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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 12, 2017 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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at ikea, we believe your perfect student deserves the perfect room for the perfect price. and... who's there? hey. a boy? oh, on the bed? you never told your dad and i about any... wait, what's going on now? move the flag. the 10:00 news on fox2
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starts now. >> violence and chaos in virginia as clashes between white supremacists and counter protesters turn deadly. >> we begin tonight in charlottesville virginia were today's clashes between white nationalists and counter protesters have prompted the virginia governor to declare a state of emergency. good evening everybody. at least three people are dead following a white nationalist rally in charlottesville. chaos broke out with people hurling objects and spraying chemicals. a car then plowed into a crowd. alex james field has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder and-- in connection with the incident. a responding helicopter crashed during the chaos killing 2 virginia state troopers. the state helicopter was assisting law enforcement
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officers monitoring the rally. lieutenant. and pilot were killed in the crash and it happened several hours after the car plowed into a crowd. the virginia governor had a harsh message for white supremacist today. >> i have a message to all of the white supremacists and the nazis who came into charlottesville today. our messages plain and simple. go home. you are not wanted in this great commonwealth. shame on you. you pretend that your patriots but you are anything but a patriot. this is the latest confrontation since it voted earlier to remove a statue of general. robert e lee from a local park. joining us to discuss president. trump's response is joe, thank you for being here tonight. first i want to get your reaction on president. trump's response saying he condemned hatred, bigotry and
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violence in many forms. >> unfortunately he sat on all sides as well. if he had stopped a sentence early it would have been a great statement but making it sound like there is blame to go around ignore the reality of the situation. since you are asking about the president, and we can discuss this if you like, he has a hand in this. in the creation of this. with the block of voters that he attracted to his calls and with the things he never talked about during the campaign which amounted tacit approval of their behavior like the behavior you saw today. he surrounded himself with the -- with advisers who came from the same place. it is supposed to be alternative right, a different way of thinking about right of center politics but that's code today for white supremacy, white nationalism. so this becomes about race
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politics and not a different way of thinking about conservatism. he has those people advising them now and didn't say anything in the way of disapproval over these sorts of things. he says much to blame as anybody else frankly. >> he didn't say anything about disapproval but did you feel that his rhetoric emboldened what supremacists?>> i do. you saw pictures of people waving the confederate flag which is a big source of concern for people who live there. charlottesville by the way is a democratic city, it's a college town so it's naturally going to be a place where if they are removing some reminders of the confederacy and slavery from parks or schools or taking the flag down, it's going to be a natural place for people in the white supremacy movement for people to go and what to protest.
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there's nothing wrong with protesting as long as it is done peacefully but to this point about the confederate flag and other videos you watched, you saw people waving swastikas and wearing [ null ] helmets. when president. trump announced he was running for office back in 2015 in the weeks after that when he started rallying, people started showing up waving the confederate flag with his name on it and he said-- >> it was frightening and he never said anything about that. when he had been asked about the confederate flag he said would you think the plums? he said in a museum. you can look that up. this was not his position but he was going to draw those voters who assumed that they had his support. today you saw him not only say nothing about that but he said nothing about the swastika and he has a son-in-law who is
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ortho locks jewish and grandchildren who will be raised jewish and said nothing. what do you think that tells you? >> the silences speaking volumes. even after we've talked about republicans who are calling on president. trump to say you need to call it what it is, white supremacy, they are tweeting the president and saying this is domestic terrorism, call it out that we have not seen a response from president. trump . >> the most you've gotten was a plea to be civil-- civil and try and love each other. well those are nice sentiments but behavior follows-- their behavior is going to follow the behavior that he mocks. he has not done what he has promised which is to be everyone's president. this was a disgraceful thing and he would do himself a world of good if he dismissed some of those people who are like-minded
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and actually tried to represent everybody. he made it very clear to the people in the white supremacist movement that he does not support them. anything less is unacceptable. >> they will be waiting for his next response in the morning. we are going to get occupy oakland hosting a rally in protest of what happened today and charlottesville. we are learning that they are on interstate 580 which is where we find rob markham. talk to us about what is going on out there right now. >> right now, this group of protesters from occupy oakland started their march just down the street from where we are and many are taking offense to president trump's comments and addressing the violence. take a listen.
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>> as charlottesville recovers from a day of bloodshed there was sharp contrast saturday night in oakland. an impromptu emergency solidarity rally was held at the group of bay area united against white supremacy laying the blame for what happened on president. trump . >> what we are shouting is a reflection-- reflection of the trump administration. endorsing white supremacy and white terrorism. >> this combatant did not say go far enough in denouncing the violence and condemning the white nationalist. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, a tree and violence on many sides. >> the political science professor waiting. >> i think the president's statement was generic and
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nonspecific intentionally because he did not want to alienate the sort of hard right element of his base. any president could have given those comments in any generic incident. author of the book divided area-- divided era says the president got it right. >> like a parent of many children who finally says enough by all of you, that's a good step for this president. >> the plane healthcare reforms if in place would appeal the division the white nationalists have claimed victory. david duke says i would recommend you take a good look at the mirror and remember it was white americans who put you in the presidency, not radical leftists. >> when david duke says white america put him and it is true statistically. >> i don't think we should dignify anything they are saying is rational so i don't
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even know where they come from when they say take it back. ticket back from who? >> while some claim that an element of racism exists, rubio says nothing patriotic about the knots-- nazis, [ null ] or what supremacists. >> responded to the violence the california saturday released this statement. >> acts of hate and bigotry have no place in america. the attack we are witnessing are completely unacceptable and must not be allowed to continue. >> the violence was a glaring reality of how divided the nation has become with calls for leadership. >> he has to be the president of all americans even the ones he doesn't like. there was about 500 representatives from that group . we understand that they are right now marching trying to take control of the situation
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and another march is planned for 3:30 sunday afternoon. i know you are in downtown oakland and have discussed chp, any word on if they have closed lanes and what the situation is like and unfolding to right now? >> they were trying to move them off the freeway. some of the group were launching fireworks and moved on so it is still an active situation from what we understand. >> things tonight have been pretty peaceful would you say? >> as we started here, it was a kid-- a series of people chanting and holding up signs, just kind of shouting their rally cry. there were no counter protesters so i guess that was one good aspect of how this took place and started off. >> good to hear considering what we've seen in the past. >> live in oakland, thank you.
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the san francisco mayor to to twitter responding to today's on reston virginia. the mayor tweeted tolerance, inclusiveness and acceptance make up the dna of our city. we will always stand up against hate. the president of china called for calm in the escalating tension between north korea and the us. president trump spoke to the chinese president by phone and reportedly pressured china to convince north korea to halt its nuclear program. it followed a string of new threats on friday. meantime, residents of guam are remaining cautiously optimistic about the threats to the island. the governor received calls of assurance from white house chief of staff general. john kelly and president. trump . >> this is a time of threats to the united states. it should not be democrats and republicans. it should everyone be unifying behind the president-- president so thank you so much. >> north korea is about 2100
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miles northwest of guam. normal operations have resumed at the international airport after some unsafe items were suspected to have got through security. officials evacuated 200 people just after 4:00 and we are taking a live look at the airport. security did a sweep of the terminal and deemed safe. passengers had to be rescreened. several carriers could be affected including air china, american, hawaiian, and jetblue. police are investigating three separate steps and a robbery that happened yesterday at four different part stations. -- bart. a man armed with a box cutter robbed a woman of her backpack and then between 8:00 and 9:00 it was reported that the montgomery street station in san francisco. a man snatched his iphone and ran from a train. a person reported claimed that
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two men stretched his ipad from his hand at powell street and one person reported to people with a stun gun snatched his macbook. no suspects have been arrested. several law enforcement agencies broke up beside show in san jose. the crackdown came after a recent increase in sideshow activity in the south bay. this video of an earlier sideshow, hundreds of people participated in last night's which spread from city streets to highway 101 which was partially shut down by car stunts. the sheriff's office, chp and san jose police showed up. officers impounded several cars and wrote tickets. seven year-- a several years they've been talking repeal and replace and it hasn't happened. tensions are flaring. the lingering exchange between senator. mitch mcconnell and president. trump .
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later in sports, one of baseball's biggest stars, and the solar eclipse on its way, how you can experience the next solar eclipse. a bit cooler across most of the bay area hanging out near parts of the shoreline. we are also talking about another warming trend eventually and we will break it down coming up
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the august 21 solar
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eclipses more than a week away and if you can pat-- travel to the path of totality there are some great places to watch the partial eclipse that will be visible here. the space and science center is a great place to start and tonight we are showing what the experience will entail. >> the space and science center sits high above oakland. it is history rooted in a level of astronomy by those who have also chased of the eclipse. >> the first director of the observatory in 1885 was charles burkhalter and he had been working in an insurance company but was an instructor-- and astronomy enthusiast and was the first person in oakland to own a telescope. he had a little observatory in his backyard. >> he apparently didn't spend much time in a. if you think getting to the path of totality
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is tough these days try doing it with a horse and wagon. >> he was an eclipse chaser so he planned and mounted expeditions around the world in the late 1800s when it was a bigger deal than today. they would go by ship and spend a couple of months going out to places like india or japan. unfortunately it was cloudy that time. >> he had a special telescope and camera and equipment that he developed. he developed the technique for photographing the eclipse but the best solar eclipse in the world. >> photos that have since become a bit of legend. >> where we headed? >> we are headed to the dome for the 1883 vintage telescope that started the observatory. >> this is where the staffing-- stuff astronomers will be during the eclipse. >> where do you want to be? >> i'd like to be up in idaho. >> but i will be here.
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the view will only be a partial view but he says it will still be a sight to see. >> we will free about-- see about three quarters of the sun's surface covered up. >> it's enough of the sun covered up that you will notice a change in lighting conditions. a little more dim and crisp. >> this animation of the partial eclipse gives us an idea of what to expect. >> that is an animation taken from space. the image of the sun that you see is an ultraviolet image so the light you are seeing is ultraviolet, not visible light. you are seeing the moon crossover that and if this were animation in a total solar eclipse, you would notice that there is an extended atmosphere shining ultraviolet light. the partial eclipse will take place over two hours or more.
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the peak of the eclipse when most of the sun is covered up is about 10:15 but it will be a gradual thing so people will have plenty of opportunity to look for telescopes. observers can watch the eclipse through a telescope that is over 100 years old. >> people will be over here. >> you can also head outside to the deck where there will be a number of ways to watch the eclipse safely. >> if you look down on paper you will see a little image. it's pretty bland because there are really no sunspots. >> this kind of an event where it is an outdoor event, we can expand onto the hillside and the parking lot and share filters and projectors and things like that. >> a tree or bush that casts a shadow, spots of light coming through the leaves, ordinarily it is a dazzling array of
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little spots of light that will become a beautiful cloud of crescents. >> nature will be putting on a show and while it is a chance to learn, just the experience can be something to remember. >> it's always a lot of fun to come out and share the experience of people as well. >> ktvu fox2 news. >> pretty incredible stuff. if you can't see it in person we have you covered. special coverage begins at 10:00 august 21 a week from monday. another show in the sky is happening, a meteor shower is picking tonight, what to expect with that >> typically every summer we talk about the perseid meteor shower. that was a big show with high expectations. >> just look up to the sky. >> it's getting a lot of attention. maybe on the way home you may see a few meteors if there's no fog. >> that's always the biggest
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challenge. we are showing you the earth orbit, with that we get the meteor shower picking this weekend potentially up to 40 meteors per hour which will be the case. some fog is redeveloping in the coast south of the golden gate bridge. here's the deal, mostly clear skies but with the fog clearing to the north of the golden gate but some sub-- stubborn patches from half moon bay down to the south through portions of san mateo county. looking out for the bay bridge we have partly cloudy skies here and i six-- i suspect the fog may gradually fill in over the next 3 to 6 hours. here's the deal for your sunday. you see the expected cloud pattern, portions of san francisco, maybe patches toward oakland hayward in fremont. the clouds will come back near the shoreline but maybe some
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breaks. the key headline over the past few days, we have not been dealing with any major heat. locations could be mid-upper 80s. not much in the way of 90s, thoughts of 70s and 80s out there for your sunday afternoon. antioch 86, 87 san francisco 76 degrees and you can see some 80s . some more neighborhoods in the mid-80s. temperatures will check around 3:00 or 4:00. by monday a little bit of a chop off and a completely different weather pattern developing later in the week. we will talk more about that in just a few minutes. a second day in a row, the disappointing news for fans of the legendary hip-hop group. the comments that he is apologizing for.
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disappointing news for fans of the legendary hip-hop group a tribe called quest after they canceled their performance again. they were supposed to perform friday night at the three-day festival in san francisco's golden gate park. the set was pushed back a day for unforeseen travel issues. organizers say travel convocations are to blame for their second canceled appearance tonight. no word on when or if they will reschedule the performance here. kevin to rent is apologizing for recent comments he made about india. during an interview the golden state warriors forward said that india is quote a country that is 20 years behind in
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terms of knowledge and experience. he said he meant no disrespect and also added that he plans to return to india to run basketball camps. at least 43 people in egypt are dead and more than 120 others were hurt after two trains crashed into each other. investigators say a train coming from cairo crashed into the back of another train waiting at the station. people nearby rushed to search for survivors and help people who were injured. this is the worst train crash in egypt and more than a decade and the cause is under investigation. australian officials say 4 people are lucky to be alive after the-- search private plane crashed at the airport slightly to the side when they were trying to land. all 4 people on board were trapped inside the plane and had to be rescued. three were treated for minor to moderate injuries. the pilot was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. because of that crash is also under investigation. thousands of employees
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getting serious cash from the uc system. why the department of labor is paying up. authorities on high alert after deadly crashes in charlottesville. the details straightahead.
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dozens of people are being treated at local hospitals following clashes in charlottesville virginia and after a car plowed into a group of pedestrians on water street. we are on the scene with the details. dozens of people are being treated after violent clashes here in charlottesville and after a car plowed into pedestrians here. a silver dodge challenger smashed into another car and back it up before fleeing the scene.
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video shows the incident as people were hurled into the air and others rushed to safety. >> there was a state of shock and panic that we couldn't believe it happened. >> authorities have the driver in custody, the violence a rafting between white nationalists and counter protesters-- violence erupting between white nationalists and counter protesters over the removal of robert e lee statue. fights broke out in the streets, with police in riot gear arriving on scene to disperse the crowds, dozens were injured. virginia state police are also investigating a helicopter crash outside of charlottesville. to are confirmed dead in that accident. officials are condemning the chaotic events. >> i have a message to all of the white supremacists and nazis who came into charlottesville today. our messages plain and simple. go home. you are not wanted in this great commonwealth. shame on you. president. trump denouncing the violence calling for a return to law and
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order. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this agree just a-- display of hatred, bigotry and violence on many sides. >> the victims injuries range from life-threatening to bumps and bruises as authorities remain on high alert. reporting from charlottesville, joel waldman fox news. tense words between president. trump and mitch mcconnell. but the president and mcconnell have voiced frustration with the other. it stems from the failure to pass-- failure to pass a repeal and replace bill but a number of senators are standing up for mitch mcconnell which could hurt their reelection campaigns because they believe the base will side with the president. we are talking repeal and replace and it didn't happen.>> i think excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. congress is expected to reconvene in about three weeks.
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nearly 14,000 employees will be receiving back pay as part of a settlement with the us department of labor requiring the university to pay nearly 14,000 employees more than $746,000 in back wages and $616,000 in damages. the university must also inform thousands of current and former employees that they were under paid for overtime from january 14 through december 2016. advocates gathered on the steps in support of a recently approved amendments that requires landlords to cite specific reasons for evicting a renter. circulated petitions for trying to remove just cause . the island of alameda does not have many available rental properties and printers say
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they fear an eviction would force them to move far away from where they grew up in the bay area. >> i came home and saw a white envelope and was so afraid to open my door. i looked at it and there was nothing on the outside and i was shaking with fear. >> these renters say eviction is a very real fear and they've long been battling property owners for rent control and just cause evictions. >> they confuse people of being drug addicts or prostitutes. they slander people to get them out of town. >> on may 17 renters won a battle. they voted to amend the risk stabilization ordinance to add just cause protection from tenants meeting landlords will need to give specific reasons to evict a tenant's. one local landlord says he's fighting on the renters side. >> rent control won't affect any decent landlords. it allows for reasonable rent
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increases, it allows for maintenance, just cause eviction allows for evicting bad tenants so any landlord who thinks he or she is going to be seriously affected by rent control is a jerk. >> the demonstrated-- the demonstration was brought on in part because of a recent petition circulating asking for a charter amendment. >> it would take the current-- essentially non-rent control law and freeze it into the charter so that it could not be amended in any way. >> we been going door to door and getting people to sign and misleading-- and they get people to sign and mislead them at the following. >> a group representing landlords to restore the no- cost provision would put just cause on a november ballot. the rent stabilization ordinance will sunset in december 2019.
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ktvu fox2 news. facebook is launching a new application, what you can expect and where next. the bay area continues to get a break from the extreme heat. some patchy fog is regrouping and a little bit of drop off in temperatures. really warming up a few days away, we will break that down coming up.
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the move is an effort to make roads in the world was popular country. china's communist party controls internet traffic
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across the country's borders and tries to keep the public from seeing thousands of websites including facebook. temperatures today, no major heat but dealing with a bit of a cooldown and after that a really hot july across the inland neighborhoods. it's nice to have a break in the action for today. take a look at some of the highs. it was cool coast side, 60s and 70s around the bay and a few 80s. the hottest location 93 degrees this afternoon. here is the setup on the satellite. we have some fog trying to regroup. most of that is centered to the south but several patches are moving in for your saturday night because we still have a wind that is going to remain in place for the remainder of the weekend. we are showing you 60 degrees in santa rosa, san francisco 56 san jose 62 in fremont walnut
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creek and livermore all decided to be 60 in portions of the-- and portions of the east bay. looking out toward the bay bridge the fog will eventually expand overnight, at least some patchy fog working its way toward some of the east bay neighborhoods. the temperatures to start your sunday will be in the 50s to lower 60s. golden gate park is 50 degrees and here's the deal for tomorrow, day three sunday the partial lineup will have some areas of fog tomorrow morning and at least some clouds breaking up throughout the afternoon hours so some sunshine by 4:00 but at least that's the thinking. hoping the clouds will break up a little bit as we head into the forecast for tomorrow. here's a look at the forecast highs coming up for your sunday. not a big change from today. the coolest day of the week will be monday but the highs for tomorrow, santa rosa 84,
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richmond 70 and 63 degrees. east bay neighborhoods starting off with patchy fog and partly to mostly sunny skies. you will find those temperatures in mind on the pleasant side and as we move the map to the south bay, gilroy 85 and said decrease-- santa cruz checking in. south of the golden break-- golden gate bridge some fog and we should have partly cloudy skies over san francisco and lots of 70s out toward san bruno and mountain view. your five day forecast will be the coolest day of the week. take a look at these temperatures, 60s and 70s. once the coolest-- cooler system is out we will have warm air:. that will set the stage for some hot temperatures and the warmth could be working its way a little closer to the coast later in the week so be watching out with temperatures
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all the way to the lower 90s. typically what's kind of neat or what i think in my head how i imagine things, you have a spring that suppresses the temperature and then the spring gets bounced up and it will be happening later in the week. >> nicely put. thanks a lot mark. raiders preseason is officially underway but without several of their star players. we will sort it all out next and sports.
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hi everybody, for six months las vegas took the focus away
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from later football. that was supposed to change tonight but lynch had other ideas. the running back did not play in the preseason opener but will likely dominate the narrative going forward because he sat during the national anthem. no video available, usa today tweeted a photo. more on that tomorrow i'm sure. all of them set it out and arizona first quarter, carson palmer to the 12 your connection and the cardinals take a 7-0 lead. he is rushed, head up looking downfield and finds nicholas of from 7 yards out. it is 14-nothing. new reader and backup quarterback, nice touch, 30 yard gain. he looked good, set up a field good at the half. third quarter a little screen pass from carter cook


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