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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 17, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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[ singing ] prayers and praise at san francisco city hall. >> our mayor had kindness, he had class, he served others before himself. he listened, he cared. >> from the famous to every day people, they paused to remember a man who was a different kind of mayor. >> ed lee will be remembered. he gave politics a good name.
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he gave san francisco a good name. because he was a very good man. the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. it was an out pouring of support and affection for san francisco's first asian- american mayor. i'm heather holmes. >> lee died last week unexpectedly at the age of 63, and today hundreds paid tribute to the man who led the city for years. >> the mayor was remembered for not only his kindness, but dedication to public service. >> reporter: yes, current, state, and local politicians along with baseball greats barry bonds and 49ers legend joe montana were in attendance. dignitaries as well as family members got up to share personal stories about mayor lee, and said he was an
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effective and selfless politician who never sought the spotlight for himself. people waited in a line that stretched around city hall to honor late mayor ed lee. inside dignitaries and other notable bay area reds dents remembered -- residents remembered lee as a humble man whose career in politics was not something he started out to do. he started as an attorney and trusted as the man for the job. >> he never sought it, it chose him. >> i am not aware of any civil servant or elected official that has served in as many leaderedship and management -- leadership and management positions in the city. >> reporter: his legacy is part of san francisco's progressive
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history. the city righted itself by electing lee the first chinese- american mayor. politicians that have known him for years say lee was a man without scandal for flash, and he put at the time city first. >> ed lee showed our children that public service can still be noble. >> he gave politics a good name. he gave san francisco a good name. >> reporter: to his daughters though, he was also a fun loving dad who loved to tell dad jokes. >> what you probably have not heard is who he was at a father. for our family, our dad was not only our inspiration, but our constant source of human, laughter, and lightness. most of the time he told jokes he could barely get through because he was laughing so hard at them himself. >> reporter: and while
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northwest know mayor lee for his life -- most know mayor lee from his lifetime of public service, they say he's best known for his humility and decency in life. his daughters are setting up an organization to work on affordable housing for middle class families and protecting immigrants rights in their father's name. >> all right, thank you. >> the event was filled with several former mayors of san francisco including willy brown. brown said lee was different in the best possible ways and called him candid, diplomatic, friendly and unflappable. >> he would on any given day do what needed to be done to solve the problem and make it work.
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and i'm very pleased just as we mentioned earlier, lee was known for his sense of humor and love of telling jokes, though brown said most were pretty bad. in fact he drew chuckles from the audience when he said mayor lee told terrible jokes and couldn't remember a line that was good, but brown said he'll always remember the goodness in ed lee. >> another guest at the celebration of life was mc hammer. he posted this on the way to the event writing, paying my respect at mayor ed lee's memorial service. rest in peace my friend. san francisco rec and park also paying respects with a picture of lee showing off that smile. the message read as we celebrate the life of mayor ed lee today, we remember the joy he brought to our parks, people, and community. thank you for all you've done for the city and being our park champion and chief. finally a post with this sign, rest in peace mayor lee. the message wraps up saying you
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insisted and persisted that frank remain a sanctuary -- san francisco remain a sanctuary city that welcomes all. new at 10:00 tonight, an unusual and dangerous crime in san ramone. someone is targeting vehicles with a flare gun. >> reporter: yes, it's hard to believe that christmas decorations would be the likely target for vandals, but that's what police believe is happening in this neighborhood. right now they're pouring over surveillance video turned in by various neighbors in this neighborhood, and with the red flag warning in the area they believe this prank could have turned deadly. >> yes, stealing a punch kin off somebody's -- pumpkin off somebody's porch at halloween is one thing, but firing an incendiary device at a home is
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another thing. people could have been badly hurt. >> reporter: gary's home like many in this neighborhood are decorated for the holidays, but it seems not everyone is in the christmas spirit. police are looking for the suspects in this vehicle that fired on homes with flare guns between 10:00 p.m. and 1:00 a.m. saturday. >> heard a big bang in the front of the house and got up to check it out and see what was going on and saw the window pretty much on fire. >> reporter: his house on creek court sustained minor damage. he believes the prank went wrong and the vandals missed their mark. >> we have a santa claus flying over the street, and i think that was the original target. >> reporter: the majority of homes here have surveillance cameras. gary's neighbor turned this video over to police. you can see an older model car believed to be a nissan sentra drive by slowly, and then firing a flare into the air. a second shot hits the house. >> judging by what i saw, it looks like an old nissan
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sentra. >> reporter: it's believed this car drove to five separate addresses, firing flare guns into homes. on yosemite avenue, kris and her family consider themselves lucky. >> lucky we have dual pane windows, otherwise it would have lit the christmas tree on fire. >> reporter: families are blaming teens who are pulling off a dangerous prank. rob cushing has some ideas about who it is. >> we'll let the police handle it. >> reporter: they hope it's taken care of before someone gets seriously hurt. and back here live with the dry conditions in this area, this neighborhood avoided a potential disaster. police say the surveillance video is good, and they're appealing neighbors to turn in what they have to help with the
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investigation. ktvu, fox 2 news. >> yes, the video shows it a pretty clear picture of the suspect vehicle, so hopefully someone out there will recognize it. >> reporter: that's right. >> thank you. and an investigation under way following a deadly hit and run this morning. officers responded to a report of a pedestrian lying in the street on skyline drive between college drive and sharp park road. the victim died at the scene. right now no vehicle description. police are asking anyone with information to give the police a call. president trump said tonight he has no plans to fire special counsel robert mueller. mueller was appointed earlier this year to determine whether the trump campaign colluded with russia to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. the president made the comment as we returned to the white house after a series of weekend meetings with cabinet members at catch david. the white house has denied
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rumors of mueller's firing for months saying it was never under consideration. consideration. republican senator john mccain is now back in arizona following treatment at walter reid medical center in washington. the senator's office released a statement tonight saying he was treated for a viral infection and also said he's responding positively to treatment for brain cancer. mccain's family says the 81- year-old senator will remain in arizona throughout the holidays meaning that mccain will miss the vote on the gop tax bill set up for tuesday. the president said today he spoke to mccain's wife and wished the two of them well. republicans have a slim 52 to 48 seat majority in the senate, and no gop member has announced a no vote on tax reform. here's more from washington where president trump is hoping for his first major policy victory. >> the word is that john will come back if we need his vote, and it's too bad.
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he's going through a very tough time, there's no question about it. but he will come back if we need his vote. >> republicans should have the votes to pass it without him. >> reporter: vice president pence is standing by in case he needs to break a tie. they'll do it without any democrats. some of whom say they wanted a vote for a tax cut, but were cut out of the deal. >> once mitch mcconnell has decided that 51 votes was all that was needed and they're all going to be republicans and make it political, that's exactly what happened. >> reporter: many democrats are voting no because it adds more than a trillion dollars are added to the deficit. it also slashes the corporate tax rate. >> america is never going to fall this fall behind again. we're not waiting 31 years to become competitive again. we're going to continue to match the moves of competitors. >> reporter: the treasury secretary told fox families
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will start seeing bigger paychecks starting in february. in washington, fox news. news. a procession through five southern california counties as a firefighter is remembered for his courage fighting the thomas fire. the strong wind have moved out of the bay area. we're tracking a system that could produce rain showers in the five-day, more on that in a minute. the raiders playing in prime time with their season on the line. and the result came down to one play with just about 30 seconds left on the game clock. ♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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so with the season on the line tonight, the raiders took on the dallas cowboys in front of a national tv audience at home. in the end it was an exciting finish that came down to the final minute of play. >> yeah, it was a crushing defeat for the raiders. >> oh, man. >> and really, you have to feel sorry for derek carr. at least i do. >> well, we're talking about that execution. if you get it done you're a hero, if not people will second guess you forever, and that's what's happening now. we've been talking about the increasingly small margin of error for the raiders to make the playoffs. it's about as slim as the space between the chains that measure a 1st down and an index card. that'll make sense in a minute. both teams desperate for a win.
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4th and 1 for the cowboys on their own 39. prescott keeps it, so close, after they bring out the chains the referee sees if he can slide an index card between the chain and ball. they say dallas 1st down, jack can't believe it. the cowboys kick a field goal. carr rolls out, throws long for crabtree. lewis misplays the ball, picks up a 55 pass interference call. the raiders are in position for at least a game-tying field goal. carr rolls out, dives for the end zone. heath hustles to keep him out, and the ball comes loose, and that's a touchback. dallas ball at the 20. it was a matter of inches, but the call was reviewed and
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confirmed. the raiders drop to 6 and 8, and only mathematically alive for the playoffs. delrio had to swallow hard and explain. >> he moved with his feet there, made a potentially great play that ends up being a play that goad the other way for them. i think going for it the way we did and he did, i thought he played, it reminded me of what we saw a lot of last year. derek played with a lot of of zest. >> i left it all out there. um, just trying to win for my teammates. no excuse, i've got to hold on to the ball. >> so the raiders now looking at four teams in front of them in the playoff race, needing nothing short of a christmas miracle to move in front of any of them. >> so he hits the pile on with
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the ball, it's a touchdown right? >> it slipped off just before. >> that much before, oh, man. >> yeah, he was in the air, the ball came out before he reached the pile on. >> it's amazing how one play can just take a season down. >> it trickled out, so it's a touchback. >> well. >> heart breaking. >> such a crushing defeat. thank you so much joe. for a second time and just in time for christmas a recycled space x capsule is back at the international space station bearing gifts for the crew. astronauts used the robot arm from the space station to drag the capsule out of orbit today. as a special treat nasa provided a showing of star war it is last jeli.
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and -- star wars the last jedi. and pot may not be as green as you think. the current inventory was grown without the regulatory controls that will eventually be put in place, so that means it could contain pesticides, molds, and other contaminants. shops will have six months to sell the current crop before the inventory has to pass the stiffer regulations and testing requirements. well the strong wind yesterday and over the weekend moved out of town. you can see the strong gusts out toward mount diablo. 77 miles per hour about 3:00 this morning. a strange of 40s for the -- string of 40s for the oakland hills and half moon bay. the storm track finally beginning to move south just a little bit, but right now clear to partly cloudy skies. a dry weather pattern for right now, but finally talking about some rain chances.
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not much in terms of significant rain, but a change in the overall weather pattern. current numbers, lower 40s already for santa rosa and napa and fairfield. san francisco 49, and san jose 53. 53. ow side in san francisco right now looking toward union square and the ice skating rink. it's on the cold side, so bundled up first thing in the -- bundle up first thing in the morning. 30s for santa rosa and napa. san francisco 47, and san jose in the upper 30s. we are tracking rain chances, not for tomorrow, here we are monday, mostly sunny skies. tuesday we will thicken up the cloud cover. this is tuesday afternoon. notice the rain line to the north approaching eureka, and then finally early wednesday morning we have a system moving through. that's been over two weeks since measurable rain fall in the bay area, but finally could be tracking measurable rainfall
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here in the bay area early wednesday morning and perhaps a dusting of snow in the sierras. we'll talk more about the eventual system that will move in by mid-week and update the five-day forecast and let you know if we have anymore hope for significant rainfall the rest of december. all right, thank you. the much anticipated movie star wars the last jedi was the first choice of most movie goers over the weekend. >> they need hope. >> rian johnson's second installment in the star wars trilogy debuted in first place, the second best opening ever for a star wars film behind its predecessor the force awakens. it became just the fourth film to open above $200 million domestically. gunshots inside an upscale san francisco hotel, and the suspected gunman a surprise. how they eventually convinced
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the off duty officers to surrender. no power, no flights. the world's busiest airport at a stand still today following a ten-hour power outage.
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a richmond police officer is now on leave following an incident at the four seasons hotel in san francisco. >> allie rasmus tells us the officers was taken into custody after firing multiple rounds inside his hotel room. >> reporter: dozens of san francisco police officers responded to a call about shots fired inside the four seasons hotel on market street. police closed off several streets in the area racing to the sixth floor of the building to convince the shooter to come out. he finally did around 6:30 this morning, 90 minutes after police arrived. >> the male is in our custody, and he is an off duty police officer with the richmond police department and any
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questions regarding his status, please defer to lieutenant tan with the richmond police department. >> reporter: no one was hurt, but the officers was loaded into an ambulance, sitting up and appeared to be alert. san francisco police wouldn't say what kind of mental state he was in. >> part of our investigation is assessing any medical conditions. >> reporter: investigators determined the officer fired multiple rounds from a hand gun, but they wouldn't say if it was his department-issued firearm. at the time four seasons confirms the off duty police officer was a guest at the hotel, but investigators don't know what prompted him to fire multiple rounds. >> we're fortunate no one was injured in this incident, that it was peacefully resolved. >> we were just up there enjoying the holidays. >> reporter: most hotel guests didn't hear the gun fire and didn't know what was going on until they saw police. >> i didn't even think to ask him, and we didn't hear anything. >> reporter: richmond police say the officer involved in the incident has been placed on
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leave while they conduct an internal investigation. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu, fox 2 news. from the city hall rotunda to the balconies, and even outside, there was an overwhelming expression of love for former mayor ed lee. and a tribute to a fallen firefighter killed in southern california in the fires. how a number of communities all came together. and a power outage at one of the world's busiest airports leaves thousands of people stranded in the dark. what happened in atlanta. tlanta.
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[ singing ] [ singing ] hundreds of mourners and the state's biggest dignitaries today bid farewell to the late mayor ed lee in what was a somber but uplifts service for a man of yet remarkable character. it was call -- man of quiet, yet remarkable character. governor jerry brown said he
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was a person if an infectious -- with an infectious smile and always happy demeanor. >> he was always pleasant. i never had to shrink back. even when he was asking for things, and he always was for san francisco, he did it with such charm it was always welcome. >> in addition to the speeches, letters from former president obama and first lady hillary clinton were extended to the family. the san francisco symphony filled city hall with music. lee was known for his work against homelessness, championship of gay rights and immigrant rights. the 65-year-old died unexpectedly early tuesday morning. residents were allowed to return home today as firefighters continue to make progress on that massive thomas
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backfire -- on that massive thomas wildfire. one firefighter was killed. so far the fire has burned 270,000 acres. low humidity and high winds proving to be a big challenge for the fire crews. >> when you have winds that severe, and we all saw it yesterday, you just physically cannot, um, save every home. >> containment is now at 45 percent. the cause of the fire is now under investigation. it's now the third largest fire in california history. and a five-county procession took place today for a san francisco county firefighter. cory iverson died thursday battling the thomas wildfire. >> reporter: from overpasses to side streets, the five-county procession could be spotted making its way home from san diego. it started at 10:00 this
10:31 pm
morning in ventura county. cory iverson was a fire engineer for cal fire san diego, but above all he was a father and husband to an expecting wife. the 32-year-old died thursday while fighting the thomas fire, falling victim to thermal injuries and smoke inhalation. thousands turned out to see the procession. sky fox video shows those who waited to pay their respects. respects. some were firefighters, some were police officers, but many were also just every day people honoring a fallen people. >> we talk a lot with the cub scouts about honoring heroes, and he's a hero. i don't know him, but it just gets to me because he's a dad. um, he had a, he has a baby on the way, and also a 2-year-old,
10:32 pm
so i just put the call out and say hey, let's come out and honor this gentleman. >> funeral services for iverson are scheduled for next saturday at a church in san diego. the world's busiest airport goes dark. atlanta's airport lost power today stranding thousands of people inside and leaving tens of thousands of travelers at other airports in limbo. and it wasn't until just about an hour and a half ago that just parts of airport finally had power restored. but that eight-hour outage left so many planes on the tarmac for so many hours. ours. >> again, i apologize for any inconvenience, but just be patient with us. >> reporter: a power outage at the world's busiest airport is causing a travel nightmare right as the holiday travel season is kicking off. >> we certainly understand the outage has caused frustration
10:33 pm
and anger, and we're doing everything we can to get folks back home right away. >> reporter: the power went out at the hartsfield-jackson international airport grounding all flights in and out and creating a massive backlog on the tarmac and palpable frustration inside. >> there's not a back up system to put in place? you'd think they'd back it up. >> at first it was like is it weather and then i noticed oh, no, like, it could be something way worse than just weather. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration immaterial policemenned eyeground -- implemented eyeground stop for flights headed to the -- a ground stop for flights headed to the airport, and any already in the air were diverted elsewhere. this is an airport that's extremely busy. the atlanta airport serves roughly 104 million passengers each year, breaking down to an average of 275,000 pass nears
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daily with nearly 2500 planes arriving and departing. in new york, fox news. rallies around the world following a single decision by the trump administration. coming up next the american boy scotts following the -- boycotts following the move to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. and we're talking about shower chances. we'll update the five-day forecast coming up. coming up.
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president trump's controversial move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel set off more protests this weekend. >> and now there's a push at the united nations to formally denounce the white house's addition. >> reporter: the tension in cities have calmed significantly in recent days, but the fight over jerusalem's status is far from over as it move into a diplomatic fight. with the turkish president saying today turkey would soon try to open an embassy to a palestinian state in east jerusalem comes as thousands of
10:38 pm
turks demonstrated against the united states. turkey currently has a consulate in jerusalem, and turkey wants its embassy in tel aviv. clerics in pakistan today called on all muslim countries to cut diplomatic ties with the u.s., and in indonesia others called of a boycott of american products. while the moves are unlikely to happen, there is an effort in the united nations security council to denounce the move with the support of france, great britain, and egypt. a suicide bombing at a church in pakistan has killed at least 8 people, and injured more than 40 others. it happened as hundreds other 6 people were attending a -- hundreds of people were attending a sunday service this
10:39 pm
morning. security guards shot and killed one of the attackers outside, but another made it inside with a vest full of explosives. police are searching for two accomplices. and bit coin has exploded in popularity and value this year. they opened up bit coin futures trading this evening, and it opened at more than $20,000 and then declined steadily. the virtual currency was traded below a thousand dollars at the beginning of the year. and a man arrested for working with north korea. the missile parts he's accused of selling to the country. and after a weekend of high wind they have moved out of the bay area. our meteorologist we have a look at the bay area forecast to find out if the winds return.
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today marks six years since kim jong il's death.
10:43 pm
thousands came out to honor him today. meanwhile the north's decision to keep testing missiles means tensions with the united states are on the rise. secretary tillerson says he wants peace with north korea but can't begin the peace talks without stops missile launches. here's more. >> reporter: a 59-year-old australian man was arrested saturday for allegedly working with north korea to sell weapons of mass destruction. australian federal police say chan choi tried to sell missile parts and other technology abroad. choi was acting as a quote check agent working on behalf of north korea trying to broker the sell of missile components. choi has been in contact with high-ranking north korean officials. the united states has enacted the toughest economic sanctions yet against north korea, but
10:44 pm
for years the regime found ways to make money selling not just weapons on the black market, but also counterfeit money and drugs. we also know north korea's leadership cracked down harder on their own people as economic pressure and military tensions have risen over the last year. the united nations says 13 million people suffer from a chronic lack of food and increased surveillance. >> this is a regime that hypocritically spends billions of weapons while their own suffer great poverty. they could feed and care for the ordinary people of north korea if they chose the welfare of their people over weapons development. >> reporter: at the united nations tillerson reiterated north korea will have to carry out a cease fire of missile tests before they could sit down and negotiate with the regime. in new york, fox news. well, december starting out
10:45 pm
very dry here in northern california and the bay area. finally things start to change. the last day of measurable rainfall was december 2nd. only a few light showers, but then an extended period of dry weather over two weeks, but finally in the five-day forecast we're talking about the chance of scattered rain showers out there. we'll get to the timing right now. here you can see the forecast model taking us into monday, tuesday, and wednesday, and the numbers finally going up by mid- week. especially the north. eureka about an inch and a half, and the amounts tapering off. san francisco .14 showing up. tonight, tomorrow, we'll be dry out there. a live camera right now toward the bay bridge and san francisco with mostly clear skies right now. tomorrow morning we talked about it starts out very chilly in the 30s and 40s. satellite though showing the main storm track heading up to the north of bay area, so a few scattered high clouds for us tomorrow, but the live doppler
10:46 pm
sweeps trying to find rainfall. nothing right now, but it changes early wednesday morning. cold numbers right now. lower 40s. 41 in santa rosa and out toward napa and fairfield. san jose right now checking in at 53. it was nice to draw this cold front in, and this will be a factor by mid-week early wednesday morning. tomorrow a lot of sunshine out there. sunny skies for your monday as high pressure returns and tuesday will be the transition day as we thicken up the cloud cover. the next system is thursday morning with a good chance of rainfall. rain likely for a good portion of the bay area, but it's probably going to be between about 3:00 and 6:00 wednesday morning. the bulk of the day could be in fact dry. here's our forecast model showing you monday. a lot of sunshine. a few high clouds, and then into tuesday increasing clouds, kind of a transition day. rain up to the north here
10:47 pm
toward eureka and then wednesday morning, this is between about 3:00 and 7:00, and a safe rainfall estimate is about a tenth to quarter inch up toward santa rosa and then it quickly moves out of the area leaving us with partly cloudy skies for the rest of the day on wednesday with just a slight chance of a shower. but the bulk of the action is moving in, like i said early wednesday morning. you'll notice the sierra picking up activity as well. here's the forecast model. no winter storm warnings in place, but of course we'll really keep an eye on the mountains this time of year for the holidays. the numbers possibly up to around 4 to 6 to 7 inches. at least according to this forecast model. this would be a mid-week deal in the mountains as well. they could use a fresh dusting of snowfall friday night into saturday, and that could happen again toward wednesday. it's not a major amount of snowfall but maybe could soften up the slopes toward the weekend. a lot of 6 others out there for -- 60s out there for san jose,
10:48 pm
antioch and brentwood. here's a look ahead. the five-day forecast, and temperatures in fact, we chained the five-day -- changed the five-day over. instead of 64, 65, 66s, we'll show you the overnight lows. the lows chilly in the 30s and 40s most days. that's the one thing that stands out. the rain cloud on wednesday. what's interesting, maybe i'm losing my voice because i'm so excited about it. >> is that what's happening? [ laughter ] >> but that possibly could be it for the rest of the year, so be watching out for that. and if you think about the difference of how 2017 started with all the storms moving in. >> yeah, wet october. are we approaching records for a dry december? >> yeah, probably the second, third or fourth. >> do you have a crystal ball for january? >> it's hard to say. i wouldn't rule out a productive january.
10:49 pm
>> yeah, hopefully that happens. >> it was wet last year for sure. all right, get a big cup of tea with lemon. today marks 19 years since a san lorenzo man was killed in an unsolved hit and run. he was killed outside his family trucking business in berkeley. berkeley police believe he was hit intentionally after he noticed a man was prowling around the bed of his truck. the driver was never caught and the case remains unsolved 19 years later. there's still a $50,000 reward in the case. well, it's going to be a very nice christmas for one lottery player that woke up 40 million dollars after buying a ticket from an east bay mini mart. it was sold at the albany hill mini mart. the winning numbers were 4, 17, 21, 37, 44. meganumber 17. now that winner hasn't yet been identified. the jackpot by the way for the
10:50 pm
nexts drawing is 7 million dollars. safe to stay it was not myself or frank. unfortunately. [ laughter ] >> if it were i'd be one happy guy. can you imagine? 40million. wow. tourism in south lake tahoe is changing quite a bit. a resort firm find travelers are hitting the resorts and casinos much less. they say the baby boomers that grew the industry are skiing less, and millennials aren't skiing as much as the previous generations. and gambling is not as popular as well. coming up tonight on the 11:00 news, concerns about a dangerous prank in one bay area city. the search for those firing a flare gun at homes. and up next raiders and cowboys under the lights tonight. it all came down to one play in the closing seconds. here it is.
10:51 pm
joe fonzi will highlight it all up next in sports.
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10:53 pm
former president obama and britain prince harry have teamed up for a special interview for bbc radio. >> do i need to speak faster? >> no, not at all. >> do i need the british
10:54 pm
accent? >> just do the face. [ laughter ] >> okay, okay. i don't want to see that face. [ laughter ] >> i cute moment from their interview. prince harry interviewed mr. obama in toronto back in september for the invictus games. the former president shared memories of the day he left office and spoke about plans to cultivate the next generation of leadership through the obama foundation. the interview will air on bbc radio coming up december 27th. all right, joe is here, and we all love derek carr's guts and guile, but he'd probably like to have this one back. >> yeah, and nothing much has changed. >> so close to the pile on. >> yes, for a few weeks now we've talked about the slim chance for the raiders to make
10:55 pm
the playoffs. dallas and oakland in a high profile sunday night match up with both teams desperate for a win. 4th and 1 for the cowboys. this is a crucial play with inside five minutes left. so close once they bring out the chains the referee tries to see if he can slide an index card between the stick and ball. not the most scientific way to make the decision. they say dallas 1st down. the cowboys kick a field goal, go in front with 1: 44 left. the raiders down to their last gasp. carr throws long to crabtree. lewis misplays the ball and picks up the pass interference call. 3rd down from the 8, dive for the end zone by carr. heath hustles over to keep him from getting in, ask the ball comes loose before carr goes out of bound, trickles out of
10:56 pm
the end zone and that's a touchback. it was a matter of inches, but it was reviewed and confirmed. the raiders drop to 6 and 8. jack delrio had to swallow hard and explain. >> he moved with his feet, made a great play, or potentially a great play that just um, you know, it's an inch away from being a great play and end up being a play that goes the other way for them. i think going for it the way he did and we did, i thought he played, it reminded me of what we saw a lot of last year. derek played, you know, with a lot of zest. >> you know, you always hope, i left it all out there. just trying to win for my teammates. no excuse, i have to hold on to the ball. >> more from delrio and carr on
10:57 pm
the card measurement at 11:30 on sports wrap. the 49ers have to feel tonight like they've found their franchise quarterback. jimmy g and the 49ers taking on the tennessee titans. he buys time, avoiding the rush, then finds garrett selleck. the niners led 16-10 at half time. second half a battle back and forth. the niners down 20-19 in the 4th. jimmy passes, and instant field goal range. but the titans got a field goal of their own. jimmy to goodwin. the 49ers got to the 29, wound the clock down, and gold with
10:58 pm
his sixth field goal of the day. it was good. management had to be paging themselves. it was strain -- pinching themselves. they feel the future is bright. >> you know, we're a young team and we're learning how to win, and i think the close games will only pay off in the long run. for next year and everything. it's good to be in the close games and there's different ways to win in the league. you have to grind it out sometimes. bay area college basketball bragging rights at stake this afternoon at maples pavilion. jared haas going for career win 100 as the cardinal took on usf. the cardinal running the floor in the first half, a brick, and then travis with 2 of his 29 points. and now the half court set, the nice assist with a bounce pass,
10:59 pm
stanford went on a 12-1 run before half time, and 11-3 to open the second half, too big of a margin for the dogs to overcome. that's it for me for now. scott and i will see you in a half hour for sports wrap. heather and frank back now with the news at 11:00. all right, thank you joe. coming up next at 11:00. >> today for me is a tribute to decency. the quietness of ed lee. this person that was beloved, but in so many ways underaappreciated [ singing ] >> political leaders and friends gathered to honor the late mayor ed lee. lee was remembered as a man who served with kindnesses and an
11:00 pm
infectious smile. >> there were tears and some laughter this afternoon as san francisco said good bye to the city's first asian-american mayor. >> reporter: people waited in a line that stretched out and around city hall to honor san francisco's late mayor ed lee. inside the rotunda, dignitaries and other notable residents remembered him as a humble individual whose career in politics was never anything he started out to do. he started working as a civil rights attorney, but eventually received hiranning appointments -- high ranking appointments from officials who saw him as someone that could handle it. >> it chose him. >> i'm not aware of any civil servant that served in as many leadership and management positions in the city. >> reporter: mayor lee's legacy is part of san


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