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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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unknown female's body was found within a mile of this location. but police were calling it a crime scene. they are saying the circumstances are unknown. i have some new video into our newsroom to share with you. it shows sunnyvale department of public safety officers leaving the area around 4:30 this evening. an hour or so earlier skyfox was overhead showing the scene where an unknown female's body is what the department of public safety says was found off the trail in the bay waters around 10 a.m. they were notified by a bicyclist who called them. the trail was closed to bikers for a few hours during the investigation. >> it's sad. it's a beautiful trail. people take it every day, some to work. it's very sad to learn that that happened whatever it is. >> i ride from my home in downtown san jose to the
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airport. the palo alto airport and back pretty often even in the dark. so -- but i have never -- i don't feel unsafe here and i probably am not going to start feeling unsafe here. >> reporter: the trail was closed for a few hours because of a large crime scene. police haven't released any details at this point. they were thinking of holding a press conference but later said that would not happen. they will plan to release a press release, they say, at some point. back here live, i want to give you an idea of the location of this, you can see this is where bikers come. to my right is moffett field. and over to the other, you have lockheed martin and then all the way to the left is the yahoo campus. this is the border of sunnyvale and moffett field. we talked to some bikers who they say it's very popular for them to bike to work along this trial. at this point, the body was found, no circumstances -- the police are saying they don't know the circumstances surrounding this. my colleague jesse gary is also covering this story and we hope to bring more to you tonight. reporting live in sunnyvale, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2
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news. >> maureen, just a quick question. as i recall at 4:00, i think you said that the body was found with no clothes on. also, i hate to be graphic, but -- but was the body decomposed or do they think that the body had just been in the water for a short time? >> reporter: at this point, we don't have any information about the body being decomposed but we can tell you the view from skyfox unfortunately showed that the body appeared to not have clothes on. police have not released any information about the body in terms of how long it may have been here. we do know that it is a female's body. don't know the age but they are just saying an unknown female at this point. >> in a case like this where it was found could it have washed up onshore or -- or would it have had to have been dumped there? >> reporter: that's hard to say. let me point over to you to show you. these are the baylands. they almost look like little rivers or deltas. and so it's the bay. this over here is the bay which butts up to the trail. so it's more like really
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narrow waterways. i initially when i saw the images thought it was the creek. but when i talked to police, they say that it's considered the baylands. so in terms of washing up, i don't think that would be necessarily the case, although i don't know. most of the foot traffic -- it's a public trail and you heard, we talked to those bikers. we have people who run along this trail, and they say it's popular but not heavily -- populated but not populous. >> maureen naylor, thank you. another day of discussions but still no end to the strike in oakland. today neighborhoods that rely on city services are really starting to feel the impact of this labor dispute. ktvu's tom vacar joins us now live from the hall -- actually, oakland city hall where negotiations are ongoing. reporter: reading the political tea leaves, if you can, it seems as though we may be getting close but unfortunately, close only counts in horseshoes.
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[ chanting ] >> reporter: what appears to be a new proposal was on the table as of midafternoon. >> the city council did adjourn their closed session. they provided the negotiating team with direction. that direction will be formally presented at the bargaining table within the hour. informally, the unions have notified us that they intend to continue the strike. >> we were waiting for a new proposal from the city. >> reporter: as this goes on, the city loses big money. pleaer maids are no longer on the job along with a whole raft of other services. all the garbage that's building up at the city's many
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homeless camps. a lot of this garbage attracts rodents. it threatens fire. and it's not a problem that grows worse each day. it grows worse each minute. one lane of this street is an ever growing junkyard. the trucks and crews that would clean it up lay idle. libraries and senior centers are closed. abandoned cars will remain abandoned. no maintenance work is going on. no building inspections, no crime or traffic reports. pretty much, no nothing. >> what i can say is that the ball is in the union's court. >> and the city just says no. they don't explain y they don't tell us what they can do or how they could meet us halfway. they don't explain why. they just say no. >> reporter: now, the mayor insists that even with all that new cannabis tax money coming in, in 2018, there still won't be enough money to meet the workers' demands. but we are in a negotiation. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it seems like both sides
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are struck. have they brought in a neutral mediator to help reach an agreement? >> reporter: no, no. they are doing this on their own. there was talk of that. it hasn't been accepted. my guess is if this goes on another day or two then they will bring in help because really the city has to have has to people working. there's too much going by the boards. imagine if you were remodeling your house for the holidays and you can't get building inspectors to come n imagine all of this garbage mouning up and some of it potentially catching on fire. we are talking about big fires like we saw on 5th street there. so, um, we really need to have this thing done. so i would say that if it goes on much longer, there's going to be all kinds of help available. whether they will take advantage of it, who knows? >> when you're talking about nearly 3,000 city worker, it's a big impact. tom vacar, thanks, in oakland tonight. a $7,500 reward is now being offered for information in a shooting that wounded a 4-
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year-old girl in oakland. oakland police responding before 9:00 last night to simpson street near 580. police say the child was sitting in a parked car with one of her parents when another car pulled up alongside them and someone opened fire. we are told the 4-year-old girl is in stable condition at ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland. she was shot in the arm. her mom drove her to the emergency room in her own car. investigators are talking to witnesses and looking for surveillance video to try to help identify the shooter and get a description of the getaway car. today, neighbors told us that all of this is very unsettling. >> that's horrible. um, there are quite a few neighbors right here at in intersection that have children. so it's a concern. >> oakland police have not said what the motive may have been for the shooting or who the intended target may have been. it will not be a
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government shutdown for now. congress backed a spending bill today to keep the government open until december 22nd. now the measure goes to president trump. the spending bill will fund federal agencies at current levels for another two weeks avoiding the threat of a government shutdown for now. the idea is to buy time for negotiations on unfinished bipartisan business on capitol hill including the budget, a key children's health program, and aid to hurricane-ravaged puerto rico. late this afternoon, gop representative trent franks became the latest politician to resign from office. the arizona republican made that announcement after an ethics inquiry into his discussion of surrogacy with female staffers. franks' announcement comes the same day that democratic senator al franken said he is also stepping down. fox news' lauren blanchard is in washington tonight with more on franken's announcement. reporter: today's announcement means al franken's career in the senate will end after eight years.
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when asked what's next, he said he is headed home. reporter: democratic senator al franken announcing he will be resigning after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. >> i know in my heart that nothing i have done as a senator, nothing, has brought dishonor on this institution. >> reporter: franken is the second democrat this week to resign following michigan representative john conyers. in his resignation speech, franken said he was disappointed to go but first taking a parting shot at the president and republican party. >> i of all people am aware that there is some irony in the fact that i am leaving while a man who bragged on tape about his history of sexual assault sits in the oval office. >> reporter: franken also mentioned alabama senate candidate roy moore, who the republican party is backing
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despite multiple allegations of past inappropriate relationships with teenagers. analysts say democrats are hoping to pit their party's decision to oust accused harassers against what some claim is the republicans' decision to overlook them. >> he did the right thing. he did the honorable thing. now it exposes the greater contrast. >> reporter: franken says he will officially resign in the coming weeks. then there will be a special election minnesota next year. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. police say a gunman shot and killed two students this morning at a high school in new mexico. the gunman died in the rampage. we don't yet know how that gunman was killed. the shooting happened at aztec high school in the city of aztec near the colorado border. as the shots began about 8 a.m., a warning went out over the school's intercom that this incident was not a drill. students huddled in the gym and inside classrooms as the campus of about 900 students went on lockdown. police say they had to go through a window access the crime scene.
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authorities would not say if the male shooter was killed by police or committed suicide. >> our main objective right now is to take care of kids, take care of families. we have a lot of social workers, counselors, that will be on hand to address those needs. we want to start the healing process. >> authorities say they will not release the names of those involved until tomorrow after their families are notified. >> a woman who stayed at the ghost ship warehouse in oakland took the stand today on the second day of a preliminary hearing for the two men charged in connection with the deadly fire. leah vega who goes by the name swan broke down crying about her friend who died in the fire last year. when a prosecutor asked her who was in charge of the ghost ship warehouse, she said, we didn't have an in charge. we had a collective. we all did our best. i really think this is important. derick almena and max harris have each been charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter in the fire last
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december. one count for each of the victims who died. almena's attorney tony serra said vega's testimony was a blow to the prosecution. >> i was delighted in that answer. and everything else she said was neutral. the saddest thing was to say her break up and start to cry. i don't know why the prosecution has to ask her about people who have been deceased. >> he also testified that she gave her rent money to harris and never saw the landlord. she said they were hiding. you just had to bring the money or else, she said. defense attorneys say their clients are being made scapegoats and that an investigation so far has been unable to determine the cause of the fire. the preliminary hearing is expected to last several more days. a judge will then decide whether there is enough evidence for a trial. a faster way for burglars to get in and out of your
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home. at 5:30, east bay criminals are kicking in the front door. >> one person dead, another in the hospital. and a third person just thankful that they got a carbon monoxide alarm recently. still to come, what investigators are blaming for a deadly gas leak into a san francisco duplex. >> also, new fires start and are spreading fast in southern california. details about where these new fires are burning. >> and we are tracking the forecast, southern california as well as here, for your bay area weekend. we'll see you back here. sorry. i can't make it.
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lilac fire has burned 2,000 acres with no containment. at least two people had burns in the lilac fire but conditions not released. 20 structures are destroyed and governor brown is just declared a state of emergency in san diego county. evacuation centers have been set up at a local high school and two nearby casinos. in ventura county, the massive thomas fire continues to rage having burned almost 100,000 acres now. it's only 5% contained. it's fueled by santa ana winds giving no rest to the scores of firefighters on the front line. the fire forced the closure of highway 101, highway 33, and the pacific coast highway. and one death is now being reported after a woman was killed following a car crash in an area under a mandatory evacuation order. >> ktvu's cristina rendon is in the south bay now with the story. reporter: >> reporter: firefighters are keeping a close eye on the winds here in west ventura
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county. all morning, they have been on the front lines fighting the thomas fire on the hillside right behind us. you take a look, you can see smoke and flames coming off that hillside right behind this section of homes here. all these people in the subdivision were under mandatory evacuation overnight, about 60 people. early they tried to stop the flames from reaching homes. we understand firefighters staged about 5 homes along the ridgeline but an abandoned house did burn. we spoke with one man who says the flames came within five feet of his house and they just sounded like a freight train coming through the ridge. >> they showed up and took action and saved our house. my wife is in ventura now. she couldn't bear the thought
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of seeing the place. she loved this place so much. this is a little community where it's a little paradise for us. >> reporter: he was emotional when talking to us today. he is going to stay at his house to make sure the flames don't come back if the winds shift. and firefighters are concerned about the winds throughout the day. there is a lot of heavy smoke in the air and a lot of ash, as well. fire officials found one dead woman in her car in what appears to be a solo car crash. it is the first official death of the thomas fire. in ventura county, cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. and we want to bring you some live pictures right now of the thomas fire burning in ventura county. it started 6:30 monday night and exploded with fierce santa ana winds fueling the flames. only 5% containment.
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>> we got 2500 firefighters battling the flames. 470 fire engines, 12 helicopters. just a massive response. but as julie said, only 5% contained, bill. it looks like again tonight the widths are causing problems. you think about all the embers. five square miles of fire just in that moment. all that the -- winds start blowing tonight 50, 60 miles an hour as it could, that all gets stirred up and starts flying around. so right now -- >> look at that! it just stretches for miles. >> you say these winds could potentially stay this strong through saturday? >> potentially. the real -- the real hard time with last night and two nights ago that's when the winds were forecast to go 70, 80 miles an hour. when this thing started, then last night we somehow got through it. the winds are 25 to 35 miles an hour, not 80. it's not so much on the "four
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on 2" it's not so much about the tonight wind event. it's the duration. it's this seven-day event that's not more than 2 or 3 days. i can't remember a time when i saw 7 days in a row of strong santa ana winds. so here's tomorrow morning. you see up by st. paulla, the winds are down to 3. but you still have some strong winds up in the hills. i'm going to take it back. the important thing about this map is see the colors? forget the numbers. see the colors? that's representing the -- that's where the gusts are and they are blowing straight offshore. that's right now. that's your break on friday. it's breezy with 22-mile-an- hour winds. it's not 40- and 50-mile-an- hour winds. so the forecast is better. you are seeing smoke in the bay area right now there's a high pressure out here and you
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see this sort of ark of the smoke and it's spinning. it's a clockwise flow. smoke is coming up pulled coming up the coast. you can't see it on this imagery. that's what you're seeing outside. you might even be smelling it. maybe take a live picture. i hate to do that to you jeff or melissa who is directing -- no, i was thinking -- that's good, too, i was thinking about the sunset, you can see the smoke, too. look at those flames. um, those things are still lurching -- many feet into the air. that's a very, very active fire. like we said last night, you're not fighting that fire. you're just getting out of the way. thanks, you guys. that red in the atmosphere right there, we -- those are clouds but there's some smoke in the atmosphere. if you look, you can see that sort of dinghy look that orange look. you will see it again tomorrow night, too,. it's not like during the north bay fires not that intense but there is smoke in the atmosphere and
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you will notice the next couple of days. so but overall, there's a light at the end of the tunnel on saturday >> thank you. a deadly gas fills the duplex in san francisco. coming up next, what investigators are blaming on the gas leak that killed a 78- year-old man. >> later cup new at 6:00 the search tonight -- coming up new at 6:00, the search tonight for a man who sexually assaulted a disabled person at an east bay assisted living center. >> we have probably cause to believe he assaulted the victims due to the handicaps.
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in san francisco an elderly man is dead his wife in the hospital in serious condition. the cause, carbon monoxide poisoning inside their home. ktvu's rob roth joins us now live in the city with how it happened and the importance of a carbon monoxide detector. >> reporter: julie, we're on normally quiet moultrie street in bernal heights. the trouble happened inside this home, which is divided into two units. it's in the lower unit where an elderly man apparently died of carbon monoxide poisoning. and we have learned the cause, the authorities say it was a faulty water heater. reporter: paramedics answered the call on moultrie street on bernal heights just before 4:30 a.m. this morning. people living in the upper units say their carbon monoxide was going off and that he called 911.
5:26 pm
>> we just got it installed in october. so we're really thanking the universe and our management company for, um, for installing that just in time so that we could -- i mean, yeah, we're alive. >> reporter: paramedics then checked on the elderly couple living in the lower unit. they knocked on the door. >> we heard that there was a television on. we could hear a beeping consistent with a carbon monoxide alarm. so we forced entry and immediately were able to locate a female victim who was near the door unconscious. she was immediately treated with advanced life support measures and taken to the hospital. >> reporter: she was in serious condition. her husband was found in the back of the unit. >> we started to perform advanced life support measures on him for about 45 minutes. and unfortunately, he succumbed to his injuries. >> reporter: the medical examiner has identified the man as 78-year-old evan lammers. neighbors say he had been in poor health. >> he used to have a transport company. he had big trucks but, of course, he is now retired.
5:27 pm
so they were -- we'll miss him. he was very nice. >> pretty tragic to watch him, um, watch him die. >> reporter: authorities have determined the cause of the carbon monoxide exposure. it was a faulty water heater pilot light. carbon monoxide is sometimes called the silent killer. >> carbon monoxide is going to be odorless, you're not going to see it. >> reporter: firefighters say what happened here illustrates just how important it is for every apartment and home to have one of these, a carbon monoxide detector. and they say there should be one on every level of the building. >> great reminder because normally you just don't think about things like that. and you know what? they can save your life. >> rob, thank you. coming up, quick and easy access to your home. coming up the east bay neighborhood where burglars are kicking in the front door. >> also, a coastal california community has lived through deadly landslides. now they are facing down the latest fires. coming up, people who live
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livermore police are warning residents to be on alert because of a recent spike in home burglaries. our crime reporter henry lee joins us now live from livermore with what burglars have been doing to break in. >> reporter: we're in the sunset neighbor of south livermore where there's a rash of daytime burglaries. the bad guys have been coming right through the front door.
5:31 pm
some get in through sliding doors. others through windows. but in the past month, burglars have been breaking into homes another way. >> some instances suspects are kicking in front doors but that's the fast in and out. come up to the house, kick the door, grab your stuff, and go. >> reporter: there have been about a dozen burglaries in the sunset neighborhood in south livermore. >> it's occurring mostly in the morning hours 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. some people are leaving their residences unlocked. if they could check their videocameras and look to see if there's anything suspicious that's come up, one of the best ways to do that is to register their camera systems with us. >> reporter: police are stepping up patrols but they say residents can install alarm and security camera systems to do their part. >> turn them on. people have them but never turn them on. get a security door for your front door, that solid screen door so it puts more of a barrier. >> reporter: trim trees and
5:32 pm
shrubs to eliminate hiding places for criminals. >> residential burglary suspects kicking open a door to gain entry. >> reading this makes me feel like i think i will double- check everything and every door and keep our presents out of sight and maybe turn on the alarm that we have. >> reporter: but another resident we spoke to said some criminals are aware of surveillance cameras. >> they're masking themselves so that the only thing you see is the back of the heads. >> reporter: he said he does believe that neighbors should look out for each other. >> we go someplace, we ask our neighbors all around us that we're leaving. if see a moving truck pull up, it's not us. [ laughter ] >> reporter: now, police are encouraging residents to call in anything suspicious including strange cars in the area or unrecognized people at the front door. live in livermore, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. back now to our coverage
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of the wildfires burning out of control in southern california. crews battling the skirball fire in bel air are making progress after winds there died down overnight. that fire is now 20% contained. about a dozen structures were destroyed and tonight at least 700 homes remain under evacuation orders. in ventura county, the thomas fire has now burned nearly 100,000 acres and 150 structures have burned and hundreds more may have been destroyed. also, thousands of people have been evacuated. reporter susan hirasuna has the latest. susan hirasuna reports. reporter: there's a line of houses here. but next to me, closer to the rail line and to the 101 freeway, there's a storage yard and that's where all the activity is right now all the
5:34 pm
flames and what not. that's a storage yard. it got so hot that things in steel shipping containers started to burn up, kind of like picture something going into an oven, nobody is putting water on it to cool it down and then it eventually starts to combust. this is part of the thomas fire but there is not one engine condition around here. nobody is putting water on it except some private citizens who got a water truck here to try to put this out or try to at least cool it. there's not a lot of wind so i believe that's why ventura county fire department is not worried about this because they don't really have to worry about embers flying up and over to vulnerable houses to the right of me. now, if you go up to the skyfox shot, you will get a sense for how large the thomas fire is. the thomas fire has burned as much as 96,000 acres. i believe that number is growing but that's the most updated number that we have. 96,000 acres. and it has affected so many
5:35 pm
different communities. so this is ventura. but also, it has affected ojai and st. paula in areas that are far reaching when you consider where we are here at the beach. now, earlier today, it was quite unpleasant. all the smoke that was coming from other areas near the thomas fire is all blowing west to the ocean and that's where we were. so that's pretty much the situation. you see flames in ventura but the bottom line is it's not a priority at least as far as the fire department is concerned. this is now up to the private owner to decide what to do and how to keep this fire from spreading anywhere else and, of course, if the situation worsens, then ventura county will come back out here to try to take care of it but it's interesting to be here. you hear a lot of popping. and now -- oh, now we're on the train tracks. we have to go! so i'm going to send it back to you. we have a train coming! >> all right. >> reporting live in ventura, susan hirasuna, ktvu fox 2
5:36 pm
news. >> thank you, susan. the thomas fire in ventura county is a painful reminder for some residents of la conchita of devastating landslides in the area in 1995 and again in 2005. >> it was like a train coming through. i never felt or heard anything like that. but that's how the flames sounded. >> the landslide in 2005 killed 10 people and damaged or destroyed dozens of homes in la conchita. locals say they are used to emergency evacuations but have never seen anything like these recent wildfires. >> i have seen so much things for such a small community over my lifetime that it surprised me -- honestly not because this town has been through hell and back more than once. it's just another part of the story. >> residents also told us they feel lucky their homes have
5:37 pm
managed to survive both natural disasters. a san jose state university fire referee searchers says there are similarities between the north and southern california wildfires. they were both driven by offshore winds and said high winds and little rain have been a recipe for disaster in southern california. winds were strengthening with gusts that could potentially hit 80 miles an hour. >> in type of fire behavior especially with winds greater than 30 miles an hour it's extreme. >> what's more, southern  california's average rainfall between october 1st and today is usually 2 inches. but that region got just .10" during that time period. since the fire started on monday, more than 300 homes, businesses and other buildings have been destroyed. nearly 200,000 people have been told to evacuate their homes. and one person died in a rollover car crash while evacuating from the fire. stay with ktvu fox 2 news as we learn more details about
5:38 pm
these fires. we are constantly updating our website, facebook, twitter and on air coverage. traffic was halted off grizzly peak boulevard near claremont avenue. skyfox was over the scene this afternoon as a tow truck pulled up a heavily damaged sedan from the side of the hill. the guardrail along the road appeared to have been damaged. oakland police tell us it's unclear how the vehicle ended up off the road and that no injuries have been reported in connection with this incident. drivers in the area had to take detours as emergency crews cleared the scene. still ahead tonight a special way to mark the attack on pearl harbor today. coming up, hollywood actor gary sinese takes a group of world war ii veterans on a trip they will never forget. >> and another record today for bitcoin. coming up, the legendary companies that bitcoin currency is now more valuable than including coca-cola and walt disney.
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a former south carolina police officer was sentenced today to 20 years in prison for shooting and killing an unarmed black man back in 2015. michael slager shot and killed 50-year-old walter scott in the back several times as he was running away following a traffic stop. it happened in north charleston two years ago and was all caught on camera. officer slager shot walter scott as i mentioned several
5:42 pm
times in the back. the video sparked protests nationwide. in court today, slager said, quote, walter scott is no longer with his family and i'm responsible for that. i wish it never would have happened. i wish i could go back in time. the sentence comes months after slager pleaded guilty to a single count of using excessive force under a plea deal. former usa gymnastics team doctor larry nassar was sentenced to 60 years for child porn. he will probably spend the rest of his life behind bars. nassar had also pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual assault. he will be sentenced for those charges in michigan state court next month. in civil and criminal cases, more than 140 women have accused nassar of sexual assault. olympians aly raisman and gabbi douglas said nassar assaulted them. authorities believe they have found the body of a missing woman from sacramento in placer county. police searching for 33-year- old yin wong who went by
5:43 pm
michele, found the body of a woman in auburn yesterday. crews have been searching for her since sunday after her car was found in the woods along the american river canyon. friends don't know why she was there. bitcoin jumped more than 25% today hitting a record price. it surpassed $17,000 today meaning it's gone up more than 40% this week alone. and at the beginning of the year, the price of bitcoin was less than $1,000. some financial analysts say the price can only go so high but others say the price could go up before the bubble bursts. bitcoin is now worth $270 billion. that's more than some of the world's largest companies including walt disney, coca- cola, walmart, visa and intel. it was another good day for stocks as bitcoin gains attention on wall street. the dow was up 70. facebook was up 2% pushing the nasdaq up 36 points. the s&p is up 7. it was called a date that
5:44 pm
will live in infamy. 76 years later those who survived are honored every year on this day. coming up next, remembering the attack on pearl harbor. >> plus actor gary sinese stops in northern california to say thank you to those who have served our country. coming up, the special day for dozens of vets. >> we'll see you back here with a look at the l.a. winds which are strong and we'll talk about the weekend which is pretty much here. tomorrow is friday. see you back here after the break. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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76 years have passed since the deadly attack on pearl harbor and as they do every year survivors gathered to remember. about 20 survivors were joined by navy sailors, officials and civilians at the uss arizona memorial. more than 2300 servicemen were killed in the surprise attack by japanese bombers. the attack drove the united states to enter world war ii. >> as i sign the proclamation making this national pearl harbor remembrance day, i ask that god continue to bless and watch over each of you as very, very special people to our country. >> at the white house today, the president signed the remembrance proclamation flanked by five veterans who survived the japanese attack. a ceremony was also held aboard the uss hornet in alameda this morning. survivors and witnesses to the bombing shared their stories of that day.
5:48 pm
the speakers included a woman who vividly remembers seeing the japanese planes overhead as she was a child playing in her yard at an air force base. another survivor was on duty in the center of the harbor and saw the first bombs being dropped. >> there was a tremendous roar and bomb fragments exploded and window glass came crashing into the back of my head, ears, neck and shoulders. i turned around, hurried back inside the hangar hoping i could find someone with a key to the ammo shack. all our guns and ammunition was lock up and i wanted to get a hold of a gun and get at these guys, you know? >> the japanese consulate in san francisco also spoke. the hornet features an exhibit on the japanese-american regiment that became one of the most decorated military units of world war ii. to mark the day actor gary sinese rolled out the red carpet in sacramento this morning to thank veterans who
5:49 pm
fought for the country's freedom. >> we have more now on the honor flight. reporter: this is a moment this world war ii b25 bomber pilot couldn't quite believe. it's a moment actor gary sinese wouldn't have wanted to miss. . >> reporter: today lieutenant dan from forrest gump went to sacramento to meet and pick up 33 military veterans, one a pearl harbor survivor on this day december 7th to fly them all to the world war ii museum in new orleans. >> i just want them to know that they are appreciated. and they sacrifice for freedom for all of us. we all benefit from what he did all those years ago. >> reporter: this was the 8th such time he traveled around the country to host and to thank veterans as part of his soaring valor program. >> it's awesome. >> makes you feel good. >> reporter: but it was the very first time that this b25 bomber pilot got to meet a hollywood star. [ applause ]
5:50 pm
>> reporter: but beyond the pomp, circumstance and celebrity, this day also offered one veteran a chance to pass along a life lesson he learned after surviving and witnessing war around the world. >> war, violence, this is the answer to our society. there has to be some damn way and the politicians have to do that. >> reporter: his is a hope for peace on an infamous day in u.s. history. today it's being used to thank some of those who fought for freedom with this special flight to the world war ii museum. >> gary sinese does a lot of good work like that. >> pretty good guy. >> we thank those veterans for their service. god bless them and their families. let's go over to bill and check the weather.
5:51 pm
>> i remember i talked to my mom and dad about it, they were in the city back on pearl harbor day and they remember everything -- they were going to lowell high school and they remember everything about that day so vividly. >> how did they find out? >> um, you know, i don't know. i think it just spread through the school. i don't know what the source of it was. but just -- it was just interesting how that was one of those things, it's kind of the 9/11 thing, now. >> the event where you remember where were you on that day. >> right. when you talk to people, i was enjoying that piece because i love hearing those old veterans talk, men and women. when i was listening to it you just -- you look at the look in their eyes. >> not many of them left. >> yeah, exactly. no, it's wonderful. that's a wonderful group of people. >> one man was trying to get the ammo and it was locked up and he wanted to start shooting. >> special group of people, absolutely. they were and they still are. a lot of them are still around. if you have any veterans around, young or old in your
5:52 pm
family, and i know you would do this anyway, you know, i would give anything to be able to sit down with grandpa or great grandpa, my -- my dad when he was growing up, there were still guys that fought in the civil war, right? he can relate to me, they were in their 80s -- well, fascinating. out weather looks good. our pattern will stay put for a while for a long while. there's a live camera shot. it's beautiful out now but we have a little smoke in the air. it's not a horrible air quality environment. but it's definitely a little bit of smoke and that's coming from the southern california fires. overnight lows like last night. daytime high pressure tomorrow like today. the real -- the lead headline for us is there's no rain along the long-range models. they are not perfect to pinpoint but if they say wet
5:53 pm
or dry or hot or cold, they are usually pretty good. theses coast isthese east coast is in for the opposite weather pattern. it was a simpler time. now you hear things on the twitter, news, radio, instantly. in fact, then the news traveled differently. but then just the looks in their eyes, i love to -- i love sitting to talk to those people. >> 76 years ago. >> very cool. >> bill, thank you. in minutes here coming up new at 6:00 the search tonight for a man accused of sexually assaulting a disabled person at an east bay assisted living center. >> care and custody -- decided to take advantage of that. sfx: squeak
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sfx: stair creak sfx: clink sfx: deep breath sfx: grunt sfx: tinny headphone music sfx: feet shuffling sfx: slice sfx: gasp sfx: inhale. exhale. sfx: lights scraping on roof sfx: metallic scrape sfx: grunt covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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5:56 pm
the former office manager of a palo alto landscaping company was sentenced to five years in prison for embezzling $700,000 from the family business. she used it to buy expensive items time share and 49ers season tickets. she pled no contest to felony embezzlement and forgery charges. she wrote checks to herself
5:57 pm
and made it appear that the checks were paid to contractors. the california national guard is mobilizing 1200 troops to help fight the fires in southern california. a spokesman says the deployments will be made in the next two days and that troops will assist in traffic control and serve in other support roles. they are sending two air tankers, four blackhawk helicopters and two refueling trucks to the fire lines. these latest fires are just more evidence that california's fire season now is essentially year round. reporter max resnik went to mcclelland air force base to find out how they are fighting fires. reporter: hundreds of miles away from the fires, efforts are made across multiple fronts. >> from shelters to law enforcement conducting evacuations to helping with pets, looking at resources as far as cots and food and the things that are going to be needed for the long term
5:58 pm
sustainment of people being out of their homes or having lost their homes. >> reporter: cal eos's deputy director says this fire season with tremendous and dangerous fires now a week into december is unprecedented. >> it is a complex dynamic catastrophic event and it could take years for the response and recovery efforts. >> reporter: firefighters in southern california are joined by at least 750 firefighters from northern california and more than 350 engines, a combination of cal fire and local agencies. >> we did send resources in advance of the wind, and, um, so we're prepared before because of the predictions. >> reporter: the cost of wildland fires since july 1st across the state nearly $4,945,000,000 about $70 million over budget. the money comes from the state's emergency fund and is separate of cal fire's budget. cal fire tells us it has the authority to go over budget
5:59 pm
and has access to state budget reserves if needed. ♪[ music ] in oakland talks continue between the city and union leaders but so far, no deal to end the strike by nearly 3,000 city workers. >> the unions have notified us that they intend to continue the strike tomorrow. >> reporter: tonight there are some reports of progress but at this hour still no agreement in the ongoing labor dispute. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. that means after-school programs, libraries and other city services will likely remain closed for a fourth day. we get more now on this developing story from tom vacar outside city hall. >> reporter: they have been at it for about two hours and the negotiations continue. but except for the people in the room, nobody knows if any real progress is being made.
6:00 pm
>> the city council adjourned their close the section. they provided the team of with direction. they intend to continue the strike tomorrow. >> reporter: what appears to be a new proposal was on the table as of midafternoon. >> the city council did adjourn their closed session. they provided the negotiating team with direction. that direction will be formally presented at the bargaining table within the hour. >> we are going to talk to the city and again based on what it is we'll see if we can get back to work. right now i see nothing seeing us going back to work tomorrow. >> reporter: as this goes on the city loses big money. pleaer maids are no longer on the job along with a whole raft of other services. all the garbage that's building up at the city's many homeless camps. a lot of this garbage attracts rodents. it threatens fire. and it's not a p


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