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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  September 6, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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caused destruction in the caribbean as a heads to florida and possibly of the atlantic seaboard. the national hurricane center is calling irma potentially catastrophic. we have been following the developments on the path from our newsroom.>> reporter: florida's governor says people under mandatory evacuation orders need to leave immediately. irma has killed one young child. the death toll will rise.>> reporter: the deafening winds of hurricane irma slammed into homes and buildings with all the force of a high-speed bullet train. terrifying for those trapped in the storm. one tourist said it ripped the roof off of her hotel. >> we moved into the bathroom. we pulled our mattress over us. it was scary. we could hear parts of the roof
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ripping off.>> reporter: the storm tore through the caribbean on wednesday flooding streets on the island. leaving boats and debris. smashed along the seaside. unprecedented damage according to the prime minister of barbuda. 60% of the population is now homeless. nearly every building is damaged or destroyed pick >> what i saw was heart wrenching. absolutely devastating.>> reporter: also devastating the death of a two-year-old child. killed when a family tried to escape. in puerto rico massive power outages have left 900,000 people in the dark. florida prepared as the governor issued mandatory evacuations wednesday. for the keys and barrier islands near miami. >> do not ignore evacuation orders. remember we can rebuild your home we cannot rebuild your
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life.>> reporter: 25,000 were already fleeing from the florida keys. highway routes were toll-free but crammed with cars. many gas stations ran out of fuel leaving people stranded. >> gas is running out everywhere right now. i'm just a little too late. >> reporter: a run on supplies force people to wait in long lines at stores. sometimes only to find there was nothing left. >> the manager said that they don't have any water.>> it is getting on the road and not knowing what we will run into. are hoping to get out of florida.>> reporter: as people try to get away from the path florida officials are warning about two other dangerous. in miami they are concerned about two dozen construction cranes that could topple onto adjacent buildings. they are not made to withstand the wins over 145 miles per hour. two nuclear plants in the path of hurricane irma that might have to be shut down. we
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want to go to bill martin. he is monitoring the path and the weather center. irma has come down a little bit in miles per hour. 180 miles per hour. basically going over islands. the friction of the island slows it down. it is still a category 5. it will pick back up. if you look here the right front quadrant of the storms is where the most damage. the biggest storm surge often heaviest rains. where that goes. it misses a lot of the islands. it even wants to stay offshore off of florida. the i wall as well. which is great news if it happens. this is all the hot water. these temperatures in the upper 80s. that is why the storm is so big. the seas temperatures. they need 78 or 79 degrees to
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keep going. otherwise they die. it is near 90 degrees as it moves into the southern florida area. the models are showing the storm staying to the east of florida. the i wall -- florida is still going to get whacked. the strongest dynamics are out in here. the model consensus right now it is going to change. it will keep changing. the consensus right now is as good as it can be for florida as it makes the time to the north earlier. that is the story. it will change in the next six hours. we will keep you posted. they area residents with family and puerto rico spent the day watching irma. members of the civic club in san jose stayed in touch with loved ones on social media. with no cell service on the island one woman was using a cell phone app to keep in touch
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with her cousin who lives outside of san juan. >> this is not a joke. this is the biggest storm we have seen if not the biggest ever. every time a band hits the north coast we are getting a lot of rain and wind and thunderstorms. a lot of the power lines are down.>> members of the puerto rican civic club are already fundraising to help victims. the white house provided details about the president's promise to donate $1 million of his own money to victims of hurricane harvey. the largest gifts will go to the american red cross and salvation army. they will be getting $300,000 each. the remainder will go to different christian charities including samaritans first. reach out america and catholic charities. house of representatives approved $1 billion in hurricane relief to the people
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in texas. trump surprise republicans by saying he has agreed with democrats to link to the aid to a bill to fund the government and increase the debt limit for three months. this comes as tens of thousands are just starting to deal with the aftermath of hurricane harvey. >> as we move forward it is important -- fixing the problems of the country that we work between executive branch. >> a staggering 573,000 people in texas have registered for help from fema. 15 states and the district of columbia sued the government to challenge president trump's decision to end the daca program. it calls the action unconstitutional. new york's attorney general calls it cruel shortsighted inhumane and driven by a personal bias against mexicans and latinos. democrats promised to fight for legislation to protect people brought to the u.s. as
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children. dozens of people gathered outside the county clerk building in redwood city to pray for daca recipients. organizers called it a prayer vigil for immigrant dignity. they planned to mobilize in defense of those who were detected by daca and others who are undocumented. is school district in san jose working to reassure students following the decision on daca. officials made a robocall and also sent a letter to parents saying students will continue to have a safe place regardless of their immigration status. >> reporter: attendance was normal at cesar chavez elementary. administrators were worried some kids might stay home. the announcement to end the deferred action for childhood arrivals program sent shockwaves through the district. sandra mendoza has three dreamers in her family. >> because of this decision that was made they feel hopeless. they feel like their dreams are just crushed. and they have broken hearts.>>
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reporter: they had already noticed how the political climate was affecting children. >> the kids were very afraid. what if ice walks in? i had to assure them they were going to be safe and nothing would happen to them.>> reporter: they have taken an extra step. sending a letter to families to reassure them the district was a safe space. a reminder of a policy they put in place last fall after trump was elected. >> we want to make sure every student in every family member and every community member that interacts with us know that they are safe. their information is safe. this is a friendly reminder -->> reporter: officials once schools to be a beacon of light and hope for students. mendoza said it is meaningful. >> she believes and community. she believes in the power that everybody has together.
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she is very pleased with the support she is getting from the school district.>> the district is making sure staff and counselors are on the lookout for any students that might need extra help. senator dianne feinstein is stepping in to help in oakland nurse and her husband who were deported to mexico. you might recall the story of maria mendoza sanchez. she was a nurse at highland hospital who was forced with her husband to return to mexico last month. they took their 12-year-old son with them. they left their three older daughters behind. the couple entered illegally 25 years ago. senator feinstein introduced a bill to provide green cards to them calling them the epitome of the american dream. california parole board granted parole to a former charles manson follower who has served more than 40 years in
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prison. wesley -- leslie is 68 years old. in 1969 she was convicted for killing a wealthy los angeles couple. it came one day after other manson followers killed five people including sharon tate. who was eight months pregnant at the time. the parole board said she has been a model prisoner. jerry brown has 120 days to weigh in. she was granted parole last year. the governor reversed the decision concluding she still pose a danger to society. the highway patrol is putting out the call for witnesses and a deadly hit and run. the victim a man was found last night on a ramp from northbound highway 101 to lucas valley road in san rafael. no one apparently solved the collision.>> reporter: is an exit that splits to a bus lane and an offramp. not a play chp would expect 911
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calls of a pedestrian down.>> he was laying face down in the roadway. >> reporter: not out of issues. from 20 feet. a hit and run with few clues. >> no debris. no markings. no skidmarks. we are trying to get any information from the public we can.>> reporter: a few people passing by stopped to try to help the victim. but the man never regained consciousness and died at the hospital. golden gate transit runs until 9 pm. if he was heading to a bus there are paths to stay safely off traffic lanes and away from oncoming cars. >> it is not common to see a pedestrian on the roadway at night. we wonder why this person was out here and where he was going. we are going to the logs. and sorting them out. officers have been researching it all day.>> reporter: the
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approached to the exit is well lit. investigators don't know the whole story ever hit the man knows it. the vehicle would have front end damage. possibly a cracked windshield. >> the victim was in his 60s. his name is withheld while family is notified. chp wants to find that suspect. they are also interested in talking to any witnesses who saw the man walking around before hand. or any erratic driving in the area. it is the biggest california city without an lgbt center. how that is about to change thanks to the efforts of two men. an effort to be inclusive backfires. the tweet that has a bay area sports team offering an apology. >> after the break we
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will line up your thursday and beyond.
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a standoff between a suspect in the oakland police department s.w.a.t. team ended peacefully two hours ago. the unit was tracking suspects involved in violent crime and located one of them in richmond. the suspects held up in the apartment near bayview avenue park he hid in a crawlspace and refuse to come out. we use
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our pa system to request his surrender. he refused to come out. we use alternative means such as his family to appeal to his nature to surrender. after approximately an hour he surrendered and was taken into custody. they did not say what charges he faces. he was wanted for a series of recent crimes. discovery of a noose at alameda high school is investigating as a hate crime. it was found near the tennis courts yesterday. officials say the rope used to make it came from privacy screens on a fence at the school. the district says parents were notified within an hour. it was hurtful. we see the climate that is happening around the country. so we understand. when i saw it -- when i heard it it was hurtful. you go into protection mode in terms of your son.>> police don't have any suspects.
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they are hoping with anyone with information will come forward. the giant facing a backlash after a tweet some people found offensive. the tweet was meant to promote japanese heritage night.>> reporter: for the past five years the san jose giants have partnered with local groups to put on japanese heritage night. pregame activities include drummers and -- >> we always try to make it inclusive and welcoming place for people to celebrate their heritage.>> reporter: the gesture failed before performers took the field. due to this advertisement. it included a looping video showing three giants players partially dressed in traditional japanese attire. but doing stereotypical actions. one is performing martial arts. one bowing. a third pending himself. the giants send it august 20. few if any notice until this
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week when the season ended. it has gone viral with plenty of negative comments in the twitterverse. roberta brought me a message saying the tweet was disrespectful and tone deaf. as a serious fan i was disappointed in the organization. chris sent me a message saying i expect better for the team i support. i'm sure it is in their capacity to do better. >> he shrugged his shoulders and said it is business as usual.>> reporter: the copresident of the san jose japanese american citizens league. his group tries to educate the masses about japanese citizens in world war ii. the tweet is offensive. he is an angry. >> people make these mistakes. people in the media. people in corporate. make these mistakes over and over.>> reporter: they apologized and removed the tweet. >> we never mean to offend anyone. we apologize for those who
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found it offensive.>> reporter: fans were willing to -- forget as long as the next time someone thinks carefully before pressing send. opens first lgbt center is set to open tomorrow. founders of the center say there are 25 senses for the gay community across california. oakland is the only major city without one. that changes tomorrow. the center is on lakeshore avenue park as has -- it has a grand opening days before the pride parade on sunday. the two men who are funding the center are looking for donors to keep it running. some of the latest model output on hurricane irma. this is a future cast of irma.
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we are going to run it through -- thursday and friday. you can see it and it blocks out. it keeps -- states to the east of the florida peninsula. which is good. the models keep doing that. that is a good time. it is going to be big problems. but maybe less and. is stays offshore. the right front quadrant of the storm stays offshore. eventually it will bump into the carolinas. maybe it will help weakened by then. for us in the 60s right now. is to go outside we have fog. a lot of cloud cover now. humidity is running high. to the bay area. 45%. that is still muggy and sticky. not what we are used to. tomorrow clouds want to hang around. a lot of cloud cover tomorrow.
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it breaks off a little bit in the afternoon. highs take a big hit. 80s. far cry from last week in the triple digits. most of us tomorrow in the 70s. and some low 80s like fairfield and napa. forecast highs in santa clara valley. temperatures are staying mild. the weekend things start to heat up. there is your clouds for tomorrow. a slight chance of a sprinkle. sunday temperatures start to ratchet up into the upper 90s. some heat toward the end of the weekend. not a bad forecast. you think about what is going on elsewhere. >> we will be on that. tomorrow the models will change. the real story will be friday. we will know a lot about that hurricane.
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the giants and a's were able to break losing streaks today. all the highlights and the rest of sports coming up. we are tracking irma around- the-clock. look for our coverage on the front page. and consider reviewing your preparedness should a disaster hit the bay area. we continue in two minutes.
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marcus back with more good news. the a's and giants both
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oneness. both winners tonight. both games for different reason. we will start with the most recent in colorado. the giants haven't one day are. they finally put that to bed. a couple of hitting records go down. a whole lot of fun to be had by giants fans. in the mile high city. give those kids a baseball. they get it. they are happy. the giants is the record for futility. lack of hitting by pablo sandoval. people figured they could give him another chance. he is 0-38. the breaks the record of most at that without a hits. that is frustration. on the other side is joe panic. one after another. he had five hits tonight. two doubles. and three singles. he had 12 hits in a three-game
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series. that is a team record. the last shot that gives him a record. mike benjamin -- castro valley area. 12 out of 15 in the series. 800 batting average. a's and angels. accusing the angels of stealing signs. the umpire has a word for the catcher. the manager of the angels in on it. chris davis interrupts. that many drama with this shot. he moves ahead of aaron for the home run league. giving the a's all the offense they need. matt chaplin accusing -- of stealing signs again. ejected is chapman. the guy that was complaining. we don't have complete clarification. bob melvin did not get ejected. we do know sooner or later this
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story will come out. the a's when behind some good pitching by shawn. he has been around longer than any other rater. he will continue to be around. sebastian jankowski he and the team have figured out there issues. the raiders wanted him to take a pay cut. he was not thrilled about that. they have worked it out. the 39-year-old kicker will be apparently in uniform despite the fact he has back issues he is dealing with as they open the season and tennessee sunday. do's and don'ts of foul balls. put your hands up. get your knocked off. fortunately he did not get hit. you flip the coin over and here's what you do. you don't bring a gun -- a glove you better have good
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hands. this is nice. the way it turned out. did not start out that way. that gentleman gets to into catching over that foul ball. he knocks over a kid. he gets the ball to the kid. and there you go. all is well that in's well. happy ending. thank you for joining us tonight. good night. well well well, what have we here?
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a whole new place that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) now halloween time is in dineyland and disney california adventure parks!
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