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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 11, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> here is alive look -- a live look of the storm. the effects are being felt throughout georgia, alabama and into the carolinas. >> it already started in charleston, north carolina. the governor is taking no chances. he urged people to be prepared for strong winds and possible tornadoes. many streets are flooded. we want to get more coverage from miami. >> it week into a dangerous tropical storm monday impacting georgia, florida and south carolina. storm surge bringing the flooding to the jacksonville area. nearly the entire state of
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florida is now reeling with homes and property destroyed and many communities near the coast left swamped. >> just because the storm has passed, we are not safe. red throughout florida some 220,000 people are now in emergency shelters and more than 6.5 million homes and businesses lost power. officials are warning it could be weeks before electricity is restored. the florida keys were hit hard. officials are warning there is no fuel, water running, or power all across the florida keys. >> it was quite a storm. we have a lot of damage and cleanup. >> it looks like it's not a hurricane but spreading out as
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a weaker system. >> it starts to modify and become more extratropical. that is what we are seeing now with wins at 45 miles an hour. north carolina, south carolina, mississippi heavy rain in atlanta. this represents tropical storm and then it turns into a depression. when the storms come in contact with land, the friction starts to break down the storm. here is a timing. it goes down to a depression on tuesday about 1:00. at the start to fall apart but in the atlantic, we have another hurricane . this is hurricane josi. something that is confusing about it are the models. look what it does it goes like
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this. it loops it around in a circle and brings it back towards the coast towards the middle of this week and then most of the models want to do with -- this with it. we will see what happens. a double threat for the east coast and hurricane josi on the radar even as tropical storm irma becomes a memory. we will see you back here with your forecast which include some thunder and lightning showing up. a reminder that tomorrow night a big telethon is being held to raise money for all the hurricane victims at 8:00 p.m. right here on ktvu. today is september 11 and annual 9/11 tribute is on display at fire station 11. they placed 343 american flags on the firehouse lawn. one for
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each of the new york city firefighters that died. next to each flag is a picture and a brief biography of the person. the display when up last weekend and will remain up through next weekend. it has been 16 years since that terror attack. three family, friends and first responders attended memorials on the site. eric shawn reports from the 9/11 memorial in new york.>> reporter: a national day of mourning as officials, first responders, and families gathered to mourn those who were lost. president donald trump observed a moment of silence at the white house joined by first lady. >> the living breathing soul of america wept with three -- grave. we shed tears in their memory
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and pledge our devotion in their honor and turn our sorrow into an unstoppable resolve to achieve justice in their name. pier the reading of their names taking place at the memorial. part -- family members approaching the podium to remember their loved ones. a moment of silence is held for each. the time when the airplane struck each tower and again at the time each tower collapse. two more were held at the pentagon and in pennsylvania. mike pence paying his respects at the ceremony commemorating the crew members of flight 93. a total of 2996 people were killed in the attack including the 19 hijackers aboard the four airplanes.
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the memorial reopens after the ceremonies for those who wish to pay their respects on this day that we will never forget. part -- san francisco firefighters held their own ceremony today. they gathered at firehouse 7 to take turns reading the names of the ones that lost their lives. in attendance as many of the newest firefighters were just children and the attacks took place.>> when we look at our newer employees, you can't help to think that they were 10 years old during september 11. talking to some to out their short career september 11 is a factor that led them to want to become a public servant. >> flags are flying it has staff
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-- at half staff. newly installed exit doors and terminal b lockdown. >> the fire alarm went off sunday and a people began to evacuate a student began to record video. >> there was not much direction. people were trying to find a way up. >> reporter: for some that proved to be difficult to go the main doors were brand-new and they were locked. >> some passengers to try to evacuate through these lanes and they found that the doors had been gone into lockdown. >> reporter: officials say there were many other emergency exit doors and all those worked
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properly. passengers say there were not enough direction on what ago. >> we have just had staff members are trying to help. >> reporter: there was no real emergency so the airport need to have a better evacuation plan.>> i would not like that at all stuck without direction. >> reporter: they will continue to test the new exit lanes. >> we are determined there's another set of information that we need to convey to our customers in the event of an emergency. >> reporter: the entire incident lasted 15 minutes. officials don't believe anybody missed their flight as a result. a couple who bought
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a private san francisco street during up for a showdown with the homeowners association. they say and oval-shaped street line by three dozen multimillion dollar homes in the pacific heights neighborhood. they want the property back and they hired a team as well as an attorney to help them. they will asked him to resend the sale and the auction followed the failure to pay a $14 annual tax bill. the tax office put the property up for sale to collect money but a spokesman says that the hearing is to understand the facts on what occurred. coming up next the school district is dealing with --
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the state of california is now suing the trump administration over the person's decision to end daca. they filed the suit against the
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white house on behalf of the 200,000 people who receive protection under tokamak. last week new york and other states filed a similar challenge. he decided to file a separate suit because california is home to about a quarter of the nation's 800,000 tokamak recipients. >> we don't tell people something and then the next and put them in harms way. >> president donald trump's cancellation of the program violates due process. they have joined california's lawsuit and dry has given congress six months to address the fate of those enrolled in daca. we talked to a law professor and his is a strongest argument that the lawsuit makes is that the government should not be allowed to use daca recipients personal information against
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him. >> while they would not have that information over so you can go round up people but they would be open if they were to ask. it's not just the kids. they had to explain what their parents that is was so opened the door to a lot of people being vulnerable.>> california and other states are making a self-incrimination argument that he thinks does have merit. homes and businesses in the south bay lost power during a senate violent wind storm -- violent -- a sudden violent windstorm. >> you can see this tree snapped in half. and landed right there on top of those power lines. we saw similar scenes across
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the area. winds picked up at 2:30 am this morning. knocking down trees and power lines and sparking small fires in some cases. they say that his crews responded to 30 emergency calls in a few hours this morning because of the windstorm. many calls were in campell and saratoga. the fire crews were very busy all morning. >> when it gets busy like that, we have to send -- until we find out if it is significant.>> we had to shift into that same gear earlier in the year. >> reporter: the high winds knocked out power to more than 11,000 homes and businesses in this area.
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they were busy all morning long trying to restore power to the customers. there is damage like this across this part of the south bay. the fire department says there were no homes or businesses damaged because of the storm and no injuries reported. let's talk more about the strong winds and what caused it. >> it is related to what is happening right now. we have lightning in the south bay. what happens is that low pressure offshore is unstable and the south last night there was a buildup of clouds and thunderstorms. all the air goes up and it gets really cold at the top and it comes racing straight down. so we are getting outflow boundaries from these thunderstorms. i have reports in the northbay of heavy wind as well.
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there is a situation now you may be hearing thunder out there and seeing lightning right now. sunnyvale you can see where it's going on and these are lightning strikes over the last hour. you can see a few areas here and then offshore as well. showers depends on where you are . you see some showers and watch what happens when i lube it, this is coming from the south. tropical in nature. the instability is up and this thing will go on tonight. we can see another shower and then tomorrow and a little bit into wednesday. as we look at the temperatures right now, it is hot out there. you -- these temperatures are
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cooler than yesterday and temperatures tomorrow will be cooler. what we have is the low pressure center sitting offshore and that creates an instability. it is not the high pressure dominated summer pattern. you can feel it. it feels lighter. fog has a tough time forming. you do get the low clouds and high clouds. the sunset is going to be stunning tonight. there is the low pressure center there. tomorrow it is going to be cooler again. here's what the model does. the clouds that moved on is humidity. there is going to be more humidity tomorrow. be ready for temperatures on the mild side but with this humidity, it is not going to feel mild. there is the red and those are 90s.
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the big story will be that chance of a thundershower through the saving and probably into tomorrow as well. if your 10 miles north, you don't get wet or notice it is there . we will track them for you but right now it is the south bay. they are getting lightning and thunder and heavy downpours. that is your tuesday forecast. when i come back, we'll talk about the rest of the week. >> the fire department put out a tweet saying that lightning and thunder is rolling through the city right now and advising people to go indoors. >> certainly experiencing some really wild weather. do you think you can pass a police force test? coming up later a ban on
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tents. isn't working? a look at a new ordinance in the city. what happened to our 24 hour notice?
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the san francisco police use of force policy have come under fire after several that the officer involved shootings.
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>> the department has undergone sweeping policy changes. today the san francisco police invited us to be part of the training that officers undergo at the police academy.>> reporter: quick second decisions is what officers do on a daily basis. this video simulator helps those train them going through the lisa academy. >> most people don't realize how quickly it happens. four after a string of deadly officer involved shootings two years ago, the department started reviewing policies and made more than 270 recommendations for change. today they're letting me have a chance to see what it's like for officers in those situations. i am armed with the pepper
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spray and the gun. with and seven seconds the situation becomes potentially deadly. i grab my gun and hid behind a telephone pole. >> historically we would converge on subjects a lot quicker. now quitting time and distance and pretty things between us we are able to communicate with subjects and get them to comply. >> since january we've had 11,000 calls for mentally disturbed people and 17,000 calls related to well-being
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checks.>> reporter: could i ever cut it as a cop? >> absolutely. with the right training. >> that training is having a positive effect. report showed that they reported more than 800 incidents but that is down 15%. more changes could be coming to schools because of a sex assault scandal. what leaders are learning from students about what they need to do better. university of california police officers interaction with a hotdog vendor went viral. we talk to the man who took the video and questions that the video raises.
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hurricane irma hit florida hard leaving six people dead and roads and buildings are flooded and more than 600 million homes without power. it is still not safe for them to return home. storm surge and debris present a danger to large parts of south florida. the governor -- >> a lot of it is remembering andrew.
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where seen 4 feet of storm surge right now. >> a flash flood warning in effect in south carolina as our continues to move through the southeast. they palo alto school district is starting the school year with revised policy on how they handle sexual harassment complaints. it comes as it reveals failures by leaders. they are getting new insight into campus culture. >> reporter: before the school year began, palo alto school district administrators released results of a survey. shows over the previous school year the vast majority of students 89% have not been a victim of sexual harassment school.
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85% say if they saw sexual harassment, they would not report it and one third say the school's response is not effective. >> the survey is excellent data. >> reporter: the superintendent says ongoing training is complete at all high schools and now extending to middle school teachers and staff but students remain the party. >> how can we spend time with the students and convince them that it is so important to report these. >> reporter: the issue of sexual assault came to the forefront after the office of civil rights complete a >> reporter: your investigation that found this district failed to take steps in a prompt matter in sexual assault cases. and may our series detailed how a high school student athlete was convicted in juvenile court after having oral sex with a minor in the bathroom. they did not conduct an
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investigation. >> i think the survey confirms what most of us you already that there is a problem of lack of reporting, problem of tolerance. i think nothing will change until we have a change of leadership. >> reporter: they are scheduled to meet on tuesday and it could include discussions of missteps by the superintendent and pay raises at a time when a district is trying to save money. improvements could be impacted by actions in washington. education secretary is weighing if they will continue the guidelines. >> it is a proposal in search of a problem.
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there is no problem about the title ix guidance. >> reporter: nothing will impede his efforts to reform foreign-policy. next week and outside report on how the district and the superintendent handle issues will be made public. a viral video between the police officer and the hotdog vendor has people calling for an investigation. it happened after saturday's football game. tom is a berkley after talking to the man who recorded the video. i saw this video on two websites. >> reporter: it is amazing. you have to ask yourself what were they thinking? here is the situation. it's not usually very calm around here but after the
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football game on saturday, martin florez stopped at a hotdog vendor to feed his family off university property. that's when a police officer held the transaction because the vendor did not have a vendor permit. than the officer did something that caused him tissue video. -- to take this video. public drinking, underage drinking, open containers, jaywalking and widespread bending but none of those other violators were being ticketed,
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which goes to the issue of fair enforcement of the law. >> there were so many people out there selling things like water bells -- water bottles and snacks and t-shirts. >> reporter: it would be one think if berkley's crime rate was reduced and they had nothing better to do. that is clearly not the case. uc berkeley police have reduced burglary and larceny from 2015 to 2016. however, robbery, assault, weapon violations are up. >> if you consider yourself a good person and you are a police officer, there are still going to be issues. you should not be a civil servant or have any role in
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government. >> reporter: the university claims jurisdiction within a mile of the campus and a judge will decide when the money is returned. a gofundme site has produced $40,000 in aid to the vendor. >> reporter: they issued a statement saying that four other people were ticketed or cited and so i am going to demand to see those records and we will share them with you. the university finds himself having to explain themselves and have a formal complaint investigation underway. >> could they put out a warning first to give them a heads up? secondly, when will that vendor get that money that's been raised?>> when the person will
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get the money is not known because we have not hooked up with the person that set up the site. it is something where the policy is you warn the first and then cite them. he did not see anything like that. it was just a straight citation . we will have to look to see if anything like that happen. a formal investigation is under way and i'm sure they will get to the bottom of it. >> thank you, tom. meskill start -- -- mexico state diplomat visited the country to discuss california's tied to the southern neighbor. they tweeted this picture of his meeting with mexico's foreign relation secretary. they discussed the strong ties between california and mexico. he also held talks with anthony went down --
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they issued to north korea and they are escalating missile test. they approved new sanctions implementing a cap on oil experts -- exports. resolution fell short of the penalty sought by the trump administration which won it and all i -- wanted an all-out ban. remembrances on the 16 anniversary of 9/11. coming up next the look at the sauber morning in new york, washington, and pennsylvania. >> the bay area remembers those who died as well.
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today the families of those killed on september 11 marched the 16th anniversary of that day. it took the lives of almost
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3000 people. a fourth plane flight 93 was going to san francisco. the terrace steered that airplane toward washington dc but the passengers overtook the hijackers causing the airplane the crash and killing everyone on board. >> my uncle -- >> my brother-in-law rest in peace. >> family members were among those reading aloud the names of the dead at the memorial today. president donald trump had a moment of silence. >> the leaving -- living breathing soul of america for every life taken on that day.>> a large flag was unfurled and
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he paid his respects at a ceremony and pennsylvania. honoring the 40 passengers and crew members of flight 93. ceremony was held in alameda to mark the anniversary. leigh martinez was there. >> reporter: the crew of the hornet happened 16 years ago. he remembers watching the towers being built. >> i knew somebody who was working there. i watched it being built. >> reporter: on september 11, 2001 with the rest of the world she watched them fall down.>> it is very surreal. i had a relationship with the towers. they were like best friends.>>
5:43 pm
reporter: he said he never thought he would see an attack like not 11 on american soil. >> you never think about it and you have the trade center is coming down and airplanes being captured. >> reporter: the names of 3000 people that died in the terrorist attacks played on the screen and the third bell told. -- wrong. -- rung. >> they got access to the police department that hardly anyone ever gets. we will talk with that film's director. >> we are tracking that
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forecast. we have thunder and lightning and parts of the area right now. we will also talk about the warm up in that forecast.
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members of the military and local sports stars take part in a challenge. it also raise money for charity. >> it is in conjunction with the very big weekend up in sonoma. it is appropriate on the say that we pay tribute to
5:47 pm
our country's elite military organization the navy seal. >> reporter: there were people here who do it for living at people who decided -- who do not. teams made up of navy seals. they raise money for the legacy foundation. the sports names could not be bigger olympians, super bowl winners and all-stars. >> the people that have served our country and a great way and protect us and protect their lives. >> i think having an event like this that supported a good foundation and the navy seals as well as the rest of the military.>> i know what a sacrifice it is.
5:48 pm
it is supposed to be a good time but you can't gather a group of professional athletes and expect the old competitive spirit not to come to the surface.>> it is a exciting ride. i guess the more weight you have the slower it goes. >> in the end it becomes what of those mutual respect things that also happens when athletes get together and cross sports. >> there is great danger so it gives you an appreciation. >> i have great respect for racecar drivers after this. the reaction time -- i think
5:49 pm
this is like 45 miles an hour. and -- >> they try to take part in it. >> it is cool to be here with real american heroes. >> they are talking about making this an annual event. the role drivers will be there this weekend for their final race of their year. -- the year. i don't know how much it raised but it was a pretty good combination when you think about the sports stars and real indycar drivers all competing. >> my money was on the indycar drivers. >> you can tell a real difference when they did a warm-
5:50 pm
up session. the way they were taking the turns. >> it is real art. the nation's attention has been forecast on florida. the devastation left behind by harvey is still being assessed in taxes. that damage is coming into focus. some areas are still underwater. people are pleading for more help as fema finds themselves stretched pretty thin. local officials say that may not be enough with more than half the damage and people without flood insurance. there are signs of progress and the recovery effort. thousands of students return to school today. the texas governor warns the recovery could be long and the price i
5:51 pm
could have a potential of reaching up to $180 billion. >> it that is a long road to recovery. let's talk about our bay area weather. people are describing it as wacky and weird. >> it's been a weird year. we have seen a little bit of everything. we got sprinkles today and thunder and lightning showing up in sunnyvale. the reason for it is there's a low pressure center right here. so this low is sitting there and it rotates like this and it reaches down into the gulf of mexico and it starts grabbing moisture. it is unstable and he gets this far north into a more unstable environment and you get what you are seeing thunder and lightning. that wind event was part of this . and knocked down trees last
5:52 pm
night. you can see the white areas those are lightning strikes. we can take a look down here. sunnyvale you have this area and you get under one, you are going to get rain. the ground is wet. we have some other activity going on around hamilton. it can cause a fire. we saw lightning spark fire in the last half hour. we will keep our eyes on it. it is unusual weather. it feels more like houston or san diego. is going to be a nice sunset
5:53 pm
tonight. as we look at the forecast for tomorrow, there is that moisture. it will be humid tomorrow. that humidity is going to stick around. temperature forecast for tomorrow lots of bread -- red. a little cooler tomorrow but that chance for what we are seeing today that thunderstorm mainly north tomorrow but still a chance for that instability. be ready for that but be ready for some very warm daytime highs and humidity as well. here is your 5 day forecast. unusual med there -- weather for sure. it is been unusual. >> i was thinking we had wettest rainfall ever recorded in heavier snowfall and 106 in san francisco.
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>> all within a few months. >> it it's been crazy. then you have all the hurricanes and the tropical storms. we got access during polices tough times. we talk to the film director about what they are trying to do and how a scandal changed everything.
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it was years in the making and this week the the force opens in theaters. >> had really spoke to the director and police and residents for the reaction. -- henry lee spoke to the director and police and residents for the reaction. the focus was on how they were making progress after the scandal. >> i don't want bad cops period. >> reporter: the filmmakers said the tone shifted when -- >> he and his crew got unprecedented
5:58 pm
access. >> the department was open and transparent. >> it is a reality of what this department has gone through. the men and women that come here every day. >> reporter: even so some officers were not happy with the cameras and that was true for some protesters. >> here we are a film crew getting out of police cars and i think the perception from the protesters was that we were the agents of the police. >> reporter: another bombshell. >> as the film was completing, the scandal broke out. >> reporter: that scandal involving a girl and that led to the departure of the police chief. >> it was a big twist in the film but it was different than
5:59 pm
the issue of use of force and race . this is and immoral failure. >> reporter: that scandal playing on the big screen. >> i think it is amazing that they were doing a movie on the riders -- writers. >> reporter: the force opens friday night. ktvu fox2 news at 6:00 starts right now. irma is now a tropical storm making its way north through georgia and alabama.
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>> officials in georgia say three people have died from the storm. that brings the death toll to at least 44. nine were here in the u.s.. the worst of the flooding today occurred in jacksonville, florida and rescue efforts are underway. >> we are in a rescue stage at this point. people need to be safe. >> reporter: we have team coverage tonight. bill martin is tracking irma's path. >> we go to miami for a look. >> reporter: we are standing in a black hole. there is no power in this part of miami beach. there are more than 6.7 million customers without power. this house and this family dealing with the same issues. this is what we are seeing es


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