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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 8, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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good morning. it is 4:30. airlines are preparing in florida. all shutting down service. because of irma heading their way. steve is here. you are keeping an eye on our weather and also the storm.>> this is the day before. saturday night.>> you just hope a lot of people were able to get out.>> they were. some people don't.>> we have pretty good fog back there but it will be burning off soon today. temperatures will warm up after a big cooldown yesterday with numerous reports of light rain and a 10th inch. not too shabby. low clouds, higher clouds have moved off. it is cooler here. 50s and 60s. a lot of upper 50s to the north and east. concord 59.
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livermore 59. lafayette 58. american canyon and berkeley both at 61. clouds giving way. one exited out. a little drizzle and precipitation but there it goes right there. it is heading more southerly california. coming back next week 70 through 80.>> friday morning, i always like to think maybe friday light. we are hoping so. so far it is and it is early. as we start this time with solano county. a look at 80 westbound vacaville and vallejo area you can see traffic moving nicely according to the road sensors. it looks like all the freeways are looking pretty good. 18 minute drive from the bridge to the macarthur. it could be this could triple or double at least in the next
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hour two but right now it looks pretty good. here is the bay bridge toll plaza with just a little crowding. let's go back to the desk. we have new information about the cause of this week's fire in gilroy. four teenagers have been arrested accused of starting it. they were playing with firecrackers on sunday and that started the fire. investigators say the teenagers try to put it out but the flames spread quick torching about 100 acres of steep and rugged terrain. no homes were damaged and the fire was fully contained yesterday. governor jerry brown has declared a wildfire state of emergency for three california counties in the sierra. the emergency declaration comes in response to the thousands of acres burned in mariposa, madera and tulare county. the emergency declaration will free up more resources to fight the fires. the fire in tulare county is the largest of the three and
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more than 22,000 acres. it is burning in a remote area of the sequoia national forest. currently just 30% contained. veteran oakland fire captain is facing child pornography charges. henry lee reports. hundreds of images were found on his personal laptop. trout 58-year-old richard to work yellow jail jumpsuit as he walked into the court to face two felony charges. the judge denied his request for release on his own recognizance saying the children in the images are often victims and extremely damaged.>> the images are children under the age of 12 and many toddlers as well. the fact that the children are that age is dangerous to me.>> reporter: 28 year veteran of the oakland fire department was arrested wednesday night.
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we obtained the surveillance video showing investigators outside his home. this is a picture. there were more than 600 images of child pornography including those of toddlers on a personal laptop that had a fire department logo on it. the crimes against children task force wants the investigation into chu last month. two cent 200 images to an undercover's sheriff's deputy. investigators served search warrants at his home in the fire station where he works. the fire station is across the street from the alameda county family justice center helping victims of sexual assault and exploitation.>> it creates more of a market and we need to stop this.>> two has been placed on administrative leave. in the statement date i am appalled by the disturbing
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nation of these charges picked this criminal behavior violates our community standards of decency and bridges a standard of conduct leopold in the fire department. choose attorneys say the charges don't fit the man. the city of oakland lauded him for our water rescue in 1998. california assembly passed a bill that would reduce the punishment for intentionally exposing some 12 h to -- hiv down to a misdemeanor. it will be treated like other communicable diseases. the current laws discriminate against people living with hiv and deter people from being tested. opponents were the change would put people at risk. and it needs to be approved by the governor before moving forward. the journey is said to decide whether oh -- a jury is set to decide whether oakland teenager is still alive. almost 4 years ago john mcmahon was pronounced brain-dead after
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she had a tonsillectomy but her family refused to take her off life support. now a judge in alameda county has ruled she may still be technically alive and that means the family can move ahead with the malpractice lawsuit against children's hospital. legal analyst michael cardoza was in our studio yesterday. he said it will be a very emotional case. the plaintiff side, will ring in an expert that says, she is still alive -- severely brain damage, but still alive. then the defense of course will bring in all sorts of doctors that go no. she is brain-dead. for all intents and purposes, dead. yes she twitches once in a while but you are keeping her alive by feeding her and that is a unction of the human body. the family's lawyer did not comment on this latest development. officials say they stand by their position that jihad mcmahon at the neurological
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criteria for brain death in 2013 and has not been evaluated since. there is a proposal for a watchdog group to monitor this. supporters are calling for civilian oversight panel to monitor the sheriff's office patrol and corrections division . members would oversee day-to- day operations, monitor the audit of investigation of compliance and make policy recommendations. the oversight panel was a main suggestion from a blue ribbon commission established after three deputies were accused of beating to death an inmate at the county jail. the three deputies were later found guilty of second-degree murder. sheriff lori smith looks forward to working with county supervisors on the reform. a bomb scare in san mateo turned out to be a false alarm. yesterday afternoon students at hillsdale's high school were sent home early. the police received a call about an anonymous threatening note found in a bathroom. the bomb squad searched the school, nothing was found.
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kirsten keys has scheduled a meeting later this month for parents of students who live in the belhaven neighborhood. belhaven is the only area of menlo park that is part of the ravenswood city school district. that school district includes east palo alto and has a history of four academic scores. some parents in belhaven want to explore the possibility of creating a new school district. the meeting is september 18 from 6:30 until 8:30 p.m. at the menlo park senior center on terminal avenue. dozens of cats and dogs from florida relocated have now arrived in east bay. christina reports they were evacuated before irma said there would be room in the shelter once the storm makes landfall. >> reporter: the rescue flight had precious cargo making a smooth landing in hayward yesterday. these animals escape in fort
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lauderdale florida and the potential path of hurricane irma.>> we are incredibly energized to receive all these animals and they are adorable.>> reporter: tony russo's animal foundation east bay spca in berkeley humane got the distress call from broward county early this week saying 150 animals needed to be rescued to make room for when the disaster hits. met three of the shelters can allow them to have a bacon shelter when the hurricane hits to provide temporary housing for displaced pets. the broward county humane society is simply one of the best humane societies in the country so we know the animals were well cared for. but this is a tough transition. >> reporter: between the three shelters they plan on taking about each filthy. -- 50. met most of them got on board in a healthy fashion so we are going to address any animals
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that were stressed during the seven hour plus flight. that is why we have our medical team here at our mobile clinic. the animals are headed into shelters already at capacity. for us bringing in more is a challenge but we are determined to make it work. expect we need additional fosters, large dog crates and donations are gladly appreciated because we are going to have to provide medical care to these animals and by medical supplies. these agencies will come forward to provide short-term help until they can get the animal evacuees into their forever homes in the bay area. met>> little girls like cindy from florida will likely be available sometime next week. i'm christina wren does reporting. make sure you stay right here for continuing coverage of irma. we will keep you updated with live reports on all of our newscasts. just a reminder fox is joining other tv networks to raise money for hurricane relief with a big telefon next
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week called hand-in-hand with beyonci, oprah, george clooney and many others airing right here on fox2 tuesday, september 12 at 8 pm. it is a very big day today. coming up, huge earthquake hit southern mexico late last night and in 20 minutes we will give you a look at the devastation as well as the large number of aftershocks. of next amazon is looking for -- up next amazon is looking for a second big headquarters for their growing business. bay area cities making a pitch to get it. you could see the traffic is going to be moving along pretty well in the bridge getting into san francisco. on this friday we have a low cloud deck but it will burn off. temperatures cool down yesterday and bumping up a little today. olay regenerist
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$276 million was spent on till cleanup last year. the bay area was $870,000 per mile of freeway. highway 101 was second time i highway 13 came in third, highway 24 in alameda fourth on the list probably a lot of deer.>> time is 4:45. let's talk about chocolate and classic cars. a lot is happening around the bay area. rosemary is there and has your we can watch.>> reporter: here is what is happening around the bay. in san francisco chocolate lovers can head over to ghirardelli square this weekend for chocolate tasting, chef demonstrations, live music and vendors. the 60th annual armenian festivals happening this weekend. celebrate the culture with music, dance and food. take in the sights and sounds of opera in the park on
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sunday at golden gate park. the free event offers a line up of artists from the fall season or check out the j pop huge japanese pop festival on saturday. had to castro street for the mountain view are and wine festival shop from 600 art and craft makers. philip on tasty food and adult beverages complete with live music. in east they take part in the oakland pride parade and festival sunday in downtown oakland. car enthusiast can get an eiffel at the 13th annual classic car show on saturday or pop over to berkeley for the 43rd annual parade where 500 vendors, performers will philip solano avenue on sunday. in livermore check on a taste of downtown on sunday. explore downtown with samples of wine and treats and more. any annual russian river
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jazz blue festival. enjoy this two-day event outdoor music festival surrounded by the beauty of the russian river and towering redwoods. giants are way. that is your weekend watch. always so much to choose from. in the bay area and the weather will be nice. nicer than last week and that is for sure. list chicken -- let's check in with the sow. she did not mention sitting on the couch and watching football. maybe take a nap in there as well.>> you know me so well. let's take a look at the commute 580 westbound. we have slow traffic appearing on 580 coming up to the area. 205 not that slow yet. on friday we hope to have a lighter commute. a little bit of a reward for people who do have to go to work on friday. on friday some people are out there and you can see traffic
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is moving along okay from livermore to the bellevue pleasanton interchange. this is a look at interstate 880 right by oracle arena and the traffic is moving well. if you are driving on the westbound bay bridge that traffic also is light hitting into san francisco. 12 minutes before 5 am, sal -- one week ago san francisco was 106. that i remember it like it was one week ago. here is one for you santa rosa was 110 . yesterday they could not even get to 70 degrees. that is in six days. cabot that picks the -- how about that. expect -- category 4 irma easily backing into category 5. some of the outer bands are going to get chewed up a little bit. energy decreasing as a hit cuba. irma now 150. it has come back down a bit but
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still very strong. can't resist that warm water. it may increase it but it does look like it is losing a little bit of power but still temperatures 86. the majority is around 86 degrees. plenty of fuel. very warm water. keeping an eye on the keys, lower keys, upper keys, also in fort lauderdale also miami, so far not too bad but it is still about 36 hours away as assistant begins to turn ever so slowly had right towards what looked to be a direct hit for parts of south florida. gfs still a little more towards miami. somewhere probably in between but it does look like it is saturday night into sunday morning, right up florida. would you get low cloud deck. burning off sooner. as another load drops into the picture and that has sent a lot
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of high clouds to the north but now it is heading south. a little cooler for some. 59 in san francisco. 58 in sunnyvale. 59 santa rosa. even fairfield is out there at 59 and low 50s woodside. that is the coolest we have seen in a long time. 55 for menlo park. 56 stanford. 59 my speech. water temperature still very warm around 61. tough to cool down when the water is that warm. low clouds for us getting ready to change circulation heading towards southern california. car pressure will build and. a quick warm-up for the week. today is transition day. little warmer after cool temperatures yesterday and the drizzle will warm-up sunday and that it will go right back down to next week after monday looking much cooler. 70's to mid 70's to 80s. a week ago concord 109. today only 84.
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we will get back to average certainly for inland and bayside as we go into the weekend. quick shot warm to hot coming back next week.>> but we are not seeing the triple digits. so that we could at vacaville may be. most inland locations but just one day. as long as san francisco -- that was so unexpected.>> there was a lot of people in the hospital. beckett gets dangerous at that point and no air conditioning. >> is steep. amazon wants to find a place for a second headquarters. some bay area cities wanted. we will tell you who is going after it. >>
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two consumers filed a class- action lawsuit against the berkeley salad dressing company annie's. the lawsuit claims annie's falsely labeled its salad dressings as natural despite containing what the plaintiff say is a synthetic ingredient. the plaintiffs want a trial by jury, compensation and punitive damages as well as a corrected advertising campaign. so far there has been no public response from annie's. from the central subway project to bus only lanes in the mission, there has been a lot of construction all over
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san francisco. it is really cutting into the profits at stores and restaurants in particular but as tara moriarty reports financial help is on the way. the iron cactus restaurant near at&t park has been buried in orange barriers, dirt and noise for two years. while crews make way for the central subway. short-term we saw challenges. while it is cooking inside, businesses like ira bradley's have seen sales slip. >> right now we are seeing an unprecedented projects. >> reporter: the mayor has newly implemented the construction mitigation program. it is free one-on-one consulting to help merchants like bradley and those in chinatown and other areas where construction has hurt businesses. he met to see the types of investments the city can make to help them realize the goals today during construction. met it could mean new signage, technology upgrades or how to address the lack of parking.
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i am down 20% each month and we have already lost a is this is on the street. >> reporter: albert chow says the new vision zero project designed to make the streets safer has gobbled up precious parking places scaring customers away.>> it is terrible. >> reporter: marcelo who has run this favorite local spots says the construction hasn't even broken but merchants are hurting.>> about 30%.>> city official site all of the departments like sf ntb and public works will be pitching in for the new mitigation project appointing ambassadors on the ground to meet with people like marcello to try to come up with real-time solutions. in the meantime for people like ira bradley he is not focusing on the short-term problems, he's trying to focus on the long-term payoff.>> i think the smaller business will see very
4:57 am
large increases in foot traffic.>> reporter: i tara moriarty reporting for mornings on 2. amazon is looking for a second headquarters outside seattle and bay area cities want to get it. san jose, oakland, and other cities are continuing bids with the new amazon campus which would up to $50,000. amazon is looking for a major u.s. city that meets several requirements including a business friendly environment, location that is close to major universities and the ability to attract technology and employees. the bids into october 19. business leaders think we may have an edge over other parts of the country. there is still no word on when amazon is expected to make a decision. we are coming up next at 5 am and entire towns underwater in texas that we have been showing you. we will see first responders in
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good morning. a magnitude 8.1 earthquake hit the southern coast of mexico. at least 18 people are confirmed dead. and people in florida are bracing forking a direct hit from hurricane irma. everyone is urged to get out while they can. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. nice look at downtown oakland there. san jose. >> san jose, i'm sorry. i was like, wait, that's not oakland. thank you, steven. >> san jose also vying for am son. everybody wants the jobs that that will bring. >> oakland, san francisco. and across the country. >> yeah. >> cities will want that. welcome back to mornings on 2, friday, september 8. i'm pam cook. >> and


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