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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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ktvu's tom vacar is looking into what made this earthquake so destructive. first, though, to alyana gomez with the latest from mexico. >> reporter: in the last hour, mexico's ministry of the interior issued an emergency declaration for areas affected by this powerful earthquake. this will give authorities the resources to provide food, shelter and any health needs which is greatly needed at this point. tonight, we are going to show you some of the hardest hit areas, those frightening moments when that quake hit and the heroic efforts still under way. >> reporter: dramatic video of an entire building completely imploding as the 7.1 quake jolted mexico city and its surrounding areas. the alarm forced thousands to flee nearby buildings only to watch streetlights sway overhead. others huddled inside holding
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each other for comfort fearing the floor could fall below them. [ screaming ] >> reporter: this video posted on twitter shows the side of another building collapsing to the ground as onlookers screamed and cried in horror. streets in some parts of central mexico were littered with rubble and debris. thousands of community members joined rescue workers as they worked tirelessly to start the recovery process. someone was found in the rubble alive as crews rushed to carry survivors away on gurneys to seek treatment. more people were pulled with more likely trapped. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: the president of mexico enrique pena nieto speaking on mexican television talking about the schools that collapsed and how they are working to find out if children were inside when it happened.
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meanwhile, he says local and federal agencies including the military are responding to hard hit areas with building collapses. latest reports show structures fell in more than 40 locations in the capital alone. on friday, september 8th, an 8.1 quake struck more than 600 miles southeast of mexico city killing nearly 100 people. now, it was considered one of the strongest quakes to ever hit mexico. that was 11 days ago. now things are different. today mexico city is marking the anniversary of the destructive 1985 quake that struck mexico cit 32 years ago to the day. 5,000 people were killed in that quake. >> thank you. and president trump tweeted his support to the victims of the earthquake saying, quote, god bless the people of mexico city. we are with and we will be there for you. let's bring in ktvu's tom vacar with more on what made this earthquake so destructive. >> reporter: well, this bad
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stuff that's happening down there and could continue. today's mexico quake involved massive natural structures tectonic plates that float and move on the earth's mantle like this. mexico has so-called subduction faults where one plate literally slides under another releasing energy quickly. this is the kind of event that can sometimes produce tsunamis and today's case the energy was released in the worst kind of rock and soil. >> mexico city has really pathologic soil conditions. they have -- they are built in a lakebed that amplifies the earthquake shaking by a factor of 100 or more. when you have those soils and the earthquake nearby it's not surprising that we're seeing a lot of damage. >> the september 2nd mexico quake was in a sensor-filled area 500 miles away which gave more than a minute's warning but today the epicenter was 31 miles underground and only 75 miles from mexico in an area
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where there are far fewer sensors. that was way to close to provide warning rendering mexico's earthquake warning system essentially useless. >> the earthquake early warning system uses the fact that you can determine that an earthquake is under way and send that information somewhere faster than the waves can get there. so it only works if you are at some distance away. >> reporter: though extreme northern california near oregon also has these kinds of tsunami-creating faults, here in the bay area we have what are called so-called slip- strike faults where the plates grind against each other, yet still releasing an enormous amount of energy that can do just as much damage. that's the situation with the earthquakes. >> some of those pictures down there watching the buildings collapse are something. i can't help it. every time we see a story about an earthquake, you have to think, at some point, that's going to happen here. >> reporter: the important thing is, for most areas, our
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building codes are so much better. the building structures are so much better that we're likely not to see that kind of a problem. we may see something like that in chinatown, in san francisco, we may see it in some of the older communities that are outlying more than 100 years old that haven't done a lot to strengthen buildings and stuff like that. but for the most part, california is so much better than the rest of most of the world that we're in really good shape, which is why we don't kill as many people nearly in earthquakes especially even the smaller ones. >> what about that area in the marina district that has some of that soft foundation with liquifaction, not as bad as mexico city but is it softer than other parts or neighborhoods of san francisco? >> especially in a big earthquake which we haven't experienced here in more than 100 years, you bet. the city is now seriously beginning to enforce what they call the soft bottom situation where you have a garage and then you have building on top and we saw a lot of those collapse in the ma marina.
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they either fix it or they may close down the buildings. it's different here in mexico where people ignore it. >> thank you. pictures, videos and words of support have been pouring in now on social media after today's deadly earthquake. these are just a few of the ones we have seen. many are using the hashtags, mexico and earthquake. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. at 6:30, we'll bring you an update on the death toll and the rescue and recovery efforts under way right now in mexico. and in 15 minutes, the latest from the caribbean as hurricane maria intensifies barreling toward puerto rico. >> there is strong reaction tonight from around the world to president trump's fire ee speech at the united nations today. in front of the general assembly, president trump said we would totally destroy north korea if we are threatened and said the iran nuclear deal was
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an embarrassment to the united states. >> many world leaders are accustomed to a diplomatic tone took them aback. ellison barber reports. >> reporter: some like prime minister benjamin netanyahu from israel praised the speech saying it was bold and courageous but then you had others like leaders from venezuela also the french president emmanuel macron pushing back on certain aspects of it. one thing president trump did not? shy away from was north korea saying in the evented of war the country would be totally destroyed. i will defend america's interests above all else. >> reporter: president trump delivering a speech of national sovereignty before the united nations. >> the success of the united nations depends upon the independent strength of its
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members. >> reporter: he discussed global security and criticized nations that are reckless from iran a government president trump said is a disguise for a corrupt dictatorship that funds terrorism to north korea who he referred to as rocket man. >> the united states has great strength and patience but if it istorsed to defend itself and allies we'll have no choice but to destroy north korea. >> reporter: the president's speech drawing strong reaction. protests erupting outside trump tower over the president's immigration policies as global leaders expressed mixed opinions to mr. trump's performance. the prime minister of israel said: >> reporter: venezuela's foreign minister expressing disappointment. >> this is supposed to be the
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house and the headquarters of peace and the international law. and what we heard was the opposite of that. >> there were a few empty seats when president trump went to the podium just before he started speaking. the representative from north korea left the room. >> ellison barber in the nation's capital tonight. thank you, ellison. and joining us now onset is ktvu political analyst brian sobel. thank you for being here. the president shook things up. do you think his tough talk will make a difference or have an impact on north korea's kim jong-un? >> well, the setting was such that the message was delivered clearly to north korea. this is a setting where you have people -- by and large diplomats live in new york. so they have been watching the trump administration and donald trump. so we as resident citizens of the united states we have seen a lot of this.
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but delivering that speech at that podium to the world was -- was trumpian. >> do you think there's this theory, this mad man theory, that the president being so unpredictable, would strike fear in other world leaders that they wouldn't want to set off the president? is that something to take into consideration here? >> reporter: i think so because i -- i -- i think he is the type of -- of president, we're learning, who is accustomed to the bluff, accustomed to a transaction and negotiation. i think that the thing he thinks about it, the stronger i look, the stronger people think i am, the more power i have. and he uses it. >> the less people would mess with him? >> absolutely. but -- but, also, kim jong-un has the same sort of opinion, that he has now nuclear weapons and he is a player, as well. it's a very precarious situation. >> it was really late -- or many hours difference in pyongyang. what do you think the reaction
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is tonight in pyongyang after president trump's speech to the u.n.? >> couldn't have been happy and we'll probably see a defiant response to that. we'll probably see another missile launch very quickly and this is going to be a for tat" kind of thing. >> two completely different views. senator dianne feinstein said the goal of the u.n. is to foster peace and promote global cooperation. today the president used it as a stage to threaten war. on the other hand, prime minister netanyahu said in over 30 years i have never heard a bolder more courageous speech at the u.n. >> i think both are right. first of all, what donald trump did today was say to the world, we are 22% of the budgeted of the united nations and we have certain expectations about what the united nations should be doing in the world. he called out various nations for their behavior. that is not something you see in these kinds of speeches. they are very deferential usually. the president goes and, you know, is very deferential, as i
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say, and magnanimous and so forth. donald trump went to new york and was donald trump. >> very bold, very direct and getting a lot of reaction. >> absolutely. on both sides. >> we'll leave it at that. brian, thank you. >> you're very welcome. ♪[ music ] coming up, a sheriff's deputy fired after his gun was stolen over the weekend. at 6:30, the backlash for the deputy who lost his duty weapon. >> i don't buy the security that says, well, it's really the criminal, the person who stole the weapon, they're to blame. that's just scapegoating. >> here we are another week another category 5 hurricane we're tracking. we'll talk about the hurricane maria with the chance of a sprinkle and shower in the north bay for tomorrow. >> first, details on a plan to rename justin herman plaza in san francisco. why critics say the name doesn't reflect the city's values.
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new at 6:00, a push to rename the plaza at the foot of market street in san francisco is gaining traction. the name justin herman plaza could be change the this afternoon, the board of supervisors passed a resolution urging the city to change the name. cristina rendon is at justin herman plaza tonight with the story and the name they would like to use. cristina. >> reporter: well, frank, right now, the name is being left up to the public but we can tell you that the entire board of
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supervisors co-sponsored this resolution. they say justin herman's name has come to the displace of people of color from the fillmore district and they would like to see a person's name that reflects san francisco values. >> it's adopted unanimously. >> reporter: the san francisco board of supervisors passing a resolution urging the sf rec and park department to rename justin herman plaza at the foot of market along the embarcadero. >> this is really not a resolution about demonizing him. >> reporter: supervisor aaron peskin who introduced it says the late justin herman was head of the redevelopment agency from 1959 to 1971. he says during that time, urban renewal displaced black and japanese communities in the fillmore and western addition neighborhoods. >> in the fillmore, over 4,000 individuals were displaced. 60 square blocks of a vibrant community were demolished. this happened under three mayors under countless boards
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of supervisors, um, under many, many different department heads. it was a misguided principle of the time. um, and justin herman has come to symbolize that time. >> reporter: peskin wants the public to decide on a new name and julie a resident has recommendations. >> two names i suggested was maya angelou who was san francisco's first black street car operator and david johnson the first black photography student. and he actually photographed the fillmore district, the residents that herman displaced. >> reporter: she started a petition to rename the plaza. it has nearly 14,000 signatures. a spokesman says sf rec and park is open to the idea and provided us a statement saying, quote, sf rec and park is working closely with supervisor peskin to conduct a robust community outreach to identify an appropriate name for the plaza." >> i think it's time to
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acknowledge the mistakes that san francisco made a half century ago, um, and to move forward. >> reporter: the resolution not only calls for the removal of the name, but it also wants to temporarily call this embarcadero plaza while public input is gathered on a new permanent name. peskin says the rec and park department is set to take up the issue at their meeting next month. >> thank you, cristina rendon in san francisco. now to the east bay where law enforcement officers in contra costa county say the discovery of racist graffiti on school property is being investigated as a hate crime. the words and images were written on the side and tailgate of a pickup truck at canyon middle school in castro valley. the truck is the property of the district and was parked near the basketball court. deputies say the person responsible may be under age. this isn't the first time this year that castro valley dealt with this. >> we had another incident that
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also had very similar language written on a pole in a quad at the castro valley high school. and, um, the language is similar. >> the sheriff's office is reviewing surveillance video to see if it can identify the culprit and they are asking anyone who knows anything about this case to contact them. some people are leaving the caribbean tonight and heading to miami for safety as hurricane maria barrels towards puerto rico and the virgin islands. maria is currently a category 5 storm. that's the highest level possible. puerto rico's governor is warning that maria could hit tomorrow with a force and violence that we haven't seen for several generations. >> i live on st. john and, um, we were there for irma when irma came through and she just basically devastated the island. a lot of people lost everything and then, um, it was just time for to us get off. we didn't want to stay for maria just for safety issues. >> people are running out of time to fly out of puerto rico since airports on the island are already shutting down.
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>> chief meterologist bill martin is here now. bill, a lot of the islands there taking a beating. puerto rico 3.5 million people, it's coming directly for them. >> yeah it is. it's going to hit san juan pretty significantly. the eye wall will move most likely through san juan in the evening around early-morning hours tomorrow. here's the system now. it's a strong cat-5. it came up to 175 miles an hour. you see the eye and then you see san juan, puerto rico, just off in the distance there. we'll put it in motion. you see the rain. this is two weeks two major cat- 5 hurricanes and these islands have been getting battered, although san juan that time didn't sustain a direct hit but did have damage. this time with maria it looks as though they are going to sustain a direct hit and you will see if we pop in here, i think we can pop in, you will see san juan is right in this area right here. that's where the models are
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going off the top of san juan. it may be as early as thursday which we keep it off the mainland united states. that doesn't mean it's guaranteed to happen but it's a good chance it will which would spare the bahamas and parts of dominican republic, as well. so we'll be tracking it for you and just kind of -- you feel sorry, you have to feel for those folks in the islands taking the hit, um, and have already taken a big hit. as we go outside, that's a very fall-like scene for us, which is sort of the beginning -- not fall yet. fall on friday but the beginning of a mild weather pattern that's going to stick around tomorrow. it's going to be cool and blustery. that system is to the north of us. so it slides by. there it is. you see that temperatures will start to drop tomorrow and a chance of showers. so when i come back, we'll talk about that. we'll see you back here. chp officers mourning the
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loss of one of their own. >> an amazing person. james was an amazing person and officer. >> what we're learning about a bay area officer killed today in a crash on his way to work. >> i regret doing that and i apologize to him for doing that. >> the warriors kevin durant making a public apology for a misstep on social media. joe fonzi has that for us later in sports. >> also ahead, california's hepatitis "a" crisis spreading where health officials are declaring a new outbreak.
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fisher san francisco firefighters said good-bye today to a battalion chief to died while on duty this month. hundreds of firefighters from across the city attended the funeral service at st. ignatius catholic church for the battalion chief who died on september 10th. fellow firefighters discovered him unresponsive in his office after he returned from an early- morning call. fire crews from other bay area cities came to san francisco to cover four city firefighters so they could attend today's service. the highway patrol is mourning the loss of one of their own. a veteran officer was killed in a traffic accident this morning as he was riding his motorcycle to work. ktvu's jesse geary tells us james branik worked at the chp inspection scales in san martin. >> reporter: chp investigators measured and collected evidence at the crash site that cost one of their own his life. james branik began his career in 2005 in the san jose office. then he transferred to the
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scales inspections facility in san martin in 2011. shortly before 6 a.m. branik was riding his bike southbound on monterey road heading into work. at the same time, 47-year-old joseph ketchum was driving his chevrolet pickup truck northbound on monterey. he made a left turn near chester avenue directly in front of branik. the resulting collision caught the attention of an attendant at a nearby gas station. >> this is big noise. i thought something was wrong, a bomb. >> reporter: despite efforts by first responders, branik a 44- year-old married family man, was killed in the crash. >> he was an amazing person. james was an amazing person and officer. >> reporter: investigators say the driver of the pickup truck is cooperating with the investigation. one of the things investigators will look at is the actual turn he was making. there is a turn lane here but the opening is not until
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further down by chester. where the accident occurred it's a double yellow line. investigators say drugs or alcohol were not found inside the pickup truck and do not appear to be factors in the crash. the county coroner will determine the cause of death. flags are at half-staff. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. fox 2 as 6:30 is next with the bay area sheriff's deputy fired as losing his gun. >> they say they have policies in place. there's now a law in place. but it keeps happening. >> up next, more on the fallout as we learn more about how his gun was stolen. >> plus, a young mother murdered more than 30 years ago in the east bay and her killer has never been found. the effort to solve the case. >> continuing coverage on the developing news in mexico. a 7.1 quake that left more than
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100 people dead. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news ktvu at 6:30 is next.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ an earthquake killed 139 people in central mexico today. the 7.1 quick hit in the
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state of puebla about 75 miles southeast of mexico city. a scientist recently retired from the usgs says the location is unusual given the fact that most earthquakes happen near the coast of mexico. >> mexico city has really pathologic soil conditions. they have -- they're built on a lakebed that amplifiers the earthquake shaking by a factor of 100 or more. >> 11 days ago, an 8.1 magnitude quake hit more than 600 miles southeast of mexico city killing nearly 100 people and 32 years ago to the day, a deadly earthquake hit mexico city. at least 5,000 people were killed. president trump made his first address to the united nations general assembly today and threatened to totally destroy north korea if it threatens or its allies. he also called the iran nuclear
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deal an embarrassment to the u.s. many world leaders appeared taken aback by the president's fiery speech including reference to kim jong- un as rocket man on a suicide mission. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. san francisco's sheriff has fired a deputy who had his gun stolen from a rental car over the weekend. ktvu crime reporter henry lee says the deputy was a rookie and was fired. >> reporter: a rookie san francisco sheriff's deputy with less than a year's experience was let go by the department after his duty weapon was stolen from the trunk of his parked rental car. last week an officer's gun stolen was used in a homicide. >> it's the definition of insanity. they have policies in place. there's a law in place but it keeps happening. >> reporter: he represents the families of two other victims
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shot and killed with weapons stolen from law enforcement in car break-ins. kate steinle was shot dead at pier 14 in san francisco with a gun belonging to a federal bureau of land management ranger. antonio ramos was shot and killed while painting a mural in oakland. the gun in that case was stolen from an immigration and customs enforcement agent. >> law enforcement officers don't take their responsibilities every securing a weapon seriously. they treat it as if it's a cell phone. they threw it in the back seat. they stick it in the gym bag. they put it in the trunk and don't follow the law. >> reporter: the law requires that officers secure their weapons in a lock box or trunk. >> it's tragic especially when a weapon is stolen from a vehicle, it's never a happy ending. >> reporter: state senator jerry hill who wrote the legislation says the sheriff's tis did not violate the law. he said while the deputy's gun was not in plain view, the theft is still troubling. >> perhaps, firing this deputy sends a signal and a message
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that it won't be tolerated certainly by the san francisco sheriff and their department. >> i don't buy the excuse that says, well, it's really the criminal, the person who stole the weapon, he is to blame. that's just scapegoating. blame shifting. >> reporter: officers who violate the law could face fines up to $1,000. in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. happening now, a public meeting in san francisco over the hot button issue of police carrying stun guns. the meeting is getting under way at city college of san francisco. police chief william scott is pushing for the use of tasters saying they represent a less lethal option to help deescalate violent situations. however, some officers worry that tasers are not 100% reliable. and opponents say officers need better training not another weapon. they plan to make their voices heard at tonight's meeting. >> fremont police are asking for help in solving a cold case
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that's more than 30 years old. investigators are confident someone can help them find who killed a young mother in 1982. ktvu's maureen naylor spoke with family members today about the new help in this old case. >> reporter: photos and memories are all he has left of his mother. >> i was 10 but i remember that night. >> reporter: the 45-year-old union city father was a middle schooler living in this same home when his mother kathleen miramontes was murdered. the mother of two who went by the nickname sweetie was 25 years old. in his first time speaking publicly about the unsolved murder, he sat at the same table where he talked with his mother for the last time. >> i had just seen her that sunday night. she came here to the house. she had something to e then she left. and then we never saw her again. >> it rocked the niles community pretty well. um, i -- i personally grew up a couple of blocks from where her
6:36 pm
body was found. i remember it as a little girl. >> reporter: this woman with fremont police says the woman's badly beaten body was found partially closed in the niles district next to the alameda creek trail on march 8, 1982 at 5 a.m. but she was murdered elsewhere possibly in the niles or decoto neighborhood. >> there were lacerations to her body. we are not going to give out exactly what the cause of death was, but it was really gruesome. she had major trauma. >> reporter: investigators say miramontes used drugs and was mixed up in a bad crowd. two years ago, her son started asking police if enough had been done in the case. >> i was very impressed that they didn't just think of my mom as someone that was messed up by drugs and, oh, well, she died. they actually cared. they actually did the hard work. i commend them for that. >> reporter: police have never identified a suspect and the dna they recovered was never
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matched. police says even 35 years later what seems like a tiny insignificant detail could help them solve this case. while the family is hoping for answers, they found peace knowing the murderer will answer to a higher power. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news news. trouble for governor brown's water tunnel. >> a bad deal for farmers. we certainly hope the farmers who own land in west lands will say no to this boondoggle. >> also, a san francisco law blocked. why an appeals court says adds warning against sugary drinks may violate the first amendment.
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new at 6:00 tonight, the water district says it will not help pay for the governor's controversial delta water tunnels project. the westlands water district was considered vital to the $16 billion plan. the district covers more than 1,000 square miles of farmland in the central valley. it would have contributed more than $3 billion to the project. >> we don't really know the cost of this project. we have been told $16 billion for many years. we don't think that's the actual cost. but even if that $16 billion when you look at financing that over the course of 70 years, the cost gets quite high. and no one i know, for instance, has a 70-year mortgage. >> the plan would feed water from north of the delta to the south through two 35-mile-long
6:41 pm
tunnels. the governor claims the continues would provide a more reliable water supply for two- thirds of california residents and hundreds of farms. los angeles county joins santa cruz and san diego counties declaring an outbreak of hepatitis "a." in san diego, more than 420 cases and 16 deaths were reported this year, most of them among homeless people and intravenous drug users. authorities have declared a health emergency. in santa cruz cases 69 cases confirmed since april compared to one or two for a year as usual. hepatitis "a" is a liver infection caused by a highly contagious virus. a federal appeals court blocked a san francisco law today requiring a health warning on ads for sugary drinks. the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals says it's a violation of freedom of speech. it requires a warning on ads
6:42 pm
for sugary drinks that appear on billboards and buses and elsewhere. the court says it's misleading because it doesn't appear on other ads with a similar amount of sugar. a law professor appeared on the "four on 2" today and said if rewritten it could pass. >> you said perhaps if the ordinance added one word and that word being may contribute -- >> exactly. >> then the court may be okay with it? >> that would help for sure. the wording could be changed in a revised ordinance. >> the label would then read, warning, drinking beverages with added sugar "may" contribute to obesity, diabetes and tooth decay. frontier has direct flights to atlanta, colorado springs
6:43 pm
and other destinations from san jose. they had previously announced direct flights from san jose to denver starting next month. fares are as low as $39 each way as a promotion. another cat-5 hurricane is barreling toward the caribbean. >> 2017 is a historic year in the struggle against climate change. >> coming up next, the latest on hurricane maria as it now takes aim at puerto rico. >> it is a strong category 5 hurricane. we have a fewer sprinkles around here to talk about for wednesday. a fall-like weather pattern impacting the area. we'll talk about it after the break. e k. at stanford health care, we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms
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without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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hurricane maria is a cat-5 hurricane tonight and it's on track to hit the virgin islands and puerto rico sometime tomorrow morning. overnight, maria caused widespread destruction to domenica and martinique and brought flooding to guadalupe. people in puerto rico are stocking up on plywood, gasoline and groceries preparing for the worst. hurricane harvey spared the island a direct hit but it's not clear if it will be the same thing this time around. >> 2017 is turning into year of historic significance in the struggle against climate change and all the other risks that put human life in danger and trapping exposed and vulnerable communities around the world. >> authorities are asking people to find safer accommodations. they say there's space for up
6:47 pm
to 133,000 people in 500 shelters. let's go to chief meterologist bill martin now. he is tracking hurricane maria. so what's the timing like? when is it supposed to hit puerto rico? >> puerto rico late tonight, early tomorrow morning. >> a direct hit? >> yeah. especially on san juan. the largest city in puerto rico. >> winds speeds up to 165? gusting to 165. >> yes. 100 miles per hour sustained. they got a glancing blow from irma last week and now they are getting a direct hit in san juan the largest city in the area. not great news but there is a little good news for the continental united states that the path of the hurricane looks as though it wants to go north more quickly. but there's the different models solutions. and you see they are all pretty much in line with a quick turn to the north. so we'll track that. as you look outside, you see a
6:48 pm
little bit of -- no fog serge but a little bit of haze off in the distance. that's mount tamalpais. i bet you knew that. that's mount tamalpais. that's the east peak right there. you're 2300 feet above that with a beautiful coastal day. tomorrow will be different. more clouds. so this weather system drops down right here. and this guy is going to go -- drop over us. if it was a month from now, it would be real rain like this up north but we're still far enough south that we'll see sprinkles, drizzle, everything mainly tomorrow morning. you will see clouds and a mild day. temperatures today were kind of mild. temperatures tomorrow will be a little cooler still. strong winds. napa is blowing or gusting to 30 miles an hour and then 35 miles an hour at sfo. so it's blowing. the pressure changing occurring and if you look, this is the model in san francisco. you see a few drops up here. it's not going to be a deal
6:49 pm
breaker for you on what you're doing. let's -- unless you're painting or something up around healdsburg or something like that, you might have issues with humidity or concrete but north, right? but most of us will be under a slight drizzle event and when i say most of us, i'm talking from, say, santa rosa south it would be a little bit of drizzle maybe some measurable like .01 around pacifica along the coast and in the afternoon you get some breaks, as well. so afternoon about 67 degrees in san francisco. here's another model look at it. you see you get a better picture of it this way, right? there's tomorrow morning. doesn't look like much. so, you know, that could change. but you see these -- blues and greens popping up, that's widely scattered showers at best. dries out quick on thursday. there's the forecast for tomorrow, then. chance of sprinkles in the morning. and then it will be a little breezy tomorrow afternoon. there's the five-day forecast. it would be nice if this was a real rain event. thursday could be the coolest day of the week. but a couple of weeks ago and
6:50 pm
last week, in the 80s and 90s. and here we are feeling so much like fall. and the equinox is on friday. so, um, it's acting like summer is over. like it's supposed to. >> i bet we'll get a warmup coming up. >> there will be. >> thank you. the a's have been playing long ball the last two nights against the tigers in detroit. joe will have the highlights and the rest of sports coming up.
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all right. joe is here now. he is in for mark tonight. and 49ers playing on thursday night. >> yeah. i think there's an nfl game just about every day these days. [ laughter ] >> pretty much during the season. everybody in the nfl plays at least once on thursday these days and that means that a short week to heel up and prep. this is the 49ers' week for that duty. the rams look like the classic teams of the '60s and '70s but not playing like this. the one guy who played last sunday was todd gurley who rushed for 88 yards and a touchdown and proved he can get up in the air when he has to. the rams had a chance for a late touchdown to tie the game. but bay area product jared goff
6:54 pm
let loose with a throw he would like to have back. foster clinch. the 27-20 win for washington with that interception. thursday's game will match the second youngest head coach in the league kyle shanahan against the youngest sean mcvay. these two will see each other for years to come and mcvay expects more of what he saw on sunday. >> it was a very similar type deal forget redding did i for washington. those are things we have to be ready to adjust to. when you look at the offense we have some of the things that kyle had success with over the course. his career and i think robert has done a good job the first couple of weeks putting the defense in a lot of good situations. the raiders have a standard week of preparation facing that same washington team that beat the rams on their home turf. washington goes from trying to stop todd gurley to having to deal is marshawn lynch in the backfield. prime time for raiders on
6:55 pm
sunday night. they are 2-0 first time since 2002. washington linebacker brown was in the afc for five years and got a good look there at lynch. >> it's the same guy at the seahawks but [ indiscernible ] hit him keep driving our feet. we gonna play four quarters. it don't matter keep running the ball pounding it thinking we're going to break first we might give up a run here or there but at the end of the day we gonna come after you and tackle you don't matter who you are. >> oh, that social media. once you press that send button, there is no going back. that's a realization the warriors kevin durant is dealing w durant has been active on twitter this summer and said some things about his former coach and team that he thought was on a private account. the rant criticized his former coach in oklahoma city billy donovan and questioned the makeup of the team roster. durant also went in a third person rant that included references to himself and his former teammate russell westbrook.
6:56 pm
as it turns out his comments were for everyone to see. today in san francisco, durant owned up to it and took his lumps. >> i don't regret clapping back at anybody or talking to my fans on twitter. i do regret us my former coach's name and the former organization that i played for. that was childish and idiotic all those type of words. i regret and i apologize to him for doing that. i don't think i ever stop engaging with my fans. i think they, you know, really enjoy it and i think it's a good way to connect us you will. >> matt olson watches the best story line on the a's in these final days of the 2017 season. the a's delayed 25 minutes this evening by rain in detroit. olson has been hitting balls out of the park ever since he was called up to the big team this summer. he got into this one in the oakland inning off chad bell. that's 23 homers now for olson in just his 55th game of the year. the fifth straight game in which he has gone deep. still in the second, another summertime call-up matt chapman goes deep. that is 13 on the year for chapman. it will be good to see both
6:57 pm
those guys in a full season in 2018. daniel gositch too a 3-2 lead in the fifth and tigers got hot. one into the damp night. that's a leadoff homer. they are all even at 3. not for long with two on and two out, james mccann hits one fair down the left field line and khris davis has an adventure and the runners keep on going. two-run triple for mccann. tigers 6-3 in the inning. they are now in the 6th inning with a score of 8-4 detroit. and if you care, the giants play tonight at home against the rockies. >> how much change do you think it will be on both the a's and the giants next season as a result of this season? >> the giants are going to see lots of change i think on the a's you're seeing the guys will be here. they bought them up for the summertime all the kids and traded away the veterans. >> you saw the new names. >> thank you. thanks for joining us tonight. our coverage continues at 7:00 on ktvu plus.
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