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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 22, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good afternoon. we have new information about a right-wing rally planned for sunday. >> east bay politicians held a news conference to urge residents not to attend or fear of violence that broke out in charlottesville and berkeley earlier this year. henry lee joins us live from berkeley with more. >> reporter: the berkeley mayor is urging people to avoid a rally planned for sunday at civic center park. this has been the flashpoint of previous clashes between those for and against president trump. group of east bay political leaders addressed the media outside berkeley city hall in advance of the planned rally this sunday at civic center park. the berkeley mayor says violence, hateful speech will not be tolerated in the city. >> this is not freedom of speech. this is bigotry. this is racism. this is enough obeah. and there is no place for any
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of this and berkeley or anywhere else in our great country. >> reporter: the mayor urged people not to attend the rally for their safety. there are hundreds of people who said they plan a counter protest, one of the members of the counter protest coalition and criticize the mayor for encouraging people to stay away from the downtown area. >> there is a way that berkeley is running scared. they're so worried about what will happen. then the fascists have one. that's not right. >> reporter: before the news conference began, a transgender woman organizing the right wing rally spoke up represents the group, no to marxism. >> our rally has nothing to do with charlottesville. i do not support right supremacy . white supremacy is not allowed at my rally. we do not want racist people or hateful people there. we also do not want to violent people there.
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>> reporter: east bay leaders insist the rally as hateful. they've announced a campaign called, united against hate. promoting alternative civic events for individuals and families to take part in. some of these events include teach ins and works of -- workshops. >> across the bay, san francisco city leaders are preparing for a political rally this weekend. >> the group, patriot prayer, hopes to hold a rally at crissy field on saturday. a counterrally is also being planned. >> reporter: in the wake of the protest in charlottesville, and a similar one in berkeley four months ago between so-called right-wingers and liberals, san francisco city leaders are concerned the patriot prayer he doesn't patriot prayer rally could turn violent. >> we remained opposed to national park service issuing this permit to the group along with her friends.
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we think it's ill-advised. we do not believe they are ready. >> reporter: the mayor and other leaders say they will not dignify the rally by attending but rather by inviting the public to a counterrally friday at city hall at noon and on saturday at noon. >> the theme is peeved, love and laughter. so we do not end up with the confrontation at crissy field with people who are, frankly, haters, and give them the violence they are seeking. that's really what they want. >> reporter: as of now, the part -- the national park service has not issued a final permit which is slated to be held on federal land recalled the media line for an update but were unable to reach anyone. whether the permit is issued or not, police are prepared >> as of now, no days off are being allowed in days off have been canceled. every available officer will work on saturday.
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>> reporter: one concern is that if the park service revokes the permit, patriot followers will show up anyway. >> i think the most tumultuous thing that can happen is that people act on their very deep passions on hate and that's certainly we would be espousing against. we can come together and stand together with our values. there are more of us than there are of them. >> reporter: the rally will be at civic center plaza at noon. in the same time on saturday for the festival complete with food, music and face painting for the kids. the goal is to keep people away from crissy field so they can express themselves safely. next month, state lawmakers will hold hearings to look at the issue of rallies by white supremacists. they want to determine if new laws are needed to prevent violent outbreaks at these rallies. this follows violence in berkeley and outside the state
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capital during a march by white nationalists last year were seven people were stabbed. governor brown was in san francisco to speak at a labor leadership conference. he spoke about everything from nafta and climate change to investing in infrastructure. he criticized president trump and lawmakers for what he called a lack of leadership he called on them to focus on things like job creation. >> we have the money. we are rich. we have the brains and the workers. we need leaders. what they are doing back in washington, they are arguing -- i don't know what they are arguing about but they are not arguing about you and how to make your life better and how to protect america and its jobs by investing in what is needed. that's what we can do. we are doing that in california. be my the governor talked about investing more in education and apprenticeship programs to get people ready for the workforce pick two are in custody, accused of sexually assaulting a four- year-old girl. blanco torres and hector garcia
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were arrested in sunnyvale. investigators say torres was babysitting the victim for a friend when garcia allegedly assaulted her. a search of torres' phone rebuild browser searches of child pornography. investigators say torres may have offered babysitting services to other family and friends in the past. the investigation has not revealed any more victims. police in santa barbara county have found a vehicle associated with an amber alert issued for a nine-year-old boy. police say the boy is still missing. dealer was issued this morning for daniel morozov from santa maria after his mother was found shot to death yesterday. the child is described as 45 mac 90 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. according to the la times, police are calling his father a person of interest in the shooting. they say they believe the boy may be with him. police said a volkswagen health hatchback they were initially looking for was found abandoned in santa maria. they believe they may be
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driving a black 2017 jeep turkey with a license plate 7 xzk698. authorities say they are paying attention to airports and border crossings. officials with the superior court and santa clara county are searching for a jugs to hear a challenge in the recall of judge persky. >> efforts could be harmed after the court granted an injunction on the collection of recall signatures. >> the state attorney general has weighed in on the side of the recall effort. >> reporter: attorneys representing the california secretary of state file documents appealing a ruling that had given judge aaron persky a temporary victory in efforts to have him recalled from the bench. the initial ruling halted efforts that had begun to collect 90,000 verified signatures over the next five months. >> the attorney general and the secretary of state have intervened in the case on the side of our campaign to say
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that we should be allowed to go forward and collect our signatures. >> reporter: and documents filed with the court, the secretary of state seeking appeal which would allow the collection of signatures to begin. a few weeks ago, judge aaron persky filed an injunction in the recall everything as an officer of the courts, the secretary of state, not the county registrar of voters, should oversee the recall. the judge has become an vinis after sentencing brock turner 26 months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman outside a frat party near campus and 2015. turner served three months and was released last september. the sentence, which many saw as lenient, outraged many in the women's rights movement which led to the recall ever. persky defenders say the sentence was handed down after consulting with the probation department and reviewing the victim's impact statement. >> our role here is to make sure that judge persky is treated fairly during these recall proceedings and that's all i can tell you at this
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time. >> he is desperately trying to re-dash avoid a recall election and he is willing to waste county and taxpayer money and to violate the first amendment rights of everyone in this county whether you agree or disagree with this campaign. we have a right under the first amendment to collect those signatures. >> reporter: the collection is on hold until the court rules on the matter. that ruling is delayed until the court can find a judge. all sitting judges and santa clara county have recused themselves. the presiding judge is looking outside the county, perhaps at a retired judge or a judge that is sitting on the bench who has time to work this into his schedule. authorities have identified the pilot who died when his plane crashed in oregon on saturday on the way to view the solar eclipse. the pilot was mark rich of menlo park. the plane took off from the san carlos airport and was one mile from the airport in corrigan
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dash in oregon when it crashed. the san jose man accused of shooting two firefighters last week and killing one is said to be in court. oliver juinio was charged with murder and attempted murder yesterday. he is held without bail. investigators say juinio killed jake walter last thursday night in san jose after a confrontation outside a bar. a second firefighter was also shot and remains in the hospital. a deadly earthquake shakes the nation of italy. the dramatic rescue effort in the number of victims and the extent of the damage. here is a live look outside. the burn off is well underway. we have warmer weather coming to the bay area but how hot will it be? rosemary orozco will be here with your forecast. start a dispute over money between santa clara and the 49ers. we will have the findings from a new audit.
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two people in italy were killed and 39 hurt after a 4.0 magnitude earthquake hit last night off the island of ischia. a seven-month-old baby and his brothers were pulled from the rubble overnight. they were rescued hours apart. authorities say they are doing well. their mother escape through a window and her father was also
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risky. rescue crews are still searching. authorities say at least 2600 are now displaced. in the bay area there was a 3.2 magnitude quake the marin headlands. we received several reports feeling this one in san francisco and beyond. one viewer said she heard glass rattling in her home. so far there are no reports of damage or injury. struck a four surviving suspects from the terror attacks in spain and nick gordon -- appeared in court this morning. they are accused the planning and carrying out the attack that killed 15 in barcelona. one of the suspects denied being part of the network. he told the judge he rented the band used in the attack but he thought they were going to be used for a move. his brother was one of the suspects shot by police. prosecutors are asking the men be sent to prison without bail. the judge will decide if they
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will be kept in custody. spanish officials reveal the final member of the cell was shot and killed yesterday. police believe the moroccan man killed was behind the wheel of the van that drove into pedestrians in barcelona. he was wearing what appeared to be a suicide belt when his body was found. the belt was determined to be a fake. president trump set to hold a rally in phoenix later today. this is the president's for the trip west since taking office. he is expected to stop in yuma to meet with border patrol before heading to phoenix. the mayor of phoenix asked the president to cancel the rally after his comment about the rally in charlottesville. president trump is ramping up u.s. involvement in afghanistan. an hour ago the top u.s. commander for the middle east said the first new forces will arrive in afghanistan within days or weeks. >> in his address to the nation last night, the president promised to fight to win the war which is stretched nearly 16 years. doug luzader has more.
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>> reporter: the white house is not getting into specific numbers but the pentagon is talking about adding 4000 u.s. trips to the mix in afghanistan. with no specific timeline for withdrawal. for the president, the setting was serious. u.s. military base outside of washington. speaking to an audience of servicemembers. >> i will not say when we are going to attack but, attack, we will. >> reporter: the president promising to expand the u.s. fight in afghanistan but at the same time calling on other nations to play a more helpful role, particularly pakistan. and making it clear the new approach will have its limits. >> our commitment is not unlimited. and our support is not a blank check. >> reporter: the defense secretary arrived in baghdad today. he has been driving home the importance of keeping up pressure on the islamic state.
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u.s. force levels in afghanistan have surged in pollen over the course of nearly 16 years, reaching a peak of 100,000 in 2011 and falling two 8400 today. >> i am proud and relieved. >> reporter: some frequent critics of the president were pleased with the new plan. some democrats like nancy pelosi say the administration is to light on specifics. rand paul, not mincing words. the mission in afghanistan has lost its purpose and i think it's a terrible idea to send any more troops into that war. the president himself admitted his thinking on this has changed. >> but one way or another these problems will be solved. i am a problem solver. and in the end, we will win. kansas city, missouri, is experiencing historic floods after heavy rain. dozens were resting. the police and fire departments were going door to door asking
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residents to voluntarily evacuate. the national weather service is predicting an additional 2-3 inches today. in the bay area it was a cool start but now is turning out to be a nice afternoon. better clearing today and temperatures are up over yesterday. we begin a warming trend toward the weekend. we will be into the 90s for inland cities. right now. 72, santa rosa. you can see low clouds on the back edge partly cloudy to mostly cloudy over portions of the coast. san francisco, 65. 80, livermore. san jose, 77. here is a look at the 24 hour temperature change. notably warmer in many neighborhoods. into the afternoon, temperatures continue to climb. we are seeing good clearing. we were covered in clouds yesterday when we were hoping
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to catch the eclipse. today we have a little bit over portions of the north bay coastline. it looks like around montero it begins to clear out with mostly clear skies over the santa cruz area. we are tracking cloud cover from the desert southwest. we have thunder storms over the sierra today. we are not looking at any in our neighborhood. it is just north of lake county. into the days ahead, we will see high pressure rebuild. partly cloudy today with temperatures at the coast to low 90s inland. with each day, temperatures will get warmer. by friday into the weekend, mid 90s are back in the forecast. 84 degrees for today in sonoma. 78, kentfield. in the east bay, 75, oakland. near 94 areas like brentwood and antioch.
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south bay locations this afternoon, morgan hill, 82. 81, san jose. 86, saratoga. 79, redwood city. 74, san mateo. we are enjoying sunshine in san francisco today. temperatures continuing to climb but notice it is a gradual warm-up. wednesday, warmer than today. thursday, nearing 90 and by the weekend, 90 for inland cities, 80 around the bay, low 70s on the coast. temperatures will warm back into the mid to upper 90s by saturday for inland cities. inland communities have enjoyed some pleasant weather for august. but, summer is not over and the hits will be back this weekend. that offshore wind comes in summer and early fall. coming up, why today it may
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here is the big board. stocks are up following a shaky run the last couple of weeks. the dow jones is up 193, points. apple is up more than 1.5%.
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foxconn will build three facilities in wisconsin next year. the company will build a factory to make lcd monitors by 2020. they promised the project will create 13,000 jobs. the plans are contingent upon a three billion-dollar package of tax subsidies and environmental permitting exemptions opposed by governor scott walker. walmart wants to use floating warehouses to fly orders to homes using drones. they found a patent for a system that would look like a blimp it would be designed to fly 500 feet above the ground and what have several launching bays for delivery drones. lester amazon filed for a similar patent. if you plan to take one more vacation this summer it could be a good time to buy an airline ticket. today, many airlines will lower their peak summer prices. prices could drop by 10% or 15%. airlines typically lower their fares before labor day as
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demand drops. prices usually go back up before the holidays. struck a silicon valley neighborhood is worried about the presence of apple's new campus. some critics say it looks like a spaceship. >> it will not open until the end of the year but apple park is creating issues for residents living in a neighborhood along the city line. >> reporter: as apple employees slowly move into headquarters, this woman longs for the days her neighborhood of 14 years was quiet. it's now disrupted by construction noise from her new neighbor. >> while i appreciate apple and i like their products, i feel like maybe a residential area was not the best place to put a large office complex. >> reporter: the traffic is worse. she said many drivers use her street to bypass congestion and road closures. complaints she's taken to the city. two they have told us that we
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need to wait and see. well, i think if you look at a map you will see that this is how it's going to be. >> there are permitted parking zones you can implement. certainly traffic calming devices are a possibility. we need to see what the data shows. >> reporter: the city said it's working with apple and cupertino, to review a baseline traffic study and monitoring the data for the next five years. the tech giant is giving the city $500,000, part of an agreement to bta and caltrans to address traffic and parking concerns. apple cider long before we broke ground for apple park we have been connecting with neighbors and doing our best to address their concerns. we are proud to be investing $70 million for transit and other infrastructure around our campus which will benefit our neighbors. >> i have little kids. we want to be able to play out here. >> reporter: kevin remains cautious. their view of the campus is a
12:27 pm
brick wall. his biggest concern is apple employees could use this neighborhood as a parking lots. >> i do not want to go to a permit system on my own street it would bother me significantly if we went that route to keep employees off. there is a fight brewing in the south bay between the san francisco 49ers and santa clara. by city officials say the team owes them thousands of dollars. local marijuana dispensary hit by armed robbers. the surveillance pictures and why the crime may be connected to a different crime earlier this month.
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there is a new chapter in the battle over money between the 49ers in the city of santa clara. >> is about how much the team owes the city for events held at the stadium. here are details of the audit has sparked this latest disagreement. >> reporter: this is a fight about money. according to the audit, the city of santa clara said the 49ers owe the city. right now they are dealing with a fractured relationship. the city of santa clara finds itself in a war of words with the 49ers over the audit that found the 49ers management company owes the city $115,000.
12:31 pm
the mayor is also seeking reimbursement for police and firefighters staffing during stadium events. she also claims there's an issue of unclaimed parking these, use of construction funds and city staff time making the amount owed closer to $2 million. >> the good part is that we've caught all these problems and issues and management issues in the third year of our 40 year agreement. we now have a document that will help us fix and repair. we can't continue to do business the way we've been doing a. >> reporter: the management team shot back saying it's a pr stunt to make headlines in the city failed to bill for expenses. the team will release the statement saying "in the end, they wasted over $200,000 in public funds to discover the city of santa clara failed to bill $115,000 in expenses.
12:32 pm
the mayor chose to waste $200,000 of public funds with the intent of creating media headlines. that plan has backfired." the mayor was quick to respond. >> that is a nice narrative but we have the fax of the audio. it's a 180 page audit done by an independent firm. there are 37 findings that are serious and 37 recommendations. it lays out the amount of money that is owed. >> reporter: the mayor said the audit does not tell the full story of what is owed and plans to request another at a cost of $200,000. some taxpayers do not sound excited. >> the owners have enough money in their coffers and they should pay the bill. i understand the stadium is good for the city but the stadium has to pay the bills. >> spending taxpayer money to investigate and find out, we spend more to find out they owe
12:33 pm
less than what we spent to investigate. to me, that makes no sense at all. >> reporter: the city of santa clara claims the 49ers management team withheld documents for the audit. if those documents are produced in a timely fashion, they will pursue legal action. police are investigating flyers found at an alameda neighborhood over the weekend, days after a synagogue was vandalized. the flyers included a swastika and a drawing of a muslim woman . the neighbor who found the flyer says he came across them on his sidewalk on two different occasions. he said he does not consider himself the target but decided to call police because he was disturbed by it. >> that's in the -- that symbol, that swastika has such connotations. it is aligned with nazism. is a truly evil organization. a truly evil group of people
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doing truly evil things. >> detectives are trying to determine if the flyers are connected to the vandalism at a temple in alameda last week. someone damaged a door and broke windows early last thursday. struck a marijuana business has been hit by armed robbers in the north bay for the second time this month. investigators believe it could be the same people. >> there are surveillance images from this latest holder. >> around 130 i heard a lady screaming. >> reporter: this mechanic steps away, heard the commotion . he did not see the robert but a couple of security cameras did. this man with a semi-automatic handgun. he was a passenger in a silver bmw a second suspect was driving. they got away with about 200 marijuana cigarettes that were in a bag carried by an employee who just left. >> these things tend to be
12:35 pm
almost instantaneous and catch people off guard. my best guess is they are watching the place and watching the comings and goings of employees or have some familiarity with the business. >> reporter: and scylla to a robbery earlier this month at a marijuana distribution center where an employee was surprised and her car and forced back into the closed facility to open a safe so the robbers could clean it out. the woman was not hurt but shaken. >> she was traumatized as anyone would be under the circumstances. overtime she gave us information we need. there is a lot of follow-up we will be doing. >> reporter: including enhancing images to better identify the man described as latino or african-american late 20s, 5' 10", dressed in black. alternatives health collective as a longtime dispensary in a commercial district in west santa rosa. it remains a busy place. clients were unaware of the robbery.
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>> this is the only place i go to. it's my favorite place in the entire world. >> reporter: nearby businesses say the dispensary is a good neighbor but wonder if it's time for a security fence or guard. >> there are so many people coming in. anybody can come over and try to get money. >> reporter: for law enforcement, it is an ongoing challenge. pot is a ripe target for robbery. >> they do not do the work. they can show up and take advantage of someone that has done the work. tonight the palo alto school board will discuss a proposal to set aside money to pay for legal services to investigate reports of sexual misconduct involving students and staff. the district has seen an increase in reports of sexual harassment and assault in may when it was revealed a student remained at the school after being convicted for an off campus sexual assault. close to 30 intensive incidents have been reported since then.
12:37 pm
the district is anticipating spending $200,000 to investigate those reports. president trump has signed into law and anticrime bill cosponsored by senator feinstein and eric swalwell. the measure allows agencies nationwide to conduct real-time dna testing. divisional dna analysis can take weeks but rapid dna analysis can process samples in 90 minutes or less. it can speed up investigations into crimes and exonerating those wrongfully accrues. even in troubled political times, this measure received bipartisan support. there is a development in the search for 10 missing american sailors after their destroyer collided with another ship near singapore. search teams have found the remains of some sailors in a compartment of the uss john mccain. the number injured has also risen from a four digit to 5. the uss john mccain is a
12:38 pm
disorder that collided with a commercial oil tanker. investigators do not know what went wrong and why the crash happened. the commander of the u.s. pacific fleet talked about search efforts a few hours ago. >> we have discovered other bodies during the diving on mccain today but it's premature to say how many and what the status of recovery of those bodies is. >> the navy has ordered a review of operations since this was the fourth incident involving a navy ship in the pacific since january. struck the army has caught the search for the crew of a helicopter that crashed off the coast of hawaii last we. various crews searched around the clock for the five soldiers on board but so far all they have found is debris from the helicopter. the cause is still not known. bill cosby will have new lawyers when he faces a retrial. the comedian is bringing in tom izzo row to lead his defense team at his november read
12:39 pm
tropic attorneys from the first trial said they wanted to get off the case. this attorney won an acquittal in michael jackson's 2004 child molestation trial and is also represented mike tyson, robert blake and suge knight. 42 were hurt in a train cash this morning in philadelphia. this happened just after midnight when a train slammed into an empty train. 42 people including the conductor were treated at hospitals. four at last check were listed in critical condition. because is on dash the cause is under investigation. in february at the same station, four people were hurt involving trains that were out of service. there was a big moment in the 80s again. a rookie hits his first time one in the city where the legendary player he is named for once played. get ready for slightly warmer weather.
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the giants beat the brewers thanks to six scoreless innings from chris stratton. milwaukee had a chance to score in the fourth book linda garcia singles to write field and then is caught in a rundown. stephen boat is eventually thrown out at home for the third out of the inning. in the bottom half of the fourth, brandon crawford nets a double, jarrod parker would come into score. the giants win this one.
12:43 pm
the team -- the same two teams go at it tonight. struck the a's lots of the orioles. adam jones broke a tie in the fourth with a solo home run deep into the left field seats. with baltimore leading in the eighth, boog powell had a moment he will never forget. >> deep to right field and that baby is gone! the powell homers in baltimore. >> powell hit his first big- league homer in almost hit a barbecue stand named after former first baseman, boog powell. the elder boog powell was the 1970 american league mvp but is not related to the rookie. he will take the younger player to the stand today. the same teams play tonight. >> what a feeling to hit that first big-league home run. the giants play tonight.
12:44 pm
i think that first pitch is at 7:15 pm. hopefully it's not too cold. it will be breezy but temperatures will not be too bad. dress in layers. i would say bring a jacket. low to mid 60s at game time. right now we have clearing skies. yesterday we were hoping for something more like this. it came a day late. mostly clear away from the coast. we do have some dog near areas of bodega bay and maybe stinson beach and across the golden gate bridge and down through sunset and pacifica. it breaks up around montera. south of that we have sunny skies. the onshore breeze is with us but it is weaker than yesterday. 14 miles per hour in fairfield. in the days ahead we have a warming trend starting today. even better clearing has provided us with warmer weather.
12:45 pm
here's a look at the low that has provided us the unseasonably cool or whether and all the cloud cover. it is also helping to draw in monsoonal moisture from the desert southwest. we have thunderstorms firing over tahoe yesterday and they are beginning to do the same today with lightning strikes over the tahoe area. this is north of us and will continue through the afternoon. we may see summer around lake county. for your afternoon today, 60s at the coast, 70s and 80s around the bay and inland. into wednesday, thursday and friday, we take baby steps toward their warmer weather. temperatures right now, 65 in san francisco. upper 60s and oakland. livermore, 80. here's a look the afternoon highs. 76, novato.
12:46 pm
low 70s for alameda and mid-70s in and around oakland. upper 80s in antioch and brentwood. 81, san jose. 79, redwood city. 70 in san francisco. in the extended forecast, temperatures warming with each day. finally getting to around 94 inland cities on ready. their warmer weather is coming our way in time for the weekend. upper 60s and low 70s around the bay. 80s around the coast and mid- 90s inland. >> this is been a while since we've had warm weather. caltrans is preparing to remove the 13 remaining piers reports that held up the eastern span of the bay bridge. >> the final act in a long project. tom vacar tells us how they plan to do it. >> reporter: the tops removed,
12:47 pm
a few feet of the massive pilings remain above water. every other weekend, september through november, 2 or 3 each time will be explosively demolished and the debris barged away leaving only the original bottom. the pressure wave from about 30 pounds of explosive per pier will be surrounded by a curtain of bubbles the bubbles will absorb almost all the shock to minimize disturbance to wildlife. >> if it's good for the environment, it goes faster. everyone saves money. the taxpayers save money. >> reporter: the savings, $10 million in half the days to finish the blasting. these remaining piers are likely to be used to create a public observation deck something that's been planned for many years and could be approved in a few weeks. >> on the east side there is a chance to have a walkway from
12:48 pm
the land out to pier 19. >> reporter: on the ramp and platform would be a series of biking, hiking, sailing and dining opportunities looking out on the bridge. the community will have an opportunity to weigh in on keeping those remaining piers for conversion to the public use. on the yerba buena side, a remaining pier could provide the same opportunities in the shadow of the signature tower. >> the city would own and take ownership. caltrans would build it and they area total authority when fund the maintenance and operation. >> reporter: less than an hour on the last days, weekend traffic on the bay bridge will be halted in an abundance of safety. it took seven years to design the bridge, 12 years to build it for a 2013 opening but it was not finished. last week, in 2017, 28 years later, the final detail work was finished on the new span
12:49 pm
the same your demolition of the old one would also be completed. a walk-off base hit leads to a heartwarming display of emotion at the little league world series. it's date night and...
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coming up, continued coverage of president trump's anticrime bill. >> the measure allows agencies nationwide to conduct real-time dna testing. we will speak to the alameda county district attorney about how this will work. police in vegas have arrested a daycare worker on suspicion of abusing a child. investigators said the abuse was caught on video. nicole martin is has the story. >> i've seen the video and i think shock is a great way to put it. anyone in the community that sees that, it's a shot. >> reporter: after an investigation, a woman was arrested on child abuse charges hoping to send a message. >> anytime you cause unjustifiable pain or injury to a child, you will be held accountable. >> reporter: this accountability is what nina was looking for. >> i wanted her to never be able to work around someone else that she could hurt again. children are the disabled or the elderly. if you're going to do that 25- year-old, what would you do to someone else?
12:53 pm
>> reporter: she went to police after watching this video of her five-year-old being thrown away just thrown across a room. in an interview, she said she was the only adult working in an overcrowded classroom that day in the child was fighting with another kid and was not listening. when she went to pull her away from the other kid, she lost her grip. >> medof those things are excuses. >> you through her. there is no explanation or reason. it is what it is. >> reporter: police said she texted the owner admitting she threw the girl across the carpet. >> she acknowledged this happened but did not fill out an accident report. she did not fill out an incident report or let me know. >> reporter: police say she did the right thing by listening to her child. >> recognize signs of child abuse and report them. >> i want parents to be on alert and ask questions. if there's something questionable going on with your kid or they have a story that is too far-fetched, ask.
12:54 pm
>> while most of america was looking at the eclipse yesterday, the crew on the international space station had some of the best seats. two will -- millions watched from earth but only six people saw the moon shadow over the united states. there is that shadow in the middle of your screen. the view had the crew feeling lucky to see it from above. >> a few hundred years ago human beings would not have known the eclipse was coming. her you are looking up and the sun is disappearing. what are the thoughts for human existence where everyone is looking up saying, the gods must be angry? now we have the ability to know it's coming. people are excited about it. people travel to be under this and make it an event. for us to witness it from above, it was really special. it represents how far we've come with the technology we have. we're on the international
12:55 pm
space station. >> at one point photographers on earth watched the international space station past the sun while the eclipse was happening. start our viewers got to see the eclipse from 35,000 feet alaska airlines arrange a flight to give passengers a unique view. frank mallicoat was there. you can watch his story at struck a study shows that people who live in stockton have the worst commute in california. the study found 8% of commuters travel 90 minutes or more to work. 6% of commuters in vallejo have to travel that long. 5% in the san francisco-oakland area if you are feeling lucky, get a powerball ticket pick the check pot has climbed to $700 million. the second largest jackpot in u.s. history. no one has matched all the winning numbers in more than two months. the odds of winning are 1 in 292 million. video of a dog pushing a
12:56 pm
shopping cart has gone viral. it shows the dog standing on its back legs pushing a cart while a man walks in front of him. two videos were posted on twitter. the videos have more than 500,000 likes. struck taking a look at stocks before the closing bell. the dow is up about 200. the nasdaq and s&p are also in positive territory. a moment during the little league world series in dash little league world series showed us the meaning of sportsmanship a player hit a walk-off to run to bring the team to win. at the was celebrating, the losing team picture was on the ground. instead of jumping to celebrate with 13, the venezuelan coaches went to comfort him before his own coach noticed he was on the ground. then the opposing players ran over to offer hugs instead of the traditional postgame handshakes. >> so sweet.
12:57 pm
>> it's great to see. most of these young kids are 11, 12 years old. it's great for them to help him up and give him a hug. >> a valuable lesson. our next newscast is the 4 on 2.our coverage continues right now online at this is the new comfort food.
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