into
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that monitoring phase to figure out what our next steps are going to be based on activity that occurs. there was a third fire a few miles away and fire crews had a hard time getting down a narrow trail to fight that one. when they did get there, they found a camp stove still burning but no one was around. fire officials are asking residents to report anything suspicious -- san jose fire crews responded to a brush fire near the boulder ridge golf course. that started just after 8:30 last night. fire crews say about 4 acres burned, a barn may have been damaged, but there are no reports of injuries. our time is 6:35. happening today, 18-year-old sanchez, the young woman accuse of live streaming while driving drunk and crashing her car, a crash that killed her sister will be in court today facing charges of vehicular manslaughter. police says sanchez was driving drunk while live
6:36 am
streaming on social media when she veered off the road and crashed near los banos and her 14-year-old sister was ejected from the car and killed. the father of both girls says he looked at the video posted on instagram and call it's a tragic accident. >> she knows she do something wrong because she knows and this is what i feel. she feel bad, but she still killed her own sister. >> now, another 14-year-old girl was in the backseat of the car, but she survived. she says she doesn't blame anyone for the crash. but says social media has become too important for many people. a former music teacher at the school of rock in palo alto is free on bail after being arrested on suspicion of abuse of a sexual minor -- another
6:37 am
agency notified them and the information came from a mandated reporter, which is someone like a teacher or doctor. root was arrested last week in san francisco. and booked for felony sex crimes. >> at this point we do have specific information to indicate there's other victims, however, given that mr. root was working at the school as an instructor with children for the last two and a half years -- >> the school told us in a statement quote, our highest priority is the safety of our students. as soon as we learned of the investigation, we terminated his employment. additionally, we informed our parent community. our time is now 6:37. the south bay's evening commute especially in santa clara may be worse than normal. >> many will converge on levi stadium to cheer on the u.s. for a soccer tournament. that's where eric savidge is here to talk about this big match.
6:38 am
>>reporter: it will have an impact on the afternoon commute because right about that time you're danger to have people trying to get to levi stadium for this match that gets underway at 6:30. a gold cup final match between usa and jamaica and 6,000 soccer fans will converge on the stadium in santa clara. you can expect road closures around the stadium including tazman drive. police and transportation officials are urging soccer fans to take public transportation and avoid driving if they can. the valley transportation authority will be running extra light rail trains and buses in order to get people here. tonight's 2017 gold cup final features team usa squaring off against jamaica with the u.s. looking to win its 6th gold cup title. yesterday here on ktvu, the 9, we talked with former soccer player brad about
6:39 am
the significance of the gold cup for the team and for head coach arena. >> no games are easy. absolutely not. it's good for usa they had an extra night of rest. they're going to bring in -- they brought in michael bradley and [indiscernible]. >> team usa is favored in tonight's gold cup final, but coach arena is not underestimating the team from jamaica. they knocked off a good team from mexico in the semifinal round to get to this game and jamaica has only allowed two goals during five matches so far in this tournament. they've been putting on quite a defensive show. team usa will have its work cut out for them. we did check online. there are tickets available for tonight's match. it starts at 6:30 tonight, but a lot of roads in this area, they're going
6:40 am
to start shutting them down early today including tasmond drive and other roads will be shut down. you can expect those closures to start early in the afternoon. >> there are going to be a lot of people that don't know. they're not listening or watching you alex and they're going to be caught off guard. >> that's unfortunate. >> good warning. >> hopefully they get the warning. >> alex, thank you. a ban on transgender -- we'll tell you the surprised announcement that president trump made this morning. up next, the most educated regions in america, the bay area communities near the top of the list. and some people call it a breathalyzer for technology. the new plan to keep people from texting and driving. a bridge has a problem and that means there's going to be more slow traffic at the toll plaza and maybe here at the maze soon. we'll tell you what
6:41 am
happened. in weather, a blanket of fog covering the bay right now for this morning. a warming trend begins today and we'll let you know when a few neighborhoods could approach 100 degrees.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 6:43. investors are eager to see a ste released by 11:00 by the federal reserve. it will summarize its july meeting and discuss the u.s. economy.
6:44 am
analyst are most interested about the feds opinion regarding inflation. some economist -- it's concerned that the rate has been too low during the entire economic recovery and they believed fed could raise interests. we could see higher interest rates soon. we'll be watching that. adobe, plan to go kill off the flash media player. the san jose software maker will stop distributing and updating its flash player by 2020. flash is criticized by -- apple cofounder steve jobs blasted flashback in 2010 explaining why the company would not support the plug in on its ios devices. goggle and microsoft say they're working to remove flash support from its web browsers by the 2020 deadline. our time 6:44. more than a third of californians are living paycheck to paycheck according to a new report.
6:45 am
37% of families have little cash saving and half didn't save money for emergencies this past year. this report compiled by a washington, dc organization that helps low income family says it's worse for minorities who are likely to live below the poverty -- problems facing cal kan -- facing californians are low jobs , wallet hub ranked california -- based on people 25 and older with a bachelor's degree. michigan was ranked number one followed by the washington, dc, virginia area. san francisco, oakland and hayward were grouped together on that list and was ranked number 8. >> right now, it is 6:45. it's time to check in with gasia with what's coming up
6:46 am
on mornings on 2. >> good morning pam and dave. when you join you in minutes, san francisco could be the first city in the country to ban flame retardant materials from children's furniture. why lawmakers had trouble getting them banned on a statewide level in year's past. here's a question, how happy are you at work? do you grit your teeth and show up everyday because you have to financially. a new study shows the majority of americans are not happy with their job. we'll explain what experts say you should and should not do if you find yourself in a miserable work situation. such an important report. i'll have that in a few minutes. >> gasia. the statement of new york may give police a new tool to crack down on distracting driving. >> the device is known as the textalyzer. it can determine whether drivers were using their cell phones, swiping, tapping, texting, it can be spotted
6:47 am
there on the device. police say it can prove or disprove whether a driver was distracted behind the wheels. critics call it an invasion of privacy saying police should have to get a search warrant. >> that's an interesting topic. >> thank you. sal, you and i don't have to worry about that, do we? >> no, sir. >> okay. >> however, we'll talk, dave. traffic at the bay bridge is going to be slow. now, the good news is they cleared the minor accident westbound coming up to the pay gates. westbound coming up to the treasure island, i think i said pay gates. that's removed and traffic a little bit slower on the bridge. they had to slow those meters lights down, but they got it out of the way quickly. a 25 to 30 minute delay. if you can give yourself more time on this commute that's a good thing. or it would be a good thing for you. 880 in oakland looks okay, but once you get out of oakland, you get into san leandro, you'll see slow traffic. there was a crash at a street and a crash a
6:48 am
little earlier down in union city. it's slow already from out of san leandro heading into fremont. if that's your commute i would give yourself extra time this morning because of all that's going on. 6:48. let's bring mark tamayo in with. >> we're talking about lots of fog this morning near the coast and portions of the bay. the fog while you were sleeping around 2:00 or 3:00 this morning, kind of bulked up in cover. here's the current pattern. first i want to show you showers and thunderstorms that popped up toward the sierra. for this portion of the area moving near nevada with the lightning strikes being detected. lots of overcast over san francisco and san rafuel. there's overcast and patches down toward the
6:49 am
south bay closer to sunnyvale. techls in the mid 50s -- temperatures in the 50s in san jose. san francisco in between 58 degrees. and here's the plan for today. this morning, at 7:00, showing you some areas of fog out there. leftover patches. by lunch time, 64. we'll call t ly sunny by 3:00. san francisco a touch warmer compared to yesterday. just a minor bump in the numbers. probably you won't notice it. here's this area of low pressure. it cooled us off for monday and tuesday. today that low gradually kicks off. a bump in the numbers for today. more pronounced warming inland. that's for thursday. that means temperatures thursday inland could be around 95 to 98, possibly 99 degrees. thursday, is the hottest days of the week and temperatures stabilize by friday and into the weekend. maybe cooling off a little bit. here we go later on this afternoon, 4:00, the clouds back to
6:50 am
near the coastline. 60s for the beaches. as we work our way toward concord and livermore, we think those numbers are back into the lower 90s. we're going to warmup those numbers by 3 to 5 degrees. santa rosa, 86 degrees. 70s and head inland, you'll find 90s toward livermore and brentwood and antioch. gilroy around 90. san francisco, lots of clouds this morning. skies becoming partly sunny by the afternoon for your wednesday afternoon. here's a five-day we have prepared for you and temperatures up a few degrees inland. a stable weather pattern that will take us into the weekend. beaches remain chilly inland on the warm to hot side, pam. >> all right, thank you mark. 6:50 is the time. new information about a civil ln . coming up, what the plaintiff has to say about the warrior star.
6:51 am
and it's a small slice of paradise for oakland, but not for turtles. the warning for pet owners.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:53. wildfires are not just a problem here in the u.s. europe is battling several big wildfires right now. 10,000 people have been evacuated from france along the
6:54 am
coast of the med sea. three square miles of forest has burned. portugal also dealing with more than 20 wildfires after coming through some very severe drought conditions. in brentwood, police are searching for people who have been throwing eggs at homes and cars. >> look at surveillance video. this is the egg throwing happening. 20 homes have been hit in the past month. several homes have been vandalized several times. one man knows of 50 incidents of vandalism lately. >> it has created frustration. and, you know, some of these victims that have been targeted or have suffered the damage that the suspects have caused, we're fully aware of that. >> now, the vandals usually
6:55 am
strike between 1:30 and 4:30 in the morning. every act is a misdemeanor and a chargeable offense. anything that causing $400 damage or more is a felony. an egg very hard on the paint for a car. if the vandals are juveniles, their parents would be liable for the damages. people who own turtles as pets are being told not to dump them in the lake to get rid of them. the salt level is lake merritt is the high enough to endanger the turtles. >> kids get them as pets. they go to college, they don't want them anymore. plus they get big. housing a turtle in your house takes the appropriate setup. >> experts advise turtle owners to never release their pet into any lake, stream or pond. you can call a wildlife rescue organization and let them take
6:56 am
it from there. the time is 6:55. city of san jose trying to spread the word about a new program that allows residents free and unlimited pickups of large items. people are fed up with trash being dumped on their streets. neighbors near buena vista park caught some of the illegal dumping happening in the area. >> it is just getting worse and worse and worse. and all they have done is come and remove the items. i mean, that is useful because they remove the junk, but it is just letting more people put stuff down. i mean, i know there's laws against it, but no one is enforce thanksgiving. >> the city is hoping the new program will encourage people to schedule pickups instead of illegally dumping junk.
6:57 am
later this month, the city will roll out my san jose, this where they hope that residents will report illegal dumpings and other problems. draymond green is being sued that he reportedly slapped in the face last year. now, yesterday at a news conference in los angeles, former michigan state football germane edmondson and his girlfriend say they have a civil lawsuit against draymond green. they want unspecified damages. it stems from a fight outside of a bar in michigan. he says he was physically assaulted and bullied. >> over the past year, that night plays in my head over and over again. and i keep thinking a way that everything could have been avoided. >> now, draymond green accepted a plea deal with prosecutors that reduced assault charges to
6:58 am
a $500 for a noise infraction. a spokesperson for green says the warriors star looks forward to defending himself and clearing up this, quote, misinformation against him. the oakland as lost 4-1 to the toronto bluejays. and gray may have pitched his last game with the as. toronto earned four unearned runs in the second. the a's didn't get much done in the place. chris davis drove one in the 4th. >> here it is. and it is lined. a play by donaldson. throws across in time. and that's the ball game. >> that's ridiculous. former a's 3rd baseman donaldson did it. that ended the game.
6:59 am
the a's and bluejays play again tonight. bumgarner had his first win of the season. he looked pretty good in his third start since coming back there the dis-- from the disabled list. the giants got out to an early lead. buster posey drove in a run. that double today right center. later in the 3rd inning, the giants loaded the bases. and here comes joe panik. >> panik got into right center field. can he get there? he's not going to get there. and this is going to clear the bases. >> you did it, joe. he drove in three runs with a triple. then in the next inning, nunez drilled one off of the right field wall and knocked in a couple of runs. the giants won. they play again today. the game begins at 12:45. the debate on health care is now underway after yesterday's big victory for republicans. why passing an actual bill to
7:00 am
repeal the affordable care act may prove to be more difficult. also, a surprise announcement this morning by president trump about the military and transgender people. it's all ahead here on mornings on 2. gs on 2. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on a wednesday morning. july 26th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk more about our wednesday weather. here is mark tamayo here with the forecast. >> good morning. a bump in the numbers for today. >> yeah. >> yeah. a typical weather pattern out there. fog around the bay. taking a look at the forecast headline for today. as we mentioned, a minor headline but a warming trend begins. there is the essential rain. 60s to the lower 90s. there is the satellite. you see the showers and thunderstorms that developed out towards the sierra, moving into nevada. we just have the fog blanketing a good portion of the coast and near


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