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tv   KTVU Mornings Weekend Edition  FOX  December 3, 2017 7:00am-8:30am PST

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this is mornings on 2. good morning. >> we will check your weather in just a moment. first we want to talk about stories making news. we are following a deadly crash on an east bay freeway. the highway patrol has been there for several hours. one person is dead and another in grave condition. the engine was thrown out of this car. we will check in in just a few minutes. we have been watching how it has been affecting traffic. it is clear as far as the scene. we will check in to see what is going on. this is the toll plaza.
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things are moving smoothly. much different from what we saw yesterday. >> yesterday there was a deadly crash at the toll plaza. a number of lanes were shut down. we told you about this yesterday morning. left one toll taker dead. donald trump this morning we will tell you more about the victim and the person taking -- facing charges. holiday shopping season is well underway. crowds are in the streets. that can be a distraction for you as you try to make sure you keep an eye on your valuables, your purse, bag, while it. how you can net cash make sure -- make sure you are not a victim. >> like i did. >> what we can do to stay safe.
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we will have some good tips so you do not become a victim. i can tell you from first-hand experience, it is not fun.>> reporter: -- if you don't like the cold, what do we do? >> it is a little damp out there. we received a little bit of rain. now it is moving out. behind that we will be mostly clear. here's a look at the sun as it rises. we will have a lot of sunshine today. even with that sunshine, it will be cool with temperatures only in the low 60s for the afternoon. here's a look at your storm tracker. this is the backend of the system that moved through. a lot of clear skies out there. there is just a little bit of
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moisture remaining in place over the higher elevations. this afternoon, it will be mostly blue skies for sunday afternoon. temperatures will be on the cool side. we also has something to worry about on the coastline. flooding will be a possibility beginning this morning at high tide. the king tides will be with us for a few days. if you are going to the coast or live near the coast, during the week if you park close to the coast, the king tides her back. here are look at the temperatures. low 40s in livermore and 50 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, san francisco will get up to 58 degrees. behind the system that passed through that brought us rain, we have high pressure that will
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rebuild. we will have wind in the hills. i will have the advisory for that and the extended forecast coming up. new this morning, the california highway patrol is investigating a deadly crash on the east bay freeway. we are live from the area where this accident happened with more . >> reporter: good morning. that accident has now been cleared. traffic is running normally. let's show you some video so you know what this looks like earlier this morning. the accident happened at about 3 am. a white dodge charger was headed southbound at a high rate of speed. they lost control and hit a pole. the driver of that vehicle died at the scene and the other man was rushed to the hospital with grave injuries. the engine itself was flown
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free from the car. >> this vehicle was moving at a high rate of speed. it veered across all the lanes of traffic and struck the guard well and collided into this bowl. -- pole. >> reporter: there were no signs of alcohol in the vehicle. they are looking to see if the driver was intoxicated. names have not been released. chp is investigating what led up to that crash. this is our live picture. traffic is now getting back to normal. the collision was off to the side of the freeway. it did not have a major impact on traffic. now that it has been cleared, traffic has resumed its normal pattern. back to you. this morning, one person is
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facing charges for yesterday's deadly crash at the toll plaza. crews have shut down some tollbooths. a 40 six-year-old toll taker died there. a rented truck slammed into the toll booth. burke and his passenger were thrown from the truck and seriously injured. burke is under arrest for driving under the influence. flags around the state will be flown at half staff. >> this is the worst nightmare. something like this happens to one of our coworkers.>> people in five other vehicles were also injured. they are expected to survive. the two men charged in the ghost ship fire are due in
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court tomorrow. the defendants are scheduled for a preliminary hearing in court. the judge will decide whether there is enough evidence that against them. both are charged with 30 six counts of involuntary manslaughter for each victim killed in the fire. if convicted on all charges they could be sentenced to 39 years behind bars. the 37 people who died were young, creative and loved by many. their family members, friends and neighbors gathered last night to remember their lives. we were at the memorial. >> reporter: coming back to read the names and see the faces has never been easy. that is why it has taken them almost 1 year.>> this is my first time. it is very, very hard. i am still shaking.>> reporter: mary vega lost her son, 22-year-
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old alex. he died along with his girlfriend, 20-year-old michaela gregory. >> i am not mad. i don't want to be mad. that is not who i am. i don't want them to -- i don't want them to think my son that died -- died in vain. >> reporter: besides these candles, names and faces were crafted and displayed in this tree. they lined the fence for half a block. there were messages that read, grave in peace. it has opened old wounds. >> it is tragic. this did not have to happen. i don't understand how a city would not be able to know what is going on in their
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building.>> reporter: this man lives just two blocks away. >> this is a tragedy for oakland and for the state and the country.>> reporter: derek l mehta was charged with involuntary manslaughter. >> the one that is responsible is the property owner. she knew exactly what was going on in this building.>> reporter: he points to 1 meter that was supposed to be powered to the gulf ship warehouse. they received a $3 million insurance bailout from the fire. that makes this more difficult. >> i don't want this to happen again to anybody. i don't want her mother to go
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through what i am going through.>> back to you. it was a thrilling finish. the storybook run for cardinal newman ended last night. they lost 59-50 six 59-56 >> marin catholic got the last touchdown. >> a lot of people were pulling for them. make sure you take a few minutes later tonight to look up at the sky and take a look at the moon. it is the only supermoon of the year. we will tell you what it will look at and we will explain why it looks that way. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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my name is valerie decker and i'm a troubleman for pg&e. i am a first responder to emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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welcome back. the president is on twitter. the fbi has removed a top agent from mueller's investigation team. tainted, dishonest. led cont -- clinton email probe. he also says that the fbi's reputation is in tatters. >> mueller learned there was anti-trump text shared with a colleague. they are now reviewing the role this agent played in the
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investigation of hillary clinton's email server. he was involved in politically sensitive cases. the review will wrap up early next year. this comes one day after donald trump changed his story about why he fired michael flynn. yesterday morning he tweeted, he lied to the vice president and the fbi. he pled guilty to those lights. it is a shame. his actions during the transition online -- lawful. the president said he never knew the he had lied to the fbi. he is not concerned that flynn is now cooperating with the fbi. >> what has been known is no collusion. there has been absolutely no collusion. >> more people in the transition team may have been aware of collusion with russia. the associated press reports one person was jared kushner.
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>> reaction is coming in after brian ross was suspended. he went on the air with what he said was an exclusive report about flynn. that report would be that flynn would testify that donald trump had ordered him to make contact with putin. they then issued a clarification say the directive -- saying that happened while donald trump was president- elect. abc news has issued an apology for what it calls a serious error. it is football sunday. the jimmy garrotte below aero -- era begins. he will start his first game as a 49er today. he will play against the chicago bears.
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he grew up in illinois, a suburb of chicago. 49ers plan have been -- fans have been waiting to see him play for a while. he gave them some hope last week. he ran and completed two passes including a touchdown in the last play of the game. the raiders are below 500 but one game behind kansas city. the raiders host the new york giants this afternoon. they won't have their student -- to leaders. the giants, they are one of the worst teams in the league. they are benching a super bowl quarterback winner, eli manning.
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mornings on two will wrap up at 8:30. that will be followed by sports to weekend show and then nfl coverage on fox. the giants and the raiders kickoff at one deck 25. for more news you can join us for mornings on 2 on our plus channel. king tides are expected. there could be flooding. the king tides are high tides that occur during a super moon. even though it is not expected to rain today, the high tides could lead to flooding. traffic delays may happen in areas where flooding is coming. the moon will rise at 5:25.
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it will set at 6:43 monday morning. this is when a full moon or new moon coincides with the closest orbit of the moon. it will be bigger and brighter. it is a trilogy. those of the moons where people are driving at night or in the morning and they say whoa . >> it looked pretty big this morning and that wasn't even a supermoon. >> 12:40 2 am. that is the best time. take a photo in tweet it. >> absolutely. outside our doors, we have
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a little bit of patchy fog and some sunshine. mostly clear skies in store for today. assistant brought us a little bit of rain to the north bay especially. portions along the peninsula and east bay picked up just a tiny bit of rain. i will bring you some numbers in just a moment. we still have snow falling in the sierras, down to about the 3000 foot level. up to 60 and -- 6 in nces -- inches of snow fell. a wind advisory will be in place tonight at about 10 a clock. that will last until tuesday morning. it is for the northbay hills and east bay hills. santa cruz is not included in this. hills will see the wind pick
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up. up to about 30 miles per hour sustained and gusting at 40 to 50. we will be watching that. there is a cool pattern in place for today. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to low 60s. the sun will be shining but it will be cool. temperatures outside this morning, 38 in the north bay at santa rosa. along the peninsula, 43 to start your morning. the east bay is 46th in hayward. afternoon highs will be in the upper 60s. mountain view into san jose, low 60s expected there. the extended forecast here, temperatures don't change a whole lot. we see a gradual warm-up as we
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get into wednesday and thursday with temperatures back into the 60s for inland communities. we have been talking about this all weekend long, no rain in the forecast. at some point the air quality starts to suffer. we need to have those storms lineup. >> were their predictions that there would be wet or dry conditions in december? >> we don't worry about it until the rain goes away.>> we would just cross our fingers. >> okay. >> a baby born in texas makes history in the u.s. a medical breakthrough that many see as a miracle. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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more than 55,000 people in indonesia are living in shelters because of an active volcano. a safety alert is set to the highest level. scientists say it is difficult to make exact predictions about the danger. tourist are also staying away. hours after a tax overhaul bill was approved, the president says he can negotiate
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changes. the house and senate have different versions. republicans are holding firm. the president is suggesting he could go along with a 22% top tax rate for big companies. lawmakers have been battling the smallest details. that could create complications when house members begin to iron out differences between the two bills. the president has said he is looking forward to signing the tax all changes before christmas. it is a first. a baby boy was born at baylor university medical center 28 mother who had a transplanted uterus. this is the first time it has happened in the united states.
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doctors are expected to release more details later this week. the cast and crew of star wars remember the late carrie fisher. fisher finished filming all of her scenes for star wars, the last jedi just before she died of a heart attack last december. one year later the cast says her performance means even more to them. she would bring joy on and off the screen. it is very sad. i don't want to sugarcoat it. i do know her well enough to say that she would want us to be laughing and mocking her. she understands, the character in the film and the mirroring to life is uncanny. >> this movie will open in theaters on december 14. all right. lots of people are shopping. you do not want to think of
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being a target for thieves. how to stay safe while shopping. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back. back.
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we are looking out toward the western span of the bay bridge. there is a pretty good breeze going there. there were some raindrops overnight. everything is drying up. this is a beautiful shot. >> [ inaudible ] osborne --
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ozzie osborne turned 69 years old today. good morning. we were talking about it being chilly. rosemary is here with a quick look at what we can expect.>> not a whole lot of rain, we would like to have more. >> it was not impressive. >> outside the system is moving on. behind it we will be partly cloudy and cool today. there is a gorgeous view of the golden gate bridge. we still have scattered showers over the sierras. take a look at some of these rainfall totals. mount st. helena reported almost 1 inch.
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petaluma reported 4/100. san francisco got last -- less than that. as expected, we had scattered showers moving through last night. here we are this morning with mostly clear skies and a northerly flow that is expected to pick up later tonight and last through tuesday. we will have wind advisory for the hills. let's take a look at what is going on today. these are the scattered showers that continue.>> no advisories on 80 and 50. it is still coming down there. temperatures will be on the cool side. in addition to the cool conditions and dry conditions, we have coastal flooding that will be an issue all the way
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down to monterey. this is not just for beaches, we're talking about parking lots and trails and the coast. when i come back i will have a look at the temperatures for today and the business week. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back. one person is dead and another is fighting for his life after a car crash. the white dodge charger was driving very fast on southbound interstate 880. other drivers tell the chp the car crossed all the lanes of traffic and then slammed into the guard rail. it ricocheted into a freeway side bowl.>> the engine compartment was actually separated from the vehicle.>> the driver was killed at the
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scene. both victims are men in their early 20s. their names have not been released. the chp is trying to figure out if drugs or alcohol contributed to the accident. a woman killed on thanksgiving eve will be laid to rest today. she suffered brain trauma in a car crash and drive -- died from her injuries. a 16-year-old passenger died at the scene of the accident. the 26-year-old driver was arrested for felony drunk driver. prosecutors want the chp to further investigate the incident. new this morning, police in new york city are searching for a driver who crashed into a crowd outside a hookah bar. this happened early this morning after two people got into a fight and stabbed each other.
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investigators say the driver targeted the people he hit. authorities do not suspect terrorism was involved in this case. the driver got away in a white sonata. children in the bay area hospitals got a flight to the north pole to see santa. the children came from many children hospitals. they took a short trip and then returned to the north pole. the highlight of their date was getting to see santa. >> i saw santa claus and mrs. clause. >> it means everything. it's important for them to develop their imagination and have a good time.
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they have other things that they have to deal with on a day to day basis. >> after the flight, they spent time with santa inside the airport. charter schools are segregated and lack diversity. this after analyzing enrollment data from charter schools around the country. more than 1000 charter schools enrolled 99% minority students. schools that are highly segregated often have lower levels of achievement. research shows that high percentages of minority students have fewer resources. advocates say they often serve minority students who have been let down by traditional public schools. las vegas firefighters call homeless man a hero for saving two small children from a fire. a boy and girl were trapped in a burning apartment friday
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morning. their grandfather was cooking and the stove caught fire. he escaped out of a back bedroom. he could not get to the children. that is when this man, who was homeless was walking by the apartment and saw smoke. he pulled a screen door open and rescued those children. without his actions, the children would have smokers -- suffered smoke inhalation and burns. let's talk about holiday shopping. the season is in full swing. you could be a target for criminals. it is hard to stay on your guard. let's get some insight into how criminals think and what we can do to stay safe. >> make your list and check it twice. we saw lots of people making good progress on the list. i thought this is going to be a great christmas when i looked
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at this woman. crooks see something different. >> someone is driving up there. it would not take anything to pop out and grab one of those purses or bags. they would be in that car in less than 15 seconds. >> every holiday we are told to stay on alert. sometimes, that is easier this -- easier said than done. >> everybody is in shopping mode. not everybody is in protection mode. >> reporter: we asked the sheriff to give us some insight into what criminals are thinking. hindsight is 20/20. looking back at this surveillance picture, this is embarrassing. i know now that only moments later someone in this car reached out a window and grabbed my wallet.
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>> how fast were they gone? >> seconds. >> i got a lot of advice from that. when i was robbed they said you should have worn a cross carry purse and hooked it into a shopping cart and done a couple of other things so i was not so tempting for the criminal. >> sure. there are a lot of things that you can do. there have also been cases where people ripped the strap right off and then you get hurt in the process as well. criminals target what they perceive as an easy target. >> we thought it was a good time to take a minute to figure out how to make ourselves a harder target. we had sergeant -- this sergeant look at video that we shot on black friday. he said when it comes to location you may see location
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but crooks see an escape route. shopping in a mall might make it harder for them to grab and run. >> there are a lot of people around. a lot of people to interfere with your ideas. most criminals do not want to do that. >> we saw lots of people putting down their bags. we see someone in need of a break but crooks see opportunities. >> how hard would it be for somebody who has a little bit of a jump in their step to grab those bags and be gone. her back as to those shadows. anybody could easily run through their and distract her with something. >> what we don't think about could be a signal to others. this man appears to be taking a picture. what crooks see is a double
7:40 am
opportunity. >> he is probably just taking a picture. >> yes. he has his phone out. he might have a credit card. if someone takes his card, -- phone, they also take his credit card. >> when it comes to convenience, nothing is more convenient than a parking lot. it is better to park closer but sometimes we don't have a choice. >> they walk further away. she has her purse. >> yes. safety in numbers. >> you need to be aware. >> the risk is when you put your bags into a car and go back into shop. >> if it is in plain sight, it doesn't take anything to break a window and get in. some suvs have little covers for that back area. is not a deterrent? >> yes absolutely. >> reporter: it does not come with enough serious consequences. >> voters in california
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essentially decriminalized draft. if it is less than $1000, it is a misdemeanor. you might spend the night in jail, that is it. why you are seeing a rash of car break-ins, there is no punishment for that crime. in the old days, you would get 30 days or 60 days maybe even six months in the county lockup. that does it happen anymore. >> so you want to get stuff without consequences. >> what is changed for you, your behavior when you're out shopping now compared to before? >> i don't put my purse on the top there. it has started a conversation
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which started this story. people say here's what you should do and here's what you should not do. we need to be more aware. we are not thinking about it. whether or not we should or should not, we don't. a police officer told me that people have car break-ins. they are getting car break-ins because people hang out in the parking lot and wait for you to drop off your stuff there and go back in and shop. >> hopefully people can learn. >> i am hopeful. a hospital -- high school team became a fan favorite after they overcame the northbay fires and
7:43 am
they kept on playing football. they advanced to the championship game. the final four -- cardinal newman. will have moral that. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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police have found the body of a missing 3-year-old girl. the death is being called a homicide. a dive team found the body in a creek in jacksonville north carolina. she was reported missing by her mother. volunteers have been searching for her.
7:46 am
her mother's boyfriend was arrested and charged with concealing a death and obstructing justice. >> this investigation continues. i will await the results of the medical examiner's report.>> we were all hoping for a better outcome. >> the girls body was removed. prosecutors are deciding whether more charges should be filed. surveillance videos are being asked for from businesses around the area. >> a swimmer is appealing his conviction of sexual assault. a federal appellate court says that the prosecutors had inaccurate information. turner is seeking a new trial. you will remember he was found guilty of assaulting an
7:47 am
unconscious woman on the stanford campus and sentenced to six months in jail. he served half of that sentence and was released. he returned to date in ohio. he had to register as a sex offender. commissioners have given the final approval to a distribution center. a logistics facility can be built on it former military facility. let's talk suites. a popular gift during the holidays, chocolate. headquartered in south san francisco is sees county. -- candy. i have heard of that, i may have had a piece or two. the company was founded nearly 100 years ago. we have a look inside the factory in culver city. >> reporter: handcrafted chocolate.
7:48 am
they've been making this since 1921. we got a look at how these candies are made. >> it is done by hand. some products i dip the way we have done for decades. we sort those pecans i hand, one by one to make sure they are not chipped and then we dip them and decorate them by hand. >> this is the busiest time of year. you do 75% of your business now? >> yes. we double the number of employees in our facility. we make candy. >> -- >> reporter: peanut brittle. how much of this do you make? >> this is a year-round favorite. >> yes. we make about 9000 pounds per day this time of year. it is really good. >> so it started back in 1921
7:49 am
in pasadena. now, it is a worldwide brand. you are so busy this holiday season? >> yes. we are making pecan rolls. that your favorite? go that is my favorite. we are hand dipping butterscotch and we roll that in caravelle. >> reporter: quality control and cleanliness is meticulous. workers never eat online. >> breaking a few rules right there. >> digital put it back on the line. >> exactly. >> let's talk about our weather. >> right. the sierras are getting interesting. it is snowing up in the mountains? >> yes. 2 to six-inch is.
7:50 am
there were no advisories. as claudine mentioned, this time of year, always have the chains and be prepared if you are headed up there. the snow is falling. we have dried out. we had a little bit of rain over the area overnight. again, we wake up with partly cloudy skies. we have a light breeze. we will have the winds pick up a little bit later today. as we get into the evening hours, for the hills we have a wind advisory. that starts at 10 pm. here now, we have a north of flo in place. we will go to the sierras and take a look at these scattered showers over i- 80 and highway 50. early this morning we fell down to 4000 feet. this is going to wind down in
7:51 am
the second part of the morning. right now it is still falling. you will need chains. >> at home we remain partly cloudy, dry and cool. temperatures will be into the 60s. right now it is 38 degrees. 40s and 50s around the bay. 50 degrees in oakland. in the southbound, -- south bay, 49. berkeley will be in the low 60s. san francisco, upper 50s for an afternoon high. 63 will be high for santa cruz. high tides will play a role. king tides last until tuesday. today the high tide will be at
7:52 am
about 10:30. on tuesday it will be during the noon hour. coastal flooding occurs for beaches and low-lying parking lots and trails and roadways. that is something to be aware of for the next few days. the temperatures are going to remain cool monday, tuesday. wednesday and thursday we will have morning fog and afternoon sun. dry weather in the extended forecast.>> thank you. >> the forecast is not always spot on. what about the snow? >> you missed it. >> that i not call for snow? >> major error. >> we will correct this. don't worry.
7:53 am
all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back. heavy, labored breathing
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heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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welcome back. our one warm coat collection drive is still going on. we encourage everyone to donate a coat, sweater or winter item at any one of a number of drop off locations. you can make that donation at a street. maybe later on today you could drop one off.
7:56 am
you could also head over to walnut creek. you can make clothing donations at participating ups and big o tire stores. >> you don't have to go to the sierras today to check out snow. go to south bay. there is a winterfest. there will be snow to build snowmen and hurl snowballs at each other. admission is free. if you go you are encouraged to bring donated toys or a canned good. >> martin jones stopped 48 shots . he could not stop tampa bay from scoring five goals low. jones was the best player of the night. they managed to score twice. the lightning win 5-2. they
7:57 am
wrap up the road trip in washington dc tomorrow night. we want to talk about a phenomenon we see in the bay area. the king tides will increase later today. we will talk about the flooding threat along the coastline when we come back. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
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good morning. look at that shot of the bay area this morning. it is so beautiful. the sun is shining. this is the kind of morning that they call clear and cold.
8:00 am
we are all shivering. it was very cold this morning. anytime it is below 50 degrees, i think, zero -- heater to 85 degrees when i am driving in. welcome. today is december 3. >> i am in today for franque. it will warm up throughout the day. we will check on your weather in just a second. first we want to talk about some stories we are following this morning. a deadly crash on the freeway overnight. first responders were there at the scene for several hours. one person is dead and another gravely injured. the car was going so fast that part of the engine block came out of the car. more on that coming up. a deadly accident at the bay bridge toll plaza. we will tell
8:01 am
you what we learned about the victim. >> we will also talk about the person facing charges. they are trying to get that toll plaza back open. speaking of the roads, if you are headed up to the sierras, it is going to be a day to take your time. we have dry weather here. the weather is working its way through the area. >> we will need chains on 50 and 80. the snow is continuing to fall over portions of the sierra. >> here's a look at mostly clear skies. as we look toward the west, we will be partly cloudy. it will be a cool one, a chilly start and cool for the afternoon.
8:02 am
we didn't expect much of rain and that is what we received. anywhere from 2/100 of an inch to 4/100 of an inch. a few scattered showers moved through and here's where we are at this hour. that northerly flow will kick up by the afternoon and evening. that will trigger an advisory for some. here is the snow that is following -- falling. 4000 feet or so. the only advisory there is a wind advisory. it will be slick and slow getting into the sierra this morning before it tapers off and moves out later today. the wind advisory starts for us at 10 pm. it will last until tuesday morning. the wind maybe
8:03 am
gusting up to 50 miles per hour. that is enough to topple trees. another advisory will be on the coastline. coastal flooding is expected for the next few days. that is in low lying areas down to monterey. it does not just include the beaches. it will be in coves and people who park in low-lying areas. when i come back, i will have a look at the current temperatures and the extended forecast. thank you. all lanes of the southbound freeway her back opened at this error -- hour after a deadly crash overnight. this happened just before 3 am. chp says there were other drivers who saw this crash.>> we have a witness report that this car passed them at a high rate of speed and then lost control. he struck the guard rail on the right side and then slid into
8:04 am
the pole. >> the impact was so hard that the engine came out of the engine compartment. there were two men inside that car. the driver was killed and died at the scene. the passenger was last reported in grave condition at the hospital. names have not been released. no one else was hurt in this crash. chp is trying to figure out if alcohol or drugs were involved. one person faces charges for a deadly crash at the toll plaza. repair work is happening now. a 40 six-year-old man died in the toll plaza. burke and his passenger were thrown from the truck. they were seriously injured.
8:05 am
burke is under arrest for driving under the influence. the governor has ordered flags flown at half staff. >> this is the worst nightmare. something like this happens to one of our coworkers. >> people in five other in vehicles were injured. they hope to finish work on the tollbooth before tomorrow morning. the ghost ship warehouse fire defendants are due in court tomorrow. they are scheduled for a hearing tomorrow morning. a judge will decide if they should move forward with trial. both men are charged with in voluntary -- involuntary manslaughter for each victim killed. if they are convicted of all the charges, they could be sentenced to 39 years. >> the people who died in the fire were young, creative and let -- loved by so many.
8:06 am
last night friends and family gathered to remember their lives. we were at that memorial and talked to some of the victims families. >> coming back to see the names and faces have not been see. it took this family almost 1 year. >> this is my first time.>> it is very, very hard. i am still shaking.>> this woman lost her son, alex to the flames. he died along with his girlfriend. >> i am not mad about what happened. i don't want to be mad. that is not who i am. i don't want them to one day they say nothing happen. >> reporter: making sure no one forgets. local artist mourned in creative ways. beside these candles, names and
8:07 am
faces were displayed in this ornamental tree. there were messages that read, grave and peace. also, you make beautiful music, now you are the music. this man lost his brother. >> it is tragic. this did not have to happen. i don't -- i don't understand how a city would not be able to know what is going on in their building. >> a councilmember lives two blocks away. >> this is a tragedy for oakland and for the state and for the country.>> reporter: charged with in -- involuntary manslaughter morose the man who ran the concert. >> the one that is ultimate responsible is the property
8:08 am
manager. she knew exactly what was going on in this building. >> there was one meter it was rigged to give power to the warehouse. the builders owner received a $3 million insurance payout. that news makes this anniversary more difficult for families. >> i don't want this to happen again to anybody. i don't want a mother to go through what i am going through. back to you.>> rosemary talked about the king tides earlier. they are in the bay area today. >> that is right. these are the highest tides. they bring the strong possibility of flooding along the coastline in the bay area. this morning we are live. we are keeping all of -- and i on
8:09 am
the water levels. we have a couple of hours before we see the highest tides, right? go yes. we are keeping an eye on the water level. the high tide is expected in a couple of hours. the water level is already high . we are going to show you a live picture from the camera on top of our live truck to show you how the water is already lapping on the steps at pier 14. we will keep track of the water level all morning long. the king died is an informal name for -- for a regularly occurring high tide. this typically occurs during full or new moons. keep in mind, tonight we will have a super noon. that is happening because we
8:10 am
are at our closest to the moon tonight. it also coincides with a full moon, the best time to catch the full moon is tonight right after sundown. meanwhile, that means high tide. high tide is expected shortly before 10:30 this morning. that could mean some localized flooding in low-lying areas. we will mark the tides here and keep an ear out to hear if there is any localized flooding. we will let you know about that for sure. >> parking lots 10 -- tend to be trouble. >> sometimes, those tides affect the parking lots in marin county. i have covered that before. sometimes we get that water and
8:11 am
storm activity lapping up here. that is one of the reasons we came here. the high tide will come in and we will see if it lapse up here. >> you two are of the same mind. >> absolutely. >> the time is 8:11. it was a storybook finish for cardinal newman. they did lose to catholic. check out the score, 59-50 six. cardinal newman has received great support. cardinal newman led for most of this game. marin catholic did not give up. a late touchdown got them the wind. those games are awesome, win or
8:12 am
lose. >> yes. they should hold their heads up high. >> congratulations. we are starting a new era of 49ers football. we will talk about jimmy g taking over for the niners. the raiders will play without their top two wide receivers today. partly because of a little scrimmage, i guess that's what we could call it. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
8:13 am
8:14 am
is football sunday. the raiders host the giants this afternoon. they will not have two of their starting wide receivers. >> we begin the jimmy garrotte below -- garrotte below --
8:15 am
garappolo era. good morning. is jimmy g ready to go? what you think about his start today? how will he come out of the gates? >> the 49ers had that decision made for them. they knew they wanted to see him at some point this year. butler had played well in the previous game when they beat the giants. it's pretty tough to tell a guy that, after he got hurt, in came jimmy g. it was time to see him anyway. they wanted to see what they had in him in these remaining five max weeks in the season. as they tried to make decisions
8:16 am
as far as next year is concerned, then, that forced their hand after the injury. he is thrown two passes. one was a conversion and one was a touchdown pass. >> that was pretty good for him. >> does it raise expectations? >> they are putting a lot of pressure on him. >> this will be indicative of what he can do. that was on the last play of the game. the 49ers already knew they would lose. this will be way more indicative of what he is about with the team. he is had a month to learn the playbook. that is not ideal. they would like to have the whole off- season. as you mentioned, he is going back to where he grew up. he is from chicago. he grew up a bears fan. a lot of people will want him
8:17 am
to do well. local people will be at the game. they have been struggling. it is a winnable game. if he does well, people will be excited about jimmy g. >> that's extra motivation, the team you grew up rooting for? >> i would think so. >> let's talk about the next game. >> yes. that fight last week was about grabbing a chain off of michael crabtree's neck. that got ripped off. he made it clear he was going after the chain again. that is a strange motivation for a fight, they should have left their jewelry in the locker room. anyway, there is that.
8:18 am
crabtree was suspended for one game. moore cooper is undergoing concussion protocol. the crazy thing about the raiders, we talked about how they are in a no margin for error mode, the chiefs have lost five of their last 6. this is a stretch. if they were to remain -- when the remaining five, they would win the west. >> tell us about the mercedes- benz show that starts in just 12 minutes. >> and is our guest. we will kick it around about both games. and has some good things to say about both teams. >> all right. thank you very much to talk with us. we have a couple of
8:19 am
big games here later on today. >> right. >> -- it is a good day to put up christmas lights. it will be a little bit breezy tonight. we have been talking about the coastal flooding. that will go on for the next few days. outside of that, dry, quiet, cool. this is a look across the day. isn't that a pretty site. --? >> san francisco checks in at 58 degrees. 49 in oakland. san jose is 49 degrees. here's a look at the clear sky. the northerly flow will be with us and increase in the evening. in the sierra, snow is still
8:20 am
falling. you will need chains. i-80 and 50, no advisories but that will be there through the morning hours before the snow winds down and moves out. at home we will go upper 50s to 60s. partly cloudy skies. 58 degrees for san francisco. at the raiders game, you will need a jacket. 61 degrees. the king tides are with us through tuesday. there is an advisory that begins today for coastal flooding. here's a look at what we have been seeing. for today, high tide comes in at 10:30. tomorrow it will be a little bit later and tuesday at noon. in addition to our beaches, we experience coastal flooding in low-lying parking lots, roadways, coves, this will be your place to watch out for
8:21 am
over the next couple of days. those 60s in the forecast for monday, tuesday. wednesday we have 60s back, thursday as well. we would love to see some rain but unfortunately, it will be dry. >> i heard you talk about the wind advisory. how much should we worry? it is not as dry as it was in october. >> right. there are no red flag warnings because of the rain that we have not received. those wins can bring down trees . >> we will keep that in mind. >> the president have been busy on twitter. we will tell you what he is saying about the fbi when we come back. all that and more coming up after the break. stay tuned, we'll be right back.
8:22 am
8:23 am
the president is tweeting about the fbi and a dramatic overhaul, tainted, no, very  dishonest. led clinton email probe referring to this agent. clinton money going to wife of another fbi agent in charge.". the president says the fbi's
8:24 am
reputation is in tatters. this comes one day after donald trump changed his story about why he fired michael flynn.>> he lied to the vice president and the fbi trump said. he pleaded guilty to those lives. lying to the fbi is a crime. the president had never said he never knew that he lied to the fbi. das >> i'm not. what has been known is no illusion. there has been absolutely no collusion. >> more people in the trunk -- trump transition team were aware of conversations. two members were involved in him reaching out to russia.
8:25 am
one was his son-in-law, jerry kushner. >> we will be right back.
8:26 am
8:27 am
we will go to the mercedes- benz sport show in just a few minutes. before we go, let's talk about our weather. it is fairly quiet out there with a lot going on. [ laughter ] dry conditions our in-store for today. this morning we have been talking about the coastal flooding along the coast. that will go on for the next few days. we have king tides in town and the supermoon. it is something for you to pay attention to. lastly, there is a wind advisory for the hills that starts tonight. we will be dry and cool.>> if
8:28 am
you want to check out the moon, what's the best time? >> 1242. >> i want to see it at its peak. i will be up. >> you will report back? >> yes. >> all right. thank you for joining us this morning. we will be back at nine.
8:29 am
8:30 am
one good reason to watch a one and 10 football team? how about jimmy g and the bears. they have a relatively new quarterback. they are trying to show off their quarterback. it is a battle. >> if we come out the same way we did, only we can stop us. >> all but given up for dead, the raiders are in the thick of the race. they face a team that on paper, they should be. eli manning is out. gino smith is in at quarterback. who can forget the chain game? we will review it


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