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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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health care, now. >> protesters pounding the pavement to protect parts of the affordable care act as the congressional battle to repeal and replace it continues. and a bay area congressman takes his latest town hall to new heights. details on the unconventional meaning. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. >> good saturday evening everyone i'm alyana gomez. developing news out of san jose where authorities say a cyclist has been killed after a collision with a vta train. it happened at 4:30 this afternoon. police are asking people to avoid the area as they  investigate. vta service on the mountainview rail line is stopped and a bus
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bridge has been set up for passengers. more details when we get them. turning to washington where president trump unleashed a tweet storm this morning attacking republicans for the stinging defeat this week with the failed h health care bill -- failed health care bill. douglas elway is in washington with the latest. >> white house chief of staff reince priebus is out after six months on the job. the former chair of the republican national committee graciously exiting his post. >> hit alg reset button -- hitting a reset button is a good thing. the president did that. i think he's happy. there was a little mix when things like this happen, i generally feel good. >> the latest in a series of switch ups. anthony scaramucci came on board and openly criticized priebus. sarah huckabee sanders is replacing sean spicer and homeland security secretary john kelly will be the new
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chief of staff. >> it's not a question of being a monitor or gate keep. it's a question of driving one, the agenda, making certain that agenda is coordinated, driving the calendars to be sure. >> this comes amid a devastating defeat for republicans to repeal and replace obamacare. failing to pass legislation to end the 2010 law, a major blow to the president's agenda. president trump pushing for a simple # 1 vote majority writing -- 51 vote majority writing republicans in the senate will never win if they don't go a 51 vote majority now. the president also tweeting that bail outs for insurance companies and members of congress will end if a new health care law is not passed soon. >> back here at home, dozens rallied to protect medicare and medicaid in walnut creek as kojal republicans plan their --
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kangal republicans plan their -- congressional republicans plan their next step. lee has the details. >> despite republicans failing to repeal and replace the affordable care act and then again failing to just straight repeal it, locals who rallied here today say this is not a time for them to celebrate. they still have a lot of worry over what could come next for their health care. >> health care. now. >> supporters of the froblth's -- of the affordable care act's medicare and medicaid expansion took over four corners of downtown main street. william wasn't one of them. he was here to sell soaps. he worries about the health care fight in congress. >> all you're doing is rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. he wants a single payer option. >> the only way to make the system for the long term work is to put it urn a program like -- urn a program like -- under
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a program like social security. >> on friday the skinny retailed to -- repeal failed to get the vote. president trump said on numerous occasions he wants to let obamacare fail. >> that's the really bad thing. when you have someone who's supposed to be the president of the united states saying let a law fail because the president is actually ordered by the constitution to take care of the laws and faithfully execute it. the aca is a law. >> the point of the rally was to keep people individual lent to follow -- vigilant to follow congress's plans. >> i'm atrade they will let sh i'm afraid they will let it -- i'm afraid they will let it die. if they work with the the democrats they can -- with the democrats they can fix the little problems. >> they say it's not just seniors who should be worried. >> a lot of kids getting out of college looking for work are going to be freelancing.
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airbnb, uber. they don't have health care. >> a study suggests freelance workers could make up 40% of the work force by 2020. demonstrators hope to have an affordable working health care system by then. now, it doesn't look like republicans are ready to throw in the towel just yet for repeal and replace. reports coming out of washington suggest that senator lindsey graham has a plan that the republicans could consider. >> lee, the uphill battle will continue. we'll see how it plays out in washington. live for us in walnut creek, thank you. dozens gathered outside the white house today to protest president trump's new ban on transgender people from the military. o opponents of the -- opponents of the ban carried signs and waved rainbow pride flags. it was organized by resisters. transgender people have been allowed to openly serve in the military since june of last
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year when ash carter lifted the ban. an east bay congressman took his town hall to the hills. hiking and answering questions. alameda representative eric swalwell led a group of about 100 people along a two-mile hike. constituents showed up with a lot of questions and a wide variety of topics as well. the congressman said washington is consumed with the latest reports of missile tests in north korea, russian sanctions, and chaos in the white house. voters are still deeply concerned about important local issues. >> it's the kitchen table issues. what are we doing to make sure kids have the best schools? that families have job opportunities. >> the congressman says he understands that hikes might not be everyone's preferred venue and will be holding more traditional meetings next weekend. a man wearing a ski mask claiming to have a gun robbed a woman in broad daylight inside the 12th street bart station.
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bart police are investigating the incident that happened yesterday before 4:00 p.m. the victim was waiting on the pittsburgh platform when a black man 20 to 30 years old about 5'10" approached her wearing a ski mask. he said a he had a gun and -- he said he had a gun and demanded she hand over her purse. when he did he took off. university officials investigating a sexual assault on the stanford university campus. it was reported thursday night on the west side. investigators say the victim and the attacker knew each other. the suspect is described as a white man between 22 and 25 years old with brown hair, brown eyes, and a thin build. anyone who has any information about the incident should contact the stanford university department of public safety. the former chancellor who resigned following months of controversy is returning to the university. uc davis officials say linda will teach electrical and
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computer engineering as well as women and gerund studies. the sacramento bee reports she will receive the same pay as she did as chancellor. she resigned last august after accepting a board seat from the for-profit devry education group while that company was under investigation for misleading students. a bit of a delay in service. they're testing their light rail cars underground. it will be closed between west portal and montgomery stations tomorrow. it will be closed after 9:30 on weeknights until august 20th. the subway will be closed several weekend in august but it will be open the 11th through the 13th for the music festival. a bus is available during the closure. they want to replace 149 cars in the old fleet in phases through 2028. well, lipstick lovers lined
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up nationwide waiting for hours to get their hands on a free tube of mac lipstick. it was part of a giveaway for national lipstick day. in berkeley hoards of people waited on 4th street. when the cosmetic store opened this morning five at a time were let in to shop. several colors were available at the start. as time passed, the choices became more limited. >> they ran out of some of the --. >> they ran out of most of the colors. but it's free lipstick. i'm happy about that honestly. >> employees at the store say there's no way to estimate just how many tubes of lipstick were given out but they stayed busy until every single tube of lipstick was gone. pge lineman showed off their skills today it was all part of the pge west coastlineman's rodeo and --
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coast lineman's road ya. it's designed to showcase the specialized skills. competitions including transformer swaps and 40-feet poll climbing as -- pole climbing as you saw there. >> i think it makes us bert linemen and safer -- better linemen and safer at what we do. the extra work translates into the real world where we pay attention to details and focus on keeping each other safe and the team atmosphere. >> the winner of the competition will be attending the international lineman's rodeo in kansas city come october. still to come. tonight a federal judge issues an injunction late last night. what it means for women in one state seeking an abortion. and the rainy winter was good for bay area wine grapes. what a new report says about production numbers. and in weather a bit of a cooldown in parts of the bay
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area. fog coast side and around the bay. temperatures definitely trending up. when triple digit heat returns to parts of the bay area.
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state television in north korea today aired footage which shows kim jong-un with an intercontinental ballistic missile. it's aimed at confirming the maximum range and claims the device is capable of delivering a large-sized heavy nuclear war head. it was -- warhead. it was launched thursday, flew for about 40 minutes, and landed in the sea of japan. in washington all eyes on general john kelly when he's sworn in as the chief of staff, replacing reince priebus. he's seen as the opposite of the seasoned political operative but also someone who can instill discipline to a white house that often fails to stay on message. >> the retired general is not a
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new face in the trump administration or washington, d.c. the senate overwhelmingly confirmed kelly as secretary of homeland security on january 20th. >> i have a profound respect for the law and will always strive to uphold it. >> not long after he ramped up deportation efforts of undocumented immigrants by hiring more border patrol agents, ending the so-called catch and release policy, and other actions did not set well with democrats. bob casey tweeted about the deportation of a mother and her young child. writing quote the gangs will target this mother and her child the moment they land in honduras. the trump administration insists on this cruel policy. kelly responded at a speech in d.c. >> i say it over and over again. if the law are not good laws, then change them. >> kelly enlisted in the marine corps in 1970. he served for two years and
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went to college. he returned in 1974. by the time -- 1976. by the time he retired in 2016 he was a four-star general. he served as an advisor during the obama administration. >> john kelly could be one of the best personnel changes that president trump has made in six months. >> kelly is married and has three children. one son, lieutenant robert kelly, died in afghanistan in 2010. kelly unfortunately became the highest ranking military officer to lose a child in afghanistan or iraq. in washington i'm elson barber, fox news. a federal judge blocked the state of arkansas from implementing four new state laws restricting abortions. three of the laws are going take effect this coming tuesday. they including banning a common second trimester procedure and restricting the disposal of fetal tissue.
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opponents say it would have ended up requiring a partner's concept before a consent before a woman could have an abortion. the aclu challenged these measures. the attorney general of arkansas says she's disappointed and will appeal the ruling. apple has removed their products from its app store in china. the operators of the networks or vpns, say they've been notified of the move. a vpn lets a user avoid government filters like the ones used in china. china routinely blocks sites like google, facebook, or "the new york times". the apps themselves must comply. a lot of talk about how robots will take away human jobs. but there's another side to the issue. john reports on the issues across the nation and in particular here in silicon valley. >> as president trump seeks to
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reinvigorate manufacturing, robots may be the most efficient way to compete. >> we think robotics has had a positive impact by creating better, safer, and higher paying jobs for american workers. >> according to to the trade group, u.s. companies added 136,000 robots over the past seven years while creating 894,000 new manufacturing jobs. >> instead of doing away with the jobs, we have to have is someone to operate that -- to have someone to operate that robot. >> rick runs a tech school in alabama that trains workers for free. >> we want to make sure alabama companies have the best workers possible. >> in gla scott teaches kids computer programming which he sees as a basic skill on the factory floor. >> like a blue collar job, it's
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something you learn over time. you start with it and get better as you go along. the jobs these kids are going to be doing don't exist yet. >> 80% of manufacturers say they're having a hard time finding qualified applicants. industry experts say technical training in schools and cross training for existing workers are going to be key because american manufacturing is becoming increasingly high skilled and high tech. in atlanta johnson, fox news. >> almost three dozen people have applied for the marijuana business equity program. 35 people have applied for the equity permits since the program started in may. under the program, half of the city's cannabis permits are reserved for people convicted of a marijuana-related crime in oakland and for people who live in parts of the city with the most marijuana arrests. the newspaper says one problem is there's a lack of available space in oakland for new
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marijuana businesses. the federal government could now be changing rules that will affect how addictive cigarettes can be made. for the first time the u.s. food and drug administration is coming up with new regulations to cut down the amount of nicotine. tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable cancer. our rainy winter boosted the wine grape crop in sonoma county. the gross production value of crops increased 17% over the year before. now that's due in part from the roughly 20 inches of rain that fell in sonoma county during the winter months. overall wine grape values increased by almost $140 million or 24%. so at least all that rain, mark, wasn't for nothing. we got a good soaking in. now quite the opposite. seeing those temperatures skyrocketing once again. yeah, heating up once again with temperatures back up.
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tomorrow getting close to 100 degrees. that could be topping that over the next few days. take a look at the highs. we cooled off a bit. comfortable to start out the weekend. some 90s, lower 90s in antioch and concord. san francisco 62. and let's see, one of the cooler spots toward the coast, stubborn fog near pacifica. 55 degrees. a look outside right now. we can see looking toward that fog bank and still kind of hanging out in the coast and pushing back into the bay for your saturday evening. there's the current satellite pattern out there. you can see thunderstorms developing to the east toward the sierra, lake tahoe has well. reporting quite a few lightning strikes over the past few hours. there's all that action as the moisture moves in from the south. as we come in closer to the bay area, there's that fog bank from half-moon bay to ocean beach. a good onshore wind as well for this evening. current numbers out there. some 90s to report in
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livermore. san jose, 74. oakland, 63. and santa rosa, 74 degrees. san francisco in the upper 50s. this will be the big headline, though, over the next few days with the temperature warming into triple digits. especially for places like livermore for monday, tuesday, into wednesday. another heat up for the inland portions of the bay area. some fog coast side in san francisco for tomorrow morning. partly sunny skies and actually a pleasant 70 degrees by about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's this big area of high pressure. this will be the key over the next few days. an extended period of temperatures. you will notice a challenge for the second half of the weekend. into next week monday is warm. all for the inland areas. same deal for tuesday and possibly wednesday as well. look at this. thts an excessive heat -- this
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is an excessive heat wooch. a place -- watch. a place like redding by tuesday or wednesday could be around 115 degrees. major heat in northern california. that of course will impact the bay area temperatures as we. here we are tomorrow morning showing you some fog out there clearing to the coastline. more reds by sunday afternoon. more 90s. clear lake, 100 degrees. vacaville 99. fairfield 96 degrees. about the bay pleasant. -- around the bay, pleasant. inland upper 90s. san jose 87, and san francisco the clouds the the morning clearing to the coastline mainly in the 70s. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. and here's that guy talking about the same old story. more triple digits. so we want to be extra careful. especially monday, tuesday, and wednesday. upper 90s to possibly 102 degrees. that's going to come back once again. >> turn the ac back on and get ready. >> exactly. think about the people in
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redding. 115 potentially. >> stay indoors. don't go outside. >> adjust your plans if you can. >> all right, mark, thanks a lot. one of the guys responsible for protecting their $100 million man, absent. joe fonzi has the details next in sports.
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all right. joe fonzi joins us now in sports. and, you know, i just, i don't know what to say about the giants. >> i guess it's going to be this way this year a vintage 2017 game at dodgers stadium. can't get pitching. can't get runs. one young fan wants to take an early exit from the ballpark today. codi bellinger was the -- cody bellinger was the one they couldn't block. a run in the first. in the third l.a. gets a 2-0 lead. just out of the reach of long. corey scores for the second time. giants cut the lead in half. hunter pence puts weight into the left. that's number seven for the year for pence. they got something going in the ninth. with two on and two out long went down on strikes and there you have the 2017 giants using a well-pitched game. now it is time to head for the
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park. the raiders had their first full practice of the summer today in napa. they make the playoffs for the first time in 14 years and suddenly there's a whole new expectation in camp among the off season tweaks to the roster with the signing of marshawn lynch. has had a high profile spring and summer. today was a chance to see him officially suited up in silver and black. the raiders are still waiting for offensive lineman donald penn to show up in camp. there's the feeling that the raiders are set at the most critical position. that is franchise quarterback derek carr. last season he was the starter in every game since he was drafted. he can sense the higher expectations this season. >> i understand the excitement of the people we have. but i don't understand the excitement of how we finished so far. we need to do a better job. i think that's what keeps our
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team focussed and one day when we reach our goal we'll look at it and say well that was cool. now we know how to do it. >> yeah, you go to the playoffs and now all of a sudden somebody says okay, what are you going to do to top that? as far as the raiders are concerned, it's go deeper. >> hopefully they make it this year. we'll see what happens. >> yeah. >> all right, thank you so much for joining us tonight. we'll see you at 10:00. join us then. for now, have a great rest o your saturday oeveng. -- rest of your saturday evening.
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